“Homeboy has 5 competitions under his belt. The next HOH better figure this out” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph Kyle and Daniel
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used Kyle and Daniel nominated
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

1:16 pm Terrance and Daniel
Daniel – even as a fan of this game it’s unbelievable to see it happen in real-time.. Dude this is your moment
Terrance – that just took the gas out of my mother f***ing sails.. (LOL)
Daniel – Same
Terrance – Who wants to play this now. Just cut the check.. F*** it. It’s stupid at this point I’m over it.
Terrance – I want to keep my word. Brother this isn’t about keeping your word it’s a f***ing game. It’s clown now. This isn’t even going to be competitive
Daniel – it’s Clownery. My goal is to enjoy these next couple days. It’s been a dream to be here. I’m not going to cause any bullshit drama. I’m not that person.
Daniel brings up during the veto Cereomy “Taylor and Turner were holding back exploding laughing.. Dude.. Chill I get it. If Anything Taylor I get it. Feel how you want to feel.. But Turner”
Terrance – when and if that day comes please do me a favour. Please out of everything I love. when we walk over and you put your black bag down tell everybody. tell the whole f***ing house. ‘A’ no one touch my bag.
Terrance – she (Taylor) makes it a point to run grab a person’s bag and hand it to them like she’s doing them a f***ing favour.
Daniel – I prefer you grab it..
Terrance – be like Terrance yo grab it I’ll be like ‘I got you bro’
Terrance – you don’t have to say anything.. I’ll be like ‘Daniel I’ll get your bag’
Daniel – I’ll hug you at the end.. Thanks, I appreciate it
Terrance – I got you 100%
Terrance – I asked him this morning.. If you don’t do it Bro how do you think the house will perceive it that you didn’t make the move. “no one didn’t express to me they would be mad at me”
Terrance – Okay
Daniel – Homeboy has 5 competitions under his belt if the game ended today he wins the whole thing. You’re dumb if you let him fly under the radar. The next HOH better figure this out.
Daniel – part of me is just going to enjoy it.
Terrance – Kyle is going to join Turner. The new rotation of out is going to be Me public enemy number one.
Daniel – why there must be some mass alliance. I guess that happens every season.
Terrance – me and then Jasmine. Then they’ll get rid of Taylor because she ran back and gave them information to prolong staying here.
Daniel says if Taylor wins HOH he would be dying “Take your shot girl”
Terrance – she ain’t going to take the shot. She’ll take the shot at me.
Feeds flip for a bit when we’re back.

Terrance – this is stupid.
Daniel – I told him as long as I pass this week you have my vote.
Terrance – when they put me on the block.. Thank you this isn’t how you play this game. I’m happy you guys are making this decision and I promise you you have managed the jury to the point where I will have something to say about who moves forward and you can be the most competitive, the most social game. but it’s about how I respect your game at the end of the day. My vote is going to be a different way to vote.

Terrance – nothing adds up it’s f***Ing stupid. I just can’t respect the gameplay no more. (about Michael’s HOH)
Daniel – like when Turner didn’t have an actual reason to put you and Ameerah up. That’s when it went to sh1t.. You’re a BOZO dude did America tell yo to do this? it hin kit’s America’s vote. Even if it’s not it’s even worse.. I hope you’re American’s vote then at least there’s a reason
Terrance – it’s crazy I can’t even respect his game.

Daniel – Kyle is likable he’s rolling with the guys since day 2. The Oasis agenda was to get all the girls out first. Other than me and POOCH. Pooch was a different situation because a girl was HOH. They are getting out all the strong girls and then me I was aligned with the girls. Micahel knew that too. I even told Michael Dude I didn’t come into this game to have the men win the game. He goes ‘YEAH me neither’
Daniel – well you f***ing just handed it over BRO
Terrance – I’m just going to enjoy my next week in the sun and just relax BRO
Daniel – same.
Terrance says if he gets HOH “it’ll be funny I’ll be like HEY.. ”
Terrance says he’s going to read his HOH letter alone.
Feeds flip to the girls in the sun


