Nomination Ceremony Results. “They are all f***ing stupid but we need them.”

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Jason Nominated: Matt & Raven

5:35pm – 6:35pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the feeds return – Matt and Raven are making the round hugging everyone. Matt – It wouldn’t be the block without me. Josh – I have a question if I don’t compete can I host. They say no. Raven – Christmas first. She hosted but it wasn’t a good one. The weather comp.

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Bedroom – Paul and Raven. Paul – it wasn’t subtle. Raven – I wasn’t expecting that speech. Paul – I know. Raven – literally hugged me and said if I win the veto I’ll pull you off. Paul – perfect! I don’t think anything weird is going on. Raven – I think Kevin knows. Paul – we need to do damage control. Raven – if I get house guest choice I am picking you. Paul – good! Paul goes to the storage room and does a happy dance.

In the kitchen – Christmas is pissed at Josh because he was supposed to grab her ice cream from the HOH freezer but forgot and now its gone. Christmas – I am almost as pissed as when Cody tired to backdoor me. Josh comes back with the puppy dog look and Christmas forgives him.

6:45pm Storage room –Paul and Raven are in the storage room together. Raven – I think Kevin knows, he is acting weird. Paul – I don’t know, we’ll calm him down. Raven leaves and Paul says F**K go away! F**k! Josh joins Paul. They high five. Josh does a happy dance. Paul shhhhh’s him. Paul – I know, they are all f**king stupid. But we need them… (Paul whistles) Matt and Raven are no good. And then next week (send them out) We have to, or else we’re f**ked! Josh – so what are you thinking if we get picked for veto? Gun for it or no? Paul – yes, and take Raven off. Josh – and put who up? Paul – Kevin. Josh – do you think he (Jason) will do it? Paul – uhh HUh.

6:50pm Lounge room – Jason and Kevin. Kevin – you did a good job. You could have been an a$$hole but you weren’t. You did fantastic. Jason – I’m not even going to say anything. Kevin – send one out this week and the other next week. I think this week is going to be another double.

7:05pm HOH room – Matt and Raven.
Matt – do you think if Alex or Jason win veto … that they would actually pull one of us off? Raven – well if they don’t one of us goes home and then one of them are going to jury right after us. Matt – yeah true. Raven – I think they know that. Matt – I hope so, I mean that would be pretty sweet if we were literally safe. I would feel much more comfortable if one of the three of us wins the veto or Josh. Raven – if I get house guest choice I am picking Paul. Matt – hell yeah. If I get house guest choice I am picking Josh. Or if I get house guest choice should I pick Alex as a sign of we trust you guys. Raven – I’ll ask Paul but it might be a good idea. Matt – worst comes to worst .. we would have the votes to keep you. Raven – you think? Matt – yeah because you would have Paul, Josh and Christmas. Raven – I am not going to campaign against you. Matt – of course not. Raven – if I go to jury, I go to jury, its fine. If I go to jury you better win this thing. Matt – that is the beauty of this situation we can control which way Paul, Josh and Christmas vote. I would rather go out on those terms than anyone elses. Raven – he would be stupid to make that speech and not do it. Matt – I agree. Raven – because everyone would be like alright .. you lied. Matt – I feel good. Raven – me too, I trust Paul.

7:20pm – 7:50pm They all sit down to eat

7:50pm – 8:22pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Jason, Matt, Raven, Paul, Kevin & Josh

*** They’re going to have a Night POV competition ***

8:30pm Josh – I looked at Jason and he was stone faced. Christmas – do you think he is trying to backdoor you? He wasn’t Matt and Raven out first. If he does we have the votes to keep you. Josh – probably just me making assumptions. Christmas – don’t over think it.

8:30pm HOH room – Jason, Paul, Alex.

Jason – do you think we should stress Kevin a little bit? Paul – pretty much. We’ll put him on his toes. The motherf**ker (Kevin) feels too comfortable. We will do it in a way that we all want it. It might be a double eviction, next week. Jason – so this is going to be a Sunday eviction? Paul – I think so yes. On Sunday or Monday we play a different HOH and do it all again on Thursday. I think she (Raven) is a better competitor than he (Jason). Jason – I think they are mocking us. Paul – do you think anyone would vote for her in the end? She would pull out all the victim cards. Alex – I wouldn’t. Josh might. Paul – Cody would. Alex – they did make it to the final 2 I would self evict and be a bad sport about it. Josh joins them. Paul – there is no worst case scenario. If we even throw it to Kevin .. the he wouldn’t use it and they couldn’t be mad at us if he didn’t use it. Paul – if it is the black box (veto comp).. Josh is going to be the first one out. And then we don’t have to be worried about pissed jury members.

