“She was f*ing mad.. she was beet red..”

Matt and Raven start pourting food on each other. It starts with Raven tossing cinnamon on Matt.. Matt retaliated with Milk.

9:00pm Raven and Matt having a fake fight/ flirty fight I don’t know what to call it.. it sucks..

Alex comes down.. What happened

Matt – we got in a little tiff..

They keep fighting/playing.. I dunno… it’s the mating dance of the borings.

Josh comes in .. “what the f*” (you know how he says it)

9:48pm Kitchen paul and Alex
Alex tells Paul she wants to take Xmas out
Paul says he wants to get kevin out
Alex agrees..

10:36pm Xmas says her foot is doing much better.

10:41pm Paul , Josh, Jason and Kevin
Paul tells them “They were f*ing fighting, She was f*ing mad.. she was beet red.. ”

10:55pm Xmas and Paul
Xmas says that Josh had reported that Jason and Alex are legitimately “hitting heads”
Xmas says she would rather Matt goes over Raven. Paul plays devils advocate but agrees.

11:04pm Paul and Raven

Paul – I’ve heard little comments from Xmas and JOsh,… like Jason and Alex are on a power trip.. this and that.. I don’t think Xmas and Josh are stupid Bro
Paul – I think they..
Raven – Josh told me in the kitchen we need to win HOH
Paul – yeah.. I think they are thinking what we’re thinking to be honest.. without saying it..
Paul – here’s what I think, Best case scenario kevin goes home and they’re f*ed because it’ll be all of us against them
Paul – worst case scenario I sh1t my pants because they…

Raven – umm Yeah i will lose my sh1t if he doesn’t do what he says he’s doing

They agree to throw the HOh to Josh or Xmas.
Paul – we have to make sure we beat Alex..
Paul says if they let Josh or Xmas win the HOH and take a shot at Alex they keeps them free to play in the next hoh.
Raven – I completely agree

11:26pm HOH Alex and jason
Alex about Jason – He’s squeezing his nose and all these white heads are coming out and you’re wiping it on your pantes.. eww…
Paul joins them, says Matt should go first..

Jason nose after picking….

Paul tells them Next week Kevin is the target. They all agree none of them have a connection with Matt but they have something with Raven.

Jason – I was going to flip a coin
Paul – we can do it in a smart way
Jason says Raven probably wants to be in the game more than Matt.

Paul – no way JOsh and Xmas are 2 timing anybody.. they are chill

Alex – yeah…
jason – yeah

11:38pm HOH Paul, Jason and Alex
Jason – I’ve been on board for matt.. Since.. two weeks ago.. the only reason I haven’t been on board is yesterday and yesterday…
Paul – he would be more of a loose canon because none of us have that tightness with him, none of us talk to him..

11:42pm xmas joins them.. Alex says they are going for Matt again.
Xmas – I think she will chill out..

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Just sayin'

Jason is gross.

Guy From Canada

If he did this every day yes. But if it’s once in a while for personal grooming who cares. What I do care about is if Raven and Matt are together 24/7 and you tak out Matt, who will Raven hang out with? Paul and then his playing all sides is blown up? I hope so.


I hope Raven don’t pull a GinaMarie when Matt goes. Remember when Nick left? GM was acting a fool. Raven gonna come up with a phantom Illness. LOL


Paul is misting everyone and the cast is dumb but it is really grating my nerves when that b$&ch Paul gets called to the DR more than twice yet he is still YAPPING! I might not like the cast but I’m tired of your voice! Go to the DR so we hear other crappy sounds


It makes ‘us’ uncomfortable to see a man abused. Embarassed, not knowing if we should ‘say something’…etc. This is clearly a case of a girl (unstable) who abuses her lover. She said on the feeds she likes her hair pulled to turn her on. I am indescribably uncomfortable with her abuse and wish ‘production’ would step in. She is a bully and a bitch.


Are you referring to Raven or Alex? Both are equally bullies and bitches in my opinion.


I agree. Raven should be evicted and put in a nut house. She’s so fake and a freaking lair. Matt will be so stupid if he stays with her outside the game. It will be a nightmare from hell……hugs


Jason is the best! I love him and Kevin. I want xmas gone…she is vile.


Literally the DUMBEST cast ever. Say what you want about Cody, but he was THE ONLY person in the whole house that was observant enough to see Paul as the piece of rat poo that he really is. I’m actually happy with CBS’ choice of cast. At least now if anyone ever sees these people in public, they’ll know, without a doubt, that they are a complete moron.


Only because he hated him from day one. Said he didn’t like him last season, plus he was ticked that Paul didn’t give him a friendship bracelet.


Yeah. But wasn’t he the one who talked Jessica into not using the veto. That’s up there with the dumbest moves.

Old Guy

Nice massage Christmas. Bet Jason didn’t get a happy ending.

Not Team Raven

When Raven came into the house, she was like a canary. What with the terminal eating disorder, it’s caused her to gain a few pounds and look more like a chicken. Bigger thighs, butt hanging out of her shorts, boobs spilling out of her bra, surprised she can even button her pants. I doubt that she’ll live through to the end of the season. Poor girl. Won’t be able to scam any more money through her gofundme page. We should all feel sorry for her.



