Paul “I will f**king punch people in the mouth if homeboy goes.. get arrested & walk out in handcuffs!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-29 01-37-49-726

12:10am In the Bathroom – Natalie is taking a shower. She asks James if the camera can see her? James says no. Natalie says it feels like she is completely nude. Its funny that I’m naked and there are guys in here. James asks does it make you feel weird? Natalie says yeah. James tells Jozea he’s a guy too. Jozea says I’m a guy too but I have benefits. Natalie says yeah I wouldn’t care if Jozea saw me naked. James asks you would care if I saw you naked? Natalie says yeah, he doesn’t like me. You’re straight, you know?! He’s not attracted to me. James says what if I’m not attracted to you. Natalie says well you’re a man so yes you are attracted to this. James says what if I was professional .. mature about it. Natalie says I don’t know what that means. James says we’re both grown adults. Its not like I’m going to be like oh my god BOOBIES! Natalie says I’m very private about my body. I would rather Jozea see my body. James says what if I was your boyfriend. Natalie says well we would have to date for you to find out. James says awwwhhha! Natalie asks Jozea so if you saw me naked you wouldn’t be attracted? Jozea says nope.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-29 01-40-21-524

12:30am In the bedroom – James tells Frank he might quit drinking. Frank asks why? James says its not as fun as it used to be. Corey finds bread in his pillow case and thinks Nicole pranked him. Corey heads up to the HOH room to ask if it was her. Nicole tells him it wasn’t her. While he’s gone – James stuffs more slices of bread into Corey’s pillow cases. Corey returns and says his bed smells like bread now. He lays down and James starts laughing. Corey jumps up and turns on the light. He looks inside his pillow and says there’s a whole loaf of bread in there. Frank is laughing and says he doesn’t know why its so funny, but it is.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-29 01-51-01-255

Up in the HOH room – Zakiyah is emotional because she had a feeling something was wrong with her mom. Michelle tells Zak that she will win HOH and get photos and a letter. Zak says I’m ready for it.

12:45am – 1:05am Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette are in the bathroom talking about how at night they plan to come together and compare notes. Bronte says there is no way Paulie is going to just lay down and accept his fate. Really that’s how you’re going to go out. I would be fighting to stay .. making deals with people. Bronte says she got nervous when Zak came out of the diary room crying and Paulie swooped in. I don’t know if she was crying because he is going or what. I wouldn’t be surprised if she votes for him to stay. Bridgette says Jozea said lets just get these people out and we’ll all shake hands and it will be a gentleman’s game. He said he would get people to volunteer to go up. Natalie says you want to play that game we’ll kick you out of here. Bronte says don’t ever volunteer to go up. They talk about how James is really good at endurance comps. Bridgette says we need to get the vets out because if we keep taking out the new people .. there will be just as many of them as us.

1:40am – 1:55am Cam 3-4 Natalie is upset for a comment that Victor made about her pants and for the way he talks to her. Jozea tries to fix the situation and told Victor he had to apologize to Natalie. She thinks your delivery is wrong. Telling her about her dirty pants upset her. Paul says that you liked each other and then you saw her flirting with other guys .. didn’t like that and backed off. Now she’s all salty. Victor says you see America! I didn’t do anything wrong. Victor goes to get Natalie and apologizes to her. He tells her he just didn’t want her pants to get dirty. Natalie says somethings you say come off as mean. It just doesn’t sound nice. When you talk to me you nitpick me. I think its the delivery. When you said EWWW your pants are dirty made me feel bad and self conscious. Vic says don’t let those guys take advantage of little things like this and turn you against me. I like you and want you around. I’m sorry. Natalie says okay now I know you didn’t mean it in a malicious way.

big brother 18 natalie and victor
1:40am Bedroom – Frank says no matter what we tell them, they’re (Nat, Bronte, Bridgette) probably going to keep listening to what Vic tells them in the short term. Just because they just bought into it so much. Paulie says what I was thinking about with those girls is even when we start taking down the guys from their crew .. then all of a sudden they’ll probably look at the house .. because they tried to buddy buddy up to the girls but the girls f**king hate them. Frank says as long as someone from our side wins HOH .. we don’t even have to win HOH for the next couple weeks because their going to start hating each other so much they’re going to take each other out. Nicole and all them will be going after Nat, Bridgette and Bronte. Frank says I can’t believe Paul won that veto. He’s got some intelligence. It doesn’t make sense to me but some how its there. Corey says his (Paul’s) parents are both lawyers. Frank says they (Nicole, Zak, Da, Tiffany) hate Bronte the most and then Bridgette. Paulie says they only hate Bronte because of the sh*t she’s been saying about me. Frank says and Zackiyah hates Bronte because she’s been giving her the stink eye the last couple days. It’s funny. Frank says dude that’s what’s funny, those girls are about to be at each other. Paulie says that’s why we just have to pick off the other big guy. Frank says and then we sit back. Paulie says pick off the other big gun (Victor) and Paul will easily maneuvered. Frank says once Jozea and Vic are gone … Paul will be a loyal stray dog if we need it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-29 02-28-29-235

