“Bunch of dishonorable, disloyal f**ks! You can’t tell me they’re not like this in their outside lives!” – Cody

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2pm HOH room. Matt, Raven, Elena and Mark.
Matt – Mark tried to smash Josh with a frying pan because we have testosterone and you (Elena) have estrogen. Mark – I don’t like to raise my voice like that. Raven – I hope someone takes that clip of you in the too-too and says HULK SMASH! HULK SMASH! Mark – I especially thank Kevin. Kevin was very nice. Man and I don’t like getting to that point. I don’t even remember seeing him. I just heard his voice. Elena – what did he say? Raven – give me the f**king pans. Mark – I lost control and that’s why I wanted to apologize to everybody.. that’s not me. Regardless of how I feel about him in this game, he is not good for me or for the house. I made a mistake but I am not going to isolate myself. Raven – you apologized like a man. Mark – and Cody doesn’t even want to attempt to. Matt – we’re not making anything up here… he f**ked Jess’s game twice! Like that is truth! That’s not us having an agenda. The embarrassment thing is big, that girl (Jess) does not want to be embarrassed again on national television. Paul – Cody wants to leave and Jess is convincing him to stay. I’m going to make him want to leave. We’ll just have to be like look use your hex but we’re coming after you not Cody and you don’t make it to jury. Mark – I don’t know why she would. I feel like he is just over this. Elena – I would drop the bomb in the veto speech If you use the hex, you’re the next one out. Paul – its better for everyone’s game to have him out of this house. I am going to get a perfect score and make them look like idiots. They start studying tbe BB storm info.

2:05pm Bedroom – Paul, Jason Alex, Josh and Kevin.
Kevin – She said they didn’t even study. She said we’re just going to put blank answers down. She knows the competition. They know no answers to nothing. They didn’t study a minute. Paul – after we win the veto I am going to go look around, no one wants you out, they want Cody. Jessica, the clear target is Cody and look around.. no one has beef with you. The only reason people have beef with you is because you’re associated with the number 1 target in the house. Once the number one target is gone, congratulations on making it to jury. If not then she can go out before jury. Then once Cody sees that her game is in danger he will convince her not to use it. If Jess uses it she is the target not Cody. If she uses that hex she jumps in front of Cody and we will send her home before Cody and she won’t make it to jury. We need to keep egging him on making him want to leave the game.

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2:20pm Lounge room. Cody and Jessica.
Jessica – well babe, he took a shot at us again and lost again. Technically on his two HOH he has accomplished nothing. He might have won two HOH’s but he has evicted zero people from this house. Cody and Jess laugh. Cody – and me I have evicted like 4 people now. technically. Jess – if you want to put him in checkmate you better go for the gold and get HOH. Cody – please let it be a physical comp. Jess – well production hates me now and so it will probably be a mental one. They want me to re-live this like right now. I can’t. Cody – they’re under tight deadlines. Jess – everyone was trying to convince me to not use the hex. I am done getting into people good graces, they should be getting into mine. one of us is probably going to be in jury and the other isn’t going to be and that 1 vote could mean the difference between winning and losing. Cody – not to mention how is it respect for anyone to tell someone to go against their boyfriend / girlfriend? How is that a f**king.. if someone were to come up to me and… never mind. They would leave with a slap mark on their face wondering what just happened. Bunch of dishonorable, disloyal f**ks! You can’t tell me they’re not like this in their outside lives. Jess – it drives me up the wall that people allow Josh to act that way .. and expect the people who he is targeting not to have a reaction. Cody – I pray that everyone that kept him here is associated with him forever.

2:35pm BB Storm Watch – Everyone gather in the living room for an important announcement and details. Big Brother blocks the feeds… its time for the POV competition.

5:20pm Still nothing..

6:20pm NO feeds yo!

7:25pm No feeds for you

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I hope Jessica listens to Paul. Everyone else does.


I hope no one listens to anyone play your own dam game #bb19ninchofpuppetts!

Tyrion is Taller Than Paul

Another wasted HOH by little Paulie. Love it!

March Right On Up

Jess/Cody should march right up to the HOH room (after veto) and tell Paul the truth about the temptation and mention to him that will be two wasted HOH’s for the returning vet, who has been in the game for 136 (or whatever the fock it is). I guarantee Paul will then take into account that maybe he is actually the meatball in this game and his ego as a returning vet will be seriously compromised. A back door plan with the minions will be put into effect because Paul will not want two wasted HOH’s for the returning vet of however many days.