1:38 pm Taylor and Brittany
Talking about Targeting Terrance if they win HOH (A power move)
Brittany – the alliance is just Jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa the rest are leftovers. They are weaker in the house. I’m sure America is hating this thinking it’s so boring.
Brittnay – I’m just happy we found ourselves like we did. It was a blessing in disguise. We got ostracized when we did. Who would have thought it would work in our favour.
Brittnay – 18 days..
Taylor – 24 hour 18 days of Six in the city (LOL)
Taylor – great name
Brittnay – Indy came up with that.
Brittany – this game would have been different if Paloma never left. It probably would have kept up with her.
Brittany – I hope she’s doing good. Things have calmed down you get used to the house. Week one was SUPER overwhelming compared to this now.
Brittany – for you and me regardless if we win this show.. WE WON our own little medals. (LOL)
Brittany – Ameerah was throwing out my name she’s gone, Nicole is throwing around my name she’s out before me, POOCH was setting me up. Daniel is throwing around Michael’s name he’s out before him.
Brittnay – regardless if we won WE WON They can say whatever they want in DR they lost
Brittany – hopefully BIG BROTHER didn’t edit them to the the wronged ones and we’re the vilans. (You’re a boredom villain)
Taylor – you can edit what happened before wood stack. yesterdays episode started with Monte and Daniel. I’m SURE

Brittnay – that is why I love Michael he loves this game he gives the people what they want.
They talk about how Terrance had Mote Convinced that they were a tight thing.
Taylor – Terrance next week.. We get jasmine out the week after next. Nominated and evicted her birthday week
Brittnay – really?
Taylor – her birthday is the 17th
Joe joins them “oh my god. Daniel and Terrance are talking.. “They are out of options. They’re pissed.. they’re like ‘this is so shady’
Joe – Terrance is like ‘dude I’m next’
Joe runs away “I can’t let them see me after that CONVO”

2:00 pm enjoying the pool

2:07 pm Joe spends his time hunting Flys.

2:13 pm A fly remains.

2:16 pm Terrance and Daniel
They talk about upbringing and how they respect Kyle for saying and recognizing how privileged he was.
Daniel – when I talk about upbringing I make sure to say it could have been worse it wasn’t always amazing but the city is better now
Terrance – I purposely wrote.. you could write Chicago on here people think Glitz and Glamour that’s why I made the hat the way it is. the copper makes it look all beautiful (Copper?)
Terrance – but southside… is really f**8ed up. Look at the stitching.
Daniel – did you design that?
Terrance – yeah
Daniel – that’s f***ing sick
Terrance – yeah I designed it… I made it purposely so people can see OHH Chicago beautiful why does Southside look all f***ed up?
Terrance- Becuase it is. this is the reality.
Terrance – I said mess up the southside when you do it.. She was like well.. I said bump the table or something.

2:23 pm Everyone getting outside today even Turner.


Joe executes a near-perfect floaty drop

2:40 pm Daniel and Terrance
Daniel – I just don’t care about these people
Terrance – say what?
Daniel – I don’t have an attachment to these people you are the only one I’ll be like F*** I’ll miss you, dude.
Terrance – think about how I feel at this point. How crazy Thursday to next Thursday is going to be for me?
Terrance – I see stuff I can’t rock with

2:50 pm lotsa chilling today.

3:13 pm Daniel alone
“No point Campaigning. You’ve worked 10 years to get here. Your week going home is… what’s the point? Massive alliance has taken over there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s been a dream to be here. I did it the best I knew how. That is all I have. I will walk out Proud. Then I get to see Nicole and Paloma the people I f***ing love. that’s the best part of going home pre-jury I get to see my favorite people I don’t have to wait two more months. I get to put on my Blue Suede Shoes Baby”

3:23 pm

Turner says he likes his MAC computer “By Far especially for editing it never crashes never”
Brittany – I’ve never done any editing on MAC I have a mac for work.
Taylor – what system do you have
Turner – I know it was WAY TOO expensive it’s an i9 processor.. like
Taylor – no no which program do you use to edit
Turner – Ohh I use Adobe Premiere

4:04 pm Brittnay, Kyle, Michael and Taylor talking about the Girl’s Girls
Taylor – “how did I win Miss congeniality if I’m not a GIRL’S GIRL Miss congeniality at Miss USA 51 women write down the name to say who do I get along the best. who do I mesh with the best here and i’m not a girl’s girl. ”
Brittnay – ridiculous
Taylor – I got the girl’s girl reward.

