Sam “I want to blindside Christie. If I get evicted, it might cause chaos and Christie will probably cry.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Jessica, Nicole and Sam
Nominations are: Sam & Nick
Power of Veto Players are – -Holly, Sam, Nick, Cliff, Jessica and Tommy
Power of Veto holder – Nick
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip
America votes for 3 houseguests to go on a field trip that will put one houseguest’s game on the line

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8pm Backyard. Nicole and Sam.
Sam – I’ll tell you what I might do in my eviction speech because I want to have a total surprise. I want to blindside Christie. I don’t want her going around trying to fix things. Nicole – have you spoken to Christie about her targets? Sam – Ummm… yeah, Christie wanted Michie out. That’s why it was total BS that she was looking me in the eye last night saying I never wanted Jack and Michie out. Yes you did! Swear you won’t say anything about my eviction speech? Sam gets Nicole to pinky swear. Sam – I am thinking it could help you, Nick and Cliff. I want to put a target on her because if its the truth .. I want to say .. I’ll give my little shout out thing and then I’ll say house guests lets take a walk down memory lane. When Cliff was HOH, Cliff wanted to make a big move and he asked me to go find out from the house if the house would have his back. In doing so I went to Christie and asked if Cliff made a big move would the house have his back. And Christie was like as long as its not me I will do whatever Cliff wants. I will vote however he. Totally whatever Cliff wants as long as its not me. I said cool, what are you going to do about your power? She said that she was going to blame Jack and Michie for bullying her, for putting her under peer pressure .. she would shut down and not use the power. However turn of events Michie wins the veto and leaves Jack up there on his own. Now Christie was forced to pretend that she had this whole major plan to save Jack with her power thence leaving me out to hang and dry all by myself making me look like the villain here. I am not. So I am just saying whoever looks trustworthy might not be as trustworthy as you think. So when you go into that voting booth just remember who was loyal and who was trustworthy and I never even spoiled anyone’s games leading up to this point. Because then if I get evicted out it might cause chaos. And Christie would be like I never said that bla, bla, bla.. She will probably cry and do the whole thing.. Why would he even say that?! But she said THAT! That’s why Nick and I were like what the f**k. But Nick doesn’t want me to use his name. I told that speech to you, Cliff and Nick because I trust all three of you. Nicole – why is it when people are on the block that’s when we decide who we trust and who to work with? Sam – I did not want Kat up next to me. Don’t throw me a sympathy vote or nothing. You need to vote with the house.

8:17pm Bedroom. Christie and Sis. Sis – fun fact about me… I’ve always enjoyed $*x but I’ve never really enjoyed it. Like fully enjoyed it. Christie – but you are? Sis – YES! Christie – do you feel comfortable? Is that why? Sis – I always feel comfortable.. Christie – he’s just really good? Sis – I think its just really good. Christie – the way he talks about it too .. I would hope that he’s good. Sis – what does he say? Christie – no not about you guys but before. Sis – oh. Christie – like that he cares and he’s a giver. Like he wants to make sure she c**s first. Sis – but I haven’t c** with him. Christie – NO?! Sis – no.. Christie – how is it that good? Sis – because it just feels good.. Christie – and its hot! Sis – yeah its hot. Christie – but you haven’t? Interesting!! Sis – well I’ve never … no guy. Christie – what?! Oh we need to talk! Even o*@l? Sis – MMMMhhhhmmm. Christie – what about o*@l and … at that same time? Sis – no. Still haven’t but he almost made me yesterday.. not yesterday the day before. Christie – its easy for us because we just know. I always say that no guy could s*** a d*** like a guy because a guy knows what a guy wants. But that literally blows my mind. Do you give instruction? Sis – no. I’m too shy .. is that weird? I won’t talk unless they .. the feeds are making nervous. I’ll talk if they want me to. I don’t know why I’m so shy. Christie – I was always too shy to tell guys what to do. Sis – with my ex because we were together for so long I would say what to do .. but it wasn’t amazing. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Christie – you have to like lean forward like you’re h**p!*g and ru**!ng your c*!* on the top. Sis – oh okay, I’ll try that. I’m going to do that tomorrow. I’ve never o*g@$m*d having $*x with someone and I want to. Kat joins them.

8:27pm Jack hides in a cabinet in the storage room and scares Sis when she opens the door.

