Power of Veto Ceremony Results “I’m being put in a vulnerable position for the 5th time” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany Taylor & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany use the power of veto on herself. Taylor nominated

Lock your ranks in before midnight

9:37 am Houseguests waking up.
Taylor talking to herself. Saying if her or Britt don’t win it’ll be a guys alliance that steam rolls them.

10:10 am Monte and Taylor
Monte how are you doing?
Taylor been there before second time on the block by your hands Monte…
Monte- And Nicole.. it was her fault you can’t blame me .. I think you wanted to be on the block. (to get Nicole out)
Taylor I was like End THIS (Nicole)

Monte – As much as it sucks this option. I do feel good about next week though for you and me specifically. I don’t think there is a way we don’t come out of that situation.
Taylor – I don’t think there is a world where Brittany doesn’t take the both of us and there’s not a world where Turner Doesn’t take both of us.
Monte says if she wins her second HOH he’s sure she would want to use it to evict Turner to put that on her resume. “That would look pretty good and make up for the fact that you know you couldn’t take your shot the week of your HOH”
Monte – I’m rooting for you to get that damn HOH to be honest.
Monte – Argh Brittany it just…
Taylor – I know.. I’m at the point where for my game to make it to the end I have to do the things that make sense for me to be at the end.
Monte – 100%
Taylor – I can manage that relationship in two weeks.
Taylor – Turner knows I will pick you over him if it comes to it. He said so last night. I was like well.. depends if I’m the one taking making the choice.
Taylor – for myself I would never want to be dragged through the game. Ohh the guys just took her along the way she got carried by the guys. I came here to NOT be that.
Monte – yeah .. Next week you have that chance to fight for the HOH. Win the Veto to why not?
Taylor – just a matter of showing up and doing it.
They talk about how Terrance tried to get Taylor out for 2 weeks in a row. Taylor says Terrance is a vote for Monte 100%
Monte – it’s hard for me to believe a word that man says.
Taylor – he throws stones at a Rubber wall everything he accuses people of he’s guilty himself
Monte – 100%

10:30 am Brittany and Taylor
Brittany – how are yo u
Taylor – I’m okay.. As long as I have your vote I am confident. I May look stupid to America putting all my trust in Monte and You and I’m choosing Turner to follow through with the rod he gave to Me and Monte
Taylor – I’m being put in a vulnerable position for the 5th time while Turner hasn’t been up on eviction night that is a testament to the strength of his game.

They’re talking about forming a 3 with Monte and how Brittany isn’t the one preventing the triangle it’s Monte.
Taylor says Monte remains flexible it really depends on how next week works out.
Brittany says Monte told her the trust is irreparable.

Brittany says when Michael was gone she was bummed she lost a friend. She found peace knowing she still had Monte and Taylor. Now she’s finding out she doesn’t have Monte either.
Brittany – he’s really good and making me feel good.. I thought we were good
11:00 am Feeds down for Veto Ceremony
11:52 am Feeds return Brittany used the veto Taylor nominated.

11:52 am Taylor and Brittany
They hug “I love you”
Britt – A girl has to win.
Taylor – the people that were against have to choose between us
Britt – how poetic would it be the girl who wasn’t invited to Girls girls and the girl who broke out are the final 2 girls.
Taylor – we just have to get there
Britt – it’s just winning. Did you hear they are shutting down the yard tomorrow morning?
Taylor – yes

12:04 pm Taylor and Monte
Taylor – have you decided when or if you’ll tell her
Monte – The day before or the night before. Just so she’s not all worked up especially her how she deals with things emotionally I don’t want her to be ruined for a week. Give her a chance to make a pitch and go from there.
Taylor – I trust my people
Monte – as you should

1:00 pm Chit chat

1:20 pm Monte and Taylor
Monte – you think you will ever be able to fully trust a man?
Taylor – yeah it takes time
Monte – have you ever trusted a man?
Taylor – yeah
Taylor – I was 23 dating a 31 year old and all my friends said I was more emotionally mature than him.

1:35 pm Turner has turned into the house chef. Right now it’s Breakfast Burritos.

