Jessica “Stop it! You’re severely overreacting! F***ing child! God I didn’t sign up to be a f***ing babysitter!”

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11:55am Backyard. Cody and Jessica.
Jessica – is my mom going to love you or hate you? Cody – I don’t know, I don’t know your mom. Why do you ask? Jessica – I just wish I could know. Cody – she is probably going to hate me. Jessica – why? Cody – I don’t know. I am just joking. Why do you ask that, what are these people telling you? Jessica – I really gained so much more respect for Matt today in a very genuine way. I have to give him a hug later. If we have a conversation later I need you to agree you are not going to run off and cause a ruckus in the house. Cody – okay, I agree. Jessica – is there anything else that you said to Matt in the beginning of the game that I should know about? Let me start off with the reason why I respect Matt so much more is because when I just confronted him he refused to say because its 5 weeks later and it doesn’t matter. He refused to even give me the information himself. Was your original allegiance to Jason and Alex so that they would be the ones to take out Raven and I? Cody – never!! Not a f**king.. Jessica I swear on everything that I have never had an alliance with them to take you out or anything. I have never said that. Jessica – you have never said the sentence we should leave Jason and Alex in the game so that they could take out Raven and Jessica? Cody – Never. Not at all! Jessica, I can’t.. Jessica – because of this whole me being jealous of Alex, you didn’t have that conversation?

Cody – Absolutely not. And now they’re taking it to that level. Jessica – certain people, not all. Cody – Jessica, I have held this position from the start that you Raven and Alex I never… And then they broke their loyalty to me and now its me and you. But you’re questioning me now. Jessica – I have thoroughly disliked.. I can understand why you would want to be in hero mode and want to protect Raven. I can understand that. The Alex thing I could never get behind. Cody – Jessica, you either trust me or you don’t. You can believe me or you can believe them. You’ll know everything after the show what was said. EVERYTHING! Jessica – so that is why I am wondering if my mother loves you or hates you. She is either going to see that guy that has been by my side fighting for me the entire time or she is going to see conversations like that happen and she is going to feel awful. Cody – not at all. Jessica – so then why leave Jason and Alex in the game? Cody – I wanted to flip the house on Paul. Paul was my only target since the beginning. That’s all I wanted, all I wanted. Jessica – you didn’t need Jason and Alex to do that. I hedged my bet with them after I saw Alex compete in the HOH and everyone wanted to take Alex out. I wanted to take Paul out so what I did before was I pulled Alex in and said here’s the deal, if I put up a juicier target next to Jillian. I want the couples safe and Dom saved. That is the only reason why I kept them. Jessica – I will admit that I had a conversation with Elena on this hammock about Mark but never once did I say how are we going to take them out.

Cody – you’re going to believe what you’re going to believe. Props to Matt for being a good person. Cody – if you don’t believe me then you will never believe me ever! Jessica – I’m not saying I don’t believe you.. I don’t know what I’m saying. I do remember you saying to me that you had a conversation with Matt about how are we going to take these babes out. Cody – yeah, towards the end. Like way towards the end. It was like yeah we’ll string the babes along .. that was like a first day f**king conversation and then everyone started getting with each other. And if they’re trying to twist that into something like that .. its not like f**king that at all. It was me, Matt and Mark with Dom. It wasn’t even an alliance .. we were like yeah lets string the babes along. We even talked about that. Cody – if you feel like you’re going to look like an idiot. They’re going to pull you off the block and test you. Jessica – they’re not using the veto regardless of what happens. That wouldn’t make sense, he would have to nominate a third person. Cody – all I have in this game is my loyalty and you to question that is blowing my mind right now. What the f**k did I do anything for in this game then. Jessica – I am not questioning your loyalty now.. its in the beginning of the game. Cody – the only deal I made with Jason and Alex was to keep all of you safe. Jessica – Matt never confirmed that you said that. Paul is the one saying you said that. Why is your face twitching .. anger?! I need to ask something in the DR… they said I can use the hex any time during the live show.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

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12pm Bedroom – Paul, Christmas, Alex, Raven and Matt.
Paul tells them the plan to lie to Jessica that they will not nominate her for two weeks and take Alex out if they win HOH. Paul says they will keep Mark and Elena out of the loop. Just convince her enough that we do not like you. Christmas – we need to get into an argument. Paul then goes to tell Elena and Mark that Jessica said she won’t use the hex and we can send Cody out only if she is in a room with people and they agree if they win HOH … we have to take Alex out. Mark – does Cody know about this? Paul – no, but she is outside talking to him. I also told her about how Cody wanted to keep Alex and Jason in the game to take a shot at her. And Matt confirmed with her and he was like I don’t think you want to know. Mark – she (Alex) is stirring the pot so I am on board. Paul – express to her all these points and how she is bad for your game. Mark – I need to be back in the numbers again anyways.

