Kevin to Jason “You remember this, you still have to be out there and be a man.”

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10:15am – 11:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Kevin is up and in the backyard walking around and doing sit ups. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Raven and Christmas talk about the periods. Christmas – mine have always been irregular. Raven – my disease affects that too.

Christmas jumps on “jo-jo” to wake him up. Josh asks what she’s been doing. Christmas says she’s been talking with Raven this morning. Raven’s been quite pleasant today. She hasn’t been loud. You get her alone and she’s quite pleasant.

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11:22am Kevin and Jason walking the backyard chatting. They stop and fold laundry.

11:35am Paul talks to Josh in the bedroom.
Paul – we’ve got to keep convincing. Okay so Jason and Alex want to have a five with us right? So we got to make sure Raven doesn’t find out about that. B – convince Alex… keep convincing her to throw it to you. And I’ll throw it to you. Then we take the shot. I win, they don’t know what the f**k is going on. Boom take the other one out. Christmas is down with it. Do you think I should slowly telling Alex and Jason if we power through and keep Josh.. You know how they want to get to five right? If I say me, you and Jason …if we just win the next two weeks we can get to five easily. So if I keep selling them that idea they’ll get horny. She’ll want to win everything but that following week when I win. I say that I’m going to take Josh and Kevin out …some sh&t like that. Josh – what the f**k is wrong with Raven. But you don’t think that way it can get ugly? If we play them that way it will get ugly with all of us? Paul – with us? Josh – yeah, like they’ll go ape sh*t?! Paul – yeah but one of them will be gone. If we put up Jason and Alex and even if they go ape sh*t.. Josh – I think that’s good. We also have to keep Kevin good. He will also go haywire when Jason goes. I have a good relationship with Alex. Paul – we have to keep convincing her to throw it to you. Alright!? Paul leaves.

11:55am Kevin and Jason walking the backyard.
Jason – if people think I’m dumb… I know I’m smarter than that. Sometimes I think am I the dumb one in the hen here or what!? So I am always wondering if what I am saying makes any sense or not. Kevin – to me it does, to you it does so. You wonder if what they say makes any sense. Jason – they think they can decide what predetermine what I do because they think I’m stupid. Or they think I’m dumber than I thought by putting up you. Kevin – yeah. Jason – I look at it as a negative both ways so no problem. Kevin – I’m an option to go up which I never thought. Its still irrelevant its going to be 3 days he’s gone. She’s going to be gone.. hopefully its a double eviction. Jason but the pawn thing is nothing more than showing your appreciation for the trust. That’s all a pawn does. That’s how I dealt with it. If I go home, I guess we’ll deal with it outside of the house. Or not. Because if I trusted you that much and you sent me home I guess we won’t worry about it. I f**ked up.

Kevin – Josh and Christmas haven’t been talking to me like they used to.. you could go up there and be like what happened to Kevin?! People decided that maybe he’s going to start playing good. He’s a smart guy maybe he’s going to have a good couple of things. I don’t want to risk it, lets get rid of him. I’ll be like what the f**k Jay! What the f**k am I going to do charge behind the door?! You remember this you still have to be out there and be a man. You’re not 23 like Josh and be like I was in the middle, I had to do this and that. No one is going to have sympathy towards him. He was used, he was the pawn in the beginning of the season. Jason – he got through the hard time and now its leveling out.

12:30pm Raven and Matt floating in the pool..

12:50pm – 1:05pm Big Brother calls for an HOH lockdown to set up for the havenots. The Have-Nots were the first two house guests to fall off in the HOH competition: Kevin & Matt! The havenot temptation is back in play.

1:25pm Paul and Kevin.
Kevin – how is everything going? Is he mad about the slippers? Paul – I don’t know something stupid. Kevin – and what’s new? Anything new? Paul – not that I know. Either they’re f**king swindling me or.. Kevin – I walked with Jason this morning and he’s going to stick by what’s there so there ain’t nothing to worry about at all. Let everyone talk and say what they want. You’ve been sleeping here for 70 days, I ain’t ever going to do that to you. No matter what anyone says. Paul – perfect but who was saying it? Just Raven? (saying that Kevin was the backdoor plan) Kevin – I don’t know, not to me. To you? Paul – no she wasn’t saying it to us, I think that’s what she was under the impression of. Kevin – she never used my name to you ever? Paul – no, never. I would have told you. Kevin – lets go outside and have a good day. I can’t wait to get back to the soap operas.