I understand the hate for “The Paul Show”, but love him or hate him… Paul has out socialized everyone in the house. Paul is 100% playing the game and has total control of the house. as much as Cody and Jess are talking about Paul’s HOH’s of being a waste, every HOH in the game including Cody and Jess were Paul influenced evictions. Jess HOH was a complete bust because of Paul influencing the house votes. Paul is going to win this season and a big part may be because of production interference, but it has always been this way. seasoned viewers like many on this site have experienced the blatant fouls by production. production gave Cody a another shot and Cody failed. what did Cody do immediately after coming back in the house? he jumps right back in bed with Jess right were the showmance left off at when he first got evicted. people are only rooting for Cody because they want to see The Paul Show end. Cody is a major disappointment and has zero social skills in the game. even his social skills with Jess is embarrassing and awkward. Paul isn’t going no where because no one else can carry the show for the rest of the season…point blank.

Obb og

I really don’t feel Paul out socialized people in the house he hardly had to do or say anything and they were drooling over him wanting ” friendship” ( smdh) they treat him like he’s that greatest player ever and he’s not they let him win everything, they hang on his every word I’ve never heard the words I’ll throw it to you so much in all the years I’ve watched big brother US or Canada. And what is this s#it with people isolating others and telling people if they talk to them they’re a target I mean could you just let people live and play the game they won’t even attempt to make a move unless they check with Paul. I’m so flicking annoyed with these People!

bangor princess

Hi..do u or anyone know what jess meant when she said..now i pissed production of they will prob make the nx hoh a mental comp? How did she piss off production? Also why hav i read that cody and jess r on the block plus jason? Theres 3 on the block?


Tyrion might be taller but Paul is hotter!


If she listens to Paul, he could pull a Ramses on her (which would be the houses best move cause they get a double whammy) they get her out and the hex is invalid and cannot be used! I would never EVER trust these fools! There is that old saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and I am an idiot! Might be her ticket to go home~


Dumb remark no one should follow Paul


Paul needs to F–King Go!!! Get him off!! Jess needs HOH again and fight. !!


Cody brought all this on himself by not keeping everyone in the loop at the beginning however he is the only person besides maybe Jessica that has any real interest in winning this game bc he wants Paul out. The rest seem to be perfectly content with either just making jury or getting to the end and having the experience of living in the bb house. Paul is literally taking candy from babies and if it was previous years all his “coaching” wouldn’t go unnoticed and he’d be in hot water and not acting like billy bad ass all the time. Remember last year the only time he threw his weight around was in the dr. He was on the block as a pawn so much last year he couldn’t say shit. No we are seeing the real Paul bc he has so much control over the lemmings.


Didnt Paul win both of these comps last year? The hoh memorizing comp n the storm watch comp? Guess its Paul week… If jess n cody were smart they wld of studied n tried to win veto just to make it harder for paul… plus if they use the hex doesnt that repeat hoh comp n veto comp n they havnt studied so they will loose both


Nope, it’s a completely new week and Paul can’t play in hoh. I believe it’s going to be an endurance comp this week.


Paul will be able to play HOH cause noms were axed.


Don’t think so. The eviction just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t sound like a reset or rewind so his HoH will just be wasted and he’s not able to compete.

Bone marrow

It’s always Paul week..lol


I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t ban together to get douchebag (aka Paul) out of the house.


Cause that would be logical, and these are not logical people! lol justsayin


Because it is ” The Paul Show” and they’re a bunch of idiots.


Hope jess learn a good lesson from bring bb


They don’t because one of the only things Cody has done right, other then teaming up with Jessica, is to observe that he and Paul are the only two guys trying to run this game. The problem is Paul is gregarious, and Cody is stoic, and really did draw a lousy hand week one. Paul created a villain, and will probably have control over the rest of the house until that villain is defeated. At which point all the side deals he has made will come due, and he may have himself a problem.


Because they’re his pets, they aren’t going to turn on him. He’s everybodies final 2 and they’re all okay with losing to him.


As long as the pets make it to jury to collect their $1,000 a week stipend, they’re happy. On the feeds in the HOH room this afternoon Raven was saying she was looking forward to jury so they can lay around the pool and eat and drink. Some of the other pets were in there too and they agreed with her. NO ONE is talking about winning the game!! They just want to go to jury to party!! It’s like jury is one big fraternity/sorority house with unlimited booze and food. Sheesh!!


