“I thought about a good way for you to repay me… Just get me a really pretty ring..”

9:08pm Hammock Jessica and Cody
Cody – people in that small town are going to be intimidated by you
Jessica – I don’t want them to feel that way..

Jessica – you know how yesterday, you said I gave up 500 thousand dollars for you and you’ll find a way to repay me.. .I thought about it and I thought about a good way for you t6o repay me
Cody – how
Jessica – Just get me a really pretty ring..
Cody – OK

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9:18pm Matt, Raven, Alex and Jason
Speculating about Jessica’s Temptation’s true power.

9:24pm hot tub..

9:30 Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven
Mark – don’t put that baby powder on me.. f* no…
Raven – I’m going to f*ing lose it
Mark – yeah me too

Raven – Go.. GO lick the floor.. Lick your b@lls .. GO IN THE A F*ING CAGE
Raven – Lock him in a cage

Elena – we’re all locked in a cage right now
Raven – A smaller one.. ONE ROOM
Raven – I swear to god Matthew
Matt says sorry to mark
Mark – no worries

9:37pm Elena and Mark
Elena – I don’t like seeing you so sad …
Mark – I’m not Sad… I’m just.. There’s not too much to be happy in this game right now
Elena – you’re sad
Elena – You’re safe, you’re here, you’re going to Jury..
Mark – maybe
Elena – yeah …
Mark – Jury is not that great for me..

9:43pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica says she’s “googled searched” “Several” time and couldn’t find any “sex tapes” from Big Brother US. She found a lot about Big Brother UK. She thinks they turn the cameras off when houseguests have s$x.
COdy – Jessica I pray you’re right.. I cannot have my kid looking at dad on the internet seeing that crap

9:48pm Josh and Elena Storage Room
Josh asking if her and Mark are good
Elena – I mean we’re fonine.. we’re not a thing
Josh =- you guys were never a thing.. somewhat a ting.. why are you not a thing.. if yo don’t mind me asking
leena – we weren’t on the same page and exploring something like that in here is not conducive so i suggested some distance
Josh – Ohhh Mark …. ELENA
Elena – he’s fine..

Elena – it’s not a good environment… if he’s interested in my he can find out more outside.. it’s just not healthy in here…
Elena says mark was interested in her and it’s not a good place to explore a relationship in this environment.

Elena – I enjoy being around him he’s a good guy.. he really really really likes me.. and i’m not in the same level.. i’m slow moving
Josh – so am I

Josh says he’s going to stop with the jokes with Mark right now.
Elena – he’s fine I thin.. all the stuff with you..
Elena says Mark is upset but “he’s fine”
Elena – I never agreed to a showmance.. there was concerns.. it’s not lie he didn’t see this coming..
Elena – maybe everything changes in 3 weeks.

10:08pm Josh, Matt, and Kevin Pool

Josh – you got the best style in the house
Kevin – that’s not saying much most these people dress like monkeys…..

10:22pm Bathroom…
Josh and Kevin joking around.
Kevin – Of all these people to mess with. Why are you going to pick o me
Kevin – Go pick on someone else.
Kevin – You’re going to lose
Josh points at something on Kevin – what is that
Kevin – that’s what that is.. A broken nose … A broken nose (Kevin throws a punch near Josh’s nose)
Kevin – I’ll just hit you where your nose is, your eyes will be watering, you’ll be looking for your mom
Kevin – Mom he hit me
Josh – Mom?

11:00pm Jason, Kevin and Alex
talking about mark showing everyone his unit.
Alex – it was gross
Kevin – We got us three and Paul that’s 4 and Josh.. he’s a dummy but that’s 5.. with Christmas that’s 6
Alex – we’re not going to win this game without Paul’s help.. I think Paul’s honest..

Kevin wants them to put raven up..

11:06pm Mark, Jessica and Cody Hammock
Mark tells them that Elena wants to apart from him. Points out that “Behind Closed doors” she wanted to be apart from him.
Marks wonders what is going on with Elena
Cody actually blames it on Paul says he’s gotten into her head…

Elena joins them… They start joking around..
Mark and Cody say something
Elena – what did you say
Cody – nothing… just a couple dogs out in the yard yo.. (Perfect)
They continue to laugh and joke around..

Joking around, Cody – what the opposite of Sugar daddy
Elena – Stevia Daddy.. (OMG 2 funny)

They got matt….

Jessica’s outfit makes me more a fan..

