Jackson “I don’t give a f**k what happens after he’s gone. Let it rain fire once he walks out the door.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Jessica, Nicole and Sam
Nominations are: Sam & Nick Kat
Power of Veto Players are – -Holly, Sam, Nick, Cliff, Jessica and Tommy
Power of Veto holder – Nick
Power of Veto Ceremony – Nick used the POV on himself Holly nominated Kat in his place.

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip
America votes for 3 houseguests to go on a field trip that will put one houseguest’s game on the line

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8pm HOH room. Kat, Jackson and Holly. Kat – honestly I am trying to walk on eggshells around Christie because she flips so much. I am just afraid that she might flip based on whatever is heard. Holly – No, it doesn’t matter because she is gungho wants Sam out because he has the key to her closet full of skeletons. Kat – obviously she is screwed no matter what because he is going to give some kind of hail mary speech. Holly – He’s not. He wants to go out with class. He is going to only tell a couple people the secrets that he’s holding and leave it at that. Kat – Wow, should I do a hail mary speech? Jackson – NO! Holly – no, you’re not going anywhere. Kat – okay. Holly – so Sam is going to go out with his head held high. He’s going to say something specific to his boys if he knows he’s going. He doesn’t want to blow up anyone’s game.

8:14pm Storage room. Jack and Jackson.
Jackson – please tell me that you didn’t tell Tommy that Christie tried to make an alliance? Jack – no. Jackson – he was in on it. Jack – okay. Jackson – Kat told me and Holly. It was Tommy and Chris and they went to that side to form an alliance against me, you, Holly, Sis. They didn’t want to go to the final 2 with couples and they didn’t know what side would be better. Jack – got it. Jackson – so don’t talk to Tommy. Jack – okay. Got it. Jackson – what are you thinking? I need you to let me inside your head right now more than ever. Because you for me .. I told you on day 1. I don’t care whether its mutual or not .. you don’t have to tell me that. I need to know where you stand. Jack – Tommy is a concern to me but Christie is not a concern to me. Not a concern but on a trust level with me. Tommy came up to me when all these meeting were going down. I said that something doesn’t feel right. Then we went and did the dance. Then he had his one on one with me. There were somethings going around about Christie and how she felt about the Cliff situation. Jackson – if Christie catches wind of this.. Jack – He doesn’t want Christie to know about it out of respect. Jackson – Kat told me this on the one condition that Christie doesn’t find out until he leaves. Jackson – we’re looking at the final 3 seconds of a time boob .. you know that right?! Jack – But I didn’t tell him that I think he is a part of a final 3 alliance. I also didn’t say that Christie was in the alliance to Tommy. All I said was the details of the story. So we’re going to see where Tommy lies with Christie. This was me playing to find out if he would tell Christie or not because nobody else is going to f**king tell Christie. But I need to know where Tommy lies with us. Was this a Christie thing or was Tommy just on for the ride thing. But I need to know where Tommy lies with us. Jacks – I think we can live out of this thing. Jackson – I see where your head is at.. but out of respect for Sam and his family… I don’t give a f**k what happens after he’s gone. Let it rain fire once he walks out the door. The only concern I have is that I don’t want it to happen is I don’t want it to.

Sam talking to Tommy. Sam – I am trying to separate myself from Nick hardcore. And if I ended up staying and won HOH and the house wanted Nick up, I would put him up .. because I am trying to get into the good graces of the house. I know you want to stick with the majority but I just feel like I can offer you a lot. Like say if I stay another week and get voted out next week to jury.. In jury I am going to vote purely on game. I am not voting on personal stuff, I am not voting on who’s butt hurt and who’s not. I would be good in jury. I used to always get mad when people would vote on personal. Its a game, get over it. Tommy – I know that you hated when you weren’t in the know… I also feel like that .. Jack told me about your other pitch .. I just want to know .. yes we are playing similar games and I don’t always agree with the game play that Christie has. I know that you were also in a similar situation where you were connected to someone that you didn’t want to be connected to. I knew that Jack, Jackson and Sis knew about it today but no one wanted to tell me and I didn’t like that so I got it out of him. Tommy – now with this information ..how is that incentive for you to stay over Kat? Sam – because I’m going to be another target and because I’ve been loyal this whole time. And the people that you feel are more close to you and more loyal to you .. I don’t think are. I have been. I’ve never come after you once. I got caught up in the Bella scandal.

8:21pm HOH room. Jackson and Holly. Jackson – Tommy is being weird.. I saw him down in the kitchen. Holly – did Jack and Sis tell him. Jackson – they told him part of it. Jack told Tommy the whole Cliff situation. Just bits and pieces just to see where Tommy truly lies. Was it a Christie leading this and Tommy just riding along with it? Or was Tommy fully invested with it because Tommy’s made it seem to Jack that he is sketched out by Christie too. If Christie catches wind of this .. then we know exactly who it came from (Tommy). And if Christie catches wind of it then we know that Tommy is more with Christie than he is with us. Holly – we already know that because Tommy is with Christie trying to start an alliance. Jackson – that’s what we’re trying to figure out .. is Christie leading the pack and Tommy is riding along with it or is Tommy also the one that is right in there with Christie. Holly – he is more with Christie. Jackson – Jack just wants to know for sure. Holly – there is no way this is going to backfire on me right? Jackson – no it has nothing to do with you. Kat – once the 6 start to combust you have Cliff, me and Jess. That’s five of us. We could bring Nick in. He loves you. Holly – I don’t even know if we would need 6. Jackson – he’s a number because if one of us is HOH then we’re one down. Cliff joins them. Kat jokes that Jackson going on slop is less of a punishment for him and more of a punishment for everyone else.

8:55pm HOH room. Jack, Jackson and Kat.
Jackson – I am telling you bud I really think he would pick Christie. Jack – you think I would? Jackson – no, I think he would but to be honest I think you would too. Jack – no, I just want the six to f**king work .. it has nothing to do with Christie. I just want the f**king six to work. It pisses me off! The eight didn’t work and now the six didn’t work. Why the f**k can’t people f**king follow rules? Jackson – because that’s this game. Jack – that’s bullsh*t! Level six made it all the way down to the last 7 or 8. Jackson – no they didn’t Rachel and Winston got evicted prejury. Jack – but it wasn’t because of their illegitimacy it was because the got caught up and they didn’t win. Jackson – Rachel was a loose cannon ..literally like Christie. And Winston got f**king booted. Jack – f**king sucked! Sorry Winston. Jackson – no offense to both of them.. I love both of them. Jack – I love both of them too. Jackson – Tommy isn’t going to go to Christie if one he doesn’t think it was legitimately bought by you and two he thinks it will expose himself. But I am telling you his loyalty lies with Christie.