4:13 pm Muscle bros talking about “dodging a bullet” by being taken off the block

4:24 pm
Michael – Before I came on here Hayden was wondering about Big Brother Twitter and he really didn’t use Twitter. I told him Big Brother Twitter is a crazy place. he search Big Brothe Twitter and was like ‘do yo know how much porn Big Brother’
Michael talks about the infamous BIG BROTHER TWITTER
Michael – Super fan Twitter the people that tweet about the show all the time.
Brittany – how did you describe it
Michael – The fan base is just very Passionate and tweet about everything and they try to dig up dirt about every single. Like cast reveal I’m very excited to see what everyone said. They will look up like THIS PERSON LIKED THIS TWEET IN 2016 they’re a horrible racist.
Brittnay – I consider myself a super fan because I just watch Big Brother (Sigh)
Brittnay says her sister is more of a super fan “She watches the live feeds she’s part of the Big Brother Twitter community”
Michael – they’ll pull clips and be like LOOK WHAT KYLE SAID
Brittany says she went through all her Instagram posts and deleted anything that was too personal “everything else is on privte”

4:55 pm Joe and Jasmine
They’re talking about people that were recruited or applied.
Jasmine applied Joe was recruited. He applied for Survivor and got really far. jasmine had Applied to the Amazing race and was going to be on it but her partner couldn’t do it.
Joe – Taylor asked me to do it but let’s get it.
Jasmine – at least you know what to do with me if I pass out
Jasmine – I’ve only ever applied for CBS stuff
Feeds flip to Michael and Brittany. When we’re back.
Joe – I wasn’t involved last year but I would have got booted
jasmine – no
Joe – I had no shot. they wouldn’t put me in the cookout
Jasmine – why not?
Joe – I don’t think.. they might invite me but they wouldn’t put me in it
Jasmine – you would have been fine
Joe – when is your dad’s birthday?
Jasmine – same as mine

5:38 pm Kyle alone
Kyle – I wanted to play with Alyssa so I was planting seeds on how me, Michael, Brittany, and Turner could flip to Alyssa.. I was laying those seeds with Michael. then she went all awol that whole side did on Monte. Now there’s no trust over there. So I’m back with square one I’m riding with the leftovers. Alyssa, I’m sorry that was a sloppy move to go all in on Monte without any like strategy. I don’t know what options I have to play with Alyssa.. I want to keep her along but.. DAMN JACKIE I don’t know what to do. Last night it got a little bit wild. we were kissing in the have no room. then Michael and Brittnay walked in. Like mom and dad it felt like mom and dad walking in on us kissing.
Kyle – I’m surprised no one knows we’ve kissed. At the moment in the game if I’m in the final two I lose to Monte, I think I can beat Alyssa, Terrance, Brittnay, Turner I would lose to Joe, Jasmine, Indy maybe, I beat Daniel and lost to Taylor.

6:05 pm Kyle and Monte
Kyle says he feels great with Turner and Joe. They kept Oasis a secret” they had close relationships with those girls. You and I never mentioned Po’s Pack to anyone. We have a track record of being loyal if we can run it to the final 4 man that would be… so sick ”

6:30 pm Bros playing pool. Indy is eating watermelon.

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un autre nom

My only issue with Turner: tell me his game plan. Cus fire, dude, bro… I got nothin.
My issue with Britt: hyperhypnotoading and worrying about the fanbase.


I understand why you feel that way about Brittany. She is clearly overthinking at times


Brittany’s kinda a bull in a china shop. She doesn’t have bad instincts or intentions trying to build relationships with the rest of the house but she doesn’t really have the grace necessary to go about it in a subtle enough way to actually get people to genuinely consider working with her


Brittany also has an issue with actually listening when people are talking. So many times when she was talking with Daniel, he was talking, and he was getting ready to talk too much, Britt cut him off, she started talking.

She does the same thing when all of the Leftovers are all together talking, she cuts people off, she wants to fit in so bad, she wants to be liked, but she needs to learn less is more sometimes.

I also crack up when she talks about how they have won so many comps, they are going to be on peoples radar, no Britt, Michael is winning comps like crazy, you are just along for the ride.

Taylormade Victims

week 1 & 3 twists completely saved Britt and Taylor’s ass from eviction

Mad Max

And the ride is over with the end of the Besties…..then watch her collapse!

un autre nom

Daniel’s whole I’m not even going to campaign thing.

I can’t help it. It reminds me of every single time Keifer went on the block in bbcan9.
You know, the whole that’s it i’m quitting pity party… goes to D/R… feeds cut for a few hours… suddenly He’s getting the Eminem lose yourself inspired music backdrop and people want to keep him.