Some horse play between Raven and matt resulted in raven getting wet… . SHe’s pissed

Raven – you better get f*ing back in the f*ing shower… I’m going to show your D1ck to the world.. I’m going to show your fucking Dick to the World

A battle takes place in the bathroom

11:53pm Matt – things got out of hand…

12:10am – 12:40am bedroom. Elena and Jessica.
Elena – I know that its a better game move for you too to not use it. Regardless of whether you use it or not people will be pissed that you risked their jury. Like its another 8K. Jessica – the pros of not using it …everyone in that HOH room goes after Alex. Cody potentially not getting into another situation. The pros of using it. There are different ways to pay this game. I didn’t come into the house wanting to play a safe game. Winning the grand prize is a bonus for me. I want to make big moves. There are players that I love and respect and want to follow in their footsteps. Its been 40 days and people still can’t get Cody and I out. No one remembers someone floats by I want to make big moves. Jessica – I want to flip this friggen house. I want to actively play this game. The second Paul finds out I’m against him.. I want to plant those seeds. Every single person in this house should see that Paul is their biggest threat. Elena – I’ve said that too, if he is in the final 2 he will win the game. Everyone likes to be liked by Paul. I want to do so much in this house. I don’t care if I get evicted.

12:30am HOH room. Paul and Mark. `
They talk about how crazy Matt and Raven get going after each other. Paul – its going to turn into an actual confrontation. Mark – are they actually hooking up? Matt walks in right there. Mark – I feel like I must be one of the more boring people in the house. Mark heads downstairs.

1am HOH room. Paul, Matt and Raven.
Paul – if we take Cody out, then Jessica is safe for two weeks. If we take Jessica out, then Cody is not safe for the next two weeks. I can make either one happen, it depends on which is the better move. Matt – I think between Raven and myself we have a good influence on Jessica. Raven – if we take out Jessica can you imagine how mad Cody would be? Paul – the only problem is that Jessica would be a vote for him. Paul – if we keep Jessica, then she has the power for two more weeks. Paul tells them about how Jessica has to use the hex before the live vote. Matt – if Jessica wins HOH I think we could get out of that. If Cody does, I don’t think we could. They decide to think about who would be better to keep.

1:38am Backyard. Cody and Jessica.
Cody – they would never leave me in this game. Jessica – if they thought Josh was bad. I would be sitting at home with popcorn. Cody – I will cut open every bag of food in this place and only leave slop. When they go to the diary room to ask for more food I will .. I will terrorize this place. They can’t make me uncomfortable. Jessica – there are what 6 people winning competitions? And they want to say that I took jury away from them? I am sorry but nothing is handed to you in this game.

2am Mark and Elena.
Mark – I don’t know what you want? I am not stupid, I feel like I’m missing something. Maybe I’m wrong but.. Elena – we should count how often you’re wrong. Mark – I am just not seeing what I did has hurt you as a player. I don’t mind being with you if this happens. I don’t know what happened where I am so bad for your game. Its all over my f**king face and I hate it. Elena – I don’t know what to do. I give up on emotional things very quickly. My tank is very small. I get emotionally exhausting very quickly. Paul joins them. Paul – people in the house are getting annoyed with Matt and Raven’s pranks. Its going to turn ugly. Their antics are making them stand out … take this opportunity to not stand out. Its the smart move. You are in the midst of two other showmances f**king up. Have each others back just play parallel. Elena – I am glad I am not the only one that finds Matt and Raven’s pranks annoying. Use this moment to re-acclimate and go the right way. I know you two have my best interest at heart so why would I get rid of you two. Use this moment to change your games.

3:45am Mark and Elena head to bed. Mark – I can’t see anything .. I don’t know if I’m going to the right bed. Elena – get in your bed!

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Elena is a POS


OMGOSH raven was so annoying last nite especially in the bathroom. I don’t think Iv ever noticed that before in her. geez


I hope Elena doesn’t get off the slop for 2 weeks. That will be fun to watch her mood changes LOL…nix the slop change bb


Now Cody is worried about his kid seeing him have sex on camera? Lol too late daddio.

Jess cam junkie

Shit… I would be tryna make another one


He’s so whipped, . . you know he is! rofl Ah youth, lol


Oh crap, I thought you wrote “too late dildo.”

Jennifer Marie is a C*nt

Now Jody is talking marriage….LMFAO!!! These two are ridiculous…


Jessica I can almost understand bc she is 26 (although can’t she see that Cody is a small town, broke as anything, single dad with some SERIOUS issues who can’t afford a box of cracker jacks lets alone the ring inside – does she think he is going to the clubs with her?) – but Cody?! Cody! He is 32 (old enough) and a father – he really has no self awareness or understanding of the world whatsoever. Waaaaaay past time for him to grow up. His daughter is now 5! Where do they find these people? Amazing to watch.

