Jason – she’s gotta be full of shit, have you ever seen anyone so sick so healthy

(I added a lot of side comments on this one if yo don’t like that sorta thing skip this spoiler, #kraken)

9:26am xmas and Jason
Xmas comments that she needs to take a shower
Jason offers to carry her upstairs so she can take a shower.
they laugh..
X – makes me nervous when I see Josh run.. the turf is slippery
J – yeah
x – it was bound to happen it’s ok
X – if it would have happened to one of the other girls.. other than alex.. (F off)
J – they wouldn’t be here..
X – nope..

9:33am Xmas and Jason
Talking about Jessica and Cody
Jason brings how f*ed up Jessica’s HOH was. He laughs at her nominations.
Xmas – that’s because she was trying to get in the good graces with the house
they laugh..
Xmas says Matt, Raven and Kevin have the same strategy. don’t win any competitions.
Xmas – this is the conversation I had with Matt early in the game a couple weeks in
X – I don’t really f*ing care, I just want to make it to Jury
X – then we made it to jury and he’s like I want Raven to get as far as possible
x – and so when I asked him about the veto, I was like look matt I know you[‘ve been throwing comps I know yo haven’t been giving it your all and I know you’re a capable player.
x – I was like so….
Jason – you can’t have muscles like that and be that shitty.. (it’s the tattoos they cancel; out the muscles)
Xmas – yeah it’s called body building (F* off)
Jason – hmmm
x – you and I, and like Alex and Paul are athletes right, so our muscles are functional (F* off already)
x- we throw, kick, ride a bike, his and Marks were built for looks
jason – I believe it
x – what our sports our we have to be flexible and strong (ZOMG)
x – it’s a different approach and we really want to be here
Jason says Matt and Raven instigate everything then go and hide.
Jason – what the f* is raven’s game seriously
x – Raven’s game is well… \
Jason – sympathy

jason – is it legit though.. do you f*ing believe her
x – I beleive her disease is legit, there’s no way she has that f*ing thing in there and the stories she’s had
Jason – ohh I know.. that that that thing.. you can’t deny the scar
X – she had a rough life (raven)
x – at the same time she’s gotten a lot more blessing that we are aware of
x – it’s like a hypochondriac right, they’re like ohh ohhh I’m sick but i’m tough.. look how sick I am but i’m tough… (look my foot but I’m a bad b1tch… )
x – it’s like a double approach.. they want your sympathy ..
x – that b1tch i’m going to get her a f*ing neck brace
x – it amplifies your sympathy if you think she’s a badass and toughing through it
x – I swear to god I almost punched that b1tch in the face.. she was like I had to compete with 1 leg
they laugh…
Jason – what I hate most is being duped
Jason – she’s gotta be full of shit, have you ever seen anyone so sick so healthy
Jason – she has to remind herself not to eat beef
Jason – i’m like you’ve just had tacos three days in a row and she’s like … I can’t eat the shepherd’s pie because it has beef in it
Jason – I’m like that’s the exact same beef you been (he impersonates someone shoveling food in their mouth) YESTERDAY!
X – she only eats carb
x – she’s like my body can’t process that.. but umm.. you eat ice cream every night
x – so your body can’t process fruit and lean meat like chicken but you can eat ice cream and M&ms and caramilks.. .
J – and potatoe chips and f*ing bacon covered in brown sugar
x – if I eat shit I feel like sh1t
J agrees
x – our bodies are not made to eat this
x – garlic salt.. take that mother f*er away from her
j – I know
J – I told Alex I’m not eating another thing that b*tch makes
x – she (raven) gets butt hurt if you don’t eat

