Big Brother 18 First Power of Veto Ceremony Results! “Its like f**k you, you’re going home!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Corey’s Goat story found here

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-26 16-10-50-848
2:40pm – 4:10pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the power of veto ceremony to take place.

Paul used the Power of Veto to pull himself off the block.
In secrecy Frank Nominated Bridgette for eviction.
On Thursday we will find out who is evicted from the Big Brother house. Up until Thursday there’s going to be lots of campaigning, Jozea going crazy and definitely more Jozea house meetings.

In the bedroom – Paul says if he doesn’t go home, I would understand why you would be worried. Just know Vic and I have your back. You don’t have to worry if he doesn’t go home. We’ve gotten him to forget about that incident. Thanks for letting me spit my bullsh*t. Nicole says no, thanks it helps me too. Paul goes to talk to Zak. He tells her that they know no one is going to vote out Bridgette. They want one of those two (Paulie or Jozea) to go home. Its like f**k you, you’re going home.

In the backyard – Jozea says the obvious choice would have Zakiyah or Day. This is just confusing. Jozea says it (Roadblock winner) has to be Tiffany or Michelle. Jozea says I know this scary because I’m on the block too … but you don’t have to worry. I’m telling you as a human being .. you are good. We decide as a unit and we don’t want you gone. Bridgette says you don’t know what will go on the next few days. Jozea says I’m telling you, you are going to be here. I’m going to be here and you’re going to be here. Why would they want Paulie here. Bronte tells Bridgette that they are not on your side. Nicole came down here and name dropped your name. You can’t trust them. They think you’re a flip flop. Bridgette says don’t leave me alone with them. Bridgette asks so next week we are going balls to the wall to win. Jozea says oh yeah. Bronte says Tiffany, Nicole and Zakiyah are leaving this house. I will try my hardest to get them out. Jozea says that James will vote with his team … and I know they will vote Paulie out .. that’s a fact! Jozea says their numbers don’t even touch ours. Bronte says that side will vote for someone and our side will vote for the other person. There’s going to be one person that gets no votes. Paul joins them and tells Bridgette she isn’t going anywhere. Bronte and Paul say that when Bridgette’s face went up .. they saw Michelle smirk under her hat. Bronte says her a$$ is mine!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-26 16-14-53-905

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4:30pm – 4:40pm Cam 3-4 Tiffany and Michelle are laying in the hammock talking about Jozea. Tiffany says that Jozea said he is going to host the Grammy’s. Michelle says that Jozea said he makes over 100G doing makeup stuff. Like why would you leave that?! Tiffany says he said he is too scared to drive because he doesn’t understand the lanes. That just shows you how stupid he is. He doesn’t know the lanes. He’s super delusional. That just shows how naive Bronte is that she follows him around and believes it. Tiffany says he’s going to be so blindsided .. its hilarious. What do you think the feedsters think of him. Michelle says I don’t know .. they like the underdogs. Tiffany says he’s not an underdog. He think’s he’s the top dog. He tries to teach us about the game. He thinks he’s the glue that brings us all together. WHat do you think Bronte is going to do when Jozea leaves. Michelle says I have no idea .. probably follow us around. Tiffany says I think she will gravitate to Paul. Michelle says Oh yeah I forgot about that. In a squeaky voice she says My name is Bronte like brontosaurus.. Tiffany laughs and says stop stop. Michelle says I am so ready to play in this HOH. I’m going to win and put Vic’s a$$ up!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-26 16-34-06-840

5:10pm Cam 3-4 Backyard – Natalie, Paul, Jozea and Vic are talking. Paul and Victor are pissed off at James for his “stupid a$$ pranks” Vic says we’re sitting pretty right now. Now we don’t have to worry. You, Me, Bronte, Paul, Zakiyah and Day. That’s six solid. Anyone else vote our way that’s good .. if they don’t F**K YOU! Paul says those cockroaches are going to run. They f**ked with the wrong people.

Cam 1-2 In the bathroom shower – James is planting another prank. He’s putting mayo in the sunscreen bottle.

5:40pm Cam 3-4 Backyard – James and Nicole are talking. Nicole says she does not like Bronte. Day says that she said we need to get that B-I-T-C_H out to Day after the nomination ceremony. Nicole says she is not nice! James says don’t worry, we’ll get her out. Nicole says I’m in trouble. James laughs .. we’re going to have to win the roadkill. Nicole says I’ve been burned too much in this game. I’m not here to be a baby. Its not like I’m doing anything to anyone personally .. its strategic.