2:07 pm

2:15 pm Alyssa and Turner chit chat
Turner – remember when Terrance said that thing about Ameerah?
Alyssa – when he said his secret was..
Turner – I think Ameerah is a very pretty woman
Alyssa laughs
Turner – like Okay
Alyssa- I said I feel like my Muscle turned to fat and Terrance started calling me Slim thing
They laugh
Turner – what the f*** that is scary.. I guess I understand why him and Daniel are friends.
Turner – Also Nicole what a chaotic three person thing..
Alyssa – I can’t believe Terrance was in with them
Turner – I can .. It’s just the worst three people in Big Brother
Alyssa – that is who you viewed me with.
Turner – we viewed you with Jasmine, Terrance, Nicole, Daniel, Ameerah and Indy
Turner talks about the week 2 HOH where they were all camped in the HOH for the entire week. He walked up there to use the bathroom and it was the weirdest vibe.
Alyssa – I’m sorry that happened to you.
Turner – I kicked some of them out.. good riddance

2:33 pm Sun time..

Turner nails a perfect landing.


3:00 pm

3:35 pm Alyssa
Alyssa – I just want to be in the ocean and see the sunsets. I’m going to write I’m going to be the best writer ever I’m going to go to the beach. I’m going to be in the ocean and lay on the sand and I’m going to write entire heart and soul out. I cannot wait. I will share my poetry with you guys. My Poetry is a direct reflection of my vulnerability it’s my everything. It’s hard for me to share.. I am sure you saw my intro I shared one poem it was a small one. I’m going to continue to write and fall in love with people with life with animals with everything and just be the best version of myself and I am so excited for that. If this all ends this week I am at peace because I have been Alyssa this entire game and I am so freaking proud of myself for that.

4:12 pm Feeds

5:18 pm Feeds!

6:05 pm Brittany and Turner
Britt – I can say that and I apologize for this our conversation at that time in the bathroom was to get more information than solid. Like Michael was very well aware of that information
Turner – Wow
Britt – it was to help him
Turner – WOW that is interesting
Turner – I guess when Michael was acting like we were closer it was also to help him.

Turner – we are the only ones voting this week
Britt – I get the impression my vote does not matter this week
Turner – why is that?
Britt – you have a deal with Monte to vote..
Turner – where do you think I am voting>
Britt – Alyssa out
Turner – is that where you are voting?
Britt – yeah
Turner- Which sucks because I am close to Alyssa but like I mean..
Britt – I think that Just cause Monte doesn’t trust me. He’s afraid I’ll do something rogue so..
Turner – I am new to this what do you mean?
Britt – He needs you to vote Alyssa out so I vote ALyssa out too then it’s done. If I vote Taylor out then he decides.
Turner – I would never imagine a world where you vote Taylor out.
Britt -yeah but..
Turner says he’s very good friends with Alyssa and he’ll have a very emotional day on Thursday so he would like this conversation to be kept secret. “I’m going to cry talking about it”

6:33 pm Alyssa and Turner
Alyssa – If I don’t win this game I hope you don’t win this game
Turner – thank you and if you happen to leave this week and walk out without any goodbyes I would be SO annoyed.
Alyssa – I would never do that.. what the f***
Alyssa says she has a good argument for people to keep her because they would have a better chance to win against her but shes also aware that Taylor has closer connections with the other people in the house.

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Good grief BB24

Ok…. This is so important… who knows what hoodies Michael wears… like what brand?


I wish I knew too! Michael, if you ever find this, please inform!! And, I loved your game!

Big Jim

Turner Monte or Taylor are the only 3 who have a legitimate claim to winning the game (and Taylor is questionable) so hopefully one of them end up winning..


Taylor, Monte, and Turner have all had at least partially messy HOHs where Turner is the only one where the messiness was only partially his fault


Turner had a messy HOH. He pretended to Michael that he’d be true to lbgtq and of course since Turner is scum, betrayed that.


He’s not scum at all. It wasn’t something he wanted to do. It became an option they had to take it Michael would have won the whole game. It was the only time and shot they had to guarantee he went home. It sucks, yeah. But that’s Big Brother.

