Cliff “Michie had a melt down because there were two open containers of peanut butter. I’m going to put two more in there.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Jessica, Nicole and Sam
Nominations are: Sam & Nick Kat
Power of Veto Players are – -Holly, Sam, Nick, Cliff, Jessica and Tommy
Power of Veto holder – Nick
Power of Veto Ceremony – Nick used the POV on himself Holly nominated Kat in his place.

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip
America votes for 3 houseguests to go on a field trip that will put one houseguest’s game on the line

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8:55pm Big Brother gives the house guests wine and beer in an attempt to liven up the feeds. Sam is annoyed because he’s a havenot and can’t have any of the alcohol. Jackson – lets be respectful the havenots are really struggling.. Taco Tuesday, Guac, and alcohol. Lets tone it down a bit.

9:05pm Backyard. Sam and Nicole playing pool. Sam – I said in there that I was going to give a savage speech but now I don’t think I will. Meanwhile, Christie and Sis devise a plan to play a prank on Jackson. Telling him that someone told Cliff that Michie stole Orwell the Owl which ended up costing Cliff 15K. Jackson – why am I?! NO! This is a prank! Christie – no its not. Jackson – it is. Sis – just go talk to him.. I don’t know. Jackson points at Christie laughing and says you’re cracking. Holly – its a prank. Its for sure a prank. Jackson – good job! This isn’t real! Y’alls poker faces are cracking. All three of y’all. I didn’t take Owell. I swear to you. Cliff – you cost me 15K!

9:32pm The house guests are sitting around the hot tub chatting. Jackson tells a story about when he sh*t his pants three feet from his toilet. Holly is not impressed. This story leads into other sh*t stories. Nick comes out with a tampon behind his ear. Christie and others notice and ask why he has a tampon behind his ear. Nick – Tommy thought it was funny so I said alright.. full send!

10:40pm Holly, Kat, Jackson and Tommy are chatting by the hammock.

10:48pm Bedroom. Sam, Christie and Nicole. Christie – How do you feel Sam? Sam – as good as I’m going to be. I mean, I’m not thrilled. Christie – have you spoken to anybody? Sam – no, I’m waiting for tomorrow. Christie – Its very weird, like no one is even discussing it at all. And its weird, I’ve felt like all week no one discussed it. Maybe its because Holly’s HOH and she’s not discussing it at all. Because I feel like whoever is HOH is who sets the tone for how much it is discussed and because she hasn’t spoke about it at all, no one is because usually you kind of want to get a feel for what they’re gearing towards. Sam – right because I’m sure its going to be a majority decision. That’s what I figured I was just going to do everything tomorrow. It is what it is. I’m not going to be flipping out. I miss the boys and Melissa so much. Christie – I know I can’t imagine having little kids at home and feeling like you’re missing life. Worst case, at least you have that to go home to. Even Bella did it tonight .. and then everyone forgets about it so you feel like you have to do it twice .. and then its just annoying.

10:56pm Hammock. Tommy, Kat and Holly.
Holly – do you feel 1 million percent confident if Nick were to win this (next HOH)? I know I keep asking that, I’m just getting paranoid. I feel like my ex boyfriend is trying to late night text me. I want to believe he is here for the right reasons. Tommy – honestly, I do. I do. Holly – and now that Nick is back and its a different setting .. I really like him and I like want to be his friend. And its a whole different feeling and I know you guys were close so that’s different. And he and I started off close but then it got weird. Nicole told me that stuff and I felt a little sketched out. And now its back to normal and I’m like f**k, I love you. And I’m like yeah but I’ve also felt like that about ex-boyfriends who have like f**ked me over. Tommy – I don’t feel 100% confident .. you can only go by someone’s actions and his actions have proven that he is not this mastermind player that we think he is. We gave him too much game credit, I think. He is a what you see is what you get.

11:07pm Bedroom. Cliff joins Sam and Nicole. Cliff – Michie had a melt down because there were two open containers of peanut butter in the refrigerator. I’m going to put two more in there. Sam – you should do a spoon out of each one. Cliff – I don’t know if I’m going to open them. I would just put them in the back. Nicole – Listen, if you open them and I am no longer a havenot Thursday night.. they will be gone by Saturday. Sam – you should definitely do in each one just so that he loses his sh*t. Cliff – I may do one and the other one I might just leave in the back unopened. Sam – put the other one in the back sealed without the lid. He will be like what the f**k happened!? Where’s the f**king lid!?

