Veto Ceremony – “I’ll just campaign and see what happens hopefully the other person unravels”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Jessica, Nicole, and Sam
Nominations are: Sam and Nick Kat
Power of Veto Players are – -Holly, Sam, Nick, Cliff, Jessica and Tommy
Power of Veto holder – Nick
Power of Veto Ceremony – Nick used the POV on himself Holly nominated Kat in his place.

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip
America votes for 3 houseguests to go on a field trip that will put one houseguest’s game on the line

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10:04 am Tommy, Sis and Jack
Tommy says he would rather Sam goes but he will do what is best for Holly’s individual game just like he supported Christie when it was her HOH and she wanted Kemi out.
Jack agrees says as long as it’s someone not out of the six, “I agree one million trillion percent”
Christie joins them followed by Sam 10 minutes later. Chit chat.
Christie brings up a “gross sexual dream”
Christie – it was a cast member either her or gone. It was really creepzilla it’s felt so real and I won’t up being grossed out

12:07 pm Sunning …

12:18 pm HOH Tommy and Jackson

Tommy scrambling about Kat telling Jackson/Holly that Chrisite/Tommy is saying that Jackson/Holly is teamed up with Nick/Sam

Jackson – IO went up on the block to keep the 6 safe I through out a rogue vote to keep this 6 safe.
Jackson says in no way is he working with Nick and Sam
Christie joins them and the feeds flip to Jess and Cliff

12:21 pm Jess and Cliff
Jess – I trust you I trust Kat and I trust Nicole way more than anybody else
Jess – CHrsitie and Tommy are good. AS much as Christie can be very upfront. I really do have some trust in Christie because she’s a straight shooter. If there’s something that she said and she finds out I don’t think she has any problem in saying that she said it. Her promises are good. (Jess is a mastermind)
Cliff is saying once the 6 breaks up they need to go on the same side.

Jess – Holly has been playing the game with a lot of integrity keeping it classy.
Jess – I love all of them but I don’t talk game with all of them.
Jess doesn’t like Michie’s temper, “Nick and I have the least relationship here I know if he won I would be a pawn”
Cliff – no that’s not the case
Cliff says it might be best for Nick to win HOH and take a shot at the other side then they can figure out their side.

12:33 pm Sam and Holly
Holly – I’m putting up someone neutral and I know they are being sh1tty with things. It’s not personal with me DUH
Holly – I tried and I saw my game be in jeopardy over it.. it might be a mistake.
Holly – I’ll go neutral and let the house decide. I’m sorry I don’t have better news
Sam – I don’t like how I am called out for things when other people are being fake
Holly – I came here to play an honest game
Sam – you have to do what’s best for your game that’s fine I’ll just campaign and see what happens hopefully the other person unravels.
Sam – Kat going up
Holly – I don’t know if I can tell you
Sam – you said you’re thinking
Feeds cut to dogs..

1:37 pm

Nick used the Veto on himself Holly nominates Kat.

1:43 pm Cliff and Kat
Cliff says the vote will be unanimous for Sam to go he thinks even Nick “will do what has to be done”

1:43 pm Sis and Sam
Chit chat. Sam sounds like he knows he’s being evicted.
Sis says Jack will beat her “Technically everyone can beat me, to be honest”

Sam – do you think Jack gets mad because you are hanging out with the enemy
Sis – no he doesn’t get mad

1:53 pm Nick and Nicole
Nicole – why Kat and not me
Nick – You would have a better chance to go

2:13 pm Nick, Sis and Michie
Nick says the double won’t be this week it will be next week when Jury starts. Sam will be the last person evicted before Jury.

2:18 pm Jess and Holly
Holly says the vote should be unanimous to evict Sam.

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I’m so disappointed! I wait all year for this show and this is the garbage we get? I also stopped watching CBB 2 not long into it 🙁

Franks fumes

I know every week the same dashed hopes…’s tough to watch…..I already FF through 85% of BB after dark just to avoid their faces and $hit they regurgitate.

Franks fumes

Crusty to Holly” I’ll support what ever decision you make I really don’t care which goes”……then 30 seconds later “Sams gotta go Sams gotta go”…..and nobody seems to ever find her obsession for control of every aspect of everyone’s game at least annoying?….really?


Exactly. They are so self obsessed that they don’t see the forest for the trees. It’s like they have blinders on. I don’t get it. Even the so called “fan houseguests” seem to be drinking the Christy Kool-Aid. Why they didn’t call Christy out in front of Holly for saying she wasn’t going to the end with the couples is mind boggling. Then maybe Sam would have had a chance. Christy could have been the replacement instead of Kat. And it could have been a wonderful

the core

Why do you think it is so bad this season like what did they do to make it so bad . I have been watching since season 1 and I’ve never watched a season this bad ever of all the seasons this is the worst . I have never watched a season with so many loose lips it is unbelievable .


