Paul “If he comes at me, let him so I can make him look like a b***h!”

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9pm Lounge room. Matt, Paul and Alex.
Matt – its frustrating to me .. I’m not complaining but it seems like bad game play is being rewarded here. And that’s really frustrating. (LOL that’s ironic coming from Matt) Paul – we stay up all night and look what happens. I’m going to enforce it. I am going to make him crack and cause a rise out of him. And I need everyone to stand up for the greater good and be .. make it seem like he is singled out and the only one. He might just convince her to not use it. The veto is going to be hug. And the conversation is coming first to lay the pathway and the veto is lock and load.

9:05pm HOH room. Kevin and Paul.
Paul – so here is the thing.. you need to stay out of.. I personally stay out of deals like that because its way too early and you’ll get your head cut off. Kevin 0 yeah, exactly. Paul – no one knows about this (Kevin & Paul). Kevin – exactly. I didn’t tell no one about the 25 (25K). Paul – and I buried that for you. F**king Ramses is out of the game and I buried that for you. Kevin – what are we going to do with Cody? Paul – take him out. If she uses the hex, we take out Jess next week. You win and send Jessica home so she doesn’t make it to jury and then Cody goes home right after. Kevin – did you tell her that? Paul – right after when I confirm what her hex is. Kevin – Christmas needs to lay off the meds. Paul – She’s (Jessica) has said 6 different things to me. I’m sending his a$$ home this week. Kevin – get some of these people out of here. .. an then you can say the game dictated this move. They’re happy to go to jury. Paul – I’ve been asking them (Production) for two days now and they still haven’t gotten back to me (About the hex). I’ve talked to Cody and I’ve talked to Jessica and they’ve both given me different answers. What she said on live tv and what she’s been saying to me contradicts each other. Paul – he’s a pu$$y. He’s not a man. Kevin – he’s a fake. (Cody) Paul – no, he’s a pu$$y! I hope he self-evicts. That would just make our week easier. If he comes at me, let him so I can make him look like a b***h! And if he does then he goes home and I can laugh. All he needs to do is put his hands on me. And then all I have to do is say “harm” “threat” and if this motherf**Ker comes back in, I will walk out that door no communication ever again. You cannot touch, threaten or harm. He is just a hot headed, small d**k complex, idiot. And part of my strategy is to make him crack. Kevin – she will be better when he is gone. When he was gone, she was blooming. Kevin brings up how Christmas always tries to make Jason feel bad about breaking her foot. It was just as much your fault as it was his! You jumped on his back! Paul – I am going to find out exactly what it (the hex) is and expose it in the veto ceremony. Kevin – so if one of us wins it (HOH) do we put them up again? Paul – yes.

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Cody – you know what my veto speech is going to be? Nothing. Jessica – same.

9:50pm HOH room. Paul, Elena, Kevin, Mark and Josh.

10:15pm – 10:30pm Havenot room – Elena has the key for the havenot temptation. They other house guests are watching to see if she gets off being a havenot or will have 2 weeks as a havenot. She opens the purple box and gets two weeks as a havenot. Elena – Josh are you willing to volunteer as tribute and take my place in here? Josh – yes. Elena – I’m going to be so hot at the end of this two weeks. Slop for 2 weeks, I’m an idiot!

10:55pm HOH room Raven and Matt.
Raven – I think the curse has something to do with votes. Matt – I hope so. Jess and Cody do not seem concerned at all. I don’t know what change from last night to night because last night they were a train wreck. Raven – well they were in the bathroom talking and it looked pretty serious. I think Cody is willing to go home. I have no problem if Jessica uses the reset week.. giving her the middle finger. Matt – neither do I but I would rather just not deal with it. Raven – I would rather not too but if she wants to bring it honey bun! Matt – but we still have to win HOH and we have not been spectacular in that regard. In this game I am about minimizing risk. Matt – it is shocking that someone that was in the military cannot control their emotions. I have no problem sending her (Jessica) packing next week. Raven – I think Elena is playing both sides. Matt –

11:05pm Bedroom – The house guests are sitting around talking about random things.
Cody tries to open the other bedroom’s door and realizes Vaseline is on the handle. (Alex put the Vaseline on the handle) He wipes it on Josh’s bed beside the door. Josh – It wasn’t me. If it was me I would say it was me.

11:15pm – 11:30pm Kitchen / Bathroom – Paul, Matt and Raven.
Paul heads to the kitchen and puts Vaseline on the coffee maker handle. So that when Cody goes to make coffee in the morning he’ll get it on his hands and then again when he tires to wash it off. Paul – I am going to mental crack this fool like he has never been cracked before. Paul tells Elena – I’m going to tell him I don’t know who keeps Vaseline’ing you but why don’t you use it and go f**k yourself. He’s a f**king a$$hole and no one likes him.

11:38pm Storage room.
Paul and Jason go into the storage room to put the decaf coffee in the caffeinated coffee tin. Paul – stupid f**k.

11:45pm Matt, Raven, Cody and Jessica are already in bed sleeping.

11:50pm – 12am In the kitchen – Elena makes Josh a sandwich. Josh tells Mark – I might need to marry Elena after she makes me this sandwich. Mark – I hear she’s single. Josh – is she?! Can I give you a hug after because this sandwich is insane! Josh – I was sad for two days and this makes me happy. This makes me feel like a new man. This is love .. you showed me you love me by feeding me.

Midnight.. Paul, Elena, Mark
Paul is sharing information that he’s learned from the Diary room about the temptation that Jessica has.

Paul – She claims that the temptation keeps her and Cody safe for the next few weeks like she said on Live Eviction day.. that is a lie
Paul – nobody is guaranteed safety for the next 3 weeks ion this game. (other than you week 1-3)

Elena – She said it works for 4 weeks

Paul says he thinks certain people should go to Jury and the ones with the “shitty attitudes” shouldn’t go.
Paul – they do not deserve to be in this game any further
Paul says Cody would walk around saying how he doesn’t need the game, he doesn’t have any sympathy or empathy to other people in the game. Paul adds that Jessica and COdy never participated they don’t deserve to be in the game.

Paul – some people quit their jobs to be here
Paul – other people fought thousands to be here
Paul – some people wanted to live their dreams to be here
Paul – so you are going to walk around and be Cocky and disrespect the game then you don’t deserve to f*ing be here yourself

Paul says he’ll use the veto on Jason.
Paul – I’m going to say take a look around.. there’s one person none of us want in this game.
Paul – there’s one person .. (Cody)
Xmas wheels by
Paul keeps repeating what the Diary room tells him “nobody is guaranteed safety for the next 3 weeks”
Paul – how can she keep COdy and her safe..

Paul – it’s against the rules to lie about a temptation

12:55am Jason and Mark Bathroom

Mark – the game is getting fun know
Mark asks him after Cody who are they getting out. Points out that it use to be Cody, Jess, Christmas, JOsh. He’s wondering if that’s still the plan.
Jason nodding his head, “F* yeah”
Mark – do you think the majority of people are still on with that
Jason – I haven’t asked anybody
Mark – either have I
Jason – I know Alex is
Mark – I fully trust you with everything.. I’m trying to get a better relationship with Alex.. I like her
Jason – it’ll happen
josh rolls in to use the toilet..

Mark starts talking about how cut he would get if he was on slop for 5 weeks.
Mark says he wants to get closer to Alex.

