Holly “A relationship with Nick is like an abusive relationship. He breaks your trust, he lies, he manipulates!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Jessica, Nicole and Sam
Nominations are: Sam & Nick
Power of Veto Players are – -Holly, Sam, Nick, Cliff, Jessica and Tommy
Power of Veto holder – Nick
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip
America votes for 3 houseguests to go on a field trip that will put one houseguest’s game on the line

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8:35pm HOH room. Jack, Holly, Sis, Christie and Jackson. Christie – everything happens for a reason. Maybe this was supposed to happen so that this is Nick chance to redeem himself. I still don’t trust him at all. He’s a crazy liar. But my be Sam is the bigger threat. Christie – I just convinced kat that she will stay over Sam. She is gungho to go up. Jackson – she is going to spiral. Holly – we do have to decide how we are going to manage Nick and everyone’s relationship with him. This is going to be an extreme analogy ..A relationship with Nick is like an abusive relationship. He breaks your trust, he lies, he manipulates but then he is so lovey dovey and pulls at your heartstrings. Its back and forth and back and forth .. and then he makes you feel special and you come back and he reels you back in and he is damn good at it. Christie – Yes he pulls on heartstrings but I do not trust him. Holly – you need to know that deep down in your heart. Christie – I either use my power next week or it expires. Kat joins them. Jack – Nick could win HOH. Christie – I use it (her power) as leverage. If he does win it, I threaten him that I will use my power if he doesn’t put up who we want and I’ll f**k with his HOH. I will use it as leverage or I will use it to backdoor him. And will will all collectively come up with who we want out. Christie – and if Nick does win HOH that means the six of us plus Tommy compete in the double elimination HOH .. that’s PRIMO! PRIMO! The odds are 7 people playing against 3 people for the double elimination HOH. That’s so good. Holly – so I have two options .. if I put up Kat obviously she is a pawn. The only other option I am even toying with is putting up Nicole. But if I am going to get my hands bloody doing that .. I am seeing her a$$ home. Christie – and then Nick and Sam stay together?!?? She shakes her head no. Kat is the way to go. Squash that we’re working together. It would be an unanimous vote and everything will be alright in the world. It squashed that you’re (Kat) working with us so Nick will feed you info all week. You can’t tell anyone though.. not even Jess. Christie – this is you.. what do they call it. Jackson – initiation. Christie – this is your initiation.. survive the block and you’re in. Kat – I can’t promise I won’t be slightly paranoid. Christie – oh god.. challenge accepted. They agree that no one else can know. Tommy – so what are we not saying? Holly – Don’t say that she volunteered. Don’t say that she is going up as a pawn. Cliff joins them. Everyone clears out to go eat dinner.

8:52pm Boat room. Sam deep in thought.

9pm – 9:40pm All the house guests are chatting and eating dinner.

9:46pm Bedroom. Kat and Nick. Kat tells Nick that she is going up on the block. Nick – no! Kat – its just a feeling. Nick – Me and Sam discussed it if either of us were to come off we wouldn’t vote against the house to gain trust. If Sam stays up on the block he is going to go. He literally didn’t do anything. Kat – that’s why I’m worried about going up. Nick – you know I love you and I’ve got you. I wouldn’t worry about going up. I don’t think you will but you wouldn’t go if you did. Kat – my strategy coming in here was to be low key and win the first HOH. Nick – you were not low key the first week and you

9:53pm HOH room. Holly and Sis. Holly – I feel so bad that Sam is going to die by my sword. I just feel bad. Sis – but he doesn’t have to Holly. Holly – but I feel like if he stays in the game it is going to end up biting me in the a$$. Sis – why do you think that? Holly – because he and Nick win comps. I wanted to send Nick home. He was my target the whole time. Sis – I want Nicole out. Holly – I want her out too. Sis – Sam will put up Jess. I asked him how do we know you wouldn’t and he said he wouldn’t have the for votes. Holly – he would put two of us up. I do not trust Nick. Sis – its you’re HOH, you do whatever.