12:10pm HOH room. Paul and Alex.
Paul – pretty much I talked to her and bullied her in a corner. She said all nominees off if she uses the hex. Paul then tells Alex the conversation with Jessica about her wanting 2 weeks safety and wanting Alex out. Alex – why?!

12:13pm Backyard. Paul and Jessica.
Paul – I can guarantee what you want. Half of them already have a stick with her. Jason, Kevin and Josh have absolutely no idea. I can pull you in a room. Matt and Raven were like that was pretty much our next target. Mark and Elena are on board. Christmas. They’re very excited that you’re even considering this. There’s the Jessica we know. I can put you in a room with all these people. Jessica – okay give me a minute.

12:15pm Havenot room. Mark and Jessica.
Jessica – what are you thinking, be honest with me? Mark – you know how much I love you and Cody. I said from day 1 that I will do everything in my power to protect you and Cody but now I can’t keep that promise. Paul joins them. Paul – you need to let me know before the veto because if I leave Jason up there people will start asking questions. Jessica – you could pull him off regardless. Mark – on the flip side… Jessica – Cody leaving the house takes the target off of you. Mark – me being realistic .. I can’t speak for Elena ..I am fighting for everything now. Elena wants nothing to do with me. Especially if it comes down to a vote. Mark – I love your plan with her (Alex). She is stirring sh*t with me and Josh. And you and Cody. In a perfect world, we start racking up some competitions. Jessica – I don’t even know if Cody wants to stay in the house any more after what I just told him. Mark – between me and you .. we’re guys and in week f**king 1. Jessica – that’s what Matt said. Mark – do not use that comment against him in here or the real world. That was week f**king 1. That is crazy. Do you really think he would think that now? If we keep Cody and we don’t win HOH, you’re the number 1 target after him. Jessica – I have to do some serious thinking. Mark – if you do this I will keep you safe for the rest of this game. Jessica – thanks Mark. Mark – we’re guys and we’re talking to other guys. They hug and Jessica leaves the room.

12:25pm – 12:35pm Bedroom. Cody and Jessica.
Jessica goes to talk to Cody. Cody doesn’t want to talk. Jessica – babe!? Cody – no, there’s no babe. You can find someone else to distrust with this sh*t!. Jessica – can you stop! You’re really going to let them win like this? Cody – I really don’t care what happens at this point. Jessica – stop stop stop. Don’t do this, don’t act like this. Can we please not do this. Cody – you lost me out there. I don’t need anyone questioning my loyalty especially the people closest to me. Never question my f**king loyalty! NEVER! That’s all I got! Jessica – can you please stop. You’re overreacting. Cody – I don’t care that you think I’m overreacting. I don’t care what your standards are. Jessica – stop, stop it! Will you please calm down. Don’t let them win like this. Cody – don’t do that. You clearly don’t know me. You don’t understand me. Jessica – stop it. You’re severely overreacting. Cody – I’m going to work out. Jessica – then go.. do whatever the f**k you want. Cody – I will. Cody leaves the room. Jessica – F**king CHILD! God I didn’t sign up to be a f**king babysitter.

Matt pranks Raven.

1pm Kitchen – Paul and Christmas.
Paul – I haven’t gotten an apology. Christmas – yeah because you’re probably his number 1 target. Paul – I’m his number 1 target. Christmas – I said probably his number 1 target. Paul – I know but I don’t think he is in a position to have me as his number 1 target. But he can keep getting mad about it. Its funny. Christmas – he’s a hot head. Paul – no small man complex. aggro.. he has no room in this house. Christmas – arrogant. Paul – cocky, rude.. Christmas – entitled. Paul – at least Mark is man enough to apologize after he makes a mistake. I don’t think Cody is man enough.