Jason – that last batch of chicken she made wasn’t that spicy
J – I grabbed some outta that f*ing pan after they left .. it was sitting there
J – I told Alex I said.. if there was a fraction of that stupid red pepper bullsh1t that she does that everybody hates..
J – that f*ing b1tch does that on purpose
(she’s putting some pepper in the food that nobody likes but her and Matt do )
J – why the f* would you do that
x – your burger was hilarious.. you took one bite of it
j – I wanted to punch her in the back of the head I was mad.. I was like you dumb b1tch
Jason – she comes into the bathroom and was like… You want a burger
J – I was like.. you cookin it plain
j – she like…. well I can …
k – I said, I really don’t want one I just ate… But I’m like if you have an extra patty just don’t put anything in it or on it and i’ll eat the son of a b1tch (the use of son of a bitch has been lacking in 2017 glad Jason has brought it back into vogue)
j – she’s like what about cheese
J – i’m like Yeah cheese is fine I’m american
Jason explains he stressed to her just do what you do and if you have one left just don’t put anything on it.
J – I took a look at it
x – doesn’t look any different
J- I took a bite of that Mother f*er and damn near almost spit it in her face..

Xmas – she goes through my stuff…
Jason – I watched you teach her put the white shit on in the HOH room
Xmas goes on about how much of her makeup Raven uses..
Jason – they think they run the house.. they have an entitlement issue
Xmas – that mother f*er is 50% goen..

Jason’s says Matt doesn’t act like this in his regular life “that motherf*er keeps to himself, keeps his bed perfectly made f*ing sheets tucked in every day
Xmas – I have a feeling he’s prior military
jason – or homosexual
they laugh..
x – didn’t see that
J – he comes from a super rich family that works in the government. They get up and put f*ing suites on
Xmas – I know that demographic they’re very booshie (f* off)
J – almost like he’s spitting in our face tagging her acting like a f*ing hyena
J – he’s going so f*ing crazy that’s what he’s doing
X – have you watched him.. he’ll go to one room she’ll follow him
they joke that Matt and raven are still glued together after being on the block. they’re not sure Matt will stick around her after the show though.
X – at least he’s sticking to her.. he chose that.. and he’s sticking to her..
Xmas – I really think he might be prior military because he’s so meticulous with some things
Jason – it’s almost OCD..
Xmas- that mustache
Jason – clipping it with the f*ing clippers (LOL)
Jason again suggests Matt might be gay
Xmas doesn’t think so “I don’t have that Dartt on him”
Jason says he knows he’s not gay he’s joking around
Jason – there’s gotta be something with this mother f*er

J – I think that mother f*er wants outta here bad
x – I don’t blame him but he can’t be too obvious because she puts him in check… at least she use to
j – yikes…

Matt joins them.. THey start talking how many Diary rooms they’ve been pushed to do lately.
Matt comments that ti’s a new Diary room crew… They seem certain Tomorrow’s eviction.

X – they woke me up at 6:30 to DER

10:46am X and Paul

10:46am Jason and Alex studying

POV has started…

2:15pm Still nothing

3:40pm No feeds for you..

4:45pm You thought the feeds would be back …NOPE!

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Alison you suck

Big Brother for heavens sake step in and do something to save this season.

They must see how pathetic and boring this season is.


They don’t care. It is all about their god Paul.


This season is a gift to Paul from Production. Did they make a promise to him last year that if he took Nicole to Final 2, he’d win next year? Nothing against Nicole, just that BB made a big deal about the first time in BB history a woman winning BB against a man in Final 2. If not, I can’t figure out why Production, ie, or Allison Grodner is pushing Paul down our throats. And if I hear “your boy” one more time, (now Josh is saying it)…eech.


If the POV comp is eating beef tacos, Ravens got this hands down.

Change Paul's Diaper


I see from your daily voting breakdown that Raven actually has some five star votes. How do Matt and Raven have internet access? I can’t imagine any viewer giving her a five rating.

Change Paul's Diaper

You know Xmas might have an advantage at “taco” eating too.


And Josh tossed a few taco salads.

Nasty fucker

In the mean time, Matt’s too busy eating Raven’s taco. Zing!!!


Gross name, gross comment


Too late! There is no saving this season!