Thats a question asked at the very beginning. Why not get rid of someone who had a chance to play and made the wrong decision and lost? Get him out so this group can play their season!

I love Elena and her disability.

go Elena. The girl has game.

Am I alone in believing she is the next Rachael?



Yes you are alone!


Jessica is better than her.


What is her disability?

Alien in LA

Her gigantic boobs.


when boobs drop below a belly button does that mean disability??


Definitely alone, lol

Aunt Minnie

What happened to Alex’s game? She drinking the kool aid?


She said today that she wants final 5 to be her, Jason, Kevin, Josh and Paul.

I hope one of these days she realizes that while Paul is a valuable ally to have in the game, he is not someone she should ever consider taking to the end.


As a fan, Alex should know that 4 guys and a girl is not a good combo to F2.


Yep. just ask Brittany Hayes, she trusted all men and the dropped her faster than anything! lol


All Paul does is talk about Cody! Shut up already! This is how he works up the house. Mind games!


I wish it was mind games is day in and night give it a rest Paul you might win the game you sound like a used cars sale man trying to meet a deadline.


They’re trying to help you’re game Jessica, you the one that chose to get up under a man for protection 1st week. Cody is poison for Jessica but she’s an idiot and will lose because of it. Cody talking about “disloyalty” when he chose to be disloyal to his entire alliance, by not telling them he as going to take a shot at Paul. Had Cody told them, when it backfired he would’ve still had his alliance to take out Paul when his protection had expired. Paul only had part of the house then when Cody did what he did he lost his alliance. Cody chose sh*tty gameplay & Jessica chose to follow him, you can’t tell a grownass man to change who they are as a person, especially if you just met them. Jessica stupid for using her power instead of listening to Cody & letting him be evicted to strengthen HER game, & saving the he when she needs it for herself. News Flash the protection won’t last after the reset, so if Paul wins again, Jody won’t be protected & he can put them up again. Is it just me or is Jody a bad reinactment of Brenchal when they were acting all entitled?


It’s not a reset and Paul can’t Play hoh, so I think you should actually know the fact before you speak your bs.


OK I was Jessica game is ruined. Production’s Hex can’t help her & neither was Cody coming back killed any potential reintegration into the house, even with the maze comp which he clearly had practice on before the show aired.


Jessica game is ruined. Production’s Hex can’t help her & neither was Cody coming back killed any potential reintegration into the house, even with the maze comp which he clearly had practice on before the show aired.


Cody and Jess can still win hoh also they can win the temptation. If they win the hoh Paul or Alex will go home next week.


They would have to have the numbers for that. They don’t. That’s the problem with Jessica and Cody, they have ZERO.


They don’t need numbers when two targets are on the block, someone has to go.


He is poison to her game and she knows it but she seems to really care about him. I know it’s hard to fathom to some because it is a game, but she doesn’t want to screw over someone she cares about. And she would be stupid to believe that once he is gone she will be safe. She’s and easy target.


The Napoleon Midget is still shaken by Cody. I love how he tries to spin the story when we all saw what happened. Glad someone stood up to this clown who has ruined this year of BB. He told him how we all felt about him. His used to everyone kissing his butt. Funny thing is both of Paul’s HOHs have got NO ONE EVICTED. Once Thur comes around and it’s a physical comp I have no doubt Cody or Jess will win. It is time to divide these Puppets and have them play the game.


“I’m a vet.” -Paul


It’s sad that people hate the 1 person in the house that is social and plays the game. Jess & Cody are behaving like children pouting when they don’t get their way. This is a game after all. Whatever happens…its only a game


I don’t hate Paul, I just think if he hadn’t been there, maybe everyone else would’ve played more instead of just blindly following him.


Would that be the same with any returning Vet or just Paul?


any returning vet ruins it.


I don’t know because they were already following Cody around before Paul came into the house. Paul took over Cody’s sheep.

Chilltown AKA the best alliance in BB history

Then all these people would follow Cody…… People are only rooting for Jody because they don’t like the Paul show well people he’s the only one playing the game right now unless these houseguests wake the fuck up and play BB At this rate Paul has a guarenteed Spot in the Final 2 .


Maybe you should tell everyone else the same thing.