2:05pm HOH room. Paul and Jessica.
Jessica – is everyone on board? Paul – not everyone .. not Josh, Jason, Alex and Kevin have no idea. I touched base with people and felt them out. First I said me and Jessica had a talk .. didn’t tell them everything but I said her stipulations are we keep her safe for two weeks because she would prefer to not use the hex. So not even touch the block. And if we win HOH, we put Alex up and vote her out. When I talked to Elena, she said I like Alex but she is a strong player and if she’s got to go, she’s got to go. Mark said Cody is not good for my game. And Alex has been the one stirring the pot so I do not mind getting on board with that as week. Matt and Raven were also on board. And then there was Christmas was like sure, yeah. Jessica – if you see an opportunity to get everyone in a room. Paul – I can make that happen .. well it has to be a point where they’re all outside tanning or .. Jason can’t know. After the conversation, it has to be squashed. Eight people can’t keep conjugating. So I am willing to make it happen. You are not the issue. The only time you have been the issue is because of Cody. When you don’t use this and you get people to jury .. this is a big week. I would rather work with you than against you. Cody doesn’t even want to be here. He cares about you but not the game. I think everyone would rather continue playing without him here. You are the stronger player not Cody. I am not your enemy. I promise you I am not. I am one person but the collective people want him out.

I can get the people up here. Jessica – yeah, I would like that. Paul – for things not to look suspicious would it be okay for me to pull Jason off with the veto. Jessica – no that’s fair. I asked something in the DR about it (hex) and it involves the veto. So when they get back to me can we talk about it (taking Jason off or not). Paul – yes, when they get back to you, then get back to me. I think after this week you will thank me because you will go further in the game than with Cody. He is anchoring your down. As a game strategy talk you are the one keeping him safe not him keeping you safe. America will not look at you as a b***h for doing that. You already made a connection with Cody and that’s not going anywhere. Jessica – Ehhh. (LOL) Paul – its not like this is the hunger games and he’s dead. Jessica – make it happen. She leaves the HOH room. Paul – I can’t f**king believe it!

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Say what you want about Paul’s egocentric personality, but if you watched the feeds this morning- He is SLAYING! Everyone just falls in line.. C’mon Jess, figure it out, use the hex, rally some troops to take him out or he is going to slither all the way to 500K! Seems it’s our only hope to get rid of the Paul show.. unbelievable


Say what you want about him, but he just played Jess like a fiddle…


No, he didn’t play her until she actually falls for not using the hex, which hasn’t happened yet.


Yes he did. Cody has no game what so ever. Zero!


Cody helped a little.


dont be daft! Palu slipped in that info about cody and matt week 1, and jess and cody relationship exploded! (after them two cuddling in bed all day yesterday, LMAO)


If anyone knows a marine in their life (game or no game) never EVER question their loyalty, that is the worse thing you can do to them!
And Paul will stop at nothing g to make this happen as (a) he cannot have another dud HOH on his resume if he makes it to F2 and (b) that will be his crowning glory on said resume “I got Cody out when nobody else could!”
That being said, they already puked Jess once and I do not see production no lending a hand here, and how it will play out is through Kevin! He already said they need to get Paul out, so something tells me he will catch hold of the plan, and he will alert her again and put a stop to it! Just imagine Pauls face Thurs. night if that were to happen! (giggles)


Looks like she has agreed to not save Cody, and plans on sending him home. I wont be watching anymore.


Good buy bye


I love Jody, but at this point I think Jessica could make it to the end if Cody goes home. She wont be target without him, If Cody stays I think she could end up getting evicted before than him.


Rally what troops? Who is she going to rally? Cody is public enemy #1. Everyone knows it. He doesnt want to play the social aspect of the game. BB is more than just comps. (People can win this game without ever having won a single competition).

The problem is if she keeps Cody, there is no one to rally. No one wants to work with Cody, and Cody doesnt want to work with anyone but Jessica. Even his half hearted attempt to be social when he came back blew up in his face. It just seems he dislikes the human race in general.

So, if she keeps Cody, there isnt anyone to rally. If Cody goes, then she is down a number of people who trust her and who she can trust. Maybe she gets to Jury, maybe she doesnt….

But the worst thing for her game was Cody coming back.

By the way, Paul is just masterful. I mean… these people…. He has these people eating out of his hands. Though I dont agree with all the folks about taking a shot a Paul now, its still too early. Paul is serving their purpose just as much as they are serving his. They are getting farther in the game. They saw what happened with Cody trying to take out Paul, and how Paul beat Cody (by Christmas staying). Make no mistakes, if it was Paul and Jillian, the outcome would have been the same, Jillian goes home.