Paul – if we had just sh*t on him .. they were grab a$$ing. Josh I am glad, I’m competing. This is going to be fun. Paul no night time veto is fun. Paul – if Kevin gets to the end he would win. Josh – he is too liked. Paul – if he pulls out I’m a private investigator.. Alex – I think

8:50pm Bathroom.
Paul – should I gun for it? Matt – YES! Paul – Okay, just checking. And if I win it I pull gypsy off? Matt – yes.

8:55pm – 9:20pm Josh to Paul – I don’t trust none of them but you and Christmas. Paul – Even if they tried to put you or I up they don’t have the votes to do it. Josh – I am f**king gunning for it. Paul – me too. Paul, Raven and Josh speculate on what the night veto competition could be. Paul thinks it could be the black box comp. Raven – it could be the egg comp. Paul – could be, your nails are going to be pissed! Josh – they’re going to come for me, Christmas and then you. I am going to gun for this veto like there is a fire under my a$$. Paul – you think they would put you or I up? Josh – I don’t think so but I wouldn’t put it past them. But if there is an eviction on Sunday they might try and pull a fast one. If they did I would tear his a$$ up until Thursday.

9:40om Alex, Paul, Christmas and Matt

9:45pm – 10:05pm HOH room. Paul tells Jason that Josh said he will not use the veto if he wins it. So if we can somehow toss it to him, then we don’t get the backlash. If Josh takes that shot, then we don’t have to.

11:40pm Alex and Kevin are laying in bed. They’re waiting for the POV to start. Keivn – I don’t even care anymore, lets just get it over with.

12:30pm Christmas, Matt & Raven are all bed.

1am Kitchen. Alex and Paul comment on it being boring. Josh once they realize that we’re backdooring Kevin and one of them is going home. Watch them (Matt & Raven) turn up.

2:36am loitering around waiting for the POV to start.
Paul says he drank 3 cups of Coffee he’s not going to sleep. Some houseguests are sleeping already.

2:39am Josh thinks the POV will be mental because they want their minds fried “Like a pickle”

Paul – what’s your favorite food
Josh – Italian..
Paul – favorite food not food type
JOsh says something in Spanish his mom makes, Steak, Black beans, Onions, rice etc…

3:00am JOsh, Paul and Alex in the APSR talking about gumpy things..

3:34am everyone gave up waiting for the POV.. Sleeping zzzzzzz

5:50am all sleeping still.. no POV yet πŸ™

8:35am zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lights on for some..
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No kevin I don’t want to see you go!


Wow! HG still ride or die with Paul really. Raven and Matt talking about picking Paul or Josh for HG choice to play in the VETO. Please tell me whats wrong with this picture anybody. Paul telling josh we will win the VETO and take Raven down and put up Kevin. Why just to torturer Kevin when you know you are going to send Matt home. Paul is playing very dirty. No need to put Kevin up. Paul is very sick with it. All the bullying now this. This is more than a game play for Paul. I think Paul likes bullying and torturing people and probably done this most of his life. Paul is a very unhappy person and have some personal issues i believe going on in his life for him to go overboard with some of his game moves. He is playing the game but some of it is not game but personal.

Alex DeLarge

I think he’s got the Napoleon complex.

Katie Holmes

I love hurricanes. I get to watch Jen Carfagna in her blue weather channel rain gear for hours. Absolute kawaii cuteness.


Maintains an ugly beard, paid for ugly tattoos, talks ugly sh!t, and claims to be some martial artist, so people don’t catch on that he is nothing more than a little pu$$y. Cody with a military background, was the only one who could see it. Anybody who went through basic training / boot camp knows a few Pauls. Without 3 weeks safety, Cody kicks Paul to the curb week 1 and we have a much better season. Now it’s nothing but Paul leading sheep to slaughter. Sad and boring.


Even if there were no 3 weeks safety, the house would’ve saved Paul & Meghan would’ve got evicted week 1 had she not walked. Cody should’ve spoke with his alliance to they “together” could properly “plan” on how to take out the vet with an excellent social game.


And let’s not forget that Cody had to put up not two, but FIVE house guests for nominations. So unfair. And then his alliance turned on him because he nominated Christmas, Paul’s closest ally at the time, because Paul got the horrible three week safety curse. And it’s personal since they’re still viciously bad mouthing Cody. This is one of the worst seasons of BB. I hope Kevin wins and shakes this house up.

fake butt

Raven has a GoFundMe booty..


Cody is gone!!!!!!! Get over it already….go paul


I want Canadian Kevin to win the POV so it screws up Paul’s plan to evict Kevin. Then renom Josh so he can stress out and Paul and Xmas all week. Maybe they’ll get sick of him and evict Josh on Thursday.

Smitten Kitten

He lives for psychological warfare, especially towards those he perceives are weak minded he said so himself.

Typical with little man syndrome.

