“Ohh my F****G god… Oh my God Paul” – Paulie

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 19-09-07-071

7:01pm HOH 8 Pack

Talking about the rumor going around that Victor asked Nicole out on a date.

James – I told it to them

Nicole – you have the biggest mouth in the house.. How did you find out

James won’t tell her says it was a perfect strategy not the other side is pissed at each other.
They all agree it’s perfect.
Nicole is mad because she wasn’t one of Victor’s targets and now when he find out she’s told people she will be.

The group tells her “Vic” a goner she doesn’t have to worry about him.
Nicole – it was him and I at the Pool table .. it wasn’t really you want to go out on a date… well yeah it kinda was..
Nicole adds he asked if she wanted to do something after the show.
Nicole doesn’t want James to employ this strategy.
Frank – the heats not on you it’s on James.. They think he made it all up

Paulie says the fight with the newbies was staged last night.
Nicole doesn’t think the newbies are fighting.
A bunch of the group tell her they are “They hate each other”
Zakiyah says the other side are all friends still they are playing dumb and they are all falling for it. (Ding Ding Ding)

Paulie says it would be hilarious if they can convince 2 of the other side to vote for Jozea so he has 1 vote.

Frank they are starting to fall apart at the seams.
James says Victor has been cool with him today.

Paulie says Victor is thinking of throwing the HOH so james doesn’t win it and they can put him up
James says during the HOH he’ll try to sabotage the other side’s players.
James confesses he was trying to stir shit up with the other side and he’s thinking about morwe was.

Corey – I want to get into Natalie’s head..
Paulie says he needs ask her out on the date after the show.
Tiffany says Natalie is the nicest person in the house.
Nicole – don’t play with someone’s heart in this game.. If someone does it to me I’ll be hurt and embarrassed
Corey now saying he won’t try to play with Natalie’s heart.
Paulie – that whole group is on the verge of breaking..
Tiffany says they should leave Natalie alone and just f*** with the other ones.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 19-14-47-141

7:10pm While the 8 Pack is upstairs spending the winnings the rest are painting their faces like pirates

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 19-23-11-952

7:21pm Zakiyah and Da’Vonne
Zakiyah says Nicole is being Hella naive, “She genuinely thinks this (Vic) guy likes her… “
Zakiyah says Victor is playing off Nicole’s feelings she’s seen it before.. “He’s playing her he’s playing this part”
Zakiyah is sure Victora and Natalie have something going on they are playing dumb and everyone in the HOH room is buying it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 19-28-30-255

7:26pm Back to the HOH 8 pack minus Zakiyah, Da’Vonne is telling them that Natalie hanging with James is strategy and Vic flirting with Nicole is strategy.
Nicole says Victor told her: You’re my type, I love your personality after this let’s go out..
Nicole – “Like looking into my eyes… that’s some good strategy”
Nicole says she’s totally not into him..
Frank offers to take her out for a steak dinner when they get out.
Someone from the group – “We’re going to win all three next week”
Paulie back to suggesting they twist the votes so the other side doesn’t know who voted for who.

Frank mentions how heated Victor got today imagine how heated he’ll get when he’s on the block and on slop.
James – they have 5 security guard at each exit
Corey – yeah probably

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 19-38-39-784
7:37pm Natalie and Paul show off their face paint (They’re pirates)
“Ohh my F****G god… Oh my God Paul” – Paulie

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 19-38-12-787

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 19-55-32-987

7:41pm Jozea, PAul and Victor

Paul is worried about Da’Vonne and Zakiyah, they spend all their time in the HOH.
Paul – when did Da tell us anything
JoZea says Da talks to him.
Paul – I am concerned
Jozea says Da’Vonne won’t vote him out because on her season everyone was Caucasian and she was voted out by caucasians
Jozea – worst case scenario there’s nothing we can do
Vic – I believe wholeheartedly in Frank he (Jozea) believes wholeheartedly in Da’Vonne. (ZOMG)

Vic explains to him they can’t worry about the vote right now there’s nothing they can do
IF Jozea goes home they are f***D there’s nothing they can do about that now they either did enough work to keep him safe or they didn’t
Vic – Relax.. and get the makeup off you face..
Paul says when they walked into the HOH to show the makeup it was quiet.. 8 people quiet.

Jozea is certain Da’Vonne is with him says he’ll ‘Touch on her” tomorrow.
Vic says if Da’Vonne vote out Jozea they played him for a fool.
Jozea – they know I ride for them.. they are the ones f***g themselves over..

Paul leaves.. Jozea says when he gets out he’s going straight to acting and modelling. He’ll only do makeup if it’s paying well.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 20-04-40-164

7:57pm Frank and NAtalie
Frank tells her that Victor said that girls are expendable “he said he has all the girls in the house eating out of his hand.. I respect women I love my mamma and Nanny.. It’s just food for thought”
Natalie I’m glad your telling me.
Frank tells her he’s voting with the majority and the majority is starting to shift. Adds that nobody is targeting her.
Natalie says she doesn’t care if Vic asked Nicole out, ‘Good for him” she’s upset because he lied to her.
Frank – My name has been tossed around by that side of the house.
Natalie – Your name hasn’t been tossed around.