Jason about Cody – “I just don’t get his bad attitude, his negative vibe”

2:00am Elena says they are having issues with the electrical in the studio. Apparently AC is being affected so they allowed to leave the have not door open.

8:35am Cody making Coffee.. not knowing it’s decaf (this is a cruel trick)

9:38am everyone back to sleeping.

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tune in to live feeds to see on BBD and Paulie or Paul show needs to end. i had enough to listen him.


Here’s a solution then. STOP watching then!


Nah real life is so much more boring with less to bitch about.


The cast is dull. I usually look forward to BB. I agree; the solution? Stop watching.

Halting Jess Rise, Paul And His Minions Cry

If I was production, following Jess using the halting hex i would have Julie saying “there is no eviction tonight, Paul is ineligible and Jess is eligible to play the next HOH, oh and there is just one more thing – all 12 of you have made jury, but there will be a twist, goodnight houseguests” – and similar to what happened in BB Can where there was an extra jury member Jordan Parhar who lost the right to cast a jury vote, instead once the 10 jury members are on stage when the 3rd place finisher is evicted on finale, have a quick comp among the 10 jurors hoh tiebreaker style where you have to guess closest to a number, and make it be the person furthest from the answer doesnt get to cast a jury vote, so there will be still just the 9 jury votes. They could even have a fan vote to exclude a juror from voting, whatever way they want to decide it.

I am normally a fan of smaller juries but this season is an exception as its just relentless the house vs Cody and Jess, and it will do a few things – it adds an extra wrinkle of uncertainty finale night, it will majorly annoy the house (and particularly Paul) who are obsessing with absolute tunnel vision week after week in a very spiteful way trying to make sure both Cody and Jess arent in jury, and Paul will then say to himself uh oh Ive already got 2 votes against me, and as they will be into the jury stage, it would then set up perfectly the next week for a double eviction to send the first 2 jurors to jury – also there will hopefully be then players more willing to play to win and people may also think well nobody will vote for Cody or Jess to win as they are hated and perhaps someone else other than them gets targeted next to finally get some unpredictability and different people going on the block which changes the course of the game.

For jury segments added drama having both Cody and Jess in there for each other, to continue their relationship which in itself will annoy the others, but they together will also stir the pot and clash with people, it would be gold. Having Cody and Jess split up and separated for 6 weeks until finale with only 1 of them in jury and being bullied by everyone else, I just dont want to see that happen. I think both Cody and Jess have added alot to the season and are for sure worthy of juror places, but it seems no matter what they will keep being targeted and so I hope production make the wise decision to have a 10 person jury with 9 votes for all the reasons ive stated. If its OK for BB Can to do it, if they are ever going to have an extra juror for US BB, I think now is the perfect time.


Also when Cody and Jessica get in jury with the other HG without all of the stress, thy may really start liking each other. The further Paul is in the game, the longer the jury have to compare stories without Paul’s influence.


I disagree. As we’ve seen in previous seasons, when people go to jury and calm down and stop playing the game, issues get resolved and they get along. I don’t worry about Jess being bullied while there, we saw that she was able to get along with people as soon as Cody left.
Cody on the other hand seems to have a few screws loose. I don’t see him being any nicer to people outside of the house, I really think his personality that we see is the same he would be without playing the game. Get him out before jury so that the other jurors aren’t stuck with the black plague.
Paul as a juror would be fine, though. A lot of people hate on him for being super over the top and showy, he’s just trying to hard to be entertaining. I really think he would mellow out outside of the house.

Wasted Time

They only hated Cody when Paul told them to do so. Cody and the rest of them laughed, picked, lifted weights, done exercises in the yard, played pool..until Cody made an awesome game move, and then
Paul stayed. They’d be thanking him now if it hadn’t been for the 3weeks safety, which they knew Paul would get, being the vet. Any one would know to get the vet out, Paul did so last year, that was his rant. The ones who hate Cody do it from listening to Paul’s endless dribble about him being crazy, not looking at the true, honest picture. Cody is not crazy, or scary at all..and this week was good for them all until Paul changed it by doing the same crap, lying, manipulating and deceiving. That was all the Josh and Ramses thing was, planned to break them. Now, If you were alienated and aggravated, banished, told you are not wanted, how would you react? Having Josh told to do that stupid crap, and since when does production let them do ANY song, hum, tune, such as Josh’s ‘dun-ta-dun-ta’ crap over and over? NEVER, EVER. I applaud both Mark and Cody for their restraint. Jury will be fine and fun. I’d rather have Cody than Josh, he’d worry the stink off of crap and none of them like him, they like to use and abuse him, I bet his familia are appalled, and tbh, Mark and Elena like Josh more than most.


Since when does production allow bullying the way Josh was in Mark’s face and being nasty and running his foul mouth at Cody and Jessica. I agree with you they all got along great until Paul went against Cody….I believe BB is prompted by production. They tell these idiots what to say and do. How about putting Vaseline on door knobs and coffee pots, so childish! I cannot watch BB anymore, I read these comments. This show should call it quits. Let it be the last.


Pretty sure Paul is lying to them about what production told him about the hex so these lemmings make Jody even more of outcasts and to get Jess to not use the hex so he can get Cody bc he wants to be the one to do it and not let a different player get the praise for doing it. Hopefully Jess won’t fall for thei trap again like the josh thing. Jody is bad game wise but are not that bad of people otherwise and Paul is making stuff up to make these people hate them for real. He’s able to because for some reason they believe everything I mean everything he has to say. Basically Jess told the truth about how the hex works except for the length was slightly exaggerated but Paul got the news his hoh was kind of a waste(minus flushing out the hex) and decided to make it personal. One thing if he directly attacked Jody but to get the rest of the house to behave that way is just sad. Paul you’re not as cool as u think u are. Also Cody handles emotions for shit but was pretty spot on and has been spot on about Paul all season. Paul has done everything that Cody accuses him of in the first couple episodes. Mainly just playing everyone in the house and you can see that in all the different conversations Paul has with everyone and tells them all something different. Just nobody has done any fact checking except Dom and she got the Jody treatment as well.


You can tell that these people aren’t used to being around liars. Their first instinct is to believe what The snake is saying. Big mistake. That’s how people lose BB ( also a good way to become a victim of serial killers. )

Vince Foster Is Still Dead

“You can tell that these people aren’t used to being around liars.”

Of course they are, but they still voted for Hillary Clinton!

Fruit Loop Fruit Loopy

I liked Dom but she does not have any skills in arguing. She had the perfect opportunity when Josh was going on and on in the hot tub to expose Paul but she just did not have the skill to pull it off. Cody is in the same boat. People do not like being told they are wrong and they will let emotions get involved and shut people out and make it harder to listen to reason hence Cody has a terrible social game. This season still has a lot of potential do not give up on it yet. If Paul goes after Xmas I think she has the skill to pull a few minions to her side. Time will tell and I think Paul is getting anxious and wanting to pull that trigger to help protect himself in case Cody or Jess win next week.

Vince Foster Is Still Dead

He’s Hillary Clinton 2.0 – on steroids!

All that’s missing are illegal e-mail servers and a sh*tload of dead bodies!


You’re on the wrong site. You should be on a liberal bashing site. What does the election have to do with Big Brother? The election’s over, you need to get over it. Trump will probably have a vacancy in the White House any day now. If you have too much time on your hands and are looking for something to do maybe he’ll hire you. He doesn’t tend to look for very much experience in a person.