9:05pm – 9:15pm The house guests are lounging around chatting about random things. Hammock – Jack and Sis. jack – if I was to win HOH I would probably put up Nick and Nicole. What would you do? Sis – literally the same thing. Cliff scares me too. Jack – I told him he is safe with me through the double eviction. Sis – I just want to get out of here. I want to see behind those walls! Don’t you? Jack – no, I want 500K thank you very much! Haven’t you heard everyone in this house thinks I’m going to win it. Sis – I hope you do win it. I really do. Jack – I don’t know, I think just because everyone else saying that puts a bigger target on my back. I’m leaving earlier but we’ll see. I just need to win more stuff. Sis – yeah to be safe yeah. Jack – of lay low for a couple weeks and let everyone think I’m mortal.. which I am. Sis – I am just sad once it gets to the six. Jack – yeah it will start to get bloody. Sis – I wouldn’t even know what to do with all that money. I’m too young to have that much. Jack – put a down payment on a house, put some in savings, set up a retirement plan. Sis – I would invest in some stocks. Jack – wow, I would invest in real estate. I would buy small houses. Start renting them out and from there start buying others.

10pm Backyard. Sam, Cliff and Jess in the hot tub. Sam and Cliff are telling more stories. The kitchen crew are talking about comps where you have to estimate the amount of time a comp took.

Backyard. Cliff and Jess. Cliff – I hate to say it but Sam is probably out of here. It is what it is. Jess – talking to everyone and it seems like that is the consensus. Cliff – somewhere down the road and I’m not asking who but if we ever what to make some kind of offer to one of the couples to team up and do it. I am curious somewhere down the road seeing who you feel tightest with I just don’t know how that will fall out. Jess – I feel like Sis doesn’t really like Jackson. Holly and Jackson did break up but then they just got back together again the next day. And I am assuming this was slop related. It was a hangry situation. Cliff – somewhere down the road.. Jess – well no its not somewhere down the road its going to happen within the next week especially if this next week is going to be a double eviction. Cliff – we will need to figure out who to go against and who to team up with. The only people I trust are you, Nicole and Kat. If I can’t trust you then I’m almost done.

10:16pm HOH room. Nicole and Holly. Nicole – I just want to thank you for not putting me up. I feel like I can’t prove my loyalty and honesty until I win something. I look forward to an opportunity show that I am loyal and trustworthy.

10:30pm Nick talks about video games and paintball.


11:17pm HOH Room. Jackson and Holly. Jackson – I feel like this is just one big co-ed fraternity. Holly – Sis was trying to explain it when Christie was feeling pressured to use her power. Like she was originally pressured by somebody else. and then she blamed it on Nick and Sam. Jackson – that would explain why Sis and Tommy are so close. I feel like they’re on the outskirts of us four. They build alliances with other people and then almost got caught. So they get even closer because they’re having to dig themselves out of a hole and they’re pinning everything on Nick and Sam. And now they want Nick and Sam gone because they’re all lose ends. Holly – I am really afraid I’m doing their dirty work. I have a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. If Sam would have just talked to me and put it all out there and maybe sold them out… but he was scared to name names. He didnt really tell me anything so I can’t go on gut suspicion. But apparently Christie doesn’t want to go far with couples. She didn’t tell that to me but I heard it through the grapevine. Jackson – who did you hear that from? Holly – Kat or Sis. I don’t know what to think about Sis. She is very cold in this game.

12:30pm Christie – I dated someone that was 50 .. I’ve spent the last 7 years dating someone that was 21 years older than me. Nick – that’s crazy. How old were you when you started dating? Christie – 19. Nick – so that means that.. Christie – she was 41 when I started dating her. Nick – so that would be like you dating a 5 year old. Big Brother switches the feeds to the havenot room.

2:45am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Miss Conception

I wonder if Sis was making an oblique interest in Christie?It sure appears like their is a sense of curiosity in Sis on how the other team plays.Could this possibly put a chink into Christie’s armor? Would she take a chance on Sis? Tune in tomorrow for another episode of ” As My Stomach Turns”!

Lezbo Big Balls

Analice played female competitive soccer after puberty; her curiosity about the other team would have been answered awhile ago.


” Tune in tomorrow for another episode of ” As My Stomach Turns”!” too funny


More like “As My Stomach Churns”.

Sakura Haruno

I tried to stay quiet on this but I’m reaching my breaking point. Christie has no right to judge Sam and his wife’s relationship. Today she said that Sam and Bella are secretly a couple and Sam had sex dreams about her. This guy has two kids he wants to support with a wife he clearly loves. I’m not saying that Christie should like or request Sam or his gameplay but trying to mess with his family life is very low.


