Aaryn says Yup, there’s a Jew, Candice and Howard on the block and I’m the racist!

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Howard, Candice, Amanda (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


12:40am Up in the HOH room – Andy, Aaryn, Gina, McCrae and Amanda are talking. Aaryn asks I wonder if the black fish is in heaven. McCrae heads downstairs. Amanda says she thinks McCrae is pissed. Andy asks about? Amanda says that this is even being considered. Aaryn says that she is too, because when you get nervous you suck. Andy says here is the thing Ginamarie, me, McCrae and Helen. Even if Judd and Elissa, and Jessie all flip (With Spencer) it’s a tie vote and Aaryn breaks it. Done right! Amanda says it shouldn’t even get to that point. Do you know how hard it was to get Howard up on the block? Aaryn says not hard. Amanda says hard. Gina asks so why didn’t someone get Judd to put Howard up on the block? Amanda says we tried to, he wouldn’t do it. Amanda says before that Elissa was supposed to and she wouldn’t do it. All I talk about is wanting Hoard on the block and it’s just ironic that I am up on the block with him and Candice. Andy says Ginamarie you hate Candice so much. Aaryn says Yup, there’s a Jew, and Candice and Howard on the block and I’m the racist. Amanda says oh get over it, no they do not! Everyone sees the truth. Aaryn says yeah but you see how it looks. Amanda says and she will use it to. Aaryn says she will. Amanda says Candice asked to borrow my tweezers, and I said yes. I wished that she would slip and fall and they would stab her in the eye. Gina says yeah I like that. Amanda says you’re going to sit there and plot against me and then ask me to borrow my tweezers?! Amanda says just takes my shit and wears it like my ugg boots, my sandles. She wears the sh*t out of them too with her camel a$$ feet. Aaryn says I hate her so much.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Amanda and Andy head downstairs. Judd joins them. Aaryn says that spencer said that if the votes to go to a tie then Spencer says he was going to make a speech and threaten me by saying the whole house would be against me if I voted him out. Judd says that he doesn’t think Big Brother would even give him time for a speech to say something. Aaryn says if I were to get naked and jump on your face they would probably just cut to fish. Judd heads downstairs. Aaryn tells Elissa that she doesn’t care what people say Howard is going home. Elissa and Aaryn are talking about how Jessie is sliding through this game. Aaryn says if she keeps doing this she will slide to the end. Elissa agrees and says Jessie is sneaky in how she throws names out there for her benefit. Aaryn says her mind has changed about Judd since hearing about him wanting to take Jessie farther than me. Elissa agrees and says that this is the season of the girls. Elissa says that all the girls outshine the guys like a million percent. Aaryn says I feel like we control things. There is definitely going to be two girls in the end for sure, we already outnumber the guys. They start talking about the racial slurs. Aaryn tells Elissa that she wouldn’t say racial slurs because it would be dangerous once she left and she wouldn’t do that. Aaryn says that she got caught in the middle of being a mean girl because she thought people were against her. Aaryn says that she was just trying to fight back. I am young and still learning. Elissa says I didn’t have any emotions towards you, I just wanted to stay away from you. I don’t need that in my life, I have a family. Elissa tells Aaryn that she is glad that we can move past it all and that you’re willing to move on. Elissa says that she doesn’t have anything against Aaryn and that they can move forward and play the game together.
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1:50am In the lounge room – McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Judd are laughing and joking around. Amanda says oh my god Judd, you should take Ginamarie’s stuff and hide it under Candices’ blanket. Judd says put Nick’s hat hanging out of Candice’s bag. They talk about how Andy put a tampon in the Vaseline and Elissa threw it all away. Judd says it should be our mission to drive Ginamarie insane. Amanda says you should take a handful of Vaseline and slap in on Gina’s face right before the music in the morning. Andy says or put Nick’s hat on Candice’s head while she is sleeping. They laugh about how Gina would go ballistic. Aaryn and Gina join them. Aaryn comment that Amanda has a brown stain on her butt. Amanda says yeah that was the period stain that didn’t come out.


2am Andy and Gina head into the storage room. Andy says that he just wanted to talk to her and make sure she was solid because he talked to Spencer and he was like I talked to Gina and she wants Amanda out so bad. Gina laughs. Andy says that him and Howard said that you were fired up about it, so? Gina laughs and says first of all I talked to Spencer for like 2 minutes and he just talks, you can’t even get a word in edgewise. Gina says they said that, before all of this with Kaitlin, that Aaryn was talking to Amanda about how Aaryn might stay over me. Andy says but I think they were talking about tonight that you said we have to get Amanda out! Gina says no, no, no, I don’t say things like that. Gina says I talk to Helen and whatever she is doing, I am doing. Andy says okay we all just need to stay cool then. Gina says if anything I will lead him to believe that I guess. Andy gives her the thumbs up and says yeah, yeah! Gina says then last minute I will tell him sh*t’s changed.

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2:10am Out in the backyard – Gina, Spencer and Howard are talking on the couche. They are talking about the votes for this week and wanting to doing something bold and going after Amanda. Spencer tells Gina that if Howard goes home this week then, I will be next and you’ll be the week after that. Spencer says that next week it will only take four people to evict someone. Spencer says the other side of the house will have the numbers to evict whoever they want if we don’t take the numbers. Gina says she wants to make sure Judd and Andy are on board for sure. Gina says that we need to make sure Jessie will vote with us. Spencer tells Ginamarie that she needs to work on Aaryn this week and make her distrust the people on that side. Gina says I wish that Kaitlin was still here. Spencer agrees and says he wishes she was here too because then I would have won HOH. They talk about the vote from last week and how they couldn’t change anything because the house had decided to keep Aaryn. Spencer says if I stand up during the live show and call out Aaryn about the people she has deals with and how they aren’t trustworthy. Spencer asks Gina if she will stand up too and tell Aaryn to do the right thing. Gina says that she is worried about Andy being with the other side. Spencer and Howard tell her that he isn’t really with them. Spencer says we can offer him a chance to be an important part of an alliance and not just a number. Spencer says not to talk to Andy or Judd about the plan to evict Amanda until Thursday so that there isn’t a chance for Amanda to save herself. Spencer tells Gina to tell them she wants Amanda out but pretend she doesn’t know about any actual plan to evict her. Gina says that she doesn’t understand how three or four people in this house have taken over the whole game. Howard agrees and doesn’t get how those people think they get decide how far you can go in this game.


