Raven “After telling the whole house he was going to do it & he doesn’t, his game is..” Matt “toast”

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12am Matt and Raven in the hammock.
Matt – if he does take you off and I stay we should not tell Josh and Christmas that we’re planning on throwing it to them because I don’t want them to think we’re taking advantage of them, which we’re not. At this point with game play we just have to be very strategic. Raven – but at this point Paul and I were talking. If he does that after telling the whole house that he was going to do it… and he doesn’t do it ..his game is.. Matt – toast. Raven – I don’t think he wants that many people going ballistic. Jason and Alex should realize they’re going to have all the blood on their hands. I agree we should throw it to Josh and Christmas.. what is the lesser of two evils…. the person that puts you up or the person that votes you out. Raven – well the person that votes you out because you don’t have a choice. Matt – tomorrow should be pretty chill. I don’t know if tomorrow will be chill. If you go with the house agenda and I don’t bite his head off. Matt – your accent goes away when you’re pissed. Raven – there are roller coasters that I can’t go on. I can’t go scuba diving. I can’t dive below 10 feet of water. I can’t have an MRI. Can’t go through a metal detector. I can’t put my phone on my belly. I used to not be able to be in front of a microwave. Jason – it would just turn it off? Raven – yes.

12:05am Jason and Alex
Alex – her (Raven) behavior for someone that has a terminal illness is very strange. The things she does if very strange. I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt because if it is real I would say eat whatever you want but it is obviously not helping this week. Christmas – she said anything that was easily digestible. Christmas – Mac and Cheese is not easily digestible. Alex – like she couldn’t eat my Sheppard’s pie but she made tacos the day before. Jason – with the same meat. Christmas – she had the scalloped potatoes before too. Alex – I feel like she does it just because she doesn’t like something. They talk about the veto comp. Alex – I think she has a mean streak. Christmas – oh my god are you serious did you see her (Raven) attack Jess? Jason – she called her a c**t like 3 times. She turned red and called her .. she personally attacked. Alex – I think it was her that came in first. Alex – we can send him out, then Raven out next and then Kevin. Josh – yeah.

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Paul to Matt and Raven.
Paul – the only person I am worried about is Kevin. He has been glued to Jason. But whenever I have alone time with Jason, he sh*ts on Kevin. So best case scenario is what we do. Matt – worst case scenario you send me home. Paul – do you think we should have Josh blow up on Kevin tonight?! I could make that happen. If we do that it could either go really good or bad. Matt – if he doesn’t take Raven off .. he has made it very clear that he is taking Raven off going into a week that he can’t compete for HOH. As of right now I have no reason not to trust Jason.

12:45am Josh to Christmas – Why do they always was me to do everything? Why don’t they do it? Christmas – because they don’t have the balls to do it. Josh – why is the heat always on me? Christmas – keep that in mind. Keep that in mind! Josh – f**k that, they can do it. Christmas – yeah they can blow up on Kevin. They can call Kevin out. Josh – who am I, I’m not playing someone else’s game.

1:20am Christmas wants to give Josh a hug.

Backyard – Alex tells Paul how they should bust Kevin. She and Jason will hid in the havenot cabinets. Paul will be talking to Kevin and say a secret word to get them to jump out. Once you feel like you have enough you say the secret word. Paul – gumpy.

1:33pm Backyard. Josh and Alex.
Alex says next week Paul is going to befriend Kevin.. Jason and I are going to hide under on of the cabinets. Josh – oh no! I need to be in there. I’ll f**king hide in a cabinet. Josh – that will be crazy. Alex – it would be the best

2:05am Josh and Christmas are studying the days / events of the season. Paul – I talked to Raven and asked you guys don’t feel anything weird right? Matt was like worst case scenario just vote me out. He says he will just eat regular food so that he vets penalty votes against himself. I was like okay. Raven said that if Jason doesn’t use the veto on her she is going to go ballistic. They were like we just take a shot at Jason and Alex and get those f**kers out. I was like okay. Raven was like if we can even throw it to Josh or Christmas that would be even better. Christmas – no we need to throw it to them. Alex joins them and they talk about random stories.

