Power Of Veto Competition Results! “If one of us goes home, there is nothing we can do about it.”

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Power Of Veto WINNER: Jason

5pm When the feeds come back the house is destroyed!
It was the hide the veto competition where each of the house guests hid a veto in the house and the last persons veto to be found is the winner.

They’re heading into the back bedroom. Christmas – we don’t even have a bed! Paul you did this didn’t you?! Paul – no … well yes some of it. Josh – I flipped a bed. Christmas – who did all this? Paul – All of us us we had to. Paul – where was yours Raven? Raven – in this couch cushions. Like in the cushions. Paul – f**king smart man. Matt found mine. It was in a shirt and then inside my jacket. Paul tells Raven good job. Paul – I don’t understand the Matt thing. Raven – because they wanted to leave it. Paul – he said I don’t know why you guys had to tear apart the s#x room. That was very unnecessary. You can’t even hide it under the cushions. Paul talks about how Matts was out there and he thought they were throwing it to him to save you. I was confused. (Matt’s was laying in the middle of the room because Kevin found it but didn’t want it so he dropped it.) Paul – I just don’t understand why he did that. Raven talks about how she found one and could get it out within 15 f**king seconds but Big Brother told her not to.

Matt and Raven are alone in the bedroom cleaning up. Raven – I was like if Kevin wins this I would commit suicide! If one of us goes home there is nothing we can do about it. Which I am fine with. Matt – Yeah me too. Raven – I was close to winning that one .. second place… yet again! F**k me!

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Jason is walking around with the veto around his neck. Paul to Josh – you put yours in the f**king freezer Josh!? Paul – I immediately checked the freezer, that was the first place I checked.

Kevin tells Christmas how it was a disgrace how the lounge room and bedroom were torn apart. They didn’t need to do that.

5:40pm Alex – they f**king broke my glasses again! I can’t believe it. I feel like she did it on purpose. Alex – I hope we get the yard back soon. Christmas – unless they’re setting up for the next thing. Alex – I hope so, send me the f**k out of here.

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6pm The house guests are making dinner and talking about the veto competition. Jason – I damn near hid mine in the freezer… Josh – the fact that you almost hid yours in the freezer where I hid mine.. Its going to be a long week.

6:20pm Kevin, Jason and Alex.

Alex to Kevin – was our room messed up when you came in? Kevin – yes. Alex – I know it was Raven that messed it up. Kevin – I came in and saw my stuff messed up .. I was like this is bullsh*t! What the F**k! Alex – it was her dude, we heard her slamming stuff around. Kevin – the second time I came in it was decimated. I was yelling at the cameras this is bullsh*T! Jason – was it messed up the first time you came in. Kevin – it wasn’t as bad. It was the second time. The second time couches were thrown. Alex – we’re trying to figure out who messed up our room. Kevin – people messed up stuff for no reason. Alex – someone messed up Raven’s hair. They talk about how Raven found Matt’s veto. Jason – why would she take his? Alex – because they talked about wanting her to win it. Jason tells Kevin that Raven said the plan is Kevin. Kevin – that b***h said my name, that b***h ain’t said my name all summer! Kevin – what are you going to do when you take the veto and say..

Jason – I’m going to keep the nominations the same. And she (Raven) is going to sh*t down both her legs. Kevin – good! F**K HER! And I’m going to be looking.. Jason – stare right at her. Kevin – no I’ll wait till the f**ker leaves. You know why she wants to be up as a pawn .. so she can talk to the camera. Alex comes back. Jason tells Alex – I think I am going to keep the noms the same .. he (Kevin) doesn’t want to go up and… Kevin – she said my name. Doesn’t she know we’re friends? Jason – they think that I am going to pull Raven off and I would put you up. And that everyone would vote you out. Only they think that. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to blow up. Kevin – I wouldn’t do that. I looked in the backroom and you know what I found a handful of condoms. I can find condoms but no f**King veto.

Paul to Christmas & Josh – So Jason and Alex are f**king good. Now we have a choice since we’re the votes. Josh – he’s going to put Kevin up? Paul – that’s what he says. Josh – me comparing notes… don’t put it past them if they try and take a shot at one of us.

