“If I told this to Jack and Jack is onboard would you and Nick be willing to work with Holly and myself and Cliff”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Jessica, Nicole, and Sam
Nominations are: Sam and Nick Kat
Power of Veto Players are – -Holly, Sam, Nick, Cliff, Jessica and Tommy
Power of Veto holder – Nick
Power of Veto Ceremony – Nick used the POV on himself Holly nominated Kat in his place.

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip
America votes for 3 houseguests to go on a field trip that will put one houseguest’s game on the line

Grab your live feeds —-> BB21 Live Feeds Subscription Link
Rank your houseguests —-> Big Brother 21 Ranking

Kat says she’s making Cookies for her campaign “but don’t tell anyone

1:16 pm Christie and Tommy

Tommy says Jack asked him if he trusted Jackson. Tommy told him he did. (hard to hear them because of ambient noise and whispering)
Tommy goes on about his conversation with Jack where Holly and Jackson making their own decisions ow came up.
Tommy warns that Jack is a gamer.
Christie about winning HOH “I’m not opposed to letting Cliff win or Like Jess Or Nicole None of them are putting us up”
Christie – I spoke to Cliff yesterday he’s not putting us up like he’s not
Christie – I don’t want to win
Tommy – me neither
Christie – if one of them put Say, Holly or Jackson up or Jack and Jackson up. I’m not using my power
Christie – eventually some of us have to go
Tommy says they still can make it with the 6 “I think we can take them down”
Christie – Cliff thinks he’s coming with us me and you (she smiles)
Christie – which is fine I don’t care he won’t put us up unless someone else takes a shot at him it’s not our responsibility
Christie and Tommy agree they won’t put Cliff up
Christie about Cliff – He knows this game so well, he knows every blog every podcast
(he never mentioned us)

Christie – I would rather see him with the 6 of us rather than Michie
Christie – I don’t trust Michie and Holly in this game.
They trust Holly but not with Michie in it.
Christie mentions that Sis was telling Sam information.

Christie brings up Nick telling her that she’s playing a great game everyone in the house trusts her, “He goes not 1 person here if they win HOH next week would put you up”
Christie – I’m like thank you… I don’t want to be known

Tommy – he told me yesterday that the only people in the 6 he trusts is me and you
Christie – I don’t think he’ll put us up
Tommy – I want Nick to take out the boys
Christie says she can see Nick going up as a pawn with Nicole
Christie – do you want to win this next one?
Tommy shakes his head.
Christie says she wants them playing in the double because Jackson will take a shot at her once her power is gone.

1:49 pm sam and Jackson
Sam has been doing the rounds campaigning to everyone.
Sam tells Jackson that he likes him. Jackson says he likes Sam
Sam – I do like your game .. you have a very good social game and a good social game without even talking much
Sam – I can’t offer you much you’re really good now .. but in the future numbers get tight

Jackson says the easy eviction is now done, “you’re not an easy eviction, Kat’s not an easy eviction. This is not an easy week this is now Big Brother this is now getting hard”
Jackson – personally I would rather have you here. This wasn’t my deal to have you up against Kat
Jackson – it’s two or three weeks earlier than I wish for you to be on the block
Sam – I never went after you guys or talked about, Cliff did I get that. I never broke trust
Jackson – you’ve never done anything directly to me
Sam – I haven’t done anything directly to anybody
Jackson says there are only a couple people pushing for Sam “I’m curious as to why”
Sam – me to
Jackson – is it because you actually done something or do you have sh1t on them they don’t want getting out
Sam – I’ve been in a room where conversations were had and names were dropped

Sam says he knows for fact names were dropped but he can’t confront the person because he’s being labeled untrustworthy and a liar ]
Sam – If I brought it up it would be wiped under the slate

Jackson says if he was a person making alliance all throughout the house and waiting to see which one panes out to jump ship to he would be nervous about the one that didn’t work out coming to surface.
Jackson says people may be worried about the truth coming to the surface so maybe someone is trying to make Nick and Sam look like liars so when they spill the beans no one will believe it.

