Paul “What do you want?” Jessica “Safe for two evictions & I want whoever wins HOH to take out Alex.”

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10:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Paul, Jason and Kevin in the lounge room.

Paul – who do you trust indefinitely? Who would never vote you out? Kevin – me. Paul – that’s one. Who else? Jason – Alex. Paul – that’s two. Who else? Blob? Kevin – yup. Paul – three. Who else? Jason – you don’t get a vote. Paul – What about Matt and Raven? Jason – I don’t know man. Kevin – Christmas right? Jason – no. Paul – I don’t know about Christmas. Think about this… so Jessica’s temptation is that she can either save a nominee or if she is on it, it can obsolete the thing. Or something like that. So if I pull her off, she is safe right. But if I pull her off with someone she is friends with. Jason – who is she friends with? Paul – Elena. Then Cody and Elena are still up there. So now she has to use it on one person. Since she is already safe, she only has a plus one to save. Kevin – so Elena would go home. Paul – that would make Elena go, who are you going to use it on me or Cody? Jason – okay so we still don’t know what this f**king thing does. Paul – I know that she is saying to a certain extent is accurate. That if its her and someone on the block she can use the safety on her and… Jason – and the next person. Paul – That’s what she claims. She’s not allowed to lie so she can keep herself and one person safe but if she is already safe that means she can only keep one person safe. So if we put Elena up there, its you, Elena and Cody. Who’s left to vote? Jessica, you (Kevin), Alex, Christmas, Josh, Matt, Raven and Mark. I think Mark would vote to get Cody out because Cody is bad for his game. Kevin – no, everyone will vote to get Cody out if his still up there. Paul – if she uses it on Cody, Mark immediately hates them. You (Jason) would not go home in that situation. Lets count it out (if Paul used the veto and took off Jessica and put up Elena and then Jess used the hex to save Cody. It would leave Jason, Elena and Cody still on the block.) Jessica and Christmas would vote you (Jason) out. Matt and Raven will do exactly what I tell them. Kevin – they run scared. They’ll listen to what he says. Christmas would listen to me. If she didn’t, I would be shocked. It would be a wasted summer. Paul – in that case, lets say she does use it on Cody and Elena goes home everybody is looking at them being like you really are two dumb f**king pricks. And if we were on the fence about Elena anyway … she is play both sides. Jason – I don’t care what you do but it sounds crazy. Paul – its crazy but it might work and we might get Cody out. Paul – Elena is probably the closest person to Jessica aside from Cody. Lets get Matt and Raven in here.

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11:04am Paul goes to get Matt and tells him his idea. Matt – its a good idea but I don’t think you will have the opportunity to do that. Paul – yes I am, I have the veto. And I can make the speech right there. Either you send Elena home who has been working hard in the is game or you send Cody home who has been trashing your game. Matt – did you talk to the DR? Paul – all that I know is that no one is safe for consecutive weeks and that no one can lie about their temptation. Its her plus one. If she does it, its a dud week. Paul – you would never vote Jason out? Matt – under no circumstances. Paul – if she uses it on Cody then Mark will HATE them for getting Elena voted out. I don’t want to let Elena know so that she is mad and up Jess’s ear saying if you don’t use that hex on me… F**K YOU! But I need your word that Jason doesn’t go home under any circumstances? Matt – Under no circumstance. I want to go to the finals with him. Matt – so our worst case scenario is we just vote Elena out? Paul – that’s it. Jason joins them. Paul – when I talk to Jessica I could ask do you want to make any deals before veto ceremony?