1:30pm Kitchen – Jason, Josh, Alex and Paul.
Josh – I love Kevin but he is driving me nuts! What’s that you’re making can I have some!?!? NOOOOOO! They talk about how Kevin always asks what he can eat as a havenot. Paul – I guarantee he is in the diary room saying I just ask them stupid f**king questions just to see how they’ll react. Jason – I told him I was tired of people asking me stupid f**king questions … and he clammed up. Paul – he just tells us all what we want to hear. Alex – Kevin is going to have an aneurysm because we’re just going to keep f**king with him. Paul – when you don’t use the veto on Raven and she gets all pissed and sh*t blame f**king Kevin. Take some of the heat off your back and put it on Kevin. We know Kevin is going out in every scenario. He is going to be at least one nominee. Paul – at this point f**k it. Tell them that Kevin told me that Matt was coming for me. Josh – Kevin always talks sh*t but will never say it to your face.

2:10pm – 2:35pm Pool time ..

2:40pm Backyard. Paul, Christmas and Alex.
Paul – we should just keep telling him (Kevin) you’re going to win the game. Alex – oh my gosh. I’m going to take you out. Paul – He would blow a load. Christmas – how do you get everyone to love you so much. Paul – and you’ve never won anything, everybody loves you. You’re so good! Christmas – like what do you do socially .. I just don’t understand. Paul – can you teach me your social game? Kevin you need to keep protecting me. I am f**ked. And then in his head he’ll be like if the guy protecting me needs me to protect him … I’m f**ked. We’re all f**ked! They’re coming for us. Paul – I really hope today is a live show day. Because if it is not then I am really f**king confused.

3pm – 4pm More suntanning, making food and chatting about random things in the backyard.

4:15pm – 5pm Matt and Raven build their havenot bed. They also make up Kevin’s bed. Christmas talks to Matt about the prices of condos in her city. She then tells him about the properties she invests in and flips with a friend.

5:15pm – 5:45pm Paul and Kevin playing pool. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Alex, Raven, Matt and Christmas talk about past events of the season. Matt – the only person that got a raw deal was Jillian.

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118 thoughts on “Kevin to Jason “You remember this, you still have to be out there and be a man.”

        1. That is really aweful and it’s still suppose to rain more. I lived in Florida for 4 years on the panhandle while in the military. I so feel for everyone. So glad that you are alright. Hope you are not in flood area.

    1. stay safe while we keep thinking the good thoughts for you. so rough to be threatened with the high winds, rain, flooding, tornadoes, falling trees! praying for the awesome folks in Texas!

    2. We are grateful that you are alive. We hope the things most important to you can be salvaged and you are able to start the clean up and rebuilding process soon. God Bless.

    3. Very sorry to see those images! Wow, stay safe and keep track of your neighbors,friends,loved ones and animals. I will pray for Texas!

    4. I’m in Orange Chessie, raining off and on a lot, but my lil sister lives in Houston, but is safe. Take care and still praying Psalms 91 over you all.

    5. Don’t now why people need to thunb down you awful what’s going on in your city but this is not the place to post . This site is for a bunch of idiots playing a stupid game that means nothing.

  1. No one more deserving than Matt to be evicted. Raven will be in the jury house a week or two later so she can continue the jack offs and blow jobs then


  2. Good lord. Can’t someone wake up and realize this is a prime opportunity to get Paul out. In the words of the infamous Cornbread, “F*** y’all!”

    1. They would need 3 votes to get him out. Veto Matt and put Paul up… Kevin and Matt would probably vote to evict Paul, but who would be the third?

  3. I think Christmas will be the first one to turn on Paul……..but only if and when she makes the final two.

    1. No-one will turn on Paul! He’s brain washed the entire house….and ruined the whole season. If anyone dared to have their own thought, then they got pots and pans! He’s literally worse for this game than Evil Dick. At least he was looking out for his daughter.