Jackson – if I was in a position where I was scheming with both sides of the house and realized one half wasn’t doing as well as the other I would try to eliminate the other half
Jackson – there’s some people that are really pushing y’all as liars (Christie/Tommy)
Sam – I know who they are
Sam says one of those people has “Dropped hardcore names” and that same person is calling him out for dropping names but since that person has labeled him a liar he can’t say anything
Jackson – I would rather you here than go home

Sam brings up that information he gave to Jackson/Holly in confidence got back to Christie
Jackson – I didn’t say sh1t
Jackson says it’s Holly’s HOH and he supports her 100% he’s not a fan of Kat being on the block he would rather have seen other people

Jackson – the way things look right now you are probably going to go

Sam says he was going to “shake the sh1t” in the BB house to hopefully put cracks in the six
Sam – just so you know whether you believe it or not this is what happened

Tommy interrupts tells them

Tommy – can you guys pause campaigning while we do rehearsals

The stupid dance rehearsal

2:30 pm SAm and Jackson

Sam – have you noticed people are nervous about me being in here
Sam says he’s going to give Jackson all the dirt he can use it after he’s gone but don’t name drop him because he still wants to be friends with everybody outside the house
Sam – You know I’m talking about Christie right
Jackson – yeah
Sam – you’re name has come up before not as much as jack, Tommy really hasn’t talked about it but Christie has She talked about it with me and Nick a lot about going after Jack she doesn’t think she can beat Jack

Sam says when Christie would come to him and Nick they really believed her “Bella would tell us don’t believe her she’s going to backstab you. she’s friends with all of them”
Sam – we’re like NO we’re having DEEP talks with Christie this is legit
Sam starts going over Cliff’s HOH when Cliff told him he wants to make a big move, “Jack and Michie”
Cliff asks Sam to talk to the house “Christie and Tommy.. he said alright. he said can you talk to them and see if they will back me if I put up jack and Jackson”
Sam – so .. that’s when I left the HOH and met with Christie
Sam says Christie was panicking that she was going up. Sam told her jack and Michie.
Sam – she’s like I thought he was putting me up tit for tat.. and I was like no he wants to work with us.. and by us. She’s like OHH that’s so good
Sam – I asked Cliff wants to know if he puts them up will you back him and she was like 100% if he wants me to vote out whoever he wants I will do it I’ll be like his b1tch she goes I will do whatever he wants me to do as long as I don’t go up

Sam – I said what about your power she goes it’s not a big deal. I’m going to claim when Jack and Michie approach me I’m going to start flipping out that they are bullying me and pressuring me and then I will shut down and not use my power.
Sam – I was like OK that makes sense.

Sam goes on that the plan was to get out Jack and Christie was onboard.
Sam – long story short you then win the veto and Christie is forced to show loyalty to jack and use the power now.
Sam asked Christie what is she going to do she said that she’s going to wait until they start talking to her about using her power then will claim they are peer pressuring her.
Sam – then the next day or next house. I touch base with her I asked are we still solid (not to use power) and she’s like I don’t know they are really pressuring me I hope I don’t have to

Sam – I said what do you mean hope you don’t have to I thought you said you weren’t I told Cliff you weren’t
Sam – she said If I don’t they will know I am out to get them
Sam says it was that point where Christie flipped on them. She started telling people that Sam and Nick were bullying her to not use the power.
Sam continues the story of Christie telling people that Nick and Sam were peer pressuring her.
Jackson – Yup that is exactly what happened

Sam says right now Christie is super nervous
Jackson – so Christie was all GUNG ho to get me or jack out
Sam – yeah. Mostly JAck

Jackson remembers back how Christie was acting “So that was all an act”
Sam brings up Christie flipping the entire script on him just to make him look bad.
Sam – she said I came and attacked her.

After about 20 minutes Jackson knows about the whole Cliff HOH and how Christie bamboozled Nick and Sam after Jackson won the POV. Before the veto win she wanted Jack out.

Sam says he caught Christie in a conversation with Cliff where she was pushing for Sam to be evicted saying the house wants it and Cliff was saying “I’ll do whatever the house wants”
Sam adds that later he asked her what the house wants and she told him “I have no idea Sam I want you to stay so bad so bad but it’s what Holly wants and Holly really wants you out either you or Nick so I have to do what the house wants”
Jackson – nope nope that’s not the case at all
Sam – I’ve counted out 5 things .. (lies)
Sam – that’s why she’s freaking out she’s scared I’m going to blow up

Jackson – what you just told me will stay but it will not be for nothing it will benefit the right people’s games

Sam – why am I going
Jackson – Christie is pushing for you
Sam – right!!! couldn’t that be a sign couldn’t you push Jack off the record be like YO
Jackson – you want me to do that cause I will talk to him but you said to leave this here until you leave.
Sam – if this helps me stay that would be freaking good.. can you trust jack with that
Jackson – Jack’s my boy
Sam – if there was a flipped and I stayed and Christie was blindsided I wouldn’t care if sh1t hit the fan
Jackson – If I bring this up to jack he’ll want to talk to you about it
Jackson – moving forward. If I told this to Jack and Jack is onboard would you and Nick be willing to work with Holly and myself and maybe even Cliff to get out Christie
Sam – well yeah dude. I told Holly we’ve never had a problem with you and Holly

