“I like James I just don’t like liars.. I want to kick his little Asian @$$ back to Hong Kong” – Bronte

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 14-09-31-158

10:52am James, Nicole, Tiffany, Frank, Michelle
James saying he put crackers in Corey’s bed.
Frank and Nicole talking about Frank’s back having “The perfect Black Heads” to pick

Frank says the newbies were in the kitchen complaining that the pranks were petty.
Nicole – Oh my gosh they need to loosen up
Michelle – Paul is livid
Frank – All i heard them say was F**** you
Nicole – we gotta have some kinda fun..
Frank – Corey laughs it off
Michelle – Being mad about Crackers is petty
Natalie joins them.

Teasing around that Frank is mean.. “Fran1k-enstein”
James says he’s going in the kitchen “To stir some sh1t up” (Because the other side of the house is they’re)
James – Do more prank do more pranks.. No. .
Natalie – People get so grouchy I think they’re fun
Nicole – I would be pissed if someone chopped my ponytail off or broke my glasses
Nicole leaves
Natalie – Sorry about last night guys… OK
Bronte comes in and her and Natalie go to work out..
James says he’s going to pull more pranks on Paul and Victor.

Michelle- You know what’s funny is Paul acts like this tough rocker guy and he gets pissed off about crackers
James calls them stupid.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 14-18-13-109

11:02am Kitchen Victor, James and Paul
Paul complaining about the ants biting him
Victor saying it’s making it easy for the ants with Jamesthrowing “Sh1t” in their room all the time.

James – You need to light up bro
Victor – you need to stop doing that sh1t bro
James – you need to lighten up bro
Victor – you really need to stop doing that
James – Big BRother 18 lighten up bro
Victor – It is Big Brother 18 congratulations
James – have fun … You’re not at home anymore…
Victor – it’s not about being wound up man
James – Where’s the kid in you.. You have any kid left in you or are you just a robot
Victor – I do have a kid in me
James – like I can’t do anything fun it’s not in my DNA
Victor – I do a lot of fun shit
James – what do you do for fun
Victor – I don’t prank people
James – so what do you do… hop scotch play jump rope
Victor – sometimes I do that
James – thats cool

James – you can put crackers in my bed ..

Victor – But I don’t
You should it’s fun you’ll laugh.. .laughing is good for the soul ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 14-48-18-889

11:05am Bathroom Natalie and Bronte
Bronte saying the vote is coming down to “momma Da and Z”
Natalie agrees that is what she was telling Jozea, she told him to focus on those votes.

Bronte says James and Frank are voting to keep Paulie 100%
Natalie agrees “They were always with that side”
Natalie – It makes me sad I trusted him.
Bronte – no doubt Frank and JAmes are voting out Jozea.. It all comes down to ‘Da and Z’

Bronte says if they vote Jozea out and she wins HOH she’ll put them both up. (Da and Z)
Natalie – We need Jozea and Victor
Bronte – if Jozea goes home we need to win HOH and Roadkill next week.. That the only way the numbers will balance out.
Bronte explains If we win HOH and they win road kill they have the numbers to send one of us home

Natalie – we’re all screwed in this alliance..
Bronte – it’s the two sides battling it out..
Bronte saying that Da’Vonne and Zakiyah are going to vote to keep Jozea adds the that other side is cutthroat.

Bronte – James is the dirtiest one in the house I am shocked.. He put crackers in victor’s bed he’s asking for a fight
Bronte – there’s not some master plan to this there can’t be.. It’s just voting and numbers.

Natalie – I’m ready for this game I’m going to smile and be super sweet but I will play dirty it is on baby..
Natalie – I loved James but seeing how quick he was to hurt my feelings.. this is a game you don’t mess with someone’s emotions…
Bronte – he honestly thought we were dumb enough to fall for these shenanigans

Bronte and Natalie agree the two of them have a very strong alliance.
Bronte – that was crazy last night.. Victor was about to storm in there and take James by the throat…
Natalie – I know that they know we are strong players.

They agree Paulie went up as a pawn.
Bronte – never ever agree to go up as the pawn
Bronte says the other side makes up slanderous lies to try to get them to vote a certain way it’s dirty.
Natalie – we got to stay strong and play hard
Bronte – we got to win HOH’s
Bronte – I was mad Bridgette went up but now I’m happy because she’s such a flip flop.. I do not think she would have voted to keep jozea
Natalie – she doesn’t like him
Bronte and Natalie agree DON’T trust Bridgette
Natalie – I love her to pieces… but

Natalie – I’m glad they think i’m flirty and think they can play with my emotions.. They are going down
Brointe brings up the possibility that the teams will be more important to the game and James (and the rest of them) are not considering this.

