Jack “Are you just gaming too hard and making chicken salad out of chicken sh*t?”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Jessica, Nicole and Sam
Nominations are: Sam & Nick
Power of Veto Players are – -Holly, Sam, Nick, Cliff, Jessica and Tommy
Power of Veto holder – Nick
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip
America votes for 3 houseguests to go on a field trip that will put one houseguest’s game on the line

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12:10pm Jackson, Jack and Holly.
Jackson is b***hing about the mess in the kitchen / fridge. I was about to have a BF! A b***h fit! The conversation turns to talking about Nicole. Holly – the way she (Nicole) walks and stuff, I don’t think she is hiding anything. Jackson – Maybe Nicole is a super genius. Holly – yeah she could be. Jack – nobody knows what she tested on the Wonderlake. She’s kept everything to herself. Jackson – and who’s to say that the answers she give are legitimate. Jackson – when I took the Wonderlake for my restaurant gig.. I got to about question 39 ..similar to another experience I had (taking it for BB). But even for the restaurant they never told me what I got.. they hired me so I was not completely incompetent. Holly – I know I hate not knowing. Jack – is there any benefit to keeping Sam? Are there any benefits? Can I get a pro / con? Jackson – only if me, you and Holly went separate from the six and teamed up with him and trusted he could stick to it. Jack – but Nick is still in the house. Jackson – exactly so it would have to be Nick and Sam. Jack – or are you just gaming too hard and making chicken salad out of chicken sh*t? Holly – exactly. Jackson – this is not me pitching an idea this is me digging deep to find a pro. Is if you grabbed Sis, me and Holly and made a separate 6 to cover ourselves on both ends. These words have to stay in this room because if you go and tell Christie it will seem like I’m plotting against her when I’m not. But at some point us 6 are going to have to make a move on each other. Jack – are you .. are we making a move too soon? I’m not going to say anything. Jackson – I’m not saying we make a move on Christie and Tommy now. You have to start thinking long term .. are you going to get someone else to take the shots or are we going to take them ourselves at 6. That’s the half million dollar question. This is not me plotting against our sic. Jack – I am always a pro / con guy. You have 1 pro against 8 cons. Holly – there are twice the number of people that are in our alliance. Do we really need to start taking shots now? Jack – I think we’re sitting in a good spot to not agitate it.

12:40pm HOH room. Holly, Jackson, Christie and Tommy.
Christie is telling them about her photographic memory. Christie – that’s why when we get down to eight, seven, nine.. and if we have visual memory people left.. I promise I will win. Jackson – oh you will. OTEV is yours. Christie – I promise. Jackson – and god forbid something doesn’t happen to you when you’re going up and down you are going to crush that. Christie – I love Cliff .. and right now he is golden but he scares me with stuff like that. Holly – DUDE CLIFF IS AN ANIMAL! Jackson – three sheep with one leg yesterday! Sam joins them. Christie – he was f**king wrangling them. Sam – do you want me to give you my word? Its 17 letters (for the spelling comp). Christie – don’t give it to me yet.. you might still be here.

1pm HOH room. Holly, Christie, Tommy, Sis and Sam are chatting about the veto competition yesterday.

1:04pm Tommy sucking up to Nick now that he’s staying..

1:44pm – 2:30pm HOH room. Sam and Sis. Sam – I was talking to Jack and Christie and they were like don’t even worry about the noms to like campaign after. The thing is I have no idea how I would even say anything.. because if I go to Holly to put someone up so that I stay.. which then looks shady. Right, because what would I say? I was just wondering who you would put up .. I think you should put up so and so. Sis – yeah just wait till noms. Sam – if she (Holly) is like who do you think? And I’m like oh Jess isn’t a threat.. I don’t want to name drop because when Christie was hinting towards me to not name drop. Sis – yeah then don’t name drop .. just wait. Sam – it is what it is.. I will just wait. Even if it is Kat .. she might spiral. Sis – I will let you know if I hear anything. Sam – even if I asked Holly who she would put up and she said Nicole or Kat ..and then I was like you should put up Nicole.. she would be like why so you can stay? You know what I mean?! Sis – yeah. Sam – If she did put up Nicole then there might be hope but if she puts up Kat then its like I’m going. Nick, Kat Jess, Cliff, Jackson, Nicole and Holly come up to join them. Nicole and Jess play backgammon on the HOH floor. They chat about past seasons of big brother.

2:50pm Tommy and Christie come out of the diary room with their poison ivy treatment on. Tommy starts freaking out about how he doesn’t feel good and can’t breath.

They start choreographing a dance.

3:15pm In the backyard. Nick and Nicole. Nick – it feels so good to be safe! Holy sh*t! Nicole- I’m proud of you. Nick – who do you think is going up? Nicole – I have no idea. Nick – neither do I, I hope its not you. There are really only 3 choices. Nicole – I am a little scared but I’m hopeful. Nick – but, I don’t think Sam has a chance to be honest with you. Unless someone does something really stupid in the next 4 days. I am trying not to think about it because it doesn’t involve me anymore .. and I have to focus just on me. Me and him talked about that before the comp. If you win, don’t campaign for me and if I win I won’t campaign for you. So if I vote to evict him, I will say only because he said, I vote to evict Sam. I am just going to lay low now. Nicole – that’s good advice.

3:45pm Boat room. Tommy & Christie. Tommy – not the next one but the one after that is when I really want to start winning. Christie – the double eviction? Tommy – I didn’t want this veto. Christie – you didn’t. Tommy – nope, I didn’t. Its still too early to be painting a target on my back. Christie – did you throw it a little bit. Tommy – I just didn’t care.

4:15pm – 4:35pm The house guests are suntanning .. Meanwhile up in the HOH room. Christie – is telling them all the places they will go and where they will stay.

5pm Backyard. Cliff and Jack. Jack – how do you feel going into the double elimination? Cliff – to be honest I think the second elimination would maybe help me a little bit because its not going to be some long drawn out athletic event which is not my strength. But I tell you this before it happens I would want to sit down with y’all and figure out which way people wanted to go and if I was to win it what would help me and all that. Jack – I know personally if Jess and Nicole were to win it I would have to make sure I have my I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Cliff – yeah. Jack – just so that I’m not a priority. You have to make it through that double elim. Cliff – yeah, its so quick. There is no campaigning. Jack – yeah and I have never been one to campaign much. If I’m up, I’m up. Jack – I think we’re sitting good going into this next week with going after Nick. Cliff – I know you promised me a couple weeks of safety. Jack – you’re beyond that with me. Cliff – I am happy with that and somewhere down the road I am always happy to make something happen. Its not my strength to do the back handed stuff. Jack – I die by that. Sam joins them.