Christime Ahrens

No he wouldn’t had half the ppl in jury did not like him

Christime Ahrens

What do uou mean messy? It’s houseguest that do that. I love monte


Bold prediction, since you leave out only Brittany. lol

Christime Ahrens

Britney going he next week and who ever girl makes the 3 she’ll be gone


Yeah, Taylor really doesn’t have much of a claim. She lucked herself into an alliance week 3 because everyone else had too many friends and then other than voting with that alliance can only claim one hoh win to her resume. If she’s honest and humble about this in final 2 maybe it’s enough but you know she’s going to claim she was some master player which is more likely to get a juror to burst out laughing than give her a vote


If Brittany is able to win out and take Taylor to final 2 she will more than deserve the win, especially considering her resume will be much more than Taylors at that point. Yeah her social game sucks, but was Taylors really that much better?

The Beef

Very valid points! I don’t think the jury would give it to her, but she definitely would deserve to win over Taylor in the situation you describe, especially given she’s not only won more than Taylor, she’s also played a much more strategic game as well.


The only criteria I have for the winner at this point is kindness and being genuine. Brittany is neither, she’s very phony. So I’d much rather see Taylor win.

Christime Ahrens

None of the girls were not good players this season. I prefer able maybe cuz they won more. I’m rooting for Monte since day 1

Christime Ahrens

Your deeaming

Christime Ahrens

Neither girl will make it

Christime Ahrens

Monte is gonna win. Think Taylor is on her wsy out.


I don’t know why Taylor thinks she is more entitled to stay than Alyssa. She has only won once and then played the victim the rest of the time. She should have gone when Kyle did cause what he commented about was no worse than her comments. Monte needs to wake up and realize she is playing him. Turner and Monte should be final 2. Vote Taylor out!


Probably because she had been in an alliance with them for several weeks and Alyssa has not. I know things changed once they split into Dyrefest and Brochella, but to question why taylor would feel that they should keep her over Alyssa is pretty silly. As for your comment that Taylor has played victim the whole time, except when she was hoh, that’s kind of extreme. I don’t feel like she has played victim. In the beginning she was ostracized and legitimately felt alone and sad. I don’t think that she was playing victim when she was crying all alone in different spaces in the house, I think she was crushed for real. Later in the game, I don’t think she played victim either. It’s perfectly normal to feel frustrated after being on the block 5 times, it sucks. I get it if you don’t care for her, several people on here don’t seem to care for her either.

I would be ok if Monte, Taylor, or Turner won. I’m not a fan of Brittany, so I’m really hoping she doesn’t win. If Alyssa were to win, while it wouldn’t be my pick, I could see how the jury could pick her. Personally, I think Taylor should win over Alyssa. To me she has had a harder road than Alyssa. She was vilified and hated by several in the house, something I don’t feel was deserved, and the fact that she survived through all of that is pretty impressive. Alyssa on the other hand has been generally liked by everyone, so she never had to deal with the pain of people not liking her or shunning her. Taylor has won something, I know it has only been one HoH, but it is one more than Alyssa, and she did win the HoH that has been a legendary BB comp over the years. This is just how I would feel if the vote were up to me. I can understand and accept the jury voting for Alyssa too, while she has been generally liked by everyone, she was never a member of the leftovers, and the fact that she made it to the end would be something to consider as deserving to win. I just feel that she had it much easier than the others left in the house.

Vera cheeks

100% well written. Taylor did experience a lot of heartache through no fault of her own. So I would vote her to stay over Alyssa vacation..


You have a good point. They’re equally entitled. BB is such a dumb game that if either win I’d be OK since my new criteria is being kind not skill.

What I feared since the legend Michael’s departure, though, is that Brittany could so win and she WORTHLESS!


If I’m a Taylor fan, I’m rooting for her to make it past eviction night once again and win F4 HOH and/or Veto. It’s a heck of a story to escape eviction 5x and she’d have a real shot at winning 5+ jury votes against anyone in F2.

If I’m a Monte fan, I’m rooting for Turner and Brit to evict Taylor because he can easily beat Alyssa and Brit in the F4 veto and he wins against any of the three (Turner, Alyssa, Brit) in F2.

If I’m a Turner fan, I’m rooting for Turner to sway Brit to evict Taylor and keep Alyssa. It’s an easy F4 HOH and/or veto win and he has a strong resume, despite his mishaps, to win in F2.

If I’m a Brit or Alyssa fan… wait a minute… Brit & Alyssa fans don’t really exist, so I’ll just end it here. 🙂


It would take an act that usually results in sainthood for Brittany to win. As far as Alyssa, she needs enough bitter jurors


Hahahaha! The worthless phony Brittany could still win.