Paul keeps bobbing his head in the dr. like a bobble head.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Then why is Paul taking it so personally and only keeping the players that kiss his ass?????
I’m not saying that Jody is playing a great game but they are the only ones that are calling out Paul on his BS. Oh wait so did Dom and she went home. I think Elana is going to go along with Paul because she needs the work after the show ends.
Matt & Raven are playing the greatest do nothing game of all time by not doing anything.
Xmas is finally starting to let her true colors out. Yet she stays right up Paul’s butt.
Alex had a shimmer that she was going to do something before hitching her wagon to Paul with Jason in tow.
Josh well not worth the time.
Mark is too emotional and looking for a friend in the house.
Kevin seems to know he is not that great at comps and is playing one of the best games so far.
Paul is making the game to where you play by his rules or you go home period.


Keeping the players that kiss his ass? lol Because that’s the game. You want to keep who you think is most loyal…..

Start playing the game

OK, I’m not really sure about the pouting of Jess & Cody. Last week they spent more time trying to socialize and got them nowhere. I’m not saying 100% but they seemed to be trying to fit in, Cody made a terrible move week 2 (2nd evic) by not talking to his alliance about Paul. BUT he also made sure with Jason that Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Dom, Jess and him (core alliance ) would be safe the following week. Since that time Cody and Mark have been BULLIED by the house. Led by Paul. Occasionally when bullied you’re going to snap. Most people drank the Paul kool aid right away. IF it’s futile to try to build relationships with Paul in the house then why try ? I don’t really care who wins the $500000 this year, I’d just like to see the game being played like it used to be,


The house will see some true colors from Elena this week as a have not. I bet she figures out on slop that her sh*t does stink and it stinks bad



seriously the cons outweighs the pros when it comes to this season of BB
It is not even fun to watch feeds or the CBS shows anymore.
Literally one of the most garbage seasons ever.
Wake me up when they stop drinking Paul’s unKOOL-aid


Stop torturing yourself please! Go find a hobby!

Wasted Time

I agree with you. He is called the showmance killer, when Boyz2men and GypsyRose are fine, no prob with them. They are slopping, playing grabazz round the clock, plus they have sex, (and afterward Matt goes and cleans the counters and dishes with the towel he cleaned his bodily fluids off his stomach with- throwing up in my mouth- not counting the towel on floor then on eating surfaces). Maven are continually tied at the hip, (although there is no chemistry there, gross, he is not attracted to her), and an epic fail at comps or volunteering to go up. Jess and Cody genuinely care for each other, that is clear. I think a lot of it is jealousy. Alex is an epic fail as well. She had great potential to play a good game, but melted at Friendship. No vets, or allstars season. You cannot believe a word Paul says, and I’d rather have Cody on my side any day.

Wasted Time

No vets, unless it IS an Allstar season, is what I meant to say. People are too star-stuck, plus the vets have a huge advantage, with viewers votes, experience and production bias. No contest really.


Really Cody? You’re calling them names?


I am having a hard time reconciling this season’s Paul with the Season 18 Paul. I wanted to root for him this year….I do think he was shafted of the win and I was a huge fan of the Sitting Ducks. But as another commenter stated, Victor was his social game last year.
I am not a fan of his game this year at all….I know it is Big Brother but this gang mentality against one person who was smart enough to take the first shot is ridiculous and Josh is the worst. That child is an outsider trying desperately to fit in and is being used and laughed at by his so-called alliance.
For Paul to openly threaten Jess to not use her temptation is the most ridiculous and desperate thing I have ever heard of.
I sincerely hope that Cody or Jess do win HOH next week and watch Paul scramble when it is a level playing field. He has aligned himself with a bunch of players who cannot win comps (Elena threw Alex that HOH and Jason lucked up on that VETO), and it will be interesting to see the Middles (Mark, Elena, and Kevin) have to choose a side.

online player

Anonymous, why do you think Paul doesn’t need the money. why would he go through the aggravation of another season if he doesn’t care about the money/



Bone Marrow

Ho Hum


Fuck Paul and his disgusting little band of sycophants. Fuck them all! Jody aren’t the heroes we deserve but they are the heroes we need.


They are Matt and Raven never have nots?


Raven picked up a prize in a competition that exempts her from being a have not for the season.