11:15pm Bathroom. Sis, Sam and Jess. Sam talks about his job. Sis talks to them about how she wants to travel with Christie or do something with Instagram. They continue chatting about random things.

11:30pm – 11:43pm Christie and Sis. Christie – Holly seems like she is always in such a bad mood. Sis – she’s just always tired and sleeping. I don’t get it. But we were talking for a bit and she doesn’t know what she wants to do, which one is better for her game. Christie – what? Nicole or Kat? Sis – Nicole or Sam to go. Christie – if she decides that she wants to keep Sam, then they are definitely working together. Her, Nick, Sam and Michie. Sis – well when I first got up there Michie was like Nicole. I said either one could go up and I will vote how you want but other people won’t be happy if you put Nicole. And then all you guys came up and she she was like Sam, Sam needs to go. Christie – I just don’t get why she thinks its better for her game. Sis – she says that she doesn’t trust Nicole. Christie – Nicole isn’t ever going to be HOH. Like she is never going to win a comp. I am calling bullsh*t honestly. I am not going to say this to anybody because I am not going to red flag anything I am calling bullsh*t. Michie and Holly are working with Nick and Sam. Sis – you think? Christie – yes! What benefit would she have putting up Nicole!? Nicole hasn’t won a single thing. I get that she’s not trustworthy but who cares she is NEVER going to be HOH. Sis – that was one of her points.. why send her home when she can’t even win anything. Christie – I have to be completely honest I am not going to vote out Nicole. No! Sis – then tell her. Christie – and neither will Tommy. Sis – then tell her. Christie – and neither will Jess. And neither will Kat. Sis – the other reason why she didn’t want to put up Nicole ups was because she was afraid Cliff and Jess would be mad. Christie – yeah, I am not going to vote her out.. she would be really really dumb to put on the block. And if she does that and starts to rally votes for Sam. It means that they’re working together and that Sam is lying to you because if he is making them feel that secure to keep them .. they are working together. He wants Jack out. Do you think he (Sam) is going to sign a deal to be loyal to us? No! I want you to go with your gut but Sam is really good at this game. I believe that if he stayed over Nick he would be loyal to us but staying with Nick.. I am not saying any of this to Jack because he would go back and tell Jackson. But if Nicole and Sam are on the block together .. I am telling her that I am not voting out Nicole. I am not planning to speak to her about it until after the veto meeting because I am afraid if I spoke up about it .. they would put me up. Don’t say anything. Sis – I haven’t said anything. Christie – I believe you. I trust you so much. Sis – part of me wants Sam to stay because he does have my back but I just dont want him and Nick staying together. But I also feel like if Nick wanted to put me up, I could get Sam to talk him out of doing it. Sis – I trust Holly. I trust Jack but he can be sketchy. Christie – he is sketchy but he has your back. Sis – he has been kind of flirting with Kat which annoys me.


12:36 am Christie and Tommy
Christie says there’s no reason for Holly to put Nicole up “unless she wants him (sam) to stay”
Tommy – I had a feeling like that was happening so I had a convo with her today
Tommy says he told her whatever her plan is he’ll do whatever she wants. Adds that he said that so she feels comfortable with him and includes him in her decision making
Christie – something’s up, Well I’m voting Sam out
Tommy – I want to make sure we’re not excluded from those plans
Christie – we are
Christie – what the f* is Holly doing like what the f* is she doing? why is she letting Jackson play her game for her (why not let Christie play her game for her)
Christie – use your f*ing voice Holly .. she’s just a statistic it’s all over the place. Just the way she talks about the guys she’s dated tell her what to wear what not to wear
Christie – this is a big brother game this is the chance of the lifetime you have a boyfriend day five (not everyone has a outside friend in the game)
Christie – now he’s running her game .. Jack knows what’s going on
Tommy – how do you know
Christie – cause I know
Tomm y- should we ask him
Christie – no he’s not going to tell us.