Your swj tears are delicious

Do you own this forum? NO

Then mind your own FN business!

Typical libTARD – has to tell everyone what do and how to live their lives. In the meantime their own lives are so FN unmanageable!


Comments like that are why things are so messed up right now. If you resort to name calling you are just another Josh.

Big brother lover

Has everyone forgotten these people are playing for 500k in a game where lying,cheating and backstabbing is encouraged. People are judging and pointing fingers at those willing to do what everyone signed up for….in the real world people kill for a lot less.


Why was Paul allowed to come in just start running everyyhing. Is everybody blind? Don’t they see that they are doing his dirty work for him. I like Big Brother,but I am disgusted with BB #19.


Why did Cody get practice on that maze comp? He knew how to play right away, the DR session he tried to play it off like he was new to it(like the others were), but Cody’s not a good liar. Unfair to the other that had the learning curve while Cody flew through it he did the same in the final comp. Why did Production hand Jessica the Hex, when she was a favorite HGs in the running? Because Production CAN & WILL do whatever they want. Don’t believe? Watch season 13 in its entirety, Rachel got help from production multiple times.


Paul got the advantage of doing the maze fresh. Cody had just been through three competitions.


Cameron won Round 1 too! I guess he got extra practice as well?



I despise this season. That they let Josh run around trying to sneak peaks at the girls while showering or changing and acting like a child with the pots and pans then crying when he’s put on blast, it’s disgusting. Paul is an asshole and mad that someone sees through his bullshit. Production set him up.for 3 weeks or he would have been gone. It’s unfair and all the mean things going on with his encouragement is downright awful. He’s an awful human.


Simon and Dawg, have other seasons been this nasty and spiteful?

Jess and Paul in the HOH

11:20am Jessica just told Paul exactly what the hex is.
He’s mindblown.
She won’t cave to his plan to not use it.
He’s scrambled, and she’s laughing – Awesome!!!!


Mind blown how? One week of safety is what they assumed. Mind blowing would have been a few weeks like she implied.

Impractical Joker

Kevin – so if one of us wins it (HOH) do we put them up again? Paul – yes.

grrrr dude you are a 52 yr old man make your own decisions FFS

apple wall

yet look at bb canada karen could she make her decisions


karen was nuts and knew the game and had no chance in the end…ST.LOUIE.


I wouldn’t necessarily look at this as Kevin seeking direction. He’s also confirming what Paul’s plan is – at this moment. Of course, this is my interpretation, and my interpretation of Kevin’s game so far is that Paul is Kevin’s “best protection” right now. And who knows? It could be Kevin’s best protection for the duration, but I hope not because I can’t stand Paul’s game. But, if say Kevin does decide to follow through with an F2 with Paul, he grosses $75,000. Not the worst choice to make, I’d say. I also don’t believe Kevin is blindly following Paul as others appear to be doing (I don’t think Jason is either). I’m pretty sure that Kevin is smart enough to realize that – at this point – his game could not beat Paul’s in an F2 scenario, so he’ll want to be rid of Paul at some point. Who might Kevin prefer to go to F2 with? I don’t know. Jason? Jessica? Josh?

On another note to Matt: You should not be talking about the “greater good”, ’cause there ain’t nothing ‘good’ or ‘great’ about your game and you give 0 sign that this will change.


Why did Kevin let Paul know he got the $25,000? Doesn’t seem smart at all. Paul is using it as leverage.

BB lover BB

I still think Levin knows this game and is playing hard, below the radar. I think he’s using Paul just as much as Paul is using him. Time will tell…


Kevin’s in a very good spot. He doesn’t need to shake anything up to advance so he doesn’t want to. He’s made some bridges with Jessica/Cody and still n good terms with most folks. No one is thinking of dropping him any time soon. The longer Kevin walks the middle the better positioned he becomes. I guarantee Kevin will not be trying to win the HoH so asking what to do is just reinforcing in other people’s minds that Kevin is a team player. I think when it gets down to it Kevin will shank everyone in that house in their sleep if he needs to in order to win. He’s not there to just become some F list pseudo-celeb, He wants some money.


Oh I wish Paul would say that to cody’s face outside of this damn game. Paul is nothing but a loudmouth little bitch. Cody has given most of his life to fight for this country and Paul wants to call him a pussy. Paul is a trust fund baby that has been given everything his entire life. Finally someone stands up to him and he talks shit like a punk. Also Paul go cry to production some more bc they won’t tell you shit about the hex.

Recon Raider

Four U.S.M.C. tours as a C.S.O. in hot spots around the globe. But I can’t defend my brother in arms from a spoiled brat we helped protect. I will never forget the tremendous sacrifice and reputation of those who came before me. I will do the right thing always, and will let my actions speak for me. As a quiet professional, I will not bring shame upon myself or those with which I serve. When Cody tells paul to step quietly. He should say YES SIR!


Shut up and go back to playing Call of Duty. I’m so glad someone as hotheaded and belligerent as Cody doesn’t have a gun in his hands every day anymore. I worry for this fool outside the game


Get over it. This is a have NO clue what he’s like in his real life. And everyone gets hot headed in that house when constantly poked. The smartest people go into this game with no emotion what so’s the easiest way to enter that house…people love to pick apart these houseguests actions, and then put them down as real people outside the house. It’s a GAME! You do not know These people outside of big brother


Jesus, are you guys being serious? You’re talking about wars and “saving people’s lives” when this is a TV SHOW. IT’S A GAME! Get a grip.


Military brats are much worse thinking they have done anything special. You are puppets just as much as there are BB puppets nothing more and nothing less.

Military Makes America Great

You are disgusting. You don’t have a clue if you haven’t served. Get over yourself if you think you have a leg to stand on. You sound envious of the well deserved accolades that any vet should receive from all of us! Classless!


You know nothing of what military brats think! Or apparently that military brats are the children of airmen, soldiers, marines and sailors. You know nothing of the hardships these people endure. Maybe you think they are puppets. But they are people who believe in their country.


First of all “Military Brats” are the Children of Military Personal. Second Your comment reveals Your Ignorance.


Can I get a thumbs down for each Cody licker on here who has been pathetic enough to harass Paul’s mom.
It’s a game, and Paul is playing it, like him or not.

Vince Foster Is Still Dead

Why is the “alleged” person who “allegedly” harassed Paul’s mother AUTOMATICALLY labeled a “Cody Fan?”

RED FLAG FAUX HATE CRIME – Never happened or perp definitely a Paul F**ker and/or worse a Clinton Supporter!

The Liberal Screams In Pain as He Stabs The Conservative In The Back!


Don’t like Paul and I don’t like Cody. There is one HUGE difference between them though. Cody served this country. No matter what personality issues he has he deserves respect for at least that. Not saying it’s right but where I’m from telling another mans woman to keep her voice down will get your a$$ whipped. Paul doesn’t have to like Cody but talking all this sh!t is disrespectful. At this point I hope Cody gets out, sees the video and shows up to Paul’s Halloween party and stomps his a$$! Embarrass him in front of his momma too! Only a pu$$y talks crap and plays pranks when he know nothing can be done about it. Stupid prick!


I have no issues with Cody and hate PAul but saying he deserves respect simply for serving our country is a bit ridiculous theyre playing a game for 500k trying to mess with his head and affect his game is a good strategy even if it is a pussy move. Also I know a lot scumbags who were in the military but still deserve no respect.