Now that shit is something the backyard burglar needs to do a run by to re-iterate & to nail Christie’s BS.

She claims to be above/beyond reproach but it’s crap like this she does every week that is personal & in this case TOTALLY made up bullshit. It’s unnecessary, cruel and has far reaching effects.

OF NOTE: the more she plays this way the more I think Tommy will win b/c it’s similar to Vanessa’s season when she was production’s pet & pulled all her nonsense (at least she was a gamer – even if she drove me crazy) but in the end Steve took her out & won. Can’t you just see Tommy & her getting to F3 with Jess & then Tommy telling her sorry but “for my sister I need to evict you and take Jess”. Even though I want Jess no where near the money It would be the one thing I might applaud Tommy for all season.


tommy’s strategy definitely seems to ride her coattails to final 2 and in the end be more likable.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Oh I’m only hanging on to this awful season to see her on the block and voted out the door. The people who whine nonstop about playing a moral game are always the biggest slime balls.

Canace Harris

She shouldn’t have been discussing it but she was repeating his conversation where twice he shared information about his marriage/wife in a negative light and then twice repeated his sex dream about Bella in front of several in the group. So first he shouldn’t have been sharing this in national tv.


I accidentally flagged this comment. Sorry

Allies Mom

Just when I thought the season couldn’t get more painful it did. Things I never wanted to know: Sis’s orgasm issues.


She got much more graphic in second week talking in boat room to Nick about how large Jack’s penis was & she’s never experienced anything like it. Nick came in with 20 questions that were very graphic. I was gagging . And all this & she claims he’s just for the house. It’s her constantly getting him in the HOH shower …it’s Michie & Holly’s place to go too. One day Cliff had to wait to bathe until they were done. They all need to be sprayed with a water hose or kept in separate pens! Oh & last week Michie quit talking to Holly because she refused to do it under covers on live feeds …gag. I’m hoping Jackson/Michie, Sis & Holly get the outing….VOTE


You sound a little jealous. Feeling a little frustrated at home?


I just threw up a little.


I sincerely wish the come back battle was now for Sam’s sake 🙁


Sad thing is they may have one after jury starts but by then the only people around will be hated.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Why does Sis remind me of a troll doll?


When I was in college, I worked at a video store in our small town. We had adult movies and it was a real eye opener as to the folks renting them. I felt then as I do now reading part of Christie and Analyse’s conversation. Just like I didn’t want to know about my math teacher’s interest in big butts, I really don’t want to know that Analyse can’t climax either because she doesn’t know what good sex is or Jack just doesn’t have the stamina to finish.

I feel dirty…almost as dirty as that HoH shower…

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

If you feel as dirty as that shower you’re gonna need some antibiotics.

Just sayin'

That conversation was both cringeworthy and hilarious. Sis just straight up telling people on national TV that both Jack and her ex bf are terrible in bed lol and then Christie telling her that guys aren’t as good at making girls c#m than other girls are, you can’t make this stuff up like only on BB


Always the math teacher 🙂

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

The Mastermind and the Boss are talking game yet is sounds like an official meeting of the Christie fan club.Wow.


If I ever get to be selected to play this game I hope that I can play along side my best friend but only if they give me a secret power that keeps me untouchable til jury that way I’m safe and everyone is forced to align with me out out of fear…plus I would want first hoh….. and I wanna look similar to the ex of the strongest competitor who is still heartbroken too…with an advantage like that I would be unstoppable

I know a fix when I see one

Cliff changed his mind and ran out of that DR with his tail between his legs a brand new game plan from what he promised America and backed off completely and tells Christie to keep her power safe and in return just keep him inHER good graces for just 2 weeks…that was a drastic change of events

Welcome to the Christie show


Tommy is not her best friend. He is from her ex! Family. Not even her girlfriend anymore. And that close relationship they build ( which wasn’t necessary gonna happen) could make them a target also.
Her power isnt that great if he is not used . Or her Allie’s doesn’t win veto. She is doing a great job with her power , i belived she is stupid to tell everyone but it worked beautifully with kliff. Its his problem.
And also.. she won that power in a comp!!!
Its not like she found it in a room.
First hoh she also won fairly. And people (cody!) Ruin their possion a lort in the history of big brother with the alliance they build first week. It was nick and bella , this season, not Christy.