In the bedroom – Tiffany comments to Paulie that guys in here are the cockiest ever. Paulie tells Tiffany she needs to calm down. Tiffiany tells Paulie about how Jozea thinks he’s the Messiah. Michelle joins them. Paulie says Natalie, Bronte and Vic’s vote are going towards me. Tiffany tells Paulie to act scared. Michelle and Tiffany both tell Paulie he isn’t going home. Paulie says I don’t even know if I could bring myself to get teary eyed. Tiffany says you don’t have to do that .. just act depressed. I know the votes are against me. Tiffany says she caught Natalie counting votes after the veto ceremony to see if they still have the votes because they thought they would have Bridgette’s vote.

6pm – 6:10pm Cam 3-4 Zakiyah and DaVonne are in the safari room talking. Nicole joins them and talks about how she’s been hearing Bronte call her a B***h. What did I do to her? Why because I won HOH and had to put two people up?! DaVonne tells Nicole you’re a girl. You’re not a mean girl. She feels intimidated by that. And the fact that you’re a vet makes you even more of a threat. Nicole says they’re taking it very personally. Nicole says And she keeps saying that she’s been feed so much in the DR and saying things that she doesn’t want to say about people. Big Brother blocks the feeds. DaVonne says she’s just saying that because she doesn’t want you coming after her once all this is said and done. Zak says my thing is what I think is.. they give you ideas. DaVonne says one thing they’re good at is they make sure one of them is with each group at all times.

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positive vibes

wow…jozea is completely delusional and an idiot! You going home fool!


Bronte’s voice reminds me of Betty Boop

Dark and twisted

Omg, please don’t insult Betty Book like that dude , LOL


To me she sounds like Minnie Mouse when Minnie runs around saying ‘Hey you wanna come to my party!”

Josh Rasmussen

Nooo I don’t want Bridgette gone!!! I love her!!


Not to worry .. I think its pretty safe to say Jozea will be leaving on Thursday.


Oh please

Josh Rasmussen

What?? She is like the most social player so far


Wait why would Da or Zak be the obvious choice..? Have I missed something?


You haven’t missed anything. It’s just an idea in his head


The newbies thought that whoever won the roadkill comp was going after the Jozea, Paul, Da, and Zak team since they originally nominated Paul alongside leaving Da or Zak to be the next obvious choice.


They thought the Roadkill winner was targeting Big Sister since Paul and Jozea were both nominated.


You know what’s puzzling, Zakiyah and Day have been sleeping in the HOH room for the past few days now and yet Jo and company still thinks that they are on their team. Granted Jo has never seen the show but Bronte is a supposed Big Brother fan. The newbies are one hell of a hot mess, they are already targeting each other. :))))


OMG some of these guys this year are a piece of work. Josea, the messiah, leader of the delusional universe. Paul and Victor close behind and now we have Corey the goat burner. Some of this stuff is really hard to watch.


OK, not watching live feed, what is a goat burner? I hope that is not about hurting an animal.

chief beef

Corey stopped his friend from drunkenly trying to burn goat NOT HIM He JUST told the story listen carefully folks


Has anyone noticed if they are calling any of these nuts in the DR for their med’s ?

Unbattled Block

Jozea could have 4 weeks to campaign much less 4 days and it will NOT make a difference. He made a stupid move early on running his smug mouth and will be paying for it Thursday night


Jozea has to leave….he’s hosting the Grammys (lol)

Unbattled Block

Too bad the #8pack didn’t bring Natalie in as well, Then they could have been the 10Pack

April in Paris

One else notice how they make Corey sounds like he’s loving the guys bodies all the comments he makes? In the DR saying how Frank and Paulie are in good shape but no mention of the 2 girls? Hmmmmm


Seems like we both noticed.


Corey is definitely a tutti, frutti, snootti. Did you see the way he looked at pixelated Paulie? Not to mention his ogling at other male HG. Not to mention his overuse of the word gay. And not to mention his snuggling up to and flirting with Jozea and then when he found out that he was on the live feeds he apologized to his parents and denied his sexual orientation. Why try to hide it Corey?


Corey always has that I’m a total dumb ass stiff look on his face. And its not just a look it’s reality

Look in his eyes. Theres nothing there but I am a total doufus and I would enjoy sucking Paulie off.


Corey is a Texas A&M grad. They all have that blank look on their faces. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!


Mayo in the sunscreen bottle, nice one James, lol.