Those “scumbags” still risked their lives for their country — something a cowardly ignorant PUNK like you will never understand.


Sending troops to a foreign country to kill. Is not defending his country.
The day a invading force attacks America and Cody takes up arms, is the day he defends his country.


Cody should be ashamed of himself !! He is in military and acting like a maniac ?? He needs some psychological help !! PEOPLE , THIS IS A GAME !! Cody takes this game as personal !! Now it is personal cause he is an a hole !! Sleeping around without protection !! Shame on you Jessica !! You can do much better with out Cody !! He is bringing you down !!


What BB are you watching? Maniac… I haven’t seen one single thing that Cody did to deem his behavior, “maniac” other than to step up to Paul. WTF, have you even WATCHED the behavior of Paul, or Josh? Drink Koolaide much idiot?


As an American, I personally don’t want a man like Cody representing our country. The guy is a complete duesch bag!!! As soon as things don’t go his way, he turns into a dick and hides with his lil GF. Unbelievable that this guy gets a pass from all of you because he served our country. Total BS. He fired the first shot at Paul behind everybody’s back and now he’s paying for it.

Cindy Withanesse



Exact. Cody played a TERRIBLE game, taking a shot at Paul was cool, but he never told his alliance what his plans were, had he told them, soon as Paul pulled out the pendant, Cody’s alliance would’ve took out Christmas, regrouped & prepared to take Paul out soon as his protection is up. Cody chose to be an idiot & keep his plans secret & his alliance turned on him. Jessica tried to get him to change his childish attitude so they can get further together & he refused to listen, showing that a relationship with him outside the game might not be possible. Cody is a manchild pouting when he can’t get his way.

Vince Foster Is Still Dead

Then FN move to Syria!

Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen are always looking for new recruits – you’d be a perfect candidate!

Aloha Snackbar!


I’ve got 3 Marines in my family who carry themselves with more dignity and class than Cody.

Dignity And Class

Part of having dignity and class, is not having the need to compare your dignity and class to another. You fail, next


I’m sure your relatives do carry themselves with class and dignity, but none of them are playing Big Brother right now, so it’s not a direct comparison. How do we know Cody didn’t/doesn’t carry himself with class and dignity as a Marine?

Jon Snow

Paul lives with his PARENTS he is the BITCH..

Paul's all time low

Paul is provoking violence.. that is his current strategy. Cody was spot on about how Paul is playing everyone. He is desperate to get rid of him because Cody is the only one who has attempted to undo Paul’s game. The gang mentality is in full bloom and Paul is the leading his hit men. It’s all disturbing to me. Not good game play.

BB fan

This is reminiscent of Amanda Zuckerman and is bullying.
Goading someone Into putting their hands on you so they have to leave the GAME does not make you a good player. Shame on BB for allowing Paul to admit and plot against Cody, or anyone houseguest for that matter and carrying it out.
Paul is nothing but a disgruntled houseguest from last season who used “friendship” to advance his game and lost to Nicole. Now he decided to play a mean spirited game to try to win the game.


I agree. Paul has some nerve to debase Cody, a man who has put his life on the line for this country. Paul is petrified of Cody because Cody is the only one who’s got the arrogant, spoiled Paul’s number and makes no bones about it. Remember, Cody had to put up five different people in the first week. He put Christmas up because of Production saving Paul for three whole weeks (what’s that about?) so he put up the person who was then closest to Paul, Christmas. WHY does the house hate him with a vengeance?

Bunny Flop

Ugh. I love, love Kevin. But. Loathe, despise, and down right dislike That nasty little Gnome. Speaking like a mafia boss. Yo, I buried that for you. Poor Ramses. Jess n Cody just need to not talk to Paul this week. Obviously production isn’t talking to him. Which is driving him nuts.


Last year I hated Paul……….however, I was able to stomach Paul as long as Victor was in the house acting as a buffer. This year Paul has really shown his true colors, he is quite a despicable human being.
This cast (other than Cody and Jessica) is dumber than the “town village idiot”. (it makes me wonder if they are getting paid a stipend to protect Paul.) Somehow, I am suppose to believe they have not figured out…………that you are suppose to want to get the vet out, (after all he or she had their chance)_…………and you are suppose to want to win $500,000.
CBS needs to fire Ag, she stinks as the producer of BB, and they need to go back to the old format. They also need to stay out of rigging the show. They took a great show and made it pretty much unwatchable. I have live feeds and Pop, and I don’t watch either one, I come here to find out what is going on. Thank you Simon and Dawg for a great job………I actually don’t know how you can stand watching the show this year.


Paul calling a combat vet a pussy, is downright disrespectful and I hope when he leaves the house… he gets the boo bird treatment from America.


So since jess and Cody don’t follow/listen to Paul. And since he can’t control them. Is his strategy now really hoping that Cody will hit him so he gets kicked out? I see his game slowly going down hill…


This is a game and Paul is a character but Cody takes it to personally. I’m not saying he not a great person for serving his country. I think Cody is not cut out socially to be in a game that is a reality tv show.


Whats crazy to me is that fans are seemingly choosing who they like based on personality and not gameplay. People love Kevin but Kevin hasn’t done crap in this game. This is A Game people. and you will say you love or hate someone based on what you see on TV. How ridiculous is that?


Kevin mows he is not good at most of the comps. He sized up the house and became a confidant to people and has shared just enough information to keep him in the game while still not blowing up his game. So yes Kevin is playing one of the best games right now. Everyone likes him and at the end he can use the fact that he had secrets that helped him get to the end. After Nicole winning last year anything is possible. Kevin would have been running the house if Paul would not have shown up.
Just my opinion!!!


Kevin made a HUGE mistake… He told Paul about the money and now Paul is using it as leverage to get Kevin to do what he wants. That wasn’t good game play because we all know Paul will use that info to get him out later.


Not if you think about it. He’s basically telling Paul that he’s the reason Paul’s in the house. Plus for Paul to reveal it at this stage shouldn’t have a significant impact any more. Kevin’s smart enough to play it off as an old man figuring he’s going quick and it was his only chance at getting some money. They all know someone was going to take it. Telling now will mean Paul is scrambling to get the target off him and Kevin isn’t a big enough target for that.


I agree judging people on what you see on TV shows weakness in people.

However, saying that Kevin has done nothing is wrong. He is playing the game. Its like the magician and his assistant. The assistant gets no glory and yet does all the work. The magician just distracts the rest of the people while the ruse is being performed.


Very good point about Cody. The social skills in the military are far different than in the Big Brother house.

Paul's all time low

Paul is the one taking everything to an all time low personal level. Not Cody. SMH


Paul has made it personal. He is the one who has decried on high, tho shalt make Jody cry, by any means. He is the one directing the poor behavior by the others. They are sheep.


In BB you have to use whatever tools are available and Cody has shown he can be a hothead more than once. I’m not surprised they are going to use that against him.


CBS needs to unequivocally make goading houseguests to provoke them into a physical altercation absolutely against the rules and after one warning, if the person doing the goading continues, they’re out of the game. By continuing to allow this as allowable gameplay, demeans the spirit of the game.


Sorry but if there is a physical assault the point is not the provocation but the physical act itself.


I really find what is going on in the house repulsive. Paul needs to be challenged and the only one who’s got his number is Cody. Josh is just painful to watch with his immaturity. But this has become the Paul show, and not in a good way. He is really disgusting to listen to, a bully and a downright mean person. Get him out. Team up and don’t hand him this game which, I feel, he shouldn’t be there in the first place. And stop telling your game play and temptations.