Kid Rock

When is the next double eviction? I haven’t watched the show in a few weeks…


Paul will send home Kevin if idiot Jason puts him up. Next week 5-1 Alex versus the house. God I hate the complete stupidity of the HGs. Worst cast ever!!!Boring season BB16 obviously. Worst season ever BB15. Man these morons are a close second on both. Robin Kass you freaking suck…..period!!!


Oh get real.


Every season bunch of whiners “Worst season, most boring, bunch of bullies, fire AG and RK, quit watching the season, never watching again, Wah,Wah,Wah.” And people who quit watching the show (I call BS) but still read daily blogs and post comments are MORE invested than those who just watch the show. Bring on the hate, IDGAF, LOL.


Ya baby, ya called it.
Ya gotta luv it, i do!
Hoo Haa


Kraken Time,or rather my version of it.


love this comment, so true


Every season same butthurt wannabe fans. I’m a fan of the gameplay aspect of BB, I never pick favorites. This season is a disappointment as out of 16 players only 1 is actually playing the game to win.


This is by far the dumbest cast of all time. They literally do everything Paul says easy money for Paul. Lol


No one said they weren’t a BB fan or invested in the show. We just believe BB could have done better in picking the HG for the show and the temptation bought nothing good to the show which caused the show to be boring among other things. Giving the vet Paul 3 weeks in the house in the beginning of the show murdered the show its dead and stinking. Too much time was given to Paul to be safe he setup camp Paul style. He had the time and he is a vet too he knew what to do and Paul ran with it. Right now this show is BBPAUL. So sad!!!


If you don’t care why write your foul comments. Oh let me answer that for you…because you care just as much as the next guy about his/her comments. If you do not care reply only to the people comments that is loving the show right now if you can find one and don’t reply to our comments if you don’t care what we are posting. Hey! can you do that. You have been checked!!


ANONYMOUS: I am a Big Brother fan since day one and I can plainly see how this season is the “PAULETTES SHOW” featuring Paul the returning veteran who keeps on getting these phony “SAFETIES” to carry him on to a predictable win. This has definitely been the WORST season, most boring season, and the most unbelievable season EVER seeing how these PAULETTE nitwits do not even much know how to play the game. Come on, ANONYMOUS, you need to get real!!


Yep, he doesn’t want Kevin on the block to mess with him, he wants him on the block to get him out.


BB15 was the worst season with Amanda, another bully.


You left Paul name.


Paul you freakin suck!!!


Oh get real.


And he’s also a closet homo. I’m sure that’s where a lot of that rage comes from also.


He is a wanna be Hobbit Dwarf Homo.

Jessica's Birth Control

Paul is actually playing the game. Its refreshing from watching the rest of the cereal eating slugs.


I think Paul’s plan is to actually flip it to get Kevin out if he ends up on the block. He thinks if Kevin is F2 he has a good chance of winning because all of the houseguest like him, except Alex.

So predictable

I would love to see the look on Paul and Alexs’ face if Kevin wins the veto today.

Now what sparky?
Torment who?
Come on Kevin surprise us πŸ™‚

Would be epic if Jason throws Paul up there instead! Grows some bull balls Jason! Do it!

K… won’t hold my breath but one can dream a bit πŸ˜‰


These days Bullying = Winning


I cannot believe that all these people are so mesmerized by a diabolical, bullying, self-absorbed Paul. He hated Cody because he couldn’t control him. Kevin is no fool, so Paul connives to get him out now. All this started because Production. via an early fan vote, gave Paul 3 weeks of safety in the house, which HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE(what was wrong with 1 week’s safety?) WAKE UP PEOPLE! Did you come in this house to make jury or win the damn game. Once Mark left, there’s no one against this vile human being.

Martha Stewart

Jason -& Alex must wake up now. They need to win veto and keep the noms the same . If they do not win veto, Jason must not put up Kevin, or Kevin goes out. He has to put up Xmas, Josh, or Paul if he wants to get Matt out. Even if they get Matt out, Alex has to win the next HOH. Time to stop being sheep.


Well being sheep has got them this far hasn’t it?


I think it’ll be Jason out before Alex. If Alex doesn’t win the next hoh, Jason will most likely go.

sunny dee

pretty sure they will be taking out matt.

which is fine.


there’s the door matt… you doormat


As a game player, Kevin is a Floater. At least Matt has put himself out there as a Pawn throughout. I know most people here are choosing likeability over game play, but as a BB Fan I look at Game play. None of the 3 (Matt, Raven, Kevin) are playing, but of the 3, Matt has done the most.

Judgmental Judy

Agreeing with that stupid smile and playing “Grab A*#” to go on the block doesn’t make Matt a good player, He didn’t put himself on the block. Then he wins Veto and DOESN’T take himself off the block. Great game, doorMatt!


I didn’t say Matt was a Good game player. Can you read?