6:55pm Paul, Jason, Alex and Kevin.
They talk about who they should vote out. Paul – we could flip a coin. Alex – I feel if we send her first, I will be next. Paul – I really think that this is tomorrow so we don’t have much time. Jason – I was just going to do it but I sleep beside ya so I couldn’t do that. Paul – if you (Kevin) go on the block it would keep them calm. If they’re calm then one of them goes. Jason – lets just send dumb dumb home (Matt). I’m not going to use the veto.

7:20pm – 7:55pm Lounge room. Christmas, Alex and Paul.
Paul – should we just send Kevin home? Should we just clip Kevin? Alex tells them about how Jason said in front of Kevin that he (Kevin) didn’t want to go up. Christmas – he said that in front of him? UGGHHh! Paul – why don’t we f**king clip Kevin now if he is going to freak out like that. Paul – if we send Kevin home then Matt and Raven are comfortable. Jason joins them. Alex tells Jason we have to put Kevin up. I saw what you did, you chickened out. Jason – why can’t we just put him up next week. Christmas – right now you have Matt and Raven’s trust. Alex – you need to think about yourself. Christmas – if you don’t follow through with this, you will lose two votes (Matt & Raven). Paul joins them again. Paul talks how Kevin is freaking the f**k out. He is PISSED! Alex – if he leaves it the same I am going to tell Matt and Raven right then and there that that was not part of the plan. If he wants to blow up his game that’s fine but I am not going to loose two jury votes because of it. He is f**king both of our games at that point. Paul – tells Alex to convince him to use it.

8:10pm – 8:35pm Paul and Jason.
Paul – lets say Kevin wins and puts up Christmas and Josh .. we need them. Its too early in the game to start making clippings like that. You’ve got to clip people who are going to make dangerous moves. And if he is f**king pumping me with that .. You know he is pumping Christmas and Josh. When it comes down to it who is the one person people aren’t going to put up? Jason – kevin. Paul – because you’re winning all this sh*t right.. You’re winning all this sh*t right, you don’t think people are going to put you up. But if he is behind you, me and Alex… three strong a$$ players.. he never has to worry. Jason – yeah thats why I was asking if he would go up. Paul – and if he trusts you.. Jason – that’s what I said. Paul – he said he would do it next week. What does that mean if this week and next week is universal. You should have just tossed it to someone.

8:45pm Lounge room.
Christmas, Alex and Josh are talking about relationships. Christmas says that she doesn’t like really attractive guys. She likes guys with a little edge and they have to be able to take give and take sh*t. They can’t have judgement either because I have a colorful past. I am attracted to people with a colorful past.

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okay Jason don’t use the veto, get everyone to vote raven out…. or use the veto and take matt off and put Paul on the block….get Alex, Matt, Kevin to evict his ass…. or take raven off the block and put Christmas on the block.


That’s very unlikely.


What is likely is that Jason painted a huge target on his chest for Paul since he just won another comp.


Looks like Paul underestimated Jason, might be his downfall.


Little Paulie doesn’t care if they destroyed the house since he always sleeps in the HOH bed. What an ahole.


Put Kevin up, he didn’t want to win the veto, he deserves to go.


Jason put Paul on the block???
Have you watched one single second of this season or do you just base everything off the comment section of this site?
Jason 100% thinks him, Alex & Paul are in a Final 3 deal.
Pull your head outta your ass!

Paul the Punk

“Raven talks about how she found one and could get it out within 15 f**king seconds but Big Brother told her not to.”


Can you please explain what that quote means? Did production pull a fast one?


Paul the Punk

Thanks Dawg!


In what bizarro world would that happen?………..Paul owns these people lock stock and barrel…….Jason was saying last night in his convo with Paul how he would be lost without Paul then started bad mouthing his ride or die Alex…….you got to give it up for King Paul…..Amazing

No longer a fan



I feel like Tattoo screaming, “The plane, the plane!” Somebody in Cali get a banner, a megaphone, SOMETHING!!! and tell these idiots “Paul is lying to all.” How can they be so blind?


and tell alex to mind her self .. jason is a grown ass man and can decide for himself .. that girl is ticking me off big time ..


Agree. Do something other than what you are doing now which nothing. If only the HG could read and take Darrell advice. Also stop picking on Kevin.

BB Lover

You have one job Jason: Don’t use the veto on Maven it’s that simple keep the noms the same.


