“I got cousins that are literal scams artists on the FBI wanted list.. Umm but they got caught don’t worry.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam,

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Veto wasn’t be used.
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)
The Brown sugar babes = Jared, Felicia, Cirie, meme

1:33 pm Red and Jag
Red is talking about living in tobacco country. Explains farming tobacco (Interesting stuff)
Mentions one of the dangers of farming Tobacco by had is getting tobacco poisoning “I’ve had is multiple times feels like you have the flu”
Red – I fell out of a barn twice.. 20 feet..
Jag – from the heat?
Red – I stroked out.
Red talks about working on a Tobacco farm taught him how to “Hussle” he would tell the farmer 50 cents a stick of tobacco. The Farmer would give him 15. he would give his “Boys” 12 and profit from the 3 cents. At the end of the week he would have a 2000 dollar check while his “boys” would get 800. Red laughs.

Red talks about how much Tobacco he used to consume. “I was so bad I grew up with Tobacco I would have a cigarette, and chew of my Tobacco that’s when I was 11 -12”
Red – I smoked by the time I was 9 years old until I was 25

Jag – how hard was it hard to stop
Red – not hard at all.. If I want something I do it..
Red – I didn’t have much problem but a lot of people do. It still sucked but I was willing to embrace the suck. I think that is with anything you want to do with your life.

Outside is some more chit chat

1:50 pm Hasim and Jared (Hard to hear Jared his microphone was rubbing on his pants while he was on the bike)
Hisam is saying that Reilly, Jag, Corey, Cameron are all consolidated and are making it “Uncomfortable”
Jared says jag is “puppy dog eyed” over Reilly
Jared – when ever I talk to her she likes matt
Jared – Corey is on the outside because he came off the bloc.
Hisam – what about Cameron
Jared – cam is like the OG of the group
Hisam – Order? do they have a order of who they want to get out
Jared says they don’t talk about that to him
Hasmin – you can’t work with them
Jared – of course.. you can’t even try

(Basically the jist is we’re together we’re down with Momma Felicia and Cerie we’re not cool with Jag, Reilly etc etc. Corey is a free agent.)

2:01 pm Hasmin and Corey
Hasmin says they are in the outs they should have a meeting upstairs and talk game and figure out how they’re going to work together.
Hasmin – does that sound like something you would be into
Corey – of course.
Hasmin – it sounds like theres a group that is consolidating and there’s another group that is on the outs.
Corey – if someone who is on the outs wins HOH none of this matters.
Hasmin – they still have a lot of people.
Corey – If they have 8 I am missing something there is no way everyone’s that good at keeping a secret.
Hasmin – there’s a group it’s Reilly, Matt, Jag, Cameron and Blue. You know that they have aligned together. Is it just those five or are you a part of that to be 6?
Corey – no.. here is what I think you have Reilly and Cameron in there. I think Reilly and Cameron feel If I win HOH They can influence me and maybe protect the rest of these people But the only person of that five that I feel like it would be f**ed up for me to do anything to is Reilly. At least for the time being because I owe my life to her. Everyone else I have a nice cordial relationship with but like if anything I think they view me like we need a vote.
Hisam – if you won HOH is the only person you wouldn’t put up out of this five is Reilly?
Corey – here is my entire list of people who I think would be good.
Corey’s list of safes – Have nots, Cirie, Izzy, Reilly.
Hasmin – there’s only 5 of them and there’s 12 of us (LOL)

2:25pm Cameron and Izzy (this is a long painful conversation. )
Cameron – My fear I have found and talked to the people I enjoy talking to I’ve built a relationship with red, Corey, I’m building one with Bowie. these people I LIKE. On the same side I’ve also I’ve built this presence with Reilly. I love Matt so much. he’s the most humble, patient, Kind person I’ve ever met. He’s just incredible. Jag and I .. I don’t know if there’s a three quicker people that I have met between him, me and Red that I’ve thrown shit out and was like holy shit I love joking with the guy. Blues the same way.

2:32 pm backyard relaxing. Sounds like they got hoodies with their names on them.