For me it’s because they all talk like teenie boppers. And think at about that level too.


Terrible casting. Jack and Jackson never should have made it past the screening process. They bullied and intimidated everyone in the house from day 1. Then for some reason production didn’t find an excuse to get them removed, so all of these people are being terrorized for an entire summer. Everyone is afraid to talk, afraid to eat, afraid to dare breathe the same air as those douches who claim to “love them all” so much.


Couldn’t even watch last nights episode. The only word that I can come up with to describe this season…is “Stupid” … it’s just stupid:(


The first 27 minutes was the HoH comp. boring


Eye of the viewer


It’s embarrassing those outside of the six have not worked together and formed an alliance. I have never seen such a group of incompetence. I like Nicole but let’s be real, she can’t win anything and her game has been subpar. Cliff is too worried about entertaining America and his so called “Cliffomaniacs”. Between that and his Cliff Notes you just have to take shake you head and laugh. The guy gets overhead spilling out his whole game and still doesn’t get it. I wish he would just hurry up and get evicted. Then we have Jessica, who doesn’t even know what game she is playing. It is pathetic to watch here this season. She makes Victoria from season 16 look like Dr. Will. Kat is funny and has a good personality but not much game. Our only hope was Sam and he will be gone after this Thursday. This season is done, thanks again Cliff for last week!

Allies Mom

Surely there are some real BB fans that fit the stupid criteria casting repeats every year. Tyler was a superfan surely there are others.

These recruited houseguests are so unpleasant and unlikeable. The only ones I like right now are kat and Nicole and I don’t see either one making it to the end.

What a sucky season.


ehhh… it kinda comes down to the whims of the casting department. sometimes they’re better at sussing out player’s personalities and how they’ll interact better than other times. i actually think the biggest problem this season is casting sis and holly. had they cast women that pushed back against jack and jackson, this whole season could probably be salvaged. instead they’re all happily banging and it’s boring. showmances should at least have drama.

Franks fumes

Part of the problem is they promote and more importantly protect “couples” every year more and more. Now it has devolved into a hookup show with a few nerds mixed in to give the impression it’s still BB…..


I honestly don’t think fans like the couples and all of the sex in the house. We want to see game play and paying around talking about how they had sex in the shower is stupid. This BB game has faded into a hook up show




These couples are only hooking up thinking they will have other show opportunities, i.e., Amazing Race, etc. None of them seem to be “that” into one another. And thankfully, none of them have personalities that would carry over to another paying gig/audience fans.


Same! I liked Sam and Kemi too.

the core

At first Nicole really seemed amazing to me but there is something about Nicole that is just off. I don’t know what it is but there’s something about her. she just seemed so incompetent like she can’t make pudding I don’t know it’s just a strange thing like she did so bad at that comp the other night it was terrifying.

another name

I don’t know if i fully buy it, but her explanation for the comp performance is somewhat feasible. she said when they explained how the wires would move, she didn’t understand that moving a hand could affect foot. She also said she was unclear about the leaning against ropes part, and believed wrapping legs around the rope was not legal. They also changed the rules so that you could hold the rope instead of the handle after the first few people fell. People with any sort of climbing experience had a fair advantage, but it sounds to me like the production directions for how the comp worked were not clear to a few house guests. Would it have affected timing or placement? probably not.


Yes she is incompetent. I felt for her when Bella went after her…but she really isn’t playing. She’s just sitting in the corner all frightened and tries to talk big to someone she thinks is playing even worse than her

Dalia Hobelman

This show is totally immature and clueless this year the young women just wanna ride the guys……lol and the other people ride coattails nokne has balls to do anything exciting lol

Bullies SUCK

“Cliff is saying once the 6 breaks up they need to go on the same side.”

Newsflash Cliff…thanks to you, all you all danglers will be on the same side when the 6 break up. You will all be on the Jury side of the game because as much as they might not trust each other, they are determined to fight it out at the 6.

Much as I hate to say it, he should have backdoored Christine when he had the chance.

Franks fumes

Ed McMahon…..”you are correct sirrrr!”

the core

Have you noticed that every episode Kat is getting the best editing of the show. I think they’re trying to make her be America’s favorite player I think because I don’t think there’s ever been a woman that has been picked for that .why do you think they’re giving her such good Kat all they have to offer


I haven’t thought about that…but now thinking…you are right and I don’t know why. It might be to have a female AFP


The very first one was a girl. Janelle in S7, Keesha in S10, Britney in S12, Elissa in S15.