5:10pm – 5:20pm Boat room. Tommy, Sis and Christie.
Sis – If we get Sam out this week, I would rather get Nicole out next week instead of Nick. Tommy – same. Christie – Cliff, Jack, Sam and Nick are outside in deep convo. What were you saying? Sis – I would rather get Nicole this week and Nick next week. Christie – I agree. Sis – but Nick does sketch me out though!! Christie – Nick does love you though. Sis – no don’t say that. That’s what I thought until. Tommy – Nick loves you. Christie – yes he lied about you and me but that was when Bella was here. I do think that he is only dangerous with Sam and Nicole here but if we’re getting rid of them .. then he will have no one. Tommy – he is going to need somebody and you can be that person to bring him back in. Sis – I don’t even want to try because when I do I get screwed over. Tommy – you guys should have a one-on-one. Sis – we are tonight.

5:38pm Backyard. Nick and Sis.
Sis – how are you? Nick – I’m happy I’m safe. I told Tommy I needed to win this one so that I can stay and rebuild trust with everyone. I need to win the veto and then I need to win the HOH. Sis – can I? Nick – I don’t know how to prove it to you other than winning this HOH and not putting any of you up. Sis – I don’t care about them. Its more me. Nick – trust me. Until I.. Sis – I don’t want you to just prove it to me once. Nick – I won’t put a time period on it. You’ll just have to let me do it. Jack joins them.

5:55pm – 6:05pm Sam to Jackson – how do I even campaign without throwing anyone else’s name out there. Like how do I say can you put up someone that’s a bigger threat than me so that I stay? Or do I say it just like that. Jackson – If I can be completely honest with you.. off the record if I had my way.. I would want Nicole up there. I wanted Nicole to go up as the original nomination but I’m not going to push it on her. Sam – If that was the case I would have a better chance with that because she was involved with the original Bella scandal. If I go tell Holly that? Jackson – I would just try and be as diplomatic.. and cordial .. I don’t know if cordial is the right word. Just try and be the best version of yourself. You can bite your tongue and tuck your tail or get creative and look for ways you can benefit her.

5:47pm – 6:15pm HOH room. Kat and Holly.
Holly – the only thing I worry about is Cliff’s angels coming after me. And I am not saying a single thing about that to anybody. Does anyone else know about that? Kat – No, I just told you. Holly – I don’t want Cliff’s angels to come after me if I target you.. if they think I am targeting you. Kat – well heres the thing about Cliff’s angels, I don’t necessarily trust them. I do trust Jess but I don’t think she has any game play. Like I trust her but its not like she’s a mastermind and we’re going to make big moves. Kat – I don’t trust Nicole at all. Holly – I don’t ether. Kat – I could say no do go after her yet because then Jackson will come after me. I don’t think any of Cliff’s angels would come after you because I don’t think they’re as close as they should be. I think Cliff had my back. Holly – I definitely want to sit Cliff and Jess down. Kat – I a slightly afraid that Jackson will flip the vote and get me out. Holly – that will absolutely not happen. Kat – I just don’t want to become everyone’s pawn. I am totally fine going up as a pawn just as long as I don’t get votes against me. Holly – I need to stay on Jack’s good graces but its starting to piss me off that Jack is RUNNING this game. Kat – so top secret information.. So Christie and Tommy last week were like we’re not going to the final 6 with couples.. so they wanted to break off and work with me, Cliff, Jess and Nicole. And they made it know with Cliff that they wanted to work with us. And now that kind of fizzled and it might have been because Cliff was HOH. Tommy has pulled away and Christie hasn’t talked game with me which is good because I didn’t want to this week. So I do know that them two were making plans to break away from the 6 so those two are already plotting their next move. The only person in that 6 that I am worried about getting rid of me is Jackson. And its not him directly, its him putting it in someone else’s ear. Holly – he is one of the last people I would worry about. Kat – okay.

6:35pm HOH room. Holly and Sam.
Sam – are you getting stressed out? Holly – yeah why? Sam – I was scared to ask you but my life is on the line. I don’t know how to do pre-nom campaigns. I told Nick that our friendship is done. No more talking. He was salty about it but I was like this is my game. If I were to stay in this game I would keep my distance till the end of the game. I have never come after you, lied to you, or back stabbed you. I am just wondering if there is another big threat that can go up next to me? Is there anyone that you’ve second guessed? Holly – no, that’s the problem. Sam – I am desperate. Holly – if you were to stay .. what kind of people would be your targets? Sam – if I were to be working with you.. I would assume it would be with Michie as well. Holly – that would be something we would propose to him after maybe. I think I would be able to trust you. I wouldn’t have a problem with that. But I don’t want to go against what the house wants and lose trust. I said it to everyone though this morning… I don’t want Sam to die by my sword.

6:50pm Nicole crying to Jess about how she’s lost so and its hard to tell people she loves them because of the fear of losing them.

7:35 pm Nicole, and Holly Casual chit chat in the HOH.
Holly – I’m stressed out
Nicole – I’m sorry
Holly – I don’t like being HOH .. I don’t know who people do this (play the game)
Holly says there’s two targets int he house “with everyone… everyone in the house supporting me on
Nicole – I think so
Holly – I don’t know what to do
Nicole – I’m sorry
Nicole – I look forward to moving forward

Holly – I wish someone would have pissed me off.
Nicole where’s your head in regards to a target
Holly – I don’t have one

Holly says Nick was the one she wanted out along with everyone in the house.

They go over the drama associated around Bella.
Holly – we’re honest and open and blunt…
Sis joins them …

7:52 pm Chit chat …about last season Sam being a robot.

