Big Brother AFTER DARK TVGN Commercial!


GET READY Big Brother FANS! Big Brother 15 airs in just 9 DAYS on June 26th, 2013 and to get everyone excited about the première CBS has released a Big Brother After Dark commercial. This also means that you ONLY have 8 DAYS left to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT OFFER for the BB15 Live Feeds. Get them NOW for only $23.99! That gives you access to watch the entire season of Big Brother 15 for only a few cents a day! After June 25th the offer will expire and the price of the live feeds will go back up to their regular pricing so what are you waiting for!

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CBS Interactive Inc.

With all the Big Brother 15 Rumours (PART 1, PART 2) circulating around this is sure to be a CRAZY DRAMA FILLED Season!

Big Brother 15 NEWS to come this week: 

(Release Date: Possibly Thursday June 20th or Before)

  • Videos / Photos of Media day in the BB15 House
  • Photos of the Newly Re-designed BB15 House
  • Bios / Photos of the Big Brother 15 Cast 


As we previously posted, Big Brother After Dark is moving to TVGN seven nights a week beginning at 12pm after the première episode.
Big-Brother-15-after-dark-commercial-2 julie chen

Julie Chen “Big Brother After Dark is moving to TVGN!”
“TVGN is now the only place on television that you can watch Big Brother After Dark!”
“When the house lights go down, the action heats up!”
“Thirteen weeks of over 200 hours of never seen before footage and for the first week its all commercial free!”
Julie Chen “We can only air it, After Dark!”
Jojo Spatafora “I love pickles!”
“Big Brother After Dark 7 nights a week premières June 26th at 12 midnight / 11 central!”
Julie Chen “On TVGN!”


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Take a look at a couple Big Brother 15 Promotional Photos of Julie Chen:

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i finally saw this pop up on the channel guide yesterday. i do wish it was still 3 hours long. i’m okay with the network move, as long as the commercials are like the sho2 commercials, which were once every 20 minutes, and only lasted no longer than a minute or so. i do believe it’ll be uncensored, to a point. language probably will be ignored, but i doubt we’ll see any, if any nudity(which we really haven’t seen much in the last 5 seasons that i’ve been watching.)

as i’ve only been a BB fan since season 10-largely in part thanks to watching ‘after dark’, but how long do you guys think BB will last? i know it’s still popular, ratings are great.. but it’s still behind survivor and the amazing race in popularity and prize winnings. and if it would to be kicked off of cbs, would another network pick it up?

i’ve never got the live feeds before(slow internet at the time, along with not wanting to pay). but i actually might get it this year. could i cancel the last 2 weeks of the season? if i buy now, i get the discount.. and if i cancel the feeds before the season’s over, i should get more off? i’m not interested in watching the feeds the last 2 weeks because i know it’s incredibly boring in the house.


Hey Marty, From my understanding there is no cancelling of the feeds this year you just pay for a flat allotment of time. 3 months or 1 month.


thanks simon.. i might do 2 months then.. not sure. i’ll figure it out in the next few days.


I surly think I have TVGN on my Dish Network I think I do but if I click on that channel I wonder if the live feeds will be free?? Hmm I dono I guess im gonna have to wait for the Big Brother After Dark OMG cant wait for Big Brother:)) Hurry up once for all lol