For the love of Jody!

OMG– is this life about clubbing? Jessica understands Cody. They both speak their minds, and one usually compromises for the other. They stick together thru all this bullying in the house (not like Elena). They are the only ones not drinking Paul’s kook-aid. I see a potential couple. If you hate on Cody for the things you listed– I feel sorry for the man you are married to or the man you will prey upon. Cody is a good man who made bold moves & got shit on. He saw Paul’s kool-aid & tried to save the house. Now we have a house suppressed by Paul. It sucks to watch. Bravo for Jessica remaining by his side. I hope they make it!


Seriously? this life isn’t but hers is a very different life style than what his is, and yes it doesn’t make a difference. He is the reason no-one trusts Mark, he threw Mark under the bus, betrayed him. Last night both Mark & Jessica were saying it’s just a game and Cody kept saying, no it’s not, no wonder he sucks at it, he doesn’t even realize he’s playing a game.

Self Awareness

if you believe other people have “serious” issues, I wouldn’t be going around claiming others are not self aware, rather just look in the mirror, that is where self awareness begins.

Bolt Uprite.

Cody doesn’t have enough money to fix his truck, much less buy a pretty ring.


I wonder how many of her “VIP” clients she has asked for a pretty ring from.


I thought this said “too late dildo”…still fitting.


“bb turns the cameras off when ppl have sex.” someone needs to teach jessica how to use google properly.

Paul is a true sociopath. He literally broke up all the couples except for his followers matt and raven.


Matt & Elena didn’t need any help in that regard. As far as Jess and Cody, I am not sure his town let alone his family will like her. Telling him to get her a ring just because she won’t win Big Brother? Ugh!

Matt's only shirt

Yeah, but Matt and Raven are such a non issue. They don’t play Big Brother……EVER.

Kit kat

They need to calm her scream down, send her home, she’s even getting on Kevin’s nerves


It’s called playing Big Brother. Couples are always the target, or at least they should be. Besides, I don’t really see them as a couple. It’s pretty clear it wasn’t like that for her. He probably did Mark a favor at this point.


It’s called playing the game.


Love or hate Jody and their clueless gameplay and lack of social skills … I’m just glad someone’s trying to play the game besides Paul.

Jo Long

So this tells me she went into the house planning on having sex with someone. Otherwise, why would she have googled it.


It’s beyond me how Jessica still believes anything these people say or promise, Really? I hope they vote her ass out for being so stupid!


I can’t stand her or Cody I wish they could be voted out at same time.


That is the one of the best comments I have read so far this season.


Just remember this foolishness brought to you by production. She uses the Hex Thursday or she is a pure idiot. Jess may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but Alex is a complete moron. She basically said the 3(Kevin,Jason) need Paul to get to the end. ROFL You F4 with Paul the 3 will be playing for 50K second place money. The longer the season goes the more stupid most of these HG’s look.

Double eviction coming soon……………. I love doubles 😛


When Paul refused to use the veto to take her off, not just red flags, fucking massive sirens should have been going off for her, I am just totally baffled at these idiots, what the hell are they there this is not Barney and they are not gonna break out singing I Love You are they?


Now the updates are becoming very boring. Jessica, show some balls, you can burn the house down. Otherwise, I can’t find a good reason to continue see these unnecessary updates any more.


Jessica threatening production that we should walk out. She think she is some high and mighty biotch


As she said that, I was thinking “Jess, they will let you all go and not bat an eyelash.”


What? I must’ve missed that. Wow. On top of that she was going to try to barter with them to give them a DR session for Xanax. Crazy. She keeps saying she’s a BB fan, I’m starting to think she’s lying. lol

604 Macho

Not only is Jessica super hot, you can tell she loves to have a great time in the bedroom! Cody is one lucky guy!! She is one of my favorite house guests ever on this show.


Love the truth and rawness of this comment couldn’t argee more

Jennifer Marie is a C*nt

Hot? She’s got a nice figure, but fake tits, fake hair, fake eyelashes, and a shitvpersonality. That barely makes her passable in my book

Bolt Uprite.

Those are not fake tits, not by a longshot. She wants them but she doesn’t have them.


What do you mean? She’s obviously not into hair pulling bc she has none left to spare!!


I thought I was the only that noticed that!!


Hahah does Jessica and Cody know that they post clips or parts such as for example Raven and Matt under the covers and Raven giving him a handjob. You can hear and see it.


