“if we were rodeoing and you were getting bucked off your bull every weekend.. You aren’t riding in my pickup”

Power of Veto Ceremony Results = Jason did not use the power of veto Matt and raven are on the block

9:22am wake up call.. Raven and Matt appear to be the only ones up.

9:42am Backyard Jason and Raven
Raven – what happened to Bertha
Jaosn – I probably put a hole in the son of a b1tch dicking around..
Raven – put a whole in it
Jason – I dunno we were messing around with her pretty good yesterday

10:02am Kitchen Raven and jason

Talking about Kevin not liking Alex. Apparently there was a rumour going around last night that Kevin didn’t. Jason says Kevin’s never breathed a word of that too him probably because Kevin knows he’s so close to Alex.
Jason explains that Kevin was raised different like his dad where they think if you are joking and having fun when there’s work being done you are not paying attention. Jason thanks kevin’s like this a bit.
Raven – it was like Josh.. he was saying I’m going to lose it on Kevin, There’s no point
Jason – there really is no point
Raven – we know what the objective is why make is worse throughout the week there’s no point
Raven – Plus Kevin’s old
Jason – he will lose his sh1t, he’ll freak the f* out
Raven – yeah so why freak him out now
Raven – Christmas was wanting to tape tin foil spelled out RIP on his bed.
Raven – NO.. he will lose his sh1t..

Raven – it sucks I like Kevin, I feel like this house is going to tear him apart.
Jason – he’s got it coming .. when you get down to so many people.. everyone here has participated in something except for him
Raven – that’s annoying for me. I literally came in second place so many times.. I’ve tried so hard.

Jason – if we were rodeoing together and you were getting bucked off your bull every weekend.. You aren’t riding in my pickup .. competitors don’t ride with slackers.

10:30am Kevin and Jason
Kevin complains about Josh being a a$$. “how can you be so randomly stupid.. how”
They agree Josh was the one that ripped the house apart during the POV.
Jason – who took the drawers and dumped them out Raven or Josh
Kevin – I would say Josh.. one of the drawers had just my sun glasses.. now it’s broke.. (the drawer)

Jason – she’s (raven) not going to say my name after today
Kevin – she’s had the easiest time in the house.. it’s not even close and to make up stuff.. I do not believe that kid said that about her.
Kevin – she would have been pulled into production you can’t talk personal sh1t like that
Jason – what..
Kevin – Cody said I would marry you but you can’t have kids.. so you don’t have to worry.. remember she said he said that 4th day
Kevin – No way.. and then you spend 50 f*ing days and never confront him on that
Jason – he literally told Alex.. f* you Alex I hate you.. that is what Cody said, directly to her..
Jason thinks Cody d did say that about Raven. He heard Cody and Dom talking about babies one night it was conversation piece for Cody.

They talk about Cody thinking he was the best looking in the house.
Kevin – isn’t he like 5-7 in the jockey world he’s the best looking

12:01pm Feeds back POV not used.
Matt says he’s going to eat regular food even though he’s a have not he doesn’t care about the penalty vote

12:04am Raven is screaming..
Paul joins them says he’s so upset right now
Paul – he mumbled
B2Men – because he’s a b1tch
Raven – he’s a b1tch
Raven – the line is drawn in the sound.. if Alex wins HOH we’re going up..
Paul – just blow off some steam, lets find a smarter more strategic way around this (aka one that doesn’t expose me)
Paul – we’re still in the game
Raven – Im pissed off
Paul – so am I dude so am I.. .F* F*

Boys2men mocks Jason for “hiding” in the storage room.

Jason listens in on them..

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About time someone didn’t do as Paul instructed. Would love to see Raven go, but Matt won’t let that happen. He is in for a rude awakening when he sees he through his game (if he had one) away for a scammer.

Judge Janie

Matt is sooo brace running his mouth when he thinks Jason can’t hear him. What a punk. I hope Jason heard every word Paul said to those losers.


Jason for AFP. Great Job Jason!


Yay Jason!


If Jason is listening won’t he find out Paul is playing both sides finally?

Judge Janie

Can Jason please win 1st, 2nd, and AFP???


Cameron is the luckiest houseguest ever to spend only a day with these fuckers.


He’s sooo lucky that he lost a chance at winning the prize money.


SMG HOOVER, your comment about Cameron is one of the best of the summer.


Cameron for AFP


Vote Raven out, let her imaginary “disease” flare up.. Matt ain’t gone do nothing but eat cereal & talk sh*t about how he could’ve actually played the game.


That won’t ever happen, as Matt has already said he is not sleeping in the HN Room or eating Slop the rest of the week and taken the penalty votes, so they don’t evict Rave. I wish Production would tell him if he does, he will loose all his $ and be sent home. I don’t remember in BB History someone doing this? Has anyone else? I’m no Cody fan as I thought he disrespected the game by not doing speeches, etc and Matt criticized him, seriously? Now your going to do what you want?