8:08 pm Sam and Brave Cliff
Sam – if I’m going up against kat I’m screwed do you know who I’m talking about? I might stand a chance 9Nicoe)
Cliff – yeah, I know who I’m talking about
Sam says he’s not burning them. (Nicole)
Cliff says if there’s anything sam needs cliff to do just let him know
Sam – ok thanks

8:55pm Backyard. Sam and Sis.
Sam – if you told Jack don’t say anything. He wouldn’t tell Christie? Sis – Not if I told him not to say anything. Sam – are you positive? Sis – yeah. Sam – I said all you have to do is put up someone else and then let me campaign. I was like you don’t have to campaign for me because then it will look like you’re picking a side. I was like all you got to do is let me campaign. And if anyone comes to you saying we should keep Sam you would be like oh yeah cool, okay. I was like I’m better for your game and I’m “funner”.. come on. Sis – who did she say she is putting up next to you? Sam – she was like who are you thinking? I was like who would be a threat next to me? She was like ah I don’t know maybe Nicole. I was like there you go. She was involved in that scandal. I was like give me a fair fight. A fair chance.

9:30pm Backyard Hammock. Cliff and Nicole. Nicole – I love him (Nick) but.. Cliff – Here is the thing I see Nick as a vote but I don’t want to align too closely with him because there is also a big part of me that says he’s a big target. If we keep our distance from him and let them vote him out next week. He was so aggressive on how he won that thing yesterday I hope they see him as a competition threat and they would want to get him out before he wins an HOH. Nicole – yeah. Cliff – In some ways it would be interesting if he won this next HOH. Let him get the blood on his hands. I don’t have anything against him but to some degree I think he is a sinking ship. I would love to see him win HOH. Nicole – me too. There are only four or five people Holly could put up.

11:20pm – 12am Bedroom. Christie and Jack.
Christie – I always just want to think so may steps ahead. I felt like I was getting really anxious about the next few weeks. Sam and Nick can’t stay together. Holly and I haven’t talked too much. I went to bed with knots in my stomach. This is all going to go away. My brain does not stop. I need you to be more aggressive with my mind. Jack- We’re all in sh*ts creak.

12:40pm – 1:30am Bedroom. Tommy, Jack, Sam, Christie, Jess and Cliff.
Christie – you’re saying that you voted for Bella because you were close to her and you obviously wanted her to stay.. were you not hardcore pitching to a group for Bella to stay. Saying that it was stupid to not keep her. Sam – I would have liked to keep Bella and I’m sure conversations happened but wasn’t going around out of my way trying to pitch to keep her, Nick was. Christie – I don’t obviously know who you’re going up against …But I do want to know like where my vote would fall. I literally love you as a person. You know how I feel about you were very much present to the conversation and trying to .. you know Jack to be the one to leave. And we.. not we, other people were basically stupid for wanting to vote Bella out. Sam – that was Bella’s speech. Christie – I am sorry, I’m not trying to put you on the spot. Sam – Bella felt that way and that’s what she said in her speech and I had been in the room which I had said before but I don’t recall going around trying to pull people off to the side saying you need to do this, you need to do this. This what you need to do. The odds were stacked up against us but yes I was in the same room with Nick and Bella when they were talking to people. I also think that the person saying this are not realizing the damage its doing to the other person. They could easily throw out yeah Sam pitched to me but was it really Nick. Christie – I heard you were very much a part of pitching process. Like how would you not keep her. You and Nick were pressuring me not to use the power… so that coincides. Sam – I wasn’t hardcore pushing for people to keep Bella.. I’m sure I wasn’t completely silent the whole time because it was stupid. Christie – that you were trying hard to convince people to keep bella. Jess – don’t lie same. Sam – when we were all talking about the same thing? You’re going to put that all on me. Jess ME!!? Jess – you said it!? Jess – did you not say that?! You guys are a three, you come in as a three. Sam – but Nicok and Bella were there. Why do the get food into it. Jess – they were pitching. You guys are a three. Christie – I am not saying I this because I want to get Sam in trouble. Jess = I am a straight shooter. I am saying it all in love.

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I’m hoping for Christy.

She is at least playing the game.

Smartest player in the game if you’d take your blinders off.

An ornery mouse

True, she’s playing the game. But what would you say if I told you that in 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them…. maybe you can hire The A-Team.



She’s not so much playing that game as just being a bitch around morons and that is lucking her into the next week. Plus her power… without that it would be a different story.

Sumo Presti

finally someone said it


You’re welcome


As much as I can’t stand Christie, I do have to agree that she is playing the best game. That’s not saying much when you look at the competition but she is in a good spot right now. It’s a shame this is the best this season has to offer.


I want to Know what we are voting for before we vote like what is the twist

Franks fumes

Yeah knowing The Grod it will be a sweet vacation to Acapulco for her 3 favs the Jackasses +Crusty.

Erika Marlese Patrick

Christy and the Jacks

another name

As Crusty talks about her photographic memory i’m wondering if it’s more like an etch-a-sketch.
Eidetic memory and can’t remember what her own power was for two days?? Really?

Just sayin'

She also NEVER remembers conversations properly, she definitely does not have photogenic memory


I actually think she does remember the convos…I just think she’s gassing people ALL the time. I can’t stand her…not a thing I like about her nasty a#$, but she is playing the game better than anyone else in there

Franks fumes

Poor Crusty is always being “cornered and attacked” when in conversations with Sam/Nick lol…..


that’s different – it doesn’t apply to audio


So far all Ive heard from Christie is how good she is at everything and with everyone. Wouldn’t that be a clue to these people to get her out?? Usually you down play all this so people will want to keep you in the game not brag that you think you are perfect. And of course her knowing someone in production will help that “memory” when she needs it.


Hopefully Michie and Holly having that convo w/ Jack about possibly getting rid of Christy and Tommy (by way of keeping Sam in the house) was really what they are thinking and were just tryin to get a feel for how solid Jack is about Christy. I think that’s our best hope….Michie and Holly teaming up with Sam and Nick…and hopefully Cliff’s Angels in tow lol.


So it’s okay for Crusty to have a photographic memory but any one else it scares the crap out of her…that ain’t nuthin’ but calling the kettle…Crusty should scare everyone ..which she does but not to get her out but to cow-tow to her butt…stupid, just stupid.


I don’t really blame cliff or nick for the bella situatin… I blame Jessica, Kat, and Nicole the most because if they wanted to they could have gotten rid of Jack right there…


Really? Who put her on the block WITHOUT drawing out the DPOV?

Franks fumes

Oh that would be……….CLIFF!


As someone mentioned below, Bella (and as a by product Nick) really wound up screwing up Cliffs HoH. Once Cliff realized who the re-nom was going to be, he tried to get his.

