Big Brother 18 Week 1 Top Animated Gifs

The first week of Animated Gifs For Big Brother 18. No particular order..

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Last minute additions…

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Hey guys.. U always had a recap of the week and tonight’s live airing spoilers. I look forward to it. 🙁


Just posted it 🙂

Min O'Pause

I think Paul’s beard is not a beard at all…’s really really long nose hair…

positive vibes

Are there any links to watch the eviction live for us west coasters?


Hey, Simon or Dawg, do you have any link suggestions in order to watch Big Brother live. I’m on the west coast in the U.S. I remember you guys posting links in the past. I visit your site everyday. I appreciate all the hard work everyone at online big brother does. I purchased my live feeds through your site, and I also made a $20 donation. Keep up the great work!


Live Stream link:

Thank you so much for donating and for getting your feeds through us! We really appreciate it!

Min O'Pause

Was Jozea playing with his own nipple just now?

Min O'Pause

So… we get to see Paul cut his own nuts off now?


Natalie is smokin hot!