11:12am HOH room. Paul and Jessica.
Paul – so let me make a few points to you right off the get go. I’ve been having conversations with people for the last few days. I can tell you for a fact that no one sees you as a target. No one dislikes you Jessica. I’ve had conversations with people that said you’re more fun without Cody around. You put your finger up people’s butts. She is just a different person. No one dislikes you. I know you have a few girls that you are close with. You also have me. You are not my target. Cody is. You’re collateral because of how much Cody care about you. Now lets talk about your hex. If you’re on the block you have one other person you can save? Jessica – no I can save everyone on the block. Paul – you could pull everyone off the block? Jessica – yes. Paul – at once? Jessica – yes. Paul – can you explain it? Jessica – anyone that is on the block when I use it.. its… no one goes home that week. No one will go home. Jason included. And again, Big Brother doesn’t allow me to say that I have powers that I don’t have. SO it is 100% factual. Paul – so if you’re on the block and you use it everyone comes off the block. No one goes home, we go outside and compete in the HOH. Paul – So we are 2 people away from jury. Nine people go to jury. People feel a certain way about someone that they don’t want in jury. People just don’t feel comfortable around him. The aggressiveness, people just don’t feel comfortable around him. So my question to you, if you use this hex and its a dud week you prevent 9 people from going to jury. If you don’t use it you’re securing yourself a spot in jury and you still have that power to use, whenever, however you would like. So I have the veto and the HOH… is there anything you need to discuss. You can go ahead and use the hex, I’m not afraid. Jessica – so nine people go to jury and people don’t want me to use the hex because this is the last chance before jury. No one in this house keeps me safe other than Cody and I don’t care what anyone says. If people in the house want to evict Cody they’re going to have to do it on their own because I am not going to have a hand in evicting the only person that has kept me safe. When I was on the block with Josh, I did not want to go to jury with him. I thought he was disgusting and disrespectful and people disregarded what I said and kept me out of the loop. People in this house has lied to me and let down… everyone .. including Cody. I want to go to jury with Cody and if there is a chance that I can make that happen I am going to do it. Paul – point taken. Cody has done irreparable damage in this house. No one will ever work with him. Paul – you are the person that is keeping him safe. He is not keeping you safe. He is dragging you down. You might not make it to jury. Jessica – okay bring it on, I have a great life. I didn’t come here to sit on the sidelines. I came in here wanting to play a big game. The grand prize is just a bonus.

11:20am HOH room. Paul and Jessica.
Paul – there are conversations that Cody has had that were not necessarily to keep you safe. Jessica – you’re going to have to explain. Paul – I am not interested in doing that because if you relay that to Cody and Cody tries to get in my face I will call people who the conversation was and out him in that moment. So if you want that done then I will out him and have that conversation with you. Do you want that conversation? Jessica – I mean yeah I want to know. Paul – okay in the first few weeks of this game Cody told Matt the only reason.. Jessica – Cody already told me. Paul – okay that he wanted to keep Alex and Jason in this house to take you and Raven out. Jessica – oh I didn’t know that. Paul – the only reason he wanted to keep Alex and Jason in this house was to take a shot at both you and Raven. And he could do that to further himself in the game. Do you want to bring Matt and Cody up here? And he could say that was in the first few days and then I fell in love with you… but I’m sure you could say you had that connection from the get go. If every single person doesn’t want Cody in here .. and my other issue with Cody is that he doesn’t really care about this game. You actually care about the game. Cody doesn’t give a f**k about being here or the game. He doesn’t socialize. He has no interest in doing anything with anyone. He has been a detriment peoples game or your game. There was not one week Cody wasn’t the target. The only week he wasn’t was when he was out and that week Dom was the target, not you. You got the first landslide vote. Other than being there for you emotionally what has Cody done for you. He will be there for you on the outside. No one wants to play with them or socialize with him. If you keep Cody in I can tell you that no one will trust you. You are definitely wrong if you think Cody is the one protecting you. You are the one protecting you. My agenda is to send Cody home and it is the whole houses agenda to send him home.

Paul – tell me what you want? Tell me and I will make it happen. Jessica – I don’t want to go on the block for at least 2 weeks because I do not want to use the hex. Paul – is that when it gets exhausted? Jessica – its labeled by evictions and I think its that way because there is a double eviction in our future. So two evictions I don’t want to go on the block, not even as a pawn and I want whoever wins HOH to take out Alex. Thats what I want. Paul – Okay I can promise you the first one. The second one it depends on who wins HOH. For example, if Jason wins HOH. Jessica – no, I wouldn’t expect that. Paul – okay, its very easy to do the first one. Very simple if you put Jessica on the block she uses the hex. Jessica – yeah I can do the first thing myself so yeah I want the second thing more. Paul – I can try and help you but it will depend on who wins HOH. Jessica – then you talk to whoever you need to talk to and get back to me.