I’m an Alyssa fan. She’s not a snake!


I dunno, look what Alyssa has done for the pool floatie industry!


Do I have this right, Tuner is suppose to vote to evict Taylor, and Brittany will vote to evict Alyssa, then Monte breaks the tie vote and sends Alyssa to the Jury House ?

Or does Monte want Turner and Britt to both vote to evict Alyssa, so Monte has less blood on his hands ? These people kill me with “Blood on Their Hands”, play the game.

Make moves that advance your game, you can still be very social, stop worrying about blood on your hands, you have to do what you need to do to get the 750k !!

I hope Brittany does not mess this up, and votes to evict Taylor, and keeping Alyssa. I don’t really trust Britt, I’m also not 100% on trusting Monte or Turner, so may the best person win.

I also don’t see Turner being ok with sending Alyssa out, then having to depend on Monte having his back, when Monte also has Taylor.

Monte really screwed this up by not playing in the Veto Competition, I think that was very lazy on his behalf, look at the mess they are in, maybe he might have won the Veto, but we will never know, because Monte mucked up this week not being ready to play for the Veto.

From what I have seen from the Jury house, and I might be reading this wrong, I really do not think Alyssa has all of the votes Monte, Turner, Taylor & Britt think she has. From the comment Jasmine made last week, she did not want to see Taylor walk in the Jury House.

I felt that meant Jasmine was planning on voting for Taylor if she is in the Final 2 ?

This is going to be interesting seeing how this plays out.

At this point in the game, didn’t they say you get paid more if you make it to Final 5? So everyone left in the house now, they are paid more than the people in Jury right?

Captain Kirk

“These people kill me with “Blood on Their Hands”, play the game”
I agree….lol…..silly “game”….. lol


It’s such a silly game. Only made great this summer by Michael’s legendary skills. I lucked out and decided to watch after ten years of not watching and was in awe of his skill and intellect. Such fun to watch.

Carlito's Way

I think Monte deserves to lose based solely on the fact that he overslept, thereby MISSING THE VETO COMP. Deal breaker for me. An insult to those who are playing and love the game.


Yeah and he knows it too. Plus he didn’t put Turner up for eviction.


Not over slept, he “went to the bathroom ” and didn’t come out in time


The same can be said about Taylor chickening out of the HOH and giving up just seconds in.


Jasmine didn’t want to see Taylor because they were the ones that evicted her. She’s ticked off at her. They get 1000 a week each week they’re in the house. Not sure about the jury house.


Terrance was so obviously jealous and felt threatened because he couldn’t manipulate Taylor which was why he always targeted her.
If Monte sends Taylor to the jury house then Monte is just the same scared person dressed in Terrance clothes. Literally. Taylor will outshine them ALL beyond the Big Brother House, she is true Queen and IMO already won from day one!


Oh my! Really?


Have you seriously looked at Monte and Terrance side by side?? Monte is one good looking guy!


She doesn’t deserve to win just for sitting around playing the “poor me, everyone’s against me from the beginning ” card. She sucks and I hope Brittany and Turner vote her out this week instead of Alyssa.


Everyone was against her in the beginning.

Christime Ahrens

Taylor is as bad Britney using ppl. Sream rolling guys ahead. Well tootsie hope monte ant turner listen to you. Hope you go and Britney next week I’m all monte..


Thursday is going to be very interesting. If they vote out Taylor, Monte has to know that he is next to be voted out. The handwriting would be on the wall and he can’t play for HOH next week

The Beef

Interesting that you say that, since all three of the remaining players would be targeting Brit in that scenario, and Brit would most likely be targeting Turner, not Monte. HOH is important, but what’s really important is the veto, as that person will not only be guaranteed to final 3 but also gets to pick who goes to final 3 with them, so I’d really rather win the veto than win the HOH next week.


Brittany has said she thinks she can win sitting next to Turner or Alyssa. Monte needs to be sent home after Taylor if they pull it off.

Christime Ahrens

Britney in lala l and sges not gonna stone along I don’t like her sgell be gone next week

Larry Pooper

Too funny the beef. Too funny indeed.