Thanks for putting me in my place :p


It’s not a good edit, it’s just being a fun, entertaining person. Unfortunately she is the only one in the house so looks better by comparison.


She is funny and has managed to keep herself off of the block after she was on the first week. The others suck and yucky, Kat is funny


Simon I agree with earlier post they put two strong women in and 4 floaters and one who had never seen the show. Mimi was the second strong woman and crusty the first. The others have an agenda to market themselves not play for 500K. So you have a split that shouldn’t have occurred it’s almost like casting wanted to see jackarses play and others play lap dog. Worst season and can’t believe I want Paul back in.


i hope this season doesn’t restart the trend of having one returning houseguest each season. as much as people are hating this season i want to keep it all newbies or all vets. none of the mixing vets with new players ever again.


I’ve been patiently waiting over here for another Allstar’s season!


Same! At least maybe we can get some big personalities and some strategy.


Really?? She put up Kat. Didn’t both her and Sis promise Kat that they wouldn’t put her up if she dropped? I know she volunteered but come on….how dumb can you be. Put someone up that if by change they go home, who cares. Jackson is going to try and get Kat out of the game, I just know he is and if Christie and Tommy know what Kat told Holly then they will flip too. This season is so lame.


Kat volunteered to go up as a pawn


Well then they should send Kat out the door for being so dumb. It would be different if she was truly a member of the cool kid alliance but she’s not. Even she should be able to see that lol

Franks fumes

It’s a lose lose if Kat or Sam goes….less opposition.

Franks fumes

Could a giant claw from the sky come in and clamp onto Jess and carry her out of this show…..every time the undesirables get a little traction she opens her pie hole and ruins any opportunity to chip away at the six… can anybody be so GD brainless….


Cliff will be gone after one more week and then he will realize he screwed this all up. This season is so predictable. So what the all controling 6 will get out Sam, then Nick, Cliff, then Nicole, Jessica, Kat and then will win the game. Hahaha I was hopeing Nick would win HOH then I realized that he’s told the 6 he wouldn’t put them up. WTF is no one willing to take a shot at the 6, it’s so sad.


i think i’d swap jess and nicole, but otherwise that seems about right. all the outsiders are vying for that 7th spot in the alliance, hoping the alliance breaks not realizing they give away too much power in the process and end up with no friends on jury on finale night anyway.


I always wonder why in so many BBs and even Survivor, why there is one or 2 that no one wants to cross or vote out. Like they have an amazing power. What are they afraid of, and can’t they play to win, rather then follow the leader and believe you are the one they will throw a bone to.
So far reading, I’m not missing anything. I’m looking for only 2 things, Christies breakdown, Michies going nuts or hoping the house goes nuts on him. As to anyone I would want to win at this point? Give it to Dawg


I forgot all about jury management ! There may be a narrow path


I think Nick WILL put one of the 6 up but it will be a backdoor and I am hoping it’s crusty.


I agree with you. Nick is just telling the 6 he won’t put one of them up to ‘earn their trust” so he becomes a lesser target/smaller threat until he does win a HOH and finally has a chance to take one of them out. And he will go for for blood…he won’t be wasting his time on Sis or Holly…he’ll go after the Jack’s or Crusty or Tommy and there ain’t a person in the house that will suade him otherwise. Problem is he has to win an HOH to make this happen before his number is up.

Stanley meet Gloria

This season took a nose dive when Cliff drank the Kool-Aid.


Cliff is a Fool


Cliff is the ultimate fool.


This site is more fun than watching BB BS


Hell’s Bells Yeah – I wake up in the middle of the night and check this site to see what is going. Everyone at work asks me what’s the scoop and I give them the low down according to Dawg and Simon…you’ve got a captive audience!


At this point there are 3 people who are good enough at comps to actually threaten the 6:

The 6 just pissed Kat off. It isn’t smart, but unless someone outside the 6 wins HOH next week it doesn’t matter.

another name

If they pissed Kat off for taking her up on her offer to be a pawn… that’s on her. She will use this as justification to nominate Jabberjaws in the future if she gets to stay, but it is her own silliness that put her on the block.


Kat volunteered to go up as a pawn.


Finally things are starting to get a bit exciting.

I give this season an 8/10 and we are just getting to the dramatics!


You’re joking…right?

BB21 Fan

This season is great, just a lot of nasty people on this site complaining more than Vanessa did. This site is great the people just aren’t. so someone likes this season and you all just comment and dislike theirs. Grow up really. Also, People here are so wishy washy. One minute its oh I hate them, then next minute its eh could be worse, maybe you all forgot that they’re trying to win a heck of a lot of money so stop bashing them for their boring yet brilliant gameplay. Love you Simon, love your site. See ya dawg.