2:35am Meanwhile in the bedroom – Helen, Elissa Candice are talking. Helen tells Candice that she is safe. Helen talks to Candice about the plan to vote Howard out. They talk about how Howard is a really sweet guy. Candice says that he is good person and that she wants to enjoy her last couple days with him. Helen tells Candice that everyone loves her. Helen tells Candice that she needs to win HOH. Candice says she wants to and to be able to get the letter. They discuss the past events of the house. Andy comes by and Candice tells him jokingly to keep her name out of his mouth. Andy says that he won’t and that her name has been in his mouth all day. Candice then gets up and chokes Andy. They laugh about it and decide to go to bed.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

2:50am Up in the HOH room – Amanda, McCrae and Andy are talking. Amanda says that she trusts Aaryn now because she followed through with putting up Howard and Spencer on the block when it didn’t really benefit her. Amanda says that Aaryn wanted to put up Candice and Elissa. Amanda says that the next two days we need to stay close to everyone and make sure Howard doesn’t have a chance to talk people into convincing them to keep him. McCrae tells Amanda that she can’t be the one to talk anymore because he doesn’t want it to look like Amanda is calling the shots to evict Howard. Amanda agrees. Andy says I can’t believe Howard and Spencer think you are aligned with Helen and Elissa over me. Andy says it’s done, Howard is going home. Andy says that he thinks Gina is solid with her vote to evict Howard too. Andy heads to bed. Amanda tells McCrae that we can trust Aaryn. McCrae says that he is worried that it will come down to a tie on Thursday and Aaryn will break the tie and send Amanda home. Amanda says that Aaryn trusts her more than anyone in the house. McCrae says that he doesn’t think Judd would flip on them. McCrae says that if he does he will go after Judd and that he will become McCrae’s number one target over Spencer/Howard.

3:10am In the lounge – Aayrn, Judd and Ginamarie are talking. Aaryn starts talking about what she will tweet for her HOH tweets. Aaryn jokes and asks if she should do a tweet that says white power? Judd tells her not too. Aaryn tells them that she was joking and starts laughing. Aaryn says that she wishes she had a hoodie and starts talking about the confederate flag. Aaryn says that people think it’s racist. Judd says that he just thought it was just a Southern thing. Aaryn says that she thought that too but isn’t sure. Aaryn says you can’t do anything, you can’t breathe or you’re racist. Aaryn starts talking about how much she hates Candice. Aaryn says that when she is sleep deprived she doesn’t filter her words. Judd heads to bed. Gina tells Aaryn about the vote this week and says that she wants to get Amanda out. Gina says that if we don’t McCrae, Amanda, Elissa and Helen will make it to the final four. Aaryn tells Gina that she wants Candice out so bad. Aaryn tells Gina that to stay in the house you have to be fake best friends with everyone. Aaryn tells Gina to get on Amanda’s good side you have to tell her everything you know about what’s going on. Gina says that she doesn’t want to be a rat. Aaryn says that Ian Terry (BB14) was a rat and he won. Gina heads to bed.
3:30am – 5am Aaryn talks with Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn tells them that Judd is acting weird. She says that she has been hitting on him and she says that he doesn’t responding to her. Amanda laughs. Aaryn says that he used to respond to her. She says that she jokingly told him she wants to bang him in the shower and she says that he just got up and went to bed. They discuss how Judd is acting weird. Aaryn says that she is worried that the vote will be a tie and all the blood will be on her hands. She says that it wouldn’t really matter because Howard would be gone. Aaryn tells them that Gina told her that Spencer and Howard really want Amanda out. She says that that they were told Gina if Amanda doesn’t go then everyone will just be picked off in the house. Aaryn tells Amanda and McCrae that she thinks she convinced Gina not to believe what they were telling her and for her to stick to the plan to evict Howard. Amanda is pissed that Gina is questioning it. Aaryn says that she was just worried. McCrae agrees. McCrae tells Aaryn that he totally trusts her and tells her that she is bad a$$ in this game. They talk about the MVP and speculate on how some of the cast may or may not be related to past house guests. They continue to talk about random things and then head to bed.


9:45am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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Amanda making fun of Elissa “She talks like she has autism”, then gives her impression of
an autistic person while imitating Elissa’s voice. This was neither gameplay nor strategy.
I now officially believe it would be a shame if Amanda makes it much further in this game,
and a crime if she won it. Since it doesn’t look like Amanda will be ejected next eviction,
I hope the producers are working on a major twist to shake up this little group of haters.

On a better note, Simon and Dawg, you two do a superb job, thanks for the outstanding BB recaps.

Oh Well

I am a big fan of Big Brother. I like to see the battle of wills, strategy and emotions play out. However, I am greatly disappointed in this season. This has just been one hate filled season. Frank or Boogie on their worst days last season never referred to a woman as a c##t. CBS got a ratings bonanza with all this hate and racial tension, that they in many ways created. Controversy sells, so I expect that they will double down and have more of it next season. However, I won’t be a fan. I will watch through this season, although I am finding it hard to root for anyone. But I will not watch another hate filled season next year. You will lose me as a fan…..it will be time to move on.


I myself will not be looking at another season.Rating are not important when someone’s feeling are bring hurt. The racial slurs really need to stop. All I can do is pray for Aaryn because when sje leave the BB house all hell is going to break loose.Life will never be tje same gor her.

Girl, Interrupted

According to Moonves – the comments made on BB reflect how many people feel… Well then Mr. Moonves, will you show America this one?

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

someone needs to fly a plane over the house when they are in the back yard with a big sign that says:

vote out amanda


What time did she say that? I’d like to look it up. My autistic peeps can then blow up CBS with calls and emails

Girl, Interrupted

HOH room 4:20am – at least that’s what my sources tell me!


Yep its there, at 4:20 am


And what about Hockey fans?

Dog Days

Are you serious? When was that? (I stopped watching the feeds for three days now.) Is there no end to her vile mouth? Imagine if a little person was in the house or a war vet playing with an artificial limb? And Amanda lovers think she makes the show exciting? Only thing that makes it remotely exciting is hoping she’ll be evicted.


Amanda is a f****** bitch!!!! Doesnt she know there’s an autism epidemic in this country? How low can you go, bitch. I hope they get the votes to send this bitch home.


They should rename their little crew #TheRacistBrigade

racists and bigots supporting each other

Oddly enough, this is a microcosm of what happens in the real world. Sad and disgusting really.

shout out to LSA ..


If CBS gives us MVP again, we need to continue to put up Amanda. The length she goes to to make fun of so many group of people are making her worse than Aaryn. CBS won’t even show her making fun of people so we need to keep showing CBS how we feel. Can someone please start a petition on Amanda or send a clip to TMZ?