Paul ought to use the veto and take Jessica down, then put up anyone else (Matt) just to see how loyal she is to her man…whether or not she will waste her temptation on him or not. We all know that she will, but let her have that choice to make. Hahaha.

Paul over-thought an easy play

If Paul was the masterful player that he is being made out to be,
he would use the veto on Jessica and put Alex up next to Cody.
THEN, see if she’ll use the hex or not.
But Paul is just not that masterful after all…


Paul is not masterful, he’s just out in a house with a bunch of idiots.


Yep….Paul isnt masterful…he is just the village leader


Paul would never be were he is right now if it were not for the others! When it comes to Paul these people have taken supporting cast to the ultimate level! On a side note, hey Simon and Dawg, I do the polls everyday and just today noticed, where is Dawg and Andrews names? Great job guys, by far the best and most informal BB site bar none! =)


Refreshing to see them actually having a decent time amongst eachother. That’s what this game is about. The chips fall where they fall week to week no matter how much you plot and scheme. No need to get nasty. Bunch of grown folk cooling it is a good look. Nurturing relationships make it harder to see them go, but your forever associated with this cast. Make the best of it. So much hate is fueling our nation these days. Prove to those who are culprits to this practice wrong with nothing but good vibes. A platform this big can influence any and all. Set a good example. (Josh)the big teddy bear angle is way more becoming than a tantrum throwing adult, (Xmas)you got it going on; if I heard you say one nice thing about some one else instead of yourself you might of been my favorite, (Paul)your edgy and funny; every time you act like a dick your tryna be something your not. You three have squandered your chance for my support in this game. Now moving forward in your individual lives is a different story.


Meanwhile, Paul is putting Vaseline into coffee.

Bolt Uprite.

Vaseline on the handle of the coffee pot. Big difference. The inventor of Vaseline swallowed a spoonful of the stuff every day and lived to 96.


Matt & Raven are two of the most immature adults I have ever seen, this trashing the house and wasting food, and whatever else they throw at each other is ridiculous and the way she talks to him is so disrespectful, I seriously don’t know how these people were raised, worse than a bunch of toddlers.


Raven’s trashy mouth and her nastiness grows more and more annoying day by day. I am looking forward to watching her sashay her sassy ass out the door sooner rather than later. Wow, this girl is just junk and has become my least favorite person in the house this year.

sunny dee

you people clearly have no ability to see playful bantering

fortunately, matt can


Like if your annoyed of Matt and Raven.

production rigged it

I had high hopes for Alex at the beginning of the season but now she’s nothing more than Paul’s little pathetic lapdog. I saw her on After Dark she told Jason and Kevin that they couldn’t win without Paul helping them and that he really is honest. What an idiot i really hope Kevin and Jason are seriously talking about going after Paul like somebody commented on earlier, if so then maybe Kevin will tell Jessica that Paul and them are lying to her like he let her know last week about the vote. I also saw Paul say something to Elena but i couldn’t hear exactly what he said except that he would be livid. I’m assuming he was talking about if she used the hex to save Cody, It’s funny he can lie and manipulate all he wants but if somebody lies to him oh there’s gonna be hell to pay. What a f-ing hypocrite, hopefully Kevin will tell Jessica so she will use the hex and her, Cody or Mark win hoh and put Paul and Alex up.


Jessica, Your vewiers voted to give you this temptation for a reason. Don’t let them down. Do not give in to Paul’s plan. Keep Cody in the game. He’s a good competitor. Work together to get out the big targets. I think the ring is a sweet thought. Hoping you two can make it work outside the house only if Cody can keep his temper in control.

Jennifer Marie is a C*nt

No, they didn’t really. On every poll she was towards the bottom at that time. BB gave it to her. I don’t believe BB fixes everything thing, but something’s are obvious that they do.


Cody Jess Mark Elena final 4


It is really suspicious. Even though you hear people here and there voted for her, doesn’t seem like a majority. And she was in the bottom half on every poll up to that point – it’s only recently that she’s moved up a little. This is BB, what can you do.

Bolt Uprite.

They won’t get out of August.


I am really hoping Jessica and Cody are going to blindside Paul and his followers, Jessica can’t be dumb enough to trust or believe anything these people tell her.

She shou have insisted Paul use the Veto on her, tell him to tell his followers he had to do that to show good faith, so she would trust him, o nahenwas going to use the Hex.