11:17pm HOH room. Kat and Holly. Kat – As much as I love Christie, she is either going to make it super far. Holly – I know. Kat – or she is going to be gone in the double eviction. Holly – agreed. She is either going to win this thing or be gone soon. Not win this thing, but be top 3. There are the six of us because no one knows they’re working with us and the six of us are big a$$ targets. Kat – I do like Christie and I do like Tommy. Kat – I would worry about them having your back or mine. As the house sees it there are six of us. And there are big targets within the six.

12:10am Backyard. Chrsitie and Jack.

1:35pm Kitchen. Jack, Jackson, Cliff, Holly, Tommy, Sis and Christie.
Jack – did you see that somebody opened up like 4 jars of peanut butter in there. Tommy – there are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! Holy sh*t?! Jack – how does that make you fee? Sis – did you do that? Jackson – I spent two hours cleaning the shower. Jack – are you going to consolidate them? Jackson – I’m not going to scrape the f**king peanut butter. Jack – are you going to be alright? DO you want to talk about it? Do you want a hug? Jackson – If I was going to do something.. I’m not actually going to get upset about it.
Jackson heads out to the backyard. Cliff – maybe two or three more jars. Cliff runs to the storage room to get more peanut butter jars. Cliff puts them in the fridge. I wonder if he is going to see them. Christie – see them.. he micromanages that fridge.

2:40am HOH room. Holly, Christie and Sis. Christie is telling Holly about the days / events of the season. Sis – okay we can’t do memory right now. My head will explode. If you guys aren’t tired I want to do something to f**k with people. Christie – what do you want to do? Sis – I don’t know. Holly – all people? Specific people? Christie – I am so bad at pranks. Sis – the target room.. we could go in there in the dark. Christie – what are you sick.. I’m not going in there in the dark.

3:55am All the house guests are in bed. HOH bed. Christie, Sis and Holly are chatting. Sis – I wish Jack was more open and honest about his feelings but he’s not.

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Things are starting to turn got Cliff!

That conversation with Jack and Christy seems to be a game changer!


I remember the days of being excited each morning to check and see what happened in the house overnight. Not this season. And it’s not just because they’re terribly boring players (they are), but the overwhelming majority are just so unlikable that I just don’t really care. Unless little Nicole somehow flips the entire house, this season is an absolute bust.


This season feels more like BB16 than BB19.


The unanimous votes, most of the house waiting to hear what “the house” had decided on Thursdays, and everyone accepting their place in the pecking order…that was an incredibly boring season…

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’m not about pots & pans, name calling,yelling; but that rude baby micromanaging the food and fridge, I’d passive aggressive the crap out of Miche..screw with his foo and his sex chamber and deny deny deny!


If they start messing with the food Jackson might self evict. Let’s do it!!

Just sayin'

Not even alcohol in the house can save this boring ass season….


I really miss the old executive producer Arnold Shapiro and the old days of BB, remember in the 2000’s when Big Brother was all about gameplay and casting people who wanted to play the damn game and weren’t there to be famous or have instagram followers.

This show has jumped the shark since they put that famewhore Frankie Grande on BB16 and ever since then a new group of fans joined the show and ruined the show to what i know used to be good Big Brother. I just go to accept that this show is at a point of no return now and it’s never going to feel like the BB i know and love, social media and Grodner’s focus on showmances and twists instead of casting a good group to play ruined this show.


Maybe the show will live on in some form but I fear the fandom may be dying off.

mihir l. chavda

it’s indian version is making crazy amount of money right now. i love BB US so much but they ruined it completely this season before i used to read every spoilers here because i cant wait to know what is going to happen and now i really just dont care. everyone is either stupid or boring. maybe because i just watched BB7 again before watching this one and amazing game of Dr.will ruined this season completely for me. i think they might focus on celebrity BB more after this. this seems dead to me.

Holly-Beth Allen

What is the Indian variation of BB doing that we aren’t? I’m curious to know why it’s still going strong over there.

mihir l. chavda

it is mix of celebrities and common people recently and its just drama and fights mostly plus a big celebrity anchoring the show. he will make about 56M$ + for 26 episodes next season. last two season sucked on that too atleast for me.


I wish BBUK was still on. I really miss it. Maybe we should adapt their format for awhile. Where you have to win challenges just to get food. Wouldn’t Jackson have a s8it fit if he woke up one morning and all of the food was gone? I’d love it! I liked that BB way better than ours. If this one is boring you to death, and you haven’t YouTube’d the BBUK seasons yet, check them out. It’s worth it. Their Celebrity Big Brother was great also and had quite a few famous American celebrities on it!

Robyn Thompson

OMG I totally agree with you !