Matt's third shirt

I like Kevin, so i really hope he’s just pretending to play Paul’s game, if he ever get’s power, it will be to make his own moves!


I look forward to Kevin getting evicted because he is a rat just like the rest of those losers. The upside is he have the $25K so either way he is good.


I like Kevin – but what is a married guy doing holding hands with X-Mas.


Paul is a vicious vindictive BULLY. Cody’s got him pegged and he can’t take it. Come on houseguest. Start playing the game. Get him out of the house. Don’t you want to win or you just going to give the win to Paul? He kept his temptation a secret until Cody tried to back door him. I wish Jessica would have kept hers to herself until She was forced to use it. She gave Paul too much to think about. He’s loosing his mind. Well shall I say loosing the rest of his mind.


Holy crap this season should be renamed to the season of bullies? Such an overused word this season. So if I have it correct, Josh= Bully, Mark= Bully, Cody = Bully, Paul = Bully, and I want to say I have heard people call X-mas and Alex bullies as well. I am surprised people are not calling Paul “literally Hitler”


Paul is literally Hitler. His orders are unquestionably followed. His rants sound like a delusional psycho in his bunker. So, there are similarities, obviously on a much smaller scale. Of course, Hitler didn’t have as many bad tattoos.

Vince Foster Is Still Dead

Paul’s worse! He’s LITERALLY Hillary Clinton!


Paul for the win!!!

Just Me

I wonder if paul was to use the pov on Jessica and take her down from the block if she would still use the hex and save cody instead of saving it for herself. I think that Jessica really ruined her own game taking up with Cody she is a totally different person when she isnt with him and she could have easily slipped into a group and gone far. If she uses the hex and resets the week they still are alone and the house has the numbers against them. Jessica needs to start thinking of her own game and not worry about dragging Cody to the finish line with her because there is really no way at this point for them both to make it …its not a spend the summer making out show its big brother


Couldn’t have said it better myself bravo


If she doesn’t use it this week and win hoh next week, she will be by herself and kicked out immediately, do you think that group of jokes will really keep her other than someone else? Save Cody this week will at least win one more chance for Hoh next week, what’s the stupidity for not using it?


They both have a chance at HOH, veto & that other road-kill type comp. There is about a 2% chance they will keep Jessica anyway and she’d be lowest on their totem pole & definitely put OTB. They may evict Mark since she would still had her power next week but chances are she’s gone after that. So together or apart they are targets so might as well go hard or go home

Ditto … you said exactly what I was thinking!


I thought the same thing use veto on Jessica


I agree with your comment; however, Jessica pretty much screwed hers and Cody’s fate when she mentioned that she held the hex. Had she kept silent as Paul did and let them know when the time had come, they may have been able to have a decent strategy to get them another week or so. I absolutely despise this cast! Their all a bunch of idiots to do whatever Paul says. He is like a puppet master. I am rooting for Cody, but he and Jess need to play the fn game and quit making out! If they cared, they could be pointing out ti the others how Paul is winning and they’re doing all of his dirty work. Odds are that only Jason, Alex and Paul have a shot at going to the end bc none of the rest of them have won anything. As much as I like Kevin, HE IS A FLOATER along with the rest. If Cody leaves, I will no longer watch this season. He is the only one with any balls!


Paul for the win!!!


so she doesn’t use the veto, stays on the block, and they vote her out and keep cody as a sure thing for the following week. Yeah, no. Use the hex


That is exactly what Paul should do, is take Jess off the block, but I think he’s too stupid to figure it out. It’s the only thing that would give Jess a reason to consider saving the hex for herself. I really thought production would plant that idea for Paul. I only hope Cody or Jess win HOH next week or this season will become too boring. I can’t watch the childish behaviour of hiding coffee, Vaseline on doorknobs, etc for another two weeks.




Paul is playing the game the way he feels is best based on his experiences. Why all the hate? It’s not his fault most of the house guests are eating out of the palm of his hand and licking his ass. He just got lucky that everything he’s tried has worked and when it doesn’t he makes an adjustment and it works again. He’s a Shepard and some sheep go astray but most he coralls back to the farm.


Difference between being a shepherd and being a dick. The way he’s treating Cody is more than ridiculous and just downright immature. I have no problem with seasons that have people like Rachel and Britney who just hate each other, but to do things like putting Vaseline on things and mixing decaf and regular coffee is plain immature and juvenile game play.

Give me fights and screaming matches but when people choose to go above and beyond (think Amanda and Elissa) than I draw the line. There’s gameplay and then there’s just being b*****.


But the hate started before the coffee and Vaseline. There’s still lots of people in the house and Jody is keeping them united. Once Jody gone they will start to splinter. Matt and Elena already had, look where that got them. Right now they have a common enemy.


Cody is so mean and disrespectful. I don’t understand how people can like him! He’s such a bully and he has no social game at all. I’m not sure why he was even casted. He has no personality. Everyone is hating at Paul but he’s just playing the game, it’s not his fault everyone else is stupid and doing everything he says. Cody has been just as mean if not worse than Paul. Just because you served for our country doesn’t give you the right to treat other people like shit..


I think if you look back when it comes to being mean and name calling and ALL f you’d, Paul wins over Cody then back it up with being foul is Jason Alex and Kevin. Oh and let’s not forget Josh. Cody has been respectful and tried to reintegrate into the house. Paul made it impossible! They are excluding J and C that is why they spend more time alone. What are they supposed to do. To avoid more eruptions. They want to antagonize and torment Cody. It’s over the top demented.


Cody has been respectful???? LMFAO! What game or T.V. show have you been watching?

BB ballers

Are you kidding? Cody talks shit about EVERYONE behind their back! How is that being respectful? All of you Cody lovers need to admit that he just plain SUCKS at the game of Big Brother!


It’s cast not casted

Homey Clause

It’s cast not casted. (period)


Cody is a POS, plain and simple.


Nicole didn’t deserve the money !! She didn’t do half the crap Paul did !! Cody should be ashamed of himself for acting like an A@&hole !! He is in military and fighting or fought for our country ? He is nothing !! Cody , it’s a game !! Hey over yourself !! I don’t understand how Jessica slept with him a number of times in the house and used NO protection ?? Then she wanted the morning after pill ?? Sorry I call that a “hoe”!! Jessica ur better off without the dick hot head !! If you stay with him ur an idiot !


Dan was a pro at gameplay. Yes, he lied and manipulated people, but he didn’t have to use the F-word constantly or bully people. I disliked him but he kept the game moving.



Cody's tears

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Paul’s game is getting very low. Paul is not adjusting he is getting vendictive and down right mean. Jessica and Cody mind screwed him with the hex and then how well they did at the veto comp since they slept thru most of the clues. This is screwing with Paul’s mind and getting to the point of not being game but poor sportsmanship. If Paul and his minions would just ignore them that would be one thing but to get the house to gang up on them just because they will not act in a way that supports Paul’s gameplay is truly the coward and the biggest bully in the house.
Win Paul walks out of the house he should be booed!!!!



apple wall

can we secret mission like last season


April, That was a fun mission last year. Paul doesn’t need another BB boost. His head is already too big. It will swell up and pop if he gets more attention.


I am over Paul.. He is a weasel.