Natalie – They think they have power right now when Nicole has HOH but sh1ts about to change.. You try to hurt my feelings i’m going to come after you.. I would have defended James I would have had his back

James – What a sleeze all on a personal level i don’t like him anymore..
Natalie says Frank keeps telling her ‘You’re going home next week”
Bronte – these people are rachet..

Bronte is pissed at the other side..
Corey joins them.
Bronte says to Corey that ‘everyone’ is saying that ‘everything’ is tonight because the Olympics are tomorrow.
Corey mentions the suitcases are in the storage room.
Brotne says Frank told her they bring the suitcases out and change the key until the day of the eviction
Corey leaves..
Natalie – I literally want to dance all day.. I want to Dance and Dance .. that would be nice.

Bronte says if Jozea goes home she doesn’t think they will make it to jury.
Bronte is pissed at James for turning his back on the unicorn team ..”You little fu***d tard.. I seriously could beat James up right now.. What is your plan right now? … it’s so unnecessary .. .I want to kick his little Asian @$$ back to Hong Kong or wherever he came from..”
Bronte – I feel bad about what I said about James.. I like James I just don’t like liars… especially when something happens to you i’m feisty..
Bronte – made up a lie and spread it around the house.. how did you win american’s favorite.. I thought America didn’t like liars.
Bridgette joins them.. natalie says someone puked in the toilet.
Bridgette – why
Bronte – I love Zakiyah .. but a couple cocktails and she lost her sh1t.. she can party with this is over..
Natalie – I’m not drinking i’m not stupid..
Natalie – this is a game not be best friends kiss rainbows.. even though that’s what I like

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 15-13-09-577

2:14 cam 1-2 Zakiyah
Zakiyah giving shoutouts and says hi to the “Feed”

Zakiyah says she has no social media active..


Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 15-23-58-821

3:14pm feeds chit chat

(Other than these 3 conversations there wasn’t a whole lot going on today. The house is on lockdown and there’s rampant rumors the HOH and Eviction is tonight. The live show is tomorrow so i’m not sure what is going on. )

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 15-40-58-796

3:36pm Frank and Michelle
Michelle is crying because they are still wearing the pixels and she’s gained weight.
Michelle – If I got on the scale I would be 115 i’m the fattest girl in the house
Frank – you’re beautiful.. You haven’t gained weight .. don’t get down on yourself.. You’re beautiful that’s the reason I remembered your name..
Frank says nobody in the house thinks she’s gained weight
Michelle – I don’t care what people think I just care what I think about myself.. Every mirror I see..

Michele – I feel the jiggle when I walk
Frank – it’s the pixels my pixels jiggle too
Frank says he’ll go ask production how much longer they have to wear the costumes.

3:55pm Feeds on fish…

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 16-32-58-828

4:30pm HOH 8 pack alliance
Corey relaying the conversation Victor and James had earlier today…
Everyone laughing and Victor

Frank is still in the pixel costume.

4:58pm Pixels removed..

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Totally wouldn’t have pegged Bronte as this season’s resident racist. I totally thought it was going to be Corey! Well, as they say in Big Brother “expect the unexpected”.

Franks' farts

Give Corey a couple weeks. We know he’s cool with torturing animals, he’ll probably have something racist to add before too long. James was super sexist last season, and he has really learned to watch his mouth.


Bronte has a sense of entitlement and so impressed with herself. She’s nasty and foul mouthed. I sure hope she’s the next one out of the house. She totally believes she can outsmart everyone. Ugh


She’s so smug too. She really thinks she’s better than the other houseguests. She thinks she’s sooooo smart, but she is literally the dumbest person in that house right now because at this point every other houseguest has managed not to spew garbage this awful not once, but twice in the span of 8 hours.


Nobody wants some entitled gook in the house either! Talking about pranking people and isn’t he the one who like destroyed the house on the Haider go Vito throwing eggs around I mean seriously he’s a disrespectful prick and yeah that’s not how we do it in America so yeah kick his ass back to wherever it’s slanted eyes came from! If you’re not with me you’re against me and if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem so you got to go scumbag bye! Good riddance and be happy we didn’t destroy you when we had the chance in world war II or you wouldn’t even be born cuz your family would be melted by our nukes that are hardworking American families dropped on you!

Jake K.