9:24pm HOH room. Christie, Jack, Tommy, Holly.
Christie – how was your campaign? (Sam’s campaign with him) Tommy – it was good. it was nice to just have a real conversation. I told him how scared I am of him. Holly – I pretty much told him the same thing.

10:15pm HOH room. Jackson and Tommy. Kat joins them and complains that she doesn’t feel well. Jackson – yup that’s exactly how I felt. Tommy leaves. Kat – don’t say anything.. but read my mind. Jackson – is it something that happened before the feeds started? (Jackson & Kat having $*x). Am I sure that I did? Kat – yeah. Jackson – yeah. Kat – okay good.

11:37pm Boat room. Tommy and Jackson.
Tommy – she (Christie) definitely knows. She’s been acting weird. Jackson – I almost got hit with another source of information that she is 1000% coming for me. Tommy – I don’t know that. Jackson – I do and I got told things that in no way could be made up. It had to have come from her mouth. Tommy – I don’t doubt it but I don’t know that. Jackson – I know. Tommy – I’m sure its a combination of things. Jackson – I’ll tell you what I got told. What I just got told, only us in the six know. And there’s no way it could have come from anyone else but her. And she told some details which I’ve only shared with y’all. She told some details that only us know. Tommy – what?! Jackson – I can’t do it without jeopardizing the person and what they told me. I told them that it would only stay between us. Tommy – but you don’t have to say who, just what information? What would they know? Jackson – things that I’ve done in this game. Tommy – I think I know what you’re eluding to. Are you talking about the rogue vote? Jackson – just sh*t. Just things. I don’t want to say to put either one of us in a position. Tommy – okay, cool. Lets let this play out and see what it is. She knows that somethings up. I don’t know how we want to handle it and continue to lie to her. Are we going to look like the biggest scumbags if we continue to lie to her. And I won’t do anything until I have the support of everyone. Jackson – I’m not saying sh*t. Jackson – what he shouldn’t have done is tell five people! Tommy – but he did .. he told 5 of the six. Tommy – now it puts us in a difficult position because after this week we are left with Christie. Is it smarter to include her in on it since he is leaving anyway? I keep getting interrogated and I’m like no, no, no… but what are the repercussions of this. Sam is making a mess before he leaves. Jackson – after I’m hearing the things that I’m hearing .. he is telling the truth. He is 1000% telling the truth. What a tangled web we weave. Tommy – maybe we tell her and tell her that we don’t believe it and continue to let her play both sides of the house. Jackson – but I don’t trust her anyways. She’s thrown my name out to multiple people in the house. She is coming after me 1000%. Tommy – I don’t know that.. Jackson – she’s told multiple people in the house that are unrelated. Tommy – what do we do with it? Jack joins them. Jack – she is crying in the bedroom. Jackson – she is coming for me.

12:07pm HOH room. Jack and Jackson.
Jackson – Cliff told me that when they were making their deal he said that she would 100% come after me. She wanted to take a shot at me and mentioned your name as a backup. SHe (Christie) said that the reason she wants to take a shot at me is because I’m disrespectful to women which is also what Nick said. Why would Cliff make this up? Also said that Jackson and Jack are like this.. Said that I’m a physical threat and also told him that I was the rogue vote. There is no way for him to make this sh*t up. Said that I laughed about it when people said that it was Nicole and hoping that she take the fall. She is 100% plotting against me and you. No doubt about it now. Cliff can’t make this stuff up. She is plotting. This is now the 4th or 5th person and all the stories add up. That is hook line and sinker. Cliff doesn’t lie and there is no way he could make it up. Jack – so what do you want to do about it? Jackson – I don’t know. I didn’t mention it to Tommy and I didn’t mention it to Sis because I don’t know if I can trust them. Jack – I won’t mention it to anyone. Jackson – I really hope that I can trust you. I think I know where you lie. I know where Holly lies. Jack – you’ve got to give me 12 hours. Jackson – oh minimum. This is not something that we can just act on impulsively but she is not for us. Jack – However I am f**king sick of this sh*t that she is in the RV f**king crying right now. Jackson – its not a lie if you believe it. Pathological lying. Manipulation and I have no empathy. She comes up here and plays it off like her and Sam are hashing it out. Sam told me what her and him were talking about. She was crying to him. She’s cried to him three times to day.. wishing he could stay. How she is doing what Holly wants. How Holly wants Sam to go. Holly has never once said that she wants Sam to go. In fact she’s said the opposite. Its Christie that’s been saying that she wants Sam to go. The girl is a snake! Jack – got it. Jackson – and we can’t turn a blind eye to it. Jack – so we have Cliff and Kat on the payroll. Jackson – and Cliff said he could bring in Nicole and potentially Jess. As of right now we have me, you, Cliff, Holly, potentially Nicole and Kat .. that’s six right there. Day 43 six shooters blows up! Jack – you didn’t say anything about Sis? Jackson – I don’t know where Sis and Tommy lie. Jack – are we still voting out Sam? Jackson – we have to, I trust Kat more than I trust Sam. If Sam and Nick are in this together and if they’re with Christie .. we’re f**ked. Jack – give me 12 hours .. we’ll figure it out. We will figure out how to get Christie out of this deal. Jack – I am with you! They fist bump and leave the room.

12:45pm Christie is crying to Nick, Nicole, Jess. Nick – are you hearing things? Christie – I am not hearing things but know that things are being said. But No one is telling me what’s being said. Nick – what is being said? Christie – I don’t know. I know that things are being said because I’ve been told that things are being said but no one is allowed to tell me what’s being said until after tomorrow. So I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean but now I know I have to win an HOH that I didn’t really want to win. Nick – we’ll at least we’re in the same boat. Christie – if people are talking sh*t, that’s fine but I want to know that its accurate. But if I don’t know what they are .. then how do I defend myself.