12:50 am Nicole and Jess
Nicole says it will be nice for once they win something so they have a
Jess – we have to go balls to the walls
Nicole says nobody sees the 4 angels as a cohesive unit.
Jess – no they see us as floaters.



1:30 am chit chat.

5:50 am everyone but Jackson is sleeping. snacking.

10:40 am Sis and Tommy
Tommy – it should go Sam then Nicole
Sis – it also scares me to have nick here that long. I really don’t trust him do you trust him
Tommy – I do
Sis – see I trust Sam
Tommy – Who does Nick have?
Tommy says he’s in good with Nick and he hasn’t told him anything about working with someone.
SIs – me and Christie both know if he won he’s putting both of us up
Tommy says Nick is going to do what the house wants if he won HOH and he will use that as proof he’s ready to get back with them “He literally said that”
Sis – Ugh you know how upset I would be if it came down to use 6 Cliff, Kat, and Him and I go before them. I would be so pissed
Tommy- I was thinking that too
Sis – like that’s not how it’s supposed to go

(can’t wait for final 6 🙁 )

11:22 am Christie, Jack, and Sis

Christie freaking out about the unknown this week says she went to bed with knots in her stomach “That’s my biggest struggle not micromanaging everything”

Christie starts to cry “everyone seems so calm and cool.. my brain doesn’t stop. Stop laughing at me”
Christie – I wish I had a stop button (we all want a stop christie button)
Jack says everyone is dealing with teh stress in different ways.. blah blah blah

11:30 am Jessica, Nick, Nicole
Jessica giving 1 million reasons why she sucked at the endurance competition.
– I knew I wasn’t going to win it.. but I didn’t know you could maneuver into your pose so when I started watching the girls go into one side and lift up their leg.
– I could have totally done that I just didn’t know you could do that.. so I was like Ohh sh1t as my legs were like splitting I’m thinking if I fall the wrong way I’m f*ed I’m going to go to the hospital you know like 240lbs like falling .. 200lbs like on my like on any side would have screwed me it could have done something to my neck
– I’m thinking fall safe fall safe
– I saw Jack had the cords in between his legs If I had known that I would have lasted a little bit longer
– I could have held onto one side.. I thought this sucks

11:47 am Jessica and Nicole talking about doing their nails

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Houka Inumuta

Nicole is playing the best game right now. No one is after her and she’s floating by while sam,1995 baby Jackson and nick are in danger.

Holly put kat on the block. 1995 Baby michie gets sent to Chuck E Cheese and spends his life there. Sam get’s voted off. 2 mouths from now Nicole wins.


Wow, I didn’t think Jess’ twin would be on the site…

She’s the target of the 6, she’ll probably be on the block right after Nick uses the veto.

g Love

Here are 100000 more Thumbs up for your comment and a high five!!

Cliff's Belly Lint

Nicole is playing the best game right now? The HOH and Lice want her out. Few trust her and she cannot win poopies.


I think Nicole winning is a big long shot. She’s neat and all and we all rally behind her because of the horrid cast but when the rubber hits the road she’s pretty ineffective in the game.

She does have the right idea about what is going on but needs to win comps like a beast because she’s got no social capital.


What show are you watching?


I’m pretty sure you also predicted that Jackson was getting evicted last week.


Who the hell does Christie think she is???? Why can’t any of them see that she only thinks about herself? She ruled Cliff’s HoH and now it looks like she’s going to rule Holly’s. Wake up people, get that delusional beep out! And if not her, get Cliff, he deserves to go after being so weak last week and ruining the season


The (((UNIVERSE))) is slowly manipulating all things in order to guide Christie to her destiny.


Really!!! What a pushy, greedy bi#ch…that’s who she is!!! Where does she get off saying “Now we have to figure out how we are going to manage Nick and everyone’s relationship with him.”? I have a sister-in-law exactly like her and nobody can stand her. She would be my 1st choice of eviction! Holly should put her up and kill her power and send her home. We all know that it would never happen. These people need to start getting rid of some of their biggest threats!