Put Paul up with Raven. When Raven goes out, try to wake Matt up.


I’m wrong. This may be the only chance to take Paul out. Raven would vote Matt out over Paul. Put Paul up with Raven. Matt, Alex, and Kevin could vote Paul out. Matt is more likely to save Raven than vice versa. This is not deep thought, Jason. It is Basic BB101! C’mon.


They could but Paul is everyone’s ride or die. They won’t vote him out.


this is definitely the best move, but i don’t think jason will do it.

sunny dee

i got so excited for a minute, then paul talked to jason alone and that went away



Yessssss! Jason!



Jason winning this veto probably means that Paul will make sure Jason is next weeks target,


I just really like Jason.


Jason already the target if he had not won HOH Him, Matt and Kevin in no particular order IMHO.


Paul already said he wanted Jason out next anyway, Jason’s best bet is to keep Kevin. Hopefully Jason can stand up to the rest of them because they are going to pushing hard on Jason to get Kevin up.

Paul the Punk

If Jason ever figures out what Paul really is he is going to need Kevin.


Please Jason don’t use the VETO! Paul will tell you to put up Kevin just to scare him and make Maven think you aren’t really targeting them. BUT if Jason puts Kevin up Paul will get everyone to vote Kevin out and then Paul gets to keep his three F3.

Kathie from Canada

Jason’s glass is half full scenario … so many possibilities to really rattle some cages. Jason’s glass is half empty scenario … consultations with Paul to get final instructions before the POV ceremony. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Did anybody see Jessica on social media telling everybody to vote for Cody for America’s favorite player ? my mouth dropped I was like as if. I think when I really started to not be able to stand Cody was when he was talking about going to a war with the real army like Russia and I was like we’ve been fighting an on unorganized one for 15 years oh yes can we please fight and organize one are you out of your freaking mind . So no I won’t be voting for Cody for America’s favorite player or for Jessica they played a game of hide in the bedroom away from everybody .no thanks . and I’m not going to vote for Mark at least Josh cried about his family how many times did Mark cry about Elaina ridiculous .

Grodner Hearts Paul

Jessica got bashed for asking for people to vote for her for AFP and not Cody. At the time he was still in the house and she was hoping he would win and be ineligible. Now she’s campaigning for Cody instead of herself and she gets bashed anyway.


Vote for the bad players to win AFP, BB votes are always backwards LOL

Vote Dom for AFP at least she was actually playing the game,but she got caught scheming.


nah, vote cameron if you really want to stick it to the producers.


What she said was if your a Jody fan vote for Cody so the votes wouldn’t be split between the two of them

We all saw you(as did your parents)

I would vote for Andrew for AFP,before I would vote for the openly having sex couple and them having no shame about their actions. NO Class!


So no votes for Matt, Raven either, right??

Penelope Taynt

Cody had the worst social game in BB history and brought Jessica down with him. Matt and Raven never really got engaged in strategy or performed well in competitions. My vote for AFP will probably be for Mark. Yes, Mark was a flip-flopper but he seems to be a genuinely nice guy and always carried himself with class. I don’t condone throwing hot sauce in a person’s face but Josh had been pushing Mark’s buttons for days prior to the incident.

Judgmental Judy

Josh cried about his family? Josh cried over Meagan .., for nothing. And after every fight he instigated. And over a pool game, and condiments. He’s a fool.


A little more punctuation, and a little less crack, please.


Completely agree. It’s a social game and Cody is anti-social.


Cody was ruling the social game until the stupid twist ruined his game.


“ruling the social game” ??

BWAHHAHHA he was the first hoh dumb dumb


Paul is throwing that narrative out and of course, whatever Paul says, people think it’s true.. Cody did nothing anti social. They did a gang mentality on him, per Paul. Paul is also pushing Cody has PTSD, if he did, he would have lost it on their mental torture.


I will be voting for Cody

Judge Janie

Nobody cares…

Bolt Uprite.

Jeez, all she was saying was if you were a Jody fan and were inclined to vote for her or Cody for AFP, instead of splitting the vote she’d rather their fans just vote for Cody instead of her. Simple math, that’s all. Vote for the Miami Meatball if you feel that strong.

Gail Lessard

Jessica was talking to Jody fans and asking us to not split the vote between her and Cody. She wasn’t talking to haters.