Christie’s power is powerful enough.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

You must be one of those conspiracy theorists.I bet you think the world is round and revolves around the sun.Silly.


feels like its to the point were we can only complain.. haven’t read one positive comment since cliff folded like a lawn chair and yes that includes my own comments.. i just cant remember it ever being this bad.. was holding on rooting for cliff nicole and sam but really cant stand them either now.. its purely social media status and followers it feels like none of them even want the 500k.. i don’t know perhaps i’m just longing for the good old days..

Just sayin'

I’m not going to lie one of the only things getting me through this season is reading all the hilarious comments on this site from all the other crazy BB fans who love this show as much as I do. You all make this season semi bearable

BB Crab Shack

Anal’s family will be so glad to know if she has an orgasm or not with Jack this season, like wow….. Can’t believe Sam is leaving before these vapid & arrogant people. Nick , Jessica & Cliff are HUGE disappointments . Butt-hurt Munchie seems upset now that ass kisser Nick pointed out that he has gained weight. I’m holding on for the America vote to hopefully see one of the 6shitters get booted. Sucks to be a BB viewer this season


I’m sure they are running Vegas style odds board on the family fridge.


Yes, Sam please blow up Christie’s game on your way out the door, so we can watch her cry for 2 straight days. WTF, blow her game up now and watch the fireworks. If he wasn’t such an idiot and busy screaming at the feeds all the time maybe he would have a chance. Dude eviction night is not the way to do it.


I think instead of blowing up Christie’s game he needs to start telling info about stuff Kat has done and try to get the votes to stay and Kat voted out…and THEN he should blow up Christie’s game! LOL


That 10:16 PM update… Yeesh. That’s what modern Big Brother does to people. That caption with that photo makes me sad for Nicole. She’s pretty much retired from the game. Sad. She had potential… but for… Christie.
Man, I have been giving her the benefit of the doubt but I officially cannot take it anymore. I thought she was crazy for a purpose but her motivations are in the wind. She changes directions so easily and feeds off the energy of other people. She consumes every drop of oxygen in a room and now visually with the Rashgate 2019 getup, I can’t watch her. That conversation with Sis… Barf. It’s not the content, women should talk about sex however they wish, but it’s for the fact that she’ll experience her first ever big O in front of rolling cameras. Great accomplishment. Put it on your social media influencer resumé Sis. I’m over it.


It stinks.


Feel like this should’ve been a Love Island update, lol

Roll Tide

That is a terrible show. Speculation on another site is that it is going to replace BB. I hope it was wrong.


I heard about that also. Seeing how the ratings for Love island are very poor It might not.


there are always rumors about bb ending. but unless their replacement for julie tanks (i was surprised she’s hosting this season, i doubt she’ll be around next season) i think it gets too good ratings compared to everything else in summer.


No chance. The demo for Love Island is literally half of what BB is still pulling.


I love that show but it’s not going to replace BB. They’re completely diff and BB has about a million more people watching it every week. If BB ever gets canceled, it will be because of BB. Having said all that….watch Love Island….it’s great!


I’m actually enjoying it too and agree, it’s completely different than BB! Not even sure why they are being compared?


I think just cause they’re both on CBS…both back to back a couple times a week…and both end up with a winner at the end. They’re totally diff though. The UK one had low viewership the first 2 seasons…then the 3rd season started rackin up viewers and becoming a hit. Most likely the same thing will happen here.

Just me

I still don’t understand why CBS thought it was a good idea to put Love Island on so early and push back Big Brother. I tried to watch a couple of episodes and it DEFINITELY should be on after 9pm. It’s a TERRIBLE show. I kinda feel like most of these houseguests were actually Love Island rejects.

another name

Jackson says food poisoning…. which trough will he blame? Undercooked food?
He got food poisoning just after Nick asked him how much weight he’s gained. Trigger for bulimic episode?
Conjecture. I know.
Jessica has known since the last eviction that Kat wants to evict Jackson. It’s been reaffirmed today. Surprisingly it isn’t house knowledge yet.
I’m not sure yet, so I’m going to say this as “IF”. If Sam believes what he says about what he’s been doing in the game, he’s delusional. He’s not been some hapless victim of circumstance. If everything he’s saying is game, as in spin, then hey cool. I’ve got no problem with spin.
How much of a surprise is an eviction speech surprise if everyone knows about it?


I’m voting for Sam. I liked Kemi & really liked David so I’d be fine if either won but I’d rather Sam win b/c of the circumstances and see Kemi/David/Sam be the final 3 for AFP.

