Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Sticking to my tommy guns and calling your bluff!”

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5:20pm – 7:26pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power of Veto ceremony.
Veto players were: Cody, Jessica, Paul, Jason, Kevin, Raven
Host: Christmas

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Power Of Veto WINNER: PAUL

In the bedroom – Elena – good job Kevin! Christmas – Good Job Kevin! Super fun! Was it fun? Kevin – it was .. nothing was funnier than watching Jason yesterday. That was my funnest time I’ve had here without being with my family. I thought he was choking. It was fun. Jason – it was way easier than I thought it was going to be. Alex asks Jason – did you try or did you throw it? Jason – I tried to be more animated. I didn’t really care.

7:32pm In the bathroom – Cody, Jessica and Kevin.
Cody – they put me in the storage room. I ate like 4000 calories in snacks. (Thet all competed in the POV comp individually.) Kevin – you did good. And you didn’t even study. You did 15 right? Cody – that’s what Jessica said afterwards.. how the hell did you get that?! Jessica – well you had a 25% chance .. there were only 4 answers. Kevin leaves the room. Jessica and Cody laugh at how they slept all night and did well. They head to the bedroom. Jessica – I just want to get through one more eviction… I want it! I want it so bad. That comp was so much fun and the solitude for 3 hours was so much fun. I just wish Julie would be like hey Jessica since you’re using your hex there is something you don’t know about it. You all so get to be HOH this week. Thanks America! Cody – yeah it wouldn’t be that cool.

7:35pm HOH room – Matt, Raven and Paul.
Raven – that was so much fun. Do you think he (Cody) practiced? Paul – I don’t know what he did. Raven – he got 15! Paul – he got 15, that ain’t somebody who just guesses. Matt – that is also someone who is not trying. Raven – no. Me and Kevin tied. Paul – he got one below me and Kevin. Raven – and then you won. So he (Cody would have won if you had not been in it. Paul – yup! Daddy can take care of it. Raven – do you think someone helped him? Paul – no, and there is no way he retained that much information. Matt – maybe someone helped him. Paul – are you sure. There is no way he just guessed. I don’t think he was asleep .. maybe he was paying attention. Maybe Elena helped him. We can ask her. Matt – lets not go that route. Paul – but why would they try so hard if they truly truly… I’m about to go into the DR right now and ask them all the questions I need. I genuinely think that Jessica didn’t try.. but Cody.. I’m going to sleep so good tonight. Before the veto ceremony I’m going to have one more chat with Jessica … look I’ve been in conversations for the past few days you’re fine but people will not take it lightly if you use it (Hex). I’m going to find out more about the stipulations of the hex.. Matt – I find it weird that nothing happens till live show day… I highly doubt that. Paul puts on his veto and says just to remind them …di*k heads! I’m just waiting for a comment like you’re doing all this work for nothing. Sticking to my tommy guns and calling your bluff!

7:55pm Paul comes into the havenot room and fist bumps Elena and Mark. Paul – 15 points (Cody) .. did just as good as Raven and Kevin? Something is not adding up there. Mark – yeah I wonder how he heard it (BB storm watch videos). Paul – there is no way he guessed that. He guessed 15 of them!!? There is no way he guessed 15 of them. Mark – his (Cody) demeanor has changed .. he and Jessica are all good now.

8pm – 8:10pm Bedroom. Christmas, Josh and Paul.
Christmas – don’t go aggressive. Facts and then hit her (Jessica) doing her own thing. Paul – I wouldn’t be afraid you use that hex. 9 people aren’t going to be mad at me. Christmas – empowerment and then also give her the perspective that if she can team up with people. Her biggest thing is that she’s exhausted reaching out to people trying to mend the relationship. She can mend it much faster… I told her she is not at the top of the totem pole. Paul – I am going to emphasize the fact that if she does use it she is going to be the totem pole. People are going to be f**k you! Christmas – did you get details on the hex? Paul – I’m still waiting. I’ve asked all the right questions. I am going to go to her and be like I know what you have and I know it doesn’t last that long. Christmas – ask her if they can compete in the HOH. Also if no one goes home then there will be one more open space before jury and that means she will be targeted before Cody. Paul – exactly. If you use it you will not make it to jury. We can get rid of Cody at any point. Christmas – emphasize that she deserves to be here. Paul – no one wants to spend time with Cody in the jury house.