BB Casting Call

I have a co-worker exactly like Christy, yet everyone loves her. I find her to be very fake and full of shhhh….it.

J e t s jets jets jets

Christie is so ugly with her hair in braids.


And stinky too


Christine is so ugly. FIXED.


Christie seems to think her power is terrifying. She can use it to make Nick put up who she wants…her power is totally dependant on who wins the veto. Just because Cliff gave it up as fast as one of Jackson’s play dates doesn’t mean your power is that awesome.

Franks fumes

Crusty is ego trippin’ big time……she needs some humble pie……in the form of Sam surviving the week.


Not only that, she has to notify the DR early, like by 11:00 am, if she plans on using it on a certain day. She can’t just wait until the last minute and say she wants to use it. That could throw a wrench in her plans if she doesn’t inform them in time.


Yeah and what are the odds the powers that be let that happen (and 1 in 10 million) — they’ll say she told them even if she didn’t just to protect her.


I would love to see her power go unused.

Tired bbfan

That analogy holly used on Nick’s sounds like what Her and jacksons relationship is like.


Projection at it’s finest.


My thoughts exactly

Jan Nan

I don’t want Sam to go. I don’t want Nicole to go either but Sam in the game could take out some of the shitty shooters. I don’t know if Nicole could. I’m so torn.

Franks fumes

Sis keep talking sense…..this is gonna be a new level of horrible if Sam goes.


Sam needs to talk to Jackson alone & tell him so if you take me out this week & Nick next week it’s 4 guys (J’s/Tommy/Cliff) versus six women who could all band together like Jess has been pushing the entire game. I mean Christie is in solid with everyone in the house but especially the women.

I’ve never gone against you & Holly & I could work with you & although everyone thinks Nick & I are a duo we’ve only worked together b/c of being ostracized by the six. My preference is to work with you & I can win things to keep you safe. I love Cliff but it was his plan to take out one of you 2 guys (Jack/Jackson) & all it took was a few minutes with Christie for him to suddenly shift & now is saying he’s in tight with Christie. She’s good man – I have nothing against her but you need reinforcements. I know she’s tight with you & especially Holly but I’d really like to stay & be your reinforcement b/c she’s still telling the girls they need to get you out next if there is an opportunity. And if you are comfortable going deep in the game with her then that’s fine I just want to work with people I respect/enjoy & that’s you/Holly so please help me stay & I’ll be dedicated to you (then drop in the piece du resistance) just like Jess & Cliff are to Christie.

For all of Jackson’s despicable traits he’s one of the few who don’t share everything everything they hear. AND appealing to his ego might just do the trick.

Aside from that — can we PLEASE get a backyard bandit to make a run by the set or a drone to fly over which shows Christie is running the house & targeting Mickie or even someone to just say if you guys evict Sam you’ll be hated even more than you already are! The latter would get into Holly’s head big time since she’s so concerned about outside perception.

Franks fumes

(Cliff joins the crew in the HOH)……”everyone then leaves and goes downstairs.” lol


This group is like the mean group in middle school. How rude and nasty do they have to be? And…I’ll bet that the majority of them think that America just loves them and that they are playing with “integrity”, like Jack likes to spout off about. Ha ha…

Watch from a distance

I really don’t like Christie, she thinks she’s in charge of everyone and everything. She thinks she is so threatening.


It’s that damn power that she won. She can use it to threaten or as leverage, like she did with Cliff, and she can use it when her allies win VETO. It’s quite powerful. It should have been only for 2 weeks. 4 weeks gives her so much time to decimate any opposition to the 6.


Hope I didn’t use too many ‘big’ words there lol.