2:39 Pm Izzy and Cameron
They shake on working together.
Izzy – lets talk more and as of now lets plan on trying to figure out how to vote together next week.
Cameron – that’s easy

(Cameron has been trying to distance himself from the “Cool kids”)

2:47 pm Hisam and MEME
mostly chit that. MEME knows Hisam is a Doctor.
Hisam – the last thing I want is a patient to be like .. you were an asshole. or like people in my community you were a dick to that girl and you are part of our burlesque community you are an asshole.

2:54 pm Luke and Corey
Luke – I get the vibes because I’ve been around with all sorts of people my whole life. My Cousins are like hoodlums from Harlem like literally. I got other cousins that are literal scams artists like bad people that are charismatic as hell and are on the FBI wanted list.. Umm but they got caught don’t worry.
Corey says if he wins HOH there’s no shot he’s taking a shot at Reilly “I think I owe her, she saved my life”
Corey says he vibes with matt with Luke.
Luke – I vibe with Matt
Corey is talking about this big 8 person alliance it’s by name only he hasn’t been brought into anything
Corey – you think I’m bullshitting you?
Luke – every time I talk to Reilly which is two times she brings you up.

Luke – I like Jared but he hasn’t shown anything he lost a puzzle.. HE’s FAST! he’s FAST AS HELL..
Luke goes on about it being best he teams up with someone that is smart.
(Sounds like Corey is explaining the float in the middle game to Luke)
Luke – The idea for me is to join with the strongest at this point and you know we’ll want to ripe each other’s heads off.
Corey – why do you think I am the strongest that cracks me out dude
Luke – you work out at the library
Corey – any group that pulls me in I’m down. at the end of the day there’s people I feel like I owe shit to and there’s people I feel like I connect with right.. With Hisam I don’t feel like I’ve connected with him yet..
Luke says he’s not your typical Big Brother fan https://twitter.com/bigbspoilers/status/1688675367924674560

3:19 pm Luke and Corey are done their conversation As they walk down red is making food in the kitchen.
Luke – Hey red how’s that finger of yours that was numb from hanging on the wall
Red – Ahhh I got one that is still a little numb
Luke – that’s friggin weird..
Corey – we’re certain it’s not permanent
Red – nothins for certain

3:23 pm Red and Luke
Luke – I’ve been trying to talk to everybody.. Got some good advice from people got my mind sorted. I’m trying to figure out where everybody’s is at.
Red – wherever they are I would like to have you on my side of things
Luke – Yeah DUDE You know I love you
Red – there will be lines by next week.
Luke – A lot of people have been offering me olive branches.
Red – keep your cards to your chest.
Luke – the way I interact with human beings if you want to talk to me say I want to talk to you. I didn’t know there was a prompt. I’m not.. it’s obvious you couldn’t tell I’m not a super fan. I’m a NEW FAN and I watched the older seasons it’s a little less clear. I’m not like one of these influencer types that got a big fake .. I’m not going to say I’m a f***ing weirdo or dense but I definitely miss some cues for sure. People were going up to me early on and being like Loving your vibe man.

Red is trying to tell him about Jag wanting to talk to him, He’s speaking quietly. Luke is gobbling down cereal and says using a loud voice “Who.. JAG AND WHO”
Red – Jag and Reilly
Red says he thinks Jag is the leader of the other group “he’s the shot collar”
Luke- what makes you think he’s the shot caller ?
Red – he’s smart. I don’t trust him fully cause I see what he is doing to other people. Treat him like a mushroom keep him in the dark and feed him shit (LOL).

3:40 pm hanging outside

3:47 pm Cerie and MEME
Cerie – Izzy told Red that Cameron tried to talk to her and the things he was saying he was like yeah REd he told me last night.
Cerie – to me and Izzy that Cameron told him this last night.
(I think * Cerie is talking about Cameron telling Izzy about his conversation with Red the previous night were Red may have told him too much information according to Cerie.)
Cerie – Am I bugging?
Cerie – I don’t want to be paranoid see how we are running around. Am I bugging>
MEME – that’s hella sketchy
Cerie – I’m felling a little taken away