Then when Jessica is off the block, Paul would put Elena up. During th live show on Thursday nigh, Jessica should stand up and tell Paul there will be no eviction tonight, she is saving Cody & Elena, just like you blew up my HOH, well payback is hell.

Your HOH is now considered null and void, now for your followers who can’t make a decision without getting your approval, maybe now they will see you are not as great
as you think you are.

Maybe now everyone will start playing the game, and hopefully they will Graduate from the school of let Paul lead the way, we need to ban together and work on getting you out of here.

It’s our time for us to go for the $500K, and stop thinking you are. You are not untouchable, It is our goal to make sure you pack your bags and head on home, not jury, go home, you had your opportunity to win last year.

This has been real, and now to use your favorite words of wisdom, “It’s a Game”, it’s our time now, so you need to know you are out of here, the next eviction be prepared to see Julie Chin, tell her we all said hello !!!


@AZMDW029. I was living in that moment! That would be an awesome senario and speech! LOL


In what world does a BB viewer make up dream speeches? Lol! “If I was Jessica I would totally say this!” You and I and every one else have the benefit of seeing every conversation. So no, if you were Jessica you would say that. Just enjoy watching the show and rooting for you “VIP concierge” aka hooker.

Sir Loin of Beef

Oh, you poor empty-headed and pathetic SJW!
You are “so jelly” of Jessica and Cody, your fallopian tubes are ready to explode!
Maybe you should get over YOUR irrational FEAR and HATRED of straight, white, masculine men!


You’re clearly a jealous person! You don’t know here and Concierge does not make her a Hooker. Grow up

sunny dee

it’s an easy deal for paul to make, and the others. he is excluded since he can’t play HOH for the upcoming week, and that deal keeps himself safe from jessica if she gets it. it also excludes jason and alex and josh from targeting her, so simple enough for anyone else to ‘lose’ the hoh comp to any one of them. even so, her hex works for the following week so it wouldn’t even be worth trying to get her out, because of the hex so again, easy promise to make


@AXMDW0219. I was going to post something but you did it for me. I would add that she should say ‘to the 8 of you who think Paul will get you to the final two, Don’t be stupid!! Who will he actually stick with and lose to, you Alex? you Kevin? you Christmas? you Josh? you Matt? you Jason? you Raven? ‘ Time to shake up the game so everyone has a chance to win, not just Paul.


What a beautiful dream… lol there is always hope. We shall see:)


Elena bugs the hell out of me. Her gameplay is non-existent, her voice and mannerisms are annoying and those fake lips???? She’s like a dollar store version of a blow-up doll.


Don’t even go there. The fake person here is Jessica. This fake b wants a ring? From a guy she just met 30 DAYS AGO???!!! Idiot. Did you not see how Cody lives his life? He’s a country, marine-shooting boy WITH A DAUGHTER and Jessica spends all her money on clothing, eyelashes, hair, and those beat-up Louboutins. Go ahead and live in Cody’s life…. that will last all of 30 days.


I like Josh.


Oh Mimi, I thought I was the only one! Josh CAN be annoying and loud and rambunctious but he is ALL heart. He loves his family and gets berated for it like it’s a bad thing? You can tell he was raised with love, he has sincere empathy and is totally forgiving. He is obviously being prompted to act the fool so he complies and it will, in the end, cost him the game.


Give jess credit. She sees right through Pauls BS. To bad all the other idiots cant see it.


Raven is the healthiest dying girl ive ever seen.


Paul sure is a know it all. Stfu dude. This midget is gunna win it all. Hes nobodys target.


Tonight’s show during the HoH – Paul says to Jason and Alex, ” If I do this ( putting Jody on the Block ), you better have my back next Week, or I am going to punch you all in the mouths next Week.” If this was any other Season of BB Paul would have been called out by BB for threats of physical Violence. He didn’t say it about 2 people he said it directly to 2 people – There is a difference !!! But because the producers licks his ass he gets away with everything in that House.
Jessica will use that Hex on Thursday, I have no doubt about that, because Paul has no intention of pulling her off the block with the Veto. She has no guarantee that they won’t Vote her out over Cody and she has to use the Hex before voting starts. I hope when she uses the Hex she tells Paul ” You should have kept your promise to me and used the Veto on me and replaced me with Alex !!! ” – If she does that it will shock Paul but also PLANT a seed of doubt in Alex and Jason’s mind.

Kid Rock

This is getting real boring! Nobody is playing the game except Paul. No moves are being made on the sly! Their is no secret alliances with code names. It’s just been one Big Paul jerk fest!

