Big Brother 18 Week 1 Summary and Live Eviction Results


First week was pretty good, Jozea is hilarious some of the things he says.. man WTF. The teams twist: Category 4, Big Sister, Unicorn and Freakazoids aren’t playing out on the feeds too much. Some players are still thinking in terms of teams but the majority are more occupied with matters that involve the organic teams. 8 Pack, Fatal 5, revolutions, and the various final 2/3/4 deals floating around.

This early in the game there is going to be a lot of alliances and a lot of final 2’ish’ deals.

Fatal Five = Michelle, Nicole, Tiffany, Da’Vonne, and Zakiyah

Revolution = Victor, Jozea, Paul, Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette

8 pack = Zakiyah, Nicole, James, Frank, Da’Vonne, Michelle, Corey, Tiffany

Spy Girls = Natalie “Flirty Spy”, Bridgette “Wifey Spy” & Bronte “Spunky Spy”

Vets = Frank, Da’Vonne, JAmes and Nicole

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Summary and Links of key events..

  • Nicole wins the Head of Household competition and nominates Jozea/Paulie for eviction. Paulie is the pawn with Jozea being the target. The new competition Roadkill is played. The winner of this competition gets to secretly nominated a 3rd houseguest for eviction. Frank won this competition and nominated Paul.
  • The revolution alliance believes Jozea to be staying. It got comical at times how gullible they were. Took them the week for some of them to see the truth. Once they started realizing things were looking bad it was Wednesday night around 11pm too late..
  • Da’Vonne and Zakiyah had Jozea convinced they are voting to evict Paulie. They spend all of their time in the HOH talking to members of the other side and Zakiyah has a “Flirtmance” thing going on with Paulie. Even with this Jozea still believes Da’Vonne and Zakiyah will vote to keep him he tells the revolution alliance he is all certain on these 2 votes to push him to stay.
  • Victor seems convinced that Frank will vote to evict Paulie. Paul was convinced that James and Victor would but after a series of James’ pranks he started doubting this. Paul is suspicious but believes in Jozea’s word about Da’Vonne. Natalie and Bronte know Jozea will probably get evicted. They are starting to think along the lines of rebuilding their game.
  • Nicole and Tiffany are getting annoyed by Frank/James for running there mouth. Tiffany has been annoyed by Da’Vonne for disrespecting her, Zakiyah, Nicole and Da’Vonne are worried James is getting too close to Natalie. Basically it’s not all sunshine with Frank and Da’Vonne being the 2 starting most of it. 
  • Victor told Nicole that she is his type of girl and he wanted to go out on a date after the show. Nicole told this to James. James then went and told this to Natalie. Natalie confronted Victor and he denied it. Natalie assumes James made that up to hurt her and drive a wedge between the newbies. This caused a lot of drama.. Bronte and Natalie both pissed at James.





Jozea is evicted by a vote of 7 to 4
Jozea going home isn’t the biggest blindside but it’s big enough. These two sides HATE HATE each other and depending who wins the Head of Household there will be some drama on the feeds.

*** On tonight’s episode another game changing twist will be announced.
Julie: “It won’t be the end of the line for the one that walks out those doors..”

Results from the show

Bronte votes to evict: Paulie
Corey votes to evict: Jozea
Michelle votes to evict: Jozea
Natalie votes to evict: Paulie
Paul votes to evict: Paulie
Tiffany votes to evict: Jozea
Victor votes to evict: Paulie
Zakiyah votes to evict: Jozea
James votes to evict: Jozea
Frank votes to evict: Jozea
Da’vonne votes to evict: Jozea

As HOH Nicole is the tie breaker: Not needed

Evicted House Guest: Jozea by a 7-4-0 vote

Jozea says he feels most betrayed by Natalie. “Last moment swtich-a-roo” Julie “You called yourself the Messiah of the newbies but here you are sitting with me.”
Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 18-49-17-180

Next BIG Twist: Battle Back Competition

One of the first 5 evictees will return – Glenn and Jozea will battle for a chance to return. The loser will go home and the winner will battle the next house guest evicted.

HOH winner will win safety for their entire team. HOH competition – “Berry Balanced”
The first team to get 40 berries across will send one team member across to be crowned the HOH winner.

The episode ends without revealing the winner of the HOH. When the live feeds turn back on we’ll find out who won…

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-30 18-54-29-271


Frank, Paulie, Bridgette and Michelle team won and are safe for the week.