2:49 pm Christie

(the fuse is lit)

3:00 pm Holly and Jackson
Jackson – This is why I didn’t want kat up there.
Holly – why didn’t you tell me
Jackson – I’m not going to pressure you. This is your HOH .. Who has been pushing you, Christie!
Holly about kat – She cannot go home she cannot go home
Jackson – we gotta talk this is what my gut has been warning me.. all these question marks I just got everyone filled in.
Holly – the vote cannot f*ing flip .. it cannot flip ..

everyone else just hanging out

3:10 pm Holly and Jackson.
Jackson starts to fill her in with what Sam said.
Holly – this is the type of sh1t he needed to tell me before. I said to him if he told me serious things.
Jackson says sam will not come after them if he stays
holly – Kat cannot go home though
Jackson – this is why I wanted Nicole
Holly – F*****
holly says she wishes they had a chance to talk more
Jackson says he tried but Christie and all them were always up in the HOH
Holly says Kat doesn’t trust Christie
Jackson – will kat put up Christie?
Holly – I don’t know

After some talking, they decide to get as much information out of Sam but still have him evicted. Sounds like they want to try and get Cliff and kat to target the other side.

4:23 pm Jackson and Jack
Jackson filling Jack in on his talk with Sam.
Jackson – Christie was 1000% percent on board with voting you out
Jackson says Chrsiies told Sam when asked about the power – I won’t use it I will make Jackson and Jack look like they are bullying me to use it
Jackson says Christie was forming an alliance with the other side of the house to cover her bases and was consistently mentioning Jack’s name.

Jackson – everything adds up
Jack – why hasn’t sis told me
Jackson – she tried to tell Holly but couldn’t remember the details of it this took about 45 minutes of Sam telling me.
Jack says that Christie is doing something sketchy with SIS

Jack – I have confidence in my game that b1tch don’t scare me
Jackson – I’m not scared of her
Jack – if she wins HO would she have the GAUL. I don’t think she’s shooting that shot that early
Jackson – she is forming people to do it for her
Jackson – she’s been weird all week

Jackson – I f*ing knew we needed to put Nicole up why did Christie freak out so much? She knew if Nicole went up Sam could potentially flip the script on her and she could stay
Jack – of course
Jackson – if Kat goes up there’s no way we’re voting out Kat
Jackson says Christie may be doing all the dirty work she doesn’t want to get caught so she makes other people seem worse than her

Jackson claims his gut has been telling him for weeks about Christie but he’s buried it.
Jackson says Christie is trying to pull Sis away from Jack.

5:18 pm Jackson tells Kat she’s staying everyone is voting out Sam.

5:29 pm Sam and Nicole
Sam says Michie, jack knows about Christie. Sis knows but she’s not supposed to.
Sam – we have a little secret thing.

5:52 pm Holly and Sis
(Sam and Christie talked where he brought up the whole thing he’s been spreading around. She ran up to the HOH after that conversation and gave her sh1t shooters a christie recap)
Holly about the Info from Sam “You believe it right”
Sis – I do but then Christie came up here and said she had to say whatever to him
Holly – She’s trying to get ahead of it
Holly – do you know what Sam actually said to Christie
Sis – I can ask him
Holly – what if she knows that he’s told them (Michie, Jack)

Sis – maybe Christie is really telling the truth
Holly – I don’t know. I’m afraid she’s not. She’s worrying me a lot

5:40 pm Jessica and Kat
Kat tells her that there’s something going on with Christie she’s rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

Kat – Sam has Dirt on Christie
Kat – she was the one that wanted JAck and Jackson up with Cliff
Jess – no no … (Jess will never believe it her idols)

6:12 pm – 6:42 pm Sam and Jack
Sam filling Jack in. “The full entire story”

6:15 pm Holly, Jackson and Kat
Kat is worried Christie might campaign against her
Holly says Christie is campaigning to get Sam gone
Jackson – you aren’t going anywhere I promise

They talk about after Sm goes they have to stop being buddy buddy. They’ll go back to how they were, “b1tchy”

6:41 pm Jackson and Sam
Jackson says Christie has been up to sh1t for 2 weeks now.
Jackson – she was the reason why Holly didn’t put up Nicole.. I wanted Nicole up there but it’s not my place to sit there and do what Christie is doing push a name down Holly’s throat.
Jackson – she’s a grown a$$ woman this is her game. My Game shouldn’t influence your game. It’s best for her game so be it.