1:55am Backyard – Victor tells Paul to go get Bronte. Victor tells Jozea that he thinks he (Jozea) is freaking out. Jozea says what I want you to understand is that a little smidgen like this …this feminist power thing that Bridgette has going on. I don’t need a man. That thing plus Tiffany. Victor says she’s not used to me.. she sees me as a Sargent some times. Paul and Bronte return. Jozea tells Bronte .. now you know I didn’t f**king like that! His motherf**king input in our conversation. Paul says if I come into a room and I want to find out if everything is okay and someone tells me this is girl time I’m going to f**king scream. Jozea tells Bronte you heard what James said. Bronte says I know, James is trying to break us a part. Bronte says that James is telling people that Victor asked Nicole on a date. Victor asks did he say that right now? Did he say that right now!? Bronte says yes. Victor gets mad. Bronte says listen… James is trying to pull us a part. Jozea tells Bronte.. I don’t like this Bridgette feminist power thing. Paul says its getting f**king old. The reason why he sent me in there was to shut that f**king James up. And she tells me this is girl talk .. I’m going to turn around and punch her in the face! Paul says after Jozea gets off and one of us wins HOH .. I’m going to go to James and say you’re going home buddy because you’re f**king full of sh*t. Victor says I’m going to go in there and squash this right now. Bronte says no because then he will know I came out here and told you. Paul says I don’t give a F**K! We’ll protect you. Bronte says I don’t need you to protect me. I need you to keep your mouth shut! Jozea says we don’t do anything .. when we get power we put his a$$ up. Paul says I’m about to go into solo mode and say F**K YOU F**K YOU F**K YOU .. I’m going to win every HOH! Bronte laughs and says that Michelle said that Victor is the reason why she doesn’t eat. Bronte says we know that James is the mastermind. Its clear that Natalie has feelings for Victor and that’s causing problems right now. If any other boy had made a comment about her pants, she wouldn’t have cared but because it came from Victor she cares. Victor says I just want to break this pool stick over James head! Paul says if he says another comment I am going to go off on him. Bronte heads back inside. Jozea tells Paul and Victor they’re risking his stay here. Victor says I know that’s why I’m not over there bashing that guys head in. Paul tells Jozea my promise to you is I will bite my tongue and sit in the fucking corner until Thursday.

FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: CBS All Access FREE Trial!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-29 02-46-23-746

2:20am – 2:35am Cam 1-2 Backyard – Paul tells Victor that James is a f**King piece of sh*t! I’m sick of him bro! I’ve had it with him.. I’ve f**king had it with him. I’ve had it with siting and biting my tongue. I’ve had it with being lied to. I’ve had it with him taking me for a f**king idiot. I’ve had it with his dumba$$ pranks with his cockiness walking around the house like he’s the sh*t. I’m going to call him out! I’M GOING TO F**kING TAKE HIM OUT! Frank is going to see this and be like why would I go with the majority .. they don’t even know what the f**k they’re doing. Vic agrees. Bronte comes back out to talk to Paul and Victor. Paul says that tomorrow Victor should ask Nicole in front of people if he ever asked her out on a date and then when she says not .. he will turn to James and ask why he’s making up lies. Bronte says no because I guarantee this is a lie they came up with and she will say he did so that Victor looks like a liar. Let it go, I will talk to Natalie. Victor says if Paulie goes home and we have the power I will tell James to go f**k himself. Jozea and Natalie come out. Jozea says he told Natalie how James lied about Victor asking Nicole out. Natalie says I’m not with you (Vic) we have nothing. Victor says I know.. He is trying to pull us a part. Paul says f**k you! Don’t f**k with my team! I’m going to walk out there rip my nuts off and glue them to his f**king forehead if he says one more thing about my god damn team! Hey what’s going on .. its girl talk… ahh… are you a girl?! Get the f**k out of here you little Korean man! I’VE HAD IT! I’VE HAD IT! I’VE HAD IT! Natalie says that doesn’t even bother me. You (Vic) could make out with Bronte tomorrow and I would laugh. Paul says if he comes up to you .. you should be like shoo away little hot dog man! Paul says they want homeboy (Jozea) to go home. And I will f**king punch people in the mouth if homeboy goes .. and just get arrested and walk out in handcuffs.

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Wow, these people really have no idea how to play this game. Very poor casting this year!!


Agreed. I definitely do not prescribe to the theory that one must be a fan to win, but please have some general knowledge of the game! I can even see how being a super fan versus just watching BB on tv enhances your understanding of some of the general tenets of the game and game play. But then I thought….who are the last couple of winners…Steve, Derick, Andy, Rachel…….the last four were super fans. Let’s pray that none of the stooges (Paul, Josea -if he comes back, Victor, and Bronte). wins this season.


And Ian was a super fan too, so that past 5 winners.

Almost Nope

These people have no idea how to play this game. Great casting this year!


At least if you’re going to be on the show take the time to learn how the main things work. Voting, PoV, HoH, common twists, zingbot, things that would probably be very similar from year to year.


What’s the deal with Paul and his nutz. He keeps saying he’ll remove them in some way in a fit of rage….that boy got issues….


HA! Too funny. That guy is fu*ked up. Hate him and his fake threats to make himself feel tough.


Yea Paul seems to be a real ball breaker.


