“I’m struggling … the fatal 5 vs 4 returnees.. I’m worried about the fatal 5 .. Tiffany” -Da’Vonne

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: Paulie, Jozea and Bridgette
Have Nots ?

Big Brother 18 Alliance page

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 19-12-56-447

7:09pm Paulie and Paul Backyard
Paulie thinks it’s a personal thing between him and Jozea.
Paulie – I heard it’s not looking good for me
Paul – don’t give up bro.. Don’t kick the bucket.. Have you thought of a solid speech
Paulie thinks that’s his last chance one good final speech
Paul – if there’s people on the fence you never know.. You never know..

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 19-31-38-761

Nicole asks her if james talked to her about his conversation with Bronte/Natalie by at the pool earlier today.
Da’Vonne says James talked to her told her Bronte and Natalie will vote with the house majority this week. James almost found out who Bronte’s targets where but something came up and she wasn’t able to tell him.

Nicole – Tiffany got emotional about something else
Da’Vonne – Tiffany… oh my gosh

Nicole is getting paranoid about James. Says he’s doing a great job the other side would never suspect James is working with them.
Nicole says Michelle is really clueless with what is going on unless she’s acting that way.
Nicole hates being around people so emotional (Tiffany)
Nicole hasn’t seen Zakiyah all day, “She’s good at hiding”
Nicole says she doesn’t talk to the other side of the house
Da’Vonne is close to their core 4, “I know we have that 8 thing”
Nicole again brings up being nervous about James, “I literally have your three backs like crazy”

Nicole – I told myself I would leave my emotions out of it but i’m not
Da’Vonne – that first week we all bond.. It’s all we have.. It’s hard not getting attached to people

Da’Vonne doesn’t want to get to the final 2 with Frank or James because they will win “by a landslide”
Nicole says it’s not who plays the best game it’s who was the most popular.
Da’Vonne and Nicole are convinced they will not be able to win against a newbie either.
Nicole – I want to sit next to you a girl and a returnee.. That’s you
Da’Vonne – I think we can make that work.. The only things I’m struggling with is the fatal 5 vs Us 4 returnees
Nicole – I don’t know how it’s going to work
Da’Vonne sees James, Corey and Frank linking up.
Nicole – boys automatically take boys
Da’Vonne says they need to get a newbie to send James and Frank home
Nicole – I’m worried about the fatal 5
Da’Vonne – Tiffany…
Nicole – ya
Da’Vonne – if that falls apart,. I’m ok with that.. She makes me nervous.. She’s going to break at some point and have word vomit
Nicole thinks Tiffany will tell Frank and JAmes about the fatal 5
Da’Vonne – that would suck for me and you.. Those two worlds can’t cross..

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 19-34-47-634

7:31pm Hammock Michelle and Paulie
Paulie says he’s going to chill and enjoy his time.
Paulie – Jozea thinks slick
Paulie says Bronte apologized to him about teasing him he’s going to get evicted.
Paulie – “Vic, Jozea and PAul were cracking up laughing”
Michelle – Oh my god.. damn .. that’s crazy…
Michelle is worried about James spending all his time with the girls. Paulie isn’t worried explains that’s the way James is, paulie adds that during James’ season he was a stand up guy he stuck to his word. “He’s ex military”
Paulie saying for the next 7 weeks they will be taking out the other side.
Michelle is surprised about Paul.
Paulie – He’s let Jozea and Vic pump his brain full of sh1t

Paulie says the other side thinks Michelle, Tiffany and Corey are voting Jozea out and everyone else is voting Paulie out.
Paulie – they’re not sure about james
Michelle – how can they not be sure.. Is he saying I’m voting Paulie out..
Michelle asks why would James vote out the strongest player on his team.