Jackson was always wondering why Christie was pushing so hard for Nick and sam.
“I’m sitting there a week or two ago and I was thinking what’s going on here .. there’s more than meets the eye”
“I’ve had a lot of connected dots but there’s still been a disconnect. If I would have heard this two days ago Nicole would be sitting on the block you would be staying.”

Sam says he’s not sure jack believes him
Jackson – he does we believe you

Sam says a couple of hours ago when he campaigned to Christie “she was like Sam I still don’t know whos going home it’s whatever Holly wants I’m doing whatever she wants it’s going to be a majority thing. She goes, sometime tonight we’re going to get together and we’ll decide who goes home”
Sam – she goes you know what if I go up there (HOH) and they want to keep you I’m completely 100% fine with that I would love to see you stay
Jackson – she came in here and said the exact opposite. she was like, it was me and him hashing things out blah blah blah like he’s gotta gotta he’s gotta go
Sam – Hashing things out? hashing what out? what he f* do we have to hash out
Jackson – she says yeah you know how when people approach you with things like an alliance you can’t say no
Sam laughs “no no no no ohh that is irritating”
Jackson – I didn’t buy it

Sam – she goes, I’m going to be friends with everyone in this house I respect the game. then she said, If you came out and burned me in the game I probably wouldn’t be friends with you after this

7:00 pm Sam and Holly in the HOH. Sam starts filling her in on the story.

7:05 pm Sis and Jackson

Jackson – I’ve had my suspicions about Christie for weeks
Sis – what does Jack think
Jackon brings up all his talking points how Sam was never lying and the only person that wanted Sam out was Christie
Sis is unsure Jack believe the story.
Jackson says there are other things that make Christie untrustworthy, “Her gunning for me an Jack ”
Sis – other people? that is why I get confused she’s ever made that clear to me
Jackson – why would she (LOL no doubt)
Jackson – we need Kat more than Sam. This is why I wanted Nicole up so bad
Sis – KAt isn’t willing to make big moves
Jackson – yes she is
Sis – I feel like she’ll put me up

Sis – I can’t believe she did that I can’t believe she was going to say you and Jack bullied her to use her power
Jackson says he’s not surprised
Jackson – I believe Sam 100%
Sis – I do too

Jackson goes on about never disrespecting people. (this is 100% DR driven. Holly and him have been putting a lot of energy into Jackson imagine. Jack has been as well. )

7:22 pm Jack and Sis

Jack – Sam didn’t come up with this idea until after he spoke with Michie
Sis – he told me a few days ago
Jack – ohh
Jack thinks what Christie did is fine “It’s being taken out of context” (AHAHAHHAAH)
Jack – it holds weight and it’s good to know about it I don’t think it’s good to act on it
Jack says if yo act on it it’s like you are fessy and you throw away Scottie
Jack – the 6 is solid
Sis – it’s just being blown out of context
Jack – it is and it isn’t

Tommy joins them …
jack says Sam is “making a manipulation play against Christie”

7:36 pm

Jack says there’s a lot of crazy sh1t flying out about Christie right now
Tommy says they warned Christie about running her mouth.
Jack – certainly doesn’t make me feel like flipping a vote
Jack wants them to keep moving with the 6. Jack goes on about how he doesn’t believe everything Sam is saying.

7:43 pm HOH Sam, Holly, and Jackson
Sam still going on about having a lot to offer them
Holly – Sam, I really wish you would have told me before. I can’t justify kat going home

Holly warns him about Tommy finding out.
Sam is worried that jack might tell Tommy. Jack told Sam he would just “feel” Tommy out.
Holly – I don’t think Tommy should know at this point they are very very close.

Holly and Jackson are talking about pulling Christie in tonight and ask her why she wants Sam out so bad.

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Ok, this is a low simmer now … we need a full boil … we’ll see.

The Corey's

I’ve tagged out on the week so what have I missed and is sam going home?

Just wondering If I need to watch tomorrow night or not.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

FINALLY, someone going down fighting! Jack is so in love with himself it’s made him stupid.


Oh man, that should shake things up….I don’t think it will be enough to save Sam unfortunately but it will hopefully at least be interesting to watch it all crumble after he goes! Gotta make me some popcorn!


I knew it would happen eventually. Dang Christy! They need her out, not Sam.


Sam you are such a dumbass. Why didn’t you do all of this before a replacement was picked. He’s still a deadman walking but it will be fun to watch Christie spout off more lies that get her caught. The clock is ticking Christie.


So happy Sam had the bal$s to do it…even if it was too late to save him.


Not Christy.

Without her there is nothing.


Good try Sam, but it just doesn’t matter. No one else in the house will believe it but Jackson, the others are so far up her ass it won’t matter what anybody says against her !
I HATE that Christie is so secure she thinks she doesn’t even have to win Hoh anymore !!