More like a puffer fish. Tries to make himself look like a larger threat than he is…


Only took the first week to figure out who the crazy and most despised would be…. ironic they are the same person.. Paul!!


I can’t wait until the advisors get in the house. Will Vanessa team with Tiffany or will she be advising another player?


I don’t think advisors are coming in. Where did you hear this?


“advisors” omg what nonsense….maybe you mean production giving them the Vulcan mind meld in the D.R. ….idunno….


People make this same complaint every year. The casting is honestly not that bad.


Very poor casting. There are plenty of people to choose from, but BB production picks these fake losers, WTF? It is almost as bad as season 16 when the only words in the house guests’ vocabulary were “like”, “OMG”, and “ya”. I quit watching after the first episode that season. Angry Dick, he was a player you loved to hate. BB, step up your casting game or my DVR is going to evict your show ad it won’t be brought back for a second season.

BB Draft

Hopefully Paul does something to be removed from the game and then Jozea can follow him out on Thursday.


And people are saying Tiffany will over react? Lol. This guy is losing it. Tiffany really didn’t even say much after day told her that, and these guys are going on full meltdown from one comment.


I think Da’Vonne is just stirring the pot about Vanessa’s sister to keep her down. It seems obvious Vanessa’s sister is an early target of Da’Vonne’s.


Point! Blank! Period!

Ino Yamanaka

I’m watching BBAD and Paul and Bronte are sitting/laying on the double couch and Bronte’s laughing at how Nicole, Michelle, and the other girl were working out. She makes me so sick because she’s nothing to write home about. Her dingy voice and making fun of the other women is not to classy. What did they to her to dislike them so much? Paul’s a total fake to Nicole. One minute I think he really like her, but as soon as she’s out of earshot, he’s back putting her down. Does anyone notice how much Paul complains? I’m sorry, but Paul, Bronte, Natalie, Victor and of course Jozea who’s the worst of them all! He didn’t know who Zingbot was. Where did they find this moron? He knows nothing.


I am not a Bronte fan either. I hear a lot of talk about her voice but I can’t get past that HUGE nose. It takes up most of her face. At least she thinks she is a 10. She has a lot of nerve picking on other people when she must have been teased in school over that big beak! She thinks she is one of the cool kids now hanging out with such bad asses as Paul, Vic and Joeza! Those three are about as tough as dog the bounty hunter who is the king sissy IMO


Bronte looks like a muppet…


Hey they can’t all look like Derek. Hell they are not even half as smart. Maybe Derek will come back as a coach!!! Fingers crossed!


You again!….. :/


I’m back!!! Who doesn’t want to see the best BB player ever play again!!! I do????!!!


Oh my gosh!!! She does! It really frustrated me how awful she was being watching them work out. The year seems like rude people vs. happy go lucky! 8-pack better stay strong!

Natalie's Boobs

Bronte’s picture is next to butterface in the dictionary.


I agree she has a nice body and her boobs look real…….But her face (mainly that HUGE nose) all I can think of the Seinfeld episode where George is dating the girl with the huge nose and Kramer calls her out saying something like “what your a cute girl you just need a nose job” and the rest of the gang chokes on the pizza. if memory serves she gets a botched job and Kramer hooks her up to get it fixed and starts dating her at the end. Anyway some of the younger crowd may not know (or care) but that big hooter makes me laugh and I can’t even get past it to the voice. Maybe if she fixed the nose it would fix the voice? She makes out all sweet and yet she does nothing but bash the other girls


Fixing the nos didn’t do anything for Nicole’s voice. That nasally whine ruins all that cute.


I’m with you on all of them except Natalie. She’s much more of a decent person from what I’ve seen than those you’re lumping her in with.


Natalie is great!

(LOL I know people are getting sick of that.. sorry 😉 could have been worse could be grenades! )


Natalie would be great except for the fact that she blatantly thinks she’s so great. Even if you know you’re beautiful, don’t act like you know it. And who actually describes themselves as altruistic? That’s something people call another person–you don’t call yourself that. It would be the equivalent of her saying that she’s beautiful. Oh wait, she’s done that, too.


Good point.


Aww, gee–thanks Simon! I have mad respect for you and was afraid I would be stepping on your toes a bit with that comment, but I had to finally say it lol. 🙂

What confuses me about Natalie is how someone insightful and observant enough to correctly identify practically an entire alliance also thought she could convince ANYONE that her boobs are real. :-/


LOL no way Dingbot, your good.

After a look around it appears that the majority of people here late last night Think I’m be creepy with the Natalie fan club thing.. HAHAHA one person called me Caleb, another asked “Do u get like no tail in real life to be so obsessed with Natalie?” and my favorite was someone that said “putting a Natalie gif in every post is disturbing” LOL you should see the Natalie shrine hidden under the stairs.. it’s really creepy.

I’m going to have to re-double my efforts in the Natalie fan club to change all these minds and get some new members.

I’ll also start a fan club for one of the guys so to have it balanced, dudes are cool this season too. How about the James, frank or Corey fan club.. or maybe a Paul fan club would resonate best with the fans… 😉


Lol, since when does finding a hot girl to be hot mean you don’t get any?

I’m definitely in the club with you.