Judgmental Judy

You SAID “Matt has done the most” – do YOU read? You are giving him credit where none is due. I didn’t smack you up side the head, I simply gave my thoughts in a polite way. You don’t have to be a jerk.

Ian's Lament

KEVIN is going. PAUL wants this . IT’S going to happen. Nuff Said.

Attention Cody And Jess Fans - Jess Said On Her Instagram/Twitter She Wants All Cody/Jess Fans To Vote Cody As Americas Favorite Player

I originally thought Jess would have a better chance of winning this, but if this is what she wants, I hope Cody and Jess fans support her decision and vote Cody rather than splitting votes, to maximise the chance of one of them winning. Cody is still the only player to have the balls to do what majority of fans have wanted to see all season…someone actually attempt to put Paul on the was blocked due to the twist, but at least he attempted to do it, unlike anyone else. A vote for Cody will let Paul and his minions know its not ok to repeatedly publicly mock or question someones service for their country, or their status as a parent of a little girl. Voting for $25k to Cody as Americas Favorite Player will certainly crush the spirit of Paul and his minions on finale night, and give Cody and Jess a nice little engagement present. Also will help with probably a wedding and maybe a baby on the way haha!

Actually it is OK to mock somebody, it’s done all the time
on this message board. Jess’s instagram ?? really.
Her and the jarhead are losers….

Cody was an idiot, nominating Paul when he didn’t even know if he had votes to get him out, going rogue on his alliance, being a bully and isolating himself w Jessica, preferring to screw than play the game.

Joan Murphy

NO Do not let Kevin go ,, he is the favorite Player ,, that Damn Paul is being a Pest to Kevin ” Send Paul Packing


Done deal
Paul wants it ! I hurled in my mouth when I read raven say ” let’s go ask Paul” wtf? Seriously?

End it already.

Paul wins.

Big brother sucks.

Nothing else matters, it is all production playing games with us.


What is up with Paul today he looks like a recovering heroin addict . Just as Matt find his look Paul loses his..


I wonder what the numbers are for viewers? They must be low.

I come here to get my fix.

Sorry CBS. Try again next year.


I think BB this year is competing with BB at the WH, lots more interesting.

Smitten Kitten

Unfortunately, the ratings have consistently gone up every single week the show has been on this summer (with the exception of one week which took a dip).

Sadly, this train wreck is literally number one show it’s time slot & has even been the number one show for the entire week on certain weeks for CBS.
It’s insanity.

I would’ve hoped that this massacre of a season, combined with the fans being so unhappy would have sent a loud & clear message to Les Moonves & CBS, however all the network (and their advertisers) care about are Gross Rating Points & Nielson Ratings (ie; hard numbers, not fan happiness or satisfaction).

So unfortunately, this season of BB has been their biggest season to date… go figure (massive eye roll).


I’d like to see this number because there is no way.


You are making this up….the raitings are low just around 5M….


koin6 is a tool. smitty kitty is right on about the numbers.
The whiners are not a concern to CBS nor should they be
as the numbers prove. They all migrate to this site and the
rest of the country could care less about them.


Wrong,- More like around 6M
Sunday was 6.10M then on Thursday was 6.03M and carried the 9pm hour.


Somehow CBS’s ratings share have only gone up.

It’s really a sad state of affairs.

Capt Obvious

Of course the ratings are high.
Hate him if you will, but you’ve got one of the greatest efforts of any player in BB history playing almost a flawless season so far.
You’ve still got somewhat of a diverse mix of players(race & age) that you never have this late in the season. At this point it’s usually looks like a frat party at Yale in the B.B. house.
You’ve got a cast who actually is going after couples unlike the last few seasons.
CBS isn’t going to concern themselves with the opinions of the 500-600 people who come to this website and feed off each other’s hate.
The ratings are the highest in years, that’s just something this extremely tiny pocket of viewers will have to deal with.


He is not the greatest. Playing with idiots does not make you great. He would be the greatest if he was playing with good players, but he’s not. They found a bunch of idiots to make him look great.

Might be right

You know, I think that might actually be possible. Casting chose sheep + Cody for a little drama so that Paul could dance to the win. Production may have thought he would team up with Cody for another bro run, or they may have thought they would butt heads for some drama.

Franks grumpy Fumes

Yes King Paul they are very very stupid…..and you are are a Royal Hemmoroid…… a good way!

Franks Fumes

Sometimes Kevin has this look on his face like he’s worried about Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta coming after him with a hammer! Chill out Kev………it’s just BB!

Canadian chick

OMG! Comment of the day! Thanks for the laugh!

Franks Fumes

Thank you! Canadian Chicks are the best!