    2. Xmas & josh were talking on other feeds he they are going to take Paul out ! That’s their plan ! Let’s see if they come through

  4. I don’t understand why matt and raven, and Kevin aren’t scrambling or atleast thinking something isn’t right!
    They should both be thinking why isn’t the other person/couple freaking out!
    These are the dumbest players ever thinking that paul is going to keep them safe!

      1. LOL LOL LOL Anonymous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good one!!

        Reading the updates here Raven also said ‘her disease’ affects her periods.
        Please CBS studio audience BOO that trailer trash when she’s kicked out of the house!!!!!

          1. Ruth- Raven has a NEW $40k car, a new dance studio and just came back from Disney. She knows very well what’s she’s doing.
            Raven needs to know you can’t scam Amercia. She needs BOOS!!!

        1. After the huge negative reaction from the audience when Christine left the house, the audience is not allowed to respond as such any more because of how it affects the evicted person emotionally and mentally.

  5. Since I gave up pn thos season pretty much as soon as it started (thanks for that Paul) anyone want to enlighten me on the ride or die duos.

    Is Jason keeping noms the same?

    Who is the taget?


  6. I’m confused. Is Jason putting Kevin up or not? Is he just letting them think he’s putting up Kevin? Would love to see Paul go up, but that’ll never happen…

  7. I do not like any of the women left. I like Kevin, The bull man Jason, I liked Paul last year, but every body else can suck it

  8. Please do NOT put Kevin up there on the block Cowboy … keep those noms the same (even though I’d like to have Paul up there) …. Paul will go after Jason either way. Hoping we have one HG HOH that doesn’t follow Paul’s orders :-)

  9. Uggg would love see paul go Jason stay strong! Alex is the worst player at this point think she can beat Paul final 2 is funny to me

  10. Why is it that someone as unattractive as Paul would try to make it in entertainment. Seriously, be realistic. He is simply not good looking and he has one of those faces that show no emotion. Happy, sad, pissed, whatever he always has the same dumb look on his face.

    Jason on the other hand I get. He is actually a very attractive looking man and probably will pursue bigger things in the future. He also is fun to watch, he has an expressive face. It’s too bad he decided just to be a follower this season, as we don’t get to see much of him on the show.

    1. yeah, only part paul can play is the dumbass henchman type but he’s too loud and small to play the strong silent type and not emotive enough to play anything else.

      jason could probably make it as a character actor.

    2. jason is not following, they all pushed hard to make him use the veto and put up kevin, they’ve had to back off because he won’t do it, and he’s right, if the plan is to take out matt, then what reason does he have to alienate kevin by taking raven down and putting kevin up. they say oh, gee matt/raven won’t vote for you in final 2 if you backstab them now, but he literally has no allegance to either one of them, who cares if they get sour, and why would that not work in the favour of every one else if jason is the only one responsible for not following the ‘plan’ and one of them goes home. it should make every single one of them happy, since it sticks a target onto jason and off of them since all they did was have to vote out of their only two choices when they wanted to vote kevin out, according to them.

      even tho they weren’t going to. so jason basically saves them, instead of showing them all backstabbing maven, the only one maven can possibly blame is him. sometimes these devious slippery plans are not actually working how they think they would. for example, why isn’t raven the target, she is the only one of the two of them getting 2nd place, consistently, in at least one veto and two hohs

      1. Lol. Sunny Dee. You missed the part where Paul mansplained to the HGs why it was Matt and not Raven who was the target between the two. Matt is crafty and sneaky. He is a way better competitor than he is pretending to be. He throws the competitions and when he decides the time is right he is going to start winning everything. Paul hasn’t figured out that Raven is doing better than Paul in the competitions because she keeps getting beat. I think Jason has already figured out what you just stated and there is no reason to change the noms.

  11. Kevin is always talking crap………..hmmmm…………….from where I am sitting, he certainly is not the only one. The biggest crap talkers in the house, are Paul, Xmas, Josh, and Alex. Jessica and Cody are out of the house and they still have to talk crap about them. Give it a rest

  12. I just can’t, with the feeds, so I’m binge watching BBCAN5. The HG’s are actually playing the game. I forgot what that looked like.

  13. Alex: “Paul is just here to help us in this game”.

    Jason: “I trust Paul”.