BB19 is so bad I’m playing solitare before reading the summaries. Sometimes I don’t even read the back ones because its the same boring hg doingor saying the same boring stuff.

Dawg and Simon don’t know how you stay awake to bring us these summaries. Thank you for making it more interesting by adding your comments.


What would you or anyone out there suggest that BB do to resuscitate this season? IMHO, way too late! At least I can get some sleep when BBAD is on. Although I am amused by Paul. And Jason is pretty funny. Do you think Jury House is more interesting?

Bounce Paul

I think they should put Jessica and Cody back in the house and give them three weeks safety and see how little Paulie, Alex, Josh and Xmas like that.


You’re forgetting that Cody actually got 3 chances? Voted out once, buy back, and the hex (which saved him for one more week). And Jessica got 2 chances with the hex.

Soooo what now? Maybe the 4th time is the charm? LOL


Cody actually won his way back into the house. Nice try. He also will win the 25K for America’s Favorite Houseguest. Deal with it.


To rescue part of this season I would have Jason put up ” your boy” Paul and get his butt to jury house where Cody will turn him into the bitch boy he is…just an idea!

Change Josh's Diaper

That would be sweet.

sunny dee

big meech on twitter said all they got in jury was a total of 2 bottles of wine during the entire time she was in it. not sure how long she was out, but there you go

Hal 9000

I don’t care what anyone says. This season is way better than season 12,13 & 16. It’s been boring these past few weeks but earlier on there was some intense things going on. The temptation twist, The house wasn’t voting the same as it was pretty divided. There was the surprise votes from Kevin and that one from Christmas that kept things interesting, Cody coming back, the hex, and all the drama. At least there’s fighting this season. Who doesn’t want drama? Who wants another boring season like 16 where everyone is one big happy family? Yeah I’m not crazy about this season. But it’s far from the worst ever.

Dimples 321

We really believe that BB is fixed this year. They are making sure that Paul will win. I am so tired of it this year. I don’t watch BB after dark anymore. It is so boring. Paul running around like an idiot. And Christmas, that is a joke. Anyone else get hurt, they go home. maybe a chance to come back another season. She can’t play in games. I have always been a huge fan, Never miss a show. This season I am so disappointed, There is no way to save this season.. If Paul wins, that it. NO MORE…. because it is fixed for him to win,, Not right at all.


So the only scenario that can possibly be something Paul doesn’t want is if Kevin wins and pulls Matt down. Jason won’t put up Alex, no one’s allowed to put up Paul because reasons, which means Josh goes up and Raven goes out…and it’s still not Paul’s fault.


“Because reasons” lol!!!!

Please Shake It Up

If Kevin used a POV on Matt, he would find himself sitting next to Raven courtesy of Paul. I’m not mad at Paul at least he is playing the game. The game officially lost me the week of the double eviction. That was prime time for Jason to send Paul out the door in less than 20 minutes, but he chose to evict a person that wasn’t a real threat. Coulda really skipped the speech too. Jason has had a couple of good ideas on his own, but keeps letting Alex (Paul) change his mind. Hindsight is 20/20 and it won’t hit them until they are in the Jury house w Josh & Paul in the final 2. You know this season is bad, when Josh starts to grow on you smh.


How would Kevin be sitting next to raven if he won POV? He would be save a long with Matt.


They still talk about Cody and Jessica?

That Jason guy is a creep with a horribly foul mouth. The production team edits him so he appears like a sweet nice guy. He’s the exact opposite.


Really? I love Jason, the stories he tells are hilarious to me. And creepy? He is least creepy guy this season. The only thing wrong with him is that he is gullible, but then again not so much more than the rest of the sheep.

Bounce Paul

You can’t honestly tell me that you don’t think Jason has the Deliverance soundtrack on his iPod.


I have Duelling Banjos on my playlist. Great tune


He has referred to rabbits as socks for his dick, and discussed having sex with sheep. The conversations made it apparent that he was speaking from experience. If that doesn’t make a guy creepy, what does? Bestiality is sick and cruel.