Still think Sam needs to blow up the 6 today there are already cracks and people may think hey keep him he is a better target. Nick and Cliff need to get a f-I got clue and forget about the double because one will be gone before that happens.

Guy From Canada

He blows them up he goes home. He sits quietly he goes home. He joins Cliff and fills the fridge with PB he goes home. There is no point besides 2 minutes of entertainment he should do that, Sam is going home…….

Feeds Gold

check it out if you havent seen it…cliff putting many empty peanut butter jars in the fridge and the reaction of jackson was really awesome haha…hollie, christie, sis had a good laugh from the balcony outside hoh


This show is turning into a grade 5 sleepover.

I’m confused, when Kat is talking about “the 6”, does she think she’s somehow part of that? I can imagine she’s not great at math, but ….


Exactly my thoughts. Or she’s playing dumb. She can count that


Counting and math seem to be everyone’s weak point this season.



John Doe

In her discussion of the 6’s impending doom, she both includes (we) and excludes (6) herself from group. I think it’s pretty ingenious, but I may be giving her too much credit.


I think she is playing dumb. You can definitely see her moments when she slips



Franks fumes

Watching Jackjaw ask Jess if he is disrespecting the women in the house was comedy gold…….


They’ll keep the field Trip vague then once it’s revealed Christie, Jackson, Jack are picked they give us the full explanation.

The three will spend a grueling 6 hours offsite at the CBS personal executives rest relaxation centre. They are then given a puzzle contest where the loser has to wear green paint on their face for 2 days. The Winners get to share the HOH and pick the veto players. Christie’s power is given a Twisto sponsored CAMP CBS ALL ACCESS APP BOOST which propels her power another 2 weeks.


Wait! Is this real??

mihir l. chavda

are you serious? !!!!

Tommy Sucks

Sounds like a Grodner idea! Ur funny Simon. You are probably pretty close. 🙂


1hundo percent joking


Oh thank God!! LOL


Holy shit you actually believed him? You should apply for the show, you will fit right in with Cliff and Nick….


Given what we’ve seen in teh past it’s not a stretch 🙂


I do think the specifics of the “field trip” are vague so they can tailor them to who ever wins. It’ll be another way for production to control the story.


God Simon let’s hope not, let’s hope for a field trip that sends Cliff, Nicole and Jerkoff. They have to go to. Senior citizens home and not offend a single person. First to offend is automatically booted.


hahaha, wouldn’t surprise me the way this season is going!


I never did see where we can vote on that….can someone advise?

Bullies SUCK

Classic Simon! Love it!!! LMFAO


I don’t come here daily as I have in past BB. In fact I haven’t been here in days because the HG are mostly unlikable. I don’t want to give them my time to watch it or read about it. question-most real BB fans are not feeling this BB summer. Is there more negative than positive ratings out in review land? All I read about are complaints!


zzzzzzzzzzzz wake me up when this season is over. Can something interesting happen? If these people were smart they would get out Jack and Christie(esp since her power will be gone next week) in the double eviction. Christie is the biggest liar in there.


This may be it….this may be the season and cast that kill BB. These people are dreadfully boring and disgusting.

I try to tell myself that we are watching and they arent privy to all the info we know but man I cant use that excuse anymore. Everyone knows everything, alliances arent kept secret and how people are voting isnt either. I loved last seasons complete blindsides to Foutte and Fessies reactions(i hated rockstar and kaitlin). Now we have people like Cliff who attempt to get someone big out and wilt like a flower at the slightest hint of controversy. Stop saying you want to win but not “get any blood on my hands”. Thats how you win this game.

Tommy Sucks

Agreed. This is the Tom and Crusti show. Tom has been the most secure and comfortable 12 year old player. It’s going to be great when those two are feeling the pressure and pain of being on the run. Their idea of entertainment is a fashion show. They all are fame whores. It has ruined the show.

Tired bbfan

Reading this update just made me sad….the game I loved so much is turning into a huge joke and not even alcohol can make these people more entertaining it just makes them more boring than before . I blame Alison Grodner for the state of this show because as much as we blame casting for all the problems right now…..grodner has the final say in it all plus robyn cast better on bb Canada than bbus so what does that say. I miss Arnold Shapiro I feel like when he left this is when the show should’ve ended and left it at that. Also thank you simon and dawg for doing these updates I appreciate them very much.

Always Boring

It’s always been a boring show. Outside of a loon banging pots and pans, singing a circus song — what are these people supposed to do to be entertaining? They sleep, eat, play games, talk, talk, talk…boring.