Jennifer Marie is a C*nt

No it won’t, because he shared all that with Alex already. Paul can easily mend any lie if Jessica’s because no one believes or trusts her that “VIP concierge”, lol


I really think Cody doesn’t need to be in that game. Like Jessica said he was in the marines and he is conditioned a certain way. I don’t know if Cody is capable of separating personal with just a game .


Yall really think bb is gonna let Paul go home lmao Bb is trying make Paul the best player in bb history and it’s lame as hell cuz everybody in said there fav past houseguest was Paul so they all up on his jock and it’s worst season ever. The only thing to make it better is for Jessica and Cody too last longer in the game. Thanks bb for screwing this season up

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

My biggest wish is for the houseguests to figure out Raven is a scammer before it’s too late. If they do and boot her out it will make this the best season ever for me.


Episode Elena says she doesn’t want to look stupid for letting a showmance ruin her game.
Feed Elena jumps from slurping with Mark literally to sluping with Paul figuratively to flirting with Josh. Yeah, wouldn’t want to look stupid when you can look trashy instead.
At this Point TerminalRaven has a disease (whose mortality rate is not deemed significant unless in cases where the idiopathic syndrome is combined with diabetes wherein the patient used drug protocols without a permanent device ), a genetic abnormality (for which she doesn’t show any of the predominant corresponding health issues researchers credit to said genetic abnormality in 90 % of cases), as well as being a Mensa member and having an abusive relationship in her past…. at what point does she reveal she’s batman?
I get the feeling the storyline is shifting. In order to break monotony, Paul will possibly make an error that imperils him, but does so with indirect consequences. The storyline will require Paul to look endangered without actual risk to himself. Paul will not keep his earlier word to Jason. Jason will stay on the block. Additionally, Paul will not nominate Elena as he promised Kevin. No. That doesn’t make sense. Paul will gamble his favorite pawn Alex. She’ll take the fall in order to make Paul look endangered. Then he’ll win the temptation safety next week (probably by getting the rest of the house not to participate).
Okay, it’s only a premonition. But if I were in the editing and storyline department, and i were trying to advance storyline without actually endangering Grodner’s prize pet…


Not to mention the Mensa member has a GPA in dance and business (face palm). If Raven was in an abusive relationship, that could explain her behavior towards Matt, with all the hitting and slapping. It may be fun and games now, but my advice to Matt would be to run. . . as fast and as far away as possible.

I truly admire and respect Cody’s service. May God bless him and all our vets. However, Jess said he has trust issues because of his experiences. Understandable. But, should that be a reason to keep him in the game? Not any more than Raven’s health issues. The winner of BB should not be the person with the saddest sob story, but the person with a great social game and strategy.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Raven’s story is not sad, the majority of it is fake. Hoping for a banner to tip off the houseguests.


No, you keep Cody in the game because he’s Paul’s biggest threat.


I’m not a Raven fan but I don’t know why people are saying she is a scammer. Where did this information come from and if you say on the internet- you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. The fact of the matter is Raven does have to wear a pace maker. How would you like to wear a pace maker in your stomach because your stomach is paralyzed?!? You can clearly see she has a pace maker.

Juliana from New York

In 2009 Raven and her crock pot mother were on tv, at that time she had 1 to 2 years left on earth. It’s 2017!!!! I’m an RN and have been for the last 4 years. I’ve had a few patients with Ravens disease, and Raven is over exaggerating her sickness. She shovels EVERYTHING in her mouth. She said herself that she throws up 14 times a day, have anyone seen her throw up once? She’s full of shit. Her mother is wacko. Raven seems beyond off also. Her many different voices are beyond annoying. She’s a fake


Paul snuck down to the kitchen last night and put Vaseline INSIDE the coffee filter.

There’s the great hero so many casual fuckwits love.

Paul is scum

Douchebag should be horsewhipped.

Bolt Uprite.

Something wrong with that?


The comments from this group of houseguest have to be barnone, the worst.

Alex – we’re not going to win this game without Paul’s help.. I think Paul’s honest..

Homey Clause

I knew Jessica was not thinking straight with Cody around, but she has OFFICIALLY ruined her game and chance at any real money on BB AND she has ruined her personal life for the foreseeable future while she marries Cody and subsequently has the worst 6 months of her life with a loser who is dumber than Mark. It’s one thing to be able to predict her marriage will only last 6 months (that’s easy to predict) but she will probably be pregnant and abused all within 6 months and then wonder what happened to her. It’s hard to watch someone’s life about to take a really bad turn and everyone else sees it except her. However, after reading she preplanned having sex on live TV (Kardasian-like), Cody point blank telling Jessica he is not going to change, and everyone around her saying not to hook her game to Cody, she is a big girl and she deserves what is coming. I’m starting to think Jessica joined BB for many other reasons than to win????


