Jason “As it stands right now I am keeping the noms the same.”

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5:55pm Kitchen. Christmas has been bugging Josh. Josh – have you seen finding nemo? With the girl with the braces? She tortures the fish. DU DU DU at the fish tank! That’s who you are right now. You’re the girl from Finding Nemo that tortures the fish tank. Christmas – I’m not Dory!? Josh – no you’re not! Paul then chases Josh into the living room and throws his flamingo named “Tray-ho” at him.

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6:35pm Matt and Raven playing pool.
Meanwhile Paul and Christmas in the hammock.
Paul – If they were in the final two, she (Alex) would not win next to Jason. I would vote for Jason. Christmas – why would you vote for Jason and not Alex. Paul – So far he has won more competitions – A. B – he hasn’t pissed anyone off. C – the baby thing kind of tugs at my heart. If we are all in jury – Alex has sh*t on Mark and sh*t Cody, sh*t on Elena, sh*t on Kevin. That’s four right there. Matt won’t, Raven probably won’t. And me and Josh. See what I’m saying. Christmas – I think Josh would vote for Alex over Jason. I think you’re right though. Kevin joins them.

6:43pm HOH room. Josh and Jason.
Josh – I know this is a game and everyone has to go every single week but I really f**king liked him. I always looked at Kevin as untouched ..like that I wouldn’t put him up if I was HOH. But the way that he has been acting. The way that he has been moving around .. he basically gave me no choice. I see what everyone is saying and now he is doing it to me. Jason – how long have people been talking about it. Josh – for awhile. Two weeks. Ever since he started messing around with Cody. Once he got caught up with Cody he started to change his demeanor. Probably not towards you because he was closer to you but he started changing. And people saw that now he is in a phase. Jason – do you think that there is anyway to get him back? Like dude you’re wigging me out. Josh – you haven’t told him? Jason – I’ve tried to subtlety. I am like Kevin you need to win something, you need to go on the block as a pawn, something.. Josh – everyone has done something.. its day 70. Jason – Matt and Raven have done nothing.. the only thing that Matt has done is won that POV. Josh – they haven’t wanted to make enemies or stir the pot. Jason – they’ve definitely been instigating. Josh – oh 100%!

Jason – is Kevin really that big of a deal right now? Can’t we just get him out next? Do you really think it matters? Josh – I don’t get why he was trying to campaign for Mark or Cody. Why when we had our six. Jason – he is nice to me, so why would I put him up and send him home. Josh – his personality is rubbing people the wrong way. Jason – Matt and Raven naturally assumed I would pull one of them off and put Kevin up. They think I am going to pull Raven and put Kevin up. Josh – the way the weeks have gone there has always been a clear target the house wanted out. Josh – on a game level they are two votes in jury. Do you really want to piss them off. They are going to vote together. I am down with whatever you want to do but for your game think about the votes in the end. If you pull Raven off and put up Kevin .. then we vote out Matt. Jason – what if everyone votes Kevin out. Josh – I will give you my word I will vote Matt out. I can’t speak for everyone else. Jason – as it stands right now I am keeping the noms the same. Alex has been really salty. Kind of a real di*k head today. I was going to ask her why.

7:30pm Paul and Christmas in the hammock.
Paul – Did you hear Raven today in the kitchen? If he (Jason) doesn’t use the veto on me I am going to rip him a new f**king a$$hole and make hell for him for no keeping his word. She said he hugged her and said he was using it on her. Christmas – he said he didn’t promise anything. Kevin joins them and the conversation ends.

7:15pm Josh – its crazy how the house has cleared out Jess, Cody, Elena, Mark.. Josh – if Kevin makes it to the end he will win. Everybody loves him. He was the fun spirited until he switched. Josh – I think that you have nothing to worry about. Jason – I can’t figure out what I want to do though. Josh starts talking about the veto comp. Alex joins them. Alex – if you’re going to keep noms the same we should think about getting her out because he has already checked out. I think she will be the harder one to get rid of later. Josh – he is a better competitor than him. Kevin – what if that son of a b***h did have a wife, 7 kids and he got divorced 5 years ago. Josh – I don’t think so. Alex – he is a very womanizing man. Josh – I think that he is a great father. He is very care taking. Alex – I’ve seen it since the beginning. Josh – exactly how Alex sees Kevin .. that is how I saw Elena and Mark.

8:10pm HOH room – Josh and Alex.