PEOPLE KEEP WONDERING HOW AND WHY SUCH NASTY GUYS ARE ON THE SHOW STAY ON THE SHOW AND ARE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE TO BE AWFUL . WELL LOOK AT THE HOST AND WHO HER HUSBAND IS AND HOW HE RAN CBS ! Six women have come forward with new allegations that CBS chairman and CEO Les Moonves sexual harassed or assaulted them .Leslie Moonves, the former CBS chief, destroyed evidence and misled investigators looking into his alleged misconduct, according to a draft of a report prepared for the company’s board.


Ya know…I was thinkin about everyone dogging Cliff and Nick for “joining the cool kids” and “being a sellout.” I’ve even taken part in the bashing sometimes. But I tried putting myself into the game. You have Nicole and Jess that are just fantastically awful at this game. Then u have Kat who acts like a floater but really sides with the 6. Then you have the 6….pretty strong, but at the same time…there are cracks and sides within the 6 which are against each other. I kinda think I would do what Cliff and Nick are doing. Attach to the 6 and see who in that group has the strongest chance of going further and then work to break them from within. I just think this is for a half million dollars. You’re not gonna go in just to be nice and have tea time with Nicole and Jess. You gotta evaluate where you stand and make the best decision and I think they are making the best decision for them. (Nick and Cliff)


And thats the wrong move regardless. Cliff should have put up one of the six after christie didnt use her power. At least one of them would be gone and Isabella would be still in the game who would still be the BIGGEST target. Nick sam and isabella vs the 5 with cliff jess nicole and kat floating in the middle while they.all battle it out. Cliff bowed down like a chump and now everyone else has to kneel to until it’s their turn to die on thw sword.


I was talking about after Cliff’s HOH. I guess I should say that I would prolly be doin what Nick is doing, not Cliff


Can’t go with that thinking. Cliff folded, could have put Holly, sis, Tommy, or even Christie up. Even if it meant having Christie use her power, which would have then meant all powers now gone, no strongholds to use against them. Then Christie’s replacement would have been on Christie shoulders and blame.
Cliff is a weakling and now being strung along and used to do further dirty work. To be honest, the strongest players of this game if they had stayed and formed a stronger alliance and read and knew what was going on were probable David and Kemi. If Ovi had stayed and used his power, it would have killed the 6 alliance.
Nope, Cliff is weak and will humble himself to stay till no longer needed. All talk, no action Cliff.
I do like how Sam is handling himself so far, at least he’s not groveling. His is normal actions and talk I’ve seen in the past. But do think he weakened on not giving his parting speech.
Nicole so far isn’t groveling nor begging, have to give her credit with who she’s teamed up with, all beggars.
Jessica, Is she still playing in this game? She’s pathetic, no game plan, no true alliance in her bone. Were did CBS pick her up from?
Well, those are my thoughts on Cliff and his failures along with his amigo’s.


Jess probably came from the same modeling agency that Kat and Holly came from. Sis and Jackson probably came from there as well. Lets be real, in reality TV casting producers tend to use people who have the hookup through a handful of talent agencies. The people who are talking about doing promotion together after the show most likely have the same agent and agreed to help each other before going on the show.


See my response above…I made a mistake. I meant since Cliff’s HOH. So I mainly meant to say that I think Nick is doing what I would do. Cliff botched it…period.


I really wish Zingbot would enter the house this season wearing a hazmat suit. It would possibly be the best zing ever without saying a word.



House Mormont

Simon–Quick question…Has CBS said how to vote for the field trip participants yet?

Thanks again for all your time & effort!


You’re very welcome. I think voting start Thursday? I need to check myself ..


Cliff didn’t ask for Christie’s permission before loading the fridge with peanut butter jars. He better check himself. 🙂



BB Crab Shack

Case in point, Anal can’t spell, doesn’t know the difference between a noun and verb; but that’s okay, because she and Jack are hot and can get anyone they want ( barf ) . I bet IRL Anal and her plastic friends are total mean girls that laugh & make fun of women that look like Jess. She represents the Cali Valley girls well imo

So annoyed with dumb players

But if she (Sis) is really being honest with herself she can’t say anything about others if she is looking at the way they look. Have you noticed that her forehead starts an inch above her eyebrows? Honey you AINT ALL THAT!!!! My dog is smarter than this one. She is as shallow as they come. And yes she is fit but so are so many other people and yes she is pretty but so are so many others. What makes her so HOT to the dumb a$$es is that she is slack. Maybe she needs a dictionary to look up the word discretion cause if I was her mother I would be shaking my head. Dam!!

another name

So. Has Kat bowed to tptb pressure and decided to back off the plan to evict Jackson, or is she playing Ofjackson by shifting the blame to Sis and Crusty? I haven’t decided.
The reason they had to include the Jackson is bad with women d/r snips: Kat’s live vote. I bet the Grod has a new face on her dartboard.
They’re working overtime to correct now. They’re working wayyyy too hard to correct. If only Jackson wouldn’t keep compounding the problem when he isn’t eating. This morning the guy that eats enough for a family of 6 daily is talking about Jessica’s food portions.