Paul's Cousin

That Paul is super delicious!!!! I want a mustache ride!!!!!

Cindy Withanesse

So, Paul’s cousin wants a mustache ride?! Well, as they say, incest is best!

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

Might have a better time riding his nose. In my day it was known s a “Sit and Spin.”

Judge Janie



These people fight and bitch way too much .mhave they never seen hide the veto competition do they not know what the house looks like afterwords .they’re always saying how grateful they are to be there then shut up

Pants on fire

Where’s James throwing food all over the place when you need him?


I think he delivers food to prisons.

Glad James wasn't brought back

Thank God James wasn’t brought back. Followed Natalie around all season and begged for AFP votes. He’s a real loser too, boring player

Raven's horse hair

Please Jason don’t use the veto, great opportunity for houseguests to take out the trailer trash!!!!
The only thing that will pick up the season for me is seeing Raven walking out that door and into a studio of booing. That will open her eyes to the fact you can’t go on national television thinking you are going to scam America!


Simon and Dawg you have my deepest sympathies having to sit there and watch the live feeds for as long as you do. Other seasons I’ve watched after dark some but this season I can barely tolerate watching it for any length of time. Just listening to Paul repeat himself none stop just makes me want to poke my eyes out. If I have to hear him say I’m a vet I know from experience one more time I’m going to lose my mind. Like f@ck off Paul you were on one season of bb, It doesn’t make you an expert. I probably have more experience about the game than he does cause I’ve been watching since bb1. F’in Alex to, drives me insane. I love bb so much but just so disappointed with this season.

Whistling sissy

Nice, Jason. Are you going to be a man, make a deal with maven and back door Paul or Christmas? Or a mouse and vote like Paul wants you to? This puts a HUGE target on your back. You are winning WAY too much. If you don’t
make a big move, I hope you go home next week.


I hope he takes off Matt and puts Alex up.


Pretty sure Matt is gone this week. Paul wants him, Thanksgiving, The Blob, The Scammer and Kev for F5.


No he doesn’t. If your watching feeds, he wants to go to the end with Raven & Matt or Christmas and Josh. He also said in one of his DR sessions he had a final two with Alex, but thinks it’s too risky to take her to the end. He’s targeting Alex & Jason and Alex is helping him all the way. Jason needs to cut her now and just keep winning.

Judgmental Judy

That’s what kills me about Alex & Jason’s alliance. She thinks she’s so smart, and has him convinced that she is smarter than he is. His instincts are actually good, and she keeps beating the crap out of him (physically and verbally) about being so dumb. This mob mentality Paul has created leaves you screwed if you decide to think for yourself. Little do Alex or Jason realize, Jason is way up on the list to get “clipped” next. They have to win every single week to stay safe. Which is actually possible. Paul is their biggest competition… in competitions. (ran out of words lol)


I agree. Jason has had an accurate read on the situation several times, but Alex talks him out it — always giving Paul exactly what he wants.


Forget betting on the fight tonight. Bet on whether Matt could not touch or lick his mustache for 5 freakin’ minutes. You can send the money to Kevin in a plain white envelope.

Change Paul's Diaper

Get ready for a week of Paul telling everyone how Jason is sketch and targeting every other player in the house. If Alex doesn’t win the next HOH Jason is toast.


Paul was already planning on getting Jason out next week anyway. Kevin bringing up some good points to Jason during their talk in HOH on why people want him up if the plan was really Maven. Hopefully Jason thinks about this but doubt it.


What do you mean, if Alex wins HOH, Paul will mist her so much to put Jason on the block!! Alex has no balls or brains when it comes to Paul!!


She’s really not that clever.. she totally thinks she is and is always calling Jason stupid but she’s just what she tries so hard to look like a busty blond brainless bimbo.

Min O'Pause

C’mon Jason! Busta move! Backdoor Paul!

Change Paul's Diaper

“Raven talks about how she found one and could get it out within 15 f**king seconds but Big Brother told her not to.”

Simon can you tell me what this means? Was production being shady?

Judgmental Judy

Really, why not send Raven home now? What’s the difference … no one wants to go to the end with her. Someone should have flushed her makeup down the toilet during the comp. Should be (for once) a good show on Sunday seeing who trashed what in the house. I usually hate that but for this crew, it’s awesome. WTG Jason! They have to win something every week to keep him from going home. They don’t want to go to the end with him either.