LMAO at someone calling you Caleb! I didn’t even notice the Natalie gif in every post, but annoyingly, I will now lol. I just kept seeing you comment “Natalie is great” on just about every post. I’ve been reading this site for years now and I don’t remember you going quite so crazy over a girl until now. While I don’t necessarily agree with your choice, it could have been worse. I doubt you’ll have much trouble getting more members for the fan club. 😉 Is it just me or (superficially speaking, of course) is the male eye candy consistently inferior to the female eye candy? The girls are always hotter than the guys.

Actually, judging from what we know about Corey’s frat days, I think I’d join a fan club for Paul before Corey. And I can’t stand Paul.


Plz don’t stop the Natalie fan club.
Stay strong Simon….
Haters gonna hate! Nat is great!


Haters gonna hate! Nat is great!


I read all the hater’s comments last night too. I just have to say, so what! Who cares? You’re a dude. You’re supposed to think hot girls are hot. It’s completely normal. Hell, I’m a girl and I’ll say Natalie’s hot! Bc she is.
I’ve been reading this site for years and there’s always one or two girls that you post more about. Honestly, I think it’s mostly bc you know that’s what the other guy’s want you to do. You’re just making them happy. Funny thing is, prior to the Simon bashing comments there were a cpl hard core Natalie fans posting on the previous threads. Then, it seems as if you give them what they want and they’re nowhere to be found. Lol.
As far as the guy fan club goes, my vote’s for Paulie. IMO, he’s definitely the hottest guy there. Just throwing that out there 🙂


FRANK fan club!! (except I hear he stinks, lol…)


I really don’t consider “don’t think you’re beautiful” to be good advice. More people should think that about themselves.


I didn’t say I thought she shouldn’t think that she’s beautiful. I said she shouldn’t ACT like she is. Self-awareness tempered with modesty is much more attractive. I absolutely agree with you that more people should consider themselves beautiful, inside and out.


Odd that Natalie is the center of all the trouble on her team, angry at Victor for his comment not going to him directly telling others, hanging with James excluding Paul, jealous or not of Nicole & Victor’s relationship… in effect, playing both sides without reassuring her group. She already told them the vote would be 7-4 she’s not convincing, suggesting alternate strategies, but def creating a safe place to land with James, Frank, Michelle etc.

Backseat Driver

Paul definitely has a “little man” complex.


Whoa what a night of live feeds!
Thanks Dawg and Simon. You’ve got a great site!


Thanks LaClaire!


Paul is such a nasty vile piece of work. He probably has a small penis also. I cannot wait for him to come out of the house & get the thunderstorm of hate he truly deserves.

Mrs. Mac

What is Paul’s obsession with ripping his own nuts off? I don’t understand how that would be a punishment to James? Anyways, just one more thing to look forward to on Thursday!


Yea isn’t that the second or 3rd time he has mentioned ripping off his balls? Strange indeed. He must be into that sort of thing.

chief beef

additionally whats with earings and fake oragns boobies?? Really wants to be a woman doesnt he?


Oh yea good point! He is inspired by Bruce Jenner. Might need to trim the beard though. He will need to fight Cody if Joeza is his choice of man. Cody is all about Joeza. his eyes follow him wherever he goes. Creepy on a Caleb level or at least close. AH poor Caleb had to be medevac from Survivor.


So first he says if Michelle wins he’ll rip his nuts off and throw them in the river. And now he’s gonna rip em off and glue them to James’ forehead. He is seriously going to run out of nuts! I can’t wait to hear the next reason he comes up with for tearing his nuts off.


Serious misogynist, racist, sexist, violent rage-aholic who fuels Jozea’s messiah, savior complex and is too scared to admit they have no votes, women can’t stand him, and he’s got no chance of winning. Mommy & daddy lawyer raised an entitled unaccountable monster full of self-loathing for his own sexual identity. Have you ever heard any man threaten to cut off his manhood so often as,a show of strength or anger. Nicole can’t even fake interest. They destroyed their own “team”.

Houka Inumuta

I would love to see Paulie leave this week to piss the vets off because I can’t stand when returning players become the majority BUT Jozea & Paul are so delusional they think they have the numbers to keep Jozea from being evicted this week and what’s worse is half these new players have never even seen the show before so it’s understandable why they’re so oblivious and delusional when it comes to the game and how it works. Shame on casting for casting a bunch of people who have no knowledge of the game, this was clearly done so the returning players can have an advantage. Also, can we have a season without twists? You finally get a season with a diverse cast and a group with interesting personalities and you ruined it with these lame twists that are clearly made to benefit the 4 worst returning players in the show’s history. I could see why the ratings are getting lower, I’m just hoping for a shocking eviction thursday and hopefully the vets and their 8 person alliance do not win hoh, I couldn’t stand BB13 so that’s why I’m not siding with the returning players and their followers


How dare you have a different opinion sir. This forum is all about group think. Kindly join the herd.


I’m not too sure I see this cast as diverse.

Grandma G

Season 1 was full of people who didn’t know how to play the game. Season 2 had only the amatuers from season 1 to look for guidance. People have been complaining how boring and predicatable the show has become. Bring in people with the insight of season 1. Not predictable. However they then brought in returning guests to muck it all up. I’m waiting to see how this dynamic works out before I give up on BB.