Paul – so if you win HOH. Jessica – then I would take her out but I cannot do it by myself .. people have made that very clear. Paul – what I can tell you is that not many people value Alex. Two weeks of you not being touched I can make that happen. The second thing I cannot guarantee. Jessica – it just depends on how bad people want Cody out of the house.. okay because I want Alex out of the house that bad. Paul – in this moment I can not guarantee that. Jessica – okay then go talk to people.. if there is a doubt then I will use the hex. And have Cody to go after Alex. Paul – why throw your personal game away just to keep Cody in here 1 week longer? You have a chance to make the entire house happy. Jessica – I am tired of trying to make the house happy. The house has never made me happy. There are a bunch of leaches in this house that keep sucking my blood. Jessica – the only people I would not expect to agree to taking out Alex are Kevin, Jason and Josh. Paul – so if I get everyone else in a room to say that. If I make that happen you are giving me your word? Jessica – if you make that happen then I will consider it. Paul – I can’t f**king stick my neck out there, rally troops and then put a target on my back if that’s not going to happen. If I am going to do this, then you need to give me your word. Jessica – then I need to talk to Cody. Paul – wait because I am telling you if you do that Matt is going to get involved, I’m going to get involved and Cody is going to crack! Jessica – oh jesus. Paul – I would suggest that you talk to Matt to get double confirm that I am not making this up.

11:37am Lounge room – Matt and Jessica.
Jessica pulls Matt into the room and says what do I need to know about what Cody said to you? Matt – what he said to me? Jessica – yes in the beginning of the game. Matt – I don’t really want to go there to be honest with you. Why are we discussing this? Jessica – because its something I need to know. Matt – its not something that is relevant at this point though. There were things that were said in the first week that are completely irrelevant now. Jessica – why is it not relevant now. Matt – because its five weeks later and things have changes. Jessica – if you don’t want to tell me then you don’t have to. If its not important any more then.. Matt – I don’t think its important any more. Jessica – okay. They leave the room.

11:40am Lounge room. Matt and Paul.
Paul – you told her? Matt – no. Paul – why? Dude you have to! I had her pinned. She is going to not use the hex. What did you say!? Matt – I didn’t know what was going on she brought me in here and said what do you need to tell me about what Cody told you in the first week? I was like I don’t know if you want me to tell you that. It’s not that relevant right now. She was like if its something I need to know then tell me and if not then don’t. I said its not relevant right now. Paul – that answer is almost better because I told her .. she said she was going to go talk to Cody about it and I said just so you know if you tell Cody, then Matt and me are going to be involved and he is going to blow up. The only way she would not use the hex is if she is safe for two weeks. She doesn’t even want to use the hex. All we have to say is we won’t put you on the block and she needs people to say that they will get Alex out of the game. And she said the three people she doesn’t expect to do it are Josh, Kevin and Jason. All we have to do is me, Raven, You, Christmas, Mark and Elena and say yeah if one of us win HOH. All you have to do is convince her in the moment and then Cody goes home. You don’t have to uphold sh*t! She is that stupid. If she is in a room with people that agree .. the only people that have to be left out of the real agreement are Mark and Elena. If she uses the hex all the nominees come off. Matt – I need Cody out of this game. Paul – you already needed him out. Matt – yeah but even more now. Paul – we need Cody to blow up now. All we need to do is lie to the girl.

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Paul shut your whore mouth




If Jessica buys their bullshit, she deserves to be triple crossed!


You gotta give it to Paul, he’s working today. If he convinces her, that’s the best turn since Dan turned Frank!


Why should she use it on him? She should keep it for herself for 2 more weeks.


Paul just said lie to her. He would never keep her safe. Paul’s word means nothing.


So what?! It’s BB. It’s maybe the 10 millionth lie told. Are you new to watching BB???


Because she will be alone hoping to get HOH after HOH.


yup iknowthat


It’s very disappointing to see her believe anyone on the other side of the house. Seriously. They are all laughing at her. I feel sorry for Cody now. I hope when she sees the tapes she feels like the moron she is.

Geez Louise

Paul is being too pushy with his agenda and the demands are not going to sit well with some. He’s doing too much in too little time. The 2 men (Jason/Kevin) in the house will start to plan his demise soon. He’s digging his own grave and doing more harm than good. It’s only a matter of time…


Oh Lord. He’s trying hard to manipulate her too.

ChillTown 2.0

I highlyyyyyy doubt Jess is that stupid. That is all.