How come these comments of Jason’s aren’t on this blog? True or not true?

online player

Simon and Dawg, do you know if the HOH can take a shower anytime while the other houseguest can take it at certain times?

Your Common Sense

Comp time (11:36am)! Woot! Git ‘er dun, Cowboy!


Heads up Christmas, you really shouldn’t be there!


Paul created an environment where people can’t talk, so no one really knows anything about anyone. They have to speculate

sunny dee

i think he created an environment where everyone is convinced he is with them, and not the others. doesn’t matter if they did talk to each other, they would still think he is tellling them the truth, and lying to the others, and that is why the others think that they are with him, when the reality is that it is just them he is with. derrick did the same thing, he made sure tho that no one knew he was talking or promising or suggesting anything, whereas for some reason these people don’t even consider that paul might be saying the same kinds of things to anyone else about them.

even dan didn’t try it to this extent, he stuck with one or two people he could use and it just worked out the person was a winner.

one thing i don’t care for is how paul keeps saying he was alone in his season, when he had victor solidly with him, and he with victor. i guess if he is only talking about at the final 4 or 5 level, then yes he was alone with people who were never going to take him, but they would take any combination of each other so he had to win it all himself where it mattered.

Nacho Mama

Yeah and that is how the game of BB is played! Paul deserves the win, but we will see.


Oh, how dare you applaud the only houseguest this season that is actually playing the game to win $500,000? The nerve of him using his social skills to outsmart everyone.
– Downvoters


It’s a house of idiots…not hard to do.


More comments in parentheses please! They are the only thing making this season entertaining!!! Thank you d and s for keeping up with all of this!!!!


f* off


Yes!!! I love the commentary! Almost like you are reading my mind! Great work!


Beyond boring and Deadly Dull pretty much sums up this season of BB
Someone hit the snooze button and wake me up after the finale.

So done

I’m pretty much done with this season, can’t stand the bullying tactics and petty conversations, it’s disgusting listening to them drag people on a very personal level, next time CBS, pls cast adults, not petty children in adult bodies


I agree the entire cast except Jillian & Cameron done or said some vile things on a “personal level”, but only 1 out of 16 people is actually “playing the game”, that’s what makes the season boring Paul is the only on playing to win.


Oh, are you talking about the comments?


“.. it’s disgusting listening to them drag people on a personal level…” Uh, just like many people on this comment section constantly do? Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Skids Walton

Simon, LMAO @ all ur bracketed comments! You just echo everything that most of us are thinking anyways! Love this site, gonna hit pay pal for a donation because you and Dawg earned it for this torturous season! Many thanks!


Just sent you a small tip too. I have the feeds but still love cg your site!


Thank you so much! We appreciate it!


I absolutely agree. Thank God for you and Dawg’s humour or the end of this season would be close to intolerable.

And kudos to your reply to that facebook comment from the Sparks’ chit. I suppose it’s not for everyone, but it’s been my go to every year. I love what you two do. Thank you again!!

Judgmental Judy

I love your commentaries lol. ” (look my foot but I’m a bad b1tch… )” I keep imagining if Paul drags her to the final 2 and hearing her contrived, self serving speech and she’s definitely saying that! Jason has a foul mouth but he does crack me up. His conversations tend to focus on observing actions and conversations of other players and not just blatent slanderous character assassination. The f-bombs and sons-of-b’s are kind of funny. He’s rough, but totally authentic. He has better observation skills than Alex does.

I enjoy reading the comments when they are funny, or when it’s differing opinions and not just snarky insults for differing opinions. Anyway, at this point in the game I’m deleting most of my After Dark recordings and getting more out of your play by play. Thank you!

steve featherstone

Oh, after what i have read, Raven and her Mother have already sunk “Pay Pal” into bankruptcy.


Just watching BBAD Could Friken Alex talk any faster? God can’t stand listening to her voice anymore vote her out please.