Nicole, Tiffany, Michelle etc. are the mean girls. All the bashing is coming from them.


So many people are so deluded and wrong.


I’m going to resuscitate you and shave your eye brows off!


Da is the mean girl. Well, her and Paul. Be glad to see them leave soon so sides move around some.

I wanna B on BB19

“I’m going to win every HOH.” -Paul Seriously, I know he only watched one season but come on! They have no idea how this game works.


Paul IS clueless, I agree. Bronte prides herself on stats and math as helping her win the game. Seriously, I don’t understand how she thinks that will help. You have to have some strategy and some social skills. I’m thinking a lot of these newbies have ZERO (and that is a mathematical fact) LOL


Not going to lie when I saw the interviews I was excited about Paul. I thought Paul would be annoying in a fun way, like Evel Dick, but he just turned out to be an annoying prick. This season is one of the better new ones because at least one side of the house is playing the game. Season 16 was just waiting for Derrick to evict everyone and Season 17 was just Vanessa having repeated mental breakdowns(which in retrospect Tiffany is going to take her role), but this season is looking to be a good one once the ignorant pricks get a grip on the game.

Name Withheld

Paul could have been another ED. ED is an unikeable c*nt, he just happened to end up against the Jozea type people in his season and production was able to turn him into a hero or sorts.


Yeah, but ED could win some shit- doesn’t he hold the record for an endurance challenge?

Big Ji

He held on for about 7 hours but he lost to Zack so it wasn’t a record


Paul and Jozea have to go. Who does Paul think he is? And Jozea has no clue. Natalie seems to be constantly looking at herself in those two way mirrors. I usually don’t go for the returning guests, but this year you can forget the newbies.


Josea is definitely gone. The only question is.. After eviction will he sprout wings to ascend back into heaven? Or simply levitate?? After all he is the “Messiah”

Tent Peg

Man, James has no idea how bad yesterday was for his game.


Like last year, James loses votes with pranks & flirting bc his goal is to get a girl over money telling everyone he doesn’t know what he’d do with it? Now, like he backed down to Vanessa, he’s playing chess with guys who’ve been racist, said they want to s**t down his neck, in his mouth, punch him in the head & chicks who want to send the little *** back to korea, asia, hong kong & humiliate the causasion team… he thinks defending pranks & chess is gonna fix that? He’d get better results with direct address of issues, discrediting haters to keep Nat’s vote. All his Nat massages have gone no where, she’s put him on the block when she knows the votes are 7-4 against her team. He’s also confessed his fear of Vanessa to Tiff, as a result he’s lost her trust.

On surface, Da’s crap stirring shot a hole into 2 of her alliances, like Van did last year, but Tiff feels tighter with Da for being “honest”… Bronte did same last night with her team, spread lies, kept everyone from speaking directly, ended up on top. Everybody’s (Da, Frank, Paul, Joz, Vic, Bronte, Bridge) playing Van’s best moves early… Lies, paranoia, meltdowns, vile, physical & job threats division, sides, cutting teams trust down to multiple Final 2 deals.

nicole's diary room voice

Paul is one of the biggest D Bags ever to play the game. Hope he goes next week.

Fix is in

I believe the dumb a$$ Jozea will get the boot Thursday but will be in sequester till week 4 or 5. Big brother will want to do this just in case one of the vets get the boot so there is a chance for them to get back in or if the vets do take out dumb a$$ Jozea , meat head Vic ,and nut sack Paul to give them a chance to get back in for ratings to start shit in the house up again or in will just be boring

Canadian Kev

Ok, so i missed it – did James really say that? Because i remember Bronte saying she would lie and make shit up – and now she’s trying to get the guys riled up, but stopping them from confronting James.

So did i just miss it, or is she making it up?

Also – can someone please tell me why it’s a big deal, if Victor did, or didn’t ask Nicole out? I don’t see what the big deal is one way or the other.

Someone might have lied on BB? My God, the world might stop spinning.

This seems (to me) to be a lot of hype over nothing.


Bronte made it up.

Canadian Kev


Ian's Lament

It’s hilarious that Bronte can make up that lie and think Victor won’t go to confront James first chance he gets. I think we have seen in the past that confronting James doesn’t usually go well for the other person. This is the point where Bronte’s stupidity will break their already flawed and dwindling group up.

Canadian Kev

Honestly, with the egos on that side of the house, it’s just a matter of time before someone says something to James. Vic, Jozea and Paul are all too full of themselves to let something slide.

Bronte just screwed herself; she just doesn’t realize it yet.

Nonon Jakuzure

I also hope paul or jozea go home. They are both playing the game horrible especially Jozea running his mouth then getting pissed that he is up in the block. So stupid.


Wow! Paul appears to be really angry at his nutsack! Wonder what it did or didn’t do for him??

It’s just an impression but I wonder if Paul & Vic aren’t taking direction from the DR to “get something started” since ratings on Sunday were down. As newbies & non-fans, they would probably rely on the DR for advice. That being said……..if it’s not an act, Paul is a dangerous psycho! Yikes!


I fear so many of these people were picked because they have “big” personalities. The problem is that such personalities are usually only tolerable for a time before they get grating.