On season 18. James pranks were funny. I laughed a lot. Alex and Paul’s pranks are not funny. I’m not laughling.


yeah, it’s weird seeing a 30-40 year old doing childish things


Actually, they are hilarious. Love seeing Cody get pranked! Lol!


This seems to be the hate Paul site but I love his game. Every BB has followers. Kudos to him for his social game. Kevin is hilarious and I hope he makes it to the end. Can’t stand Cody at all.
Jessica is much better without him.


Go Paul!


When James did pranks on BB 17 and 18 it was funny. He was doing it to get laughs not to be vindictive like these punks. I know its BB so I probably shouldn’t have high standards when it comes to maturity, but come on. It is basically a house full of Josh’s and its ridiculous. This season is a bunch of crybabies. They all talk about how there are bullies and bullies are bad, but how do they not know that what they are doing is bullying. Urggg it is so frustrating to watch ?


A ton of people were blasting James for his pranks last year. Saying it was getting old, no longer funny etc. It’s the same thing every year, people complain just to complain.


I’m from Texas! I ain’t complaining…I think the difference is that James targeted quite a few folks including folks he was working with and this season it’s just a couple folks getting the “pranks” and it isn’t done in good humor but to irritate, annoy, and aggravate.

Go Figure!

When you are a fake tough guy (which the mouse Paul is), you go for the quiet vindictive stuff–like all punks.

Mark's Estrogen

Nice of Elana to make Josh a sandwich


It’s nice that Mark’s estrogen thanked Elena for making a sandwich for Josh. Hahahaha

The Beef

Elana is just trying to mend fences with the other sheep, since she floated over to the Jessica and Cody side last week with Mark, when they had the power. Now she’s afraid Paul and his puppets might be upset with her, so she dumps Mark and feeds Josh, and kisses everybody else’s arse in an attempt to ease back in good with the sheep. Mark’s no better, being the first one to “hug” Paul when he “won” HOH (after Boyz2men and Raven threw it for him).

The only people playing the game are Paul, Cody, Jessica, and sometimes Alex (when it comes to competitions). The rest are just wasting food and oxygen in the house, floating along doing whatever Paul tells them to do. Hell, Jason is on the block and he even asked Paul if he (Jason) won the veto, who he should use it on!!!!? You have to be a pretty big chicken sh@t to even consider asking a question like that IMO.


Agreed with all that. About Jason’s question about whether to use his veto on himself. On the surface, the answer seems obvious, but maybe, Jason was trying to make it sound like it could be a team decision (indicating himself a team player). Or, more likely (IMO) Paul’s thinking and plans and machinations change constantly and are hard to follow. Maybe Jason was just looking for clarity. I don’t know. What I do know is that Paul deliberately over-complicates his explanations so specifics can’t be “pinned” down, giving him the opportunity to re-interpret what he said…also constantly. If I were a HG, I would be constantly asking myself “WTF is this guy actually saying?”


Cody is a nasty insane person and a Bully hope he hits Paul and they throw his ass out, I will cheer to the heavens when him and his little girl both leave! You go Paul and win this game.


Wouldn’t it be nice he knocked him out cold and he can’t even remember his own name? That would be the kind of hit worth taking in this game. Paul is a Coward and that’s why he spends most of his awake time talking about Cody behind his back. Paul is like a little 10 year old girl that’s desperate for friends and to be the center of attention.


Get real! You must not have feeds. Cody talks just as much sh!t as anyone else behind their backs. Lol smh


What the hell is up with Christmas and Kevin? Why is he letting her rub his hand like that? I’m sure his wife must be cringing sitting at home watching that.


i was cringing watching it. I also cringe when I see raven kissing or swallowing her uncle’s face.


I thought it was her grandfather.


Elena go make me a sandwich

Fake Everything

Jessica is like Kylie Jenner: fake tits, fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake lips. Remove all of that and you have an ordinary Reseda hoodrat. I just wish she would use the right style and size of eyelashes. Looks like two tarantulas died on her eyes.


You sound like an ugly jealous person.

Art Vandalay

I agree. The only things faker are Elena’s saggy boobs and ugly lips.


She actually admitted that she never had plastic surgery, but wants one after she gets out of the house.

The Judge

Do you always go around judging other people, so it makes you feel better? Even if Jessica is all plastic, that was her choice, just like it is your choice to spew your jealousy all over a message board. Do you think Jessica is probably living more of her dream then you, so you have to bash her?……Your honour, no further questions…..


Those are real. If your a female, your jealous. If your a male, your a virgin.

Club H.O.H

It’s funny to watch Paul losing the few marbles he has left (pouty gnome mf). 10 idiots trying to take down 1 guy (soldier to be exact) and they still can’t take him down. Staying up till 7a studying like weasels and Cody and Jess get their beauty rest and still come out on top. Getting third and it looked like Kevin and Paul tied it for first and second. Cody only had to look once maybe twice for good measure and boom. His military mission training did him well! Imagine if he had studied?! 🙂 Try Little man syndrome gnome talking to Cody like that to his face on the outside! Every week this season has been insane and non stop!


Paul is truly insufferable with zero redeeming qualities. Where is his great social game? He’s talking nonsense in his HOH room, full of hubris, bullying production, and plans to get everyone to bully Jessica. Then he says, does Cody not realize how bad he looks to the outside world. I hope he’ll have to pay for this attitude, but he probably won’t.

3rd Infantry Division

He will.


OMG, you just gave me a great image!! The after party: Cody shows up in fatigues with (I dunno) a couple dozen other soldiers. They all slowly move in to surround Paul, in an at ease stance. Paul poops himself. End Scene. The same result would likely happen if just Cody showed up and stood there, but not as good a visual, no?


Cody screwed his alliance week one buy putting Paul then Christmas on the block. He reaps what he sowed.


It wasn’t that he tried to put up Paul and did put up Christmas but rather that his attitude seemed to be just trust me and vote out who I say. He didn’t bother to let his closest allies, Matt and Mark at the time, in on the move. He didn’t even try to explain afterwards. He wanted to go solo on that move and the rest of the house said sure and let him be solo. Jessica stayed with him because she was already attached at the pelvis.


Yes he should have talked to his alliance but he had the right idea to get Paul out. Cody is the only ones who is not afraid of going after paul. Wait until they watch the season at home. They will realize that Cody was right to try to get pa out the first week and they were his minions. No one but Cody thinks for himself. I am very glad Jessica stated with Cody. Hopefully she uses the hex, doctor Jessica gets hoh, Paul is nominated and leaves. Dreams can come true


Funny thing about shiny ponies:
they all were mad at Cody for not telling his alliance, and yes he should have. Yet while during all that we have Paul whispering “I have a plan, trust me, I can’t tell you what it is but trust me I have a plan” and they all trusted him BLINDLY. Oh the irony! smh


Did many (any?) of you know what a minion even was before the cartoon movie came out?? I’m about as sick of reading “minion” as I am of all this overuse of “bully”. Just damn.

Bunny Flop

Yes I knew what a minion is/was. How Paul is acting makes him a bully. How Josh has acted towards people like Megan was bullying. How Mark and Cody acted towards Josh was bullying. How Paul is getting his minions to behave is bullying. How the girls have acted toward each other is mean girl shz. Good game play does not devolve to this level. Paul is acting in an unessecisary way. He is acting out for the cameras. While some enjoy this. I find it to be almost unwatchable.