BB Casting Call

Terryb, are you Christy? You type like she sounds…

Franks fumes

Dear god I wish she could be attacked by Evel Dick just once……..she would be a quivering pile of jelly.

another name

It is pretty much inevitable every week that Sis will have a good talk with a man and want a woman to leave.
We can’t even kid ourselves. Her game is to flirt with guys. She is a pillowcase.
Jackson prepared 30 burgers for 9 people. I’m assuming 8 people will be informed that their allotment for the day is one each.
Check the storage room counter yesterday vs. the storage room counter today (that restock is 90% gone) and tell me i’m off base.
I’m just trying to check here. Has Nicole been lying to the house a whole lot that i’m not seeing? Oh. The person that isn’t telling the company line these asshats have prepared (because nobody told her the company line) is a snake and a liar. Right. no. She’s just bad at actually playing this game. she cozies up to the people in danger every week.
So Tommy tackled a sheep. And Jackson is concerned about the optics. I side eyed so hard i’m currently blinking out of one of my ears.
Of course the frat boy has a goat story. What is it with frat boys on big brother and goat stories. wait until feeds are cut Jackson. Don’t go telling frat stories so that people might research the frat chapter’s status mr. pledgemaster. Tommy tackling a sheep. Gee, that’s one way to keep that comp throwing strategy alive.
If she isn’t having one already, I give it two hours before the next Universal Magic Bladder Control Issue spiral happens, and Crusty goes whackadoo again. There’s going to be yet another invisible plot to get rid of Christie in 3…2…
Btw, take note, now that Sam realizes he is one, they aren’t bottom feeders anymore. They’re underdogs.


Nicole has little choice but to cozy up with the folks in danger each week. They are the only ones who realize they need to change things up if they want to stay around.

another name

Actually, when she got the save, she could have cozied up to any one of the couples, become their human shadow and kissed their asses so hard they would think she idolized them. Tell me that the ego of any of those couples wouldn’t have been completely stroked by someone telling them how great they are. It’s a steamroll situation. When you see a steamroll situation, you can either jump on the steamroller, or lie down in front of it. If she had stuck her head up one of the couple’s asses, and ever won an hoh, she could have taken a shot at one of the other couples all to protect her supposed idols.
The reason i say she plays poorly is she lacks guile. Cozying up to the nominees every week just means cozying up to one person in the game next week, and one person not in the game next week. Like the Zing, only repeated every week. It’s a negative sum move.


Maybe she is thinking about jury votes. She has been the one to be nice to everyone who is leaving. Kind of like Paul, but less creepy and cult like because she doesn’t order everyone else to not talk to that person and then have all of them mindlessly obey. Then again she doesn’t have to, these asshats just act like dicks to anyone who isn’t them without having to be prompted.
Nicole isn’t dumb. She is trying to fly under the radar being sweet little Nicole and then make a push to get to the end as the numbers dwindle. A bitter jury will remember her as the only decent person in the house, and she wins. It may be work out, but it’s solid strategy

Summer Gowen

Was thinking, if vote the 2 Jack’s and Christie for field trip so one gets game in danger, will their egos think we love them?


The same egos that think Tommy is America’s favorite player

Miss Conception

Tommy needs to get backdoored! Smarmy twerp!

BB Casting Call

He hopes so!


It depends how it is pitched to them. I didn’t watch the episode it was brought up in… do they just say America picks three of you to go and the “prize” is one of you has your game in danger?

Does anything good come from going? If not I really like this field trip idea.

Omg if krusty is picked she is going to spiral into a basket case. Can’t wait!!!

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

I’ve thought about that, too.


i am still debating if i will vote the 2 jack’s & christie OR jack, christie & tommy. if there is a possibility that someone leaves and it turns out to be jackson then it still leaves that 3 strong alliance in the game. dont get me wrong, i cant stand jackson but i dont think he is in as a secure position in the game as the other 3 together.


Nicole going up as the replacement and Sam leaving Is that what we have to look forward to?

another name

Have they decided? Or are they still debating Kat or Nicole? I wasn’t sure if they had made a final determination.


Still undecided.

another name

thanks. lol. i got bored with their group shit-talking. went to sleep early, so didn’t know if they decided.
when an insomniac goes to sleep early you know it’s getting crappy.