Paul's Balls

Look, all we did was get a bit sweaty. It happens. Now he’s just gone off the rails and is threatening us. We are living in fear! He was a bully to Brigitte. Now he’s after us. Someone help us, please?!

Natalie's Boobs

This recap started off so well.. “Natalie is taking a shower”

But it sure took a downturn towards scary and bizarre after that.


Paul needs to get a grip. He’s seriously going way overboard SO early in the game. I can’t wait for a few more evictions, because I find the game usually gets good / more strategic once we’re down in numbers a bit. Honestly, I need to see Paul and Bronte gone in the next few weeks. I think there’s a good chunk of players who will actually PLAY and I want to see them get the chance.


Paul’s trying to get a grip and that means no little Pauls running around.


I’m not so sure what Bronte thinks she’s doing Lol….. she’s as clueless as Paul… seems like Natalie is the only one that’s not as delusional in that group. And what is the point of making shit up and trying to get them to hate James (not 100% certain she made it up but probably she did cuz she’s clueless about how to play BB), James is on the same ‘team’ as you…. if you want to frame someone at least frame someone from another team cuz I doubt she can win anything at all (wait and see another Shelley).

Cant wait for Thursday when they find out Jozea is gone. Then they should know James, Da, Zak and Frank are all on the other side. But who knows, looking at the intelligence level of these HG, they could still think Zak is with them or something…. if you’re smart, you’ll not target James and Tiffany, or Nicole

BTW, Da’s game is getting a bit annoying, why start to stir up crap in your own alliance now… maybe she thinks she only has 2 weeks again and can’t wait to do everything all at once…. seriously….


With Josea voted out and newbies counting, Natalie gets her I told you so moment and becomes the brains and hottie of the newbies.


U all keep saying ratings are down and its cuz u all are getting your info from eachother. LoL. The ratings are on par with last season.

Go worry about the Olympics which don’t start till August. Anyone who is watching the season still in August isnt going to all the sudden stop. With DVR and On Demand etc. The Olympics won’t affect viewership all that much.

Many of the true fans of the show don’t even watch the CBS show. The powers that be know this. BBAD does quite well on PoP and the feeds are always quite popular.

Simon and Dawg are u seeing a decline in the feedster sign ups u get through link here? I”m guessing it’s a typical season that way.

A lot of you think CBS reads what u say here and think it will help get the changes u want for the show to say it’s tanking and we all going to stop watching its so bad. CBS making money that why u still here. When they don’t it will be gone. Simple as that. U whining here isn’t going to change anything.

I get tired of reading the same old crap every season. The sky is falling. LoL. Let the powers that be worry about ratings. Enjoy the show.


Good points Nielson! The first 2 -4 weeks is always the same thing with people hating the cast, thinking it’s boring etc etc.. the next thing that happens is a houseguests that is popular with a vocal group (Usually vocal on twitter) will lose their favorite player and proclaim the feeds boring for ever.

It’s too early to judge the season. This could be the greatest season ever or it could be the worst I don’t think we’ll know that until August. Right now week 1 is about the same as most week 1.

As for feed sales. For us they are down. This could be a combination of a lot of things just not lack of interest. We’re a pretty small part of the feed selling apparatus.


CBS has the All Access thing and I got that a couple months ago to watch shows I can’t on Netflix and Amazon Prime… It also gives me the BB live feeds which I didn’t know if it would or not, but it does… So some may be in this situation… Sorry Dawg n Simon, always got em through u before… Love your site!


Thanks Pammy! I think we just get credit for new subscriptions or resigns though the link..


If the true fans aren’t watching the TV show on CBS, that affects ad revenue so as long as the feeds can compensate for that then things are fine. If too many people stop watching the CBS show, things will change no matter how many people are buying the feeds because the show has to generate enough ad revenue. That TV time is too valuable to not be used by something that brings in money.
I wonder if at some point, it becomes a better choice to show strictly online.


I have no numbers to back this up just my gut…
Feed sales are enough for CBS to keep the whole live feed thing going but the real cash is in the TV broadcast. If the TV show tanks I’m not sure the feeds are enough to sustain it.

The BB community also brings other benefits for CBS we generate massive buzz on the internet. There’s some worth in that.

CBS needs to break BB free from the ancient TV broadcasting way of doing things.


We’re gettgin hit by a lot of spam this year which had overwhelmed our spam filtering. Looks like a chunk of legit comments were put into the spam folder. I’ve started motioning it more closely. The problem should now be corrected.

chief beef

poor nuts, he sure seems to abuse em. must be linked to his orange fake boobies he keeps wearing and earrings ?? might be closet queen.

chill this town

I still struggle with jozea. Last night he suggested they pick straws all season. That is possibly the most ridiculous suggestion in bb history. That said…I like the 8 pack plus paulie. Its rare for me to like that many in one alliance. Casting was very hit and miss

Chill Town 4Life

Paul has a terrible social game. Either go all in on being an A*hole, or go all in on being the goofy clown. Can’t have it both ways, and expect to stick around.


Yes, Paul is a over-excited swamp donkey, but I have to keep reminding myself how young he is. And he acts a lot like many 23-24 year olds I’ve come across in my life: idiotic, entitled, lacking self-awareness. My problem is with his tendency to be verbally violent, and I hope he gets told to tone it down before words turn into actions.