This is how much damage that Bella did, the girls know that jack is a threat, and would rather him stay in the game. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned 🙂 Jack has at least not stabbed them in the backs and broken their trusts (at least to their faces). Bella completely destroyed her relationship with Nicole and Jess… fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me….

Now, Cliff could have still at least forced Christie to use the DPOV… but, why? He built up some trust with Christie (maybe, at least in his head) and Bella was the nom one way or the other.

You saw his conversation with Jessica, Nicole and Kat… they flat out couldn’t/wouldn’t work with Bella. Even knowing Jack stays… they all are trying to be 7 in a 6 person alliance… but they felt that was better than keeping bella around. So why stick your neck out and herd cats that don’t want to be herded.

That is all on Bella. and she left for it… and Cliff tried to do best for himself.

Someone mentioned below about putting the opposite couple up… I agree with that…

So, Cliff made some mistakes, but Bella and Nick really screwed the outsiders (not putting up the jackholes and then just completing demolishing their social games in the weeks before)….


The second I realized her power wasn’t used and I could choose the renom, she’d be sitting on the block. It would have been very interesting to see those two torpedoing each other’s games.


Why blame, Jess, Kat and Nicole…how about putting is squarely on Cliff who wussed out when he had a chance to get out one of the ‘suck’shooters” and chose not only not to do that but also not to flush out the power…Cliff scks big time!


Not so sure on that one. He was put in an unwinnable position. The only thing different he could have done is let Christine use her power last week

another name

He wasn’t put in an unwinnable position. He put himself in an unwinnable position by going for the flashy original noms. If he wanted to break couples as his original statement: put up either sis and jackson or put up holly and jack. in that situation the dynamic and choices for the veto change. if the same person wins veto in a pretty obvious production fix, then he has to choose between his supposed final 2 and his showmance for who to use veto on thereby creating friction in the couples whether or not bella goes on the block or he chooses the showmancer not on the block as replacement.


And, here’s the thing. “IF” Christie’s pitch to Cliff was she wanted to take down the couples & had NO INTENTION on going to the end with them then Cliff should’ve said – okay so let’s split the difference. You keep your power & I take out someone from the six. Since you don’t want to go to the end with couples & want to work with me that shows me you are sincere about what you’re saying too.

B/c she wanted to keep the power it would’ve forced her to commit to her words. Then Cliff could’ve put up Tommy to ensure Jack would go home.

Ovi's tongue

Because of how those 3 erratic players felt about Bella there is no way Cliff could have any confidence that they would back his play. None of them know what’s going on and would just play it safe anyway.


I don’t blame anyone for Nick and Bella but Nick and Bella. Nicole tried to warn them and they spat in her face. This would have been a completely different game if they’d listened to Nicole week 3 and Nick put up the Jackholes when he was HoH. I can’t remember if Christie had her power yet but Sam won that Veto, right? So, she couldn’t have used it anyway. So, Nick and Bella ruined their own game. It wasn’t up to Cliff to save either of them. He needs to save himself and that’s exactly what he did – good on him.

Dalia Hobelman

Hate him or not say he eats not Jackson is funny as hell and may be catching on to Christine Holly and sis and Jessica go I would go for any to win hope a floater don’t make it to end


Jessica said her next reality show she wants to go on is Naked & Afraid – Please no!

Dalia Hobelman

Best comment of the night


that is a scary vision


she will be naked and everyone else will be afraid


HAHAHA BAHAHA Wait..but did she really say she wants to go on there? Jeeze!!!!! 😮

Ovi's tongue

I’m just happy she didn’t draw the Poison Ivy penalty.


haha – that’s hilarious


that’d she’d be on a next reality show is pretty amusing. if anything big brother is a warning to casting departments not to put her on another reality show. she is not interesting.


I hope you are all making these comments because she is annoying not because she is plus size. If you are, you are ugly people. She is a beautiful model. As long as she is healthy her body is beautiful. I hope you feel better about yourself putting someone down because of her appearance. Shame on you.


She does have a beautiful face but there is no way she is healthy at that weight. I don’t care how someone tries to spin it but at her current weigh, Jess is at a higher risk of hypertension or high blood pressure, dyslipidemia – an abnormal concentration of fat in the bloodstream, Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea, and respiratory problems. While it is possible to develop these health problems without being overweight, being overweight raises the likelihood of their development dramatically. Many of these conditions can lead to disability, or even death.

So no, Jess is not healthy rather she is doing her body a whole lot of harm. But she does have a beautiful face…


I have thyroid disease which keeps extra weight on me. I am healthy just have a few pounds because of the disease. PCOD also can put tons of weight on someone and they can’t lose it regardless of what they do. So it’s not fair to judge her because you all have no idea what could be going on. Do I think she should walk around in a bikini
. No but that’s my thoughts


She’s not healthy. She projects a negative body image as a positive and it’s dangerous to those who believe that you can be fat and healthy because that’s easier than working to be a healthy size. Being fat is bad for your joints and leads to anything from diabetes to heart disease and cancer. She is a bad person for encouraging people to be fat.

Kelsey Jacobs

I’m in my 30’s and considered “plus size”, and my health is perfect and always has been. The only thing that is “wrong” with me is that I’m near sighted. My parents were considered obese (medical term) yet they didn’t have any medical issues until they reached into their 70’s and both passed away in their 80’s. So, for people to automatically assume people who are overweight are unhealthy is wrong, and my parents and I are proof of that.


It’s a fact that being fat increases risks significantly. But you know 2 fat people that lived into their 80’s so let’s just throw out all the science.

Kelsey Jacobs

Medical doctors (science) once said smoking was good for you. Hmm seems they were wrong on that one eh? I’m not saying all people who are overweight are in good health, but I AM saying that there are overweight people that ARE in good health. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr Sarcastic Comment


She is not healthy by sitting around a house for 90 days. I have not seen her work out or walk the yard. This goes for everyone in the house. They have nothing else to do, so why not work out?? Jackson eats and sleeps all day. They need to give them Fitbits like they did several seasons ago to track their movement.


I remember before I was able to donate through PayPal. Is that still an option?
I love your posts and love your sarcasm, both simon and dawg!
Let me know. You guys are troopers getting through this season.
Thanks so much


Awesome just sent a bit. Not as much as you guys deserve. Thank you!