Vanessa for All Stars

Xmas is one of those chicks you take out to dinner cuz she is hot as hell. Take her home bang her and then she calls you right away next day and you have the same long boring convo you had at dinner about how great her life is. Then she asks to come and watch her film a fitness video. You want out so you tell her you are married and she threatens to call the police and tell them you raped her.

For the next year she sits outside your house in dark sunglasses and a trench coat every time you have a woman over.

No wonder her ex cancelled the wedding. She forced him to ask her to marry him or she would ruin his career. Good job bud gettin’ out alive.


You need some psychological help…I do not like Xmas very much but projecting a stalkers personality on her says a lot about you, not her!


Last year when Victor was out of the house, I could not stand Paul. When Victor came back in, I could tolerate Paul, there were some times I could enjoy his antics.
I do believe that Paul was brought back because of Nicole’s win, but what makes no sense, over the years there have been several others that were screwed out of winning because of a sore jury, why is Paul different?? The only thing I can think of…………they thought he would be amusing, we found out he is not. He is a boring, nasty, mean gossip. The rest of the cast followed his lead………..ugh!
Simon and Dawg please keep up with the side remarks………now they are funny.

And Zingbot says...

Siiiiiiimooooon and Daaaaawwwwgggg.

You are excellent at shining a light on important events in the BB house, but you are masters of throwing some shade on those who DESERVE it. Ziiinnnnngggg! I hope you don’t take my job handing out zings. Don’t forget to tip. [Mic drop!]

Homey Clause

Nope, not really ….who do you think?


Both of these guys have dark beards. Christmas is sleeping each night with Paul… caresses his head…. snuggles all night…apparently she is attracted to bearded men. The one article said she feels at home with biker, bearded guys


The beard looks familiar but that is it! Those guys are handsome…not miniature angry guys.

Guy From Canada

Dan blizan?


They obviously threw in women that they knew would connect with Paul. Paul is Xmas’s type and they are trying to do similar things on social media. Raven thinks that she knows Paul even though she only met him once at a meet and greet. Alex was thrown in just in case Paul likes his women shorter than him. The season was designed to make him look like he is the man. It makes me wonder if CBS invested in his company or something. I doubt they would go so far to make him look good just because they felt bad for him. It has to be money related, just like Frankie was thrown in to promote Ariana Grande, who CBS has connections with.


About Raven, Xmas says: “it amplifies your sympathy if you think she’s a badass and toughing through it”.
Xmas just gave her strategy away. UMMM….pot calling kettle!!!!

The only drama with this veto comp is….will they throw it to Josh or Kevin….

This season is pathetic!

Capt. Obvious

I love comments like this!!
“This season is SO predictable! We all know that X is going to happen…. or XX, well, and maybe just MAYBE XXX will happen.”
Maybe you all should look up what the word predictable means instead of being (spoon fed) what you are or are not supposed to think. Hey! Like minions!!


Pathetic: adjective – arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness.

Predictable: adjective – behaving or occurring in a way that is expected.

Considering your screen name, your response was predictably pathetic.

PS- thanks for “loving my comment”.


Throw it to Kevin! Please!!!

Rodeo Clown

Ok, this has been bugging me for countless seasons… WTF does ZOMG mean??!!

Josh is an Ahole

Zingbot Only Minds Grodner.


ZOMG. (Internet slang) An emphatic form of oh my God.


Google it.




Just read Simon’s response to an FB comment and seriously LMAO! Truly gave me a HUGE belly laugh, thank you! Just curious, will you leave the site up after the show so we can still access your amazon link? Would love to throw you support while I do my holiday shopping through amazon…….just can’t stomach the idea of “Christmas” shopping until the show is done πŸ˜‰ Keep up the great work!


It’s strange how many times people are talking crap about an individual and then that individual is the one to walk into that room.

Side Note: BB should make them do stuff during the day, like train shelter dogs or assemble iphones.

Botox Pelosi

Or pray for Raven.