Nicole comes downstairs, Frank leaves.. Nicole tells her about Vicotr flirting with her and it being strategy.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 20-14-22-174
8:12pm Storage room Frank, JAmes and Corey

They are jokingly pissed at Frank for telling Natalie about Victor lieing because it was Corey’s idea.
Frank – I wanted to handle it with kid gloves..
Corey – I love it I love it..
Lots of high 5’s lots of bro-ing out.. .

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 20-23-18-228

8:20pm Frank and Nicole filling a bunch of the 8 pack in about what they said to Natalie.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 20-25-02-647

8:22pm Tiffany and Natalie
Natalie says she wants to vote with the Majority but she doesn’t know where the majority of the house is, “I just want to know where I should be voting.. ”
Tiffany – As far as I know everyone is voting the same way… WHY do you have that smirk on your face Natalie

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 20-26-20-192

8:25pm Jozea wakes her up to ask her if she’s ready to take on a leadership role with the girls. .
Jozea – I’m a guy the girls need a little girl… we’re all still in an alliance.. but we reconvene and discuss what needs to happen.

8:33pm Natalie and Tiffany still playing cheess.. Natalie says she won’t be surprised if Jozea leaves, “Haven’t you noticed Paulie is really chill”
Bronte joins them…
Natalie says she ate three of four cookies but everything else she ate today was ‘Super healthy”

Bronte is happy she was woken up she didn’t want to sleep and stay up throughout the night.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-29 20-41-21-474

8:40pm Nicole crying to Corey
This whole Victor thing got blown out of proportion and Nicole is pissed that it’ll be on the show.
Nicole thinks Victor will put her up now.
Corey doesn’t see Vic putting her up.
Nicole says Vic told her she’ insecure about girls and now he’s going think I was teasing him.
Nicole says James has a big mouth
Corey see that now, Adds that Frank has a big mouth as well.
Nicole – I’m a returnee if I’m on teh block i’m going home..

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Does anyone else get a super fake vibe from Bridgette? It’s like she is trying so hard to be likeable that it is coming off as unnatural. Especially around the guys. I can’t watch her without cringing sometimes.


Unpopular opinion but I hope this doesn’t become one-sided with the Vets running the whole house. I think it would be interesting to see a back and forth between the Newbie Alliance and the Vet Alliance. Too much of either side will become stale. I do like the Vets as people more but I think it would be interesting to see someone like Victor or Paul become HOH this Thursday just to see how people react to the drastic powershift.


If Victor or Paul become HoH then they’ll circle the wagons and try like everything to win Roadkill. Barring that they’ll decide which nominee is most expendable.

Paul, Victor, or Bronte HoH means roadkill comp is the end all be all because of the numbers.



Uh Oh

Joz recruits Tiff to be leader on Newbie team while Bronte warns Nat it’s a ploy to stab her in the back. Wtf, Paul roasts her whenever he gets the chance, wants Nicole to get melanoma. Brain trust Vic, Paul & Joz complain about girls being too late to change votes while it’s James & Frank tearing their team apart using Nic/Vic as bait. Why won’t guys face each other in battle? Girls better step up Tiff & Nat F2.

Misty Beethoven

Oh Nicole. You’re becoming a drag, with the whining and crying. Guys really love it when girls create drama where there isn’t any and then cry about it. Suck it up, buttercup – this isn’t your first time at the BB rodeo, but it’s hard to believe by the way you’re acting. Get a grip.

Nicole Loves Me

Paul convinced Nicole loves him, focusing his hate & rage on Michelle who he wants “drive insane”, guess it was Michelle he wishes melanoma on. Frank convinced James is crushing on Nicole, does that make him jealous, while she cries on Corey’z shoulder they’re using her as block bait. She’s still #1 Ranked HG cuz she doesn’t play dirty, girl next door or is the only one not throwing death threats?

What's going on broz

It’s blocked! I can’t see anything! Wtf


Are the live feeds off? BBAD is just showing an animated fish tank.
Wonder what’s going on?


Was there a fight?…plz did Natalie become indecent, omg “caption” omg omg “gif”

Control Freak Frank

Whaaaat, Tiff talks to Nat now she’s enemy #1? Only Frank&BeansJames get to make moves for the 8-pack… now Frank says he’s getting Roadkill & putting Tiff up?? Before Vic & Paul, who despises Michelle wants to slap her, give Nic cancer, nom Tiff before he finds out Day & Zak played his Savior for a fool? Why would Frank keep Paul over Tiff, Bro’s over Ho’s. It’s not gonna be Vets v. Newbies it’s gonna be Girls v Guys.

Nonon Jakuzure

JOZEA your an idiot. You are not running the house. Watch your self when you get booted off tonight and you’ll know how ridiculous you sounds. Nothing you say or act are smart move. Your digging your grave buddy. One word for you MORON. Lol can’t wait to see you out the house. Your voice is annoying. Not to mention your alliance Paul will be following you soon. I hope.