I feel Sam is getting skewered by ALL the people who literally said “I would never put you on the block or vote you out & I trust you” i.e. Sis, Holly, Cliff, Nick especially (plus the others) but those 4 in particular were all tight with Sam & now they are the ones ending his game and burying him.

Even when Bella went on the block & Sam could’ve voted to evict her or buried her to maybe help his own game he didn’t. Just for having the balls to do what he wanted instead of being a floor mat like Jess, Cliff & Nick. We always knew Nick was shady but for Cliff to be acting this way toward Sam is disgusting and UNNECESSARY – it does nothing to help Cliff’s game it just serves to make him look like a p*ssy.

Nick for AFP and I’m PRAYING the audience loudly boos Cliff, Jess, & Nick when they vote against him out on Thursday. In fact, I’d be thrilled if every single one of them get booed. I’m on this stupid tangent now where I want the house to know how despised they are— if my favorite summer show had to be ruined — I want them to know THEY are the reason why!


The hope for those Boos for Cliff, Jess and Nick’s vote is why I will get out of bed Thursday morning


has afp ever been someone who didn’t make jury? i don’t think those will be final 3 due to lack of exposure. cliff and nicole seem like the most likely winners atm.


That’s my point. This season is so terrible it will send a message to cast better (Robyn Kass) or Grodner to stop picking her winners prior to season start/ WRITING the plot beforehand AND to the cast who’ve made this the worst BB season in the history of the show and that’s saying something considering that terrible BB9 winter season or BB15 with all the racism.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Why do these houseguests go around campaigning how loyal they are?Who would be loyal to their competitors and who would believe them?It’s Big brother,if you’re not lying you’re not playing.


I Completely agree. Lying is a part of Big Brother. It really drives me crazy when Cliff or Christie or anyone for that matter says that they’re playing an honest game….. Maybe you’re being honest to your alliance (and that is a BIG maybe) but you are still lying to others in the game. Being honest is NOT lying and EVERYBODY lies in Big Brother. 🙂


What’s with all the ” o*g@$m*d h**p!*g and ru**!ng your c*!*” You think 7 year olds come on this site? LOL


we need a way to convey the gist of adult conversations without typing so bots cant understand. adult conversations are bad for a site with ads or relies on google in any way.

B@@ber's Mom

If it helps this site in the future if I use n@ughty words I’ll ph%kk!n try to mask them.


I can only imagine the spambots that some of these conversations would attract…

another name

I’m very confused about the six dynamic wherein they are keeping Cliff and Kat for numbers, and want to keep Nick to go after the others. So… they want to be a nine to go after the indomitable force that is Jess and Nicole? Oh. If that makes sense, explain.
Every one of them is speaking in code. Jack thinks he has Cliff and Kat and Nick to go after the other couples. Jackson thinks he has Cliff and Kat and Nick to go after the other couples. Christie thinks she has Cliff and Kat and she’s trying to get Nick… to go after the other couples. And deep down… they all know that’s what’s going on. Jack’s reaction within the meeting is most telling, and most suspect.

Nicole’s conversation with Sam should have given her one salient thought, but she won’t chase it down. Everyone on the block comes to her looking for an alliance. Of course they do. They’re trying to save their own ass. If she wants to survive, she’s got to stop empathizing with those on the block, and start maneuvering through those still IN the game. She’s yet to learn to be the iceberg, instead she’s the titanic.

What is Sis really doing? Looking for a man that will carry her through the game, while trying to sabotage the other women? Is that about right? Given that she has a final four with Holly, Tommy and Christie from week one, and that her name isn’t coming up, and in order to get to the end they’d have to couplebreak: where is the surprise? What we learn from this: the final four is not real for Sis. Sis being carried to the end by being protected by a man, and having him do it for her is her endgame. To be fair, It’s Holly’s endgame too. She’s become that girl that says she’s independent, playing for herself, etc. but facts are facts. She’s a plus one to Jackson. No way no day is she flipping on him. What about Tommy? Does he even have a plan, or is it just telling everyone he loves them weekly and hope for AFP? I think Jack’s real end game is take a bottomfeeder, the jury will never vote for them. I think Jackson has the same idea. In saying he has nothing to do with Holly’s HOH, he’s setting her up to take the fall if anyone is offended. Cliff is another playing for AFP guy. Jessica wants to buy a vowel and solve the puzzle (she can tell Sis what a vowel is). Nicole? She has no clue and no active role. She’ll just repeatedly hold the hand of the nominee that’s leaving and talk about what could have been.