Can someone please give me more details about Jackson supposedly defecating in the shower. I keep seeing people talk about it online but I’m so baffled why anyone would do this. Is it confirmed he did this or just something assumed?


i also saw that

another name

he ate in the shower and urinated in a comp. on feeds. would anything at all be a surprise at this point?

Ovi's tongue

He ate so much along with slop he blew out his O ring.


Whether true or not, the fact that people would think that of him is telling. Who else in the house would you believe that about? He’s the only really disgusting player this year and he is super duper disgusting. My guess is yes, he did it.


Why on earth would anyone want more detail about some guy pooping in the shower???

Are you trying to discern the optimal knee flex???

Just joking mostly. But tmi is a thing

Franks fumes

Crusty is this season’s Paul ……without a nasty ass beard……goes from room to room marking her territory and demanding allegiance from all that cross her path. Talk about a control freak.


I didn’t like Paul but he at least made it like he would be the next up since he was a return player. Christie on the other hand is telling everyone her sh** don’t stink and everyone loves her and how great she is. If I was Holly, I would put her up when Nick comes down.


This season really sucks… maybe will stop watching very soon. Thank you online bigbrother..


About this time every year, I usually have 3-4 people that I’m cheering on towards the win. But this year, I have 3-4 people that I’m cheering to get evicted ASAP.

Janet Conrad



1000 thumbs up. That’s it exactly! So unpleasant this year!


Sis reminds me of Kylie Jenner (before all the plastic surgery).


And Sis is probably jealous of Kylie because she has followers on Instagram. I mean Sis wants to travel with Christie or do something with Instagram. So glad to see these people have some goals in life lol


She reminds me of a young tanned Bruce Jenner.

Watch from a distance

I so want to be on BB

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Are you a mentally unstable a-hole with a friend in casting?If so you’re in luck.


I’m not sure where I read it, but someone compared Jackson to looking like Bevis from Bevis and Butthead. Now I can’t stop laughing every time I see Jackson and get that image out of my head.


In the very beginning of this season, someone posted that Jackson looks like a Lego head – and I everytime I see him I think of Legos


I hear “everything is awesome, everything is co-ool…”


He also reminds me of the Rock em and Sockem boxers of a toy I had as a kid.
Wishing I could sock him…


Sooo true! Hahah


I saw one tweet with a split image of Jackson & the GEICKO gecko lol

Just sayin'

It was the incredible julie chen who said that hahahaha earlier in the season she said ‘settle down beavis’ during the eviction ceremony, it was so awesome.

another name

Just a thought. Let’s say that Holly’s rash that is starting to act up again is not an sti. what could possibly be causing someone that complains of allergies and sensitivities a problem?
Hey, maybe it’s the perfumes in the old spice deodorant he’s been rubbing on his square peg causing skin irritation. we know it’s not a latex allergy.
again. just a thought.

Franks fumes



Christie is evolving into some of Paul/Vanessa hybrid and it is hard to see anyone turning on her. The girls in the six are in a powerful position. Really the last shot for an interesting season was last week’s Beto

Not one of the six likable.

The season looks very predictable at this point


Just Donated. You guys are awesome


Tonight’s episode doesn’t really drive home how ridiculously early most of the houseguests dropped in the HoH comp


Very surprised how negative tonight’s episode was toward Michie.


It’s about time maybe they are hoping to keep him from getting votes for field trip


Thought the field trip was a negative thing???

Red in Blue

They didn’t show him with his bladder issue. That would have been great TV.


And they went easy on him imo. He is way worse than they showed.

Ovi's tongue

CBS hasn’t even begun to give him what he has coming.


I find these people to be the most vapid, disgusting human beings put in front of a BB camera. None of them are funny or entertaining. They have no redeeming qualities. Last night, I literally threw up a little in my mouth when Jackson was kissing Holly in the HoH bed. I couldn’t grab the remote fast enough. I’m not one to really dig on people’s looks but if I went to bed with daytime Holly and woke up next to morning Holly, I think I’d scream. And, that’s not to say Jackson deserves better. He’s just gross. I hear his holier than though, answer for everything, dominating, mansplaining voice and just wish someone would throat punch him.
Today’s conversations have consisted of which former season’s houseguests would like them, the itinerary for their post-season travel (gag), their fans (gag again), watching Tommie try to choreograph a flash mob dance with a cast of untalented wretches, softball v. baseball, college football team chances this year, how Kat can get Cowboys tickets, Jackson knows everyone in Nashville (because he’s a waiter?), Holly knows everyone in LA (because she serves wine?), how great Cody is blah blah blah. I flip feeds trying to find something entertaining and I can’t take any of them anymore. Feeds just changed to Jessica talking about getting her tonsils taken out. The only people who are real are Nicole and Cliff but Nicole is boring as shit and can’t win a damn thing so why do I care at this point what her game talk is? I’d rather listen to the crows in my backyard than listen to Cliff talk about petroleum or college football anymore.
If I have to hear one more person begin a trash-talk sentence with “I love him/her but…” I may throw something at the television. With all the “love” in this house, it’s a wonder why we don’t have world peace and why everyone hates millenials.


Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if Christy and tommy joined the other side of the house, Nick pulls himself off, diamond veto activated, MICHIE GOES UP AND OUUUTTTTT THE DOOOR!!!!!
I swear. These people need to figure their shit out.


That would be a good move for sure. I don’t even think Holly would feel that betrayed – she seems to get the difference between game and personal. But, Christie wouldn’t go anywhere without Jack and your plan puts a whole lot of trust in Nick putting up Michie. I think he’s burned up so much trust that the others would be worried he’d switch and name Jack instead. Then you have Sam leaving and a house of chaos which would be entertaining for us but not worth the risk to them, probably.