“Daniel – it’s Clownery. My goal is to enjoy these next couple days. It’s been a dream to be here. I’m not going to cause any bullshit drama. I’m not that person.”


First of all, “Sure, Jan…”

Secondly, Evil Elvis is so dumb to just roll over and die.

He has REAL information to spread at least before he leaves. Telling people the truth is not causing bullshit drama imo.

Sure he very likely is leaving regardless, but Kyle’s game needs to be ruined before Evil Elvis leaves.

If Evil Elvis wants to give his # 1 ally The Couch 2.0 another potential week of safety he absolutely should spill all he knows because the target next week could switch from The Couch 2.0 to Kyle or at least Alyssa (as a way to weaken Kyle).

I know Evil Elvis respects the likable Kyle but he isn’t Evil Elvis’ # 1…

Any ally of someone should do all they can before they know they are to be evicted to leave their ally/allies still in the game as best off as they can imo. Especially if they know that ally is likely the next one to go out.


Sheesh, I never seen anyone so miserable for being taken off the block.
I like that Turner doesn’t take anything too seriously, and he is amusing in a quiet way.


A couple of the Joe live situations where he is clearly hamming it up for the camera (including the flies) was hilarious. Could you imagine Jasmine and Joe on the Amazing Race? That would be hilarious because they would not last long as a team.


They wouldn’t last because Jasmine would still have that damn boot on!!!


Jasmine’s sprained ankle goes on and on. At least Christmas broke her foot. Maybe she thinks she will limp into the final three.


If Terrance felt so strong about keeping Daniel his hommie in the house, why didn’t he win the Veto, and then he could have made as he says, “The Biggest Move” Terrance could have won the veto and kept the nominations the same.

This would keep his useless emotional game playing, Evil Vile Elvis safe. But Nooooo Terrance as always, lost another comp, I know he said he threw it, and Michael needed to win the Veto, but Terrance could have done the same thing, he tries to act like he is so tough, but all he does is drop the F-Bomb, and Mother F@#kers, blah blah blah.

Shut the Hell Up Terrance, you said everyone needs to play the game, well follow your own advice, play the game, make big moves, stop sitting on your fat out of shape ass, talking about what Michael could have done, dumb dumb, you could have done the same thing.

Terrance is a useless Floater, stop trying to play the role of Mr. Tough Old Guy. Shut Up!!


Terrence couldn’t have kept the noms the same. If he wins veto, so do joe and monte, and they definitely take themselves off the block. Only hope of Daniel staying was if he or Kyle won (and they didn’t even compete) or someone convincing Michael to pick a different target


Thanks, I totally forgot about the Festie Bestie crap.


Yeah, the besties created a situation where everyone except maybe Michael and Brittany were using the veto anyway so initial noms were more about guaranteeing a group plays in veto more than anything else. Daniel would have used it to protect Terrance, Taylor and turner would have used it to protect joe and monte, and everyone on the block uses it to take themselves down. The twist made the veto super powerful, arguably too powerful. I think I would have preferred festies being joint hohs (when besties are assigned initially no one can pick jasmine, winner then steals a bestie and pairs them with jasmine this guaranteeing jasmine doesn’t have back to back hohs), the veto being an individual comp, and while you could only nominate festie groups the veto would still only remove one person from the block. The hoh would then nominate a new individual swapping the bestie groupings in the process

Just a viewer

Each HOH or Veto this season didn’t take massive strength or a lot of smarts. They all seemed like fair game. It’s so annoying and poor sportsmanship that Daniel and now Terrance are showing. They played a bad game and it blew up in their faces. Joe is the “Paul” of the Leftovers. The women love him, he’s charming when need be, stay handy in the kitchen, plant ideas, while getting information and taking information as needed. All the while, playing sweet and not too aware. Terrance wanna be down (old a@#) has him too blind to that. Monte wasn’t his problem. Now Terrance can wobble his Couch 2.0 behind out the door after Evil Elvis. And hopefully chicken wing, finger sucking floaty Jasmine can follow.

un autre nom

D/R has OBVIOUSLY talked to Kyle.
His latest cam talk is so revisionist bullshit.
He wanted to play with Alyssa and was setting up seeds so he, Michael, Brittany, Turner could flip to Alyssa.
He was planting that stuff but she went all AWOL, that whole side did, on Monte

Kyle went to Michael, Britt and Alyssa with his ‘dangerous group’ theory at the end of LAST WEEK before Nic was evicted.
Kyle repeated the exact same crap just a couple of hours ago to Alyssa.