They saw what Paul did to Dom. She did nothing but slightly mention that she thought Paul was the snake, and he cooked her goose. People saw that… and they learned, dont go against Paul…

Paul gets to the final six i think… but then, depending on who is left, folks will start to look at taking him out because its time.


Paul is shook by Jess’ temptation and is working overtime this week.

Jess already has no one she can trust in this game and she knows it. The entire house JUST lied to her face about evicting Josh, and now Paul wants her to remain on the block (he is taking Jason down) and NOT use her hex. I am hoping she is just giving lip service so Paul will shut up about her hex.

If all else fails, we already know Production will make sure the hex is used, and Jess can use her convos with Paul to blow his game up a little.


I get what your saying about Paul as puppet master! But let us be real for one sec, anyone of us could have gone in there and headed this house! And if Jess does in fact let Cody go, then she is in even worse a situation, as Paul has stated they have no intention of honoring their agreement, and o top of that she has just pissed off Alex and her allies eve more than they were so they will have it out for her even more than usual But I do not believe for a sec that she is truly tat stupid to not weigh out the outcome of said deal! And if she is their is always production to thro a monkey wrench in Pauls plan!


Cody was not able to send Paul packing because Production stepped in and gave Paul 3 weeks safety.,


Not a fair game when strings are being pulled by production ?


Send the damn plane or yell over the wall: USE THE HEX!!


Cody claims all he got is loyalty, but he wasn’t loyal to his alliance 1st week when h didn’t tell them his plans yo backstab Paul & blindsided his alliance.. Jessica, he is telling you to Let Him Go, he not trying to play big brother, he wants to go, so let him go & change up your game & try to win, keeping Cody is killing your already mediocre game girl. I know Jody relationship outside the house is going to be crazy.


How was Cody not loyal week one? Because he didn’t tell anyone what he was doing so that they wouldn’t have blood on their hands? He also Included his entire alliance in any and all deals he made. Sounds pretty loyal to me. He just got screwed by production otherwise great move for him to make…get rid of the vet! He was the only one with any clarity.


How was he not loyal?? I don’t know… Maybe because he and Paul were IN AN ALLIANCE, and he was going to backdoor him… And his other alliance members were in an alliance with Paul.


Paul was never actually in the alliance, nor was Christmas really. It was the couples plus Dom.
Paul will always try to suck up to whoever is in power like last season.
Victor was loyal to him but he wanted nothing more than to be with Paulie and the vets. He would do anything to be with the cool crowd. Hasn’t changed.


that’s bull sh#T cody didn’t talk to ANYONE about his plans. he’s a personality disorder big time. I know plenty of marines who went to war and don’t act like cody. he’s just a weirdo, and Yes Jess your mother WILL hate him!


Jess you did better without Cody in the house !! Open your eyes !! You have unprotected sex with him , only to ask for the morning after pill the next day ?? This is Big Brother , not a sex house !! He is ruining your game !! Now he is trying to tell you something , listen and let him go !! He has a bad attitude , what did Paul do to him the first day ?? Jealously isn’t a good thing !!


If she uses the hex she has him and her playing for Hohhot. If she let’s him go NO ONE will have her back. They already agree that they will be lying to her. This will be the 3rd time if she believes them she will be the ULTIMATE sucker!


if Cody goes home, why would anyone want to get Jessica out? She will be alone in the game, she wont be threat to anyone, I think she could make it far without Cody.

Rachel won because Brendon left early on….Jessica could win it all if Cody goes.

Addios Jody

The feeds are crazy today.
Paul is fueling the fire – he stirred all this up 5 minutes after wake up call.
Cody and Jess just broke up once again today after she apologized to him.
He wants out of the game and told her not to use the hex.
Then she asked him what about their relationship.
He said, we’ll have to wait and see what happens after.

On Again Jody

Having make up sex right now.

— Poor girl has no pride or dignity whatsoever.

Judgmental Judy

I seriously don’t see her as any prize either (relationship wise). She’s gorgeous, but her “social game” while he was out was temporary and forced. She constantly says she hates everyone and no one forced her to jump right back into Cody’s arms. Elena, while coming off a bit harsh, is actually thinking long term and not sacrificing her game for a guy she just met. Jessica is so concerned what everyone will think of Cody outside the house – she’s impressed by the celebrities she serves and he never would be. She’s even more stubborn than he is. No way this will ever work outside the house.