1:27pm HOH room. Holly, Jackson, Christie and Sis.
Christie – I had a revelation.. I am not going to sleep early enough. I’m not praying enough. I’m not meditating enough. I am not giving myself enough alone time. I wasn’t but now that I know what’s wrong, I can fix it. I feel like I am going to be okay. I am realizing about myself that I have the potential to go a little crazy if I’m not taking care of myself. Jackson – you need self time. Christie starts crying and says and I feel like I’m not giving myself that and I feel like I’m going crazy. I miss my family and friends so much. I realize that I am so open and such a blabber mouth .. I say everything thats on my mind and I can’t do that. Because A your words are going to get twisted. B people could just put words in your mouth. C you can’t expect that from everyone else. I feel like if I just took time to myself I wouldn’t be so open and honest with ..almost like I’m having a pity party but that’s my own fault. I feel like I’m blocking myself from God. I haven’t been able to hear the universe for weeks. I feel like I am going to go to sleep like now. My hip is hurting so I don’t want to sleep on my side. I don’t want me feeling clouded to f**K up what we have. A good cry will do that. Sis and Christie leave the HOH room. Jackson – can’t trust nobody! Holly – I think the universe is disappointed in her. Jackson – yeah. I would be too. I am! The universe! Oh man! The girl is either the best actor, best deceiver or best liar I have ever met. She believes false truths in her head.

3am All the house guests are sleeping.

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Lost in Coitus Town

Does Holly know about Jackson&Kat?


I thought she did but maybe not.

Feeds Gold

i think she does, and the zing at the table the other day was about how jackson had been with 2 different women in the house


Yes she does. He told her. When they first started to hook up they talked about how he needed to cut Kat loose. She joked with him about having slept with Kat.


I’m pretty sure she does. I remember watching a conversation Jackson and Holly had back before they really became a thing. Holly was calling him on it and he said “She (Kat) did instigate it, I will say that”. I can find it on the feeds if you want.


Yes she does! It was issue the week he “broke up” with Kat. He told Holly 2 nights ago he was sorry that it happened (barf). He even bragged openly in front of house of being first to have sex with 2 in first two weeks. Holly is a pitiful idiot.


She has to. She was teasing him about it when she was making moves in him and saying not while he was with kat when he tried to get weird her… that’s why he “dumped” kat. This was early on, but honestly it feels stupid to even remember that. These people alll suck.


Okay, I just watched last night’s Veto episode. I can’t believe how stupid and gullible Holly and Sis are. Holly actually believed Christie over Sis! – And Sis this is what happens when karma bites you in the ass ( throwing Nicole under the bus to Nick and Bella ).
Funny how Christie is actually destroying the 6 from within, and she doesn’t even know she’s doing it. She either spins one more lie to get out of it or these people are so stupid- I choose stupidity.

Feeds Gold

christie ended up not really caring, still totally good with sis


Jack is an A-hole! After hearing all that stuff about Christie, he still defends her and makes excuses by trying to put the blame on Tommy the Sheep. What a jerk. Sam should have told all of this sooner but he’s still going to be going home. Of course, Jerk wants him out. Sam can actually win comps… something Jerk can’t do. Bummer to Sam leaving…


The Christie, Tommy, Jack side of teh house are so fake. right now I have them pegged as my 3 least favorite.


Same…but for me it’s Christy, Tommy, and Jess. I’m still waiting to see what Jack really thinks. If he really is still with Christy…then that’s messed up


I agree. But I also see what each are doing (so blatantly obvious I can’t figure out if the others are all that dumb or being definitively directed by the powers that be to ignore it).

Jack: KNOWS he’s in the best position with the 6 should they stick to it b/c he has F2 with virtually everyone but thinks Christie/Tommy/Sis & Jackson all would put up others within the group before him. Hence why we hear him say things occasionally about Holly to the others. In reality I’m not sure anyone other than Jackson would take him to F2.

Christie: Production’s pet. She BLATANTLY lies & people never call her on it. I mean Tommy/Sis both KNOW she has said the things Sam is spilling – they’ve been in the room with her when she said them! I can’t wait – whether it’s Sam or Jackson or whoever that finally calls her out on her hypocrisy, which is why I’m hoping Sam does that tonight presumably as he gets evicted.

Tommy: Someone made a great assessment earlier in the week calling him a cross between Rat Andy Herren & Frankie (UGH) Grande. I’d add in Steve Moses from Vanessa season to the mix b/c like Steve I can see him holding back in comps but he’s getting away with his fakeness around the hamsters who all seem to like him. I also think he’s a smarter (more ruthless) player than he’s shown and won’t be surprised if he’s the guy to take out a big fish or two.

I’m not even sure taking out one would make the other two more palatable – I think Christie has to go first but all of them can leave tonight tyvm lol.

Feeds Gold

shyster christie crying that people are being shiesty haha

Feeds Gold

brussel sprouts bro!

Feeds Gold

its the twilight zone…

christie is outta the loop!


Can somebody cancel the show? This cast is a mistake.


I would not can the show but I dang sure would can the person who put this group together. It would have been a better summer if the jacks and crusty had gone first. David and Kemi were a heck of a lot better than these 3.

Feeds Gold

jackson to jack talking about christie:


Feeds Gold

jackson drilling it into jacks head how shady christie is

jack very rattled


It seems so, but I can’t tell what Jack really thinks.


I agree, all he says when Jackson is filling him in on the Christy-gate is “got it”, I think he’s with Christy all the way and would dump Jackson in a heartbeat…which I don’t care and actually can’t wait to see. I don’t care who of them goes first, just want them to get gone!

BB Crab Shack

“ Read my mind.” aka “ did you pull out when we did it? Ugh , gross. To think that Kat could be pregnant with Jackson’s spawn! In other news, sounds like Sammy boy may have stirred the pot with his revelations….. but fizzy douche Jack will save Crusty at all costs, watch..


That’s all this season needs is a baby jackson/kat

BB Crab Shack



Imagine if there were 3 little big brother babies…Sis, Holly, and Kat…their next show could be Jerry Springer.


that would be Maury


Katson haha :p

This season sux

If Kat is confirmed to be pregnant, doesn’t that qualify as a double eviction?

Club H.O.H

I actually would laugh my ass off if this happened and Kat was prego (wouldn’t be the first in BB) just for Beth’s jealous face that it wasn’t her. Hahaha and good on Sam for blowing up Crusty. Thank you Simon and Dawg you all are the real heroes having to watch this crap season to give us updates.