Christmas – she will feel confident that Cody will win HOH. Paul – based on what track record… first HOH? Christmas – we’ll just take shifts (banging pots and pans). Josh – f**k yeah! Christmas – sitting in the f**king room. Paul – I’ll say we will make him miserable to the point where he can’t compete. Christmas – Like yesterday was an appetizer. Paul – oh just wait until after the veto (ceremony) I’m going to make him flip. I’m going to make him crack. If you use that Hex, I am going to make him crack. I’m a game player and don’t make me start playing!

8:20pm Lounge room. Paul, Alex and Christmas.
Christmas – I am guessing be I think she can use it on Thursday. So don’t continue to poke. Paul – I’m going to continue to poke Cody. Alex – if we do not win with how many people we have stacked against them… then we don’t deserve to be here. Christmas – we have been in the situation before and come up short. And we have people like Elena and Mark that are wild cards. Paul – If she uses it then someone else she is close to will go home and I will make that known. I have counter attacks to make her life miserable. Alex – its a dud week. Christmas – if she doesn’t use it this week she is guaranteeing she and Cody don’t make jury. If she does use it she is banking on her and Cody making it to Jury. Paul – okay, you win HOH and make it to jury but then what .. the whole house hate you? If she is willing to take that gamble she is stupid.

8:20pm Havenot room. Elena and Mark.
Elena – I hope you feel like you can still trust me. I feel like I can still trust you. Mark – take your space and I wish you the best of luck. Elena – don’t wish me the best of luck .. that is so cold. Mark – what, I want you to do well. Elena – just because we’re not a showmance doesn’t mean we don’t have each others backs. If we are not always together it give you the chance to solidify your relationships. Mark – if I won HOH on Thursday would you stay up in the HOH with me? Elena – no, not this time.. but not because I don’t want to. Elena – I told you I was bad news. They hug and Mark leaves saying I guess I will see you around.

In the storage room – Mark has something in his eyes.. (tears for Elena)

8:33pm – 8:40pm HOH room. Mark and Paul.
Mark – as a fan and as an observer of this game… obviously I need to stop talking to Cody but besides that what do you see for me to get my game back on track.. Paul – separate from Cody. Mark – because Elena doesn’t want to have anything to do with me in this house.. I mean personally. She wants space. She thinks I’m a bad look for her. I can’t argue. She doesn’t like my behaviour with Josh and Cody. Paul – so just lay low. Mark – I know that. I won’t spend as much time with Cody… do you think I need to do anything specifically. Paul – lay low. You’re safe this week. Fix your game. Mark – fix it how. Paul – separate from Cody. If she uses that Hex she will go home over Cody because he has no social game. I need to make that clear to her. Don’t hang out with public enemy one and two. With Elena ease up and offer her something different. Show her that if you’re bringing her down ..show her the opposite through actions. Lay low, don’t do anything. Let other people do stupid sh*t. I don’t want to be this aggressive game player but I have to. If one of them won this veto, someone would have gone home. This wasn’t for me, this was to protect people.

8:50pm Havenot room. Josh, Alex, and Kevin.

Alex is helping them study the dates / events of the house.

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Please please please Jessica use the hex and make this little mans secodn HOH useless. Like he’s threatening that it will get much worse. He’s been putting you on block non stop. What more can he do

Cody evicted Paul week one

Paul damn near lost, and my dude didn’t even try. He is so threatened by Cody its comical. Once Cody goes most viewers will follow suit. All the other house guests are duds and one is just a milk dud. I may stick around for Jess cause I’m crushing on her so damn hard. But that involves her submitting to a bunch of people that (in Cody’s words) don’t deserve to even be in her presences. I agree.

Clueless ain't ur address

Ditto… ditto, and ditto. You get it. I’ll buy a ticket on that rocket ship!