Don’t get me wrong I think Josea is a wingnut, which is kinda why I’d like him to stick around, he is so delusional and so off base with the house guests think of him, he’d be so entertaining. Doesn’t anyone see he is good entertainment value?? Or am I alone in this.


entertaining? or irritating…


You’re alone


Not totally alone, but close. He just thinks he is a god, and the longer he stays the more confident and annoying he will get, to me that’s the whole reason I watch, I like the fights and the blow ups. He would cause a lot of fights if he stayed, but I can see why everyone wants him gone, he is in his own little world, and he is the king of it.


When Josea leaves there goes the drama. Wish he was staying just to see the looks on the faces on the other side. Now the game is getting kind of predicable. Will be left with boring.


I don’t see drama from Jozea. The only thing I get is a crick in my neck from his comments. H reminds me of a dog with peanut butter in its mouth.


The problem with the delusional self proclaimed Messiah is that he is so busy running around counting votes, worrying who is the winner of the Roadkill competition, and calling every female he hates a Bitch that he hasn’t even bothered to try and repair any bridges. Let alone try and campaign to try and stay in the house. Bye – Bye Jozea 1000% you are gone this Week. As for your possie they are next for following the Messiah.
Speaking of the delusional I see Tiffany is now starting to repeat word for word things that Mama Day has previously said in the house about Jozea. Now Mama Day has Tiff as a weapon to use and all it took was Tiffany’s own insecurities about wanting to be different from her sister. Brilliant. Feed her some more gossip and see where it goes. Let the paranoia begin around the house and inside Tiff’s own head.


James needs to quit with the lame-ass pranks. Mildly entertaining one season–sad the second time around.


Well if you have the feeds you either watch these morons that have no clue what big brother even is or how to play it or watch James prank people. I’ll take James all day.


I’ve never disliked a group of guys so much. I sometimes wonder if they did that on purpose this year. The girls are killin it. Surprisingly Day hasn’t gotten on my last nerve…yet. I find her DR’s hilarious. Gotta love the sass. Overall, I am rooting for Tiffany to win.


Yasss love Tiffany. Not sure about day yet, I want to root for her but only time will tell. I like Nicole this year too

For the guys def James, and possibly


Same. I am liking Nicole way better this year. James and Paulie are the only guys ok for me right now. Frank is still ehhh. Too cocky yet.


*possibly frank and Paulie. It’s a wait and see on both of those.


I like Nicole, Tiff, Da, Zak…. Michelle, Bronte and Bridgette I don’t know… you know when people are not distinct they kind of blur… that is what they are like. I don’t hate them I just don’t know them…. I got to the bottom and I remembered Natalie and had to go back, that is not a good sign.

I like Corey, Paulie and James

I have not decided if I like Frank yet… the jury is out… I really have not decided yet if I like him. I can say I do not hate him.

Vic I thought I would like him…. moron can’t stand him.
Paul… douche, I don’t like him
Jozea… bye girl bye…. not today Satan… not today…. I have HAD IT officially…. because this isn’t Best Friend Race.


Da’Vonne is quite a bit different when she’s in the power group. We’ll see how she responds if her crew is put on the defensive. She went trippy over someone thinking was was sketchy for snooping in another person’s room. She didn’t even bother lying or telling the truth, just slapped a chip on her shoulder and said I can go anywhere I want. Then never tried to repair anything with anyone.
She seems more interactive this go round.

Wait and see

This is big brother some way some how the Grammy host will stay I have this feeling big brother will fix this cuz he is just so dumb that people who watch just the show not the live feeds love him cuz he’s suck a tool and want him to stay


Speaking for my family (3 of us) who do not watch the live feeds, we hate Jozea. We want him gone. People talk about Frank being cocky, he has nothing on Josea. I doubt America likes him either.


Too bad Zack isn’t back…he’d call Jozea, “Messiah Jozea, the Fruit Looped Dingus!”

BB Fan

Nicole is annoying as hell. I can’t take another minute of this two faced shady fake biatch.

Just me

Why did Corey have to turn out to be such a tool? I was rooting for him until the whole goat/gay thing. Now I can’t look at him without seeing an obnoxious frat boy…ugh


I don’t watch live feeds and maybe I do not know the lingo, so, what the hell is a goat burner? It better not be hurting animals! Also Nicole ok, a little boring, but her voice ewwww! And they think Bronte has a bad voice.


Cory in some of his buddies Cory said they got drunk put lighter fluid on a live goat and tried to catch it on fire yes it is cruelty to animals he needs to go


Corey and some of his buddies got drunk put lighter fluid on a live goat and tried to catch it on fire that’s when I decided I don’t like him either he is weird