So now Paul needs to make sure Matt and Raven don’t attach too much to him that the others see he’s trying to keep 3 final 3 deals going, plus trying to massage those jury votes. At least Jason realized there was no need to put Kevin up now unless the plan was to evict him. Hopefully Alex will grow a brain and realize she needs Kevin’s vote in the next couple weeks to stay.


yeah, this was why i was so happy jason won and not alex. alex would have been dumb enough to put up kevin. jason is screwed next week though.


May have exposed yourself there Paul. Hope Jason heard that convo.


Jason was so close, he had to have heard. Maybe , just maybe this will be the start of Paul’s downfall.


Okay! I hope Jason heard everything of Paul, Raven and Matt conversation. Just maybe Jason can stir the pot with the information before he goes. I think he is next to go. I respect Jason for taking control of his HOH.


No. I just watched it and when Jason was listening, the only one talking was raven. She was screaming about how she won’t give Jason her vote if he’s in final 2. Paul wasn’t talking when Jason was listening.


I think that Paul can stand up to these houseguests and admit he is playing all sides and still get to top 3. They probably won’t believe him . That’s how stupid I think the people are .


Raven’s face says it all! In a predictable season like this it is these little things that still make me smile. Her and Matt thought they could sit back and “let Paul do his work” now one of them is out the door. We will now see Paul act all stupid like Jason went off script and he has no idea what happened. Matt who is as bright as a box of Corn Flakes will ask to be voted out to keep his gypsy safe. Raven will stock up on fresh jerkins’ all week and cry so we can see the clown make-up run. If Alex doesn’t win HOH Jason and Raven on the block or Raven and Kevin but you know Paul will try to take out Jason. These clowns are going to look back and see what fools they have been.

Not Raven's Mom

Yes!!! Now vote the bitch out.


I would like to see Raven stay for the entertainment. Now that she is on the outs maybe a charge could be led against her. Like they did t to Jody. Would love to see her on the receiving end.


House full of idiots, cry babies and bullies!!!!

Jimmy 64

Grow up Raven it’s just a game and you lost not that you were going to win anyway.
You should have stayed in your wiener bun longer.


Jimmy 64, Raven IS the wiener bun, Matt is her wiener…

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

TerryB………….LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


or maybe she should have played instead of floating through the season


Yay Jason! And FYI Matt & Raven: if you don’t want to get on the block or if you’re on the block and you need to get off…WIN A COMP FOR SAFETY. Matt & Raven are the biggest babies. Wish they could both be evicted Thursday.


Raven talks about all of her illnesses and sicknesses, the sickest and most unhealthy thing she has going on is that hair of hers! I am old so maybe I don’t get the whole extension craze but damn when the color doesn’t match and your hair is all dried up and split it looks pretty stupid to have that rat’s nest on top of your head in my opinion. I have just read the updates and deleted AD the past week since it was so boring but I may have to tune in and watch Raven cry and Matt pack up all of the cereal.

Bolt Uprite.

Who is the idiot in the orange shirt? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before.

Raven keeping' it in the family

That is Raven’s Grandpa.

Team not Paul

Yeah Jason! Finally someone making a somewhat big move. Admittedly getting out Raven or Matt isn’t much of a big move, but it does break up a showmance, and it goes against the housing wanting Kevin out (although I can’t tell for sure, since they waffle so much). Can’t wait to hear what Jason said in his speech.


Raven & Matt say they’ve never lied in this game. Really? Hm. What about Ramses? They both told Jess and Ramses they were voting out Josh. They lied all week. Seriously? Pretty sure other lies have been told, but that one stands out most. Idiots.

Paul's Mouth

OH BOY! Raven’s ACT is up….we will get to see her TRUE self, may even learn a few new words!!!
Hope “Trailer Trash” leaves this week.
What a FAKE POS………………….


I knew Matt could not go cold turkey on the cereal…he is such a waste of space.


If Matt eat anything else other than have not food….the show should kick him out on Thursday.


that’s what he wants..he wants to keep raven safe

Bolt Uprite.

Did Raven give Jason permission to pee on her? Just don’t tell her it’s raining?

raven smells like pee pee

She likes them golden showers, I tell ya.


hat’s the most riled up Matt has been in this season – highly aggressive, expletives out the ying yang, pacing back and forth stalking Jason. I wonder now if he realizes HE was he bit*h this season? I think ol’ boy Matt has a serious anger issue!


Did you see him on last night’s episode when only Jason and Alex were left during the HOH comp? He was ridiculous.


Even Josh heard Matt and made a statement.

Judgmental Judy

Excellent! Matt will have egg on his face (& the kitchen towel) when he realizes he sacrificed himself for a compulsive liar with a GAP in Dance.

Resist the Twist

I’ve been waiting ALL SEASON for this !! Shoutout to Simon also

Dedicated to Matt

Sung to the tune of BoyzToMen “End of the road”

Now that Matt’s come
To the end of the show
Raven won;t let go
Prematurely gray
He’ll be gone Thursday
Not much real gameplay

Now that Matts come
To the end of the show
His waistline will continue to grow
He wont make his goal
1000 cereal bowls
Captain Crunch’is his hero

Now that Matt’s come
To the end of the show
We call all let go
He was doing Raven
Soon He’ll meet Julie Chen
Jury is where he will go


and yet another opportunity to backdoor Paul goes by the way side … clueless house guests this season


the clueless house guest would not vote him out. If Jason wanted to (which he didn’t) he wouldn’t have the votes because everyone has a final 3 with Paul except Kevin (who thinks he has a final 4).