Paul Sucks!

In my opinion it would be a waste of his HOH to send Raven out now. Matt, Josh, Paul and Christmas are all bigger targets but it sure won’t surprise me if it is Raven who goes.

Judgmental Judy

I totally agree. I’m just thinking no one has the stones to go THAT hard against their fake house alliance. Seriously, Alex would clip him next if he clipped Paul (can’t stop saying “clipped”). I’m thinking they’d go full ham on Jason if he put up Josh Paul or Christmas. I can hear Paul riling up Josh and Christmas now. “You’re shady as f#*!, Cowboy! Your wife and kid must be SO ashamed of you! Your not a real man!!!!” and then BZZZZZZ (scooter noise), “I’m a bad a#* b—h, m-f#*@($ and your game is DONE! I have one leg because you broke the other leg and I can STILL beat your a@* – I hope all your animals die a slow miserable death because you are such a shady person!!!!”


The convo with Paul and Jason should be interesting. How does Paul get Kevin up? I think he’d like to see Kevin out over Matt personally. Hope Jason just says no. Matt goes as Paul and the minions save Raven. Terrific POV result for the game. Paul won’t be hurt either way as long as he doesn’t go up. I don’t think there is a 1% chance he’s the renom if POV used.


Paul wants Matt out but he needed Matt and Raven to take Jason and Alex out. Or at least Jason now and Alex after she helped get Matt out. He controls Christmas, Josh and Raven but they don’t win anything. His biggest competitors are Jason and Alex and they have Kevin as a number so he will try to get Kevin out. Why on earth did Kevin throw the POV? Paul hasn’t figured out for sure whether he wants to go to the end with Christmas and Josh or Raven and Christmas because he knows those are the only ones he can win against in the final competitions. Jason needs to leave noms the same Or backdoor Paul. This is where his game turns.

Anonymous 2

Paul will not be put on the block or voted out because he is each pairs third person. With him out of the game, each pair believes they are vulnerable. Kevin is the only single, therefore, a threat to each pair. No one is going to pull Kevin in because they can only go to the end with those they trust and each pair trusts Paul and no one trusts Kevin. The only way this blows up, is if the pairs start comparing notes, but it is too late in the game and too risky for any of them to feel safe throwing Paul under the bus. That ship has sailed.


Perhaps Paul will convince Jason to keep noms the same= J could tell the others that he could not put up Kev AND by sending Matt out, J loses 2 jury votes. That would play into Paul’s master plan. Remember after making it to F2, you still have to get the jury to vote for you to win.


I’m confused about what exactly Matt did? Did he throw the comp?


Raven said BB said don’t find it? I don’t get it ?


Because Matt told her where he hid he’s, I believe that’s called cheating, should have an automatic penalty vote.


It was Kevin, he found Matt’s but threw it down cuz he didn’t want to win the veto. He’ll regret it when Jason uses it and puts him on the block. He deserves to get voted out, he’s not playing, just floating along.


Jason will course do whatever Paul says.

Hopefully Paul will also tell him to wash his filthy mouth out.

BB Fan

Paul was trying his damnedest to convince Jason Kevin was the one who took the $25k but Jason wouldn’t believe it. He hates Raven and Matt so hopefully he keeps noms the same and one of those two go. Would love it to be Raven but will probably be Matt.




If Jason wants a shot at the 500,000 prize….he better backdoor Paul and get him out…once he is out…the others will be nothing without Mr. Mastermind…………..He better do it or he’ll be a goner next week ! ! ! !


How can he backdoor Paul the hoh doesn’t vote so he would have to make sure at least 3 people would vote Paul out if he even suggests it to anyone in the house they will go right to Paul..


Matt would vote to save Raven. Alex and Kevin make 3. It’s not quantum physics.


If he told Alex he was thinking of that she would slap him and call him stupid. That would never happen


Yes your correct, but it really hinges on Alex. Matt saving Raven would be a given. The question is would Alex really break the F3 deal she has for a shot at 500K. If you look at foolish comments she has made such as Paul deserves F3, ect. I don’t think Jason could convince. Niether makes F3 unless they comp out after the other evicted. Likely Jason evicted 1st and Alex needs to get to F3 on her own. Paul wants neither of them F3 for good reason.