Let’s not kid ourselves it will be Nicole. Whatever we want to have expect the opposite. It’s not expect the unexpected anymore.


I just can’t see “the universe” letting Sam go. The show would just have unloveable people left and who would watch. We don’t need another Paul season. Christie isn’t a great player she’s just a club—do it or we are all gone. For goodness sake get some folks who know the game! She’s a boss and not in a good way. I will watch (and not not like I used to!) Until nick goes. I really don’t like these people. Am I just getting too old? Crap


HOH shower is a community sexpit ..

Bullies Suck

And they wonder why Holly is tired and sleeping all the time?


They need to burn the house down and build a new one with all the diseases flowing around there.

BB Crab Shack

Jawson is pretty disturbing.. not only his grossness with Beth, but his food obsession; He’s got to have an eating disorder…I would get kicked out of the house because I’d want to curb stomp his ass, what a tool. Hope he’s gone soon, to me he’s the worst of that bunch

Sandra kalisewicz

If there is excremental in a community pool, or urine or poop at a restaurant it is closed.
Child protective services would remove a child if pet poo or pee was in the house, let alone adult male
deposits. It is Unsanitary. . Why is Jackson not out for such disgusting abnormal behavior.


I have come to the conclusion that the only difference between Christie and Mitchie is a set of balls. Christie has a bigger pair.


Christie is going to blow up in one of the most spectacular ways when she goes on the block. Just look at how she’s acting when Holly wants to do something slightly different.


Her and tommy will be at the end. Who is going to put her on the block?


UNPOPULAR OPINION: Christie is a phenomenal game player




And the most deserving to win , as for now

another name

next time someone goes into the fridge, look closely.
at least one house guest is keeping their shaker bottle in there. without a word being said.
interesting. side eye.


And let the Christie paranoia run amok – Now that Nick won POV, she will be making up lies all over the place to make sure Sam isn’t left in the House. Please get rid of the wasted space that is Jess.


Christie is going to win this, she tailors every conversation to the person she’s talking to. Plants little seeds of doubt and info, just enough that they can’t specifically remember details to bite her. She’s playing the game as if she’s on the outside looking in and playing everyone. Social game at it’s best!!!!!!!


Finally some christy fans. Obviously she wants thing to go her own way. She is in it to win it!!
She is very emotional . But she still delivers.
I hope she wont break under pressure and some of the emotions are also for game. And that Tommy will cool her down when she ended up on the block (but it also possible for her to be off the block for a long time)


It’s incredible to me none of the hamsters are complaining about Christie —
*how dare Holly not run her HOH how Christie wants — out of the side or her mouth she states “I’ll do what you want” “I won’t try to influence your decision” then 3—2—1— out of the other side of mouth (i.e. 2-faced) “NO – you HAVE to nom BOTH Sam & Nick” — and “NO you can’t put up Nicole” and “I don’t care if she puts up Nicole WE (meaning I — control everyone in the house) will STILL vote out Sam”

As for Nick the guy who “bullied her” she’ll THREATEN him to do what she wants or else he’ll pay for it. I mean come on people call out her shit – this is ridiculous.

We need someone, anyone (Hello McFly) to get through to Jackson/Holly what Christie is saying behind their backs & how she’s speaking to & about virtually everyone but Tommy (but give her time). Wish Sis would go tell Holly/Jackson what Christie said (or Kat so she could pass it along). Best thing that could happen is for the 2 Jacks/Christie to get the punishment and what it turns out to be is one of them go up on the block. Even with the two J’s being unsavory I’d still rather see Christie be the one who landed on the block & for the rest of the house to recognize it’s time to take out one of the six while they can & also take out her unused power that is being held over everyone’s head.

If not, I’d be equally happy to see Cliff exit given how much he’s burying Sam, Nick & Nicole this week. Or my ideal scenario would be Jess landing on the block & someone figuring out a lie to pin on her that gets the house to turn against her.