Doesn’t necessarily mean D/R talked to him. Think of this house as a family where Kyle is the youngest sibling…..Not every family but I have seen a handful where the youngest does something and then blames their behavior on a sibling

un autre nom

No. I refuse to think of a 29 year old as a child, no matter how much he is putting on the gee willickers act.
I’m thinking this infantilize Kyle thing is problematic, and really only gives viewers an excuse not to ask Kyle to own his game.

Verdella W Fisher

It is the act that serves Kyle well in life. He seems to apply it to BB with some success.

Kyles Mom

Who has a bigger boner against Kyle? You or Joe? Every chance you get you like to piss on him. We get it you don’t like him cuz woke Twitter said so.

Palm Oil's Meds

If you ain’t woke then you can’t poke!

un autre nom

Okay. You VERY obviously don’t know my history with the Twitterstans of the fandom, so let me be clear: there is no way in hell that the twitter crowd would influence my opinion on anything in the game.
If you don’t like my opinions, don’t read them. scroll past me.
You’re getting really close to attacking the commenter not the opinion, so frankly, I won’t be bothered at all if you scroll past me.


stay salty daniel.


Next week becomes really interesting if festies twist remains. Only 4 teams would exist making hoh basically just immunity and pov have all the power. Plus one team wouldn’t compete. Good opportunity for the leftovers to turn on each other or if they don’t there’s real potential jasmine’s their only option (though it means Alyssa, Indy, or Taylor winning anything which seems really unlikely)


Last time I comment on Kyle Talking to the Camera:

This dude acts like a 14 – 15 year old teenager, who cares about him kissing Alyssa. Who cares about their annoying awkward kidmance, dude stop talking to the camera about how you are so lucky, Alyssa is so hot, I need a cold shower, man up, act your damn age.

Kyle, please stop talking about the people of color who are sticking together. You keep talking about an alliance with Michael, Turner, Alyssa and Brittany, do you include any people of color in your imaginary alliances ?

You think Kyle is always talking to the Camera, because he is trying to Americas Favorite ?

Watching you and Alyssa on the live feeds, I switch cameras, I just CAN”T, it’s so strange.

You’re too immature, you act like you need directions on what to do and not do with a lady.


Exactly, when white people stick together in an all white alliance there is nothing wrong with it. The only thing the cookout did wrong was voicing that they needed to stick together to win. It’s unfortunate that it needed to be voiced but sometimes black people have a hard time sticking together. As you can see with the way Terrance and Monty in the beginning treated Taylor. Taylor was trying to help Monty and he through her under the bus and ran over her!

The Beef

I’m sorry, but your comment is LOL hilarious! First, azmdw just called out Kyle for specifically insinuating he was considering forming an alliance based on race, and he/she’s not the first person to do so here. Several others have called him out for suggesting the possible existence of a “BBQ” alliance, just like people on twitter have done as well. I’m unaware of ANYBODY here ever supporting the existence of any “all white alliance”, that was formed simply due to race only, nor anybody supporting the targeting or eviction of any POC based only on their race, so your first statement above has absolutely no merit.

You then go on to say the only thing the Cookout did wrong was “voicing” that they needed to stick together to win. So, if they agreed to do what they did, and kept it quiet, as so many people of color insinuate all of these so called white alliances have done over the years, that would have been okay? Do it, but just don’t talk about it?

I agree with you about one thing – that may have at least left a sliver of doubt about what they were doing. But given the way they so easily turned on, nominated and evicted the people who were their most trusted and closest ride or die partners in the game, I think all doubt would have been pretty much removed anyway, even without their strategy being voiced. No, it was obvious what they were doing to anybody who actually kept up with what was going on – voiced or not.

I don’t care if you call it racism or bias, but whatever you call it, it has no place in the game or in our society, and it doesn’t matter what color the person is who’s doing it. You can certainly say that blacks may have been under-represented on the show over the years, but that’s a production problem and one they’ve clearly worked to correct in the past couple of seasons. I’m not defending Kyle, but I do think he’s either overthinking things, or he was just trying to move the target from Daniel (meaning Kyle too would be OTB) and/or possibly Alyssa, since she seems to be high on the list of Leftover next targets.

Mad Max

But is Alyssa a “lady”? Bless her heart!


