Big Brother 15 Backyard Photo Shoot VIDEO of the BB15 CAST!


With just over 24 hours until the Big Brother 15 Première, CBS has released a video of the backyard photo shoot of the new Big Brother 15 cast, individual photos of the cast, and photos of the cast in front of the Big Brother house & in the Backyard. To my knowledge CBS has never released a video of the backyard photo shoot, so this is a special treat for all the Big Brother fans to see the new cast interacting for the first time.

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Here is the video of the photo shoot:

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31 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Backyard Photo Shoot VIDEO of the BB15 CAST!

  1. The front of the Big Brother house this season looks kind of like the front of the BB Canada house.

  2. I have a question. When we see them on tv are they really meeting for the first time or they know one another from doing interviews and photos?

    1. The first time they know who they’re going to be living with is when they’re standing there holding their luggage. Some of them may have seen each other during the selection process, but they’re not allowed to talk to each other.

  3. I literally haven’t posted on here since last season’s series finale but all I can say is….I AM FUCKING EXCITEDDDDDDDDD for this season! Hopefully we won’t be let down

      1. I really dont’ think the mvp twist will be that bad. I think it will either be they save one of the three nominees or they make one of the nominees. Anything more than that, and yea it might ruin the game!

  4. i assume the live feeds start at 9pm ET, right after the live premiere cbs ep tonight

    its unfortunate you guys cant post youtube clips here of the feeds as you did for the canadian season…but im sure someone will post clips to youtube of the feeds

    i always enjoy the cbs and after dark eps which always are available to download on the net same day as they have aired…those shows dont air on tv in my country

  5. So, not only does my cable provider NOT carry TVGC.. but my old dinosaur of a Mac will not support Adobe Flash, which is required for the live feeds. I guess this will be my first season watching BB solely on CBS network.. Thank goodness for OBB and spoilers!

  6. SOOOO excited!! I am as excited to see what Dawg and Simon have to say as I am for the actual show!!! SUMMER BEGINS TONIGHT!!!!

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