Feeds Gold

wait until jack tells christie that jackson/hollie are gunning for her

sis being filled in by sam what he has told jackson, then sam/sis saw jacks talking

potential powder keg situation for six shooters

i do think it will end up christie/tommy/jack/sis vs jackson/hollie(with kat)


Why focus on Christie while she still has the power?

Feeds Gold

jackson doesnt seem to care about the power

he has felt for a while christie has been shady, now sam confirmed it

jackson wants christie out, christie wants jackson out

look how weirded out jack is with the news, very rattled(didnt mention the news to tommie)

the next jack/sis, jackson/sis and jack/christie one on ones will be interesting


Christie’s power isn’t all that great. It depends on who wins the veto so if someone she trusts wins then her power matters otherwise her power is irrelevant.

Watch from a distance

How much longer does crusty have the power?


I think this is the last week she has the power isn’t it?


Exactly. Like it’s super super powerful if her or her allies win the veto…but if it’s any of the people who believe Christy is shady, winning the veto…then it’s worthless


Wait is Jack closer to Christie then he is with Jackson?

Feeds Gold



Yes…everyone is closer to Christy than with anyone else lol (except for Jackson, Holly, and Kat)


His voice is annoying as all heck…but I don’t think he’s a creep. And yes…INDIRECTLY Christy did want Jack out. Cliff’s plan was to put up Michie and Jack with the goal of getting Jack out. Christy signed on to fully support Cliff as long as it saved her. So because the plan was to get Jack out…and Christy was sooo vocal of supporting Cliff’s plan during his HOH…she, in turn supported getting Jack out.


Today’s feeds:
Christie talked to HG#1
She told HG#1 that HG#2 is a problem
HG#1 says I agree
Christie tells HG#2 says that HG#1 thinks HG#2 is a problem
HG#2 says thank you, you are the only one I trust.

Over. And Over.

The Beef

I am a couple of years older than dirt, and never in my life have I kept a jar of peanut butter in the fridge! Never in my life seen it done either by any of my friends or anybody I have known in my life. That’s why they have about 10 jars of it in the stock room – it doesn’t need to be refrigerated!

Anybody else keep their peanut butter in the fridge? What’s the advantage to doing this other than satisfying Jackson’s huge micromanagement ego?

That Ain't Jelly

Ooh La La…Mr. Rockefeller.


Three kids eat it by the barrel.

The Beef

Well there you go. I was born and raised in SE Tennessee (Chattanooga – or as we like to call it Chattaboogy) and I didn’t know they made any other kind of peanut butter other than Peter Pan or Jif, until I moved out on my own after school and started doing my own shopping. Still those two took up about 98% of the store shelf space in the Scenic City of the South, but that was back in the early to mid 1980’s when I was still ripsnortin’ around (I’m 62).

I may have to try the refrigeration method on my next jar, but I’m afraid my Peter Pan may be tougher to spread than those old butter patties you used to get at restaurants when they would come out too cold. Any of you kids old enough to remember those?


I’ve been buying that Fatso peanut butter, made right here in Victoria and also needs to be kept in the fridge….it’s delish!


never..putting it in the fridge is just odd


I keep local small brand peanut butter like Teddy (Massachusetts brand) in the fridge but brands by Big Peanut Butter (Jim, Peter Pan) I don’t refrigerate.


I’m with you! Never ever

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

LOL Same. I hate peanut butter refrigerated. Hubby does it so I buy crunchy for me & smooth for him . I’m older than dirt too 🙂


Peanut butter in the fridge ….nope. Never ever.

The Beef

We ain’t old, we’re classics! And we’re smart enough not to keep our peanut butter on ice! 😉

Ovi's tongue

What is the point of refrigerating peanut butter? Does it ever last long enough to go bad? How do you spread cold peanut butter?

The Beef

This was my thought too. Room temp peanut butter is nice and smooth and easy to spread. Chill it down to 38 deg. F and it would be like trying to spread fudge or something.


Sad state of the game this year when the big discussion on OBB is whether to chill your peanut butter or not LOL


Sam you should have told holly before the POV now all you have done is given them details but your still going out.

Summer Gowen

Would be sweet if they flipped and voted out Kat, then Sam won HOH, put up 2 and back door Christie. I think the others might just vote her out… Ok so just a dream….