The Beef

Hey, I’ve been wrong before, and I admit that. With Taylor gone she might switch things up, but Brit’s not winning, no matter who she’s sitting next to if she makes it to final 2, unless Michael’s vote somehow counts for 5 votes or something. But that’s just my opinion of what I think the jury thinks of her, and means nothing to the actual game. I realize that. Some around here don’t seem to realize that about their opinions.

She might have a chance against Alyssa, since Alyssa hasn’t done one damn thing in the game and anybody who votes for her to win should be embarrassed to do so, but how does she get to F2 with her without winning out and taking her there? She’s pretty much told Alyssa to her face she’s voting for Taylor to stay, so she’s burned that bridge as far as working with her goes (at least for now), and NONE of them are any good at competitions, so who would you join up with if you were Alyssa to try and stay in the game? Brit, or Turner and Monte, the 2 obviously working together trying to make it to F3?

You can’t win if you’re not in one of those 2 chairs, and you’ve got to get there FIRST before worrying about who’s sitting next to you. I think Monte and Turner will continue to work together at least until they see who wins the HOH, and even then they will at least PRETEND to work together right up until the veto comp is played and won, then whoever wins that must decide how he or she wants to proceed. Depending on who that is, if they think taking the other guy is their best move to help them get to the F2 chair, then that’s what they will do, and then the Final HOH will determine who ends up where. People who automatically think Turner will beat Monte don’t know that for a fact at all. Paul thought he had his win on LOCK when he evicted Kevin at F4 leaving him in F3 with Josh and Christmas, both of whom would take him to F2. He found out differently win the votes were counted.

Christime Ahrens

There all play in all hoh now and vetos. U ppl that think otherwise must not get big brother there’s 5 ppl they don’t do hoh like before


Yeah, Monte next, then Turner has to decide who he wants to stand next to in F2.

Monte made a huge mistake not putting up Turner this week. With Turner gone, Monte could have won BB. In an post eviction interview, Michael saw him as most likely to win. But that was before today.


I agree

Christime Ahrens

Theyll go with each other alyysa, taylor and brit will be gone and Britney shoukd had been gone long time ago michael stryng her along like a puppy

Larry Pooper

Very interesting indeed. Mug intersante LOL!


Taylor will keep Britt over Monte. She is upset that Monte put her on the block and in danger.

The Kats Meow

I’d truly love to see Jealyssa go this week. She’s useless and she hasn’t even come close in any of the competitions. With that said, it would set up an amazing three-way fight for your life between Turner, Brittany, and Taylor. It would be great feeds and for the TV edit, because none of them seem entirely stable. They will be paranoid maniacs knowing if they don’t win HOH they’re probably out the door. I imagine the next HOH starting with a sound bite from Mortal Kombat…FIGHT!


the little names are not clever and it reeks of pettiness tbh

The Kats Meow

I totally misplaced my violin. But I’ll get back to you when I find it and play you a pretty song called “Cry me a river”

They’re in the house to play a game and be judged by their behavior and antics. Just like people in real life (shocker huh?) I’m sure she’ll live with the fact that because of the jealous things she’s done in the house I call her Jealyssa. I’m also quite sure you’ll live without trying to play captain save a pool floaty f*cker.


Oh sorry I see that you’ve explained it here. I don’t feel she’s jealous, but just a pretty useless player. I can’t believe she’s made it so far. Just floated her way there.

The Kats Meow

No worries hun, I was just referencing her behavior in the house. Getting mad about Kyle taking pictures with Taylor and erasing them all. Or that really snide behavior that she exhibited when Taylor won the wall HOH, saying ok that’s enough, when Kyle comforted Taylor. Especially since there was absolutely no romantic connection between Kyle and Taylor. Hence me calling her Jealyssa.

Sherry Holley

I agree that Alyssa was out of line to be jealous. She has really drawn Turner into her web. He’s really crushing on her. She should be evicted before Taylor. Using all the men to protect her damsel in distress act.


Daniel? Lol

No need to play a violin for me I’m not upset. Good job proving you aren’t petty with your response lmao

Just so you know you put yourself in a position to be judged by your petty, immature comments. Only difference between you and the house guests is you hide behind a keyboard and they are on TV for all to see.

Wow…stay classy lol

Larry Pooper

Solid observation my dog. Solid thunderstorms indeed.