Season Saver

No worries. Kevin, Xmas, Jess, Mark, Elena and Cody can still take Paul down.

Paul’s HOH is done. He is so pissed because he can’t control this. Next HOH huge. Paul can be taken out of this game. He is scared and trying to steer it so everyone stays against Jess and Cody. Not happening

Xmas and Kevin are not stupid. Watch as the house flips once Cody and Jess don’t leave this week.

I want Pauls head on a platter and Alex crying carrying it out the door to talk to Julie. Those 2 walking out will be heaven.


I do wonder about Kevin…….is he playing the role of snake charmer? Sometimes you have to charm the snake before you take off its head. I certainly hope so!

BB 19 Fan

Why all the Paul hate? BB is a social game which requires the ability to influence people. So far, he is doing a great job. This requires great social skills. Cody has no social or leadership skills hence he is at the bottom inside the BB house. Also, even though he served in the armed services, no one should be given a pass on promoting violence. Cody seems to thrive on killing. I personally think people like Cody are dangerous and should not be in the military.


You are ignorant BB19fan.

The Real Danger

The real danger in society are people that go around labelling others when they have no idea of who people truly are, thus the ones that are truly most dangerous are the ones like yourself!

"Harm" "Threat"

Has Cody come close to taking a swing at anyone? Has he threatened violence to anyone? Has he done or said anything worse than that of many of the other houseguests? Paul and Josh are the ones talking about provoking Mark and Cody to take a swing while other hg’s egg them on. To me that is provoking violence to try and take out targets that you just can’t seem to beat.


BB19 Fan – how about you join the military and go to Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria and see how you can make it there? Most talk trash about the military but certainly love the protection you get from it and them risking their lives for asses like yourself


i have an idea to change $ amount for each bb place as im fed up with players who obsess about jury

current approx bb prizemoney/stipend and jury places vs what i think it should be to improve competitiveness and not settling for jury…

current bb $ per position………………what bb $ per position i think it should be

1st $500000…………………………………..$500000
2nd $50000……………………………………$50000
3rd $11700(jury)…………………………….$30000(jury)
4th $11700(jury)…………………………….$25000(jury)
5th $11700(jury)…………………………….$20000(jury)
6th $11700(jury)…………………………….$15000(jury)
7th $11700(jury)…………………………….$10000(jury)
8th $11700(jury)…………………………….$9000
9th $11700(jury)…………………………….$8100
10th $11700(jury)…………………………..$7200
11th $11700(jury)…………………………..$6300
12th $5400…………………………………….$5400
13th $4500…………………………………….$4500
14th $3600…………………………………….$3600
15th $2700…………………………………….$2700
16th $1800…………………………………….$1800
17th $900………………………………………$900
americas fav $25000………………………$0(money no longer given to americas favorite)

total = $699200………………………………$699500
(almost the same combined overall season prizemoney/stipend approx $700k budget)

cuts people being in jury house from 6 weeks to only 3 weeks and i think a 5 person jury is fine, it doesnt have to be 7 or 9, and means only those that last 10 weeks get to decide the winner…the bottom 6 and top 2 places remain same $…overall $ per place is more incremental rewarding the longer you last…the mentality of playing for 11th place(jury) is taken away as places 11th to 8th is only the extra $900 stipend amount per week and no jury…those top 7 good enough to reach jury stage wont want to just settle for jury as it then goes up $5000 per place…$25000 americas favorite no longer given so people do more to try to win the game rather than be popular with america (more win and be hated mentality instead of lose and be loved)…i hope production make these changes to improve big brother and hopefully have alot more competitiveness


OMG, it’s a game. You have serious problems.


Your an idiot!


I LOVE that Cody and Jessica isn’t going to be fake with the vote speech unlike everyone in the house. Everyone else is fake as f***. And what paul and his minions are doing to Cody is down right disgusting. It’s not like they are prank each other for fun…. they are doing it to be mean. Bunch of bullies. The fact that they don’t think there is anything wrong with this or terrorizing house guest with pots and pans is beyond me. A


Voting For cody ForFavorite player. Paul Is So Wrong About How People feel aboyt Josh And Him. Cody Could Have Knocked Paul Out In the Hoh room If He Really Wanted To But Cody Kept His Cool. I Give Kudos To Cody. Cody Never Tried To Get Others To Do Mean Things but Paul Is Having All Of The Houseguest To Become Bullies. Guess He Cannot Do It Alone. Hopefull The Other House Guest Will Start Playing Their Own Game. They Have To Realize That They All Cannot Be In The Final Three.


Paul may be aggravating, but he’s got game. Cody has no game except being a social outcast ON PURPOSE. Why come on the game if you don’t socialize? Jessica may claim she doesn’t like bad boys with anger issues. Well she is ignoring her shadow self and I pity her but not her choices. It’s still early in the game. Get the anti social losers out and then the games begin!


I’m just really surprised that in this social climate – where bullying has been brought to the forefront of social injustice – preached about, hashtagged, movements to stop it in its tracks – that this show and its production staff would allow the constant bullying to go on day after day (I.e Josh and Paul). Name calling, yelling, outright plans to make someone crack by being abusive?? Really? There is game play and making smart moves…and then there is this nonsense. I’ve watched BB from the beginning and have found the silent allowance of this behavior to be so disgusting, I’ve stopped watching this year. Get it together, BB production. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated any more than if someone put their hands on someone else.


Shut up Nicole. You didn’t deserve to win last year! How about the bullying of Cody to Josh and Jason? Guess you missed that on purpose. So tired of you Cody lickers.

"Harm" "Threat"

Jason was not bullied.Yes Cody got hyper when he was talking to him cause he knew he was full of shit but Jason blew that out of proportion for gd sake. And Josh…. Come on now. Yeah Cody was a little harsh but just because Josh cries when people treat him the same way he’s treated others does not mean he was bullied.

The Great Paradox

It is a very paradoxical world when on CBS news at 5 a report about bullying and the digusting nature of bullying in society is reported and an hour later on the CBS station is a game show that promotes bullying. For many who watch just the CBS show, they are left clueless to the live feed happening because CBS edits the live feeds to how they want an audience to perceive the season all for ratings…..bottom line is CBS basically doesn’t give a shit about the paradoxical storylines it creates because at the end of the day its all about ratings and not truly sending a self responsibility message to its audience.


Like it or not, Paul is playing BB his way. If leading a willing herd of sheep and keeping the others off balance works for him then Kudos on the win, if not then nice try. Actually I’d prefer someone else eventually earns that honour as I’m firmly against returning vets; they’ve had their chance Most of us respect the villains of the past — Dr. Will, Evel Dick, Dan, Rachel and even Amanda. I’m sure both Paul and Cody, regardless of the outcome. will take their places on the podium. I’m here for entertainment, and there’s nothing BB offers that’s more entertaining than a good ongoing battle of wills.

What are you Paul, 3?

I don’t get the “Cody is a bully crowd”. He is direct and perhaps a little rude but he hasn’t done any bullying at all. Otoh, Paul has done nothing but bully since week 1. When your strategy includes trying to get someone to hit you so you can cry to production and get them kicked out you have crossed the line from game play to something else. He is pathetic.

Former Paul Fan

I was loving Paul back in the house and cheering him on and yet the past few days Paul’s attitude has been top level arrogant, egotistical and self paradoxical. Everything he labels Cody, is actually a reflection of Paul.