Paul is hitting a new low IMO right now. He will do whatever is necessary to have his HOH a success. Leaving a really bad taste in my mouth right now. Glad to hear that Kevin is putting the bug in Jason’s ear about getting Paul out of the house though. It just became clear where Kevin’s loyalty lies. It is with Jason and Alex. Good for him. Hopefully he starts playing the game instead of middle of the road. Would love to see him win an HOH and backdoor Paul. The look on Paul’s face would be priceless, because I think more and more people are deciding they really don’t like the way Paul is playing. He, this past week has made it perfectly clear that he want to win this game.


Of course he wants to win this game. Why do you think he came back?

Art Vandaly

He sure didn’t return for a showmance. Of course he wants to win. The assholes that are on BB to find “love” or make it to jury are insane. Kevin FTW!

Cody Is A Robot

Paul is playing the game and playing it HARD. I am enjoying watching, this is the most interesting situation in years on the show. Best part is that the VIP tramp just may be dumb enough to fall for it.


I really wish all these other houseguests would play the game as hard as Paul. Without Paul this would be one heck of a boring season


I think Paul needs to go back to his parents basement. Let the newbies play. I’m sure
Dom was totally rite. Snake needs to slither away. And get a life and real job. Someone needs to punch josh in the face. Give him something to cry about. Where did they find that clown at


Of course he wants to win this game. What’s your point???

desirae's Mom

I’m really hoping that she sees though this crap that Paul’s putting out. But more than likely she’ll fall in step behind the rest.


any bb canada fans here im tryn to find episode black hole veto was found by william what episode number was it simon or dawg


nevertmind i found it


I hate this season! Paul is such a hateful bully along with Josh. I did not like Cody at first, but geez man is a veteran and fought for all of us and is Probally dealing with PTSD and for BB to allow the constant bullying has made me root for him and Jessica. It is evident BB wants Paul to win! UGH this season is awful!

Screw cody

No Cody is just a strait up prick. He’s the type that would kidnap a teenager with his squad and gang rape them and shoot her in he head if she was noisy like in casualties of war. Fucking prick

I hope idiots

Why such a shithead?


I’m kind of hoping he gives you a ride

Bunny Flop

Oh shut up!


Let me guess. You’ve never volunteered to defend your country. I would never say such a horrible thing about anyone who fought for my freedoms. You should be thankful to all those who have fought for allowing you the right to free speech.




You’re a fucking idiot. You must be twisted. To think like that.


Exactly, what has Paul done to bully?? Manipulating people, and persuading people is not bullying. The only bullies have been Josh, and Cody.

I See Floaters Everywhere

Just because Cody has no social skills does not make him a bully. Here is the definition of the word bully and it fits Josh and especially Paul “use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants: “


You’re totally rite..


So if Jessica using Production’s Hex, nobody goes this week? So like a restart thing that was in season 14?


Not a restart, just no eviction. That’s the extent of the power. Jessica makes that day a non-eviction night and they play HoH as normal. The previous HoH can’t play so if she uses it Thursday, Paul can’t play.

Fruit Loop Dingus

We need a Tshirt company to make some gnome bully tshirts and hand them out before finals for people to wear into the studio when a Paul runs the money. I know we are on the outside but how can these people be led so blindly? Kevin has planted the seed about Paul as having the napoleon complex with Jason. That was perfect because Jason does not know how to be quiet. Right now I am rooting that when Paul gets everyone together Cody has everyone else come in and then Jess and Cody blow up Paul’s game in front of everyone!!!!
Of course will not happen because Jess and Cody have their heads buried up each other’s buttocks!!!


PAul is a bully along with Josh! SHame on Big Brother for allowing the bullying. I was not a Cody fan at first, but the man fought for all of us and a veteran and is Probally suffering some PTSD!! BIg Brother should be ashamed. COdy and Jessica all the way! PAUL and Josh are disgusting human beings!


Relax Snowflake, take a breath and go off to your safe space…


Snowflake & safe space… how original,
how ever did you think of them?

You’re insulting her, yet you’re not even bright enough to come up with a creative comment on your own, you have to plagiarize other people’s saturated insults.

She may be a “snowflake” but you’re predictable, insipid & pathetic which are WAY the fuck worse, lol.