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

everyone you know it MUST be done – amanda has got to go

we have to be relentless in continually voting her as 3rd nom until evicted

amanda is blatantly offending many different groups of people via racism (including jokes about swastikas and gas masks, and that asians cant drive and are good at maths) and homophobic comments and has talked about killing a fellow house guest and raping her – and shitting on ones face as a sign of disrespect – now she is joking about autism and wanting candace to get stabbed in the eye…amanda is a trashy disrespectful mean spirited bully and she does not deserve the air time she gets, and is not deserving of being on the show – she should not be paid a cent for her appearance, or give what she is paid to charity

we have to unite to get this disgusting person out of the game as she is now aligning with aaryn the other major racist in the house, and forced aaryn to target the two african americans of the house

if this behaviour goes on, who knows the show might get cancelled

everyone on twitter tweet julie chen and let her know what you think of amandas behaviour and why they dont talk about it on the talk like they did with aaryn

if enough people complain to cbs hopefully they have the balls to show what amanda is really like rather than the ridiculous squeaky clean golden edits she gets…we need to let cbs know that we dont want to watch a player behave in this way, and many people have cancelled feeds

as we did last week, tell everyone you know to vote as many times for amanda as 3rd nom as possible each week – or vote spencer or candace (or jess or judd) as mvp if thats what the vote is to maximize the chance amanda gets nominated

american fans and all those bb fans from other countries that visit here please help maximize the chances that amanda gets evicted by voting her onto the block so the house guests hopefully full force kick her out the door


How does Amanda get away with so many hate filled comments ?


Oh please, let Spencer make a big speech before evictions and then Howard is voted out. That would show what a real d$8che bag he really is. Spencer said “whoever joins them he’ll be the loudest most obnoxious d!ck head in the house to keep the target on him. Everyone can stand behind him while he leads the charge.” Everyone already thinks you are the most obnoxious d&ck head in the house, no worries there, but please seal the deal with an arrogant and nasty speech, please!!!!


Amanda needs to FRIGGIN go home already, they can always pluck off Howard, Spencer, and Candice. This would be their perfect opportunity. The “Autism” comments take the cake, insensitive see you next Tuesday.


how weird — some ppl overlooked the racist comments but the autistic comments REALLY TAKE THE CAKE? ..REALLY???

it’s all disgusting — I can’t wait until they all get dragged on twitter and in the real world once they get out of the house.. ..I’m sure it’s not going to be the popularity contest they’d hoped for.


Can someone please make a video of Amanda saying a variety of things about different groups and put that on youtube?


It’s already on YouTube. But it has all of them on there

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

google youtube BB15 Bigotry Supercut

and youtube Amanda Zuckerman Talks About Killing Elissa

there are far more things she has said not included on the supercut including the swastikas and gas mask comment, and stabbing in the eye, and autism jokes, all from this week, and asian racist song she was singing week one

its like she is on a mission to try get the show taken off the air

by far the most disgusting and disrespectful individual i have ever seen on any big brother anywhere in the world


Did Amanda really make fun of disabled kids ?

Dilly Sauce

Alright people stir some stuff up. Cant stop yawning.


It’s actually disgusting how much they backlash on Candice. I understand if they dislike her, but what they say about is on a whole another level. I really don’t like Spencer but I would love to see the power in the house shift to Howard/Spencer/Candice just because of how vicious the “goof troop” is.


So the racist wants to tweet “White Power”.
This season is getting from bad to worst…very little game play and a whole lot of hating.
Make it stop please.


Is she not allowed to joke around?


No Aaryn can’t joke and if you cannot figure it out she made the comment because those nominations are not hers she was just following Helen, Elissa and Amanda’s orders and the other nomination was America. Geez, people do you not watch the show at all. Aaryn did not make the nominations she just did as she was told and she had no choice but to put Candice up because all of the other fools are in the Super Alliance and no way could she put them up as pawns or they would go off on her like the crazy people they already are. That is what she meant that she was not the one pulling the strings Helen, Elissa and Amanda are, and yet she is called the racist one.


I do not think it is Elissa is part of the pulling the strings – that would be Amanda and Helen…


Helen gave Aaryn a choice….throw the HOH comp or let the “house” chose the nominees.
If Aaryn had a backbone she would have not only won but put up who she wants….I think she wants those nominees she is perfectly fine with it.


I think they are jealous of Candice. I also think the Aaryn should have listened to Howard and shaken things up. This puppet stuff is boring. Also to CBS, I understand that controversy sells, but for individuals to be continually offense to multiple groups is unacceptable. If violence is not tolerated (and someone can be removed for a head butt) why is this?


Aaryn just wants to make it to jury. She actually likes Howard but she wanted to keep her promise to Helen. Helen and Amanda are the ones that wanted Howard up or do you not watch the feeds. It wasn’t Aaryn that was all Helen and Amanda.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

Aaryn has the opportunity to keep the 2 african americans safe and send the biggest racist in the house amanda home

whether she does it or not is another story


Individuals jokes tend to have actual meaning and truth to their real feelings


Sorry but what is funny about that? Where is the joke in talking about White Power, confederate flags,Nappy hair, calling a black woman “girl” … maybe my sense of humor is off, but this girl is as serious as a case of syphilis!


She wonders if the black fish will go to heaven. No Aaryn, only the wonderful white fish make it there. She knows how she’s being portrayed as she says yet she still says this shit, thats how you know her words come from the heart. Can’t be mad if its who she is. Sad though


Good Grief people, do you not understand that it was a joke because of all the racist crap going on. Geez, people it was made in a joking matter, and not meant to be taken seriously. Guarantee that CBS and BB will use it against her. As for Candice, yes I am sure some of the girls are jealous of her that she was Miss LA USA and Teen and on Oprah but the majority of that comes from Gina Marie. I mean did you hear her say I was on Tyra, big deal, after Aaryn told her that Candice was on Oprah. Also, I am sure that Candice has a lot of problems that she deals with because she is adopted such as abandonment issues and probably why she acts the way she does. Women are catty all the time around other women and that does not necessarily mean is is about race, and do not forget that Jeremy started the whole problem with blaming the hat issue on Candice and do not think that has been fixed. Just wish Aaryn and Candice and Howard could sit it a room for minutes and iron out all of the lies and then work together to get the racist, Amanda, out!


If I’m not mistaken, Spencer made up the hat lie.