They are not playing the game at all. By Paul saying earlier that they want to keep things smooth, they are in essence making the game boring. It’s a game! Games are literally supposed to be competitive, fun, entertaining, with players who are supposed to be aggressive, determined and in it to win it. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! They are not playing like they are in a game! They are siting in a reality tv home all week deciding as a group who is going and who is staying and they are all going along with it. Even those who are leaving! Only one can win the 500k, so in my mind, I would at minimum want to be remembered as a true player, how could they ever leave this house feeling like they played. They should and probably wil be, ashamed of themselves. On a side note, thnx Simon and Dawg. Loves the post.


I know and even the comps aren’t competitive Kevin Raven and Matt haven’t won anything Josh hit a lucky putt and Paul gave his to Xmas and Paul is losing on purpose


Skydiver you are right. Only one can win but the act like if they listen to and do what Paul says they are all going to win that 500k. Every time someone does go against the house they say ” You just gave away 500 thousand dollars for whatever reason. Like Jessica. They kept telling her you just gave up 500 thousand for Cody. I hope he was worth it. So I guess if she would have kissed Paul’s Ass. She to would have won the 500k. Just like the minions are going to do. The are the stupidest people. And nasty nasty horrible bullies. I hate just about everyone of them

Eric wenb

So who does Paul really want out this eviction? Kevin or Matt? It’s getting confusing.

Smitten Kitten

I don’t think he wants to confirm either way until after Veto is played.

I cannot stand Paul but it’s the smart move, as he could risk alienating the one that doesn’t go home if they get wind of him throwing out both names.

Wait… who am I kidding??

He couldn’t alienate them away from him if he tried (which I’m sure he has on many occasions, especially when it comes to Raven).


He actually wants Kevin out because of his social game but Jason is hell bent on breaking up Maven, so Paul can’t let them know he’s really targeting Kevin.


At least Paul is bored too and saying so, admitting they aren’t doing anything.Wow, he has built some amazing trust. All misted.


Paul is the reason it’s boring! His game play has made these idiots sit and do nothing. Yay, thanks Paul for the great summer of entertainment…not!!


Minions: Paul is it ok to take a sh*t?

Paul: No it’s too early to make a big move.

Minions: Cool, we’ll just hold it.

I can’t with these people. LOL


Skydiver you are right. Only one can win but the act like if they listen to and do what Paul says they are all going to win that 500k. Every time someone does go against the house they say ” You just gave away 500 thousand dollars for whatever reason. Like Jessica. They kept telling her you just gave up 500 thousand for Cody. I hope he was worth it. So I guess if she would have kissed Paul’s Ass. She to would have won the 500k. Just like the minions are going to do. The are the stupidest people. And nasty nasty horrible bullies. I hate just about everyone of them


Yes and Christmas with her time to make some big moves. Bahaha. Yeah really big move. Lets take Mark out just like we ALL planned 3 weeks ago.

Sam M

Now that Mark’s gone I really couldn’t care less what happens. This season had such potential πŸ™

Smitten Kitten

Until that doorbell rang…


I found a pretty good thread from someone who has GP about Raven. That at least might be legitimate.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Bottom line is Raven is a trailer trash scammer. She has a GoFundMe trying to raise $200 K, which has followed many other fundraisers and GoFundMe accounts. She tells the houseguest she could ‘die any minute’.
There is only one person who would go to all that bother to write all that up in that link. Nice try mom but America severely dislikes your daughter!


You are a horrible person, as is anyone who Likes your post. Sure, call Raven out on behaviour you don’t like, but attacking a person’s legit health issues is disgusting. Consider yourself lucky you don’t have an invisible disability. Those of us that do have it hard enough without morons like you adding to the misery.


Hi Raven’s mom…you raised a horrible person just like yourself to scam people, sorry about your disease but you don’t need to use it to buy cars and move to LA. Telling the truth will get you further in life.

Industrial Strength Mist

If I had a dollar for every time someone said “I’ll ask Paul” this season I could afford to hire a plane to fly different banners over the BB house. Raven’s NOT terminal. Paul has deals with everyone. This season sucks.
Feel free to create your own banner. My “I’ll ask Paul” fund has plenty of money.

Franks Fumes

Uh your taking for granted that they can read………..

Capt Obvious

You don’t have enough money to have a banner flown over the house?!? That’s unfortunate.


As much as I hate Paul, his minions’ stupidity has pushed me over the edge. If Paul doesn’t win the season, it will be a travesty, considering no one in the house plays the game right AT ALL except him.

Franks Fumes

You don’t have to like the guy but he’s lights out at this display of cunning……He’s amazballs at the multi-layers of mind control he has over these people……he has back up plans for back up plans for Christ’s sake……the Derricks of the world don’t have the shear force of personality that Pauls got…..sure he was a skilled game player ect but he would be run over and spit out by someone like Paul……now the thumbs come tumbling down (lol)


Sorry but nope Paul is not all that. Doesn’t take much when playing with idiots that have no brains. The idiots make Paul look good. Paul could not last in the house with the greats.


