Matt – “He thought it was going to be Bowie or America”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron Jag & Red
POV Players: America, Jared, Cameron, Red, Felicia, Matt
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron used the Power of Veto. Jared nominated Jag.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12:41 pm Feeds return Jared and Jag are in the HOH.
They’re going on about their 7 person alliance. Jared is excited for Jag to win the next HOH so they can take cameron out
Jared – we just get to 7 and then start BALLING.. a that point we know what it is we’ve accomplished the Goal.. you know what I mean? We just say AIGHT listen we know what it is now we literally have no choice to go after each other but
Jag – That’s the thing I want to make sure we’re solid up to that point
Jared – we’re solid we have to be solid up to that point
Jag – No early shots
Jared – so far I don’t see anybody wanting to take a shot in the 7. unless somebody in the F*** 7 does something to make themselves a target .. I was just saying to BLue YO Bro.. People can not make themselves targets inside the 7.
Jared – me you and Blue we’re in a group we have to make sure we keep each other on point in a sense.. yo Bro be careful that is why i’m so glad we had that sh1t yesterday..
Jag – I’m a team player I trust y’all
Jag – after this week, after REd goes it will solidify the 7 a lot more.. People will be like DAMN we actually rock first time the 7 is working together… when it’s one of the 7 on the block and one not in the 7 on the block
Jared – yeah
Jag – before that that hasn’t happened
Jared – yeah yeah I agree… it’s a no brainer at this point I know it’s his birthday and sh1t tbut that’s tehw ay life goes. You know what I mean?
Jared – I know people are on board. last night really helped people.
Jared says Jag being on the block is a way for everyone to prove their loyalty.
Jared – you can’t even mention if you are going after anyone in the 7 then your a$$ is going up. Not you literally but .. Its a cancer we have to immediately cut the cancer out.
Jared – people have to be careful what they are saying
Jared says they have to watch out about what they say to people like the Corey’s and the Americas so they don’t find out about the 7 and figure out a way to exploit it.
(It’s a fairly awkward conversation)

They hug.
Jared – I’m about to take a sh1t

Izzy camps the HOH room waiting for Jared to finish.


1:00 pm Cameron and Matt
Matt – He thought it was going to be Bowie or America
Cameron – why did you have to calm him down
Matt – he’s shocked
Cameron – Im not happy about blindsides
Matt – maybe he had a sense
Cameron – he did this.. it’s on him.. he knows it’s over. Last week he had a shot
Matt – last week he really didn’t have a shot. He survived to next week but that didn’t get him far. He said he wants to talk later.
Cameron – I won’t be talking to him not being mean I just won’t be talking I have nothing to say
Matt – he feels close to me so he’ll be asking for my vote.. Shocker

Feeds flip when they return

Cameron – At least I’m not on the block or HOH. For the last three weeks I’ve been either.. last 4 weeks I’ve been either on the block or HOH So every campaign has somehow been talking about me. When I was up against Reilly, Cameron sucks he’s awful vote him out. When I was up against Hisam, Hisam was like Camerons untrustworthy vote him out. Last week I was HOh guess what “Cameron’s not going to be HOH next week where’s what we can do.. I’ll work for your game”
Cameron – now this week he was going to make an all out attempt for me Now I’m not on the block so he’ll have to figure something else out to talk about.
Matt – Yeah that makes sense.. I think him and Hisam had a deal.

1:00 pm Izzy and Jared
Izzy pushing for Jag to go this week Jared agrees. She says once Jag is gone America won’t have as much ability to take a shot at them.
IZZY – if we keep Red America is still going to want to target Red before us. Even if she puts me with RED GREAT that’s GREAT
Jared says they are doing the right thing Keeping Red.
Jared is worried that Red and Cameron will get back together.
Izzy – I know. Thats been the worry but we have MAD ammunition against Cameron’s girlfriend, Giving up the final 2. we keep reminding REd.. (She scoffs after this)
Jared still doesn’t think they should be SO set on Jag. “Matt is going to feel some sort of way”
Izzy – I know, Matt went right to America and said JAag is going up. COrey told me that corey was there.
Izzy thinks Matt is already onto knowing Jag is the target.
Izzy – Even if Matt is upset right.. where will he go? is he going to REd?
Feeds flip. When we’re back.
Jared – we can’t rule out Matt might put someone up from the seven.
Jared – he’s not putting up Cirie or Felicia
Izzy – if Jag goes, Cameron isn’t putting up red. If Red goes America is putting up Red. That saves us one person.
Izzy – If red goes Cameron would put up Jag but America wouldn’t she would put up two of us.. So it’s like splitting hairs.
Izzy – Corey says Cameron has been saying he’s ready to put up America. That’s better for us. We have to start seeding in Camerons Heading.. well clearly if you want to make a big move you have to backdoor. So what if you put up Felicia and Blue.
Jared – mmmhmmmmm
Jared – if Corey won HOH next week I would push him for Felicia
Izzy – Corey would be onboard for that he’s so mad at Felicia. Everyone is she’s just like Running her mouth (I hope Felicia body checks Izzy)
izzy stresses they have to manage Matt after they vote Jag out.
Jared – Matt has a lot of information that can sway a lot of people
Feeds flip.