We love and support you Jessica, you are smart and knows how to play this game, Do Not listen to anyone anymore, not even Cody. Do what what you think is the best for you and your game.


For all of you saying Paul bosses everyone around bullying, what has Jody been doing? Oh that’s right bossing everyone around & bullying people. So in other words it’s OK boss people around & bully as long as it’s Jody? Hypocrites.. Y’all just mad Paul is playing Big Brother & Jody is playing personal because they can’t get their way .


Koin6 please speak for yourself. “We” don’t all love Jessica. Thank you.


No way will Jessica trust these fools again.
My prediction is that there’s a double eviction on Thursday, Jessica will use the hex and they will go right into competition again. Not sure though because there’s that whole new Temptation comp twist now. Hopefully Jess or Cody win HoH and take a shot at Paul/ the minions, but honestly at this point I think Paul would stay over everyone because these people are such fools. People would vote Raven, Alex or Josh all out over Paul.

BB Spy


Paul, Matt, and Alex know Cody and Jessica are the only 2 people willing to blow up there games. That’s the reason why they want Cody out immediately. Don’t be fooled by anything Paul is selling. He is a liars and has proven he doesn’t have any interest in upholding deals.


We need the plane with banner ‘use the hex’ ?


Jessicaaaaaaaa don’t eff this one up. His word is worth nothing. Use the hex and maybe we will see him tremble if one of you win HOH.

Yo momma

Forgot to add the part where Kevin told Jason today at 12:38 …. They have to get Paul out , he has a “napoleon complex” yessss Kevin yessss play big brother !!!!

Jim D

Jessica-Paul promises safety if you hold onto the hex and let them evict Cody. Can you believe him? Once Cody is gone again, Paul needs to go, otherwise he will con his way to the finale and the win.


Jessica just use the hex this week, and then hopefully you or Cody can win the HOH. If not, you’re both probably going back up on the block anyways.

I so badly want Paul to get voted out. I want to see the others actually try and play the game, I really think if Paul wasn’t there bossing everyone around it would have been a really good season, at least for the physical comps since there’s lots of physical threats in the game. I also would hate for Paul to be in jury cuz he’ll just tell everyone who to vote for and they’ll follow his lead.


If he takes Jessica off the block & she still uses the hex, that would be a waste of her hex& stupid on her part

Start playing the game

IF Paul uses the veto on her he would put Elena up, showing Elena that she is low person on his alliance. She saves her and Cody and gains Elena for sure, Should insure a 4 person alliance ( it’s a start ) then maybe pull Kevin over……. SHE NEEDS TO USE IT 100% It’s her only shot to get some numbers. OR she’s gone next week

Yo momma

Matt stfu you have done nothing but eat cereal and wipe your cum on everyone’s dishes !


If she does not use it they will vote her out, and eliminate the hex…..they already said that…..and honestly that would be a great play and she would deserve it…… God don’t let her be fooled again………and Paul is basically telling her that he is running the whole house……Jesus don’t let her be dumb

Cody Is A Robot

Hate to bust your bubble, but I think the VIP Tramp is that dumb. At least I hope so.

Vince Foster Is Still Dead

Jeez, if I’m not mistaken, the earlier scene between Jess (the woman) and Paul (definitely a serpent) is based on the same one in Genesis 7!

Hopefully this time, Jess doesn’t take the bite!


If Jessica doesn’t use it this week she only has 1 more week left to use it, but she seems to think she has 2 more. Week 1 – dom, week 2 – ram, week 3 – Cody (if she doesn’t use it), so that leaves 1 week not 2 weeks like she seems to think. Does she think because she was hoh that week doesn’t count or is she just lying about how long she has it for, because I can’t tell.

I hate paul

Paul is the epitome of everyone wrong in this world.

Too much?


No longer a fan of Paul. Once he sacrificed all his integrity to win BB (money) I have no respect. His game play has no strategy anymore only to promote violence and pure hateful vengeance to get Cody out. You can play BB lie pull pranks scheme and keep your integrity. He’s not the person or the gamer I thought he was.


Integrity? The goal is to win! Who do you think you’re fully with this sanctimonious baloney?