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’m proud of Jess,at least she’s aware enough that the sheep would outsmart her.Sam should’ve gust screamed like he does in the dr


NoSam is trying to save his game but he should have had these conversations before the veto meeting.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Naming names sent Bella out the door so bull crap. Christie never shuts her mouth; Sam is the only one giving a blow by blow accurately; that’s why it’s believable

Another name

Omg! It would be funny if Kat went home!

another name

PREEEViously on Grodner’s Edit:
blah blah last week blah.
Sam on episode d/r gotta win that veto. Sam on feeds same day: I’ll throw it to you, Nick, I can convince them to keep me.
Kat volunteers because she has a final 2 with Holly… who doesn’t vote as the HOH. Explain the smart to me?
11 minutes into episode and they are choosing veto players already. Gee, everyone got the picks they wanted. um. okay. I guess we know it was a slow week when….. 11 minutes and already choosing veto players.
Are they going to show the dq of Tommy in the last round that got Nick the veto? NO? oh. okay.
33 minutes in. they’re showing the sam campaign without the Jesus references. Oh, now we get the Nicole conspiracy theory. Christie and Tommy are actually right. Holly would keep Sam to take the shots she doesn’t want to take. Offense aside, that’s the theme of the season, keep the one that will take your shot for you so you don’t get the heat. It’s why they kept Cliff week one. it’s why they kept Nicole week three. It’s why they were thinking of putting Nicole up against Sam. Jackson getting offended? Like in between isn’t Jackson wonderful discussions, Jackson hasn’t been plotting to take a shot since Christie said he was mean to women? Oh come onnn. Not saying Christie hasn’t been plotting too. She has. She overtalks, overshares and overagrees. What is the real reason Christie is pushing for Sam to go? Sam and Nick are both mad at her, and she knows it and knows together they will be a package.
Where did that superfluous three minute Nicole d/r about birds come from… and just….. why?
The whole Sis has a convo, runs to the subjects and tells about the convo while removing anything she said in that exchange thing is out. But why Holly believed Christie and Tommy still mystifies me. Jackson being offended, that doesn’t mystify me at all. Jackson consistently has no ability to hold back, gather all information, and then confront. He always wants to jump the gun.
So the short list of Sis and Nicole and Kat. ugh.
I’m highly confused by today’s entertainment weekly article on Jackson, since they usually do the safe puff piece interviews with each evicted house guest (the interviews that almost sound like the grod wrote the questions and prepared the answers). What gives?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I read two articles this week that were extremely unflattering to BB and the Jacks.


Almost sounded like you were the writer of that EW article lol

Feeds Gold

of course jack defends christie no matter what

sis, hollie, jackson all believe what sam is saying

Feeds Gold

jack spilling the beans to tommie

soon christie will know

and it will blow up

Franks fumes

Rats everywhere in that STD infested house…..just the way The Grod likes it….

Tired bbfan

Well Sam I will give you a A for effort but unfortunately most of the six shooters/outsiders are under Christie’s spell and will tell her faster than you can say Mississippi.

Feeds Gold

jack showing me more proof that he is a production plant with the sole mission of protecting christie at all costs even if it ruins his own game and advancing her as far as he can…i think this would include him using a veto on her rather than himself if they were both on the block

another name

If i’m being honest: Sam’s testimony has credible facts, but in many of those facts he is altering the characterization to make himself look like a hapless witness. I remember the conversations. They weren’t Just one person talking. Sam was still butthurt that he was a bottomfeeder. He had a role.
I have NO problem with this. NONE. If others buy the characterization along with the factual content, good for Nick (not as helpful to Sam as he hopes, but good for Nick). But I don’t like Nick any more than i like Christie. I dislike both. Uh oh. I’m going to have some weird moral quandary soon that i really don’t want to have.
Jack: buying and not buying the story. That’s about par for the course for him in the game in terms of trying to keep himself in between everyone and trying to sink out of direct line of fire.
Will Kat become paranoid? After walking in on two conversations where discussion stops? Possibly.
I’m still in the point and laugh at the losers as they are evicted place, not the hope anyone wins place. I sort of the want them to tell the winner, sorry, we had to use the prize money to feed Jackson this summer.

Feeds Gold

i wonder if the pre game connection alliance of jackson/hollie/kat are contractually obligated to work together

jackson hates kat, she hates him and is being 3rd wheeled every hour of the day but strangely they are still working together, its very sus to me…kat was saying she wanted to backdoor jackson which i think was all talk


Jackson and Kat are actually getting along now, Kat told Jackson in the hoh room when they were alone that he was an asshole when he was on slop, he agreed and they both laughed, then she said she likes him better now than before. With that being said, she is on the block so she might be just getting votes , but she sounded sincere.


Agreed. I don’t think she would have brought any of that up if she was just gassing him and tryin to secure a vote. She would just kiss up to him and what not. I think the 3 of them are legit.