Paul is a fix by production to win


She would be stupid to not use the hex if they were both on the block. It must be used before the vote…so if she doesn’t use it they would vote her out so that she didn’t have it the following week and both could be gone. If she uses it, they both have a chance ro win Hoh and worst case at least one stays for 2 weeks. But smart decisions have not been their forte. If it were, Paul or Jos
h would be gone now and Ramses would be a solid vote for them.


Had Cody not come back, Jessica would be in a really good position. She would have put Paul on the block and I believe the house would have voted him out. Without Cody and with the Power no one would be putting her up this week and next week, which means she could just lay low for 2 weeks. And by then she could have made some new allies and the target would be somewhere else.


Jess was screwed with or without him. She was still their next target. Putting paul upwould have pissed him and everyone off(god for bid their “here’s” goes up) and he would not have been voted off, and she would definitely be the target the following a week. Honestly jess’s game was screwed from the start


So unfair to the players and to us the viewers that BB put Paul back in the game. I

Impractical Joker

cmon this will be the shortest POV ever since Jody will essentially forfeit

if Paul can not play in the next HOH Jody has to win it and IMHO the only way they would be able to get Paul voted out would be to pair him with either Alex or Kevin the latter being most logical. Imagine Paul and Kevin sitting on the black together with Jody as the HOH and Julie comes onand says Houseguests its time to vote. I think we just may finally hear Andrew say something along the lines of oh chyt this just gotz reals.


Jess or Cody will win HOH and Paul and Alex will go up. One of them is going home next week.

Homey Clause

When I watch two DUMB people strategize (Cody and Jessica) I realize that dumbness cannot become smarter – it’s not possible.

Cody is so dumb that he probably still boots his computer to DOS
Cody is so dumb he took his surf board to Iowa
Cody is so dumb he sends faxes with stamps on them
Cody is so dumb is threw out all the W’s from the M&M factory
Cody is so dumb he put a peephole in a glass door
Cody is so dumb he bought a video camera to record BB19 on TV
Jessica is so dumb she went to Dr. Dre for a pap smear
Jessica is so dumb she thinks Taco Bell is where you pay your telephone bill
Jessica is so dumb she went on Double Dare and when they asked her name she said “I think I’ll take the physical challenge.”

These two people are DUMB!


Sounds like you got these from an 80’s joke book

Cody evicted Paul week one

I see Its amateur hour in the forum tonight


Maybe you and Josh should take it on the road

Watcher On The Wall

How great would it be if Jess or Cody won HOH and put up Matt and Raven? And if they won the POV replaced Matt with Paul! I’d love to see Paul on the block with Raven!!


A this point I think they’d vote out Raven. Everyone seems to secretly dislike her.

whistle nut ole

jason dent shirt should blurred out

Ole Nut Whistle

why be he shirt out blurf


copyright right know


They were sure pissed off for it to be a wasted HOH and they are having to play their Hex or one of them are going home so I wouldn’t call it a total waste.


Paul swares Josh will be America’s favorite!!! Please tell me I’m not the only person that can’t stand him!!!!!!!!!!!


Paul has his puppy yapping like he has rabies


black hole pov need be in play to

Fruit Loop Dingus

Has anyone ever heard of a mental comp taking over three hours????
I wonder if someone or if individuals got into it in such a way production is scrambling to save the show!!!!


Lmfao as much as i dont like josh he’s making an unwatchable season watchable! When he said to cody something about the personality you bought on amazon sucks get a refund?? Hahaha that was jokes. And telling mark he’s so bland and there all dull with nothing to offer the show LOL see the problem with this show Is #1 people complain when everyone gets along and nothing happens, they call it a boring season! Then when people like josh or paul cause riffs in the house they complain and say oh their bullies and why would they do that etc its a LOSE-LOSE you can never make people happy. But ill tell you one thing id rather watch this drama then the boring other half of the house! Lets be real josh is giving BB ratings right now and im lovin it lol


This season the players seem particularly nasty and production seems overly controlling. Unpleasant to watch… Has BB “Jumped The Shark?”

Sir Loin of Beef

The whale ((A. Grodner)) definitely jumped the Shark (Paul), but she miscalculated her clearance and ended up landing right on top of the Shark causing him to drown in his own blood.