Obb og

Jessica better use that hex this week, unless Paul takes her off the block and even then I would use it to make sure Cody stays. She can’t make a deal and get rid of the only ally she has in the house that would be stupid. She has already seen that she can’t trust a single person in there. I don’t even know why she seems to entertain the foolishness Paul made up with Matt about Cody she knows Matt is only a puppet for paul


Anyone else think Jessica is much more attractive without all the makeup?

Cody evicted Paul week one

Hope Jess doesn’t turn on Cody. These people are so shallow. Matt wants Cody out cause he sexually harassed his lady. If Cody only knew she was returning the favor, he would wash his hands with her (pun intended). I know what took place though. She was all alone in the house, and used her body to advance her prospects. Like all women do. What a shame. I hope she wises up and sticks with her only ally. Paul has had it out for them since orientation. Don’t work with this little boy. Use the hex. Win HOH. Put up matt and alex, win veto rinse and repeat till they finally get you out. At least you will have your dignity. And a counter part if you so choose.


“She used her body to advance her prospects. Like all women do.” Are you freakin’ kidding me with that s&#t!! You have to be a teenager. And 14 of your little teenager friends gave you a thumbs up. Congrats. Now, run along.


I don’t get all the Paul hate lately but then I don’t get the live feeds so his “bully” behavior is just not coming across to me by what I’m reading here. As for the Jessica and Cody love? I don’t get that either. Maybe because right now they are the underdogs?
Jess is a fool to make a 2 week deal. She’s safe either way and she’s got to know by now that people will lie to get further in the game. THAT’S WHAT THE GAME IS ABOUT!! And Paul is busy working it.
Paul is playing Derek’s game. He’s playing 24/7 and like or hate him he deserves to be there. He’s going nowhere until at least Cody is gone and then let the rest will turn.


Paul is much better than derrick-PLEASE…

Bunny Flop

Gnomey is just awful. And it’s not Jody love, so much as we just don’t like how GnomeBeard plays. And no one like to see someone just run away with the money.


Paul is not playing Derrick’s game. Derrick had a soft hand on the action, which was easy because most of them were idiots, he waited until someone mentioned a name and leapt at it and that was the person targeted. He dropped a few hints and sat back doing very little except when he needed to. I hated that season but Paul is much more hands on and direct in his control. Everyone knows Paul is the one calling the shots where Derrick let everyone think the plan was theirs.


There is no way she will let Cody be evicted. I just don’t believe that at all. But my opinion is she should. Just for the simple fact that it irritates me to no end that she is risking her game for someone she just met. They are not living in the real world so she has no idea what a relationship with him would be outside the house. I just don’t understand these girls. She would diminish the target on herself if he left. And have the hex to protect her while the target can get bigger on someone else. I’m hoping she takes care of herself but I know she won’t. But her plea to get Alex out will go around and should create lots of drama leading up to eviction night and after. So at least there’s that


Why would Jessica make a deal with Paul? Why would she think he would honor the deal. He said he would vote to evict Josh. How did that work out? Use the hex, and win the next HOH. That is the only way she will stay in the game


Kevin is starting to look like Max Headroom. And Christmas is starting to look like the bag lady at my local Circle K.


Looks like she isn’t going to use it on him but she will still be on the block with him. She questioned him and he didn’t like it bc she is trusting Paul. If she is that fucking stupid to believe anything Paul says than she deserves to get fucked over.


OMG!!! It looks like Paul has made Jessica drink his poison around 2:05pm. She is believing his screwy plan that he supposedly is guaranteeing her that if she doesn’t use the hex, he’ll make sure Alex is put up and voted out. Pleeezzzzz Jessica, drink the antidote to the Paul’s poison, clear your head, and USE THE HEX!!!!!!!!


I am speechless! I hope she doesn’t fall for this s#%@!!!

Anti Paul Puppet

Why are the only people with balls in the house, the absolute dumbest!!!!! Gaaaah!


Paul makes me sick! He needs to go back to Travelocity where he belongs!


Sorry Cody & Jess fans….the smart thing to do is NOT to use the Hex this week. Not because of Paul’s promises, but because she can’t trust Paul’s promises. If she uses it, she is vulnerable next week. If she still has it next week, then worst case scenario is she makes it to jury. Maybe not $500K, but $1K a week is better than nothing. Cody is just dead weight to her in the game. He alone has made his bed. Time to go.

