Veto Ceremony Results! Red Did NOT Use the Veto!

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Jag & Blue
POV Players: Jag, Cameron, Blue, MEME, Jared, Red
POV Winner: RED
Veto Ceremony: The veto was not used
Havenots:  Izzy, Corey & Bowie

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Izzy, Cirie, Matt, Felicia, Meme plan to keep Jag and tell Jared at the last minute so that he doesn’t get emotional evicting Blue. (6-5 vote to keep Jag if Jared votes out Blue) ** Cirie & Izzy will likely flip a minimum of 100x between now and Thursday.

11:15am – 12:23pm Big Brother blocked the feeds for the veto ceremony. As the veto holder, Red decided not to use the power of veto. As a result, Blue and Jag remain on the block for eviction.

Red DID NOT use the VETO!

No surprises here as it we already knew Red was not going to use the veto right after he won it. As it stands, Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, Matt, Meme and Jared will be voting to evict Blue on Thursday. This will ultimately draw a line in the sand as Red and Cam will be blindsided by the vote. Felicia “this is where we let them know we know you’ve been blowing smoke up our f**king a$$ and we are sick of the bullsh*t. We drawing the line.”
The other side hopes Red & Cam will assume it was Cory or America as they already don’t trust them but have no reason to not trust Matt.

Originally they were going to wait to tell Jared closer to Thursday or at least until after the veto ceremony as they feared he would be too emotional having to evict Blue and might tell her but Cirie could not wait and told him secretly yesterday afternoon at 1:15pm. Felicia, Izzy, Matt and Meme do not know that Jared already knows the plan. As a result of the others not wanting to include Jared in on the plan from the beginning Jared stated to Cirie that they have lost his trust and that he is done trying to keep the group safe. The others plan to likely tell Jared the plan to evict Blue today after the veto ceremony. It will be interesting to see if he holds back and pretends he doesn’t know and if tells them how he really feels about them not including him in on the plan. Interestingly, he he was not phased by the plan when Cirie told him and was okay with voting out Blue. He was only bothered by being kept in the dark.

Quote from yesterday afternoon when Cirie told Jared about the plan:
Jared – “They lose my trust. You’re doing something now that you’re trying to keep from me. I won’t show no difference but that is done for me. I was solely trying to keep this group safe but that is done for me.”

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Cameron, what the hell? You should have had Red use it on Jag and put up Izzy. They/she are still gunning for you. You will be nominated next week. Stupid move.

un autre nom

The reason Cam is okay with America as a nom:
because she cuddled with Cory, not him last night.
He just chastised her for staying up late with Cory.
He told her to not look at Cory across the yard while talking to Cam.

Beastmode Manson thinks if he puts her in danger in the game and saves her, she’ll swear undying allegiance to him, and him alone.
Exact same plan he had for jumping ship to the Professors. He did it to put Reilly in danger so he could save her…and oops.


The women thing with Manson Cam is creepy. In reality he is thee worst alliance member of all time. All he does is create the problems or talking points who to target to his alliance members. Then the majority alliance wants him in danger with his alliance members cam will just backstab them pinning it on others it was their orginal idea and not his to appease the majority numbers (a certain group) to save his arse. Creepy cam and Reddy look silly doing the dirty work and sticking with those group of women who cared less to inform him of the backdoor plans and tried flipping the vote two weeks in arrow on him. Taking out the remaining pieces of his handful and izzy laughing at him is proof cam is worst alliance member of all time. Izzy wants him out and cam says no I’m just gonna be a whimp and give them the win so I can just barely make jury will be his fatal mistake. Cam is so full of it empowering the women in the house who’ve wanted out him since the jump will be his doom.

un autre nom

but the cory/america dynamic has instead pushed him to she’s not mine, she gotta go.

such a petty delusional creepy guy.
walka around like an exta from ‘welcome back kotter’ thinking he’s superfly.

Jess Vivette

LOL welcome back kotter. I can’t help but see him as Jeff Lynne from ELO.

Nether Region Euphemism

Hoping Jared stays sour. It would be nice to see a real fracture in his alliance.

Here We Go

Jared IS sour! Watching him chew his cheeks is disgusting. Hope he goes before jury.


Jarat betrayed his original alliance the week 1 sellout snitch is such a hypocrite. Not as if hes keeping a secret about his mom had a spanking good time on that couch yuck with blue and told her about it. He’s the last man on earth who should be preaching trust.

Nether Region Euphemism

He’s also not sharp enough to realize that covering his relationship with his mom meant that they had to intentionally make it seem that Jared was not at the core of that alliance. That’s how Cerie’s been playing it all along, which is a good ploy in the same way as she always manages to keep the heat off of herself with the rest of the house (e.g. Cam and Red upset with Izzy, and one of them even brought up Felicia’s name, but no one is touching Cerie).

Otherwise, it would not be hard for anyone in the house to realize that there is a connection between them.

un autre nom

To Manson:
targeting Jag is getting rid of the current yogi at the commune so that he can scoop up his little Manson family that currently meditate under Jag’s guidance.
He wants to be the glorious leader the soldiers swear allegiance to and give up their bb lives to defend.
He wants 5 Izzy types… with him as Cirie.