My Two Cents

I just hope that somehow, some way, Sam ends up staying and Kat is voted out. I’d LOVE to see him go after Christie!


I’m so torn because I really like Kat but I wanna see Sam blow Sh%t up. I honestly have no clue who I think should go.

Fessy once again

After what I just listened to…. Jack is this years Fessy by FAR!! Blind loyalty to Christie and refuses to look past it

Sam tells 100% truth as to what Christie has been doing in the game and Jack (with help from Tommy) finds a way to say Sam is lying and Jackson is the one causing chaos


Jack calls the move if they get rid of Chrisite a “fessy” says it’s the same thing as getting rid of Scottie as fessy.


I was thinking that Jack was just feigning all his reactions. He and tommy and Christie are together for final 3. He doesn’t care if she takes out Jackson as long as she doesn’t come for their final 3. Of course he would rather keep the 6 until there are 6 but losing one isn’t so bad. I don’t have the feeds but I feel like we haven’t heard jacksquat about Jack for days.

Jessica's Knakles

If Kat was an original nom , had played in the veto & won she probably would NOT have used the power of veto to take herself off the block. That’s just the way her brain operates.

Feeds Gold

sis smart to be the first one to tell christie before the others, retaining that trust


Oh I thought it was Jack who told her?

Jessica's Kankles

IF Kat was originally on the block and had played in the veto and won, she probably would not have used the power of veto to take herself off the block. That’s just the way her brain operates.

Feeds Gold

tommie/jack/sis know kat is a rat and one of jacksons sources re christie wanting jackson out

tommie to sis: im trusting your gut feelings from now on

sis has been pretty much the only one of six shooters against bringing kat into the alliance the whole time

Feeds Gold

the only way i can see sam staying as a 1% long shot…

tommie/jack/sis realise kat is a number for jackson/hollie…they tell christie to make up with sam as he would be loyal, and that disloyal kat ratted her out to jackson about christie wanting jackson out…and tell her kat is in both the southerners and cliffs angels and knows hollie/jackson pre show(threeway alliance) and it would be dumb to keep her

sis/jack/christie/tommy make a deal with nick that if the 5 of them keep sam the 6 of them all go after the rest of the house…jackson/hollie/cliff/nicole/jess(southerners/cliffs angels)

a new six person alliance formed…sis/jack/tommie/christie plus nick/sam in for jackson/hollie

then its 6 on 5, and 6 on 4 in the hoh…then even if the new six dont win hoh and two of them are up, if they win veto christie uses her power and they control the renom, one of them comes down off the block, and would have 5 votes needed to renom and send out jackson(or cliff/hollie if jackson wins hoh)

and yes you are right this wont happen but is maybe the only potential way i see the vote changing


They just aren’t smart enough to pull this off.

Feeds Gold

it might be happening!


I would punch those two jackasses in the face. They are absolutely shitholes! Breathe good air!


I will never understand why Tommy is ranking so high compared to the other six. He is so fake it’s nauseating. That field trip needs to be Tommy, Christie, Jack one of those three has to leave to get things moving.

Sure they all suck but i’m looking for some path that doesn’t end with a Tommy, Chrisite, jack, Jess final 4.

BB Crab Shack

Omg, yes…. that is a depressing final 4 right there


when does the field trip voting start?


probably tonight.


In this game don’t you have to be fake??

Just sayin'

I feel like Tommy is fake to the viewers though not just in his gameplay


Yeah, it’s a game about being fake. I find Tommy, Jack and Christie go beyond gameplay with their fakeness.


In the earlier seasons, people could be fake with the other house guests but the DR let us see them a little clearer. Now the DR’s are so rehearsed, coached, and forced that each person is just a caricature of some archetype. Johnny Mac is a great example of two entirely separate personas, one regular type guy and the other screaming, fidgety man child. I generally like him but his DR’s were annoying.


Couldn’t agree more. I hate the DR’s…the fakeness to US…the fake one-liners that are not funny at all…it sucks because it used to be so fun hearing what was really on people’s minds

Tommy Sucks

Agree with you 100%. Tommy is a 12 yo attention whore. He is annoying and a brat. Being fake is the least of his issues. Tommy, Christi, Jackson, and Jack are my least favorites, in that order.

The Beef

I give Tommy a very solid and richly deserved ONE every time I rank. Don’t see how anybody could give him anything else. All he’s done the entire game is suck on Crusty’s teats and say “Yes bwana!” whenever she speaks.


To me, during that whole exchange between Jack and Jackson, Jack looked/sounded shady. I believe that Jack is Jackson’s #1 but I’m beginning to think that Jack is way more loyal to Christie than he is to Jackson.


That’s what I’m tryin to figure out.

Tommy Sucks



Personally, I think jack’s true F2 is definitely Jess – that’s such a Jack move & his priority desire would be to take Sis/Jess to F3 (that’s what I think anyway). Sure he’ll play this whole 6S thing to death b/c of his position within the group – but the truth is he wants Christie/Tommy focused on Jackson/Holly & vice versa.




In regards to the field trip. What’s going on at CBS? Is there a new show that’s going to be airing soon? Maybe the ratings for Love Island are bad so they are going to send them there to try for a ratings boost. Whenever they send them somewhere it’s usually to boost something else on CBS.

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

I make sure my tv is NOT on CBS when Love Island is on.


That show is the worst piece of crap CBS could come up with!!! I do the same!


I highly doubt they are going to send them on a flight all the way to Fiji.

Bullies SUCK

Love Island, ya, just what we needed, another twenty something beauty pageant type show full of narcissistic millennial snowflakes convinced they can find forever love after an hour with the hottest dude/chick. Let’s take a look at CBS’s track record…Big Brother,again, has systematically voted out the four people of color…as the first four evicted. Love Island has nothing to do with love and everything to do with sexual exploitation. But, hey, we’ve got Julie Chen so Donald Trump is still the gold standard in sexual and racial misconduct.


Maybe they will be sent to Love Island. Probable more “Love” going on in the showers and HOH room then on the island. You think?