I agree with some of your comment.. Aaryn has made and continues to make insensitive comments regarding race. I believe she is aware of the weight her comments makes, I also believe she feels guilty, and projects her guilt on to Candice who called her out. Aaryn continuously state that she hates Candice to anyone that would listen. Why does she hate Candice? Maybe because she now looks bad in the eyes America. She makes random comments that Howard and Candice have a strong fan base. Her issue with Candice is jealousy and envy, deadly characteristics. Amanda is a bully and mean spirited. Aaryn and Jessie are attracted to Amanda’s personality which speaks volumes. Birds of a feather flock together. Amanda issue with Candice is that she cant control her like she the other women in the home. CBS should be ashamed of themselves for these group of individuals.


Amanda has talked about murdering people and gang raping people in there . And she goes into detail how she will do these things .


Why would anyone joke about something like that ? Aaryn sounded so hate filled when she made that comment ?

Jim Whiteman

What’s up, my niggards?! All I have are thumbs-downs, but I need some thumbs-ups. You wouldn’t happen to have a spare thumbs-up, would you?

[I knew you wouldn’t give me one, because you’re a niggard.]

Jim Whiteman

All of you who have only given me thumbs-downs when I desperately need thumbs-ups are hateful, niggardly, dark skinflints!

Girl, Interrupted

Definition of niggard: stingy person. We’re not being stingy; you’re getting the thumbs downs you deserve.

Jim Whiteman

Of course, blame everything on Whiteman.




LOL! I guarantee 99.99999999% of the people who read this got butt hurt because they’re a dumbass moron. Hilarious!


I bet TMZ is writing a story that two blacks & Jew are on the block. Aaryn does it again. I think Aaryn Mom would indeed get the PR to advice her of not make racial slur.


2 Blacks,a Jew , and Aaryn walk into a skinhead bar.

Judd's granny

Bartender sez: Ach! Barbie hat zuruck gekommen!

Big Sister

Actually, it is Barbie ist zurueckgekommen. And the bartender would probably not grace her with the term Barbie. Substitute Huendin! (ue = u umlaut) Loose translation: The female dog has returned.


to be fair, helen and amanda absolutely wanted howard on the block and even made a deal with aaryn so that she had to put him up. howard is not a good social gamer, no one trusts him, hence why he is leaving. then spencer won veto and candace was obviously going to be nominated bc she is a vote for howard and she has not been helping herself at all this week. the nominations have nothing to do with race, and really are outside aaryn’s control. a lot of the comments made by houseguests are unacceptable, but i firmly believe the noms themselves have nothing to do with race.


She made the comment because WOW she did not decide who to nominate HELEN and AMANDA did and yet she is the one being deemed racist. Get your story straight before you post.


It’s just my own comments.


Aaryn still had a choice as to whether to put Howard and Spencer up. Lets call a spade a spade, not a big spoon!
Judd was ordered to put them up by Amanda. He refused. Elissa was ordered to put Howard and Spencer up by Amanda.
He refused. Aaryn agreed. Nobody made her do it. She is the HOH and could have said no. But she did not. And nobody made
her put Candace up. It was the racist voices in her head. So lets stop making excuses for Aaryn’s choices. Maybe one day she will
find herself in a situation where she is the minority, like if her fantastic PR team do a really good job and she is able to find a modelling
job abroad (since she is making it harder and harder for them in America) she will find herself in minority status. Then maybe she will
learn a thing or two. If you are not taught by your parents, the world will teach you. And the world is not your mother! She is a harsh teacher!


You forget that Judd had an alliance and did not make a promise to stay in the house whereas Aaryn did. That is the difference and it is a big one.


Considering Allison Gordner is Jewish, as well as the president of CBS…I don’t think that type of stuff would be tolerated.


Amanda is really showing her true colors this last few weeks. As far as her continued use of the word “retarded” and her comments about race, her father has stated in his tweets that she is not racist and that she has an adopted nephew that is black and has autism and that she loves him very much. I am sure her family is very proud of her latest rant of hatred. What the hell is wrong with these people? These needless personal attacks are getting ridiculous. Apparently Amanda has been spoken to about her verbal threats. I can’t wait to see if her true colors will be shown on Wednesday night. I won’t hold my breath. It seems that none of these people realize that they still have to go back to “real life” when this show is over since they continue to spew their hatred.


“Apparently Amanda has been spoken to about her verbal threats.”

Production said something to Amanda? Is that right?


Yes. They told her to act cutesy in DR, and they will edit out the “bad stuff.”

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

thats so wrong that they are sweeping it under the carpet and protecting and favouring her like that

forget cbs cares, its more like cbs doesnt care


Apparently production did speak to her. She told GM (I think it was GM) that she was spoken to. That was after she said she hoped Candice fell on her tweezers and poked her eye out. She whispered it to her.


I hope production is not telling these people to watch what they say! They could then hide what they really think . Plus, if they (production) are going to involve America in voting, then they are manipulating our decisions. Everyone gives Elissa a hard time, but she is the only one standing firm and holding Aryan accountable. I do believe the first chance she gets to get Aryan out she will, plus if Elissa wins HOH everyone will encourage it, to save themselves. Note: I know it’s spelled A-a-r-y-n the other spelling fits.


The vast majority of BB watcher catch CBs and lesser amount catch some BBAD. These people have little idea who the real Amanda is in the house. Her golden edit isn’t just CBS but IMO BBAD as well.

It sure appears on the surface that opinion outside the house is being given by production to the HG’s. Production is making a mocherie of the great show/game this was.


Vote Amanda Out!

I hope that there is production interference, and, production is working hard to get the house guests to vote Amanda out. It seems as though it would be easy for production to say things such as, “Andy your best game move would be to vote out Amanda …. Judd if you want to win this game you need to get everyone to vote out Amanda …. Ginamarie, Vote out Amanda this week if you want to win the game.”

Voting Amanda out will be easy – McCrae cannot do much as he will be alone in the game. It is not as though voting out Amanda would cause a large alliance to come after anyone.

I do not understand why these house guests would be worried about voting out Amanda. They all know that Amanda does not have any of the house guests’ well being in mind. Why would the house guests want to even allow a couple such as Amanda and McCrae to make it to jury? The house guests know how Amanda is – having Amanda in jury would not be helpful to any of the house guests.

I do not know if there is a such thing as Big Brother Production Interference – if there is, I hope that BB Production is working hard to make sure that Amanda is voted out this week!

Dawg and Simon, Thank you so much for providing such a great BB Forum!


Amanda says Candice asked to borrow my tweezers, and I said yes. I wished that she would slip and fall and they would stab her in the eye. Gina says yeah I like that. Amanda says you’re going to sit there and plot against me and then ask me to borrow my tweezers?! Amanda says just takes my shit and wears it like my ugg boots, my sandles. She wears the sh*t out of them too with her camel a$$ feet. Aaryn says I hate her so much. Wow, imagine if one of them wins that money.


but you are okay with Spencer calling the women whores and c*nts?!