You are ridiculous…this is a game!!! Holy crap some people. Saying she’s going to be avusedby Cody on the outside. Is probably the dumbest thing I’ve read on here. He hasn’t shown ANY signs of physical violence to her. So he got heated with a cast member? It happens on the show. Get over yourself

Homey Clause

Hey Pancake and Syrup
No one thinks if Raven married Matt that there would be violence… but how come a large percentage of people think Cody would abuse Jessica? Just stating the obvious. In addition, look at the evidence of how bad Cody’s judgment is and continues to offer his bad judgment. That’s why I said Jessica’s a big girl because she continually falls for this and to top it off asks for a “ring” after just 40 days on a TV show. I’m starting to think Cody has better judgment than Jessica.


I don’t think there is a large percentage of
People thinking he would abuse her. I think it’s a bunch of over dramatic people who get waaaaay to sucked into these shows, and start Believing stupid shit. Will Kirby is the best example. He went into big brother playing one way..and even Shannon who he dated after the show broke up with him and said it was because he was completely different outside the house, quiet and shy…so what I mean is just because someone is one way ON TV does not mean that’s who they are in real life. Saying someone is going to abuse someone is super far fetched and beyond ridiculous in my opinion

The Large Percentage Of People

We are wrong in many cases, just people “other” people do it doesn’t mean you have to believe or follow it. Be a leader, not a follower!

The Large Percentage Of People

Don’t take Big Brother seriously, its scripted entertainment. If people get so frustrated with these “characters” then they only need to look in the mirror and ask who the “real” fool is.


That Large Percentage Of People


WOW! You can tell all that from just a TV show? You must be psychic.

The Real Question Is

Why do you really care about Cody/Jess? Maybe TMZ is more your style if you just want to bash others and pick apart with all your assumptions. It is clear that you Homey Clause are insecure. Only the insecure bring up the lives of other people because they don’t know how to live their own. You have quite the imagination towards violence though.


Jessica has the right instincts (why should I want to make the people in the house happy, what have they done for me) but may not follow them. She trusts Elena far too much.


“Jessica – Its been 40 days and people still can’t get Cody and I out.” Paul did him out, that still counts, Cody won a Battle Back to get back in the game.


I say vote Jessica out if she doesn’t use the Hex (since my understanding is it must be used prior to the voting) – the let Cody crumble. he wouldn’t be able to focus on an HOH comp after that blind side. That would be worth watching. Come on Paul, Alex, Kevin, Jason, Christmas, Josh, Raven and Matt……”think” damn it. You know Cody will explode and I love the blind sides. Hello it’s Survivor in a house! Out play, out wit, out last. It’s a freaking game! Once they get rid of those two then Mark/Elana and then it will be fun to see how that group figures out how to get rid of Paul. Love him (yes I know he plays dirty but again it’s a game). But he makes it to final 3 – he will make final two and win – not a bad thing. I know many of you like Cody and Jessica but sorry – really bad social game, they isolate, and they are boring. If I want to watch porn I’d find another network. And their comments are just stupid “put a ring on it” um really – and not wanting “his kid” to see him having sex on tv – again Really?

Backseat Driver

On the bright side….I think Elena’s lips are getting smaller!


No she’a just getting bigger

Sir Loin of Beef

I know. But her a&& is getting bigger! I always knew she was full s**t!


Yea that comment by Alex is mind blowing! I had hopes for her, Kevin and Jason to pull together the “outsiders” to get rid of Paul and his group as well as Cody and Jess. No they get rid of Dom, they get rid of Ramses, both of which might have been a number to form an alliance to take on what has formed as Cody, Jess, Mark, Elena VS Paul, Matt, Raven X-Mas and Josh. She appeared to have the most knowledge of the game besides Paul but now she is just following the piper (he ran her HOH) Kevin and Jason see it so there is a small hope there but we would see if they got HOH what they were really made of. Matt and Raven need to get the boot. No game and just lame. She and her fake sickness makes her one of the least favorite of all time I think. She thinks she is playing the game I am looking forward to some of these people on the block. Watch them squirm a bit. When and if Josh realizes he is the never ending pawn and butt of their jokes maybe Paul will get some pots and pans himself? We can only hope

Use the hex!!!!!!!!!!

America gave Jessica the hex. Not using it would be a slap in the face to America.