Julie’s Instagram is filled with hate comments, so is twitter… amazed they won’t step in and try to save this season but no they keep trying to play it up as if there’s a question that Paul won’t win (couples weeks ago when Christmas was “questioning” Paul… please). Can’t wait to see the hate these fools get outside the house, specifically Alex Xmas josh and Raven.


You left Paul name.


You can’t wait to see the hate the HG get? Talk about bullying, more going on here than in the BB house. Why don’t you put yourself out there and go on BB? Easier to bully anonymously I suppose.


Exactly. That’s disgusting to target players on a reality game show because you don’t like them. You know this hypocrite has been crying about bullying all season, but now they can’t wait to bully the players in real life. Some people need to get a life. A tv show should not effect you that much. If it does, you need to do some serious re-evaluating.


“I’ll ask Paul.” Seriously? Losers. They all deserve to lose to Paul.


Can we have a triple eviction and get this thing over?


Dumb and dummer nominated and think they control the votes lol


Dumb and dummer think they control the votes lol


Dumb and dumber you dumb dumb

Suitcase sally

So is Kevin going now? Or is Matt still the plan? I can’t keep up with these dweebs.

sunny dee

i think matt, but if matt and raven were on the block they would still vote out matt, and they’d actually have his blessing for that, so why not just keep the noms the same. plus, how often has raven been closer than matt to a win? he’s also not athletic as her. she was 3rd place last HOH, she was 2nd place on another. remind me again why these idiots think keeping her versus matt is going to be the better plan?


She’s Paul’s listening device and she knew him before they came on the show.


I think Paul’s plan is still Kevin although he has not said since right after HOH. Kevin is this odd man out, not in the three F3 deals Paul has. Of course he is not telling Jason and Alex that, but if somehow Matt or Raven come off the block Paul will push for Kevin to go up as a pawn. Once Kevin is on the block Paul will push for Kevin to be voted out. I would like to hope Jason could see through this and not put up Kevin but after all the chummy talk Paul had tonight with Jason I doubt it.


Matt and Raven have to ask Paul who to pick if they get the houseguest chip for veto


Megan Lowder BB19 is answering questions on Periscope @MeganannBB19. One of the questions asked was if she were still in the house, would she target Paul or be a sheep like the rest. She answered ” I would like to think that I would target Paul, but I would probably be a sheep like the rest ” Lol! At least she was honest!


You mean the loser / quitter that lasted 1 day ??
Who gives a fuck what she says ??


This group is pathetic ……………..”If he lies”…………really……..this is big brother, you are suppose to lie,
AG should be thrown right out of the business, giving us this cast of stupid. When I think they cannot get any dumber, they gleefully prove me wrong.
I wish someone would fly a banner over the BBH saying, AG is lousy at her job!!!! Please CBS fire AG!


Why is Paul wearing girl’s socks???

Min O'Pause

He has pussyfoot envy.

So sad

Wish these idiots would say who has a final 2-4 with Paul we are 8? I was hoping Jason would stick up to Alex n get 3 voted to kick Paul out but guess not UNREAL


Me: So wrench in the plans…Kevin actually wins veto and pulls Matt down. Who goes up and could it actually affect anything?!

House: Let’s ask Paul….

Me: Dagnabbit!

Paul needs to go

Here is my hope:
Kevin wins veto pulls off Matt. Jason then puts up Paul then Alex, Kevin and Matt votes out Paul.
IMO that would be the perfect move.


This love fest between Jason and Paul makes me want to vomit!! They really can’t be this stupid. Simon or Dawg can you believe this S#!T? Paul wants him out! And Alex! And they have no clue. Dumb so dumb!


Paul ask Matt if he win the VETO do he take gypsy (Raven) no playing behind down. Check this out.. Matt tell Paul YES. Now you on the block and you tell Paul to take someone else off the block. Hey Matt what about your own behind did you forget you have no special power to keep you from not going to the jury house. Worst season of HG ever.


Not that it would happen, but it would save this season if jason won the veto and took matt down and put paul up. They could tell kevin paul wanted him to go up. And matt wouldnt vote out raven. But jasons downfall will be alex.

dan g

setting up to be like big brother season all over again but paul wont win it lol


Go Paul!


I’m sure he do it every morning.


It would be a kindness if, on Sunday, Julie announced that this would be the last show of the season. The remaining guests can vote for the hg they wish to win. The jury members will also cast their votes. In the event of a tie, Cameron can cast the deciding vote. Paul gets his money and the season is finally over to allow more football — preseason crap.