And the Kermit-look-alike mathematician takes the first racist trophy of the year!


Bronte…the voice, the nose, the hair bow, the nasty mouth, I just can’t take anymore! Please get her out! I ‘m not a violent person but she’s making me want to punch her in the face lol


I’ll give Natalie and Bronte +1 point for being the first in their alliance to figure out they are probably incredbly screwed but I’m going to have to subtract -1000 p for the casual racism. The minority alliance this year is really making it easy to root against them.

lol what?

how is that racist? Asian means from the continent of asia, MANY different races are asian, and MANY different races live in Hong !

here we go....

yeah, but James is American and a military vet to boot. The racism here is that because he is “not white” he doesn’t deserve to live in good ol’ america and should go back to hong kong or “where ever asians come from”

lol what?

Her wanting an Asian to go back to Hong Kong is Xenophobic NOT racist!


Xenophobia is the fear of people from/in other countries.
Last time I check, America is that county James and Bronte are both from. Her comment was racist.

lol what? Yep

Yep! Asians are people from a country other than America! Asians are foreigne rs in America. Learn the history of America, Asians were rounded up into camps. America has been to war with Vietnam, north Korea, and Japan!

James is an Asian, it doesn’t matter if he was born here.

Asians are from Asia!

Hong Kong is in Asia

What Bronte said was XENOPHOBIC! By your own interpretation of the meaning of the word! Not Racist. Maybe you should look up the definition of racist or racism!

lol what? Yep

Wanting Asians to go back to Asia is Xenophobic

Hating Asians for their squinted, slanted eyes, and or flat face and black hair is racist

See the difference?


You are almost as clueless as Jozea


Please tell me you are joking….

On another note, I really do hope they share that on TV just like they did the whole Aaryn situation. Sad when they can act like this and be shown in a different light on TV.


I like James, but I have to say that the pranks are getting a bit old. I think since he won America’s Favorite Player last year that he thinks he needs to keep it up to be funny. Once in awhile is funny….several times a day is being a pain in the A$$ (IMO).

Misty Beethoven

I love James to bits, but at this point I’d have to take him aside and say Enough. Just stop. It was cute initially, now it’s just damn annoying. And he should know better than most about the massive ant problem every year.

Focus on your game, dude.


Oh Bronte, you really should have watched Season 15 before you went into the house, SMH. That’s twice now she’s said something along those lines. Keep it up and they’ll have no choice but to make you Aaryn 2.0.


LOL, Bronte and Natalie are convinced that Zakiyah and Day are voting to keep Jozea despite the fact that these two haven’t even bother to talk game with them. I really can’t wait for them to get blindsided tomorrow, it will be amazing if they put bridgette up and then out the door as a collateral. Although I like bridgette, seeing them be blindsided two weeks in a row will be magnificent.


I thought Paul wanted to rip James some new a$$holes. He was awfully quiet during the kitchen confrontation. I also cannot wait for what Julie has to say when Bronte gets evicted.

An ornery mouse

Nor did he rip off his own nutsack and tape it to James’ head (or whatever that ridiculous threat was). Very disappointing.

Clay's Undercutt

Not only is this cast insulting and offensive to those of us who wanted to watch something entertaining this summer but to the super fans, who want a great game and to have someone to root for.
Getting the rundown on the feeds is like reading rejected scripts from a “Saved By The Bell” episode- “Bronte Spelling squeaks out a story that that Hong Kong Phooey James said that Pricktor asked Nasal Nicole out: will shorty Gnatalie get jealous and wait until you hear about crackers in the bed!!!”
Spare me.
I guess the only payoff for all of us will be eviction night when we will see Jozea Christ do an open mouth silent cry while clutching his deflated H&M hat.
Dont let the Big Brother door hit you in the hiked up bootie-shorts on your way out, Boo!
~Although I am betting on a fierce catwalk up to Julie because either he doesn’t really know what it means to be evicted or in the back of his superior mastermind he is telling himself that waiting for him is the best gift ever, girrrrl: super-stardom (insert laugh track). If not sequestered he probably thinks that the fame-whore team-leader Skanky Frankie will have a “how to stay relevant” starter kit with an invitation to become a “mega celebrity social media mogul make-up artist” and he’ll get to give the coast to coast sensation La Grande an on-fleek cat eye & apply glitter to Frankie’s foundation-filled, oily pores. He’ll be a busy boy between that and hosting SNL, competing in the Olympics, and a reunion with his long lost uncle Devin on the Fourth of July.