At least we finally found out that James did say “Victor asked Nicole out on a date” and Nicole confirmed it…… Guess the live feed cams missed that……

Bye Jozea, hope you like the view outside the house…

Michelle the Goat

F2 Frank & Day say they’re taking Michelle as a goat to F3 she won’t get votes, Tiff, James & Nicole got to go before Jury. Maybe Vic will go next, but Paul will follow blindly. Vic was warned be can’t punch anyone, so he won’t self-evict. Newbie’s won’t even have to play Frank & Day are gonna evict their own team like Clay & Shelli.


Was not a fan at all of Da’vonne last year,
however, this time, she came to play! – Let’s just hope she can keep her cool :)
I find her to be so entertaining, good for a great laugh, always while speaking the truth.
Good luck Da’Vonne – I’m pulling for you!!


We’ll see how much she’s learned when her group isn’t in charge. She’s kept it together so far but she hasn’t been challenged either.

Jimmy 64

Goodbye good riddance and go home Jozea


Jozea is ghetto trash.
Also Michelle was so unnoticeable with pixels. and seems more so with clothes on.
I thought Michelle was into nutritional values, and still thin. But she’s self-conscience about her weight and the broad is still 115 lbs.
either way, even if you are 115 lbs, when you’re wearing next to nothing and no one still gives a hell, that’s saying something


I can’t stand Zakiya or WTF her name is I think she’s a dude (not the reason I dislike her), and she gives me the bad girls club vibe.


You can’t be serious… Zakiyah is gorgeous. Bad girls club vibes? How so?

FYI her name is the Arabic word for pure.

The Usual Suspect

I liked Nicole on her last season, but she is already super paranoid and whining and crying about everything that I am sick of her.

Paul is a douche

That picture of Corey is going to give me nightmares.


Thumbs up = (+)
Thumbs down = (-)

Frank + , Da + , James + , Nicole – , Paulie + , Tiff – , Michelle + , Bridge + , Joeza – , Zakiy – , Paul – , Natalie + , Vic + , Bronte – , Corey –


I don’t think bronte Paul vic and josea know a damn thing about this game. REALLY. They are clueless. So friggen stupid. Can’t wait til eviction. Gonna be epic…

The Roach Coach

I don’t think the newbies are very bright. I think this was possibly intentional on production’s part. It just seems that the majority of the newbie’s have a low i.q. and also has never watched in the past, which seems like a recipe for disaster. I am excluding Tiff/Paulie from the low i.q. newbie list, but these newbies are dumber than a box of rocks game-wise and probably in their personal lives.


These 4. Really… gonna pick m&Ms to decide who goes on the block. Omg. I have no words. None. …


Goodbye jozea your expiration date is coming and good luck hosting the Grammy’s :)


Racist much

Hand of the king

I cannot wait to see jozea leave never in my life have I seen someone so egotistical! Just saw tonight’s episode and I laughed my fucking ass off at his cocky confessionals. I may tear up from laughing so hard tomorrow

Hand of the king

Also I’m calling this now, frank or davonne is going to win this season. There will come a moment in this season where they will face off and the winner of that war will win bb18


Hello everyone.. Never posted before but my favorite site.. Great Comments!! My view: Zakiya will be final 2.. She has assembled all the information she needs w/o too much attn on herself.. Frank just lost the game by revealing that info to Natalie, the vets will get scared that he is already making new side alliances.. Day WILL eventually blow up, she just can’t help it.. Nicole will always make herself the victim and it will get old quick to those who are fighting hard to stay.. Natalie seems the most observant of the newbies and will prob go far. If James was smart, he would try like hell for the HOH or Roadkill and nom Frank and Bronte’ w/ Vic as replacement.. Tiffany is too conniving for anyone to trust her, Paulie seemed roided out.. Paul will prob self evict, Michelle will starve herself to death.. Last 3 standing? Zakiya, Natalie, James.. Please don’t come for my nuts ????

Natalie is Winnie Cooper all grown up.

Jozea in the DR is riveting. I can not believe anyone is that naive. In my opinion, the show will not be as good without him. Each DR session is better than the last. His disconnect from reality exceeds that of Frankie Grande. His chit chat with Julie Chen will be must see T.V.


Jozea is comedy gold and will be swept away to sequester if he is evicted using the twist announcement tomorrow.


Good grief Nicole is so whiny and becoming really naive already like last time. Why is this “date” thing keep getting brought up. It’s completely irrelevant. She thinks “oh no I’m going to be targeted now.” She just wants people to take out Bronte for her and not be concerned with anyone else. Alliance members already being selfish.

I just think the guys need to get together. James, Frank, Corey, and Paulie are all level headed and can do serious damage. The girls can’t ever keep it together.


I’m happy Jozea is out of the house and I hope he don’t win battle back.I hope James and Paulie make it to the end I loved Cody and I like Paulie to also James on BB17 was my fav.