Franks Ex-Girlfriend

Love love love this: A doctor friend came over for dinner tonight ( ironically enough, we are in Arkansas, but he has never treated Raven) I showed him a list of Ravens “ailments” and told him about the pacemaker. He said A) totally not effecting life expectancy B) only a charlatan Doctor would put a pacemaker in because it wouldn’t work C) if she has GP, the way she eats on the house would have had her medically evicted already. So…confirming what I already knew?!?! Why? Why the crazy lies?


Hmm…my Dr friend agreed with that guy on Reddit who has the same condition and confirmed most of what Raven said. So one of them needs to quit practicing medicine lol


I 1000% do not believe Raven is dying of course .but if you look at the situation it is really sad I think her mother has convinced her that she’s ill .. her entire life has been a lie and it’s kind of sad .and she’s going to have a really rude awakening when she gets out of the house and I kind of feel sorry For this 22-year-old girl who is still just a kid in a lot of ways is going to have so much hate towards her when she doesn’t even realize I think that she’s done anything wrong because she’s been mentally abused by her mother into thinking a certain way .it’s very sad .if you get mad because I don’t want to hate the 22-year-old child then be mad about it I just don’t think it helps the situation by hating someone . Because I honestly believe if you looked at Raven in the face and said babe you’re not dying you’re going to be living for a long time she would be saddened by that or confused by it or not believe it so it’s just a weird situation . I mean the girls confused that she wears too much make up she doesn’t seem to get it so telling her that her disease is it going to killer I don’t now


Raven has gastroparesis and has a neurostimulator implant. You can see it behind the scar when she wears her swimsuit. Do I think she exaggerates her illness, yes. Do I think she has another illness that has no name. Of course not. If her doctor discovered a brand new “disease” that had no name, he’d be writing it up in the medical journals and naming it after himself. She is dealing with a major illness that probably made her pretty miserable before the implant and probably got her a lot of sympathy and attention when she was at her worst. She is very young and I don’t think dealing with the “wellness” that the implant has given her. Give her a break. She is still adjusting.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Sorry, not giving Raven a break here. Raven’s mother said a fan started the NEWEST GoFundMe after Raven was in the house and that Raven didn’t even know about it. Raven was on the live feeds BEGGING viewers to donate to it!!!!!
Raven has this implant but it is not a life threatening disease, it’s a condition. She has a new $40 k car she posted on Facebook and bragged about a recent trip to Disney. During the veto she was constantly falling flat on her stomach. Were the producers worried, was she worried?
Rave is nothing but a scamming piece of trailer trash


I can’t stand the excitement. Knowing everyone will do whatever Paul says makes this the best BB ever!

“Expect the expected”


Lol Josh had his in the freezer that’s hilarious.. I know that Josh gets on a lot of peoples nerves .but sometimes Josh is funny… When I was watching zing bot and the way he was laughing was freaking hilarious he reminded me of some bugs bunny cartoon i used to watch as a kid where like Porky the pig was on the floor laughing so hard kicking his legs and hands banging them on the floor it was freaking hilarious .even Julie Chen said something to him about zing bot .


It was so phony and over the top. Josh was showing us how crazy funny he is. Why would he be genuinely laughing that hard in the DR a couple of hours after zingbOt is gone? I’m assuming it was a couple of hrs after because they played a comp right after the zings.


I’m confused too — about why Kevin didn’t want Matt’s and left it on the floor. Can someone Explain?


Nothing. That’s what Matt has done for 9 weeks, nothing. So send him out so maybe Raven will play the game instead of just huddling & cuddling with Matt.


And what has Kevin done? Nothing. And he threw the veto, didn’t want to win it so he could continue Not Playing. He’ll regret it when he finds himself on the block this week. Not a Matt fan but he At Least has been volunteering as a Pawn.




If Jason does not make the correct move with his POV he may spend many years regretting his fatal mistake…think of the votes he would get from the jury for makng a move on Paul! Come on Jason! You have children who need you to make a move! …and a bull!


He’s not good no to make the move on Paul because he has a final 3 with him. These people are idiots and will take Paul to final 2.

Jason's Dog

And a dog.