    Are these people capable of free thought?
    They act like Paul was put in there just to be their mentor.

  14. Throws hissy fits when he cannot get HGs to do what he wants – I know – I know – rarely do the HGs do something Paul does not tell them to do but Paul was pissed on the feeds about Jason not putting up Kevin after Jason won the Veto.

  15. How can these people have watched BB so long and not know when you win HOH Or veto it’s your choice not Paul’s not anybody else’s choice your choice what a bunch of wimps.

  16. Okay I really hope Jason sticks to his plan and does not do what paul wants….

    Send Matt out the door…..

    I hope Alex or Kevin win HOH….. next week could be awesome…..
    I hope Jason vins Veto …. next week could be awesome…….

    1. I actually think if Alex won HOH(she’ll throw it per Paul) she’d back stab Jason. It’s been that bad just watching her delusion. The idea that anyone could say put Kevin up and not think he was/is the target is so laughable. No one gave it a second thought. These folks have no clue on game play. Alex is beyond terrible.
      I hope the next HOH is a crap shot so perhaps Paul can’t get the HOH handed to him so easily……..Lets see after the eviction 7 left. I wonder could Paul’s strategy include HOH F7 and F5 plus he plays POV F4 and F6. Wonder who’s going F3 and cash a cheque for 500K? If only I had a crystal ball! hehehe

      1. He WOULDN’T throw HOH or POV to Alex or anyone, His quote if I’m PLAYING i”m winning. Good for him he is the only one who is not buying Paul’s crap. Alex is a idiot was a fan of hers in the beginning but her stupid took over.

  17. What’s in your head in your head zombie… Zombie… Zombie e e
    More like who’s in your head ….Paul & BB e e

  18. I would love to see Josh’s reaction when he does watch the entire show. Will he realise he was well and truly played? Will he realise how juvenile his antics were? Will he be angry when he views portions where Gnome has told him to leave a room, etc? Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

    1. garden gnome runt -Paul says friendship and the groupie fuk tards bieve him . Josh leave the room -Ok master gnome

    2. I can’t help it but every time Josh starts talking I wonder where Shagy and Velma are with his Scooby snacks…..rut row

  19. I’m wondering if Kevin’s cracked tooth is responsible for the “duck lips”. I had a cracked upper molar and was constantly touching it with my tongue which gave me “duck lips” for several days.

  20. The reason the houseguests are playing scared is because they KNOW production has manipulated the game to help paul. And will continue to do so. And they know if they try to discuss a move against paul, the calorically challenged Allison Grodner will drag them into the DR and put a stop to it. All their conversations are being monitored and the minute someone speaks ill of paul production uses the red phone to call the plus size Allison Grodner. The human eclipse known as Allison Grodner, loves paul more than a bucket of munchkins from Dunkin Donuts. So the houseguests are forced to keep their cards close to the chest. And in all honesty paul make actually have problems with jury votes. Cody Mark and Elena could be a problem for him. And eventually he may double cross a few people to go further.

    1. I think you’re right. They took notice of what happened to Cody and believe if they were to turn on Paul then a twist would suddenly be introduced into the game to save him. Then the whole house would gang up on them and it would be pots and pans and people screaming and cursing at them until they were evicted. Nobody wants that to happen to them so they take the path of least resistance and do what Paul wants.

      1. The Eurovan broke down outside of Beaumont,Tx. And the repair shop was perplexed about how long parts were going to take…FedEx had the parts there in morning, we were on the road to New Orleans by noon! Nice folks in Texas! Very,very kind!

  21. Not sure if this has been discussed or not, but did anyone watch BBAD or Live Feeds last night when Kevin and Jason were talking in the HOH? Jason asked Kevin what name did he put down on his BB Application Form when the Question was asked WHAT VET DO YOU WANT TO SEE COME BACK IN THE HOUSE!! The show went to commercial so fast it would make your head spin!! Now I am convinced more than ever that Production purposefully picked people that liked Paul so he could easily manipulate them and win the game

  22. Paul was certain it was a nighttime veto comp ( wrong) and Sunday live eviction (wrong) . Could someone in the DR be messing with him. Shows the others he is not all knowing.