Given how Michie just complained about Christie to Jack, I expect that situation will come to a head soon


I think even better would be Nick promises to nominate Jackson, Christie uses her power and Nick puts Christie up and she goes out!

another name

It’s sunday… and i forgot the hoh episode was coming….
I admit. i missed a few minutes. but i’d already seen it, just not how they would edit it. So blah blah blah we watch as the first bunch fall. we see Munchy talking about Nick’s exposure of Crusty as his reason he has to win in d/r. Nope. He thought he was supposed to win because he’s always thinking everything is supposed to be his and his alone. He started thinking the hoh was his the day before Nick talked to him. we know this.
I still think from the rules or misunderstanding of rules and changes to rules and the oddness of some ropes not moving and people hooking the ropes around their legs… there was some really odd action going on. I missed the tv block between Jack falling and Kat talking about jumping.
Holly d/r. I came to win this for myself. sure. she just listened to munchy give her orders not to drop. Being the good little enabler means doing as she’s told.
Invisi-beth d/r are sort of odd. It’s like the way she sees her game is really really out there. Like she’s actually been playing.
Munchy d/r ‘give her help on things’ is more like here’s what you’re going to do, but i’m not saying i’m just saying.
Cliff offering beer. will he realize they stop talking every time he enters a room? or will he think he’s just doing a good job blending. yup. he blends like a zebra, nature’s perpetual victim. let’s make it black and white… and put it in a place where everything is green or brown. it’ll camouflage.
Crusty kettle calling Munchy pot bossy. oh. fighting back the tears. so many eyerolls. shaddup.
Invisibeth gets her hoh… to resounding applause of no one.
Munchy giving the bold move speech to Holly. it wasn’t demeaning at all. But no way was she going to catch it.
The d/r explanation is crap. he’s already been greasing Nick. It isn’t to keep them from targetting them. It’s to get someone else to take the shot he’d look bad if he took himself. That’s a running theme this season. (let’s try to keep kemi to take a shot at the Jacks / let’s keep nicole and she can take a shot at nick and bella ).
Moon landing talk was…. a week ago. have they cut the footage so Bella doesn’t show up? oh good.
Kat theories. uh….huh. okay….
Timmy and Crusty just happened to both get the chips. costumes are supposed to make people more likeable. should have learned from paulie and the pies… it doesn’t always work.
Munchy getting more d/r about hoh plans than Holly. A lot more. like he’s the second H and she’s just the HO. I said what I said.
They don’t show a lot, again, leading up to the nomination ceremony. Yeah, it’s been boring, but there was more talk and conspirin bitches than they are showing.
They’re already playing up the Nick danger. uh. Sam was already planning to throw veto to Nick. yeah. real danger with the veto picks buddy. eyeroll.


LOL…”I said what I said.” Love it!!

Feeds Gold

nick and sis on the hammock having their first proper one on one in 7 days


Dislike Christie almost as much as the Mitchie child bet he’s crappy at a lot of things to be so insecure


The Fix is in…..this BB Poison Ivy…set-up so Christie and Tommy can be super close and use it as game play to others that they are only close because of the punishment, add in the punishment is not that bad (they were given new and more comfortable outfits within the first 24 hours), and get more TV time!

I have a feeling this Field Trip is only going to be more of a punishment for those who follow the feeds…


Not sure that the field trip will make it on the feeds

BB Casting Call

I just meant that the feed watchers and followers, who know of what is happening pre-edit, will be disappointed due to te casual fan vote and TPTB set-up.


the field trip will probably take them to Love Island to plug the latest degenerate tv show on CBS

Ovi's tongue

Just between you and me I’m grateful Jessica didn’t draw the Poison Ivy treatment.


so is Tommie, I’m sure

another name

you know they would have put her in an entire bush. who are we kidding. it would be her head poking out of a leaf covered muumuu. I don’t think reality shows really know how to handle the reality that the average size of women in the us is now 14-16. For good or ill, the size six and under crowd in most reality shows are not representative of the culture.

Feeds Gold

jackson and christie in each others crosshairs


I am rooting for Christie in this matchup

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’m rooting for no survivors.


Jackson peeing himself was not shown on tv tonight. If someone deficated in a community pool, or peed and sh*t in an
inappropriate area of a restaurant – it would be closed.
If child protective services entered a home home and there was a pets feces or pee (let alone a male adults) the children
could be removed. It is UNSANITARY!
He is beyond disgusting. He is obnoxious to Kat and to Holly. He should have been kicked out for sh**ting in the shower!


I think it is on youtube. He can use it to show off to his employer.

another name

This time last season Whackadoodledoo Sam was cooking everyone’s meals, doing everyone’s laundry, cleaning the house daily, battling the ants (and for a while winning), putting out a fire in the oven while others stood to the side holding a fire extinguisher and not knowing how to use it, doing everyone’s hair for live shows, and trying to make weiner hooch.
This year they blame the HOH shower and the hot tub for whatever is giving everyone crotch crickets while they roll around in their own filth complaining about who stained a pillow.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Has Sis been stained or are you talking about a different pillow?

another name

case could be made for both.

Ovi's tongue

It is a pillow from Nick and Bella’s HOH lovenest.


Nick is almost 30, why is it that he only “loves” the girls who are 22. He is kind of gross. But then again, so is Jack.


While watching tonight’s episode, when Tommy and Christie went to the DR for their punishment outfits, I swear I saw a cell phone in his hand when he hugged Christie and sat down. Am I delusional? I rewound the show and…yeah, it looks like he’s holding a cell phone. What is he holding? Somebody tell me…


he’s probably holding a battery pack for his microphone.


why the downvote? you can see a wire coming out of it. it’s clearly related to his microphone.


sometimes downvotes just happen when you upvote….not sure why

Franks fumes

His iPad…..


Holly – “I don’t want to go against what the house wants”,
Holly – “I don’t like being HOH .. I don’t know how people do this”

How dumb did that sound? She couldn’t make her own decisions and wanted the house run her HOH.
If she don’t like being HOH, why not just throw the comp in the first place?

another name

A couple weeks ago, I was joking on here that if I were a storyline editor under the thumb of the Grod, I’d be trying to clean up Jackson’s image by separating Jackson from the alliance, and going for Jackson and Holly joining up with Cliff or Kat and whichever two of Sam, Nick, and Bella still existed in the game. The hope would be Jackson would somehow be considered heroic by proximity to people considered less slimy and going after the others. I was joking about this as a scenario to tell if the season had a rig as bad as it’s edit… here’s how they’d try to redeem Jackson.
I’m not going to cheer for Jackson the slimeball. sorry. never going to happen.

another name

… what goes through your head when holly, kat, christie and tommy come to the conclusion sis has been playing too hard?
Did the HOH shower explode?

Bullies SUCK

“Why is the floor so sticky?”

Cancel this season already

Am I a clown for hoping that Christie uses her power and that Nick puts up Michie as a replacement?