Big Brother Production

well, it’s over, Paul officially wins. He’s able to plant seeds that even his enemies believe. How he does it? I don’t know. I don’t know whether he’s just a genius, or if these people in the house are just so incompetent at playing big brother. This is a saddening, sickening season.


find a new topic, these comment sections arent even fun to read anymore.

you people bitching about paul sound like a broken record


I Hope Frank doesn’t go this week. Hopefully he has the one way ticket. They need to team up and get Paulie out next week. And then get obnoxious Paul out after that.


Haha ? ??Frank!!


Since when has it become ok to bully a woman to get your way, and to make it worse brag and be proud of it !! Wtf is going on !! It makes it impossible for me to ever want Paul to win, he is a dirt bag , and shows it more and more every day !!


The word “bully” gets thrown around way to loosely on this show. Bullying is a serious issue, and it doesn’t do any good to dilute the issue by crying bully all the time. It’s a game of manipulation. Everyone in that house knows what they signed up for. Nothing Paul did to Jessica was anything close to “bullying.”


Paul himself said he bullied Jess


Banging pans in peoples faces, putting vaseline on everything, constantly degrading people. That is straight bullying. Paul’s a mean girl.


Lol! Big difference between pranks and bullying. Banging pots and pans together doesn’t do anything to people other than annoy them. Please don’t ever go on this show. You’d self evict in less than a week.


That’s true, a prank is when you or one of your friends does it. Bullying is when it’s done to you, with mean spirit and on a consistent basis.


It’s a game and he’s playing to win. This game is all about manipulation if you can’t manipulate people don’t go on big brother. Team Paul??


There are no genders you Neanderthal! It’s 2017 get enlightened y’all.


Paul is playing the game and if that makes you hate him, then he is doing his job, get that Dirtbag Cody out then send that little girl Jessica out after him, she’s a joke but I bet she will use the Hex and then you will all be Happy, Not me I am a Paul fan now and always will be, It’s a Game people this isn’t real life, that is Cody’s problem he thinks this is real, It’s a Fucking Game!!! Play the game, and that’s what Paul is doing, Playing the game!! You go Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trouble in paradise and it’s a beautiful thing. The puppetmaster owns this game. Sign the check right now. Congrats paul!

Raven's Pacemaker

Paul is basically Vanessa. without all the crying.

Cody evicted Paul week one

This is hard to watch. Cody I been there fam. Now the woman you invested your feelings towards is a flake. She tryna find a way to betray you, make it your fault, and keep her conscious clean. Sure you over reacted. But the writing is on the wall. Now she thinks she is baby sitting you. That’s not a girl who truly cares about you. Your above this game. And damn sure above these other players. Her loss


I don’t see them working out at all in the real world. So it’s probably better this way. She’s visibly turned off when he starts acting like a hot head.

Although I don’t hate Cody, I just don’t think this game is for him. Which is not a knock at him, if I were on the show everyone would prob be saying the same about me. I could not hack it on big brother.

I do think Jessica can be a good player. She’s pretty good at comps, and she has a good grasp on the game. She’s just a bit gullible at times. I’d really like to see how she does without Cody.


IMHO, they do not belong together. Jessica part of the LA scene the nightlife meeting celebrities. She is a smart young women and wants to further herself. Cody the opposite a red pillar! He has issues with trans how does he feel about gay peeps? He said he likes her without false eyelashes, it will soon be “why are you wearing those take them off I told you look better without them”. Once the honeymoon stage is gone they will have nothing. When Cody argued with Paul he was just standing up for his girl. She was worried his behaviour may reflect badly on her, her work and her people. She has been just as argumentative with Christmas, been hot tempered what is the difference? very confusing…


If Jessica doesn’t use the hex, Paul will definitely start plotting on how the hex can be used to his own advantage. This Paul show really has to end.

I guess Jessica and Cody just gave up, being targeted by the whole house.


Find a new tune to sing


I swear, women are so dumb. Always going with their emotions.


Oh great, another teenager post with blatant female-hate baiting. This BB cast is bringing out the worst posts I can remember since Amanda.


if Jess doesnt use the hex and shes still on the block, they should get her out instead. That gets rid of her and the hex easy! They can get Cody out anytime. But they dont want to live with cody in the jury house, smh


Barf, Puke, Vomit. The Paul Show is literally the worst thing to happen to BB, it’s not even a pleasure to tune in any longer. This season has jumped shark!


and reading this comment over and over multiple times per day, its not even a pleasure to read comments section any longer.