Yee protest too much against Alyssa. Had problems with pretty girls in the past? Play some river dance for me when you find the fiddle!

The Kats Meow

Aww did I make you get your panties in a knot? Maybe spend more time trying to figure out something new to say, because repeating the same nonsense on every other post about Jealyssa is lazy on your part. But if it’s in your incel like preference to keep embarrassing yourself over a game show, rock on!

Larry Pooper

I have to be in the office tomorrow. Okay I just want you to know that I’m sorry for the inconvenience but thanks.


The Real Question here is: Will anyone of us ever be able to look at a floatie again without laughing??!!


Hi what does JeAlyssa mean? Sorry I truly have no clue. Thanks


It’s implying she is jealous. My point was not in defending Alyssa. Just the little nicknames people use here are very petty, and silly…. Jealyssa, Jasmean, Evil Elvis. Etc…

It’s like someone went to a third grader and asked them to think up a name to make fun of someone. The people using them I guess think they are clever lol


jealous Alyssa


She’s completely useless, except to 10 second man this summer! She knows it too. But they’ll keep her around because whomever stands next to her in F2 will win $750K.

un autre nom

I think I saw some people questioning or hoping what final 4 HOH would be. I tried to remember past final 4 comps for HOH and veto, it took a while to do the checks to make sure i was right. so this is the final 4 HOH and veto from season 10 to season 23 (sorry I didn’t go back further, but I didn’t actually get around to checking my notes for season 2-9),

season 10-11 final 4 HOH: before after style comp.
veto: match clue to houseguest
season 12 final 4 HOH: chicken coop
veto: match clue to houseguest
season 13 final 4 HOH: stay up all night season info quiz
veto: match clue to houseguest
season 14-16 final 4 HOH: before after style comp
veto: match clue to houseguest
season 17-20 final 4 HOH: What the bleep
veto: days comp counter
season 21 final 4 HOH: spinning comp
veto: shoot balls at houseguest targets in order.
season 22 final 4 HOH: chess knight moves
veto: days comp counter.
season 23 final 4 HOH: black light clue matching
veto: see saw balance beam days comp.

Historically then, Before after and what the bleep are the most common, but the last three seasons the trend has shifted to whatever comp Production thinks fits the cast best. The shift to individual time comp is there in the last 2 seasons (meaning production control of result).

Captain Kirk

“Britt – A girl has to win”



Britt will vote Taylor out.
Turner will vote Alyssa out.

Tie breaker:
Monte will vote Alyssa out
Racial protectionism??


Yeah Brittany will vote Taylor out and betray her right after the ”I Love You” hug!! What a phony..

un autre nom

Game History with Simple Overall Assessment of History.
Nominees Week 10

Alyssa: joined Girls’ Girls. Final 2 with Paloma. Stated she wanted to find a man to shield her in the game. Was added to the roster of Mamba, told about it 2 days later. Decided Kyle would be her shield. Paloma leaves, game momentum interrupted. Becomes part of POS. Doesn’t like that Nic was brought in without her knowledge. Plots with Kyle to take out Pooch. Joins Old Skool. Tells Kyle her entire game thinking he is her final 2 without ever setting up a final 2 deal. Game momentum stopped. Wrong side of vote. Strengthens personal with Kyle while game is still stalled. for three weeks. Hears Kyle’s pitch to get closer to Michael and Britt. Makes overtures that she doesn’t follow up on. Joins the flyswatters. Dyre fest she learns the game didn’t stall when her momentum stopped. Joins After Party. Listens to Girls alliance pitch. Makes final 2 with Britt. Learns Britt is outing secrets. Makes final 3 with Turner and Monte. Assessment: confuses personal social connection with game connection, so may be liked personally, but lacks solid game connection from week 2 to present.