Some women are wh***s. Now cu****s??? I don’t use that word


I have a bad feeling about BB this year. They have told Aaryn a lot,
And are working PR on her for sure. It sounds like they are feeding info from
The sites. Did I read right that she (Aaryn ) said I’m young and learning?
Hmm. I thought I had read comments to that effect from some
Trying to defend her actions somewhat.

Her Comment tweet White Power. Was interesting. You just did.
Your on the Internet and live TV. That was truly a self serving comment
And a cry for support. For Help. The only white power she will get is a white room
And a white jacket, you know the ones that tie in the back
With designer buckles. Great photo! Lol


are you really expecting the winner of big brother to never talk shit about their opponents? what show are you watching and how long have you been watching it?

Confused Parent

What Amanda said wasn’t the usual petty and meaningless insult that people say to, or about their opposition. What that vile demon said was hateful and morbid. It truly shows her disgusting true self, for wanting to have Candice suffer like that. Personally, from what I’ve heard I see no difference between what she said and a threat, as she still wanted to inflict pain among that person.

Confused Parent

Wait, was that sarcasm? I’m still a little confused about it.


I am not partial to the women on the house I would just like to see them overpowers men in the house sometimes because it is always men that wins. The problem with women is that they get jealous of one another that is why they cannot unite. These houseguest do not know how to shut their mouth, they are all like bees keep on buzzing.


What are Spermcer and Howardice talking about everyone doing what the house wants? Just last week did they not want to know who the house was voting out? They voted out Kaitlin. Spermcer and Howardice want Amanda out so then instead of Amanda being “the house” it will be Spermcer and Howardice.


Let’s see, Howardice, Candice and Spermcer won a total of one veto.

The house (McC, Amanda, Helen, Elissa) won 2 HOH and 2 Veto.

After Howard’s out, the house will realign and targeting Amanda and Helen.

Howard’s personality is so ho-hum, not at all engaging.


I’m a huge BB fan, have been for years. I’m a live feeder and I follow on here daily, as well. But I’m not sure how much longer I can hang on this year. I can’t stand ANY of these people. I dislike them all. I don’t want any of them to win 500k


you are exactly right


I have to agree, but, if I were to pick a favorite right now it would be Andy. He’s got the best social game and everyone likes him, trusts him, and that could earn him a spot in the finals.


I think Andy will be caught because there is no secret between these houseguest Jeremy tried and it fails, Spencer ad Howard keep on trying


Continuing from above Spencer and Howard keep on trying to flip the house and so far no luck. Andy will be exposed because as you can read and see these houseguest cannot keep a secret.


Andy is the biggest rat for sure.

Geez Louise

I can’t stand to watch all these people so easily manipulated.I understand that it’s a part of the game but I can’t believe how people come back and tell Amanda everything. I’m confused with these BB players right now. All I know is, if they don’t take advantage of the opportunity they have to get her out, they don’t deserve to win. I am just so confused with BB this year…


Howard is gone Probably 8 to 1. If it is 7 to 2(GM), everyone will believe that Judd was the 2nd vote. If Helen, A,llissa , or Candice, or GM win HOH , Judd goes on the block, probably with Jessie. America vote Aaryn. Judd Must win HOH or PoV, or he is cooked, Helen is controlling the game. When she wants to Mess with Amanda, she uses Andy. “Judd is MVP! Don’t tell anyone.” Knowing Andy will run to Amanda. If Judd goes,Helen’s 5 girl alliance goes after Amanda and McCrae. They will be the HOUSECLEANERS


TTo Simon and Dawg just want to say thanks for the updates.


It’s setting up to be an exciting Thursday!

Say What

Candice, you can’t use the nuclear option then say I want to play the game again. You went berserk and ruined any trust you had with both Elissa and Jessie. Jessie tells you about the agreement Aaryn has with Helen. You immediately go confront Helen and throw Jessie under the bus. You then campaign to save Howard by trying to get Elissa on the block. Candice then becomes distraught and informs Helen that she and Howard have decided to play separate games. Just as soon as Candice utters those words and stops crying, she’s back campaigning for Howard but with no strategy, she just burns bridges. You campaigning for Howard, hurts Howard. You don’t know how to read other players. For some reason, you refuse to believe that Andy might be lying to you or not have your best interests in mind. You also can’t work with Aaryn, Gina and Spencer. Its better for Howard that you two keep your games separate.

Now you want back in and play the game. Play with who Candice? There is no one that’s going to work with you. Once you launch a nuke, you can’t take it back.


Freaking great job on these recaps! I don’t even know how y’all watch so much. It’s great. I watch then step away for a couple hours and then come here read what I missed!

Is it possible that when aaryn talked to her family for HOH, that they gave her a hint that she was being portrayed as a racist? She seems to be very aware that everyone thinks she’s a racist.


I think the letters are written prior to the first show airing. But I am not sure.


Amanda says Candice asked to borrow my tweezers, and I said yes. I wished that she would slip and fall and they would stab her in the eye. Gina says yeah I like that. Amanda says you’re going to sit there and plot against me and then ask me to borrow my tweezers?! Amanda says just takes my shit and wears it like my ugg boots, my sandles. She wears the sh*t out of them too with her camel a$$ feet. Aaryn says I hate her so much.

Aaryn said did the black fish go to heaven. Can you imagine one of the winning big brother , I would prefer for Judd, Elissa, or DAWG to win.


These people all just need to stop talking. They are all just so stupid.


I see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel to evict Amanda’s lazy a$$. I laugh my a$$ off every time Pizza Boy talks tough, what he’ll do if Amanda’s is evicted.


It’s a shame but this season doesn’t draw me in like other seasons did. I get that every season, there can be some rigging but in this season it feels like as if it is ALL rigged. People are now for no reason getting blamed on being the MVP. Production is doing anything they can to save Elissa. Also you have all morons except Amanda and Judd( just cause Judd is my fav so yes im biased <3) People are playing 4th, 5th place games and no one is really playing a winning game.
But at the same time, thank you Simon and Dawg for making this amazing website and continuing on updating us. It can be hard at times and you guys pull it off! So thank you guys 🙂


I know CBS reads these blogs, but this RACISM thing has GOT to STOP. Whether you are supporting it or not, their behavior in the house is completely disgraceful. I can’t believe the IGNORANCE you are allowing to take place. You have to talk to Aaryn and stop. The comment about the HOOD is not funny. Now you are supporting public executions and hangings.