3:56 pm MAtt and Luke
Matt tells him how he can’t communicate with people in large groups. It’s too overwhelming.
Matt – it was a easy week to target somebody. I’m trying to figure out which group is the best. I see groups forming.
Matt – I think the way things are going right now it’s between he younger people and the older people. It’s based on Room. You have the comic room, scary room
Matt – we’re good right now. we’re chilling.
Luke – You have that weakness that you can’t hear the conversation but you’re a F**Ing beast.. You’re a comp beast like you’re killing it
Matt – you will be too
Luke – that is why I brought you and Reilly into that room the other time.. hey you people I like. Like I got your back. If I want to be on anybody’s side it’s you guys.
Matt – I like jag a lot too, Jag is really cool. I be hangin out with them alot.
Luke – I’ve been meaning to talk to Jag.
Matt – We don’t talk game much yet
Matt – he’s easy to talk to for sure. yeah.. yeah ..
Luke – I just wanted to clear the air and let you know I’m not a time bomb
Matt – has anybody talked game with you yet?
Luke – yeah.. yeah a few people
Luke – I was feeling like the last kid being picked for kicks ball. there were alliances forming left and righ tI wasn’t sure where or who.
Luke – everything is cool with us no bad blood.
Matt – take care..

4:20 pm Felcia and red. These feeds are lite.
Felicia – day one you don’t come here making alliances.

Felicia – I’m loving it this this is what Big Brother is all damn about

4:30 pm Jag and Luke
Having their talk. Jag talks about being a substitute teacher. (I thought he ran a trucking business)
Jag – My parents are small business owners they have businesses in the gas station industry.
Jag is thinking about taking over the family business.

4:56 pm Talking about work outs
Smith machines, Bulgarian split squats.. lower body.. lower legs.. upper body strength.

5:30 pm Chit chat

5:33 pm Matt’s having a interesting sandwich.

5:35 pm
Izzy is complaining that all Reilly does is talk about her “accolades”

5:43 pm Jag and Reilly
Jag brings up his conversation with Luke. “Luke stresses me out”
Jag – he asked are you in some sort of big alliance. This is your first time coming into the have nots in 5 days are you doing recon.
Jag – I was like dude first of all
Reilly – this is how everyone has approached me..
Jag – First of all I felt like shit yesterday.. He was Tripping on everything.. Bro I be chilling I wasn’t in a super talkative mood yesterday. I was just feeling sick.
Reilly – he’s like a loose cannon.
Jag – he’s so paranoid about everything.. I don’t trust him at all .. at all..
Reilly – He told Matt he’s trying to decide which side he’s going to go on. or Luke just gave him the impression he was deciding what side he was going on. I know for a fact he’s going to choose IZZY mark my words..
Reilly – The leaders are Hisam and Izzy. They are going to recruit Bowie and Luke. Did I not say this last night why isn’t anyone listening.
Jag – can we not recruit them first
Reilly – if we gave them Luke they have a comp beast. right now they have no physical people other than Hisam.
Jag – I think Red is going to be more of a comp beast.
Reilly – I want red so bad because he’s tight with you
Reilly – next week when we win HOH I say we pull in red . the only problem I kinda lied to him..
Jag – lets navigate it closely and let Cameron establish the alliance.

Reilly – next week when we win HOH we have to put Hisam and Izzy up on the block so it’s guaranteed one of them goes home. WE have to we literally have to. it has to happen.

6:12pm backyard chill

6:13 pm Luke, Cerie, Izzy
Luke – I got you guys
Izzy – I got you …really
Cerie – same..
Luke – all I needed was today.. I got lied to my face

6:25 pm America and Matt
America – I haven’t hung out with Jag all day. did you talk to Luke
Matt (can’t hear)
America says something about Luke not making himself a bigger target.

6:28 pm dinner time

6:56 pm Blue and Reilly

Reilly telling Blue that Luke had a conversation with Jag and he really grilled him. Also bring sup er up to speed with her play next week for them to put Izzy and Hisam on the block.

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un autre nom

where things stand for the most part.

bb25 WEEK ONEB.jpg

so best case scenario is jag, blue, or matt win hoh to prevent cirie steamroll?