It’s not brain surgery — but at least we got SOME strategy finally

First, let me preface this post by starting with the timing of the Entertainment Weekly article. Suddenly EW is spilling all the Jackson issues of 1) racism (includes Jack as primary instigator) 2) his poor treatment of women 3) cheating as a Have Not. This is the same mag Grodner interviewed with this season (equals – highly suspect). It’s conveniently timed to the night fans will vote on sending 3 players out of the house putting one of their games in jeopardy. Coincidentally Christie is not mentioned in the article. As a side note- another site I visited intends on their readers voting for the 2 J’s & JESS???? I mean I don’t want her in the house but come on people it HAS to be Jack, Christie & Tommy to break up the trio (yes I’d love Jess to leave & I’m no Jackson fan but breaking up that trio HAS to be the priority).

Sam spills all the beans to Jackson: After initial hesitation Sam eventually is cajoled into giving Michie all the tea: The Fatal Five, how Nick/Sam believed Christie b/c they had in depth conversations about taking out Jack/Jackson & her desire not to play with 2 couples at end, Cliff’s HOH & Christie’s openness to ousting one of the J’s, being fine with one leaving & how she intended to call them bullies to get out of using her DPOV & shifting to using the same strategy on Nick/Sam once Jackson won POV.

Other minute details came out such as Christie painting Holly as the driving force to take out Sam & that she didn’t want him to leave AND how Christie threatened Sam with “if you blow up my game before you leave I won’t be your friend outside the house”. Not sure why this is important unless Christie has some sort of contacts who could help Sam, but he seems to be concerned about this threat especially if he leaves this week.

From this point the never ending “I promise to not tell anyone” — but I will anyway begins. Michie of course chastises Holly for not listening to him to put up Nicole (but we knew that was going to be a given). It is worth noting though this is a BAD HOH for Holly b/c she loses someone who was NEVER coming for her in Sam (or in the case of a miracle today Kat who is her true ride or die). Moreover, nominating Sam has created a huge gulf in the 6S with her/Michie in the bottom position when arguably entering the week she was the safest.

But who can I “really” trust?

Jackson is blind to how much Jack is in with Christie ignoring how he keeps defending her & saying we’ll fix this in a day or so. And ignores the fact he asked Jack not to tell Tommy but Jack did anyway. Hello McFly — Jack is in tight with T/C & is also in the BEST position among the 6 b/c he has 3 protecting him which is more than any of the others have. Jackson also makes a fatal error when he tells Jack he only trusts Holly/Jack & they can pull in Cliff/Nicole & Jess. When Jack inquires about Tommy/Sis, Jackson states he’s not sure if they can be trusted yet. Plus Jackson also gives Jack a gem by telling him Cliff confirmed everything Sam told him & also how the others know Jackson was the rogue vote & laughed about pinning it on Nicole.

Tommy shows the first strategic savvy I’ve witnessed from him other than ass kissing. First he navigates the situation electing not to fill in Christie on what’s going on knowing he’s being watched carefully. But he & Jack still push the narrative to pull back in Christie blatantly showing Jackson where their true allegiance lies. Another takeaway is Tommy kept bringing up Kat being a number for Holly/Jackson. Unfortunately, subtlety doesn’t work with these hamsters so they never come up with well let’s keep Sam then.

Production also blatantly shows their hand as earlier in the night, right after Tommy leaves the DR Sam is campaigning to him saying Nicole/Cliff/Sis want him to stay so if he can get the J’s he’ll have the vote. But then Tommy drops this ditty on Sam:

Tommy: can I tell you a secret? I think Jackson/Holly and Kat all know each other …. at least Holly and Kat… they’ve slipped in front of me… they’re a secret duo…… a secret trio (implication being Jackson). Tommy goes on to say Holly only put her on the block to trick the house into not thinking they are as close as they are (this is also the first hints of Tommy wanting to take out Kat & cut off one of Jackson’s people).

Now ask yourself, if Tommy believed Kat/Holly knew each other or they had slipped prior like he’s implying than why is this the first time we’re learning about it? He’s never told Christie or anyone else AND he’s saying “they are a trio” (meaning H/K/M). The only answer is the DR told Tommy. That leads me to wondering if TPTB are in fact trying to keep Sam & planting this info so a last minute switch by Jack/Tommy/Sis/Christie and any one of Cliff/Nicole/Jess or Nick swing the votes for Sam to stay. At the moment Jack is shutting that down with the worry Cliff/Nick/Sam will continue to be a strong trio (and again Jack wants to keep all his horses in the house believing he is positioned the best among the 6).

THAT led to the Jack/Sis/Tommy meeting in boat room where Jack declares Cliff to be the brain surgeon in the house & the priority target.
Also of note, Nicole listened at the boat room door & catches the part of the conversation where Jacks proclaims Cliff/Nicole as priority boots. This will find it’s way back to Cliff & prob Michie/Holly b/c unlike Cliff we know Nicole will try to keep all her people safe..

Moving forward to eviction day we know:

1.Tommy likely pushes the narrative to keep Sam
2. Jack will push the narrative to boot Sam & then prioritize taking out Cliff or Nicole next
3. Jackson/Holly are definitely fully aware now Christie has to go but barring Jackson winning HOH & POV that’s unlikely to happen to production’s pet
4. Christie tried to use tears & a lack of being connected with the universe for her “talking too much” but Jackson/Holly aren’t buying it. Jackson got far too much intel from Nick, Sam, Kat then Cliff. What Christie does today will be interesting although we won’t get to see it likely due to feeds being intermittent as they typically are on eviction day.
5. Will Sam share the info Tommy told him about the trio? As of now he’s still a goner (Again – LOUD BOO). I think much will depend on TPTB & Christie b/c if she pushes for Sam to stay he likely will but based on how sh*tty the season has been I’m not holding my breath.
6. What will Nicole do with the information she overheard? And, how quickly (if at all) will she share it with Cliff — & will he in turn tell Jackson recognizing he is now the one in trouble?
7. If the above scenario plays out will Jackson finally recognize Jack doesn’t have his best interest at heart & that his intention is to protect Christie over siding with him?

The moral of the story: Why oh why didn’t Sam sit down Jackson/Holly prior to noms? If he had perhaps he’d avoided landing on the block. Likewise he could’ve painted how Nicole was played & possibly have shifted the focus onto Jess by stating she’s up Christie’s ass & a guaranteed vote to keep her/Tommy safe. The easy answer is the stupid DPOV which everyone is afraid of & TPTB are seemingly controlling the narrative.