Paul’s been considering taken Raven to F2, so he’s starting to subtly poll others to see If she would get the votes to win in F2.
He’s also been going after Kevin to ensure that if one of Maven come off the block, Kevin will go up and not Paul. I would be surprised if Paul tries for veto. It’s best for him to avoid pissing off 2 jury votes by keeping noms the same, or lose Kevin’s vote if he goes up because Paul pulled Raven down. Best blame it on someone else.


Expect the uneventful.


Wake me up when BBCan6 arrives.


Gawd this season would be a lot more interesting if they evict every one of the houseguests and let Paul and his alter egos play big brother all alone. Would have a lot more disagreement nd game than these bunch of nincompoops.

Ian's Lament

My God. ( I’m agnostic I’d be atheist but it’s such an arrogant downer) These people defy every moral possible ” thing”. They just SUCK

Go chase a moose fool.

All these Canadians talkin’ about BB Canada. That trash sucks. Canadians always have little brother syndrome.

I have a friend who lives in Canada and swears he doesn’t want Canada to have a NFL team. Yet watches NFL religiously and knows damn well he would do cart wheels for days if Canada was awarded a NFL franchise.

You all act like America is the lesser the country yet latch onto and try and get everything we have. Stop watching American BB if Canada is so much better. Better yet stop being mad you are little bro to America.




Easy there fool. You guys have Trump as president. Canada don’t wanna be like u


You are talking about something you know very little aboot πŸ™‚ if you think Canadians have “little brother” syndrome. That may have been somewhat true until the early 80s, but not since. My sister is an immigration lawyer and by far, the majority of application inquiries she handles are from Americans. Incidentally, many seem to think they just need to want to become Canadian and “poof”, they’re in. There are a LOT of advantages to being Canadian that you’ll never take the opportunity to understand. On a side note, most of my extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) are American (Oregon, Utah and CA mostly) and we’re close. Just saying this to point out that many people see themselves as “North Americans” and Canadians and Americans as equals.


Wow, that is quite the fearful projection you give off. Coming onto someone else’s site and complaining what others talk about, yup you are definitely living in your own egoic fears. Many people are saying this season is full of sheep but your perspective is one of a fearful sheep, use your own mind, you will expand beyond such limited beliefs.


Well it’s hard not to have a reaction to that post! I’m not sure how long you’ve been a BB fan, but the US did not create BB. It was created in the Netherlands three years before the first American show and has since been adopted by over 50 countries. The reason many of us love the BBCAN version is because it goes back to the roots of the show we loved and grew up watching. It has all the scheming and secret alliances but without the downright mean behaviours and the predictively of this BB. Perhaps BBCAN will also go downhill by the 19th season but for now it’s still fresh, juicy fun. As for the little brother syndrome, I think we are much more like cousins that grew up with parents that had differing views on how to raise their kids, that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends. I have met many wonderfully amazing Americans in my life and respect your national pride, I would humbly ask that you show us the same respect. PS, CDNs were happy to let the Americans join into our NHL, but for now, most of us are happy watching our CFL games. This is just the simple opinion of one very proud Canadian. Sending all my thoughts to those affected by the hurricane!

Not your little brother

Seriously? I would rather live in Canada over the USA any day, we have better medical, better attitudes, a Prime Minister that could bounce footballs off your presidents head, and isn’t border lined demented.

The We welcome refugees with open arms and when we travel abroad we don’t have to wear US flags on our back packs out of fear we will be hated (yes, many American travellers wear Canadian flags on their back packs).

So little man, we are NOT your little brother, we are proud Canadians.

P.S. no offence to all the wonderful people of the US, just the idiot poster above

The Foosa

Sooo predictable…..Called it last week, Mark then Kevin…Its lil’ Mussolini’s to lose, but still throw in a curve ball or two to make it remotely interesting….

Btw I’m Canadian and to try and embarrass the USA with Trump is quite laughable when we have Trudeau, a backpacking, pot smoking, substitute teacher that can barely muster up 2 coherent sentences is quite rich Mr/Mrs Anonymous. I don’t want to be like Canada at the moment, and I’m Canadian….


Communists have a term for people like this … useful idiots.

Use them to advance your agenda, then eliminate them.


I want the Cuban psycho out.

Can’t stand the vicious closeted creep.

Backseat Driver

Same here, but it won’t be pretty when he gets nominated! Crying, ranting, threatening, waving pots and pans…..ugh.

Franks Fumes

Last night on the feeds Paul said: You know some people like conspiracy theorie types (makes air quotes) actually think the show is all rigged (laughs) there’s no way… know when you put your hand in the box and pull the chip you know it’s going to be Cody’s (shrugs) you know it just happens… BB magic…..WTF !….I think Paul forgot the mist doesn’t penetrate the TV screen. LOL


Every year y’all complain about the BB cast. When things don’t go your way or how you want, you blame it on Production. It’s a TV show! Quit complaining or quit watching…’s obvious most of you don’t even understand how the game works.