Paul and his threats are just out of control. And Christmas encourages Josh to do pots and pans. I think their ganging up like a bunch of thugs is sickening. Really makes me hope something turns around for Cody and Jessica. They are hateful. I hope the hex is a whammy and Jessica or Cody win HOH. Pleeeaaasseee


Haha I find it weird that both of Paul’s hoh the veto comp was done singularly with none of the houseguest present. I see what your doing there production wink wink! Oh and by the way Paul’s cockiness is really getting old. He’s good I get it but damn it’s not a good look. And what’s with these cast members and “I’m going to be such a rude a hole I’m going to break this person’s spirit” routine it just makes you look like a bad person. It’s just a game. You’ve been riding these two for weeks they are already broke just give it a rest. It’s becoming a borderline obsession with a few(Paul josh xmas). Evil dick did it right in all good fun but they are taking it to far


this show is so fixed Paul is the winner of big brother 19 I can not even watch anymore

Johnny cage

You noticed that too huh. I swear they can get away with a double homicide at this point. Oh wait they have.i.e.Jess and Cody. Remaining schedule should play out like this. Block the feeds. Cheat. Block the feeds. Cheat. Block the feeds. Cheat.

double d

What Jessica doesn’t realise is a rewind means SHE doesn’t get to play for the HOH. Paul does. A rewind takes it back to the end of her HOH.


It’s not a rewind. It’s just that no one goes home and they move on with HOH comp as they would if someone was illuminated.


Did I miss something about a rewind? I thought the hex only stops the eviction. Nobody gets evicted, move on to the next HOH comp. Is a rewind part of it?

Paul evict Cody

I want Cody and Jessica out. Can’t stand either one of them.


Hey I’m going to be Paul

-Josh leaving the fu%king room and stand guard
-Mark don’t talk to Cody anymore
-Elena rip the bandaid off and cut mark loose
-Jason you don’t talk to Cody either
-Girls tell Jess if she uses the hex she next out the door and we’ll keep Cody just to spite you
-I’m going to make cody’s life hell and get him to tell Jess to not save him
-Alex xmas is really starting to piss me off
And on and on and on
Dude you ain’t a puppet master you’re just a dick

ChillTown 2.0

Congrats Paul! Another shot at Cody and about to be another miss! If the HOH on Thursday is endurance/physical have to imagine it is Jody vs Alex (the only minion with any comp ability)

I cannot wait till Thursday and hopefully the game shakes up…btw Matt Cody didnt study you are just lame at BB 😉


Is OK. Just get them to use the hex.. this week. They won’t have next week..

hex on cody yup

yet this backfire to because itf jes sde hex on him to


But the first one wasn’t a miss. He was voted out. Production brought him back. Same with this week, production saved him again.


I hope Jessica does use the hex, just to prove Paul wrong. How arrogant, he’s going to the diary room and getting the answers he needs? Over it. I really don’t see how Paul will ever go home. Hand him the money now

sunny dee


playing the hex plays into his hands. he’s banking on her using it, it serves no one if she hangs onto it to use at a later date when it might be much more inconvenient. use it now and jessica and cody are still available to be nominated, don’t use it, cody is gone and they are forced to pick at someone they’ve been working with.

if paul didn’t want her to use it in the first place all along he wouldn’t have nominated them and he wouldn’t have fought for the veto to use . as usual cody and jessica’s decision to isolate themselves makes them clueless about what is going on, and so focused only on ‘fixing’ paul they don’t even realize they are being played.

Judgmental Judy

I agree, Sunny Dee. They are flushing out the Temptation and they aren’t quite sure how many weeks it’s good for. Now they’ll know. Regardless of the strategy, if it is working, it’s good strategy. Some have said they liked Paul’s game play better last season. You have completely different personalities/players every season so you adjust your strategy accordingly. I’ve loathed Cody’s behavior, but seeing him and Jessica on After Dark last night, I think he might be a stand up guy in the real world, and he’s just totally not built for this game. And Mark, I watched that entire confrontation on You Tube – I’ve never hit anyone in my life, but I’d knock someone out if they got in my face as much as Josh has done. What a pressure cooker!

I know it seems to be an approved behavior by Production, but I despise “Pots & Pans”. I remember when Evil Dick was screaming in that girl’s face and threw a drink on her, I felt like that was assault. I guess use whatever tools you have. But the screaming, ranting, and pots & pans, I’d totally have to self evict. I just don’t like it.


1000000% true. Lol I was hoping Cody coming back would be a good thing. Meaning he’d learned his lesson from last time. But clearly he hasn’t…. he’s still getting played and doesn’t even realize it. Paul and Jody are all too arrogant to see anything.


I have a feeling Alex and Jason will be his demise if Paul doesnt strike first


This is the saddest bunch of people. Go Jess Go!! Don’t you listen to the gnome! She has to play her game.