3am All the house guests are sleeping..
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Hello America, Welcome to the first annual “Dumbest People To Have Ever Played BB” award show. Here to present the award is Zingbot. Hello Losers, on behalf of Allison and the rest of the BB production staff, we would like to thank the BB19 HG. You gave us many days and nights of side splitting laughter. Some of our favorites are: Paul, if I win the VETO, what should I do with it? HA HA HA Ha. And, Paul should I take a nap while the VETO is being played? HA HA HA HA. And our personal favorite, Paul can not tell a lie, it would ruin his brand. HA HA HA HA. I present this award, affectionately known by the staff as the Keystone Cops award, to the following HG, Josh, Alex, Xmas, Raven, Matt, Jason, (for following not one but two leaders), and poor Kevin who might have had some good ideas, but never any power, and making deals with the house target. Will one of you, or all of you please step up to receive this award? Why are all of you looking at Paul???? Goodnight LOSERS.

LOL last nite

Last nites show was so funny. Raven’s gpa is dance LOLLLLLLLLL… she will be so devastated to find out she is not a favorite . I rewind Alex & Jason’s confession on telling Kevin about the vote 20 times LMAO, it was hilarious. I think Raven has an ‘ all over the place’ personality. I hope its Paul & Josh in the end and Josh beats out Paul and its becuz he did all of Paul’s dirty work AND IM A PAUL FAN TOO, but I don’t like that he uses Josh so much. Can’t wait for Kevin to leave, so annoying!


And that response came from a Mensa member. That group should be sooooo proud.

Paul the Punk

Paul saying he can get Josh to go off on Kevin. What an ahole!


“Do you think we should have Josh blow up on Kevin tonight?! I could make that happen.” That in a nutshell is why even though Paul is the only one with a decent strategy at this point, he makes it impossible to really root for him. Of course they probably won’t show that (real) side of Paul in the tv edit.


“Dumbest People To Have Ever Played BB” award show.

Sorry that award already went to the last Canadian season


Ya well with the president that you have that make your country the wurst one


Great! For once we see a true BB game play…played by someone other than Paul behind. Please don’t get me wrong because some of Paul game plays weren’t game plays some were personal attacks. I was waiting for a HG to run their on HOH the way they wanted to and not Paul way. For this reason only Jason should get AFP for having the Brain, Heart and Courage to go against the grain. As you make your decision for AFP choice please remember Jason took a lot of heat for his game play before the VETO ceremony and after he did not use the VETO. Again I have no favorites in this game at all just applauding Jason for standing up to the other HG and doing thing his way. Job well done. Good job Jason You Go Boy!!!!!!




Diary room must be waking Josh up. I wonder if his new stance will hold if Paul starts asking him to attack.

When do they usually show jury house?

Paul the Punk

When is the Veto ceremony?


should be this afternoon.


Raven can’t get MRI’s or go thru metal detectors ? She’ll have to fly on private jets !! Court houses and many public buildings have metal detectors, boy is she screwed. Even a microwave oven is big trouble. She’d benefit from a 2nd opinion, a physician who isn’t going to tell her she’s terminal. I give up.


If she needs to fly on private jets- start donating everyone. I have decided to campaigne about the dangers of microwaves and possibly go on to dragons den with a new project idea regarding alternatives to microwaves. I was hoping that Raven would be my assistant project manager.


I have a Spinal Cord Stimulator implant (no not for an inverted spine lol) and to fly I just have to be wanded and checked in that way. So I can still fly. To go through a metal detector I just have to turn it off before and turn it back on afterwards.The only thing I don’t understand about Ravens implant is the battery. I have to charge the battery every night with a charger that charges through the skin. I can’t have an MRI unless they follow a specific protocol.