Can you imagine him and Bronte getting into an arguement – windows would shatter, birds would fall from the sky, volcanos would erupt…


Bronte is disgusting. Her and Paul laughing at the girls working out was possibly the most annoying thing I’ve ever witnessed on feeds. With the face of a donkey, the voice a 10-year-old girl, and the body of Macaulay Culckin in Home Alone 2, she’s really got something in her head to make her think that SHE can pass any type of judgement on anyone. The sooner she’s gone the better.


All the Killary sycophants gave me a thumbs down when I mentioned Tiffany cutting off Paul’s nut sac with a pair of DULL scissors and throwing his gonads of despicable future bearded babies in the river. Well, blah, blah, it comes out that dufus Paul is into this kinda stuff, he likes it. Why not make a purse (for your barbie doll collection) out of Paul’s nut sac? And stuff his wiener in a can of Vienna sausages, noone would notice.


Leave Paul’s nutsack alone, he can’t afford to have other people trying to tear them off too. I don’t think he realizes they just drop once…


Paul’s comic book cover NutSackMan strange visitor from the planet Gonad.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

I actually like Jozea compared to my hate for Vic, Day, Bronte.

I wish Jozea could stay and Day was going tomorrow. Jozea is funny at times when not trying to be.

Honestly whenever I see or hear Day I want to literally slap her and drag her to the door of house and kick her in the ass out the door and say get out miserable bitch. How dare you try and ruin the summer and the game we all love.


I can not wait to see Paul lose it when his homeboy gets evicted. I doubt he has the stones to get physical but I will enjoy seeing him leave if it happens. Then, they could pull Glenn back in.


He can’t have the stones. He keeps ripping them off and cutting them off. This just in the past two weeks. He must be out by now! How many stones can one man have?

Lennon's Ghost

Hi Simon/Dawg! I’m back again for our 10th season together. The site is still great and am looking forward to another great season.

It looks like production may have had a talk with Josea about his comments bashing the U.S. Independence Day and veterans in general. I haven’t heard him commenting about that lately. I guess he figures that he is still the messiah and “forgives” them (production) for crossing him. Hah!

I can’t wait to see him go and face Julie. He might get a similar reception to that given Aaryn and Christine when they were booted. Lots of boos. Then we’ll get to see Paul go completely insane inside the house along with Vic and Bronte. They’ll likely be so distracted that they may blow the HOH competition.

Is that too much to ask for?

It’s going to be an interesting season. Let’s see if the newbies can learn something from the vets…like how to play the game!


Hey Lennon’s Ghost! Glad to see you’re back 🙂

Lennon's Ghost

Good to be back! I wouldn’t miss my summer fix of OBB for anything.

I think it’s a hoot that the HG’s are speculating that we are at war due to the large number of helicoptors and large aircraft flying overhead. I guess they were in sequester when all the wildfires popped up in Southern California area and the Burbank Airport is the home base for many of the air tankers and fire helicopters used to fight the fires.

P.S. Thank you Canada for letting us use your air tankers throughout the summer months!


The game will change once the 4 coaches move in. Vanessa will return with a vengeance. Could be she’s against her sister?

Gordon Ramsey

This show, like all shows that air too long, has become a parody of itself.


This stuff is too funny. All of them bash each other all of the time. Not a one of them is immune. They should of had all new players. The returnee’s have more experience, so it’s lopsided. Really silly stuff going on. LOL, LOL, LOL!!! Ratings are low probably because there is some serious stuff going on in the world.

call bert

Never run with the herd. You might gett trampled in the stampede.


At the end of AD last night, production told Josea not to talk about diary. Josea went off a nasty tirade, he was rude, ugly and actually threatening. Did anyone else see it? It was 3:00 AM EST. I hope production set his ass down and read him the riot act.


Wasn’t the first time, happened all the time last season. It’s the risk they take hiring mentally unstable, violent, anti-social vocal hater types who get even worse on alcohol &.meds, aka “big” personalities. Last year we got to hear Production threaten to yank them for violating their contestant contract if they didn’t make public public apologies & promises not to re-offend… now they’ve added mystery vote, winner, nom “twists” and “re-entries” to control firings & alterate back-up HG’s… Hellooo Glenn, lol!


I would have loved to have heard production take Josea down a peg. He was so belligerent, he deserved to be embarrassed on live feeds.


Production wouldn’t do that, because they know he’ll be gone by Thursday anyway. They’ll exact their revenge by zooming in on his mug after he is blindsided!! fingers crossed


Is Paul Jewish?

April in Paris

Somebody made a sign of the cross when the first competition began I don’t remember who it was maybe Joz maybe victor or Paul not sure, anyone else catch it?

Evil Duck

Not only that, but he has a grandiose complex, is delusional, low moral character and goes around spreading lies of a 6 million holocaust.


Paul is a moron, who starts off the first week with this kind of attitude. Him and Jozea, Bronte and Victor can just go away they are clueless. There social game sucks and Hey morons 4 votes is not a majority. I can’t wait to see their faces when Jozea gets evicted! I can only hope Paul does something stupid and gets himself evicted. Does he not understand the game at all just because Jozea is his friend does not mean the others have to keep him, his logic that he is going to beat someone up over it is ridculous. Apparently he hasn’t seen Big Brother. I am not a huge fan of Frank, James or Nicole or esp D’vonne but one of them has 10 times the brain of those 4 wow!