Paul is so arrogant and disgusting. Can’t wait to see his HOH wasted LOL


No doubt, this is what makes me laugh, he is forever going on about what an amazing BB player he is, and yet he has to rally the sheep, and use scare tactics to rattle them! Christmas has been spending too much time with him, she is becoming a mini Paul! Jessica is a smart girl, she will figure out that she has to use it, or they could Ramses her!


Jessica is just mad she can’t finger paul anymore ha ha ha

Shame on you

Bad Paul!How dare you try to win BB!


The sarcasm is real


He will win this if the rest of the house doesn’t smarten up. He hated it last year when returnees came back. He truly believed nobody would vote for a returnee. He did everything he could to stop Nicole. Nobody would vote for her….the problem was, everybody did. Only 2 people are trying to stop him, shame on them! At least they are trying. Right now, very few are trying to win this game. Paul will win if someone doesn’t step up.


Is it Thursday yet?


Why do so many people keep saying this is a wasted HOH for Paul? Like him or hate him, he said he wanted to expose Jessica and Cody’s temptation. They will have to play it to both be safe this week (unless Cody falls on his sword) so then it will be out of play. It doesn’t get anyone out this week, but it levels the playing field for the house. Now, if the rest of them would just play the game!!


Paul keeps saying they are bluffing and Jess doesn’t have shit to keep them both safe. Also Paul is a little bitch and is whining about productions needs to hurry and tell him what the hex is. Why would they do that when Jess couldn’t lie about it or anything.


Plus, why would they tell him? He wouldn’t tell anyone about his temptation, why should Jessica tell anyone else? If production tells him, it would be so unfair. I hope they do not do so.


Because she revealed she has the temptation, they have to reveal the stipulations as production can’t be used as strategy and you can’t lie about the power. Her only option was to not tell them she had it.

She should have said nothing, tried to keep them both off the block by working deals, play hard for the pov and if all else failed, use it right before the vote. That way she would have at least tried to save it. This way she just kind of rolled over, and forced them to flush it.


Because the point of the game is to eliminate people. His logic is flawed. If she uses the hex, they both have a shot at HoH. That’s pretty good odds in their favor because no one else besides Alex & Paul are real competitors & he can’t play. America gave her that temptation to be used. Glad she can save them this week. Cheering for them to win and put up Paul & Alex.

Paul's Mouth

OH Poor Paul, he’s so pissed that he can’t get Cody OR Jessica out this week!!! He and his minions just can’t believe that America gave Jessica such power and they still don’t know the specifics…unless DR has filed Pau in.


Geez… This season has been a huge let down. Too many powers etc. Bring back the old BB that had very few advantages but the ones they did have actually meant something. Like the coup d’etat. And where America was NOT shocked by who “we” voted for. It’s clear production picks the recipients of all of them anymore. It’s just not as fun to watch as it was years ago.
Although I will say that BBOTT was one of the best. Even though it was the same way with the votes it had a completely lit cast and by far the greatest all girls alliance of all time! Shout out Ballsmashers!! And Justin 😉


The coup d’etat was one of the first disgusting rigs in BB history. You really think america voted for Jeff( that layed around all day with Jordan & didnt even play the game) over Jessie? Come on now…..


Are you serious?? YES America voted for Jeff! They were the most liked couple by far and everyone was so excited on here and all other sites for him to pull it out. Oh and he definitely played the game. Come on now…..
But I agree that it’s rigged now bc they don’t even try to hide it anymore.


Someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez replace Raven’s raccoon make-up with something that’s waterproof or tell her not to bother wearing any make-up at all.

Play the Hex. Let’s just get it over with. In all fairness … this temptation should be null and voided as she lied about it’s power.

woman scorned

You must be an ex flame or something. I see why you got left behind


Paul makes my ass hurt

Paul's Boyfriend

Mine too!!!


He makes my brain hurt:( just wish he would stfu I can’t take much more of him and his robots


STFU and take it like a man…

Paul's Beard

What a complete drama queen Jessica is. Acts like her and Cody are done, says she can’t be with someone who is a hot head, Cody went to far and can’t promise he won’t do it again, what will her friends and work colleagues think. Now they are back together. Paul my want to make her feel safe for his game but he is 100% right, she is a better person with
Cody gone. She should never have made him her ride or die. The two of them deserve each other.