But where does that leave us viewers? Sadly back to the BB house where his week:
-Butterface Bronte eats a meatball and a pregnancy rumor is started by Michelle!!! (“gasp”!)
-After Zakiyah personalizes her breakfast writing “Mrs. Calafiore” on her pancakes, she realizes sneaky James put mayo in the syrup!!! (“OMG”!)
-In a fit of rage, Paul cuts his hairy nuts off and strategically places them where Tiffany’s eyebrows have been shaved!!! (ratings spike)
… And then all of the sudden “Screech” surprises everyone by popping out of a suitcase veteran style while wearing Judd’s bear shirt!!! (…Actually that’d be entertaining)

….sigh, I want a refund, recount, re-do …anything but these morons!


Ahhhhahahahaaa awesome post Clays undercutt…just a little side note Paul has T-Rex arms:)


I love James!


I love Natalie!


Bronte …Shut your squeaky pie hole!!!! James is an American as is everyone else in the house. His DNA and ethnic background is Korean. What you gonna send Day and Zak back to what? Africa??? Victor back to South America???

Can we send your lily white trash mouth back to whatever country your ancestors are from???
Get yourself educated.

Why do you need to throw up racial and bigoted slurs to make your point? People like you continue the lineage of bigotry and hate.

No name

I love James!


Yes, James pranks are tiresome but that’s no reason for Vic to go mental about it. Brontesaurus, not a good look for you right now. In the beginning I thought Michelle would be the mouthy one, Bronte came out of left field. Natalie talking about getting dirty is like a kitten trying to roar. I’m just hoping that BB18 doesn’t turn into BB15 part 2.

Paul has no balls to rip off

I see a straight jacket in Michelle’s future.


Bronte da Helium Balloon, meet Julie Chen.


James needs to play a joke and put some peepee in their coke.

Paul has no balls to rip off

Or a heaping pile of poop.


Dawg first awesome job once again with the daily updates for BB18, can you clarify one issue for me. Bronte and Natalie are pissed at James for saying that Victor asked Nicole out on a date. Now I see that others say that James never said that and Bronte made the lie up. Now if that is the case then Bronte is a nut job because she is now using that for racist remarks about James and she knows it’s all a lie…… Crazy BB18


Simon that’s true, but and it’s a BIG BUT, James only turned once it was outed that the other side were
targeting the vets first. I also believe he still wants to work with Natalie as he has repeatedly stuck up for her.

The vets rightfully see the targets as a 3 headed monster in Victor, Bronte and Paul. Victor is the priority (for the moment) due to his ability to lead the group, Paul had been noted as someone who they could address later since the vets correctly see he is all talk/no action and Bronte has continually pushed herself up the pecking list based on her cruel comments, glares at the others and complete lack of effort to integrate or do what she came to the house for PLAY A GAME BASED ON SOCIAL INTERACTION! Once the vets learn of her lies (and it WILL come out) she’ll be on equal footing with Victor to oust next week.

While no one is that fond of Bridgette they also correctly see her as someone who isn’t a priority boot.

As for Natalie even after Bronte did her best to turn her into Bronte 2.0 in terms of hating James is still not
stooping to that level. Mark my words Natalie will be the last to leave that side and I would wager will also outlast many of the 8-pack.

Once Bronte is gone she will bond with both the Fatal 5 & James/Frank. I won’t be shocked if she is someone who we all end up liking immensely once Bronte & Victor (who she still likes) are gone.


I don’t really feel bad for Michelle after hee introduction. I don’t remember exactly what she said but something about hating fat people who don’t realize they are fat. Give me a break. Every fat person knows they are fat, they have just decided to be happy however they are.


Unfortunately it sounds like Michelles comments stem from her own personal body image and food issues 🙁


Obviously, Bronte didn’t watch BB Season 15 with the unforgettable racist Aaryn. When are these people going to grow up? I put this on casting. Please cast people that have actually watched the show and have at least a pinkie amount on knowledge on how to play the game. Vets are kicking ass and taking numbers. Paul can keep his balls; he’s going to need them. Can’t wait for Jozae to leave tomorrow night!


Is there a link to watch the east coast feed?


South Carolina then, Bronte. That’s where you’d be sending him “back” to.