I’m pretty sure Raven knows that GP isn’t terminal. I think that is why she also made up a second “unnamed” terminal “disease” and my guess is that it is her BB strategy for winning. Not going to work but nice try. I wonder if it is still working on Matt. He hasn’t mentioned it in a while.


Put Paul in a 24 hour isolation. Air out the house.

I'm not joking

Ship Paul to Siberia.


where he can sell Bearded Garden Gnomes with your choice of tatoos (all in solid black) for the rest of time


I was legit crying laughing when MENSA Raven said her gpa was dance lmao girl just keep your mouth shut. Love that Matt commented on her accent leaving when she is upset.. because it like everything she says is fake!!!


I laughed at sundays watching raven talk to paul…i can’t stand paul but he is smart and seeing his responses to raven were pretty funny..too bad alex is such a bitchy minion cuz her and Jason are funny together..josh waking up finally?


Are you kidding me? I would be a bitchy minion too if I was surrounded by idiots!


She is the leader of the village


I could 100% put up with raven on feeds if we got to see bb make fun of her every week. I was on the floor laughing it was amazing seeing it all pieced together so well….

but seriously when matt said he accent went away when she was mad and she just started listing off all these things she “wasn’t able to do” I was like WTF. Like she realized she was caught faking it so she out of nowhere goes over the top with the pity me hoping that either matt or feed watchers would ignore it in favor of pitying her. OMG so freaking funny that chick is CRAZYYYYY!!!


Raven is obviously a schemer but I’m a southern transplant and over the years being away from home my accent has naturally toned down. In certain situations it can come back full force though, mainly when I’m with family or really comfortable with a group of people or had a few drinks. It’s not a conscious decision. The weird thing is it definitely gets stronger when I’m pissed, not weaker.

Some elitists will mistakenly equate a southern accent with stupidity so some people learn to moderate it because of that. My father is a nuclear physicist and doesn’t give a shit what people think about his accent. It’s funny watching some elitists trying to regulate their cognitive dissonance around him speaking in physicist jargon with a hillbilly accent.


I don’t understand the ranking grid. How can Cody go from last place to 10th, and Jillian go from 9th place to last? We can’t vote on evicted HGs, so I don’t get it.


Yes you can.


Evicted houseguests have no ranking their position in the grid is arbitrary.


thanks; just wondering!


Next year I might design it a bit differently to allow for evicted rankings as well.

Martha Stewart

Snoop says they should change the apples to “Phone a Friend”.

Satan's Beard

In this version of Adam and Eve the Devil(Paul) doesn’t want them to touch the fruit.


Go Josh, Christmas and Paul!!

Judge Janie

I hope Jason leaves the noms the same. I want to see that trashy loser Raven “go ballistic” and get herself evicted. Would be hilarious!


He may leave them the same but that is still a bad game play. He is not smart enough to see that NOW is the best time to shoot Paul down. The jury votes would be his. He has Alex (also too dumb to see) and Kevin, add in whoever he takes off the block Matt or Raven and it is 3-2 Paul goes home (Xmas and Josh vote off Matt or Raven)
Matt and Raven now owe you for saving them both and as long as Xmas or Josh don’t win HOH they are on the block next. Yes you have to listen to them 2 (Matt and Raven) for a couple more weeks but they are not going to do or win anything anyway. Even if they win Jason would be last on their hit list after Xmas, Josh and Kevin.
Too bad he is too blind and scared to see and play and Paul will end up taking him out next.


Unfortunately, Alex would not vote to evict Paul. She thinks Jason is stupid and Paul is a god. If he did put up Paul, everyone would be against him except 1/2 of Maven and Kevin. . .not very good odds.