I have been a Big Brother fan since day 1. I can’t believe you are allowing this to happen. If you want to make the show FUN — bring back the past seasons FIRST EVICTED HOUSEGUESTS.

You have to get Aaryn off the show. And if the house is TIED and she has to pick and she selects HOWARD or CANDICE — absolutely its a racist MOVE.

If you can somehow put a positive spin on this, it would be great. Why not do a challenge about cultural differences or something.


I know it is so frustrating but CBS is enjoying a huge ratings surge since all the racism stuff. They started the season low and had their highest ratings last week, so don’t expect it to stop any time soon. If anything, they are likely egging it on. Sickening. It has made me so ill I just had to write to them to complain as I don’t find watching people violated to be entertainment. I suggest to those of you it bothers, do the same. Just Google in “Contact CBS” and go to their site and a form comes up and you can state a complaint. It only takes a minute and who knows, maybe it helps (?) It really has to stop. They are pimping off the racial divide in this country and it’s just for pure greed: ratings.


Thanks for passing this on. I filled out the form too!


BBFan4Ever, GREAT post.

I know a lot of times people are overly sensitive about race, but this is NOT one of those times. Aaryn has proven over, and over, and over again to be a bigot with hate in her heart. These are not “jokes” that are being misinterpreted.

She is poisoning the entire game with her presence. Amanda and Helen are leveraging her racism to advance themselves further in the game, and it is absolutely disgusting to watch. Bigotry should NOT be a good gameplay move.


“Amanda says Candice asked to borrow my tweezers, and I said yes. I wished that she would slip and fall and they would stab her in the eye. Gina says yeah I like that. Amanda says you’re going to sit there and plot against me and then ask me to borrow my tweezers?! Amanda says just takes my shit and wears it like my ugg boots, my sandles. She wears the sh*t out of them too with her camel a$$ feet. Aaryn says I hate her so much.”

Upon reading such vitriolic remarks like this, and there have been several more made in the past couple of days, I am absolutely 100% convinced that not only are Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Amanda racists, but they are downright jealous as well. There are some feelings of envy seething within them regarding Candice, and it is so damn obvious. This is a game, people, and such personal attacks only reveal more and more about you. They are so insecure, unhappy, and pathetic. Grow up, children. It’s as if they are consumed with hate towards Candice. We get it; you don’t like Candice, but truthfully, they hate themselves more than they could ever hate Candice, Howard, or anyone else.


Envy requires that you want something that person has. Candice does not possess anything admirable, unfortunately.
They are just ugly, ignorant girls who feel better putting others down. NOT ENVY.


As much as I hate to say it, I wish Jeremy, Nick, Kaitlin and David were all still in. I would rather have the floaters leave (Andy, Jessie, Candice, Howard). The showdown between the “mean girls” and the “goof troop” wouldve made for an interesting season.


Candice was former Ms Louisiana, AND a NFL cheerleader. Not to mention she’s really smart (not gamewise tho)….pretty sure all the girls are jealous of her.


Actually you are wrong. Candice does have something that Aaryn wants and that is her pageant titles. Not to mention Candice was on Oprah. These girls are all looking for fame. Amanda is not a real estate agent by choice, it is for money. She has been on a few reality shows as a host and wants a job like that in the future. According to her father’s twitter a few weeks back he said that maybe Amanda would invite Elissa to be a guest on her talk show. This was after the one piece incident. They are all looking for fame. Unfortunately for them it will not be the kind of fame they want.


She was not on Oprah (and who the f**k cares, anyways?) she was looking for her mommy on a show called ‘Searching For’. So What? A pageant title may be admirable in the world Aaryn lives in but as it has been pointed out, what is so fantastic about that world? Furthermore, having titles does not make you a good human being. If this is what kind of notches you have in your belt that you deem worthy, then (IMO), that makes you suferficial, at best. Candice is a spoiled brat who has been disrespecting people’s property and slamming doors in the house and that has been seen on camera. She has also had her share of nasty and skanky converstions and a foul mouth. That is not a very admirable title to hold. So she was adopted and was on a show about it? So the f**k what? Who cares. Move on.


“Candice does not possess anything admirable, unfortunately.”

First off, that is a matter of opinion. Secondly, in addition to being a straight-up racist b*tch, all Aaryn does is talk about Candice’s pageant titles. She is seething with venom.

– Miss Teen Louisiana American Coed (2000), Miss American Teen (2000), Miss Louisiana Teen USA (2002), Miss Louisiana USA (2005).

“Envy requires that you want something that person has.”

Yes, she does want that, and it does in fact fall into the category of envy.


And what do all those title bring into Candice’s game? Nothing. She does not have poise, grace under pressure, or even enough dignity to just ignore ignorance. She is not a good representative of any of those ‘titles’. They are not serving her any in any way so they are all very superficial as I stated. I did not want this to become a ‘how many titles does Candiace have’ discussion because frankly in my world where other things like self esteem and dignity and the ability to walk away from people like Aaryn matter. Candice has does nothing but replay everything offensive said to HER. All the houseguests have been attacked by ALL the other houseguests (part of the game). As I said, SO WHAT? She WAS this or WAS that. What is she NOW? Someone in bed talking to ‘Howie’ about how much she finds it disgusting that Aaryn is there. Exactly what Aaryn is doing. She has done by way of winning anything and doesn’t even exert herself that much physically. I’m done with this conversation.


Be done with this conversation, but I’m not.

“And what do all those title bring into Candice’s game?”

Nothing, and that is part of my point. Why continuously bring it up if you (Aaryn) aren’t bothered by them? What does it add to Aaryn, GM, and Amanda’s game? I’m not talking about Candice’s game, but rather all the hate spewed her way more than anyone in the house. It’s over the top, and brings nothing to their game either.

“She does not have poise, grace under pressure, or even enough dignity to just ignore ignorance. She is not a good representative of any of those ‘titles’.”

Right. Just overlook and turn your cheek to racial bullying and racial antagonism. She has shown a lot more restraint than some others would, even though she shouldn’t have to, because nobody should be put in that position to begin with. And, no, all of them have not been attacked so viciously the way Candice has.


Not sure about wanting anything Candice has I mean who wants to be portrayed on a National show showing that you are in bed with a guy and doing a hand job on him like Candice did to Howard. Sorry, but that is about as skanky as you can get.