That’s his vision of what this week is about.

To Red? It’s about keeping the alliance named after one of his kids together by getting rid of the only person he knows said his name…before getting rid of all the girls that make his eye wander so that his gf won’t leave him…. while on study period before trig class.


Manson should be gone next week making this new power pointless.


I really hope your career is a comedy writer. If not, it should be!

just mauid

I hope that Felicia, Izzy, Matt & Meme realize that what Cirie did just makes them look bad to Jared. I need this alliance to fracture! If only Izzy would open her eyes and see that Jared is the only person Cirie is truly looking out for.


They don’t know that Cirie told him the plan. I don’t think Jared will snitch out his mom either.

just mauid

They may not know just yet, but Jared is not good at controlling his emotions. It will come out sooner than later, either from Jared or Cirie.


This morning Cirie was in kitchen talking to Blue and Jag about how familiar Bowie Jane looks. She couldn’t place the face. I called it from day one. Bowie Jane looks like she can pass for Pat Benatar’s sister!!


LOL yes

Don't Shoot the Messenger

No, not at all.


What a waste of an HOH. Cameron and Red are creepy. Hope they both get put on the block next.

The Beef

I believe that Cirie, Izzy, Felicia and Matt will vote out Blue. I’m not so sure about Meme. I’m pretty sure Jared will vote out Jag and keep his side piece safely in the game if he can.

He’s already PO’ed about having to follow instructions from his mom and the other Geriatric crew members (Izzy and Felicia). This one will stick in his “craw” I think, as he also firmly believes Jag should go before Blue anyway, so this just feels like a vindictive move to him by his mom to get his “distracting” new love interest out of the game.

Not sure if it’ll make any difference of not, but at this point, I see Jared voting to evict Jag, along with Bowie, Cory, America and Red. If that holds true, Cam may be breaking the tie on Thursday night, and Jared may have some “splaining” to do to not only moms but the whole geriatric crew!


No way is he going against his mom! He will evict Blue.

un autre nom

people smiling after quick d/r call cycle:
Jared and Izzy so far.
Episode edit Grodding for votes by repeatedly saying Cirie and Izzy are in danger?
We’ll see.
Episode only viewers determine the vote by what the edit shows them.
Cirie earlier said, when called to D/R, ‘maybe they’re telling me I get to compete for this power.”

Don't Shoot the Messenger

I thought the competition and power was supposed to be secret! God I hope America or Cory gets it!!!

Another Dixie

Did I miss something? Jerod referred to Blue as his “plus one”. Are they attempting to do what the Cook Out did, each having a “plus one”??

Nether Region Euphemism

Yes, that is correct. Too bad the rest of the HGs have not thought to reference that and learn to keep their damn mouths shut with information.

Maybe this will be the season that cements that in for future HGs.


Well, in case you missed it, there’s been some shtupping going on between those two …

un autre nom

Izzy to Cirie logic breakdown
a) want a split vote with Cory getting the blame for flipping.
b) want to keep Jag because they lose Cory if Jag goes and Cory really trusts her.

So fuq him to a wall, that won’t break that trust.
See the logic flaw?

let me help: want to keep trust, tell him about the flip.
want to cut ties? leave him out. Period.


These non- brainiacs think they are game players..but, sorry, none of you have the brains, the reasoning or the courage and guts to make a move that really matters and changes the game. The all should be in an alliance called The Play Along. Now we have the media star talking up Felicia because she thinks Felicia is her mouth chewing, lazy, floater boyfriends mother. GIVE ME A BREAK…I WANT GAME PLAYERS NOT CORN PONE AND MAMAS AND PAPAS…Oh, and I forgot….Yogis…..yuck


My wish:
Blue gets evicted. A close up shot of the camera when Blue realizes that if she voted to keep Hisam she and Jag would’ve been safe and she would not be out the door.

un autre nom

Blue, the lustsloth imbecile,
just told Felicia and Cirie…
Jared is only being evicted on her HOH way down the line.
Kitty kitty purr purr roadkill.
After being told that his mom is in the house.
who does she think that is….f’in Bowie Jane?


Awww, poor Blue—she tried to be so special. But alas she was never important, meaningful or impressive enough. But wait a minute…. none of them are. By far and away the absolute worst casting BB has ever done. EVER !! Will I watch ? yes. Do I care ? no. Are they all a bore ? gawd yes.


I am disappointed in Red. I was hoping Izzie would go out the door…


I used to have an idea of the people I would like to see if they ever had a season of The most Disliked Big Brother Houseguests….. now that season 25 is airing…. I have to rethink it.
Most would probably come from this season.

Seriously…. These people are not fun at all. Zero excitement. I don’t understand Bowie janes perma-smile, like who smiles like that almost all day?? My face would hurt.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Bowie Jane looks so much like a woman i know. Always the big eyes and crazy smile, and she calls EVERYONE “Honey”. She’s bipolar and very unstable.