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99 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Week 1 Summary and Live Eviction Results

  1. WTF. What new twist did they come up with now if it isn’t an early announcement of a competition to let someone back into the house?

    1. Wow Julie Chen does not call the racist Josea out for his racist comments! Guess she protects her favorites an that is one of her favorites UGH!

      1. Julie cannot reveal anything to Jozea in case he goes back in. Nothing others in the house say. Nothing America is saying. He is still technically in the game. She only asked him open questions and didn’t comment back.

        1. It seems a bit unfair that Jozae saw goodbye messages if he can return to the game. They only showed select messages, effectively giving him ammo against Nicole and Paulie (Da’s does not count as he didn’t realize it was negative) if he gets back in.

          1. I was thinking the same exact thing. Julie should not have shown any goodbye messages since one of the players would be allowed back in the game

    2. Paulie’s putting Vic & Hong Kong Ding Dong Bronte up… Vic will get bored out and beat Jozea in Battle Back if Glenn didn’t already!

  2. I think Jozea is evicted tonight but wait there is a twist!!

  3. The first 3 or 4 evicted house guests will probably compete to get back in or we’ll vote one in. They did that last year too.

      1. In past seasons they had the first four jury members compete to get back in the house, this is the first time they give pre-jurors a second chance.

        1. Season 6 had Kaysar return as Americas vote. Ashlea, Michael, Eric and Kaysar were the first 4 evicted so it has happened before. Just hope jozea doesn’t win!!!

  4. Bridgette’s don’t evict me speech is one of the fakest things I’ve heard on this show, which says a lot.

    Simon, do you know of any BB chat rooms, especially for during live eviction nights? None of my friends watch so I want people to react with!

      1. Newbies Only Alliance (on very shaky ground)
        Veterans Only Alliance (plus Paulie & Corey?)
        8 Pack Alliance: Nicole, Da’Vonne, James, Frank, Tiffany, Zakiyah, Michelle, Corey
        Spy Girls Alliance: Bronte ‘Wifey Spy’, Bridgette ‘Spunky Spy’ & Natalie ‘Flirty Spy’
        The Revolution Alliance: Paul, Jozea & Victor (with Natalie, Bronte & Bridget)
        Paulie Has Corey & Frank’s Backs
        JaCole: James & Nicole
        Tichelle: Tiffany & Michelle
        Dacole: Da’Vonne & Nicole
        Nante: Natalie & Bronte
        Jank? Frames?: James & Frankie (not sure if official pact)
        Nicole & Zakiyah (friendly, no official pact)
        Da’Vonne & Zakiyah (friendly, no official pact)
        Paul, Zakiyah & Jozea (friendly, no official pact)

        1. Three Amigos: Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Barack Obama
          NO NAFTA

    1. Oh I laughed so hard that he said it was Natalie who betrayed him. Did he still not get it after Momma Da’s goodbye?!

      1. Nope. his one brain cell doesn’t register any of the messages he got. How he concluded that Nat was the betrayer is beyond me …. especially when Day told him straight out she voted him out.

        All he had to do was the math and would realize who voted him out.

        Seriously he’s really one dumbf%^&

  5. Jozea is officially, without a doubt, the single STUPIDEST and most CLUELESS player in Big Brother history. Ever.

    1. i didnt know frankie grande,Aaryn Gries,Jessie Godderz,Elissa Slater,Chima Simone,Amanda Zuckerman.Lydia Tavera, and Lawon Exum were all bad players!

      1. Lawon was the dumbest, hands down!! He’s still waiting on his special power to get back into the house!

  6. I thought Vanessa was delusional, but Jozea has got to be the most narcissistic person in the entire planet. Where did they find this man?

  7. Oh crap on a stick! It would have to be a physical comp, since Glenn hasn’t been in the house to witness all the ridiculousness. Pulling for you, Glenn!

  8. Jozae is so clueless he didn’t even know Da was dissing him in her goodbye message. And Natalie was the one who flipped. Moron.

    1. I don’t think the little beezer caught the dig Julie threw at him, with her”…and yet here you sit” comment. So clueless, so sad. Moving on.

  9. Jozea is clueless to the end. I wish it had been more of a blindside (thanks for nothing, Frank!), but I couldn’t believe when he thought Natalie betrayed him. Too funny!