Is Sam’s eviction speech idea actually good for Cliff, Nicole, or Nick? Not if Nick and Cliff are already selling it out all over the house. Nicole was right, he should be doing it now to try to save himself, not doing it on eviction night. The reality is it isn’t even to help the others. It’s yet another do the flashy move in front of the episode audience move. Go out with a bang players bother me. Great tv? Greater tv if they actually put up a fight before heading out the door. This has been an extremely light season for campaigning in my opinion.


tommy’s game is to ride christie’s coattails, let her take all the blood, and hope he’s considered more likable. i guess sis and holly have similar games with their respective jackholes but they’ll get lumped in as enablers and unlikely to win over a jackhole. tommy can claim he was independent of christie a little better (even if it’s bs).

i’m hopeful a lot of nicole’s talk is just that, and she’d make big moves when she was in power. but she needs to get in power and that may not happen (plus she could pull a cliff and blow it).


another name,

love your posts! thanks!


Great read on the six and how they all think they have the same people. In recent days as the group has started to realize how tight Christie is in with everyone outside the 6S & that she started nurturing those relationships weeks ago the others have stepped up their efforts.

Jack is working Jess hardcore & kind of surprised me with some intelligence when he told Sis to not share as much with Christie & not to worry about Christie saying/doing things dramatically b/c it would put a target on her but his conversations are so disingenuous the only one buying them is Jess. Jackson has been working Cliff for a while & vacillates back & forth between Nick/Sam – I don’t think he wanted Sam to leave in truth and was probably why he was pushing for Nicole albeit in a subtle way. Holly has Kat over anyone in the house but sure doesn’t value the relationship like she does Jackson unless she’s trying to emulate Dan putting up Memphis. Sis had Sam/Nick the most but also spends equal time shading them.

Tommy is confusing – we know he’s throwing comps (he looked like he could’ve won that last comp easily), so I have a feeling he’s going to try to pull off something akin to Kaycee last season where once they hit jury he starts piling up comp wins. He’s already stated he wants to win DE HOH. We’ll see b/c at this point we don’t know who has the dates down or recalls speeches the best – those are the details which will garner several victories especially when tied in with physical and he strikes me as someone who will have that type of information locked in.

Also, if you’ve caught him talking to anyone not named Christie he’s occasionally thrown out some shade at her – not enough to upset her or get in trouble but enough to plant seeds for the end game. If he’s F2 with her he could claim to the jury we made plans together, she was more aggressive about painting people with dirty brushes & I kept her from completely going off the rails & sticking with the 6S longer than she wanted (check mark to Tommy for loyalty over Christie with them in that scenario). That said, I’m pretty sure he would dump her at end game for a goat like Jess whereas Christie would prob cave to taking him b/c he’ll make it seem like the jury will respect her sticking with him from Day 1 & pile on the guilt from their personal situation. She’s a viper who could surprise & take Jess but based on how she talks (how “no one” would vote me out) I think she has that same delusional impression Vanessa did where she couldn’t fathom Steve cutting her.

I also agree on Sis – she’s trying to play the Pavarti Survivor role where she flirts with all the men & then cuts their throats – just no where near as well. Holly only is playing that game with Jackson (a little with Sam) & Kat also uses it with the men & Christie since she found out she was her type. At least IMHO.


yeah, that’s definitely a consideration in tommy’s game. christie is possibly the only person who would take him to a final 2 so she’s worth taking to final 3 in case he doesn’t win the final hoh. i think he would cut her there if he wins it though and someone totally useless like jess was the other person in the final 3.


Do these people happen to know there are cameras and microphones on them?! Did we really need to get the “sex talk” with Christy and Sis? Geez!


Come on Christy, you don’t need to deny what you said. Just explain you were lying to sam and nick . Off course you gonna say im not going with couples. You have to explain holly that is just to make kat,nicole,jess and kliff safe so they will not go after the 6


And it did. Kliff and kat are possitive the 6 is gonna crack.


TTOTambz inspired this in another thread. (I know regret not installing the qouting plugin for comments)

Nick winning HOH making a deal with a section of the 6 puts up Jessica and Cliff tells Cliff he should recognize this move. Selling the last few bottom feeders out for a space at number 7.

That’s the hope we cling to for some entertainment.