I’m trying to understand something, I have noticed Terrance has never mentioned anything to Evil Cry Baby Elvis about the Left Overs.

When the Left Overs pulled Terrance up in the HOH the last time he was on the block, told him they are all going to keep him, did Terrance forget Taylor, Turner, Monte, Joesph, Britt, Michael & Kyle were all working together ?

Did Terrance totally forget this ? Did he think it was just for the week they voted Ameerah out and kept Terrance that the Left Overs were working together ? Is he really that Lost ??

Also, it is really sad how Terrance talks about Taylor, Monte and Michael behind their back with Evil Elvis. They had his back, I agree with Michael, I would never work with Jasmine, Indy, Alyssa, Daniel or Terrance, they have no Loyalty, I would not trust them.

Most important, no loyalty, and they don’t have a good track record of winning comps.


Daniel also knew about the leftovers w/o Kyle. Nicole told him she saw them all talking in the HOH room. He’s talking about how there MUST be a massive alliance….dude you knew last week. You called them clowns


Don’t forget EE&CC called them the sorry six because they did not know Kyle was in the alliance


Terrance is his own hype-man and thinks he’s some major player in the house. It started in week 3 with Ameerah & him put up as the renoms.

Taylor, Michael & Britt each went to him & said – don’t give up & each told him I’ve got you while Joe told him to fight. Proving what an inept player he is he went around telling people INCLUDING Ameerah, Cruel Chef & Evil Elvis he had that trio’s votes.

So not only did he fail to realize CC/EE preferred Amee staying but he actually believed HE was the reason the vote flipped. He never once stopped to think why Britt & Tay were telling him – don’t think it’s over b/c it’s not (an hour after the POV ceremony).

Instead, he honestly believed he was some bad-ass dude. He was telling Monte & some of the guys – you know there’s the MF comp beasts – well I’m the MF master manipulator & implied he was ruling the season. He has NO IDEA that ALL of the LOs know he’s made F2s left right & center, promised them all they’re riding together to the end blah, blah, blah

He’s had some of the WORST gameplay ever – the guy was SET. HE was the one non-Leftover player they wanted to drag as their goat to F3 & maybe even F2 depending on what happened at the end. But instead of rolling over & being happy he was safe last week he tried to get the house to revolt to take out Taylor (who fwiw ALWAYS had his back) in order to keep Nicole who VOTED HIM OUT. Then the nonsense this week proves he really drank his own Kool-Aid about Ameerah’s eviction.

All day he sat with Daniel doing the woe is me act but with his Chicago MF spin. It was a constant diatribe of MF clowns, MFs are a joke, I hate all these MFers, they aren’t playing, etc, etc, etc… THIS from the CROCK POT CLOWN!

Both he & Evil Elvis kept stating “those clowns aren’t playing the game” when the reality is YOU KNOW they have a seven-person alliance & they just aren’t playing YOUR GAME.

He stood by & watched Evil Elvis bully Taylor who has been nothing but kind to him & went out of her way to protect him. He’s slut shamed her, laughed at disgusting things said about her & continues to throw out constant vitriol against her. I keep asking myself how does a 47-year-old married man justify his actions to his wife & daughters? In fact, I’ll be asking some interviewers to pose that exact question to him (what would he do if a man said the things he’s said about Taylor to your daughter in front of a national audience?)

Although Ally has been far more overtly sexual twerking & gyrating right in front of him – he’s NEVER said a bad word about her but Taylor he can slut-shame & say hateful things about.

No one is perfect under 24-7 surveillance, and everyone will offend someone with something they say during a season. But he’s gone beyond the acceptable limit & is often the guy fostering the hate rhetoric. This non-Leftover group has provided some humor b/c of how poor their takes are of what is really going on but in his case the over the top arrogance & rude comments that roll off his tongue so easily paint him out to be one hateful individual.

I’ll be applauding when he exits & annoyed he gets a jury vote b/c it will undoubtedly be a bitter vote.


Well said!! I couldn’t agree more!!


This group is so boring and bland. Even production must be bored, you never hear them scold the HG’s for singing, talking about production, etc


Terrance – “it’s crazy I can’t even respect his game…”

Because YOURS is so respectable Terrance?? ?


What??? What game does Terrance actually have!! None!!! None at all!! He really and truly believes his own BS!!! EE just likes hearing him talk sh#t against and about Tay, Britt, Mike and whoever else he decides to hate that day! As an older person (10 years older than that schmuck) I usually want them to make it to the end, at the beginning of the season!! This Jack- off is rude & nasty!! I hope wifey is so proud and his little girl too!! What a great protective daddy he is!! Great job Lay-z-boy!!