Feeds Gold

jackson trying to make jack see the light but it will never happen

even if christie put jack on the block and destroyed his game he would still be submissive to her

Franks fumes

Damn it why didn’t stupid ass Holly put up worthless Jess as the pawn…..why the hell is she in this game to begin with is a better question.


Christy! Christy! Christy! Christy! Christy! Christy! That’s why. That’s why Christy is playing the best game of anyone in the house. That’s why I can’t stand Christy. Uggg I want her gone!!!!! lol They have got to realize she’s being Paul. They’ve GOT TOOOO!!!

Franks fumes

The dumbest thing is Sam didn’t rat out Crusty earlier because he wants to be friends with her after the show…..and of course the DR frowned on Sam trying to save himself if it meant damaging the golden ones ascent to the end.

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poor sam he doesnt even realise that when he is talking to tommie he is basically talking to christie

please no more pre game connections/relatives etc for future seasons…it taints the game and gives too much of an unfair advantage

you should have to earn your relationships in the house, not have them presented on a platter

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now jackson sewering both christie and tommie to jack

Feeds Gold

news of kat/jackson/hollie knowing each other spreading

Franks fumes

All of this will only serve Jackson’s demise which I believe is in productions plan as he is threatening the Golden one…..their is no hope……they have Crusty covered seven ways to Sunday.


I though Christies power was only 4 words?


That should say weeks


I was like…hmmm what ARE the 4 words? haha I believe it expires next week if I’m not mistaken.

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sam telling nick if he goes, not to go after jackson, hollie or sis…and that he should trust sis

Franks fumes

When Jess was told about Crusty’s betrayal by Kat she squeals “no …..nooo” then curls up in the fetal position telling herself over and over “Sams a liar……Sam’s a liar” wishing the truth away like she is prone to do…..she’s a piece of work……I hope one of these turds doesn’t drag that lump to the end…..it could really happen.

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imagine nick, cliff, nicole, jess vote to keep sam

then sis flipped

kats gone 5-4…sam stays

another name

That would mean Jess would have to vote out Kat (who she thinks is her best friend) and keep Sam (who she thinks wants to target her). She’s oven mits and helmet… but even so, I don’t see it.


They don’t need Jess if Jackson votes out Kat

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or if jackson tried another rogue vote haha

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jess is also working with cliff/nicole

and there is the spreading of kat/jackson/hollie knowing each other

if nick went to cliff/nicole to keep sam, then they convinced jess thats 4

i agree its highly unlikely that sam stays even if they got those 4 as it would be too risky for sis as the swing vote


I am so bamboozled they don’t at least try, they all have said they know they are next on the list to go so what do they have to lose? I just don’t get it, take a swing, it might work and if not you’ll go home like you were going to anyway but at least you go home with your head high that you at least tried to play the game!

Ovi's tongue

Maybe it isn’t such a good Idea for Sam to be quoting Cain’s answer to God after he killed his brother Abel. In answer to the question “Am I my brother’s keeper?” the Bible comes down on the affirmative.

Feeds Gold

jackson trying to sewer christie to tommie haha

tommy: im all about the six

Girl On Fire

How is Sam a petty bitch? He’s campaigning! Is he supposed to just roll over and die? At this point, with Kat up as a replacement nom, he knows that his game is pretty much over, so he knows that his ONLY chance is spilling some dirt, and it’s not like he’s even lying! Christy really did say all of the things that he said. The only thing that I think may have gotten twisted, which was Christy’s own fault for talking so damn much, was that she wanted Jack out MORE than Jackson. Had Jackson NOT won the veto, I really don’t think she would have used her power, I think she would have left him up there and if Jack was still up there with him, then she would have campaigned for Jack to stay, or who knows, she MIGHT have used it on Jack, but she was very much OK with seeing Jackson leave on Cliffs HOH.
It’s mind blowing that it has taken this long for people to catch on to Christy’s game! She is playing SO MANY different angles, which would normally be great game play, but she’s so damn sloppy about it, and there is not a single person in this house who can keep their damn mouth shut! NOBODY is trustworthy! (Except for maybe Nicole, but it’s nearly impossible to play this game completely alone)

Girl On Fire

This cast is the WORST!!! Jackson gets all of this Christy info from Sam, runs and tells Holly. Holly’s reaction is, “I wish he would have told me all of this before the veto ceremony… so I could have put NICOLE UP!”….
WHAT?!? What in the actual fuck?!? WHY?!? WHY NICOLE?!? Sam just gave you damaging information about CHRISTY, NOT NICOLE! So why wouldn’t you put up Christy?!?… OH! That’s right, you’re all just a bunch of scared punk bitches who want OTHER people to do your dirty work! But guess what assholes? You’re getting rid of EVERYONE who has the BALLS to actually get blood on their hands! Ohhhhh I CAN NOT WAIT until these assholes have NO choice but to eat eachother alive! And I really hope it gets nasty, because they deserve a taste of what they’ve dished out!