    1. I thought it was interesting that J only blamed Natalie for flipping. Didn’t he hear the vote count…7-4 against him. It took more than Natalie to “betray” him.

  10. Battle Back is weekly this season, not one game among 5 first evicted, which had squirrely, some say rigged results in prior seasons. A while away from Jozea, whew!

  11. That was one of the creepiest live evictions I have ever seen. After Jozea did tat no words robotic hug fest and left the house the houseguests without a word watched his picture go B&W… then stood there and did not say a word… it was uncomfortable and creepy to watch. Then Julie interviews Jozea and that was a new kind of delusional and creepy. Usually when somebody leaves that is like Jozea you find out it was just them goofing around…. but crap, that was the real him…. crap…. the person we saw in the house was the real Jozea. I am glad he is gone, but, that live evict gave me the creeps.

  12. Am wondering if Josey is a production favourite this season and that is why they have implemented the twist?
    BTW, how much actual LIVE time does Julie do on eviction night? I would say she has a very soft but high paid job.

    1. I don’t think it was Jozea that production was protecting but rather the “vets”. Giving them another shot to enter much later in the season knowing they would start off with targets on them.

    2. Nah cuz Glenn would have been put back in sequester before they knew Jozea was getting evicted. I wish I knew how much Julie makes… best job ever!

  13. Not really a fan of this group HOH, if the 8pack is smart they would just throw this one to Tiffany and Corey. Everyone just needs to sabotage their group and wait for that team to finish. Looks like the 8pack will definitely crack this week with Team Unicorn currently leading the HOH comp.

  14. So if Jozea would come back, would he have to self evict? Since you know, the vets shouldn’t be playing “since they already had their chance” Lmao

  15. And the Oscar goes to…..Julie Chen! How did she sit there with a straight face as Jozea testified to his greatness? I’m impressed. Jozea, what a moron! Hope you stay gone.

    1. I think it’s obvious who ‘flipped’… The vote was 7 to 4… It’s obvious his boys Vic n Paul and Bronte n Nat were the 4…

    2. Totally agree if he had a chance to come back they should of not played any going away messages as it hurt Paulie, Nichole an Da. In previous seasons evicted house guests who had a chance to return never got to see goodbye messages I do not think. This season is starting to smell rigged for some. It figures!

    3. Jozae didn’t realize what she said. It totally went over his head. He blew her a freakin kiss at the end.

    4. And yet he thinks it was Natalie that turned on him but she actually voted to keep him. If Jozea was the messiah, he’d probably go after Peter for betraying him instead of Judas.

  16. I really don’t like when production give evicted houseguest the opportunity to play the game again.It just feels like anything some houseguest accomplish in getting certain people evicted,would basically become pointless if that person is allowed back in the game .Do any of you feel the same way?Or do you like when evicted houseguest are allowed back in? I mean it’s not like it’s always super easy to get your target evicted.Imagine if they let Frank or Britney back in the game on season 14.I mean after Dan did what seemed to be the impossible,starting from the funeral and everything after.That would be messed up to allow houseguest who were out played back in the game.Maybe that’s just me though.

  17. I can’t even deal with jozea I mean how clueless and narcissistic can you be? And I can’t beleive bb is giving him a chance to go back in! I think they beleive he makes good TV because he makes a good of himself

  18. What kind of family and friends does a person have to have around them to allow them to become as delusional as the Jozziah?

  19. Jozea the wanna be Cult leader. Only not even idiots like Paul would kill themselves if the “messiah” commanded it.

    Jozea won’t get back in. Frank will be gone in next couple weeks and be the one to get back in and cause drama. Story line was written right after they came up with the twist in production meeting.

  20. Not a fan of Jozea and his hat, but I do miss his drama!! He kept me laughing because he thought that he was the messiah and running the house. Hahaha!! He didn’t run nothing but his mouth. Lol

    1. I went back over my recording of BB and Julie did say “By a vote of 7-4, Jozea you are evicted from The Big Brother House”

  21. I was a fan of Jozae from an entertainment perspective. His delusion was comical and made for great TV!!! However, he was humbled tonight. The Jozae we saw talking to Julie wasn’t the same person we have seen so far this season. Given another chance, I am very curious as to what Jozae would do. I would absolutely love to see if a lesson has been learned. And thanks to the CBS “twist,” we may very well get the chance to see Jozae again. Since when are the early evictees given the opportunity to come back? Can some BB historian speak to this?

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