Why do you think cirie is anywhere close to steamrolling? Its week 1 and there’s a split house. Her side doesn’t even seem too strong in comps.


Would explain why Luke almost immediately rubbed me the wrong way


He’s got creepy “good guy” vibe. And should we talk about the hair? Blech.




I am so excited!!! I have BBUS airing now and just found out that my favorite, BBUK is returning this fall on YouTube. Can’t wait…!!! ?

un autre nom

House Guest Assessment after 5.5 days (subject to change)
kirsten: takes cues from d/r instead of playing. look where that got her. has made 2 family ties insinuations that remind me of Claire / Dx convos where she was pretty much winking to the cam that she knew what she was saying was bs and there was a cookout, but storyline was play dumb.
felicia: if she weren’t tied to Cirie she’d be judged as slutshaming and scolded on social media.
izzy: nutjob rabid gamer squirrel that would be universally condemed for overplay and volatility… if she weren’t with Cirie.
Hisam: comp threat good strategic mind…but such an asshole. again that would be said aloud more but… team Cirie.
Red: could be an under cover threat… but not many would follow his lead. He’s tolerated because he’s a number for Cirie on sm, but barely.
Bowie: seat filler.
Meme: barely speaks but probably would be a threat if she didn’t operate on bias-based juddgement nobody is calling her out about.
Cirie: social threat that doesn’t need prodo paving her way… and it makes me like her less that she’s getting it. used to really like her.
Jared: prodo aid recipient number 2. his reads are based on 2 day old information and emotion more than logic when left to his own devices. would be a b level player on his own and without the ‘help’ that i resent.
Cory: which one? instinct Cory or following d/r direction Cory?
America: amazing instinct but nobody listens to her.
Luke: cantaloupe.
Cameron: such an asshole. was he planted by production to destroy any resistance to Cirie’s success by being an idiot?
Matt: retirement home death cat. seems prodo did NOTHING to comp prep that is deaf friendly. how about a flag or a light blinking for go? comp threat.
Reilly: when things are going well? b level. any obstacle? d list.
Jag: strategic threat trying to play down low… translates into only really talks to the same 4 people most of the time. OOPS
Blue: strategically smartish but information leak. OOPS

Both “sides” are funhouse mirror to each other in how they operate as individuals.
Social media gives a pass to half the cast because…Cirie.
That attitude is nope in my book. Same yardstick for ALL, so while i note the Cirie aligned favoritism, I’m still not giving a pass for them and sharing my real feelings.


i like cirie, but i hate when one side coasts so i really want her to lose numbers and wouldn’t mind her just ousted. i think jared would be much more entertaining without her (and play much worse, but oh well).

un autre nom

i don’t hate Cirie. I respect her social game ability. However, every time another prodobomb benefitting her game is revealed, I become annoyed. That annoyance is transferred to her as recipient, and I resent her more, so like her less.
It feels like gee, did you see Traitors… lets do the same story only big brother the shit out of it for a wider audience.


Yes. I’ve always admired Cirie’s ability to talk a good talk and manipulate people who should know that’s her game, but with SO many production assists I am growing annoyed and bored. She’s there. She avoided the first competition. She has her lame child with her. Enough. Sit back, and let’s see how it goes.

Also, Grod – let her relationship to said lame child come out – I’m sure they’ve gotta be squashing that behind the scenes. Because eyes.


I have never liked Cirie. Still don’t.


Right on these! Love your comments.
Gotta say tho, love Cirie and always will. She is truely a Master at this. I want to see her play all the way through.

un autre nom

Press is saying zoom interviews for evicted houseguests start this week.
During camp comeback and battleback seasons it was email.
this has led one journalist to conclude the netherverse warning from Cory is not an evicted houseguest on hold.
Personal speculation: first out / lowest score in HOH will be netherverse until noms.

un autre nom

Jared’s boot order:
Kirsten, America, Reilly, Blue.

tell me you aren’t petrified of crushing on a girl in front of mom.
Every single woman under 30.


Funny how Reilly thinks she can direct next week’s nominations when she can’t even play. A bit of HOHitis for ya?