Come one Aaryn did not mean that comment seriously; she was saying well since BB has decided to portray me a a racist should I just tweet something equally as awful. As for the comment about the fish are you serious she meant it like to fish go to heauen, not a racial thing. Stop reaching so hard at all comments and trying to inflect something racial in them, and she did not say two blacks on the block. She said Candice, Howard and a Jew and wow Amanda did not take offense she was just stating the truth, and remember she is not the one responsible for putting them on the block Helen, Elissa and Amanda are!


Are you serious? If she really isn’t racist and she wants people to believe her, how about a little tact. All jokes start from some little truth. Sorry but if you want to joke about race make sure you haven’t said malicious things about people of other races. And once again she is excusing it with the I’m young and I’m sleep deprived. She has been saying things from the beginning, sure she wasn’t too sleep deprived. And to say 22 is too young to understand what’s wrong about what she is saying. If she can’t understand how bad her comments are, she’s probably too young to drink or vote for that matter. She’s old enough to take the accountability for her actions and words. And as for the fish thing, if you want to avoid confusion just say the fish not the black fish.


The black fish was the one that died!


Lola I feel where you are coming from. But just entertain this thought.
Once you make Racist comments on live TV, and deny that they
We’re racist, say ‘I Hate her’ over and over. People begin to look
Closely at everything you say, your comments become suspect.
Maybe without the above comments, no one would think anything
About black Fish going to heaven. I thought it, but did not want to comment
On it. I dismissed it so to speak, cause I do understand where you
Are coming From.
In the end Aaryn is aware of everything she is doing and I will not support
Her career moves. Bad publicity is good publicity. It makes stars.
Sick but so true, she will be on Dr. Phil , Drew, CNN, and the like.


Well said, Gabby!!!


Thank you, BigKenny :).


prehaps she would talk if there was a comprimization
WTF does that word mean? Se7en


I agree that Candice is annoying as hell but damn yo….


Earth to Candice: There is a game going on here. Would you be interested in playing?


Did the black fish went to heaven, Aaryn you are one crazy person.


Not only will Aaryn be labeled a racist, but to tell GM she needs to tell Amanda everything she knows to get on her good side. Man I’m done, this cast is full of puppets, pawns and rats. Everytime Spencer seems to wake people and try to instill some dignity into there game they snooze again. everyones complacent with being the SUPERFRIENDS superbitxh and Even though I’m a Howard fan, it’s more of a underdog thing then respecting his BB gameplay. Dan the Man where are you???


exactly, people are just too happy to just be on the show. no one actually wants to win it anymore except 2-3 people per season. Same as last season, only Ian, Frank, Dan really wanted to win.

Basic logic and rationale shows how stupid the Helen’s Judd’s Aaryn’s Andy’s Jessie’s Elissa’s GM’s are of the world. They think if they all do whatever the alliance of 4 tells them what to do. Somehow they on their own 1 vs 4 will be able to vote them out and win. Where as now it could be 7vs6.

I know a lot of ppl think McCrae will be normal if and when Amanda is evicted, that’s not true. How many people go nuts on their own. This is why the Brigade was the best alliance EVER!. They controlled the house but they never had to bully, convince, try to justify their actions to anyone because they were never on the spot. Every season someone tries to duplicate them “start an alliance, control the house, control the votes’ the problem is Amanda/Helen/McCrae… put themselves too far out there, everyone or the smart ones at least can see they’re pulling strings. Brigade wanted to “win big brother”, contestants like Dan last season, Amanda, Helen, Mccrae this year want to “be recognized as a big player in the house, andddd win big brother”. Notice what came first.


The main reason the house is stuck on stupid now is somehow the contestants found out the monetary prizes for placing 7th, 6th, etc…. If it was secured information and they only believed that 2nd and 1st place won any money than none of this garbage would be taking place. Now they all just wanna make jury so they can settle for 13grand. As for Aaryn and Amanda they disgust me. These racial jokes and Candice bashing has officially turned me off for the remainder of the season. I’m gonna watch every Thursday just to get a quick recap and know who went home. Dawg and Simone I give you credit for being able to stomach this nonsense and staying focused. Keep up the good work. See you every Thursday!


I find it incredibly hypocritical for Demanda to go on a rant about Candace using her things when she and Mcray have taken over the HOH room week after week using it as their sex chamber. Is she serious? If there is any hope in salvaging this terrible season it begins with Demanda walking out of the BB house Thursday! I would love to see MC try and go on a tirade then…what a loser!

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

remember in the mind of amanda…

if she does it its ok

if someone else does it its not ok

she is an entitled selfish b!tch with no class and has no respect for others


i wish someone would take that stupid black hat of mccrae’s and rip the tag out!


I think it’s still in Helen, Elissa, and Judd’s mind. They just won’t make a move until last second.

Prediction: mccrae and Amanda sleep til 3 on Thursday and everyone else wakes up early and plots Amanda to go.

And I honestly think mccrae is just as big of a floater as Jessie. Mccrae is looking really weak without Amanda. I want to see the show without him. I think he would check out of the game for a while and lose any control he had.

Can’t stand spencer but he was right. Him and Howard sealed their fate when they alligned with a guy who was looking to fall in love.


has anyone ever scrutinized the other seasons of BB this much with regards to the comments being made? I am not condoning the comments that have been made but seriously – people should go back and review how other houseguests were in past seasons because I think it is on par.


EXACTLY, and in past seasons it has actually been worse, but of course CBS or BB does not air that part of their dirty laundry!!!!


I am tired of watching a really bad episode of Couples Therapy with ‘Howie’ and Candice the baby.


Ok, I have never commented before on ANY BB site, but I can’t help myself. If Amanda is truly a friend of AG she needs to wake up and do her the favor of getting her out of the house before she completely destroys her life! I would hope my friends would not allow me to make such a complete a$$ out of myself. The repercussions of this house can be very far reaching and very long lasting.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

but amanda is so greedy and loves money so much that she would go after the 500k even if it meant her reputation and life was somewhat ruined after her behaviour on the show

i have a feeling she has serious mental issues as nobody behaves like that knowing how many people the feeds are broadcasting to…and im not sure her adderal consumption is helping her cause

every time she walks down the street people will say look its the racist b!tch from big brother


Helen is a milder, sexless version of Amanda and I think she finds it a challenge to want to go ‘head to head’ with her and that is why she doesn’t want her out. Maybe?


Do they have the votes to get Amanda out? Because that would defineatly be the best move at this point. Howard and Candace are a waste of a eviction in my mind. They haven’t won anything and barely talk game.