I know Paul won’t go out, best case scenario Kevin stays, because despite what you may say he is smart enough and is on Paul’s tail (Kevin), he is playing Paul despite people saying he is manipulated, I firmly believe he is the serious player in the house besides Paul. He told Jody about the flip against Ramses, he has been playing every side, just more successfully than Mark and Elena, Paul is on his tail, and he is not going to openly go against Paul (seeing as everyone loves him that would be suicide) but to say Kevin isn’t playing I think is false, I believe Paul is outsmarting him, but I think he is playing Paul to an extent too which is why I want him to stay


yeah, i firmly believe kevin’s plan has been to turn on paul around 5 people left all along. however, kevin getting to that point is a bit tricky.


I cant wait to see how they all act when they find out thwy were being scammed…and best of all when craven raven sees how she has been outed and that the go fund me page was froze…GET A JOB… and her brother being a sex offender of small child …trashy family

Judgmental Judy

Wait, what??? I missed the sex offender thing. Ouch!


Ugh! So much hopes Jason would leave noms the same and Alex is too stupid to go along. She’s gonna convince him to do what Paul wants and screw both their games.


No kidding, and she actually told I think Christmas that Jason was blowing up her game, unbelievable. If he does cave and do it, Alex will be the one to blow up both her and Jason’s game and hope she feels like crap. At this point I hope she goes next and Jason wins POV and next week and stays

Back Door Paul Now

This is the time to get Paul out. Take Matt off the block and you can get Alex, Kevin, Matt to vote out Paul. It’s now or never!


UUUUUUGGGHHHHHHH! I can’t believe how stupid Alex is. The plan for the last week has been to split Maven, Paul just says “why don’t we just clip Kevin”, and it’s like the last weeks plan was never there. How can she not see Paul pushing his agenda. Wake up Alex and Jason your being played. This was Paul’s plan all along why can’t you see that. Jason grow a pair of balls and say “This is my HOH why would I go after someone that isn’t after me!”


Seriously, the feeds are painful how stupid Alex is being right now, she is literally helping Paul to evict her and Jason. Hope Jason doesn’t cave.


She has literally been leading Jason down the eviction path from the get go.

HOH August 32

Dawg, check the date!


Jason, be smart, take a shot at Matt and Raven… You are not playing for Alex’s jury votes–She won’t need them anyway–Kevin is your dude, don’t screw him over.


Most of Paul’s evictions have been simple house-cleaning. However, there are exceptions:
Jody- Motivated by fear b/c they refused to join the cult.
Mark- Motivated by fear that Mark might win a comp and was showing signs of having grown a brain.
And now there is do-nothing Matt- Motive? Break up a couple? Perhaps, but why add Kevin to the mix?
Well, because yet again, Paul is fearful of KEVIN’S overall popularity. He has been orchestrating KEVIN’S demise for weeks, for no better reason than that Kevin is only going along with “house rules” because he is flying without a net. All of the other HGs are ride or die in love with Paul. Kevin only TOLERATES Paul. Thus, Paul has to crank up the “Kevin is creepy/ shady/ weird” machine to the highest setting.

This is likely the last opportunity of the season to get rid of Paul. He will not be throwing any more POVs and his status as Permanent HOH is an UNCHALLENGED matter of record.

Jason has the POV and if he uses it, Alex, Raven, and Kevin are sufficiently motivated to overrule Christmas and Josh, should those two decide to try to flex their muscles.
Obstacle: EVERYONE in the house is AFRAID to play without Paul. If only Jason would stop to think about his baby on the way and how much of a difference the money could make to his family. Matt is no threat to him. Getting rid of Matt is just more of Paul’s house-cleaning. Further, without Paul, everyone could get off their ridiculous “Final 3” kick and think about actually winning the game. I know Jason relies upon Alex to do his thinking for him, but surely he could figure out that forming an alliance with Kevin, and either Christmas and Josh, OR Matt and Raven would be better for his own game. He is next week’s target, no matter what. He just needs numbers to stay afloat. The other couples could still be persuaded to take shots at each other. He could even strike up a bargain with Maven to save them in exchange for safety next week. Alex would still be eligible to compete for HOH and Jason for POV, just in case.
Bottom Line: Nothing good comes for anyone UNLESS PAUL IS ON THE JURY!!!!!!