Sidenote: Jess is so completely useless. She has a big mouth, and has screwed Nicole over countless times. SOMEHOW she is so completely blind that she thinks that the ENTIRE house is working together, yeah, because that’s how BB works. She’s a hypocrite. And annoying AF.
Cliff, Oh Cliff… WHY didn’t you let Christy burn her power? I mean I know why, but I don’t agree with your choice. And now you plan on playing it safe? C’mon man! I had high hopes for you after your original noms.
Nick just might be the biggest pussy bitch this season! OMFG!! He’s found his safe place right up the shit shooters assholes, he’s all warm and cozy up in there! It’s unbelievable, apparently Bella left with his balls. Not that I think he ever had any to begin with, or he would have listened to Nicole and put Jack and Jackson up instead of holding a bash Nicole session in the HOH room.
Nicole, I’m so sorry that you’re subjected to possibly the worst cast in BB history! Definitely top 3 worst. You deserve better! As did David, Kemi,and Ovi.. Bella on the other hand can go fuck herself!

I second that emotion

Couldn’t have said it better my self!!! PREACH!!!!!


nick is wanting to shower with Jack

The Beef

I am standing and applauding! The only person left in that game that I could truly pull for is going home tonight, but not before he has made a valiant effort to show almost everyone the exact nature of the game Crusty and Thomasina are playing.

Jack is a douche.

Sis, his side-piece, has done nothing in this game other than Jack. Her best quality is that SHE thinks she is hot.

Michie is mirror-man (douche-2). He managed to win a popularity contest (before everybody knew him) and one veto. He also bagged two low rent bed warmers, both of which were looking for a meat shield.

Kat – Well Kat is Kat. Dumb enough to be bed warmer #1, and alliance member #7 in a 6 person alliance. She’s cute and she can be funny. She was also lucky enough to stumble to a veto win with a puzzle, when none of her competition had even a hint of a clue.

Holly could be the most likable of the SexShooters, if she hadn’t become bed warmer #2. Gotta give her credit for her strong performance on the vines and with the sheep veto comp. She loses points because she’s got the personality of a manure fly.

Christie and Tommy are joined at the hip – Christie talks and talks and talks. Nobody else is allowed to do this in her world, unless they are talking to her or the talk benefits her. Tommy is there. Everything Christie says, Tommy swears to. He performs no other function.

Nick is still in the game and ready to do whatever the six tell him to. He is paralyzed with fear and has no strategy for moving forward, unless kissing six asses and doing whatever they say is a strategy. “Girl On Fire” really pegged Nick well. The balls Bella took with her were the size of BB’s (that’s BB’s not Big Brother’s).

Cliff – Cliff was like the “Great white hope” in heavyweight boxing back in the day (Gerry Cooney comes to mind). Won two big comps. in a row – the first to save his life in the game and the second to win HOH. THEN puts up two strong competitors (and part of the EVIL Empire) before wilting under the pressure of the iron maiden to use the DPOV. So our man Clint err ah Cliff doesn’t just fold, he completely caves in like when the WTC’s came crashing down. He makes excuses about what a great deal he made (two weeks?) but we all know Cliff has just become the walking talking definition of a Chicken Shit Deluxe (CSD).

Nicole – I like Nicole. To date Nicole has done nothing in this game outside of talking herself into trouble on more than one occasion. If she has any chance at all in this game, it will only be because somebody else decides they need her to help them take out their own allies (SexShooter in fighting). It’s not looking good for Nicole.

Jessica is a waste of good oxygen in this game. Not only has she done nothing, but she is giving Kat a pretty good run for her money at being the biggest dummy in the house!

And that leaves Sam who IMHO is the only one worthy of pulling for left in the game. He’s got the ability to win comps, and if he won HOH, he wouldn’t put up Cliff, Nick, Nicole or Jessica (or Kat), he would go for two of the six, and let the chips fall where they may. He would probably be revenge evicted the following week, because the numbers are so bad now (this move should have been made last week on CLIFF’s HOH) AND because some morons insist on trying to BrownForce themselves into the cool kids club (pointing at you Kat, Jess and Nick) when they should be working with Sam/Cliff/Nicole to attack that bunch! But alas Sam is going home tonight, and my last person to pull for is walking out the door with him.