8:04pm PAulie goes on about how Frankie is a really cool dude, ‘The show can depict you anyway they want.. he only got hated near the end.. people loved him in the beginning.. all those ZANKIE fans… people hated him after the zankie thing.. I’ve met him a bunch of times.. he’s super chill super energetic”
(Most of this conversation is chit chat)

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 19-48-29-359

7:40pm Frank, Tiffany and Zakiyah
Zakiyah telling them Jozea thinks he’s got her in the bag. They can’t wait for Victor to leave because he eats all the food.
Tiffany – he eats a whole pizza by himself
Zakiyah – he’s obnoxious
Frank – he is
Zak – Stop… ugh
Frank – works out for us..
Tiffany – easy targets
Zakiyah – If I win I’ll gladly put him up
Frank – we’re thinking him and Bronte
Zakiyah suggests they have to get Victor on slop, “We have to make him small”
Frank – he might self evict..
Frank tells them about his season the start of the season he freaked out and got removed. Frank mentions that Victor has a temper.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 20-08-06-093

8:06pm James and Natalie
Chit chat happy talk.. Bronte joins them. Natalie says the boys out there only talk about farts.

James says Paul likes Bronte, “It all started with that kiss”
James teases about Paul rubbing her leg.
Bronte – he’s so young.. like a little boy rubbing my legs.. there’s no way in hell I would like PAul be romantic with me.. there’s so much of us that is different…
Bronte adds that Paul is in that “Friend box” there’s no way to get out of that.
Natalie says Victor is not the typical guy she would be interested in she doesn’t like guys with abs, he led her on in the beginning. “No way he’s like a cousin,… even after this show NOPE..)
Bronte – there’s no boys here we are like I hope they date me after I go

James tells stories about visiting Meg in New York
Natalie asks James where does Meg live now does she live in New York
James – I don’t know

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8:37pm Michelle, Nicole and Da’Vonne
Freaking out that James has been in the room with Bronte and Natalie for the last hour
Frank joins them “Why are you worried about it”
Nicole is really bothered.
Frank – maybe he’s trying to get in with them incase one of them win HOH
Nicole – I know but still.. I just would like to know.. I don’t talk to anyone on the other side.
Nicole shares a story where she gave Victor a zinger saying that Corey is the best looking guy in the house that is why he doesn’t get in trouble by Big Brother. Michelle thinks it’s hilarious sounds like Victor was around to hear.

Big-Brother-18 2016-06-27 20-39-35-322


Jozea asking Tiffany how does she sees Thursday “go down” tells her to start from the morning.

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Natalie is so hot!

Shark Week

Natalie is special.
Where you at shark?
Get on it production!!!!


Hi Simon, glad you’re back 🙂 What do you think of the new season so far? The vets? The newbies? Roadkill Challenge?


Bronte is the hottest girl in the house, her personality, her intellect and her physique are the best and no one can touch her. (of course, this is up for change as the season progresses)


Tori Spelling can kick rocks…..


Lol I knew she looked familiar


What are you DEAF!


What are you DEAF?


Michelle is such a little social justice warrior. She’s really into cataloging infractions from the banned words list and is clearly one of those annoying fans that wants to see houseguests lose their livelihoods for behavior that offends her sensitive soul.

donut licking ho

Completely agree. The type of mindset that is destroying our culture. “I’m offended by you so you must be totally destroyed.” Its pathetic and depressing.
I weep for the future.


Michelle is a total loser. Nicole is going to be sick to death of her in about 3 more days, if that.


Yup ,love me some Natalie.


Nicolevneeds to chill out. James mistake was he stayed in a room with one group therefore not being aware of what’s going on in the house. I think he knows that. Nicole is afraid to trust anyone as the house turned on her so is parinoid. Wish they would chill. Tiffany is acting like an emotional freaked out wreak like her sister but way too early. There is no middle this season …. Interesting.


Bronte is cute too.


Frank needs to calm down … Playing up J way to hard to convince him he is safe could come back to bite him in the ass. Mind you the vote counts won’t be announced, another awesome change this season !!!


Zakiyah is a cutie.

Shark Week

Zakiyah can ride the shark


Are you blind?


Have these people discussed the houseguests from BB16 in any of the feeds? If so, could you direct me to the day(s) so I can listen to what they had to say? Thanks so much everyone.


No Christine, nobody is talking about you.


great cast! all that needs to be said.

Shake Weight

Z is losing her mind with jealousy. She’s ready to give Paulie babies to lock him down.


What is with Tiffany’s hat? Is this like the Carmen Sandiego version of Vanessa’s beanie?

Shake Weight

All these girls are flipping out tonight. It’s hilarious!


This Paul/Jozea/Bridget hot tub strategy session is amazing.