  23. it amazes me week after week how paul can keep pointing out people he wants out and everyone all of a sudden turn their backs on them. like seriously kevin is by far the most likable guy in the house but yet everyone is now talking about how he is shady and annoying etc etc.

    and another thing like how can these groups not talk to each other and realize he is playing all sides (although it sounds like he is cluing cmas and josh in on how he is using the other guests now since he has realized he wants them to be his final 3). but seriously everyone in this house is either 1. dumb or 2. would rather get on pauls good side since he is so popular (at least he was) outside of the house

    oh and last paul is dumb because kevin has been 1000% loyal to him and would have for sure taken him to final 2 so he should actually be helping him instead of gunning for him

  24. Much better to pray for those in TX than waste your time watching tonight.
    Wish Jason would make it further but his time will be up next week than I sign off.

    1. Actually just finished watching tonight’s show boy did they target Raven for the lying bitch she is. Showed clips of all the ridiculous stories she’s told since being in the house, America will really she the true Raven tonight. Although they’d didn’t show the bedroom activities those are not prime time suitable.

      1. I’m pleasantly surprised at the “liar liar, Daisy Dukes’ on Fire” montage. She made a fool out of herself saying she was part of Mensa. Paul asked her, “What was your GPA when you graduated?” She replied, “Dance.”

  25. When BB is over will someone please tell Raven she doesn’t have a freekin’ disease (GP is a treatable condition). And aren’t the houseguests thinking CBS would never take on the liability of someone with a disease, in addition to all the other oddball crap she claims she suffers from. Her gig is tiresome.

  26. KEVIN IS THE ROGUE VOTE??????????????????????????? WTF????????????????????????????????????
    HOW DUMB CAN YOU PEOPLE BE???? THERE WERE 2 VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its rogue “votes”. Meaning 2 or a couple would have to behind it.
    If 2 people voted vs. Matt, then it had to be a couple/pair/team Mr. Captain Crunch. Why the f@ck would Kevin want to cross the rest of the house??? And even if he did, dont you have another rogue vote to be concerned with? Listen dummy, why cant you figure out that the rogue vote is the couple/team that NEVER talks to you??? Duh!

  27. So I’m just now watching my DVR of tonight’s live show. Matt and Raven are seriously pissed and crying like little floater babies because Alex and Jason refuse to jump off and give it to either one. Like they are honestly playing the game. Matt and Raven are ANGRY because she’s HURT she can’t get a Charity HOH and a letter from her mama, she’s sitting there “cold” with a blanket around her shoulders, and they are MAD because the nerve of Jason & Alex are refusing to jump off one for the other. They are fighting to the bitter end even with their “ride or die”. Pathetic excuse for BB players. I pray neither of them EVER win an HOH.

    1. I would thumbs up this a hundred times if I could. Who are they going to out next week? Not Paul but probably Alex or Christmas maybe Josh but his stuff is just Paul’s orders Alex and Christmas are just evil on their own.

    2. My last hope is the remaining house guests are abducted by aliens … never to be seen or heard again. I mean there is a chance, a very small chance … that it might happen.

  28. Someone was asking why Paul wears girls clothing , nails done ect , just maybe he is thinking am I transgendered and going to become Paula

  29. Paul is good…I’ll give him that and really at this point I think he will probably win this time around and I think that maybe he should. I really don’t care who wins this season but instead I have 4 people that I REALLY don’t want to see win. Josh, Christmas, Raven or Alex…..Paul would be on the list also but I wouldn’t be really upset if he wins….I don’t want to see if but I wouldn’t be upset. He IS controlling this house…..

  30. CBS prepping for a Matt eviction. There were a record number of Matt confessionals tonight. Made for a boring show. In other news, josh questioned Paul’s loyalty (kind of ish) to Christmas. If looks could kill. The look Christmas gave him for even suggesting such a thing melted his flesh and soul.

  31. Where can you vote for americas favorite player? Don’t see it on…are there any polls as to who might be in lead for AFP?

  32. Paul wants Matt out this week. Matt gone he has Raven more on lock.

    Next he wants Jason out. Jason gone Alex blindly follows more until he sends her packing.

    Then Kevin. Kevin only person in house with any shot of beating him in jury votes. Gone.

    Josh. Xmas all Pauls then for F3

    Alex- Most enjoyable eviction of summer!