Yes, we understand.

It’s supposed to be a game comprised of individuals all doing what they think will get them to the end and win.

The difference this season is they’re all like the Borg responding to whatever commands Borg Hq (Paul) gives them. They’re zombie dumb a$$es.

The Voice of Reason

Completely agree. It seems like a majority of people on here have quit watching, fast forward through most of the show, or only come on here for occasional updates. Then they like to say how they’re a big fan of the show and then give their opinion…which is usually something like “they should just cancel the show.” True fans of big brother watch every season from beginning to end, every episode, whether or not the people they were rooting for are still in it or not. If you stopped watching or think it should be canceled, news flash…you’re not a big fan. Which is fine, yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion but it sure seems like there are a lot of uneducated ones on here.


So true. I still like this season. Since big brother only comes around once a year, I’m all about it while it’s on. Of course there have been boring seasons, or people I can’t stand, but I still watch the show, and the feeds. The feeds are always a lot of fun because of the people on chat. Although I think the feeds themselves have been good this year because of all the drama.

I think Paul is playing a really good game especially for being a vet. People have a hard time remembering we know everything the players in the house don’t. So it’s easy for us to see these things. Paul has done an exceptional job convincing them he is there to “help” and can’t possibly win. Also painting targets on others backs. May seem silly to us, but we know what’s happening, they don’t! We’re not locked in a house 24/7. It can mess with your head/logic. Lol


Paul is playing an amazing game. I don’t think I have ever seen another player who has been successful in Jumping between 3 pairs who all believe he is part of their trio. He has them all believing that they are in the best spot in the house and each pair is encouraging him jump between the pairs to keep them safe. In doing that they are all protecting him so that he does not go on the block. He is a mastermind and far exceeds Derrick game play or Vanessa’s. These players are playing the game. Its just that they are playing Paul’s game and they do not even realize it.



Is that you?

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Hey I wonder where Matt’s family is hiding……….in shame. Imagine your son bringing Raven home. lol


Paul = blech. However, his “power” has nothing to do with him. It has everything to do with the follow/sheep/ non-thinking cast that was cast. The few that were not followers/sheep and do think were outnumbered from the beginning. If Paul had not had the 3 weeks of safety this would have been a much different and much better game (carefully orchestrated by BB to be sure he got it – let’s be real, America votes this unprecedented power on the first week…the only house guest that anyone knew was Paul… obviously, more votes would go to him to get it…BB production knew this…other house guests got votes, but not a concentration of votes…they were spread out over many because they were unknown)

STOP bringing back vets. Instead, how about choose from those who apply…for every cast spot. Thank you, so much, for your great posts, Simon and Dawg! I have not watched the show in weeks and do not have the feeds. Your site is much appreciated and reading this and the comments is making the season for me this year.


Thanks Shel πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Please Jason ..if Veto used ..put PAUL UP!!!
start a war…you are stronger!

Whistling sissy

Paul was given a 25 mile head start in a marathon. I simply cannot root for him. Even I if he runs the last leg with perfection, it’s not a win in my book. I’ve watched every show both last year and this year and have never liked him. To me, he is not cool, funny or likeable. That’s not saying I hate him, I just don’t LIKE him. When Cody sat silent and stone faced when he was supposed to be begging for a bracelet, I thought: omg that’s me. Pulling for a Paul loss in any way shape or form for closure. Pulling for a Cody afp win so the last 2 seasons weren’t a complete waste of my life.


Terrible idea to put one vet in the house, esp when the majority of HGs have NO clue about BB at ALL!! Only a few people from the entire cast are familiar with the game. So they cling to Paul cuz they literally have no idea what to do. Totally unfair, if they wanted to go the ‘vet route’ they should’ve evened the playing field and put in 2 or 4. I don’t like it when they put vets in the mix, unless it’s an all star cast. It would’ve been about the same scenario if they put Frankie or someone similar in there. Paul is no mastermind, just about any vet could control these puppets. Maybe not James, but I’m starting to wonder lol. Crappy premise, crappy season. I’ve complained in the past but this one truly blows

Jessica's Birth Control


You shit all over the cereal eating slugs who lie in bed all day or act like “sheep”. Yet there is only one person playing the game, taking control, and leading the flock. Yet you shit all over him too. I dont get it? Paul strategizes, makes moves, wins comps, has an impecaable social games, works production. He lies, he cheats, he back stabs, he front stabs. He makes big moves, he makes safe moves, HE MAKES MOVES!!!! He is the one deserving player the whole damn season. WHY THE BLEEP DOES HE GET HATE WHEN HE IS THE BEST PLAYER OF THE SEASON????


He makes moves?????

What moves?


Every single move in the house. What show or feeds are you watching?