“Terrance says he’s going to read his HOH letter alone”

At home? ?
Or in his dreams? ?


Does Terrance understand you have to win HOH to get a letter from home ?


Did I hear correctly?
Did Jasmine say she applied for The Amazing Race? ?

Is this the same Jasmine who passed out during a comp that didn’t require much endurance?

Is this the same Jasmine who *sprained* her ankle from a few inches off the ground, and has been incapacitated for 3 weeks??

Is this the same Jasmine who’s walking around everywhere with her cane on the same side of her body as her injury???

THAT Jasmine applied to The Amazing Race?

She wouldn’t have made it past the opening credits…

Only Reading Feeds

Yup, that’s delusional Jasmine.


Jasmine even forgets when to limp and when to use her cane. Definitely does not use the cane properly. She is LAME and I don’t mean her injury.


Maybe she thought Amazing Race was racing around eating food in all the different places? Or chasing a muffin?
She also had a fear of heights, hope who she tried out with didn’t. Or maybe her partner realized there was no way they had a chance of making it past the first leg so they said Nope!


AND can’t swim – didn’t she say? So no heights – no water. Yeah okay ought to be a real threat then. Bwahhhhhhh


Jasmine is useless piece of human skin.

un autre nom

Jasmine: I was almost on the amazin race y’all.

Phil: In this Roadblock, the teams will have to carry a whining sack of jasmine up Mt. Kilimanjaro while resisting the urge to throw her off the Mountain. Last team to finish will have to eat dinner with her.

Only Reading Feeds

Really hoping Turner and Michael go far and one of them wins. Also wouldn’t mind if Taylor gets far too. Those are the three I’m rooting for


My ideal F5 is Michael, Taylor, Turner, Joe & Britt. The first four (usually with Kyle – pre-showmance) have offered the best late-night non-game-related entertainment this season. I like them all as individuals & each has game strengths.

Only Reading Feeds

I agree with that 5. They are good game wise and individual wise.


“You are not allowed to be talking about Production”…Lol They have either talked about Production or talked to Production via the cameras since the beginning!

indy's gross mammeries

Golly, there’s more material on Jasmine’s bikini bottom than would be needed to outfit Taylor with five formal floor length dresses. I wish that Indy would use some of that material to cover up her gross mammeries. On another subject, methinks that after this Thurs eviction, Julie Chen ( the basket of fried chicken wings ), will announce that the festie besties twist has run its course, dragging it out longer would make no sense. Goodbye Elvis, go hang out with Nicole and bully someone else, or not. Jasmine’s muffins have a yeast infection.


Daniel blows my mind, why would he think Michael would trust him, keep him off if the block. I’m watching the live feeds, Daniel is sitting in the living room talking with Jasmine and Joe, he said he offered Michael such a great deal if he kept him off the block.

Daniel’s an emotional player, he does not stop and look at the big picture, he does not plan things, he reacts before thinking. Daniel is not trustworthy, nor are Indy, Jasmine, Alyssa or Terrance, they will all flip at the drop of the hat.

Daniel said Michael is so stupid for not accepting his offer, so everyone is stupid because they are not playing Daniel’s game. He is so full of himself, just go pack your bags and go home.

Just a viewer

Terrance is a almost 50 year old man, that’s making a fool out of himself. He was positioned very well but his envy of Monte got the best of him. When he tried to insinuate that Joe and Monte’s muscles weren’t natural, I knew the little jealous old monster was showing. It’s embarrassing to watch someone of his age act just as mean, spiteful and jealous as a 22 year old Paloma. Daniel could care less if this dummy throws his game away in the process. Daniel has played a toxic game since he’s been in that house. And to watch these two males hate, disrespect and talk about Taylor as if she’s common trash, is a little scarey. Both of them will lie after the show and say it was just game and being in the house does something to you. Blah blah blah…..


Just in reading the begining…
Had to laugh at Terence going on and on with David about being the #1 target after David goes. Sorry Terence you are only #1 on your own mind. No one cares, no one is worried about you. You are ineffective and invisible to the HOH’s, they have bigger fish to fry.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Daniel and Terrence, no clowns and no cowards. You’ve been outplayed and outwitted. Blame your damn selves.