And i cant believe im saying this but I actually like Jessica. If you watch her on after dark she’s an okay girl. People just dont like cody and i think she’s starting to come around and realize hes bad for her game! I give her credit, i listen to her thinking about game moves and she’s smart. She just has to stop listening to cody! She would have used the veto last week if she hadn’t. She’s also an observer, talking about how raven changes her accent around different people and had 10 different personalities lol




Do these words have any relationship to one another?


william blackhiole veto from bb canada season 5

apple hole in the wall

if your blind u cant miss it


Frig I can’t stand Cody. He’s saying they are dishonourable, disloyal fucks yet he’s the one that started all this bullshit rolling by trying to backdoor Paul and letting everyone believe that wasn’t his plan. And then them laughing saying both Paul’s HOH’s were a waste because he basically didn’t get anyone out. This may be true but both their HOH’s sucked also. Cody tried getting Paul out and failed and Jess wanted Josh out and failed so they have no room to laugh. And then getting mad Paul put them up saying it’s a waste. Did they expect Paul to just let Jess sit on her temptation and keep them safe for the duration it’s useable? Of course he had to flush it out. Can’t wait to see what happens next week!!!

Mark'sTesticular Atrophy

Man what a crazy last few days…
Jessica and Cody should have studied just for the sake of it.

I am waiting till all the beans are spilled about Kevin.
The feuds this season have been entertaining. The Mark pots and pans with Josh and the Roid Rage which scared the house guests lol.

Wasted Time

I don’t think Mark is on steroids at all.. he has too much junk to be a Roid user. Plus, he wouldn’t have been able to stop pummeling Josh’s big mouth in, until his hands we’re a bloody shredded wreck from Josh’s jagged teeth and bones, after getting that close to him in the kitchen, Kevin or not! Also, knowing how he has been relentlessly harassed by Josh on Paul’s direction, and Christmas’ praise this past week+, he is so lucky Mark can at least control his anger. Not many could take that racket for so long, myself included. It’s childish.


Out of the couples left (Jess/Cody, Raven/Matt, Elena/Mark, Jason/Alex, Kevin/Paul, Xmas/Josh) who’d have the ugliest baby, and who’d have the cutest baby?

Your swj tears are delicious

Ugliest – Matte (Paint Drying) and Raven (Dead Woman Walking)
Cutest – Jody


Raven/Matt=No babies for you!
Jason/Alex=hermaphrodite baby
Xmas/Josh=most annoying baby
Kevin/Paul=cutest baby
Jess/Cody=athletic baby
Elena/Mark=biggest baby


If jess even considers not using the hex, she should make them take her off the block. I can see them flipping and evicting her instead to invalidate the hex. And they can tell she’s more motivated that Cody. Paul will probably tell them Cody might self evict after jess leaves.

Dr seuss

Must be an endurance pov. Anyone know what going on. Almost 8:00 pm in california

It has been an endurance challenge for us all

I kind of thought endurance as well, the mental challenge clues were to throw them off, but were given for next HOH.

I wish Jess wins the endurance, takes herself down and realizes if she uses it for Cody they will be equally at risk again next week, and saves it. He said he wants her to save herself several times already, so it’s not being disloyal, I mean she’s taken his advise on everything else, why not this?

Second wish is that they do an instant right after Thursday’s eviction ceremony. I think lines do need to be drawn and they shouldn’t be given the chance to discuss who to send packing.

My third, and last wish is that Josh gets kicked out before jury. He is mentally challenged, and the BB genre is not for him. I don’t think he would last a week in jury with any one of the other house guests except maybe Christmas.

Peeping Tom

IF…Paul really wants to get Cody out, save Jessica and put up Elena.
Jessica can only use the hex once.
Everyone votes out Cody.
IF….anyone of his PETS win HOH they nominate Jessica and Mark or Elena.


If Jess and Cody were smart, they would convince Paul that Cody is going to fall on the sword if Paul will take Jess off of the block. Then on Thurs nite use the Halting Hex and give Paul the taste of the medicine he gave them with the Ramses eviction. So sick of idiots following one person all season, Pappy, Derrick, Vanessa, Paul ect.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Feeds are back Paul won but it looks like Cody & Jess came in a very close second and slept thru most of the flashes!!!


paul won pov lol

Donnie K

In short, this is going to be a wasted week. If Cody or Jessica wins HOH next week, I may check out for the season. These tempations (which are probably rigged by production) are making what could have been the best season I’ve watched (I started in 2011) into a farce.

Thank you online production for the awesome updates. F**k you production for making BB as legitimate as the WWE.