    Paul Xmas Raven Final 3 Folks. Guess who wins?

    Hint: Not Us.

  33. Finally, CBS has answered the SOS “there might be a fraud in your midst” by showing Raven and all her lunacy. I wasn’t aware of all the things she had said.
    Also glad to see Alex look like the little punk she is. I can’t stand her punching Jason (sidenote), but asking for safety? That was the wimpiest thing she could have done. I can’t stand her ‘dead stare’ and the lack of warmth in her eyes is creepy. Anyway, I feel bad for Kevin right now with the bullies about to bite a limb off him one by one (x-mas, paul and alex).

  34. Watching tonight’s episode furthered my opinion this is scripted…..Matt was obviously reading from the notes production handed him! For crying out loud this guy hasn’t spoken 10 words this whole season and all of a sudden he strapped on his balls and is calling out Jason and Alex during POV. Oh my……what a load of crap….

  35. If, as the episode edit suggests, Paul was in on the voting deal… what was that whole thing on Thursday night where Paul was telling Jason and Alex the weird votes came from some combination of Raven, Josh and Kevin? No, really. One of the two scenarios doesn’t make sense. Either Paul knew, in which case he would not be telling Jason and Alex he thinks the votes were from two other people (he’d be telling them to SAY it was two other people with a wink wink nudge nudge)… or Paul didn’t know and it would make sense that he was trying to come up with a scenario where it was two other people. Why am I getting the feeling the flying monkeys behind the curtain are trying very hard to twist the suspension of disbelief knob to 11? Again.
    Why? Is it that important to their storyline to have every event of the season orchestrated by Paul so that they can feel justification when they haul him out for interviews after the season is over? A couple of weeks ago when Jessica told Cody the d/r people were upset with her because she wasn’t going to follow the Paul gets his deal scenario, and she was going to use the hex, she said she’d be evicted a week later, they’d (the production) make sure of it by having comps that she would have no chance in winning. A week later Elena is acting belligerently to the production staff announcements and saying she’d be leaving on Thursday while she was on the block against Cody. They both leave. So, they bring out the string of chance and knock out comps that take out each person that has sad their target is Paul. Even if that was partial hyperbole, it’s pretty easy to see that the storyline editors are actually trying to steer the show in a paul-centric fashion beyond what is justified. So, what’s the deal here? Are we supposed to just sit back and say to ourselves gee, this all makes sense?
    Why are they now hyping Josh as something more than a have not cheating, childish blowhard while at the same time suggesting to him in d/r that he shouldn’t be so trusting of Paul (as revealed in his conversation with Christmas about what the ‘dreamers’ questions suggested to him). Are they actually trying to have Josh cast as the America’s Favorite winner for the season? Editing and increase in d/r commentary would suggest that it is the case. Noting that house guest popularity seems to spike after making anti-Paul comments… are they actually trying to make Bobo the buffoon a hero? Why, after Mark’s eviction, did Alex talk to Jason about keeping his mouth shut that it was the two of them that threw the votes, only to have her leave d/r the next day saying she didn’t realize it was her that threw the second vote? Had production not informed her of which way to justify the vote so that Paul still got the complete control edit? Why even bother having anyone else even have d/r on this manufactured season if it’s so easy to see what’s going on? Let’s just put one of the editors in there with a sock puppet when it isn’t overly bad acting screechy Paul (unless they are trying to quash the “bullying” reactions by bringing in soft speaking Paul with bangs like they did on the episode when Mark was first nominated).
    The obviousness of the tinkering behind the curtain aspect of the last couple of seasons is really getting to the level of being insulting to the viewers’ intelligence this season.

  36. Raven has lost her mind. No one in their right mind is going to want to associate with her in business or socially. She’s a mentally disturbed girl that needs some medical intervention.

  37. Hopefully, through that televised HOH comp last night, Jason realizes that while Alex may be keeping him around throughout the game, she will most likely cut him final three if it is her choice. I can’t help but wonder, would she pick Paul over Jason in the final if it came down to it? I really hope Jason doesn’t lose Kevin this week. Other than Jessica not using the veto during her HOH and getting out Ramses, Jason getting out Kevin would be a close second to the dumbest move of the season.

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