Sir Loin of Beef

America gave it to her.
We HATE dictators, especially your messiah, Paul (Pot)
We trust that she is the right person to permanently take out of the game, your puggy, little, spinach-chinned cult leader and putz extraordinaire , Paul!


Wow, did Paul steal your cookie or something? Smh. It’s a tv show, calm down.


Production gave Jessica the Hex. It was a set up.


Another great Jessica delusion:
‘No one gets anything handed to them’.



There is Noooooooo way RAVEN passed the pych test!! Seriously this girl has major issues! You’d swear there giving her meds half the time and shes off them the other half. Did you guys see her on after dark??? How do the others handle that shit? Plus shes super annoying thinking shes the hottest thing alive and her voice. Shut the fuck up!


Jess is going this week and The fireworks after will be great!


I want to see Cody go off if she leaves the house. That would be worth keeping him around another week. She would have to be the dumbest woman alive to try to manipulate this situation just to keep from using the hex this week.

Don't Put Shit Down The Drain

Is Victor going to be called in to clean out the f’ing shower drain again.


Random “Thot”: Time to air up the “Jessica-esque” blow-up doll and send it over the wall in the backyard.


Houseguests PLEASE grow a pair and take out Paul! He’s not only running the entire show but playing an unnecessarily dirty game. Hes playing with peoples minds and their lives.


you seriously think the way he is playing the game is going to damage any of them in their every day lives? really? lmao!


Hope she doesn’t use the hex and gets sent packing… Cody Cruise would go kamikaze mode and the house would be on fire! hahaha


I knew Paul was going to pull this chit on Jess, he knows the best move for HIS game is to take her out this week cause he then removes not one but two threats to his game, Jess and the hex! I mentioned it a couple days ago, and a few people told me that would never happen, his disdain of Cody is just way too strong! Well I believe Paul wants to win so badly he would evict his own mother right now! I am not sure there is enough room in the BB house for both Paul and his ego! The way he tells people that he has the power to make anyone of them disappear is sooo hard to watch!

Haters will always hate

I don’t know what the hate is about Cody and Jessica falling for each other? Out of the 3 couples I think they seem the most real. She stuck by him till the end and he asked her to be his gf. It doesn’t matter how long someone knows each other if there is a connect then there is a connect. There are BB couples are married and have babies now ( Jordan & Jeff – Rachel and Brandon). I didn’t see mark and Elena a couple, the girl was strong him along and a hoe it seems like, and matt and raven are not cute and don’t see them working out.

Fruit Loop Mingus

Now that Josh is back on his meds and Paul seems to feel safe in the house the comments section is more entertaining than what has been going on in the house. The Matt and Raven drama is old. Thursday needs to hurry up and get here so they can vote Jess off already cause if she stays up with Cody that is what will happen for sure. The writing is on the wall then Cody will do something for him to be self evicted and then no double eviction. If Paul orchestrates that move Paul should seal his fate once they get out the last of the outsiders. But knowing this cast they will say how they have to take Paul to the finals.

Bolt Uprite.

From bullied to fatty to beefcake to slop, Mark is incredibly needy. It is painful watching him follow Elena around like a whipped puppy.

Josh's Pots and Pans

I want more Pots and Pans updates.

Must see more banging of pots and pans. Wake up the whole kit n kaboodle about 3 hours into their deep sleep, and break out the pots and pans.

Have Josh stand in one place yelling ” I stole a pot ! , I stole a pot ! “, while beating it with a spatula.

Paul's Beard

Why did Jessica ‘moon’Raven in the bathroom? Because she is mad at her or just to be rude?


wet fart protection: remove thee shorts, let it happen, wipe

A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

Don’t worry Jessica. After Cody leaves the house there are still a number of people who will bone you.

Paul's Beard

Why did Jessica “moon” raven in the bathroom? To be ruse or because she hates her?

No ass Jessica

Jessica has a nice body if you like your women with an ass the size of a chihuahua.


Is the ass you’re describing the size of a whole chihuahua, or just the size of a chihuahuas ass?


I just can’t with this season….Jessica just caught Raven and Jason doing what she thought was a secret handshake thing, she confronted Raven about it, Raven tried to explain, but Jessica wasn’t hearing that nonsense. Of course they go to Papa Paul and tell him about it, he TELLS Raven to CRY….SHE DOES, then Jason goes and tells Jessica and Cody that Jessica made Raven cry, JEssica said she didnt care. Are you kidding me??? Are these people so mindless they do whatever PAul tells them, WOW, just WOW.