Paul wants to keep Raven so she can win the mental HOH comp for the double and take a shot at Alex and Jason. They should be able to see through his reasoning and just say let’s vote out the one who is more dangerous in the double eviction. Just once I want them to sarcastically say ” OH you want to keep Raven cause she’ll come to you, yeah that sounds fair and works for everyone!”


What a waste of food. Of course this entire BB season is a waste.


Just think of it as extra food for the rat and the ants that are in the house. I bet they all wake up this morning to a huge ant infestation from the milk and Sprite all over the floor plus the food. Matt is supposed to be 33, I think there’s one too many digits in that and they really meant he’s 3 🙂

Old Perv

On night 1, I fell in lust with Alex and Christmas. Best face and figure combos. Turns out they are terrible game players, but at least they look good playing bad. Won’t happen, but I’d love to see them team up, compare notes, one of them win HoH and get Paul evicted. He’s such a waste of space.

For the second season, what’s with Paul wearing a kids floatie? Production needs to pull their heads out of their butts and take it away. I’d say he was a perfect ass, but the Ass Union would probably take me to the 9th Circuit Court and I’d lose.


I do believe Paul thinks he is endearing to us viewers wearing the bird. I wish someone would give Paul the bird.
Heck……………..I wish this entire cast would be given the bird.


Cody was more entertaining sitting alone brooding,or showing his Manson-like stares, than the rest of this seasons cast.

See thru the lies

Good description of Cody,Manson like stares,brooding,sullen,BUT DEFINITELY NOT entertaining………………….well maybe if you were the unabomber!


Tired of Raven, she is always looking into the cameras, just looking for air time, I guess. Too phony!


Or looks to the others in the room for affirmation. Clearly an attention whore. Which further pushes the stories that she tells as lies

Kyle in Tahoe

Raven thinks a pacemaker is used for all kinds of ailments, she’s out of her mind; when in fact a pacemaker is used to regulate the heartbeat. What SHE has is a device to stimulate the muscles in her stomach & intestines to process food intake. How come I know this and she doesn’t. And she referred to arthritis in her spine as Arthur-itis. She’s dumber than a can of SpaghettiO’s (sorry, no offense to SpaghettiO’s). Being attracted to her certainly says a lot about Matt, doesn’t it, unless of course he’s finds her entertaining (& likes it when she beats his meat).

Another Floatie

I hope Raven takes Trejo when she gets evicted


Whine, complain, bully …that’s all that has gone on All Season! BTW, I’m talking a large majority of the comments here. More nauseating than the HGs. Downvotes expected, proves my point. Just like all of you who say they’ll quit watching the show, I’ll quit reading comments lol


Agree, comment section has turned into repository of tiresome, repetitive comments spewing more hate and bullying than HGs even come close to. Simon and Dawg have the best BB recap site, but for some reason the comments section has been overtaken by a majority of comments that are just ridiculous, hate-filled, hypocritical complaints and attacks, over and over and over. I look at the up/down numbers to determine which ones I read now. Usually the higher the number UP votes, the more hateful the comment. I expect lots of Down votes for this comment but IDGAF. It’s ridiculous how the haters here are more hateful and engage in more bullying than the HGs they are calling out!


I put thumbs up but it never changed. Been thinking same thing for awhile.
Counter has been off for long time so you can’t go by numbers. I have hit one up before and number has gone down not up. If it happened just once I can see it but it happens a lot.


You can dislike a HG without cruel or gross name calling or wishing them harm, as proven on a couple of other BB sites that have comment sections that I’ve seen. The hate and anger directed at the HGs is unbelievable, it’s just a game, a TV show. The mob mentality is alive and well here, people calling HGs bullies while carrying out the same behavior….no, Worse behavior…than the HGs. Plus, you don’t have to repeat yourself endlessly, we less hateful types got your message the 1st, 2nd, 10th time you posted. We don’t even bother reading past the first sentence anymore, but hey, maybe it’s good you don’t hold all that hate inside you…..

Raven's horse hair

Well finally CBS is starting to show viewers a bit of the truth who that trailer trash lying scamming Raven really is!!! Good episode Sunday lol. Just when one would think America’s dislike for Raven couldn’t plunge any lower, IT HAS!!!
Good luck with future scams Raven. lol

Baby fan always

I’m hoping Jason and Alex wake up and see what’s going on. Jason all the way!

Kid Rock

What do you think Jason n Alex should do? Cut Paul? The only thing Jason is sleep to that KEVIN IS REALLY MORE LOYAL TO PAUL THAN HIM! Kevin tells Paul everything Jason says…… NONE of them is going to cut Paul now… Matt n Raven has to blow up Paul game on the way out but I think they are too stupid to even know what’s really going on.

Worst final 8 ever

For a 33 year old Matt is immature AF. Can’t wait til this waste of space piece of sh** gets evicted

Judge Janie

Did not think I could dislike Matt and Raven anymore than I already do, but then there was the food fight. Who f*ing does that sh1t?? Pathetic boring losers trying to get camera time.

Clearly Sarcasm

MATT!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Don’t you know she’s terminally ill, what if she would have got herself ANOTHER injury!! You have got to be more careful!! LMFAO