I don’t understand how Jessica can be so mortified that her colleagues friends and familyvwill see Codys outburst. Yet she doesn’t seem concerned that they will see her having sex on camera with a man she barely knows. Where’s the logic in that?


It’s probably not the first time for the sex on camera…


What game is Jessica playing? Certainly not her’s she got back up under Cody instead of distancing herself from him. Cody told her to let him get evicted so she can play without him being a target make her also be targeted. Jessica could’ve let the big bad military crybaby go & saved the hex for herself. After last night I thought Jessica wised up after letting that Cody’s temper is part of his personality, he had no intentions of cooling it so they can do better in the game.


I would never let Paul tell me how I could use my power. She’s seen where trying to work with him has gotten her (Ramses). Time for him to realize he doesn’t control everyone. Have fun sitting out the next HOH Paul!


But I do believe Paul knows if he does not get her to save it, then next week he could be in some serious trouble! If Jess or Cody win HOH (and he cannot compete) then he knows he is on the block! It might be a slim chance, but it is a chance nonetheless! He is not gonna risk it! I am sure he will get as dirty as necessary!


Is Paul arrogant…..Yes!
Has he dominated…..Yes!
Even Paul says he cannot figure why everyone is listening to him….yet they do.
They all have poor morals and show how they are in real life. Xmas would probably drive most crazy in a house, but I bet her whole life training has been with guys and trying to prove herself and showing them up. She’s had to talk trash with the boys….I give her a break on that one.
I truly do not have a favorite anymore….left with Xmas and a broken leg to win it all.

have not room

apple wall time


It would be interesting to see if Paul were the veto on Jessica. Would she would actually use the hex to save Cody? Or would she be smart enough to wait just in case she goes on the block again in the next three weeks? That would definitely spice up the week instead of leaving the noms and most likely having no eviction happen this week.

have not room

ya but what happen secret muisasion in play the have not room apple wall just like in william bb5 canada black hole veto

Linda Kaye

Unfortunately, if the veto was used on Jessica, I believe she would think it would be honorable of her to risk sacrificing herself to save Cody which IMO is her way to manipulate Cody … and I think she believes America would love her for being so “honorable” … it would be just another stupid move on her part. She seems really insecure and immature being so drawn to Cody the jerk. IMO Jessica doesn’t think much of herself … maybe someday she will do better, but not today.

Over it

AHHh shut up Paul. Hated him last season, liked him early this season..now soo over it. Not saying he is a bad player by any means, but no where as good as he is coming across as. The people on his side are idiots, and are just following him and letting him do everything, throwing comps to him, taking orders from him. His game play though when it comes to jess and Cody, the only two people not doing what he says, is pretty sad. It’s just threatening them with being evicted, if they don’t do what he wants..even though even if they did what he wanted he would still evict them. Trying to turn jess on cody. If she took his side on week one she obviously will keep standing by him now. You would think he would know that. He really doesn’t have much strategy when people aren’t following him like puppy dogs. But in this house his game is great, put him on another season and I’m not too sure


I hate how the little fag jumped up & down like a retard after he won hoh. He did that shit after his the veto comp when he backdoored cody….like you fucking idiot why are you celebrating something that was your choice, Cody couldnt do anything at that point so why go in the food room & jump around like a dumb little monkey after.


Paul should use it to save Jessica


Paul how dare you try to win BB!


And how dare anyone try to stop him.

Xmas wants pauls bone

Xmas was caught rubbing/fingering Paul’s shoulder in bed when he was HOH before, has she made any more moves or was that a one time thing?

Divorce lawyer

Xmas was also just kidding Kevin.

Divorce lawyer

*kissing. Kissing Kevin.


Why the hate on Paul? Arrogance? Cody is a loose canon who is equally arrogant and is getting what he deserves from Paul. It’s not wasted HOH’s, he has Cody back pedaling constantly and it’s great entertainment.

boi stop!!!

You can’t take the observations a group has made about one person, and put them on another just so you can sleep at night. Makes you more arrogant than your self professed leader. In conclusion. Cody=champion to the cause, a man’s man, paul=lost cause, a little boy cast in his shadow. Book em Danny!!

Gail Lessard

Paul’s a braggert jackass and let’s not forget it’s 10 against 2 relentlessly because Cody one time tried to make an incredibly smart move.


Exactly. People complain about how this season’s cast does nothing. But then complain about Paul who does something, is actually playing the game socially and competitively and using his influence. So I really don’t get why the hate on Paul. Is he supposed to just lie down For Cody and Jessica? Would that make her better television?