I’m still not in the camp that says production is trying to secure a Crusty / Tommy win. They have had no problem showing Crusty’s brand of crazy. They’ve gone to painstaking measures to protect Jackson. Crusty may well be getting the Tyler treatment. Tyler lost. Jackson is Grodner’s own sweetwoundedbabybird to me in the way he is portrayed (despite the hiccup caused by Kat’s vote that didn’t match the edit storyline, forcing them to show the Jackson is bad with women snips).

Holly will most likely skate through her HOH with minimal issue. The only person to mention her as a target was Nick, back when he was safely exhibiting a spine while talking behind others’ backs. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sis throws a sympathy vote that the house decides was Nicole. Because of course they would. Toss in a Jackson hinky vote that gets pinned on Cliff or Nick or Jessica. Because why not?

We want the underdogs to rise up. That’s not the season we’ve been given. It is comparable in ways to the Bbcan season we just endured. Everyone sees the alliance. Everyone knows the alliance is going to take them down. Everyone goes after each other and leaves the alliance to dominate. At least it isn’t an all male alliance with a hand signal that means lesbian in asl.

One of the alliance will fall before they get a clean sweep if i were to predict storyline correctly. It could come as early as the next hoh if Crusty uses her power after having some ‘universal magic bladder infection’ premonition (ie/ d/r tells her someone said boo). It could also happen if d/r keeps feeding Jackson information about outside perception. He’ll make his strike sooner than later in righteous indignation because he’s a good boy not a slimeball…. or so he will keep telling with the golden boy edit sure to return tonight re-enforcing the enabling.

So annoyed with dumb players

Omg so true and so funny. I love it!!


Driving back from Campbell River today it dawned on me what was needed. Nicole needs to win the next HOH/POV followed by POV then the HOH/POV

another name

So what big brother gods do we have to pray to in order to mote it be?


The “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” BB gods.

So annoyed with dumb players

And I really hope she does the HOH some justice cause THAT is what we need to try to redeem this season.

Side note. I love this site. Have been on it for a few years when a friend told me about it. You guys are amazing !!!


BORING beyond words. Of course it’s always in the casting, and the producers have watered down the criteria for a watchable season. This is, by far, the worst season e-v-e-r !! They dug up the housemates from central casting but not in a good way dare I say.


Who/why do they put peanut butter in the fridge?


I refrigerated my peanut butter Refrigeration is not required but does slow down the naturally-occurring oil separation process.


I would love to see Cliff, Kat or Nicole win the next HoH, and then put Christie and and one of the Jack’s on the Block. If Christie uses her power, which you know she will you at least it’s flushed out before a double. But in a perfect scenario, Christie and Michie get nominated neither of them win the Veto and the power is gone one of them goes.

Feeds Gold

sam majorly sewering christie to jackson in the boatroom, who believed it

in the near future its gonna be christie v jackson

another name

Sam campaigns the basics of his now defunct speech to Jackson. Well you know Jackson is going to run with it.
Holly? She’ll think Kat is for Holly first and likely maybe Jackson… while Sam is for Nick and Sis first.
She isn’t wrong, but will she defer to Jackson?
Jackson says he will do as Holly wants. Is that something a viewer should believe knowing Jackson’s need to control every situation?

In some ways, it’s a good campaign by Sam… but once they have all of his information, knowing that Sam is more loyal to Nick and Sis, does he have any more value? What… they’re going to pull in yet another player to take the shot they can’t take themselves? Really? No. I think Sam still goes at this point. Since he said he was cancelling his speech, they have to have a small clip of drama for the Thursday episode.

Feeds Gold

sis, christie, tommie are onto the pre game connection and mutual friends of kat/hollie/jackson

christie: “they know each other and they are 100% friends”

Feeds Gold

battle of the pre game alliances is imminent

christie/tommy and jackson/hollie/kat plotting against each other

Feeds Gold

jackson sewering christie to jack now!

Feeds Gold

jack now told about christie saying she doesnt want to go to the end with couples…

jackson to jack and hollie, talking about christie:

im taking the first shot before she does! im not letting her play in veto or use her power!

Robyn Thompson

this truly the absolute most boring season ever. These people are so stupid. I think BB has seen better days and it’s time to kill the show entirely.