I don’t know what show you are watching, or is it that you don’t have the feeds? You really can’t go by just watching the show because every week production paints these people as THEY want you to see them. Get watching the feeds and see how they REALLY are.

BB21 Fan

I just wish people one here wouldn’t be so mean, that’s all

Miss Conception

I hope that the BB house never catches fire with this crew in residence,if it does,no one will escape because they will all be waiting for someone else to make the decision to evacuate.Sheeesh!



Cliff tells Jess that he wants Nick to win HOH and take a shot at the six-shooters, and then they can figure out their side. ZOMG, Cliff! That’s what you were supposed to be doing when YOU won HOH last week!


Just imagine if Nick wins and puts Cliff on the block & says “well Cliff you screwed us & took out Bella to save your own ass so you should recognize this play”

Done with BB

This season is VERY PREDICTABLE! Expect the EXPECTED. I use to subscribed and watched the show, i said to myself I just watch it when it aires on tv. Now, I am not watching it anymore. Boring cast, you can easily predict what will happen. I will just check this site from time to time.


I am trying so hard to get interested in this cast. It feels like 3 people are actually playing.

another name

When i hear Sis retell a conversation, I wonder what it would be like to get directions from her.
“oh, okay, like i got this. so… ummm. you head like down the road or whatever, and you stop at those like red things if you want. and then you like turn…. which way do you turn… i get so confused…. you like turn at the tree. and then you keep going. but ummm… oh…. what was that… ummm like oh i can’t remember… you might have to turn like a couple more times… this is hard… and like you’re there. wait… where were you going? Oh. yeah. like i’ve never been there, but like i heard it’s nice.” 0__o

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I only asked if you wanted a sandwich.

another name

I didn’t know witches went to the beach.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

the tan covers the green.


That was a perfectly on-point of Sis giving directions. Wow! 😮


Kat has grown on me, hope she sticks with jess, Nicole, Cliff, nick. She proved she can hold her own. Would love to see her take out “gross” Jackson


That first pic of Christy is so nice…she’s so dang attractive I don’t know what to do with myself 😮


Oh Cliff to Kat…”The vote will be unanimous to evict Sam. I think even Nick will do what needs to be done.”

Oh really???!!! Him voting out the one person who is loyal to him is what needs to be done. De-lus-ional! I really think most of those people do not think AT ALL b4 they open their mouths.

J e t s jets jets jets

Listening to Jess say that Christie is a “straight shooter” is everything you need to know about this whole season!

Tired of BB BS

The problem is with CBS casting. Why do they only cast 20 yr olds? All they want is camera time, get to jury and hope to get a tv gig. Cast real people who want to play the game and are going for the prize money. Enough with this couple’s crap


My guess is because most people beyond their 20’s have a life. A job, spouse, kids, grandkids.. .too many commitments & others depending on them to take off for 3 months! I could have never left my daughter for 3 months when she was young!! Even now, I couldn’t leave my grandchildren for 3 months.


I’m so sad about this season. I’ve watched 20 of the 21 seasons and I can say that this has been the worst season. I haven’t touched base at all to catch up on what’s going on. I deleted four BBAD’s Because I just don’t have the energy to watch these people. In some seasons there were one or two people I couldn’t stand. But this season there’s only a few that I’ve liked. And most of them are gone. It’s upsetting to think that this is the way people are today. My husband told me to take a break because I was getting angry watching the show. CBS has ruined it for me. Jackson turns my stomach. Jack makes me want to scream.


This season really isn’t BB, instead its a study in the everyday happening at an Asylum and letting the inmates run amok.


This season reminds me of the Vanessa season. It’s so boring and nobody does anything and they all are so vapid. I don’t know because last season was so great and reminded me of how BB should be or if this is how the show will be from each new season because of millennials. I don’t know I am just very disappointed this year.


As much as I’m not loving this season…it’s still not worse than 16…and nothing can ever be worse than 19…as you said.

another name

this season is like being hit in the face with a train. oh, sorry Becky.
With the way we are seeing d/r and prod. manipulation this year, I’m wondering. What if there is a vault of Vanessa d/r tape where she actually explains her game… but d/r decided go for the crazy beanie snotbubble crying edit instead?
What we really need is a poorsweetwoundedbabybird moment. something we can all just point to and say: and that’s why you foutte’d yourselves. The Cliff noms are close, but they lack the deception (mostly because Crusty is about as subtle as a Raven gofundme page).


Raven gofundme page…hahaha She was soooo nasssttyyy