I’m worried for Christie. Jackson and Holly are about to flip on her. Hope she gets them out first! Still a long way to go. Soon it will be the six shooters vs Cliff’s angels.
Luckily Christie is still good with Cliff’s Angels. That should afford her a bit of protection.
We don’t hear much out of Tommy. He is still there? Jack’s been laying a bit low as well.
Christie’s big mouth is catching up to her…but she is still my favorite player.


6shooters will destroy the angels without even winning HOH .. just wait.

I very much dislike the sixshooters but this is what the Kraken gods are giving us this year.

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

Well its happened….. i dont watch big brother anymore this season. I just come to this site twice a day. Saves me 3 hours of watching fake editing.

10000%! BB wants christie to win.


No kidding, they gave her the answers to the puzzle so that she would win the power. Christy is also claiming to have a photographic memory which I’m pretty sure is a lie, so you know production has plans to just give her the answers to the rest of the “mental comps” for the rest of the season.
What I don’t get is why they didn’t do the hide and seek comp earlier in the season. At the point the 6 have probably already told each other their hiding spots like the majority alliance did last summer, so they will have an advantage.

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

How FUNNY!!!! Would it be if Sis leaves Jack for Christie!!!!! Hahahahahaha

I think his gigantic ego would take a huge hit!!!!!!

Tired bbfan

Previously on love island….we just found out that jack is a terrible partner in bed since he can’t get sis to c** for him. Christie is trying to be love adviser despite talking mad s**t about Sam like he doesn’t have kids and a wife he loves dearly. Will we ever get back to playing the game of big brother or have we passed that boat and are forced to watch a low budget love island now ? tune in next time for the next edition of love island:bb style.


Sis is too shy to tell her partner what she likes but not too shy to openly talk about it on live feeds with millions of people, including her family, watching. This kids are so clueless.


Why do they always wait for their eviction speech to “blow up” someones game? Everyone knows who they’re voting for and I don’t think anyone has ever changed their vote based on what someone says in their speech.


One reason when we were watching it, recorded, we would always fast forward the speeches. They never changed anyone’s opinion. Also, why vote with he house always? Unless someone talks and tells, you can always blame someone else for not voting with the house and you can also tell who didn’t vote with the house by how quickly they bring it up and start accusing.
This Season’s BB is on par with the Reality series “Alaskan Bush People”, already considered the worst contrived reality series ever broadcasted.
With what I’m reading on the going on in bed and conversations, surprised this series isn’t picked up and broadcasted on the Playboy Channel.


Funny that you would compare it to Alaskan Bush People, it does feel like they are a bunch of wanna be Insta celebrities re-enacting what it is like to play big brother.


Simon & Dawg – Has there ever been a season with every single cast member (except two) at a rating below 3.0 on your site? Half of the cast members are rated below 2.0 and that’s only because there isn’t a “0” option!


This is the lowest ratings we’ve ever had. The lack of the zero is helping a lot of them 🙂


Jackson claiming last night he maybe gained like 15 lbs in the house in just one month…I’d say more like 25 (man his ego got to be killing him right now)


So let me get this straight. Now Sam wants to blow up Christie’s game during eviction night. Hey Sam, here is an idea. Do it now!!! What do you have to lose?? You are already going home. This cast is just gutless and pathetic. I like Sam personally but he sucks at this game. Cliff is just as bad. How can a grown an be so concerned about fitting in with the cool crowd? It’s embarrassing. Maybe Jessica can save this season. Obviously that is a joke. The owl has more of a chance of shaking things up. Congratulations to the Six Shooters, this game is all but over.


Holly is the same age as Sam, and they are both concerned with being in the high school clique. They are both embarrassing to watch.

another name

If Kat were to win HOH, what would she do? Try to backdoor Jackson? Who would she put on the block though? For some reason i’m seeing her put Sis on the block for sure, possibly with Nick.
If Nick were to win HOH, what would he do? For some reason i actually do see him trying to kiss up to the rest of the alliance by throwing a Cliff and nominating Nicole and Jess.
If Jess were to win Hoh… um. uhhh. okay, i can assess probabilities and read motivations but in the surreal world where Jess is an HOH, i don’t think the natural laws operate in the same way.
Nicole? Suddenly everyone is Nicole’s friend, and all of them have always wanted to work with her. She’d be pushed by Cliff and Nick and Jessica to make the big flashy move while they duck and cover and kiss up to the rest of the alliance secretly, all the while saying they had no idea she’d do such a thing.