Sadly, we’ll still likely see Sam leave tonight but at least the 6S are fracturing. That’s the good news. The bad news is it seems most likely (barring a Jackson/Nicole/maybe Cliff?? HOH win) Christie will still be protected with Jack/Tommy/Sis/Jess/Nick all wanting to keep her safe and production seemingly trying to shift the tide toward targeting Jackson.That’s not necessarily a bad thing but not ideally before one of the trio of Tommy/Jack/Christie is ousted. My preference would be Christie just b/c she’s productions pet & b/c I’m sick of her poor game play getting rewarded or Tommy b/c I hate kiss asses.

Safest in house: Jess, Tommy (and shockingly) Nick
Most in danger: Jackson, Cliff, Nicole and Christie (but she’s not really)

Keep your fingers crossed something shifts – I like Kat and she’s entertaining but I’d love to see Sam stay.

another name

In regard to the Kat/Holly/Jackson knowing each other, the slips Tommy is talking about are from Tuesday night. While he is at the hammock with the three of them, Jackson says something about threemance (their alliance name), before joking that this is a final four as they all hold hands. Because Tommy was giggling and putting on the fool like he had an after dark camera on him… it seemed like he didn’t pick up what they were putting down, but i think he did. I think there is some d/r manipulation there, just like I thought there was some d/r manipulation on Tuesday when Nick outed that Holly and Jackson followed each other on IG before entering the house. I thought it was odd also that Tommy knows about Holly and Kat, but I do know that the two have said things that seemed a little too familiar in front of Tommy before. The fact that he told Christie and Sam and Jack and Sis his suspicions all within a six hour period last night…. suspect for sure.


Thanks Another Name — it did seem suspect even if he caught something prior (just based on the timing). For as much as I dislike the kiss ass player I think Tommy might be downplaying his abilities and the more I watch the more I feel like this has the potential to turn into another Steve – Vanessa season where he cuts her at the end OR he figures he’ll win b/c he’s more popular with the jury.

I think he’ll throw HOH again this week but GUN for DE to make a big move & then start winning comps. If you look at how physically fit he is it sure looks like he’s not even trying half the time in comps. And he’s definitely smarter than he lets on with that ridiculous persona he puts on especially the minute he knows he’s on camera.


Someone please explain Jessica role in the house and what her purpose was for getting picked, or what unknown quality she has that got her picked?


They need someone to entertain Jenn City in the afternoons in the parking lot.


She’s a big Hispanic model…CBS makes sure to check all the boxes…other than that they may have figured she’d have some Latino fire in her. Apparently Holly’s crotch has all the fire though…


why everyone is so dislikable lOL The only one I would support to win america fav would be Sam the rest? Damn! so annoying
We need a Jordan!


It’s looking like we have a game going on!!! YES!!

another name

In my mind, the ACTUAL big objection that has Jackson wanting Christie out stems from her comments that he is disrespectful to women.
How many times has he brought up the disrespectful subject to women in the past few days? Everyone else placating or enabling the behavior because they have already seen him tantrum and don’t want to be the one he tantrums on. Every one of the women has mentioned his temper and the way he speaks to women in the past, even Jessica (though she phrased it in the most wishy washy of ways).
In my head, Jackson and Christie are playing too similarly. They both have the house afraid to say anything to them that they don’t want to hear. They’ve both been plotting side alliances, and trying to keep their side alliances from being evicted. I like the Christie exposed concept, I just hate that it is Jackson taking the most from it, because I hate him more. He said it himself at the end of the last conversation,”but she’s saying things that will damage my character.” More damaging than his own behavior that’s been edited out of the show for the most part? More damaging than saying his mom kept him out of jail? More damaging than Kat exposing that he has a dv arrest? More damaging than people actually seeing him cheating as a have not WHILE he was complaining about other people’s eating habits?

While Jack is soooo worried about being a Fester… he should be worried about being the Caleb. He doesn’t want to be the alliance breaker, but he needs to realize hanging on to an alliance too long is just as bad. Or not, let him fixate and go down with his ship, I don’t like him either.
Sis, who parrots the last attitude and idea that has been expressed to her (it’s been a running theme) is now thinking that Jack and Tommy are right. Pretty soon, somebody will just pick her up and shake her, clear out that thought, and place in a new one.

Meanwhile, this morning Holly complaining that she doesn’t like the lying and manipulating part of the game. Uh, this is the girl that is lying about knowing Kat and Jackson, right? Holly didn’t have a problem with being in the 8, and the southern alliance, and the final four with Sis and Christie and Tommy. The only reason it’s becoming difficult now? Because Jackson is offended, and if this week teaches us one thing: Jackson and Holly are seen as a package. If Jackson makes a move, Holly runs the risk of being a casualty of retaliation.
While Jack is prepping Christie for what Sam is saying, she’s over denying (much in the same way Sam’s original story is factual but mischaracterized, Christie is mischaracterizing with a sliver of fact).
Jackson, meanwhile is giving Sam a load of hogwash that it is Sis and Tommy that refuse to swing their votes. Sam knows both Tommy and Sis have said they would swing their votes. Sis because she likes Sam more, Tommy because of Kat and Holly’s connection. Does it matter?
Sam is plotting a face to face showdown with Christie for today. In other words, he’ll go talk to other people, and hope that she confronts him. Yup, into a room with Cliff, Nick, Tommy, and Jack saying Christie will be his target if he stays. So it’s a mexican standoff where each wants the other to confront them so far? Oh. Sam mentions wanting to wait until HOH lockdown. Sooooo… wait until the feeds aren’t on? Oh. prick.

I really want the six to fail. I just don’t want any of the six to benefit from the failure. I know that’s practically impossible. But here i am.


I have watched big brother since the beginning, I did stop watching when evil dick made it unwatchable…and now CHRISTY and her pact of characterless losers are about to end this season for me too. What she said about Sam today being a coward and a pu**y takes it over the edge. She goes so low and personal that is not game and she is showing her true character which is classless and trashy! Like I said before go home to your boys and wife you are already richer than any of these ppl will ever be with the exception of Nicole. Love Nicole she has the most integrity of almost any bb player ever but she is playing against all odds Nicole vs the whole house is too outnumbered!


Nicole for “Favorite” after all she has endured and put up with. She’s an angel with a pure heart in a den of lions.


They need a Dr. Will or a Dick Donato. They would say this what I am going to do, this is how it will happen. Then everyone would be upset and it would work out just like they said.