To wit, I’ve never understood why the hamsters don’t utilize the bathroom to plant fake news. Example: wait for Christie to go in & then lets say Nick & Nicole run in & say wow Jess really has Christie fooled huh. Too bad she doesn’t recognize how dangerous Jess is & how she studies daily has the dates memorized forward/backwards. I mean we’ll probably both be at home b/c Christie doesn’t realize we would have her back but b/c of that I’m going to make sure I record that episode when Jess back doors Christie & laughs in her face – it’ll be epic. Then they leave the bathroom. Christie emerges from stall with her head exploding & then convinces Holly to put up Jess & vote her out. Likewise they could do the same thing with Cliff as the target.

As far as the hamsters the only three I can stomach is Kat who may not be a great player but she’s entertaining, Sam may have serious flaws in his logic but he’s the best of the underdogs in terms of capacity to win comps & entertain & Nicole if she could just learn nuance and time/place. UGH.

Come on hamsters — play the game!


Come on, that’s the game, off course she wants to be incharge with the impression she isn’t.
Its her strategy , it’s not real life.

Bullies Suck

The Four Angels are ONLY puppet floaters. They talk like they can win ANYTHING!


kat won veto


Who are the 3 that people will vote for the field trip? If it puts someone’s game in jeopardy, Christie / Jack / Tommy???


Why not Jackson? Or are we sending Tommy a message? I was thinking Christie, Jack & Jackson but I’m fine going with Tommy if that’s who OBB group prefer (I dislike all four LMAO) Jess too – but that’s a waste.

Although I wonder if that happened to her if she’d clue in – nahhhhhhhh – too great of a risk she’d be the one punished instead of Christie so best to stick with 3 from the six.


I think Jack/Christie/Tommy. If one is in jeopardy, hopefully it will break up that 3. Girls want Jackhole out anyway.

Just a fan

I just want to say one thing. Am I the only one that notices that everybody chews with their mouth open? No manners, none at all, yuck


No, you’re not the only one. I was watching POP the other night and had to turn it off because I was so grossed out, seeing all of them chewing with their mouths open. They’re disgusting.


Christie threatening Nick that she’ll use her power if he wins HOH won’t work if Sam’s gone – J S..

another name

A thought:
Given that production is covering for the majority of the asshats’ behavior, and given that they refused to punish jaws for clear violations, what makes any of us certain that this road trip thingamajiggy will be anything other than a reward?
When the description is may put one person’s game at risk? So what, one person draws a short straw and can’t compete for the next hoh?
Until we are sure that the road trip actually involves something truly risky, let’s be cautious.

BB Casting Call

That was my initial thought…TPTB tell us that someone’s game is in trouble to manipulate US to vote our most hated who are also production’s most beloved (Christy, Jackson, Jack) so that they also think they are loved by America….


Tell me again how “production” doesn’t interfere?! At 11 this morning….all talking about how comps have been different this year but they guess they will still do the popular ones like OTEV and hide the veto. Also mentioned how ratings seem down due to how internet has changed and people watch online now (and see what TV viewers don’t)


Viewership is down this year because of the players and how more obvious it is becoming that BB is manipulated by the producers.
Seriously, last broadcast show I watched was last Sundays. I’m done.
Only info on this year, comes from here and those giving honest opinions on these stupid players. As one that was a former NCO in the Army, and head supervisor then Manager, there is only 1 voted out and one left in the house I would even consider having on my team or hire.
Some very sick people this year in the house, that maybe need some serious couch time.


Sis against jess
Kat kliff nicole- sis
Christy tommy Jackson holly jack – jess
Nick is hoh can’t vote
So no.. with the power used, sis/jack will be safe.


And prob nicole will be the target not jess


It’s looking bad for Sam. Christie appears to have the votes and wants him gone. Holly doesn’t trust him enough to save him. Nicole squeaks by for another week.


Goodbye Sam! They had an alliance without you then made you #9. Should’ve kept Kemi.


Says the girl sleeping with a guy that’s got a domestic violence charge.