Curious about the POV. Hope Jason won it. I’m fine with how things are going. I came to terms a long time ago that Big Brother is predictable and most of the houseguests have no game. I do hate the sheep mentality. More fun when the votes are close or random.


Hoping too that either Jason or Kevin(not likely) wins it and fouls Paul’s plan. If Maven are both left up there who will go?
Paul was wanting Raven to stay but has been polling other HGs on if she would get their votes in final so he might be changing his thoughts on her. Even if Paul were to push for Raven to stay I think the others are so sick of Raven that they might for the first time go against him.


Paul would love Kevin to win it and not use it; Kevin gets the blame.

sunny dee

if paul stepped back for a minute he would realize that no he cannot or may not always win against Raven, his reason for keeping her is to be raven/xmas/paul final 3 to ensure he wins the physical at least. watching povs and hohs, far more likely he would beat matt


My sympathies, Simon. It’s like we’re sharing the same mind with those bracketed comments. I have the live feeds, but I’ve long since abandoned watching them myself. You’re a saint for putting up with it for all our sake.


Paul figured out how to get others to do his dirty work this year. He is very concerned about a bitter jury and I only hope the jurors are comparing notes about his deeds of ” friendship”. He is as mean of a viper that has ever played this game ( no offense meant to vipers) ! His deeds and words are almost sociopathic, or, personality disorder?


I wonder how many of them are thinking … “I bet America thinks I’m a Big Brother genius and my game play is awesome”!


“WTF” was created specifically for Raven. Examples: Remember when talking about that device she has, she called it a pacemaker and said “it’s like I have two hearts” WTF !!!! Her make-up applications WTF !!!! Her changing accents WTF !!!!


No doubt cult leader Paul has already instructed the POV winner what to do with it, and they chanted “I will comply oh glorious leader … I will comply”.


I came back after being gone for a few weeks and nothing has changed. Yes, I have stopped watching it. It is a big disappointment because I have watched since season 1 and look forward to it each summer. I keep thinking the hg will finally evict Paul and wise up, but it seems unlikely now.

I will be voting for Cody for AFH. I think it will be funny if he wins and the HGs look at each other like, what the heck!!!

Change Paul's Diaper

I’m voting Cody for AFH too. I can’t wait to see that turd in the mouth look on Paul look when they announce Cody as the AFH winner.


So you are going to vote for a guy who tries to put Paul up Without Knowing if he has the votes to get him out, which since he went rogue on his alliance, he probably ensured he Wouldn’t have. Then, instead of Playing the Game, he isolates himself. Not to mention his disgusting and bullying behavior that people Claim to hate.


A Paul fan calling someone else a bully….priceless. Cody will win AFH in a landslide.


Cody fans who call out other HGs for being bullies, having sex on camera and not playing the game…priceless.

Ahole Paulie

Here is a towel so you can wipe your face off.


Matt and Raven having a chit chat in the bathroom they think Josh is gonna get AFH?? WTF


I want to ride Jason all night long..let`s go cowboy


Does anyone know what Zingbot called Alex?


Matt and Raven think Josh is getting the AFH?? WTF


Yay Jason!


Jason, the same brain cell that told you to marry your wife is telling you to take out Paul! FTLOG, LISTEN!!!!!


The reason I don’t like this cast is the bullying. Paul has won, we all know. It’s not a bad cast in the beginning bc it was interesting-expect the save Paul for three weeks was stupid. If Paul didnt have that or if it only saved him for a week, I think things would have been different. Those three gave Paul a chance to build bonds bc no one thinking of getting rid of him bc they couldn’t. Three weeks is a long time for them to create enemies with eachother while Paul sat back. Bad on production for allowing that to be the prize of the first temptation. Smh…if the yellljng and bullying wasn’t all the time then I wouldn’t mind…but josh yelling and Paul saying things and yet doing the opposite is annoying.


Simon, I love your comments. Keep it up!

Also, I wanted to say how much respect I have for the classy way you respond to trolls on this site. Mad respect.