NOW — we get the REAL Christie as she repeatedly uses a derogatory kitty kat term to describe Sam and goes WAY below the belt as she dives in deep to disparage Sam. Never mind what Sam said is true –With hat tip to Another Name who notes the pair are each leaving out their own parts. The difference is is Sam WAS INVESTED & believed in the Fatal Five – & he’s been left out of or at the bottom of so many alliances. All he’s wanted is a solid team to work with. Besides F5 was just ONE of Christie’s many alliances plus she’s told far too many people she wants Jackson/Jack out for her to deny this & she’s screwed over too many people for them not to know she’s lying.

Anxious to see how Jackson takes the news Jack told Christie after promising not to until Sam was evicted. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but maybe it will shift him to keeping Sam if he gets too worried. And I also agree with Another Name I want desperately to see this Christie-Sam showdown b/c if it’s done with feeds down it just means TPTB can edit it how they want it to look.

Poor Sam’s last week has sucked, he gets nailed b/c the 6S couldn’t get out the target they wanted (Nick – who is now almost the safest in the house). Sam leaves being on slop and Jack couldn’t give him the respect of waiting a few hours to not tell Christie. I guess the latter isn’t terrible b/c it will lead to Christie getting called out. What are the odds Jackson is able to stay quiet?

I know most players want to leave with class but I’m hoping Sam goes in deep and calls out Christie in his exit speech to shine an even brighter spotlight on her. Sure would be great if the audience were to roar it’s approval since this season sucks so back and I wish these hamsters knew how the fans felt (at least the live feeders anyway). THAT should also help to ensure Christie is one of the 3 who’ll be going on a trip this week.

To that end, I’m also anxious to learn about this “one player will be in jeopardy” trip since it has the potential to end up giving two players an advantage and in that scenario I’m not sure I want Christie going on the trip. Hopefully it’s not TPTB serving up yet another questionable advantage for their pets (Jack/Christie).

Again BOO Cliff — your HOH led to Sam leaving & now you’re a BIG target again – congrats for helping Christie/Jack and taking just a week to be back in the spotlight as the key underdog target. (kind of what he deserves)

another name

I agree with much of what you said. I’m not so willing to give Sam a pass because he wanted Flamin Five to work. What was the intention of the Flamin Five: to break up the 8 alliance that he was butthurt didn’t include him. That was the goal of keeping Kemi (his and Bella’s goal) around so she’d take a shot at the Jackholes. He can pin that alliance on Christie all he wants. It was HIS baby. His reason reason for creating the five was ego driven. Nobody was targeting him.
The main reason I am reticent to give him a pass is because of our first interactions with Sam on the feeds in week one. We were aware by day 2 that the 3 of jack/jackson/bella had become a 6. we were aware the 6 had become an 8. we were aware that Sam believed it was a 9. While Sam thought he was a member of the alliance he and Nick were trying to start a 5 man sub alliance to target Jackson. That was our first game chat involving Sam. They were trying to pull in Jack, Cliff and Tommy. Then it was Jack, Christie and Tommy. When he thought he was part of the big alliance, he was plotting to create a sub alliance in order to target an alliance member. That’s part of the game. But just because he says he was loyal and never betrayed anyone, doesn’t mean that he wasn’t plotting to betray from the first time we heard him talking game.
While Sam is likeable, and pitiable to the point of almost pitiful about wanting to be in an alliance in good standing, let’s not forget he had multiple chances to work with, in his words, the bottom feeders, but would not because he looked down on them as inferior to himself. It’s only now that he is trying to really work with them out of desperation, but in the same breath, what is his advice to Nick: get in good with the six and target two of the underdogs. He’s been myopic about Kat, Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica who would have worked with him and probably followed his leadership. Why? Because of his own ego and sense of superiority. If he weren’t on the block, would he even be talking to Nicole? Nope.
Sam is one of the more likeable house guests (when he isn’t screeching in d/r), but i don’t pity him. He thought he was an Alpha, looked down on those that weren’t Alphas, and then learned he was just like them… and still would advise others to target the non-alphas while he is ‘working’ with them.
If he manages to stay: good for him. If he ends up leaving: Oh well. He just would have ended up trying to become part of an alliance of alpha dogs again.


That’s fair. I did miss some of the early game in fairness (b/c NBA free agency was lit at that time so I was writing several posts per day).

I will say initially I didn’t like Sam (not a fan of the DR yellers) but he grew on me & I think I’d be more of a critic of Sam if everyone else wasn’t such poor players. For as much as Sam is likable he’s not the best strategist a fact which is less obvious given his housemates. As far as the underdogs I also get that but would you want to work with Jess? (tee hee – oh the shade) or Cliff who got Sam to actively gauge the house & then took care of his own ass only — with a BS move that can be directly pointed to as why Sam is leaving this week.

I don’t have an issue with players seeking out multiple alliances, or even lying about them but needing to bury those people to avoid saying their aligned is bothersome (like Christie does) Sam pretty much always told those he was most closely tied to he was playing the middle ground & would also lie but he never went below the belt.

Plus he did try to campaign to keep Bella & even voted for her to stay which did nothing to help his game.. He also regularly tries to help those he works with even when it does him no benefit. For example he’s spoken highly of Sis to Michie, Nicole, Nick, Cliff on her trustworthiness for example. And knowing Nicole was a target while he himself is in jeopardy of leaving he has tried to get Nicole in talking to Holly/Sis & Michie to garner her better positioning. In essence I just find his actions more genuine.

Bottom line — you’re points are all valid & I’m sure my assessment/opinion is driven more by taste than it should be b/c I don’t like the personal crap & then denial by the others. He could’ve thrown some personal shade at Christie like she is with him (and worse calling it out to his wife that Sam is a coward/p*ssy & other sh*t). Sam didn’t take that route. I think that’s my biggest problem & why I’m likely a bit too skewed b/c I dislike the others so much.

another name

I think my problem is i dislike them all to some extent. lmao.
As i said, he’s one of the more likeable. but he’s had his problematic moments as well (not in the same league as the trident of evil, but problematic nonetheless). He is a lot like Cliff in the sense that the adults in the room should not be pandering to the level of the brats. Both he and Cliff, instead of attempting to raise them out of the mud, have been far too willing to climb into the mud with them.
If he stays, i salute him. If he goes, he goes.
I do admit, part of my skew is my overwhelming distaste for Jackson (i mean seriously… is the Grod his evil fairy godmother or something?). Anything or anyone that benefits him, I find fault. Yeah, i’m THAT petty.