BB Fans

Note to Jessica:
You want us to vote for Cody for fan favorite. What pray tell is “favorite” about him ? He did nothing to endear himself to us, his strategy, game play, & social game sucked, he had an F U attitude; I could go on and on and on. You think he deserves fan-favorite merely because he paraded around shirtless, get a grip girl.


Cody had a great social game and is the only houseguest to make a big move. Paul’s secret protection ruined Codys great gameplay. He read these people so well he knew Paul was controlling them and trying anything else was useless.

Bolt Uprite.

Duuuhhhhh, Jody have a lot of fans whether you like it or not, and all she is suggesting is don’t split their AFP vote, instead of voting for her vote for Cody. She neither expects nor wants your vote.


Seriously Jason?! Put Paul up!!!!!!!! Or keep noms the same!!! Don’t waste you hoh on Kevin. And why is Christmas trying to convince him to use the veto? Theyre all idiots and I can’t wait until they get out of the house. So they can A.) see how lame their season was and B.) see how dumb everyone thinks they are.


Paul obviously wants Matt or Raven in the end as he knows they have done nothing. I don’t know why he’s pushing for Kevin so much to go though. Right now I’d like to see a raven (the bird) attack his beard he makes me so sick bossing everyone’s HOH!!!!


Alex looks demon-possessed in that photo. Also, why does Jason let her boss him around? She is Paul’s minion and it’s gone to her head. I will only tune back in when I’m sure Paul is about to “clip” her.


Jason has to understand that the only reason a HoH has for using the veto on his own nominations is to backdoor someone…right? Surely, he’s not going to put Kevin up there to insure Matt/Raven go home as that makes zero sense. If you trust Paul and Paul says they have the numbers to send out who ever they want then they don’t need to do anything to send out the target. Please, Jason, for the love of little baby Jesus grow a brain.


Big Brother Production needs to step in and “direct” Jason. In the Diary Room, Production needs to get Jason to understand “if you Jason do not get Paul out NOW YOU, JASON, ARE GIVING PAUL THE WIN and a half million.

Jason needs to stop listening to Alex. Apparently Alex’s only function is to get Paul to the F2, and, the win.

Jason uses the veto, nominates Paul, gets Paul evicted. Jason getting Paul evicted will be the ONE AND ONLY BIG MOVE this season.

Last week, Paul’s plan was to “clip” Jason this week. Jason messed up Paul’s plan when Jason won HOH.

Jason can get rid of Paul this week. Again, making Jason the only HG to make a big move this summer. At this point, all of the HGs are playing for themselves. Jason using the veto to pull off Matt/Raven, nominating Paul, getting Paul evicted should not anger Alex. Perhaps Xmas will remember her own advice to Josh regarding Paul, “do not always listen to Paul … eventually we (Josh/Xmas) will have to get rid of Paul.”

If Jason “pulls the trigger” to get Paul out of the house – more than likely all of the HGs will follow Jason’s lead. The HGs will more than likely feel free to state their true feelings regarding Paul. Their true feelings being “Paul has to go – we have been afraid to go after Paul – now that Jason has nominated Paul we can finally vote Paul out and get our biggest obstacle separating “us” from the win out of the game.

Diary Room Producers: Get Jason to use the veto and nominate Paul – also, start stressing to Alex, Xmas, Josh that Paul is not beneficial to their games and if they want to win Paul has to go.


Production is shielding Paul, they will not put a target on him.


I really like Jason but Alex is ruining his game. I can’t understand why they don’t think ahead! And Jason can’t play in the HOH competition next time so I can only hope that Alex wins. I just hope production in some way throws a lifeline to Jason. Maybe drop some huge hands when he’s in DR


Jason would have been better to stay teamed up with Kevin as I thought he was in the beginning.


For sure, she has said he’s blowing her game up, yet it’s the opposite. She’s going to feel like a fool when she gets out and owes Jason a huge apology. Just wish people would trust their own instincts, so frustrating


Sorry I meant huge hint not hands. Lol


Kevin has to stay because he is the ONLY one left to cheer for. The others are crap.


Kevin is a Floater.


They gonna rig it for Jason?


When they say there are new diary room staff, do they mean new for the day? Or new for the season? Maybe some heads are rolling in production because of how bad it’s gotten. Someone should be fired for that tree.