The Dietitian

Someone’s vomit in the toilet… Michelle crying about being Fat… Don’t want to jump to conclusions but Come’on… it’s not a leap to think Michelle could have an eating disorder… I would hope a Dietitian would know a lot better than to resort to such an unhealthy life choice… Kudo’s to Frank for trying to build her up by calling her beautiful, let’s hope this scenario isn’t the case… but I gotta say, as a Dietitian and her anti-fat people comments I was amazed at how she has been constantly eating junk food and eating and eating literally nonstop


Sadly being a dietitian doesn’t mean you can’t have an eating disorder. I used to work with a lovely young lady who was a registered dietitician who was severely bullimic. It was very sad, but everyone, including her husband and family, were afraid to intervene. I hope that’s not the case with Michelle or anyone in the house.


It appears that some of the “fans” playing Big Brother this year haven’t watched the feeds at all. That could explain why they are calling themselves fans and yet don’t know the keys to playing this game


Let’s put this in perspective:

*Told Natalie she was going to tell lies to take down the other side. So with that reasoning and no one being able to confirm James ever said what Bronte purposes he said about Natalie (that Victor asked Nicole out). Doesn’t it stand to reason that Bronte wanting to drive a wedge between her BFF & James & get her mean boyz focused on James simultaneously? Her goal is to take out both James & Nicole, so this is why the seed was planted. It’s also conceivable she already knows Natalie would be welcomed by virtually everyone on the other side, but she knows she is high on their boot list.

*Further, even if James said that, don’t you think it was said in jest knowing James personality?

* Bronte’s complete lack of self awareness is frightening. She has been calling Nicole a B_tch for well over a week and spends most of her time ridiculing others while simultaneously complaining that no one tries to talk/be nice to her on the other side.

* I can’t help but think Bronte was the object of ridicule/bullying at some point in her life (or conversely was the one leading the charge) b/c her actions are those of either someone lashing out or someone who is comfortable in that role.

* So far I’ve heard him say he wishes Michelle would pass out and die

* That he wants to punch James in the face

* He wants Nicole to get melanoma (cancer) and die

* He wants to punch Tiffany in the face

*To show James what he thinks of his pranks wants to take a poop in his bed (yeah, that’s the same as a few crackers, sure Paul).

etc, etc, etc.

* Added she could resuscitate Michelle and shave off her eyebrows.

* Say the girls are disposable
* They are the Messiah & “UN”wise men who are running the show
*Pranks ARE NOT OKAY but constantly fawning for camera time by them is.

Say what you will about James’ pranks, but he is mostly doing them to his side of the house. All of the other 8-pack are fully aware of the cruel things that have been said & physical threats that have been levied. James was even going to apologize to Victor for winding him up about letting loose and having fun, until he learned from Corey that Victor was mumbling “Don’t punch him”. “Don’t threaten him”.

So what if James wants to joke around with his side. Instead of searching for ways to maim the Newbie
Dilusional Fame Whore Mean Fools at least he and Frank, Nicole & their group are trying to have fun. Perhaps I’m just more open to the pranks or the sarcastic humor of Frank/James. But IMO it’s much more enjoyable than the judgemental venom regurgitating from Bronte and Paul’s mouths specifically.

I really hope TPTB don’t edit out the reality of how these fools have been acting b/c the best thing that could
happen to Bronte & Paul specifically is to receive a resounding chorus of boos on their exits. Incredibly Jozea who was on everyone’s last nerve has paled in comparison the past few days and that’s saying something.

Time for TPTB to let America vote on a reward and punishment with both Paul/Bronte getting the punishment so they start filtering themselves.

Hopefully Natalie will go to James at some point, and/or tell someone who’ll fill James in on what Bronte has done.

Not since Janey’s first season (5) have I wanted someone to get put in their place as badly as I want Bronte to. I know Mama Day has been keeping it under wraps, but man would I ever love for her to go off on Bronte.
Actually Zakiya could probably hold her own as well in that situation. It feels like it needs to be a strong woman who’ll need to stand up to her, otherwise she’ll just paint it as if the men are bullying her.

Gotta say I wasn’t a fan of Maggie in season 5, Aaryn from season 15 was a whole story unto herself, but Bronte has made both of them seem tame b/c she gets such pure enjoyment out of being cruel. I had high hopes for her early and now all I hope is she is either the next one out the door OR is dressed down publicly for her hypocritical, cruel girl antics.


Agree! Aaron was horrid but also so ignorant she did not even realize the things she was saying we’re totally racist until someone actually told her, but Bronte is a racist deep down an just a horrible horrible excuse for a human being. She hates Nicole an James for no reason except they were on the show before. She is a disgusting vile excuse for a human being. Hope she goes ASAP an with the biggest boos ever heard on BB, an hope Julie Chen chews her up an spits her out along with Paul, Josea an Victor an their hateful threats.


