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As we patiently wait for the première of Big Brother 15 to air this Wednesday June 26th, there are a few new videos released that we can share with you. The first video is the newest Big Brother 15 promotional commercial of the new cast. The second video is an interview with Julie Chen the host of Big Brother where she talks about the two BB15 twists that have already previously been revealed. The third video below is a time lapse video of the interior design crew taking apart the BB house and adding all the new features that make it the newly re-designed Big Brother 15 house.

Julie Chen states that:

“..this summer every week it’s going to be 3 house guests nominated for eviction. It’s going to be harder for floaters to float. That’s one new twist, the other thing is for the first time ever America will be able to vote EVERY SINGLE WEEK on who in the house gets to be MVP. Well you probably say what’s MVP, I’ve never heard of that before. I’ve hear POV – Power of Veto, HOH – Head of HouseHold. What’s MVP? MVP will have Special Powers in the house, but I cannot tell you what those special powers are. You have to wait to see on Wednesday night for the season première. You will find out what the special powers are… that night … its good!”


The Newest Big Brother 15 Promotional Commercial:

Big Brother is Back! CLT Insider with Julie Chen

Big Brother House Time Lapse:

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MVP = Multiple Voting Player. I think you can null someones vote and you take their vote and have 2.


I would be down with that!

Janelle queen of povs

i hope a girl on this season can join the all time female army Rachelle Danielle and the queeen Janelle POVS HOH


Janelle is way overrated, overexposed and live feeds from her season show her to be extremely nasty.

Chilltown Fan

I like Janelle, she has her place in BB lore as a Comp Queen/All-Star, but she is overrated by a lot of her fans. Janelle had a terrible social game, and last season she did tremendous damage to her legacy by getting axed by Boogie’s move to get her out. Janelle similar to Rachel(who won on production help in Season 13), would never form a all female alliance because they would always target females.


Will you be posting the full episode after the live premier of the episode, on the website?
I will not be able to see the episode live (this will be the first time I didn’t see an episode since BB9), and I’m hoping I could watch it as soon as I get home, a few hours later.


Yes we’ll post links to the episodes


Having trouble signing up. It is asking me to register with CBS or sign in with FB or Twitter, which I don’t have and don’t want to have. I just want to pull out my card and get the feeds. Am I doing something wrong?


You’ll need to sign up for before you can purchase the feeds :(


I think i heard julie say in an earlier interview that MVP will affect nominations. So i think they will either be able to nominate the third person or save one of the three.

Chilltown Fan

I agree with chi87. It will interesting to see how much power this person will have, and what the fallout will be. I’ve always had the opinion that POV is more important than HOH, and comes with considerable less blowback/repercussions.


i am not sure what the MVP powers are, perhaps they will simply nominate a third person, or save a third person, or have the chance to switch one of the 3 noms if they wanted to(diamond pov style, where the diamond pov holder saves a nominee and decides the replacement nom rather than the HOH deciding the replacement nom)…but other scenarios could be the HOH noms 2 people as usual, then the MVP may have to complete certain secret tasks, or vote a certain way, or get a decent result in the veto comp(MVP may get an assured spot in the veto comp)…if they pass they nominate a 3rd person possibly on the Monday, after veto ceremony, but if they fail, then maybe the MVP is automatically the 3rd nominee? this would force the MVP to ‘play’ and take risk, as the risk/reward scenario would come with power and punishment depending on their efforts and success/failure as the MVP

like HOH, i hope the MVP cant be the same person 2 weeks in a row…and as MVP is decided by the public vote, i hope there is a maximum of only 1 or 2 weeks that one person is allowed to be MVP, so most of the house get a chance as the MVP

if the 3rd nominee is decided before veto comp, will there be the usual 6 veto players? or 8 veto players(with the HOH and 3 noms each picking a player by random draw)? will mvp get an assured place in the veto comp and/or get to draw a veto player?

regarding double eviction nights…will it be the same first vote/eviction quickly followed by a fast hoh comp, noms, veto comp, veto ceremony, vote and second eviction, as how would the mvp be decided so quickly in that scenario? maybe on double eviction nights, after the first person is evicted, the same voters will again vote to evict one of the 2 who survived the first eviction? meaning 2 of the 3 noms would be evicted rather than two separate HOH comps and two separate veto comps? i hope they stay with the usual fast extra hoh and pov on double eviction nights

it will be interesting to see how they implement the changes to the format


good to see big brother canada will be back for season 2 in 2014 after it was renewed earlier this month – i hope they keep the same 2 nominees format that was used in season 1 and dont change that system like usa has done this season


i want the live feed NOW!!!