Josh if he is checked out right now… Alex – maybe it would be better to keep him. Josh – yeah! Because she is going to wig the f**k out. She is going to wig out from when she sees that he doesn’t use the veto. It’s going to be 4 days of f**king hell! Alex – I am going to tell her I’m voting out Matt and then everyone vote her out. I am seriously considering voting out Matt. Josh – we’ll get all five of us together and we’ll talk about it. I am down for whatever you guys want to do. Alex – its whatever to make sure our 5 survive.

8:25pm Jason and Kevin playing pool.
Kevin – thank god they don’t have machines to tell you what you’re thinking. These motherf**kers would hate me. What’s he thinking now? Press that button.

8:50pm – 9pm Matt and Raven are horsing around annoying throwing cinnamon and other things at each other. Josh is outside says to the camera that they are so f**king annoying!

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Praying Back

You guys have voted and Cody is the Winner of OBB’s America’s Fav!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to Kevin and Mark for making it into the top 3!!!!

Hahahaha Nice Try Buddy!

Nice try lmfao!! Voting doesnt start til Sept. Haha Cody good one. Lol.

Oops Correction Sorry

Correction i just re-read what you wrote and realized you said OBB fav. Sorry totally misunderstood you. I thought you said AMP.


What is AMP, sorry I am having a brain fart.

Oops Correction Again Sorry

Lol it is nothing I meant AFP (America’s favorite Player) Im having a brain fart 2nite 2 apparently. Long day lol.

Quit trying Jessica!

Cody did not play the game,the only thong(intentional) he played with was on Jessica. He deserves it as much as Andrew.Understand this is based on game play,not pu$$y play!


AFP is based on whatever America wants it to be based on. Cody was the only one with enough sense to get rid of the sole veteran early on – and he got punished for it. Did he play a good strategic game? Obviously not, but since when has America’s Favorite Player ever been the best strategic player of the season?


Lol this isn’t an MVP award. The instructions are clear as day. Vote for your favorite houseguest; who you like the most. That’s subjective and doesn’t have to be based on outstanding gameplay.


Good one Jess….stop fishing for votes…he might just not get AFP because of you. Shut the fuck up Jess.


Please Jason don’t change the noms!! For once someone not doing what Paul wants! I will rank him higher! I want to rank someone.

So predictable

Is it Thursday yet? 😉 Jason. Keep noms the same. Hope Alex n Paul still have your back this week. Won’t hold my breath.

You still have Kevin on your side and a good chance of winning veto if you’re put up on the block.

For once a houseguest makes their own decision. Huge target on his head. Worth it. Might as well sink his teeth into an apple and see if it’s a reward or punishment

Should be an interesting week. 😉

Capt. Obvious

If it’s so predictable, then who gets kicked out of the house this week?
And don’t say, “well if this happens” or “there’s a chance of…”. That’s called unpredictable.
Very simple. If it’s so predictable answer this:

The houseguest evicted on Thursday will be ___________________.


I sure hope Jason keeps noms the same. Don’t put Kevin up, that’s dumb for your game. Vote Raven out. She has every illness there is apparently. She shouldn’t even be in the game. Christmas should have been gone a long time ago also.


Also, vote Megan, Cameron or Jillian for America’s favorite if you want to prove a point. Cody was a jerk to Megan (I put you up because I don’t like you). Defined who he was right away.

"Harm" "Threat"

Oh no he was a jerk, how dare he be honest. Of all the BS that these hg’s have pulled, telling someone to their face that you don’t like them is one of the nicer things said. Besides, what other reason is there to put someone up week one?


Good Jason.. Maven is gettin’ mad annoying, Matt with the cereal cocaine , & Raven the pathological liar. Either one can go. Although I would like to see Paul & Raven on the final 2 just to hear the lies she tell, that might end with “[Fake Accent]My doctor said if I don’t win, I’m gonna DIE”.


I wish they would have the damn veto ceremony now!! I dont want Jason to change his mind. It will be the 1st time someone doesnt do what Paul wants!! Jason’s instinct is always right but Alex is bringing down his game. He is smarter than YOU Alex! Lmao. Come on BB do the veto ceremony now. I cant wait to see Matt and Ravens face! Stay strong Jason. This game could be entertaining this week if he doesnt change his mind.


The edit this season is the most disturbing to me. Insulting really. *sigh Go Team! lol…with a limp

Smitten Kitten

I haven’t watched the show in a month, it’s too frustrating.