Hi Bronte, not only are you racist but youre fugly looking librarian who is destined to have 50 cats.

I like cats

Now, now…let’s not punish any cats. I’d take 50 cute, sweet, innocent kitty cats over Bronte any day. (But hell, I’d take 50 homely, feral, rabid cats over Bronte really.)


I like James and find him an honest guy with a big heart. But, the pranks would get to me. Mayo in the sun screen is wasteful. Both will need to be replaced. Crackers everywhere in a house already dirty alwith things thrown everywhere would be gross. James find another format of entertainment and not have the bullseye on your person now. He has made himself a target. Bonte is a mean girl and her behaviors will be here eviction.


I like James and find him an honest guy with a big heart. But, the pranks would get to me. Mayo in the sun screen is wasteful. Both will need to be replaced. Crackers everywhere in a house already dirty alwith things thrown everywhere would be gross. James find another format of entertainment and not have the bullseye on your person now. He has made himself a target. Bonte is a mean girl and her behaviors will be her eviction. The first few weeks when the HG don’t know each other well, they choose the HG that that gets on their nerves for eviction without considering game play. Better to just be chilling and not step on toes right now until the game really starts.


I think you all forget who the biggest racist on bb15 was, AMANDA.

Bronte’s comment was nothing compared to the venom amanda was spewing.

Natalie's Boobs

Absolutely! It was infuriating that BB and Julie didn’t call Amanda out on it at all after raking Aaryn over the coals. Why was there a difference?


James is a pain in the ass. He’s a grown man acting like a 2 yr old. I would want to punch him too if he kept putting food products in my sheets or whatever and there are ants around. I don’t like when people mess with my things. Zak and Da have both said mean things about Natalie and Bronte too. In fact all the boys have said something about wanting to punch or do something to the other guy as well… Paulie. Michelle’s a downer with her whining and crying for sympathy. What the hell is up with TIFF and the glasses, hats and stuff on her face??? She acts sooo weird. Like a goblin that came out from under the house. Frank toned it down but he was acting like an ass.


Bronte did not say anything racist. People are way too sensitive and want a reason to hate her. She laughed about the girls workout routine, that’s it. Da and Zak were up in the HOH making fun of Bronte and her voice. Hypocrisy , and double standards.


She said she wanted to kick the Asian back to Hong Kong!!!!!!


Are you serious?


Victoria was waaaaayyyyy uglier than Bronte. “The hottest girl in the house BB16”

No name

I like Frank,but I like him better when his ass is on the line. The returnee’s are acting so arrogant and smug. Like they have the game in the bag.


Ironically enough, during tonights episode there was a “CBS cares” commercial about race and not “judging someone by their appearance.” Lol

No name

Hypocrisy and double standards!!!

Just me

Are we really so PC now that calling an Asian person Asian is considered racist?
What if an Italian guy was in there and she said “I’d kick his butt all the way back to Italy” is that racist?

Now MAYBE her assuming that he is from Hong Kong just because he is Asian could possibly be considered racist, but really it’s just uneducated. Hell, even James doesn’t know where his ancestry is from.
He said last year that he is adopted and doesn’t know what he is, because he’s never met his birth family. He only knows he is Asian.


Really ? Its not even being politically correct its just pure racism , like saying james is not white so he doesnt deserve to be in america . You and bronte should read a book.


Actually James stated he never met his birth family but he does know his background is Korean.


I feel bad that Natalie got stuck on the wrong side. She’s not nasty like the rest of them. Their are a couple in the 8 pack I wish she could trade places with.

????Unicorn Farting Rainbows (UFR)

James’ pranks have a purpose. Other than laughs. He has certainly gotten under Victor and Paul’s skin. Which weakens them. As for Natalie, anyone who has to keep reminding themselves how smart they are, isn’t.
Brate, er Bronte, is just a nasty bit of work. She has no clue how racist/xenophobic she is. The reason they think Da and Zak are voting to keep Jozea is the whole reason Jozea thinks that Da and Zak are on his side. The whole we share a skin tone so we automatically think/act alike.

James fan

I love James pranks!! It is the part of the show that I laugh the hardest. Yesterday I was on here reading about one of his pranks and was laughing out loud. People need to lighten up and laugh a bit.


They would get mad at pranks, what is everyone supposed to sit around and twiddle their thumbs, have these newbies never seen BB.