I may be confused but is Pauls’ “save a friend” from Mark expired? If not when does it expire?

Apple Expiration

It was only good for that week. All the apples are.


I literally cant believe how DUMB every single person in this house is!! Tell me… How is it possible ALL of the talk paul does to making final deals with everyone that not ONE person has figured out what he’s doing?!?! How?!? Did they not watch his season when he’d run in one room and talk game then go and tell others a completely different story? He was a story teller and these fools dont know this? Gtfoh. Scripted much. Or these people are just complete followers and dummies lol ii know he’s gotten on his high horse and his ego has exploded with “im a vet” im better” but if this guy makes it to top 4 he deserves to win!!! I mean if there all playing his game and kissing his ass, im rooting for jason but i think his times up soon. Sadly the only one with the balls to take a shot at paul (and early in the game & bluntly was cody) as much as i dont like him and he had a shitty game play from social to taking shots too early’ the guy at least saw what these morons didn’t! Now please send that “gofundme” page fake illness fake accent talking annoying twat home!


Should have taken either Matt or Raven off and put the bearded gnome up.

Very uncontroversial move.


Reality check Raven!
Today is nothing compared to what’s coming when you get home!


OK Jason….you’ve come up a couple of points IMHO. You have the second HOH this season that wasn’t controlled by Paul. Way to break out of the minion mold!

And FINALLY! someone secretly listening to one of Paul’s conversations! Hope Paul digs himself a nice, deep hole & talks about getting Alex & Jason out.

Hope when Jason goes to Alex about this (darn it, he will), she realizes that she’s being played along with the rest of the house.

C’mon Jason…………


They will probably get rid of Matt but I wish they would get rid of Raven! WTF have you done this game to be in the house Raven? Sure everyone in this house is Paul’s minions but to me winning Big Brother is both social and being able to at least win some competitions, she has done neither. Kevin, her and Matt are all the same in my book lets take out the floaters and finally get to the real game! Alex better win that HOH though because Jason is about to be taken out after this if not!


And i don’t care josh is actually starting to grow on me lol i feel like he’s finally starting to be himself. Yes he’s made some dumb mistakes but he’s owned up to them. When he said to Christmas something about paul being weird and asked her do you really trust him and she says ” i feel like you’re starting to question/doubt paul” like wtf?? Is everyone blind. Its like even if ppl took a shot at paul he has ppl so brainwashed that they wouldn’t have the votes to get him out! Wake up ppl. Even though i want Jason to win, josh is an alright kid. I truly think he’s got a good heart.


Josh is a psycho. Plus he’s no kid. He’s a grown man.

Bolt Uprite.

Then why is he pulling his circus act on Kevin? For fun. On orders from Paul and Alex and Xmas. He may be biting off more than he can chew, you don’t just go off on an OG like Kevin. I invite Josh to use his newly learned confrontational skills anywhere outside the BB house and see if someone wouldn’t bust a cap in his ass.


I fear they have trained Josh to go off on a bully rant whenever he’s in the mood, just go up to someone and start yelling demeaning things at the top of his voice. He does this for fun now and it will be really bad for him to pull this crap outside the protection of the house. They’ve trained him and he’s absorbed the training because he has a simple mind. We will read someday that he got beaten up or worse on the outside. And it will be on Paul and Xmas. I feel a little sorry for him because it’s like they put a fourth grade bully in with a bunch of evil adults who saw how to turn him into a big attack dog.


I am so glad Jason kept them on the block! I also can’t believe that now Matt & raven are pissed! What idiots! They think every one has had their backs! They are so stupid. Matt hasn’t done shit in this game so now he wants to get pissed off cause Jason isn’t playing this game for him. I think raven should go home cause she has played the poor pitiful me thing and she is freaking crying! I really hate these people! I want Jason to go to the end but that means Alex has to win HOH & keep him safe. Or he has to win veto!


Paul is escalating things against Kevin, someone is going to blow up on Kevin, and hopefully all of Paul’s, Alex, Xmas, and Josh’s dirty laundry come out. It will be a real eye opener for all. I want Kevin and Jason to know how low they are on these people’s ladder.
I am so tired of listening to these people rag on everyone, this is not game play, this is just being nasty jerks.


Matt is saying he is going to eat what ever he wants to get penalty votes. I think BB should throw his ass out of the game if does that. He shouldn’t even go to juror house if he doesn’t do his havenot punishment! I’m going to say it again…..I hate these people……..come to play a game and then NOT play the game…….BB please get real players!


Agree he has not earned the right to vote or go to jury house!

Think Kevin!

If Kevin had a brain he would just eat food and get a vote against him. He’s not on the block to get anymore votes.