The problem with this field trip is that we can only send three. Can we send Christie, Jack, and Tommy as the 3, and then include Jessica as a piece of luggage (since she doesn’t actually appear to have a functioning brain or pulse anyway)?


HAHAAH yeah bring Jessica as luggage and maybe she’ll get lost along the way.


The final 3 likable (Soon to be 2) people are in the top three.

Cliff continues his drop. (should be below Jess but ohh well)

gr8tful + jess at the bottom.

comment image

Pork Chop Pickle

I’m rooting for Sam to get a nice even 4.00.


Oh Jack – what are you doing?

Jack is pushing the Christie narrative WAY TOO HARD with Jackson & tells him it’s all B.S. (I still haven’t seen if he told Jackson he already told Christie yet or not – but I don’t think so).

Anyway – the more Jack pushes the worse it’s going to be b/c there are things which the people Jack says are lying couldn’t have made up (like about the hinky vote pinned on Nicole & Jackson laughing about it – the only people in there for that were the 6S). AND I’m not sure Jack recognizes these details have come from a variety of people. NOT just Sam, Nick & Cliff. Even Sis has given them information but the BIG thing here is Kat has been feeding Jackson/Holly information since the beginning and things she’s told them have either happened or come to pass w/o Holly/J-son sharing it with the 6S so Jackson KNOWS for sure Christie is doing this.

Even if Jack was being oblivious (he’s NOT -he’s just trying to move his own narrative ahead to keep the people he feels protected by the most the safest).

It also makes zero sense why Jack wouldn’t give the Christie “facts” any consideration. Especially since HE was on the block when she took a chance on trusting Cliff not to put up another member of the six or someone who would’ve sent him packing (like Tommy for example or Holly/Sis). AND he’s been in rooms where he KNOWS she’s said things.

The other TELLING fact for Jackson is that Jack ONLY defends Christie & Tommy —- he NEVER defends Sis. THAT should be setting off warning alarms for Jackson.

another name

Nick and Bella figured Jackson was the hinky vote an hour after the HOH. They informed Nicole last week. EVERYONE knew Jackson was the hinky vote long before he let the cat out of the bag. SO that one… that one is hard to pin on anybody unless you are Jackson and you think you covered your tracks.
The hindsight changes in perspective are something though. When Christie told the others she wanted to find a way to not use her power and get what they wanted anyway, Jackson was happy with it. I’ve never subscribed to the Christie version of ‘he was bullying me’ about the power. I think he phrased his point in a way that made her irrelevant once she used the power. Telling a control freak they are irrelevant is just bad personality management. It might be true, but it’s like telling someone with an ego about their appearance that they’ve packed on the pounds. There is no warmfuzzy to that moment.
Both Jack and Jackson are right. Allow me to explain. Each of Kat, Cliff, Sam, Nick are giving factual information with a pepper shake of twisting (of course they leave out their part in the conversation) or third hand account. Jackson believes they are giving him this information to help his game. Possibly to some extent, but their bigger motivation is to break the bonds of the 6. Kat has said many times she doesn’t intend to be the 7th in a 6. Cliff has said we have to see the cracks forming and help them become bigger cracks, Nick and Sam have both said create a fracture so they target each other and one or both of us live to see another week. Why did they choose to go to Jackson with Christie information instead of going to Christie with Jackson information, because they all have both? Because Holly is the HOH this week. If Sis had won that endurance comp, you can bet your bottom dollar the Jackson information would have been spreading.
I truly get the feeling that it would not matter how hard Jack fought back against Jackson’s argument. Any time that the answer isn’t ‘yes Jackson, whatever you say’ his ego is wounded and be becomes more and more salty. That said, I agree that Jack is fighting too hard. Like stupid too hard. Like getting in between Jackson and a watermelon too hard.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Three words – Worst season ever. So disappointed in this casting. Why do I keep coming back, thinking it will be better than the previous season…


This whole Christie vs Michie thing is definitely showing that jack would rather side with Christie over his bromance. Will be good to watch when they go against each other !!

Also gets superrrrr old reading everyone’s complaining comments if you don’t like the show change the channel don’t write on a blog about the show. We all get it the casting blows !


haha too funny! I don’t love any of these characters…but I don’t get the non-stop, personal attacks on these people. It’s interfering with me trying to analyze strategy lol


It’s insane because people will comment on here about how mean or rude the people in the house are while in the same comment call the houseguests crusty and jackhole and so on and so forth. hahahaha the internet is a crazy place filled with trolling and hypocrisy


Man – I know Sam has vacillated back & forth about calling out Christie in his eviction speech it’s been on – off -on – off with the latest being he was maybe going to go at her while feeds were down (although we’ve had no indication that happened). BUT with Jack pushing this new Cliff/Kat masterminded this whole thing & they are all telling the same story thing it feels like it’s ESSENTIAL Sam calls her out so the audience can go crazy responding with applause just so Sam’s point is validated.

They still get on Kemi for Pete’s sake & she’s been gone forever (or out of game action for an eternity at least). Plus it’s bad enough how terrible this season is but I just can’t imagine the shade they’ll bury Sam with & “ALL HIS LIES” & personal nastiness if he doesn’t call her out on live TV. For that reason I’m PRAYING he says something so the audience can roar it’s approval. At least then Jackson will know for sure & maybe just maybe Jack will STFU about his precious, flawless, guilt-free, loyal Christie. UGH

Go out with a blast Sam — the fans will LOVE you for it & it might just be enough (even with this early exit) to secure you AFP.

Edited at 6:48 EST to add — HOLD THE PHONE —- the flip might be coming Jack told Tommy (who already knew) that Holly/Kat knew each other prior to coming into the house. This of course gave Tommy everything he needed to say we CANNOT let 3 people get to jury who all know each other prior. And Jack told Tommy that Jackson slept with both of them (that part is weird b/c I thought they all knew that). Sure hope this happens AND I still hope Sam/Nick/Cliff/Nicole & Jess figure out when it does if the play their cards right they could be the majority. Umm strike Jess off that list maybe & insert Sis in her place b/c she’s never wanted to be a part of the 6 from what I can see anyway.