Taylor: talked up guys. bonded with Nic. learned there was a girls alliance. told girls she was a woman’s first player to attempt to bond with girls. Warned Monte that Paloma was after men. Became block resident for three weeks. Made final 3 with Michael and Britt. Made final 2 with Britt. Joined Leftovers. Began plotting to eliminate Michael to take Britt the neon signed second place type to finals for the easy win. Volunteered originally to sit on block with Nic but didn’t think she was going on block. Kept safe by Michael HOH. Bonded contractually with Joseph. Won HOH. Target shifted daily. Stopped gametalk with final 3 continued plotting to take out MIchael, including Britt in her plan. Pushed final 4 with her final 3 including Joseph. Kept safe by Michael HOH. Talked about forming a women’s alliane excluding Britt. Brochella. pushed final 4-5 with Joseph and Monte and her final 3. Continued plotting Michael’s departure. Kept safe by Michael HOH.
Pushed for women’s alliance. Never solidified.
Hard push to eliminate Michael. Moved imprint bond from Joseph to Monte. Pushed for final 3 with Britt and Monte. Never solidified though she operated as if official. Talked final four with Britt, Monte and Turner. Never solidified. Learned Britt is outing secrets. Talked final four with Alysa, Monte and Turner. Never solidified. Made final 3 with Monte and Turner. Assessment: carried for multiple weeks by Michael. Makes initial legwork to start alliances, never follows up and solidifies them. Easily swayed by her emotions and by the opinions of men that play into her emotions.


Quite accurate assessment


The way some of these players are always saying “I love you” is tiresome and disingenuous. And then they turn around and – – – – well, you know the rest.


SO true. It’s the nature of BB. I don’t see this even close in Survivor.


We all knew he’d nominate Taylor! So, who will vote to evict Taylor: Turner of course. But will both Brittney and and Taylor send Alyssa out to jury?

Brittany is so phony hugging Taylor. Will she send out Taylor or Alyssa?

If I’m calculating this right, she’s the deciding vote, corrrct?


Correction: Taylor can’t vote.

un autre nom

Turner Britt conversation
What did we learn?
She lied to him and told him some truths.
He lied to her and told her some truths.
both filtered everything.
He took the opportunity to attempt to get her to keep him if she wins the next veto. Due to Monte’s talk with her, that’s not out of the realm of possibility anymore. He lied and said there was a possible world where she’d be safe…. there is no magic wardrobe to Narnia in the bbhouse though.
Did either of them say anything too damaging?
Not really.
However, he SHOULD be asking how she knows about the deal with Monte.

There was opportunity there for an actual social manipulation gamer to fuq with some brains. Neither actually has the skilll to move beyond clean up and blame shifting to socially manipulate more in a single conversation. But there were huge opportunities to do just that.
As far as that convo goes, if he spills, she isn’t any more injured. If she spills he takes a hit…. if anyone believes her. Most likely they won’t because. just because. So the conversation wasn’t required at all. It’s fluff.

Linda J Turner

I think Monte made a 750M mistake, not putting Turner on the block. Turner is his biggest threat. That was his reasoning for voting Michael out…why would you leave him in the game. Monte will not win if he and Turner are final 2. He will win against Alyssa & Brittany for sure and a strong possible against Taylor.


I completely agree with you!! I can’t imagine why, when he had it right there in his power, to get rid of his biggest competition.

I thought for sure he’d get Turner out. Turner is the only one with a resume.


wish you would create a poll to see who has read Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, “1984”, “Big Brother”. Fans would have greater empathy.

Dwayne Simpson

Like I said before why are they trying to keep Alyssa she have not want anything in this house at all the only thing she has good in this game right now is friends at the jury house

Dwayne Simpson

I have a personal beef Big Brother Super Fan deny me when I’ve been watching Big Brother 2 me and my family always wants the show so how can you deny me I just never was online like I am now and we still watch it and we are on Big Brother 24

Not Jason’s Holly

For some reason, I’m pulling for Turner to win. However, he doesn’t make the right decisions for his game! He wasn’t going to put Michael up until Monte told him “it’s ime!” Turner should vote Taylor out and talk Brittany into doing the same. Monte should be onboard with it! Unfortunately, It won’t happen.

Taylor will win if she’s up against a guy. Indy, Jasmine, Brittany, Alyssa,& Michael would probably vote for her being a black woman (pulling a Kyle here!)! She will be first black woman to win, making BB history.

Honestly, I think Taylor wins no matter who she is in F2 against. Need to get her out now! But, since Brittany is playing for 2nd, they won’t vote Taylor out.

Diane Shoaf

I think that Monte is going to regret not putting Turner OTB as a replacement. I don’t trust Turner at all especially when Monte can’t play in the next HOH