Bullies SUCK

That would be outstanding. But this group of HGs only know how to revolt against irrelevant houseguests. The days of the major, game-shifting blindside is foreign to these HGs. Cliff’s big move was to knuckle under to the powers that be and get Bella evicted. He was true to his honor in not screwing Christine over, but what about the cast of bottom-feeders who were counting on him to stay strong and get a big fish out of the game with there one fleeting opportunity.

Red ion Blue

Hey Simon, just made a second small donation to the cause, maybe it’s because were just a Strait away.


Kat poking holes into Christie and Tommy’s game = love. I’m growing on that chick day-in and day-out.


I agree and she seems to have a Mickie plan and is keeping her mouth shut about it while just placing ideas in others heads. I have hope for her and Sam.


Not sure if we finally got something to shift the Sam exit — or (fingers crossed) the potential for anyone other than Nicole or Kat to go on block. BUT… Kat telling Holly how Christie/Tommy approached her last week to formulate a team which included the three of them plus Cliff & Jess to take down the couples (meaning Jackson/Holly/Sis & Jack) opens opportunity’s door. Kat has also shared Cliff’s angels with Holly but surprisingly it doesn’t seem like she’s let that out yet to Jackson.

Holly needs to tell Jackson about the first part of that conversation right away b/c if nothing else it reinforces what Nick told him (Christie is actively speaking to everyone in the house about targeting Mickie). I’m not sure at this point if they can tell Jack b/c he is in a trio with Tommy/Christie but I also think he’s caught on to her actions to draw everyone to her over Jack which makes him the most vulnerable. If he understands the game at all he knows he needs another alpha male in the house or competitive male to keep the target off him (or provide an option) which is Jackson/Sam & Nick (maybe Cliff).

Holly can’t put up Christie yet though b/c she’s in too tight with Cliff/Jess/Tommy/Sis & Jack and probably Kat (though I could see Holly getting her on board) which is all Christie needs to stay. Unless Mickie could get Cliff/Jess to switch — correction let’s say Cliff b/c Jess seems to have tied her anchor to Christie/Jack/Tommy to drag herself to the end.

Ditto for Tommy b/c he’s too well liked. Basically there isn’t anyone in the six who they can calmly put up this week & know for sure they’ll leave over Sam. Putting Kat up as a pawn is dumb as rocks – b/c Holly knows Kat will vote how she wants – they have a F2 (hello). So the options come back to Nicole, Jess or Cliff. Most fans prefer Nicole stay off the block & still hold out hope Cliff’s true allegiance is to the underdogs while Jess leaving to hang out with Jenn City full time would be great.

There are options with each of the above trio:

Nicole – they stick to the same narrative of how no one trusts Nicole & if Christie starts in then Jackson can call her out for trying to run Holly’s HOH for her own benefit. In other words call her out for the dictator/control freak she is.

Cliff: It was Christie who promised him safety from the six (not anyone else) so the big question is whether the Jacks who he nominated would vote him out or stick to this “new alliance” with him.

Jess: Obviously my preference, but this would take some management. First Holly or Kat (or whoever else she’s told) would need to tell Nicole how Jess has thrown her under the bus. THEN – Holly tells Kat that Sam has promised to protect them (Holly/Kat ) & he’ll win when it matters. She then says we’re going to tell everyone about Cliff’s angels & let it be known Jess was the one who told us. That combined with Jess trying to form female alliances will be all these scavengers need to turn against her. I mean I guess I’m a little devious but that’s what I’d do. And of course, it’s only b/c I want Jess gone anyway & I’d like Sam to go deeper in the game.


Tommy’s jealousy (worry) of Sam is showing — he calls him out for talking about noms with Cliff beforehand – calls him a liar.

Sam stuck to his guns – & thankfully Cliff didn’t completely bury him – he just said Sam is close to both sides & avoided the question Tommy asked him.

Sam can’t go at Tommy and tell him what he really thinks which is “So Tommy are you telling me you don’t have discussions with HOH’s or people & then keep those details to yourself? Or are you suggesting only you are allowed to play this game? B/c I’m pretty sure I could spill a good portion of your two faced game right now if you want to play this game! ”

Tommy & Christie annoy the F out of me b/c they call people out for bullying (then they use bullying tactics to get what they want). Insist they’ll just do what the HOH or POV holder wants & then create drama to force their choice.

The whole fight between Sam/Jess came about b/c Christie/Tommy wound her up by telling her Sam would put her on the block. Again, if Sam wasn’t on the block he could’ve said “oh Christie do you mean like how you are actively working to target Michie & lying to everyone in the house as being on your dream team while you have NO DESIRE to go to the end with the couples? It’s too bad b/c with Jess & Cliff in the room if she had denied saying that she would have been caught red handed — it’s coming (fingers crossed) it has to be coming.

At least two things came out of tonight’s nonsense.

1. Jackson pointed out how the six/8 wanted Kemi on the block & Christie did her own thing by putting up Ovi -so technically he’s right – she is a hypocrite.

2. And my favorite (go figure – being Beth & invisible paid off). Holly shared she was in the room with Christie during one particular debate but Christie forgot she was there or didn’t see her & in the retelling she completely blew up the story to be far more dramatic (read: full of lies) than what really happened.

I was thinking all week this trip could be a good thing for this week — but if we don’t learn until Thursday who is nominated than I guess it can’t (unless that’s when they will air it?????). All I know is I hope somehow Christie is on the trip & is the hamster negatively impacted landing her on that block & then gets ousted prior to jury so she’s off my screen. No – I’m not a Jackson/Jack fan either but I feel Christie has to go first in order for the house to be more fluid in terms of where people align.


Christie has already made it to jury if she’s in the house after this weeks eviction and she will be.


Seriously Sis says to Nick, she wants him to prove his loyalty more than once with her, now that he has won the Veto and is trying to get back in everyone’s good graces. Why is she there? what the F has she done for everyone except throw Nicole under the bus.
It’s so hard to find someone to route for this Season the Jack’s suck and degrade everyone when they talk to or about them. Jess and Sis are bimbo’s Cliff I can’t install any hope in him since his last F-up. Christi is playing a smart game but eventually her lies are going to catch up to her. Plus she still has a Power. Tommy annoys me, he’s just a suckhole and Sam I had hope for but he -is a dead man walking at this point. The darkhorse is Kat believe it or not for me. She comes up in convos but not for very long. I could see he doing something crazy if she won an HoH.

Everybody Dies!