I don’t care what’s happening now, jess will not use that hex..she’s mad at Cody so she’s talking about it, but she isn’t that stupid, she trusted hem all a million times she won’t again..and regardless she knows she’s at the bottom of the totem pole, at least with cody she has two chances at being safe from one of them winning hoh to only one. Her and Cody are the only two who see thru Paul, she won’t do it. Unless production somehow gets involved, but I doubt it. I just want to see OTHER people on the block. This whole season has been cody jess and Paul..with a little bit of crazy thrown in (josh) might as well not be anyone else in the game

Obb og

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. If jess is dumb enough to fall for Paul’s lies and the rest of his minions after what happened to ramses she deserves to get voted out. I think maybe she keeps pushing for a group meeting to expose Paul but it won’t work while they have their heads that far up Paul’s a$$. Lol

Chilltown AKA the best alliance in BB history

I’m Praying to God that Jessica didn’t fall into Paul’s Trap ….but it’s not looking good right now and once again Trouble in Paradise for Jody they need to make up their minds either they have a future or not . I hate Paul but he’s playing a good game right now and Kevin is playing him like i thought he would and is slowly planning his demise like Paul did last year to Paulie and I’m happy somebody is wanting him out other than Cody and Jessica . #KevinorJasonforthewin


Cody really wanted Alex, but Alex refused him…Remember when they showed him and Jessica in bed together and he called her Alex…


Yes I do. I still have never figured out why Jessica just ignored that. Did she not hear it? Lol Idk but I felt bad for her. Embarrassing.


Wasn’t it just last week that Paul promised Jessica that Josh was the target and she felt so stupid for believing him…and now, 4 days later…she is doing it again! Meanwhile, all the rest follow Paul’s every command without question. Said it before…stupidest bunch of houseguests ever!


dont hate the player hate the game


Wth is going on??? Can someone explain in the comments. Why the talk about taking jason off the block? I thought jessica and cody were? Im confused lol because the veto or the hex haven’t been used. What plan did Paul come up with??


I see the plan but i dont get why they mentioned pulling jason off


The only reason Cody is being targeted by the house is because Paul is so jealous of him he can’t stand it. Paul goes around poisoning each one of them against him and these idiots can’t think for themselves. They are empty upstairs and it shows. Since when did shunning someone on the block become the new way to play? Paul telling them not to talk to this one or that one…. They ought to be ashamed of their behavior. Walking around telling everyone that Cody is ruining their games and they believe the shit while I’m left wondering who the hell has a game??? The way the talk so badly about each other…..

Paul disgusts me on an epic level. This whole follow the leader crap has made this season one of the worst.


I don’t think it has anything to do with jealousy at all. More along the lines of Cody will target him the entire time he’s there. You know, the one person that put him otb and would do so again in a heartbeat? They’re playing a game, and Cody/Paul have been turned into the headliner.


Calm yourselves BB fans

Jessica: “Cody stop dnt let them win”

She is loyal to him and he is to her. She isn’t falling for Pauls crap even one bit of his pile of shit.

Jess and Cody will be ok. Jess is a beast and Paul nailed the final nail in his death bed.

Stay tuned.




Yeah good luck with that moron


Isn’t it past your bedtime little tike?

We will pray for you




She realizes Cody is not very nice so her gut says to do it. Womaning up! Get rid of the SOB.


Ahh Jessica!! Don’t fall for Paul’s lies. Cody is difficult. But he is all you have in the game. They didn’t take out your target when you were HOH. What do you think you can trust them now!!!!


What a job it is getting a hour of decent prime time footage from this f fing bunch of Pauletts. Someone throw BB a rubber duck floaty


Jess is an idiot if she doesn’t use the Hex and she is still on the Block anyways.
What’s to stop the other’s from Voting her out over Cody just to get rid of the Hex and leave Cody in the game for one Week ??? – Nothing
He doesn’t want to be there without her, clearly. His head isn’t there now today with his loyalty being questioned by her – so she has no option now BUT TO USE IT.


After giving up, A better bargain for Jessica to Paul would have been “Use the veto to take me off the block and I wouldn’t use the hex”. Sadly it’s all about the Paul’s show. The only players other than Paul are Cody, Jessica and Dominic. Kevin makes only a subtle attempt.
I really think Jessica is loosing it this time again. Too late to back off from Cody right now. She can never win any trust or bond with her longtime enemies. Their bond had gone too far even for innocent Ramses to get in.