Exactly right. It would take Alex getting her nose out of Paul’s a$$ and we know that is not going to happen. Now would be the perfect time to do it if they were only smart enough. Alex and Jason would have smooth sailing to the end with competition like Xmas, Josh, Matt, Raven, Kevin! Another thing Alex is too blind to see, Kevin makes a perfect 3rd to their group who would be loyal (unlike Paul) We are getting to the point where a 3 person voting block is all you need to run the others out.
Wishful thinking though so we can only hope he leave things as is and Matt goes home (only because I want to see Raven cry/die a slow sad “death”)

Clearly Sarcasm

If I remember correctly Alex didn’t get a friendship bracelet in the first episode and then said that she didn’t like Paul…. SO WYD ALEX

Big Jim

You’re right except these idiots wouldn’t vote Paul out and Jason would be out the following week

Backseat Driver

He’s not blind…..he’s not dumb……Jason is merely sticking to the script Production has submitted to him. He’s being paid a salary to be a “houseguest” on CBS’s Big Brother.


“Raven “After telling the whole house he was going to do it & he doesn’t, his game is..” Matt “toast””

This the person that has lied the entire season? I can’t wait for Jason to keep noms the same, what is Raven gonna do? Come up with a new disease?

I would vote out Raven, as she might float the furthest.

Kid Rock

Yup they might turn Raven into Victoria!!’


It’s always funny to me when Josh says someone is annoying…..


How dare Jason make his own decisions on his HOH and his power of Veto.

Not gonna lie still on a GOT high, I would love to see GOT characters in the BB house


Why is Paul wearing that stupid float around his waist again? I know he thinks he is being cute but he looks like an Idiot. I can’t even look or read anything with him in it. Take that damn float off and act your age!!


I suspect that he thinks he’ll get more when he sells it because he wore it so much & there are idiots out there who will pay what he wants.

Alex ruined the season

Jason isn’t doing what he wants. Don’t you get it? Matt is who Paul wants out. Raven he can carry to the end she has no chance of winning.

Jason just like everyone else is doing Paul’s work. Tell me how getting Matt out helps Jasons game. Ok. Next.

The only reason to even watch the rest of this season is seeing Alex go and Paul spin it so she doesn’t blame him. Seeing Alex walk out the door is way better than seeing Raven go. Alex as Evil Dick says is the worst BB player ever and a actual piece of sht.


Matt and Raven would (with a push from King Paul) go after Alex and Jason so getting either Matt or Raven out this week will benefit Jason’s game. Backdooring Kevin, however, would NOT help Jason’s game so I hope Jason keeps Nom’s the same.

Ian's Lament

Actually Paul wants Kevin to go which would only hurt Jason’s game. Splitting up Matt and Raven is good because they are coming after Jason and Alex. Jason is protecting his numbers. Getting Paul out would be best but that is hopeless in this crap season.

Alex ruined the season

U are entitled to your opinion. Not your own facts. Paul has said his plan to cams in his alone chats. If you take what Paul says to diff groups literally. You have no clue how game is played.


What would you want Jason to do? He can’t put Paul up because no one will vote him out (the house is full of idiots). So he breaks up a pair…at this point in the game there are not much options when everyone is “working” with Paul.


Raven’s accent goes away because that’s not her real accent! Everything about her is fake. The lies they showed her telling was cracking me up! Freaking Gypsy Rose in there. I’m so ready for her to leave


“Just send me home if that happens”-Matt WTF! Way to roll up and die wow! That disappoints me as a viewer and what an insult to the 500,000 people that applied to be on this show, people that would play their heart out to win! Is anyone Paul’s competition in this house? How can these people not see Paul is running this house. If Paul doesn’t win I will be completely shocked!


Plus, what other evicted houseguests this season who have been Have Nots decide to say screw it and cheat when they’re on the block? None of them! Mark was a Have Not and wasn’t a poor sport and eat when he was on the block and a Have Not. I think it’s poor sportsmanship on Matt’s part, especially for someone who has done absolutely NOTHING this season!!

The sleeper

This game is rigged for Paul plain and simple and to believe otherwise is just plain stupid


Then why did production ask Josh if he was sure Paul was loyal to him and Christmas? If they were rigging it for Paul, that wouldn’t have happened. But Paul haters won’t concede he’s playing a good game.