These girls remind me of how girls with go at each other in high school when they someone them and I was amazed by it then because they were so vicious. And one girl would be on the out and the others with gain up on them by saying mean stuff behind her back to “destroy” her. But these girl aren’t in high school but what they are very insecure. I thought Aaryn was on the youngest being in her early 20s. That’s not high school age. It’s college age. Grow up. Okay so they don’t like Candace and don’t feel any connection, and she has been moping around so it hasn’t helped. That’s fine. But that doesn’t mean she can’t talk, confront somebody, or whatever else. But who is doing Aaryn an injustice with the racist image is her so called allies because they just have a feeding frenzy with that mean stuff and then says again how she didn’t so anything. I think some of it could be resolved and moved passed but it’s just impossible when you have someone lying and acting like something didn’t happen. But even if Candace wasn’t on the show it would be someone else they hated and ripped apart verbally and would likely be Elissa. And Helen better watch it.

On a side note, I wish someone would get a Pandora’s box and they unleash those talking puppets like that did in BB12. They would look ridiculous saying mean stuff 12 with those puppets on their hands. And since these people like to relay any conversation they have it would looks extra ridiculous. They should also release the one where they had to dance when the music game on to lighten the air up a little before one these girls grabs a fork and sticks in someone’s head while their sleep. Even if it’s just temporary it could help get their minds off devouring each other for a short time.

Taqwetta "AtlMaryJ" Crawley

This season is the worst season to date. These ppl are so cunning it makes me sick and the fact that their self-righteousness, denial of culpability and ignorance effects those that have been the brunt of it all, sickens me even more. I see Helen cavorting with the same people that spoke and speak so ill of her ethnicity is beyond sad. I lost all respect for her as a woman and a minority. I despise so many in this game and hate for the day that Howard and Candice are kicked out, because it is definitely coming. I can only view the extreme need to get them out, makes me believe its a community of thinking, that NEEDS to get out the blacks and next gun for the Asian. Even if all are not like this, what other conclusion can one come to when many have shown the most racist of thoughts? I am NOT one to use race as a crutch, meaning I do not use it as an explanation for things I dislike. But there are too many comments, conversations and laughs at the expense of these three people for me to rationalize their actions and moves otherwise. The way this cast has acted, makes me reconsider watching the next season. The only reason I continue this season, is bc I have hope that MAYBE Howard will stay or Candice will stay. Its smaller than a mustard seed but it still exists.


Sorry, but when Candice stated she respects Gina Marie the most of the women in the house lost all respect for Candice. Gina Marie is 30 something and she is the one that uses the N word and the only one that uses it besides Amanda and this is the woman Candice has the most respect for in the house. Wow, the most filthy racist word in the English language and Gina Marie uses it and Candice cries racism all the time and yet she respects Gina Marie. Sorry, but that just makes anything Candice says or whines about concerning racism worthless or she would not respect Gina Marie who uses that word to describe other human beings. Yes, Aaryn has made despicable comments and I do think it is because as she says she is young, stupid and ignorant, but at 30 something and being in New York you know the use of the N word is despicable but that does not bother Candice or America as far as I can tell. I can at least understand stupid ignorant college kids being stupid and ignorant because as you get in the workplace you Grow Up a lot or you should but no excuse for a 30 something WOMAN using that word or anyone for that matter. THAT IS BEING A RACIST PURE AND SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Omg they are sooo stupid! Followers letting someone else play their game for them.. Stupid stupid stupid! Get rid of Amanda now. I really don’t wanna watch this show if its going to be full of robots! #boring blah

The Black Fish

I like Howard, but I think he has to go before the house can realign. Amanda only stays in the good position she is in because Howard, whom she has convinced everyone is the biggest threat, is still in the house. After Howard leaves, people’s eyes are going to start looking at McManda.

Spencer for HOH!

Judd's granny

Black Fish… Are you in Heaven?

The Black Fish

I did, but I came back to warn Aaryn that I met Jesus, and he is black.


Yes, I am and very happy.


Ugh! These people are horrible. I’m sure that CBS will probably ignore the latest racist rants by Amanda, Aarynn and Gina Marie. I’m convinced that they are so bad, that they don’t really care how they look to feedsters. It’s mob mentality, and contagious. It has become acceptable because for this week Aarynn is HOH. These people should be ashamed. They can’t blame it on editing, because the words flow freely from their mouths. I can’t believe that not one single person has stood up. I thought Elissa was holding fast to her morals, but the minute the power changed, she sucked up to Aarynn. All I can do is hope that things will change because this has been a sad season for one of my favorite shows. My family always looks forward to Big Brother, but if things don’t get redeemed, this will be the last season we watch.


Amanda is so disgusting!! First Aryan…I mean, Aaryn seen her with a brown stain on her shorts and Amanda is so nonchalant about it, her and McWussy still wallow in the HOH’s bed leaving their stains, funky smells, and germs that are visible to the naked eye via blacklight, says racist comments as much as the mean girls, and now making fun of autism?! I’m sorry but this sleazy, slimy, skanky, slovenly, malicious bitch is giving good women around the world a bad name!!


so will CBS ever make it a point to show Amanda’s true colors ? is Aaryn ever going to figure out she has displeased America? will Gina ever talk to Candice and ask her to help with her speech trouble? will Howard ever figure out that he has to play his own game not Spencer’s? Will Spencer’s girlfriend leave him if he don’t make it to final 2 ?will McCrae ever deliver a sausage pizza to Florida? will Andy ever keep a secret ? will Jessie ever find a boyfriend ?will any of the houseguest figure out that mcmanda is playing for themselves ? tune in to BIG BROTHER !!!!!! to find out


Did you guys just see Candace sneak out of Howards room and bed and sneak back into the have not room???? Why is production letting her get away with this??

Dog Days

If she was actually asleep with him, it’s because her days are numbered and BB would look even worse if production started punishing her along with the rest of the house.

derick alaska

Aaryn, if someone called you racist, you don’t resolve the issue by making comments that can be interpreted as being racists. I.E continuing your “philosophical” theories about the racial division amongst the fish, saying you HATE HATE HATE Candice (who is the person you made a racial slur against AND tossed her bed), and then making “jokes” such as writing white power on your HOH blog or tweet.

Its easy to understand Aaryn.

Its clear cut.

Its a black and white situation…

Ironic isn’t it?


If the vote is a tie then howard goes home.with aaryn being the tiebreaker there is no way she chooses a black man to stay over a white woman. I am a black male and I believe categorically that aaryn is a racist and trying to cover it up with self deprecating remarks about the subject. Even with that I still prefer her over Amanda who appears to be so full of casual hate that she’s borderline evil.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

shes not borderline evil

shes evil


Judd should have took that shower sex offer