Paul’s obsession with Cody is beyond ridiculous and bordering on the psychotic. He cannot accept that Cody is simply the better competitor. Paul had to have this HOH thrown to him (just like his first one), and he barely won this POV. Cody did not even study and lost by one point.
His entitlement (going to DR to demand answers about Jessica’s temptation?) and basically bullying Jessica into not using the hex and Cody to fall on his sword? THIS is not game playing nor is it sportsmanship.
WTF is WRONG with this little man??

All In For Paul

Good grief, people. Calm down. Paul is the ONLY one playing a STRATEGIC game, & y’all can’t see/handle it. Sheesh. Put your big boy/girl/whatever pants on & enjoy the show. The dude has brains—-something that apparently makes him a target for haters. Go Paul!!!!

Capt. Obvious

Not really a wasted week.
It gets the hex out of Jess’s hands and even if her or Cody win HOH next week, statistics show that Paul will win the temptation comp and be safe(followed by 1000 ‘it was rigged for Paul!!’ comments)
Jess is gone before jury unless her and Cody go back-to-back-to back HOHs.
She just saw 9 days ago she can survive an eviction in the house without Cody. If she was smart, she would not use the hex, let Cody get voted out and try to re-establish herself in the house like she did before.
In fact, I’m willing to bet if she were to do that, Paul sees her comp worthiness & he would want to secretly partner up with her along with Kevin who already loves her.
At that point, he just uses Josh & Xmas to start drama with one of the 3 couples and pick them off 1 by 1, all the while leaving himself untouchable.

apple wall

but at the there could be secret like last season with round trip back into play right know to


I hope they are all in for a rude awakening when they get out. There will be consequences for their behavior. I love BB I love blindsides and scheming but this gangster mentality and just being awful to make Cody leave and not allowing anyone to speak to them is not funny. Now Christmas and Paul encouraged Josh and to bang pots n pans again. Paul can’t deal with the fact Cody almost won and that he isn’t clear on the hex. Hope he is tortured until Thursday.


… why couldn’t they have brought back a player like Derrick Levasseur in lieu of Paul? Is Paul the only one they could get to agree to play? Ugh. Poke my eyes out, boring. Aside from Cody & Jess, no one is playing the game… this season is lame. Can’t wait for the new season of BBCAN.

BB Juicy Blast

Because Derrick is boring and his “game play” can only work once.


Paul is gay.
Josh is bisexual.

The hex needs to be used to save this season and to allow a double eviction to take place the follow eviction night.

I have never seen so much mental warfare in BB. Paul and Josh should be warned that they are close to being thrown out for their behavior. CBS is actively supporting bullying this season in the worst way. Josh and Paul knowing that no one can touch them while in the BB house is taking things across the line. It was interesting the first couple times because it really didn’t rise to concern level but now it is very concerning because they kept doing more and more to see when they can make someone snap.

I love Cody need him to survive till jury. It is clear his time in military left him with mentally issues that therapy will help to recover from but deep down you can tell he has a good heart especially when he just talks to people. His facial expressions and quick snaps are related to his military days.

Alex, Christmas, and Raven are just wasted spots IMO.

have not room

we need black hole veto from right know!


Why is everyone hating on Paul? The dude is making the show so enjoyable for me! He annoys sometimes but he keeps the house going! What he did with “Jared and Ivanka” was priceless! I love it! And you can’t tell me Production hasn’t helped her with that last temptation, come on, she’s such a whiny little drama queen princess and he’s such a psychotic douche, but these 3 keep the house drama going so it’s no surprise that he got 15 right, I’m sure he got a little “help” since they didn’t study, just like his little girlfriend did with the temptation, otherwise she would already be gone as well because she wasn’t liked. Paul is a vet, he knows when Production steps in to help someone’s game, 15 right without studying, yeah, right! I’m enjoying this season, though I didn’t watch much last week due to the Jared/Ivanka show in the HOH, but now that Paul is shaking things up, not to mention the pots and pans and getting Evil Dick flash backs, I’m enjoying this week again. Thanks for the updates Simon & Dawg, much appreciated!


Liberal scum


You clearly are a bigoted hateful idiot


I have no doubt you have flashbacks, but if Paul were such an amazing social player he would have convinced Jessica not to use the hex. He wouldn’t have to resort to bullying, and that won’t even work.