“Matt – your accent goes away when you’re pissed. Raven – there are roller coasters that I can’t go on. I can’t go scuba diving. I can’t dive below 10 feet of water. I can’t have an MRI. Can’t go through a metal detector. I can’t put my phone on my belly. I used to not be able to be in front of a microwave. Jason – it would just turn it off? Raven – yes.”

What in the actual F#$%???? What does any of that have to do with her accent going away? I just can’t with her. I’m glad they are starting to see what a fraud she is. Ugh….so ridiculous.


Ugh I didn’t read far enough down…..

” Josh – who am I, I’m not playing someone else’s game.”

Done…I am done. WTH?


My final two………. Jason and Kevin

time for this season to be over.

Jessica should have asked Josh to spell ruthless…seems to me he says “roofless” instead…


Question regarding Raven and her terminal illness. If she is as sick as she says she is and if she could die from this at any time, then WHY would BB cast her? Don’t you have to go through some type of health screening? I would think it would be a liability for BB to cast someone with her extreme health condition and let her compete in these strenuous comps. I’m I wrong?


I had to laugh at the conversation between Alex, Christmas and Jason when they were talking about Raven and her having a mean streak haha. How rich is that coming from them. They said Raven has a mean steak and called Jess a c@nt, it was a personal attack. Wtf!! All they do is personally attack house guests they don’t like. It’s like they don’t remember all the bad shit they have done. SMH.

BB Fan

Now if they would edit Christmas and Alex with a string of all the mean things they said that’d be something to watch. Come on CBS give us something interesting to see.


Worst season ever , I record all show on my PVR find myself lately fast forwarding cant stand to hear them screaming in the DR , dead people have more game then these Morons


When is BB going to hand out printed t-shirts to the houseguests that say “Talk to Paul”.

Briàn Farris

Jason come on an use that brain. Dim Paul’s shine once an for all


It is extraordinary how dumb these people are…and I’ve met a lot of dumb asses in my life. The fact that I can still be surprised by stupidity is a real bummer.

Clearly Sarcasm

P.S. On your spoilers page you have the 32st…….


Christmas is way too old to be wearing those cat ears

Jessica's Birth Control

Its getting interesting folks!
Jason- is pushing back on paul. He realizes backdooring kevin will hurt his game/jury votes
Josh- Very proud of the meatball! Last episode he coyly mentioned to xmas if paul can be trusted to kinda sorta feel her out. Now he refuses to do pauls dirty work and torment kevin
xmas- Suprisingly she cutoff Josh’s convo about paul last episode in the bedroom. Either xmas was back to drinking the paul koolaid or she was afraid to continue the convo while being recorded and raise productions suspicions.
kevin- I think kevin may be the most street smart of this group. So he has paul on the radar. He cant compete but I think he could push some of the group to a paul double cross. Or he is waiting for someone else to make a move on paul and then jump onboard
I am beginning to think some of the players want paul out, but they are waiting for the right time and dont want to tip off production to prevent Allison Grodner from invoking a paul rescue plan.
paul- playing a great game and is doing a good job of separating the pairs and playing the 3rd wheel card. I think xmas or josh are gonna make the move against him.


News Flash Raven. Jason did not tell the whole house that he would take you off the block and put Kevin up. That was Paul’s voice you heard. Not Jason.


I hope one of the spineless houseguests come to their senses soon and boot Paul and Alex out before it’s too late. Dictator Paul and Annoying Alex are DISGUSTING BULLIES!!! That phony Witch Christmas needs to go, too!!! Christmas sailed through this game because she had a broken leg!


I hope one of the spineless houseguests come to their senses soon and boot Paul and Alex out before it’s too late. Dictator Paul and Annoying Alex are DISGUSTING BULLIES!!!


Please, somebody, anybody give Dictator Pee-wee Paul the BOOT!!!