Kevin……..YOU ROCK! He has always known who Paul really is & has been biding his time. He’s starting to plant the seeds of how dangerous Paul has become. Watch him…..little by little. Small, well placed moves will overcome the boisterous Paul moves.

Kevin FTW!


Paul tells Matt. All w need to do is lie to the girl. I hope that Matt is a bigger person than that and begins to see what a dishonest jerk Paul really is. Hopefully that conversation will raise a red flag with Matt and will start to play the game. Paul is loosing it now. His true colors are rising to the surface. Kevin is ready to make that move. He and Jason are going alone with Paul’s game to get further in the game. Jessica, It’s a trap!!!! Don’t fall for it.


Lol, you think Jessica can hear you?! Honestly it benefits her to go with Paul’s plan. Then she will fall by the wayside as the house fights among themselves. But she’s too stupid to see that. She will fall in her sword for Cody to stay one more week then will quickly get evicted herself. She’s not very bright.


Looks like Cody is wanting out this week to protect her. They will all manipulate the convos to get him to fall on the sword and leave for her this week. Dumbest move, they will kick her out next week. How is it that the minions do not see that they need Cody in the house? He is a bigger target than them every week and Cody will do the dirty work and take Paul out for them. If they don’t let him take Paul out, he will never get out because none of them will do it. I hate to sound cliche and thumbs down all you want but if Cody does leave this week, I honestly have no interest in watching the rest of the season. I am not interested in the Paul show and do not want to waste hours of my life to watch him run the rest Of the show. . I will tune back in for the finale to see.. and kudos to him, at that point he probably deserved to win but I have no interest in seeing it happen the rest of the way.


My fear is that Paul will win the next two Hex curse competitions, if not HOH, because the others will let him win. Then he will have several more weeks of protection. I can’t stand Paul, but he deserves to win. Besides Cody and Jessica, the rest of the house are his “bitches” (Cody called them dogs.), and that credit goes to Paul.


Really just want Jess to use the hex this week so we don’t need to hear about it anymore. I understand Jess wanting to use it to save Cody even if she’s not on the block, but I wish she would reconsider that. Saying Cody has kept her safe is somewhat debatable. She says that, but it could be argued that she wouldn’t have been such a big target if she hadn’t put all her eggs in one basket with him to begin with. He’s a great physical competitor but has no social game, has zero interest in trying to have any social game, and while I believe he doesn’t want to be a detriment to Jess and her game, he is one. I feel like Jess is a good physical competitor and has shown she has good instincts and social ability, and I would love to see her in this game without Cody causing her to second guess her instincts and continually putting a bigger target on her back. The loyalty she has shown to him is commendable, I just think her game without Cody would be stronger and more fun to watch.


Paul is worrying too much. All this is too risky and is going to come back on him. He’s giving me a headache. Now I remember why I hated him so much. I did think he deserved to win his last time on BB…but I hated him. I’ve been rooting for him this game but he has real issues.Evil Paul


I for one wanted Cody back in the house …. only real threat to Paul and why Paul wants him gone so bad. I am disappointed in Cody though. His only strategy seems to be I will win comps and that is all I have to do. Just seems he does not realize you can only save yourself so many times before your luck runs out and you get evicted just like he did previously. Takes people working with you to vote the way you want come eviction time and to help protect you when you are vulnerable. That requires having a social game. Cody has none.

Paul wants to win and is working very hard to make it happen. He understands this is a game for $500k that can improve his life outside the house. He is willingly to do or say pretty much anything to make that happen as any house guest should be if they really want to win the prize. I do not hold the things people say or do in the game against them unless what they do becomes very personal and is done to damage someone outside of the game. Paul has not crossed that line imo. He is just manipulating people to his advantage .. nothing more, nothing less.

The only integrity that really matters is the integrity the house guests have to those they are playing for outside the house. I would lie, manipulate, and backstab to win that prize but that does not mean that is who I am outside of the game. I would just owe it to my family to do everything possible to win the prize for myself and them.


While I love this site, Dawg and Simon, you do the best job ever.. However, I could not read this post as it is all about little Hitler controlling his troops and sending those that don’t agree with him to the gas chambers… (Analogy, people).. Shameful game play to the point I can’t even read it.. Never has this happened before in all my years of being a devoted fan.. Paul’s ego is out of control…