Do you mean well, the Awan and Wassermanschultzie show? If you want to get into political posting here, there is more than enough material to work from for the non hard left to poke fun back at you in spades. Is that what you are unknowingly working towards? Try harder JayeJaye….


Ditto. I appreciate the players that actually play and Paul is playing his ass off. Sometimes you have to get down and dirty in big brother, just like many have in the past. It’s a game. People need to calm tf down.


Something is way way off with Cody.. He is willing to leave the game to better her game?! Doesn’t he have a child at home?? I haven’t heard either of them put that in to perspective but I also don’t have the feeds this year so I could be wrong..
I’m so over those two together and Paul.

In other news… Victor and Nicole are dating! Lol


Lmfao as much as i dont like josh he’s making an unwatchable season watchable! When he said to cody something about the personality you bought on amazon sucks get a refund?? Hahaha that was jokes. And telling mark he’s so bland and there all dull with nothing to offer the show LOL see the problem with this show Is #1 people complain when everyone gets along and nothing happens, they call it a boring season! Then when people like josh or paul cause riffs in the house they complain and say oh their bullies and why would they do that etc its a LOSE-LOSE you can never make people happy. But ill tell you one thing id rather watch this drama then the boring other half of the house!


Does any of these sheep wonder where they are on Paul’s pecking list? They remind me of middle school. You can’t be friends with that person or we won’t hang out with you. waawaawaa. The bullies think people will love them. They’re nuts!!

Kevin will not win AFP

Starting to get sick of Kevin always tryin’ to be funny.And his lame ideas for games. It gets old fast. Dude you are 55 stop trying to act like u 25. Your hair cut with hair plugs looks ridiculous. Don’t think he has hair plugs? Look at his front hairline you see the line of start of plugs. And heres a hint, leather wrinkled skin is not attractive.

Go Kevin go

Don’t make fun of my Kevin. He’s the best!


Kevin’s shtick is getting old quickly….and if will be very amusing to eventually see him squirm once his cover is exposed in the game….


Raven getting caught for being a scam artist hahaha close your multiple “go fund me pages ” while your at it.. Can’t wait for her to get the boot, i can’t stand watching her annoying voice/face anymore!


This back and forth between Paul and Cody is a boring story line. It’s garner sympathy for Jess and Cody time. A persona change for everyone and bingo > Paul bad guy. Cody good guy.
Reverse > Cody bad guy. Paul good guy.
Back and forth. Back and forth.
JUST part of the script. No need to take too seriously. It’s a game.

apple wall

round tip played


Why did Jessica say production doesn’t like her and wants her gone?


Idk but she said on the feeds yesterday she was going to the dr to tell them they can have one dr session for a xanax. Sounds like she’s being difficult about DR’s.


Why did Jessica say production doesn’t like her or want her there?

apple wall

paul use pov on jess paul get call up josh and jess use hex on cody paul call up all alex


Nothing Paul does is wasted, he’s playing chess while most of them are playing checkers. Paul plays to win (gee, what a concept) while others seem to be grateful making jury. Even though Paul’s HOH’s may not result in eviction, obviously everything he does advances his game. IMO Jess has paid for falling for the dude who is a detriment to her game.


“Ease up and offer her something different–” was that a verbatim from Paul? If so, dude is a cool man! Now that’s how you do a woman when you’re messing up–not “give” but “offer her something different.” My man!


Jessica uses the Hex and no one is evicted … Jessica wins next HoH … Paul wins the temptation challenge and Josh loses it … Jessica nominates Matt & Raven


All you Paul haters keep on hating cause he’s going to the END!!


Didnt Mark and Josh agree to a boxing match after the show ends?
I think that was a thing a couple weeks ago..Paul was also involved saying he will help set it up and put up $2K?
I hope this is remembered … I would pay a few $bucks to see Josh KO’d by Mark!!!
Would also like to see Paul say all this chit ..hes been spewing to Cody’s Face!!
Maybe a double feature boxing match?
lol stick on before the Conner and Floyd fight? Pay per View? 🙂


Why would she even consider not using the Hex? Paul is just basically bullying her. She shouldn’t use it because the whole house will hate her? This is Big Brother, what does she think will happen if she doesn’t use it? Paul’s just a bully.


Gawd these people are so stupid.