1:10 pm Izzy and the kitchen
Izzy – I’ve been eating LIKE all day.. I’ve just been eating day basically.
Izzy to Blue – what are you dipping in there though? Are those potatoes? goddammit I’ve been eating all day
Jared – don’t stop now

Izzy gobbles down food “mmmmm I’m not mad at that”

1:12 pm Cirie and Izzy
Cirie says she cleaned Jared’s HOH bathroom.
Izzy – I’ve been thinking of potential Backlash issues.. I’ve been thinking of new PROS for getting rid of JAG
Cirie – still Jag?
Izzy – still Jag.
Izzy – I’m worried about Matt and Cameron teaming up. I’m worried about Jag blowing up me, You maybe felicia cause this is now the second week we’ve done this to him (LOL)
Cirie – Jag’s got too many people.
Izzy – Jag’s got to go we just need to talk about how we are going to navigate.
They compare notes that Corey has told both of them he’s solid about their Final 4. (with Jared)
Izzy – I think we should do everything to keep Blue and Bowie as are four and 5.
Cirie – I’m still about wanting Jag to go I just don’t want to say it in front of a lot of people. I’m going to go back to I don’t know except in front of bowie.
Izzy – I want us to start studying
Cirie – not in front of Bowie.

Izzy – I’ve been counting the whole time.. If we do it a couple times a day.
Cirie – I’m down
Izzy – I’m starting to do the competitions and who won. Start thinking about Just trying to remember who was on the block and who was pulled off and who was the replacement.
Cirie – JESUS
Izzy – I know I know I’m going to start doing it so it’s in my head
Cirie – OK
Izyz – the days the comps and the order.
Cirie – I got it. You still believe jag
Izzy – I do. the backlash will be small but a lot of it. ;
Cirie – the backlash
Izzy – Just matt..

1:30 pm these two are still talking about Red or Jag but they totally agree Jag. (Please make it stop)
Izzy – Ok listen it’s really just the Matt thing..

1:48 pm Cirie and Matt
Cirie is going on about wanting to keep Jag. They talk about their Cirie, Matt, MOMMA Felicia, MEMEMEME, Izzy and Blue Versus, Cameron, Bowie, America and Corey.
( Cameron, Bowie, America and Corey for HOH)

2:00 pm

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I don’t think I’ve seen this much odd/risk discussion from houseguests in eons. It’s exhausting!
And, can anyone say Mama’s Boy?
She’s cleaning his bathroom in a fabricated house too??


Geez… If that don’t prove to the other houseguests that she truly is Mama Fields it’s proof to us viewers that they have ALL been brainwashed!


Duh!!! Does she clean the Hoh bathroom for others or just Jarod???? These people need to wakeup! Then Jarod makes the remark about America and he hasn’t been removed!!!

Team Taylor

I’m glad America was spared the block this week, but she shouldn’t have even been considered as a renom. Jag doesn’t deserve to be the renom or target either.

All you had to do was put Bowie Jane OTB and get Red out. And they couldn’t even agree to that.

Next week is going to be an intense week regardless who wins. Best case scenario: Cory wins HOH, BDs Cameron or takes an early shot at Cirie.

Spot ON



I like this idea a lot!


Cory was on hamhock saying cirie is running the house someone needs to take a shot he’s not stupid I think he and meme are playing the best game


Meme playing the best game? Yea right all she has done is talk arrogantly insulting everyone to herself in the storage room and follow the lead of others. Meme is a worthless competitor that is not gonna comp out and has no one willing to take her to the end. Her days are numbered between final 8-final 6 like a matt and raven except those coasters had each other and she had no one fighting for her life. Even those that use her as a vote don’t want to take her to the end game which is a bad social game as she is expendable to the her own alliance members.