Is it bad that once Sam is evicted I want some kind of natural disaster to whipe out the house and everyone in it? Sure Cliffs family would be upset and Nicole probably doesn’t deserve it, but overall I think everyone else going would probably benefit society! After all…EVERYBODY DIES!


Sitting behind a keyboard and wishing death on other people .. what a f’kn tool. Real brave keyboard warrior /s


After watching last nights episode, I am finally seeing why so many people like Kat. She is slowly starting to win me over and I may actually be starting to like someone from this season.

As far as Nick is concerned, why does he have to gain everyone’s trust back? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I mean, the others in his alliance were the ones who lied to HIM. What lies has Nick told that he needs to make up for? I hope he wins HOH next week so that they all come sniffing around and trying to play nice and I hope HE says to them that they need to regain HIS trust.

Bullies SUCK

Absolutely! He and Bella got lied to hardcore by “gr8ful”. All he did after that point is try to survive. If I was him, knowing I’m dead in the water anyway, I’d nominate Christie and Jack. She’s going to activate the power regardless, with few exceptions. Torch all of the bridges and set the house into a tailspin.


So Kat is going up.. One of the 2 last funny people in the house is going home this week. Sounds about right.



I hope the audience boos every vote made on Thursday. If we have to endure this shitty season then let’s start letting them know how despised they are.

If Sam leaves my only entertainment this summer will come when Christie (w/o a power) lands on the block and suddenly gets “the treatment” from the house. Can’t even imagine the whimpering, whining noises and screams of how unfair things are. Still, it’s more likely I have to wait until finale night & HOPE someone finally calls out Christie on national TV for being perhaps the biggest hypocrite & mean girl ever to play BB especially for someone who claims to be so supportive of women & kind when she’s been the cheerleader for the pack mentality of attacking her targets with personal slights.

Is it really that hard to find someone as charming as Dr. Will? Or Dan who was a strategist but always emphasized having genuine real life moments with people as did Derrick — ALL of this trio played with a strategy and any one of them would make quick mincemeat out of this ugly group human beings. For as much as I hate one person rolling a season I’d welcome that over this crap.

And that may highlight the biggest issue with the current era of BB as Robyn Kass just uses her template of one cowboy or cowgirl, one awkward nerdy type, one older person, one long haired Lothario type, one or two who represent the LGBTQ community, a couple of over 30’s married with kids, a few POC, and a slew who look good in bikinis who they find at bars or through production friends who have no clue how to play and just spend their summer returning to high school where they used to be popular and treated anyone unique terribly b/c of their own shortcomings.

Perish the thought of actually taking the time to find 16 people who have watched BB for more seasons than they haven’t, are live feeders and OMG – how about half the house be mature adults.

This season BLOWS – every year even without someone to invest in or champion I can find ways to enjoy the season as I look for how the players could navigate their game board & develop the strategy they could utilize. But I dislike these people so much even that is becoming a struggle since they don’t use strategy it’s only about painting someone bad with personal jabs. I’m so close to throwing in the towel.


I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a season were BBs production favorites are so hated and despised as I see in the Ranking, Forums, or Facebook as this Season. I don’t believe CBS can save this season at all unless they come up with some kind of gimmick, or just scrap this season and start all over.


cbs needs to give up on their favorites and write this season off as they did in bb15. you know they wanted amanda and elissa final two but that season was a toxic mess.

K Bake

Who is doing all of the ridiculous braids?

Bullies SUCK

Right! Just looks silly on Nicole!!


Looks silly on majority of them!!


Maybe the field trip punishment will be as a replacement nom

BB fan since season 1

I think Sis looks like Jessica Simpson with dark hair.

Dalia Hobelman

Now Jessica wants to have a back bone and Christine can you just STFU for once geeze!

another name

In the Kat / Holly conversation before everyone started to head to bed:
Kat: i think she might vote me out. (re. Sis)
Holly: she’d be stupid to go against…
Kat: she didn’t know what an adjective is, she is stupid.
I’m sorry. I laughed.

Sis was mad Jackson was intervening in the HOH. Her argument: we’re on the same side, why is he being so childish?
Holly tells Jackson Sis was mad. Jackson’s argument: we’re on the same side, why’s she being so childish?
shake my head.

They stop having sex for a few days, and Holly’s rash disappears. They start again, and so does the rash. If it isn’t the deodorant, i think we know why Jackson showers so many times in a day. I’m still side eyeing Jackson telling Jack he had a gf when he entered the house, and didn’t want Kat to jeopardize that, but Holly is a different story. Great, he found his Ofjackson.

I’m having a difficult time wondering if Jack is playing Jackson, or if Jack is playing Christie. I think it may be both. I think within his alliance, Jack is the floater (classic definition not Rachel bastardization).

When Jackson brings up week one veto renom, where Jackson and Jack wanted Kemi out, but Christie didn’t do it, he phrases it to be everyone wanted her out. We know the renom change had d/r fingerprints ALL OVER IT. Then again, given the conversation between Holly, Christie and Tommy we also know that directed questioning in the d/r is ramping up the alliance’s paranoia about each other. Who is the beneficiary of the d/r manipulation? The first instance was an attempt to shift bad publicity about racism via Jack and Jackson. I want to see how they edit Jackson’s talks around the house before i draw a conclusion, but if i had to guess right now, i’d be saying it fits with a Jackson is making his move edit.

As usual, this morning Jess and Nicole are adding one plus one and coming up with the answer blue. Talking game strategy with Jess… it really is like translating a book originally in German to French, then the French to Spanish, Then translating the Spanish version into English. the point gets lost somewhere between the translations.


How tha heck did I not know Jess was married????!!!


Sshhhh, don’t let the house hear you. She’s already the last POC in there and if they find out her husband is black they will boot her


Flip on the feeds hear Jess telling Cliff that Christie is a straight shooter and if Nick wins HOH she’ll be his target.


I just don’t get it. Holly basically just let Christie run her HOH as well. Christy’s paranoia dictated who the replacement nom would be. The way it’s going these people are handing the game to Christy. Her alliance bows to her wishes and the outsiders all think she’s so honest. With Sam leaving there’s no chance for an outsider to win at this point. The sh****six and their wannabes will outnumber the outsiders in jury. Sam was the last best hope for a happy ending to BB 21.


You can tell the season sucks when the updates are like when it’s down to the final few people lol


There’s no way I can rally behind Cliff or Jessica. Their whole strategy to hide like slugs is off-putting.