Re: Nick putting up Cliff — I stated before he could use the excuse or realigning with the 6S and more importantly he can say to Cliff – hey, you should recognize this move to save my own ass & curry favor — it’s what you did when you put up Bella instead of another 6S & still didn’t draw out the DPOV! That’s not to say Nick wouldn’t backdoor someone if one of the couples promised to make him their third member & I don’t think he would care which one – just whoever came to him first b/c they’ve all screwed him in his mind.

He already BURIED Sam who other than Bella was his closest ally and he did it without necessity so to assume he has any loyalty to Cliff/Nicole or anyone for that matter is naive. So I’m 100 in agreement about Nick putting up Cliff.

As for Nicole it’s a funny dynamic b/c at least once a week she goes from being the most hated – disloyal – didn’t pay us back for voting to keep her — to “oh she’s not on the block let’s pull in her in tight for a vote, take deep in the game b/c she can’t win & in case she wins HOH”. Since Nicole doesn’t play kiss the 6S’s ass (or at least no where near as well as Cliff/Jess/Nick) she’s always in this perpetual state of flux.

another name

I meant throwing a cliff as in doing what cliff did and kissing up by getting rid of a potential ally for limited return. But he could easily put up Cliff as well knowing that Cliff’s loyalty is for sale at a bargain basement price.
I get the feeling half the time that if we did an alliance chart anywhere between hoh and veto ceremony it would look like a block of ten or eleven people…. and in the corner (almost not in the chart at all) in a much smaller picture would be Nicole.


If you make er!@tic sounds and say how great the meal was, don’t blame the chef when he serves you the same meal the next time.

An@lice seemingly uses most of these type of conversations to take shots at her ex-boyfriend; it’s pathetic.


How come they’re not giving them liquor? They don’t ask for it either. Does one have a problem or are they just afraid of any of them drinking?


Probably end up in one giant free for all shag fest!


oh that poor shower

another name

Just opinion: in some seasons they’ve had house guests go in and barter for alcohol: if you give us booze we’ll give you good feeds. This group of entitled dicks doesn’t realize things aren’t just handed to them, so they haven’t thought to ask.
Add to that the problematic when sober personalities, and i’m going to bet they are not giving them booze because the problematic would be amplified.

First Impression of Cliff

Because then Cliff’s barely latent flamboyance will be on display for all to see…?

Franks fumes

No fear BB fans we have the dynamic pairing of Cliff and Jess to look forward to…..up up and away!

another name

Of course Jackson likes Hammock Kat more than House Kat. He’s only ever seen value in her when she’s on her back.
As the house guests zing each other last night and today, I’m thinking Zingbot writers are saying nope. no Zingbot this year. Not gonna happen without a hazmat suit.

another name

One potential zing they could use: House guests, i wrote down all of the ignorant things you’ve said about Kemi since she left… (stage direction unrolls a really long list of paper that pools on the floor) oh. sorry, this is Jackson’s daily grocery bill.


What I wouldn’t give for 5 minutes alone with Jackhole. I haven’t liked his other comments to Kat and/or Holly but something about the hammock & house Kat has sent me over the top!! He is a total d**k!!
The emotional abuse he puts Kat & Holly through makes me want to throw up. I have to wonder how the self-proclaimed Momma’s boy treats his own mother.


Can you just imagine if either of Holly or Sis’ zing was about the shower? They’d lose their minds b/c that would mean everyone knows about it (especially with it going up for the National TV audience to hear about) and they’ve both been assured by the J’s that’s not going up on live feeds. Of all the hamsters those two (and Jackson) have been the most concerned about how they are viewed outside the house.

That’s why I’m anxious for this next “potentially harmful” twist to happen so the J’s/Christie/or Tommy (any combo of the four I guess) discover they aren’t beloved. That fact alone would be reason to vote Tommy as one since he thinks he’s already won AFP.

another name

Something like: ooooh be-eth: I’d tell you to hit the showers, but that’s already where you make your biggest game moves. ziiing.


Sis’s so far unsuccessful quest for the big O does make her a somewhat more sympathetic figure. Don’t give up Sis.

another name

Zingbot for Sis: oooooh si-is… how come the only girl in the house to get a period doesn’t even know how to form a sentence?? Ziiiing.

Punctuation Flo

Took me a second to get this…I got hung on, period.


Big Brother would be MUCH better if they went back to casting only players who actually tried out for the show. Going out and finding pretty people should be for The Bachelor or some other silly dating show. I want to see actual players… I’m not tuning in to watch hormone driven and fame wannabees. It makes my blood boil when I hear one of them say they’ve never seen the show. There are a ton of fans that would die to be on the show