Who in the history of BB has a strategy to get hit, so he can yell “threat” and run to producers….if you told me Josh I would believe you but Paul using this strategy?? I would say the only one cracking in that house is Paul because he isn’t getting his way from production and feels the need to make someone else crack, so what Paul feels inside himself, he wants to put onto Cody.


Paul is the one promoting violence inside the house NOT Cody. You might want to rewatch the feeds. Listen to Paul and the others compared to Cody. If you don’t hear or see it you’re in denial.


Since Elena picked the wrong key last night and is a Have Not for two weeks, I wonder if she’ll actually try to win HOH this week. If so, I have no idea who she’ll nominate for eviction.


Have a feeling BB wants Paul to win, makes me not want to watch the next season. It’s hard to watch almost everyone cling onto the puppet master,

Fruit Loop Dingus

Paul is such a fool. He was sitting in the HoH saying how he hates hunting but will then go downstairs and scarf some meat that never had a chance of survival. I am not a vegitarian by any means but I do have issue with hypocrites like Paul who have been saying one thing and then does something else.
This week has been funny because Paul is losing his mind while Cody is sitting back laughing.

Fruit Loop Mingu

Paul is such a fool. He was sitting in the HoH saying how he hates hunting but will then go downstairs and scarf some meat that never had a chance of survival. I am not a vegitarian by any means but I do have issue with hypocrites like Paul who have been saying one thing and then does something else.
This week has been funny because Paul is losing his mind while Cody is sitting back laughing.


Paul is already home if it wasn’t for the 1st temptation that he received based off of his built in fan base.
Funny that a 5’4″ 135 pound dork wants to call out a marine for being a “little pussy”…what?! Paul is obsessed with Cody constantly talking behind his back to anyone who will listen.


Not true. They’ve all said they wouldn’t have voted him out even without the temptation. Just because Cody put him up there doesn’t mean he had the votes. In fact, that was his stupidity doing it that way. That’s why he has no one left but Jessica.


I dont condone Cody’s behavior but you have to respect the fact that he isn’t going to take crap from Paul regardless of the amount of money on the line! I think it’s funny because Paul knows he can’t manipulate/bully Cody hence the reason he is so desperate to get him out!! If it weren’t for Cody and Jess this season would be a total bust… may as well give Paul the money, since none of his little minions are willing to play. Worst cast ever… never seen so many weak minded individuals!! I can’t even credit Paul for being a good game player, his followers are just a bunch of sheep! On a side note, Never seen a Southeren Belle (aka Raven) with such a disgusting mouth, this girl uses the “F” word way too much, Raven = Classless!



(sorry for repeat comment…im just really curious if anyone else remembers this was when playing pool…before the hot sauce in face incident)

***Didnt Mark and Josh agree to a boxing match after the show ends?***
I think that was a thing a couple weeks ago..Paul was also involved saying he will help set it up and put up $2K?
I hope this is remembered … I would pay a few $bucks to see Josh KO’d by Mark!!!
Would also like to see Paul say all this chit ..hes been spewing to Cody’s Face!!
Maybe a double feature boxing match?
lol stick it on before the Conner and Floyd fight? Pay per View? 🙂


Who made Paul dictator of the game? I swear every vet that’s entered the game gets power hungry and makes this game not worth the watch. As much as Cody can be a dick sometimes, at least he’s not up Paul’s ass and playing the game for himself, and so is Jessica. No one deserves to win this game but them b/c they’ve at least won an HOH and are playing the game.


Watching Cody eating his cereal this morning and then I realized this guy looks like Spock – Leonard Nimoy. By the way, the vaseline on the coffee pot holder was a dud of a joke on Cody. He just wiped it off and moved on.


It’s a social game for $500,000 prize money! IMO best gamer so far is Paul, 2nd is Kevin, 3rd Alex…. floaters are dark horses that may sprint to the end. Worst gamer is Cody… maybe a killer soldier but totally unskilled in social interactions with others!


BB is not only a social game – a large part, but not the whole game.


why when I rate a comment does it give the same number to the other side?

Former BB fan

I have watched this show for all of the seasons and this season is by far the worst cast ever. They are unstable, lazy, the house is disgusting, they are cruel, the men have NO respect for women and there is not a person in that house that I am rooting for to win anything. Josh should be ashamed of himself and I hope his family is disgusted by the way he treats people. Paul is a joke, I actually liked him last season but he is a bully, a know it all and just plain rude as hell. Raven and Matt are a joke who are not there to play the game. Cody, there is something wrong with him for sure. Jess I did not like her at first but she is slowly growing on me if she would just make her own damn decisions. Xmas should have went home a long time ago. I just cannot believe how rude and disrespectful these people are. I really have nothing to say about Kevin, Jason or Alex because they do not do anything except what Paul tells them to do. I can’t figure Elana out and Mark is way to emotional for me. Anyway, with all that is going on in the world you would think someone, anyone might want to be a decent human being, but I do not see that with any of these people. Not a single one of them, they are the ruddest group of people I have ever seen in one place. Sad cast for sure.


You must not have watched the fall season last year (online version). The worst most disgusting cast by far. Jason and his gang were gross – pick their noses and wipe it on the furniture type of people.

I LOVE Paul – root for him. He runs the house like a BOSS – can’t fault him for it since it’s working for him. Elena had potential because she is super smart. But she showmanced with Mark – who does not have a great social game. And was close to Jessica and Cody.


Just out of curiosity, I wonder since so many refer to Cody as a bully but yet approve of the gang mentality of the gnome and his minions, what happens if Cody decided to pull pranks on them in return. Would CBS tell him to stop because it hurts their feelings? Would one of them finally grow a spine and get in his face? I for one would like the tables be turned and see the reaction of the gnome and his minions if they were submitted to the same treatment.

Just sayin'

Way to many Anonymous posts and posters on this site. BTW….your damned if you disagree.


I love the idea that someone mentioned above.
Would love to see them do a 10 Member Jury this Season and on the Finale night America gets to Vote one of the Jurors out and they don’t get a say on who the winner is !!! – Can you imagine if Paul was actually in the Jury Pool and America Voted him out ?? I would Vote him out !!! 100% Based on the sole fact I would want the other Jurors to make their own decision on who should win the game, and not who Paul think’s should win ! ‘Cause you know they would all ask him, and go by what he said.

Halting Jess Rise, Paul And His Minions Cry

Glad you like the idea to have an extra juror. I just hope production consider it, the season dynamic needs it to create more drama – imagine Josh/Paul/Alex v Mark, Cody and Jess in jury? the hatred is immense, there would be fireworks.

Also if anyone from production ever reads these comments which I have a feeling they sometimes do, I would love to see this awesome music track used again on the show to recap nomination and pov ceremonies at the start of wednesday and thursday episodes, especially the dramatic sting at the 25 second mark – it always got me energized at the start of episodes but hasnt been used this season, please bring it back –


When will the minions finally see the are following charles manson for petes sake. I would have lost it on Paul long time ago, the little twit talks all big when Cody isn’t around and would scream for momma when Cody throws the first punch. Cody is very accomplished at age 32 serving in two different areas of the armed forces and making a difference in the world fighting and annihilating terrorists. Paul? living at home, a “designer” and his biggest claim to fame is a reality tv show…… Paul is a great talker for sure and I find him knowledgeable, but when you very little in the real world you have time to read while someone else is paying the bills and cooking for you. PLEASE get rid of Raven and Matt soon