We’ll you must not be a fan playing a good game doesn’t mean you win stuff all the time NOONE is mentioning her name so yeah she is doing something .

Paul Sucks

You are kidding yourself if you think Cory moms Cirie, Felicia or Jared. He would probably just put up Cameron and Bowie for another lame as week to secure himself the 6th eviction spot.

Not Jason’s Holly

I am ready for ANYONE except America, Corey, Cameron, Matt or Red to go home. The problem is no one is willing to put up two people from the other side.

Cirie is playing a good game. I just wish she wasn’t on the show.

Spot ON

AGREED 100%.



True Cirie is always hugging them all her competition game is not good but her social game is one of the best ever probably why she won survivor two times ?


Cirie never won Survivor.

Spot ON

But CBS sure as hell wants her to win “something” by sticking her in BB (and just to make sure with her son nonetheless)


I didn’t think she won any of her 4 seasons! I know she won the Traitors.


I watched the first episode of The Traitors. It’s on Peacock. If you stream, the 1st show is free.
It looks like it could be a pretty cool show! It’s set in a huge castle in Scotland and has some celebrities as well as some regular every day Joes in the cast. People are chosen secretly to be traitors that will kill off someone different occasionally. They get guess who the traitors are.
Still trying to decide if I want to pay for yet another streaming channel just to watch this one show. Does anyone know of another way to watch it?


She didn’t I wonder why she’s especially on? A final two I hope not!

Carlito's Way

I don’t think Cirie is playing a good game. She just has the advantage of having her son there ratting out what everyone is telling him so she knows who to attack. Completely unfair! I have been raging about it since day one. Not an even playing field. If I was a house guest and leaned this, I’d be pissed.

Spot ON

” If I was a house guest and leaned this, I’d be pissed”
And I would walk out on TH night !


The doody is going to hit the fan over this before its all over, because of mother and son! Someone was dumb!


She just feels like she doesn’t belong! Does no one else feel there could be a conflict of interest with Ciri and Jared? Jared is not voting out his mom, should say did not vote his mom out. Is that an advantage for Ciri, or it doesn’t matter?


Poor Deluded Matt…

Spot ON

I wonder if it has to do something with being a blondie

Not Jason’s Holly

I want to see Red, Cameron, America, Bowie, Corey, & Matt team up and start getting Cirie, Jared, Felicia, Izzy, Meme, & Blue out.

I hope Matt opens his eyes and realize Cirie is blowing smoke!

Spot ON

“I hope Matt opens his eyes and realize Cirie is blowing smoke!”
Not having foresight in BB is generally considered to be a handicap too.

Another BB Fan

This season is terrible. Just am not a fan. I’ll continue my rewatch of previous seasons…it’s more interesting (even though I know the winner). This is like watching someone drag their nails across the chalkboard and then moving to the other wall and watching paint dry. Cringy and somehow really boring too. 🙁

un autre nom

Izzy, who leaks info daily, doesn’t know how America / Cory knew Jag was going up.
She was in the room with Jared when the two of them told America and Cory.
She’s had convos with each of them about it since.
Does she have aneurisms that cause her to forget any time she’s more than 5 feet from Cirie?


Selective amnesia to avoid the wrath of Hera (Cirie)

Spot ON

“Izzy – I’ve been eating LIKE all day.. I’ve just been eating day basically”



Matt is a good guy but he’s clueless in game play, BB ruin this season with mommy and son! Jared should’ve been expelled if not for a double standard!


this season is really giving me a headache


I’m sure they will flip flop all week. However, if they do vote out jag, it will be such a waste of power last week. What will be the point of using the power then voting him out this week. I seriously hate this season! I’ve been watching since season 1 and I’m just about ready to stop watching.

Over It

I hadn’t missed an episode since Season 6 and I decided to quit watching last week. This is not the Big Brother I used to enjoy. I just can’t watch this season and quite honestly I don’t have high hopes for the future of this show.

Izzy’s armpit crabs

America NEEDS to win next HOH…… put mommy & spawn up… wins veto , up goes farty pants Felicia or Izzy……….. Wanna see panic in the coven…… I know, I know…. It’ll be Red Cameron, or BJ ( yawn )

Spot ON

Jag will have a third life to come back into the house when they’ll have the comp amongst those who have been booted from the house. As it stands now, Hisam and Jag would be a good bet to win.


I don’t think anyone is coming back because Julie has told the evicted houseguests about Cirie and Jared.


The network needs to remove Jarod for the remark he made about America!!!