That escalated quickly.


People are venting. Paulie said something about punching people. Paul says shit about his balls. Who cares.


Another season full of real tough houseguests talking about everybody they would punch or almost punched or nearly punched or started to punch until they felt a twinge in their shoulder and didn’t want to risk their shoulder modeling career…talk is cheap, mf if you really feeling froggish, leap.

April in Paris

Right at the beginning I thought oh no more ” Michelles and Natalies”, thinking of past players, except now I really like them compared to others in the house. But bronte? There’s mean cute like Britney Haynes with Rachel (except at the time I was a Rachel fan first time around) then there’s bronte evil incarnate looking like tori spelling- and those faces bridge makes, ugh. I hope BB does a montage of those!!!


What escalated? The hate?


The reaction to Bronte’s version of the Kevin/Natalie “last minute lie” from BB11.

Jake K.

If this cast continues to be this manic and strategic for the next 80+ days, this may be considered my favorite season ever. Shame the TV ratings aren’t reflected the great first week


When I gave my initial perspective on the players I held off giving an opinion or ranking to Natalie and Paul
because I wanted to observe them further before assessing where they fit on the ladder in the house.

Since then I’ve commented (and will reiterate) Natalie is the one player on the mean kids “UN”wise men
Messiah club who goes out of her way to be nice to everyone. She apparently is also the only one who
understands this is a SOCIAL GAME first and foremost. In fact, once Jozea and 1 of Bronte/Vic/Paul leave I won’t be surprised if she is pulled in to replace someone in the 8pack (possibly Tiffany). Bridgette had that opportunity, but she enjoys being mean with too much vigor.

As for Paul: I don’t have a problem with him being nice to someone’s face and then completely different behind their back .. HEY that’s the game. Even when he naively lets too much information out, twists facts (AKA lies) to his own team it’s fine b/c there is a learning curve. And I expect players like him in the game who are looking for fame more so than money (it happens every year).

I am surprised by how clueless he is in terms of social eptness and his ridiculous threats to yank his nether
regions off or pummel someone. When he goes on these rants I picture him going at James or another vet with some of his rhetoric and swiftly being put in his place for the numerous lies/threats he’s made about the other side. Most fans also aren’t surprised by his threats of violence – – we’ve all witnessed his type before (aka all talk ZERO ACTION). Still, saying he wished Michelle would die is excessive and completely unnecessary.As is saying he’ll beat someone up and leave the house in handcuffs on route to jail. Does he actually think the masses of BB fans will be excited to cheer for him?

That said, what annoys me the most is how aggressive he is regarding James pranks. As soon as the live feed camera’s came on he went into full on “fame whore” mode. Putting fake breasts in his top to get people to laugh and then went on a “look at me” beer bombing agenda with the intention of gaining further air time. He acted like he was drunk (which I’m still not sure wasn’t all just a put on).

And maybe it’s just me but I find his rants about James (who is doing pranks to entertain the live feeders,other hamsters and to ward off boredome) NOT b/c he wants to be a star to be extremely irritating.

Furthermore, one would think given Paul’s choice to have an alternative style he would be the one person in the house more accepting of all personal choices. Yet conversely, he and Bronte are without question the most
judgemental people in the house.

I did think Paul displayed moments of potential early on, but the combination of his violence, veiled threats, lack of compassion or grace and ultimately his belief that he DESERVES to be there over others has worn on my last nerve.

I know Victor is who most in the 8 pack + Paulie want out first, but I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Paul leave next just so he could get a huge dose of reality.


Josea needs to leave and he needs to take Paul with him. Anybody, after one week, who automatically annoints himself as the Messiah isn’t fit to play this game.

Paul’s reactions to practically everything is over the top. I realize BB needs ‘villians’ and he’s probably been prepped to be one by Production,but he really needs to tone it down. The season just started, nothing thus far has happened that requires that level of crazy/maniacal outburts.

Althought I’m never a fan of returning players, the 8-pack alliance that includes the vets are at least mostly focusing on game play. Not bs ground clutter that can get in the way of you being nimble enough to switch allegiances, as the game dictates. The same can’t be said about Paul/Vic/Bronte/Josea/Natalie group who do nothing more than make fun of everybody else.

Biff Tannen

Whenever Jozea, Paul and Victor are in a room strategizing Production should hang a sign outside the door that reads: “Quiet please. Geniuses at work.”

Dr. J

Simon and Dawg,

I feel bad that I didn’t go through you to sign up. In all honesty I looked and looked for this site but didn’t realize this was it until after I had signed up via CBS which I didn’t want to do. Anyhow I have now bookmarked you in a special place so I can find you in the future. Again, so sorry. I have been here year after year and was stressed when I didn’t recognize your site. Never ever again.


thanks for the bookmark 🙂

Min O'Pause

May I promote the Min O’Pause fan club? For the low price of 5.99 not only do you get an autographed wallet size color photo but I’ll throw In a mini Slap Chop and a couple of Sham Wows.


Yes Paul, you are rough and tough. I hope you do go after someone, that way you can be gone too.. what a twit!