Ever since I saw the squeaky clean edit that Paul & his pack of hyenas received when they went off the rails on Cody & Jessica, I can’t stomach to watch that show.

Reading Simon & Dawg’s insightful recaps are my only form of connection to BB now (thank God we have them taking one for the team!).


I’m thinking Paul not actually win this season.

Helluva comeback.

Judge Janie

I wish the veto ceremony would hurry up and come. I’m so tired of all the back and forth to put up Kevin or not to put up Kevin. It’s exhausting. Much respect and gratitude to Simon and Dawg for watching the feeds and keeping us updated. I just don’t think I could do it. These HGs wear me out.


Wow, they are making the cast look like idiots and Paul look like a genius. If the people that only watch prime time only knew the truth as to why all these people are so scared to go against Paul. If they publicly did then it would be Dom & Jody all over again. Mark just looked defeated and after campaigning just accepted his fate and became a spectator. Cody at least kept playing all the way out the door. And about Cody it seems this cast cannot stop talking about him on a daily basis.
Loved the edit on how they finally called out Raven as a liar in real life!!!!!!!!!


I’m not that far into the edit. Ooohhh…something to look forward to…Unless you’re being sarcastic. Either way I drudge on….zombie like into the BB19 …”are you fricken’ kidding me?!” abyss.

Ian's Lament

I truly think Alex would enjoy torturing another human. Paul would not not partake but would masturbate in the background.


I think Jason isn’t conflicted but he sure is getting a lot of information by saying he is. Josh just gave up that “they” have been talking about getting Kevin out for a couple of weeks. When this started Paul told him to put Kevin up as a pawn and tell the duo that he was the target to keep them calm and they would vote out Matt. Now it is clear to Jason that Kevin didn’t just suddenly become Paul’s target but was Paul’s target when Paul was telling him to use Kev as a pawn to keep the duo calm. Paul lied to him and now he knows it. Thanks Josh.


There is no way what Raven is doing is acceptable per her contract. I believe ‘no physical violence’ is an absolute break of the rules. I hope and pray she didn’t ALSO go on the show to somehow create a lawsuit (Matt hit me) for example or some other form of fraudulence.
She is the most despicable, hateful human being right now (to me) and should have been ousted for her behaviour (long ago). Horrible to look at, listen to and disturbs all the senses even the 6th one.

RAven Meltdown

Anyone see the Matt & Raven fight??
I am now a firm believer that Paul lives for chaos!!!!
He and Xmas were just sitting back watching the fight and just enjoying the meltdown.
Also, does Paul have any new tricks cause wearing the toucan was done already by him last year but a pelican.


BB show was funny tonight. Josh!
Anyway… Raven or Matt, goodbye.


Josh is playing for AFP………………Josh is no Victor.
There is not one player in the house I want for AFP!


Sun 2:28 AM BBT Paul wants to fight Cody outside the house in the real world. He thinks he’ll get the best of him

did you guys see or here that? wow! I wanna see this lol


Yes, Eveldick posted the quote on his twitter.

Jess retweeted it, saying she took a screenshot to show Cody post show.

I’ll buy the PPV. Cody smash the midget neared troll into the ground.


He truly is delusional.

Judgmental Judy

So Raven and Matt, throwing crap on each other all the time, the cackling, the phony accent, do they really think they are James & Natalie, and think they are entertaining and charming America? She has no idea. I also think if Jason (PLEASE) keeps the noms the same, her extra ugly side may come out campaigning for Matt to go and not her. She thinks she “deserves” the money more than anyone else because she has set herself up as a charity case. I’m somewhat sympathetic, just be authentic and don’t make stuff up. (And stop having sex on tv.)

Ian's Lament

Fake fight night. At this point I just think Paul masturbates to everything because well he’s Paul. you


I love this site!!! Simon and Dawg are fantastic!!!! now if we could get these foul mouthed commenters to obey the advice above……….no discriminatory or sexually explicit comments!!!!! I’m sure there are a lot of other commenters who are not at all interested in what Paul does or doesn’t do sexually!!!!! but you Ian’s lament must really get off thinking about Paul doing that!!!!!


What did Paul mean when he said the baby thing tugged at his heart? I think he was talking about Alex.

Ted Marie

He was talking about how Jason found out that he’s going to be a dad again. His wife is pregnant with their second child.