Spoilers Aaryn: “Spencer don’t write me off too soon I have a plan..it only takes four”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


6:16pm HOH Aaryn, JUDD and GM 

Aaryn telling them that what Candice did was made her like Spencer More and “Hates” Howard and Candice more. (All 4 cams switch to the cockpit) 

6:16pm Cockpit Helen and Andy
Helen asks if he thinks that JUDD tried to flip the house. Andy isn’t sure but he’s skeptical about JUDD’s loyalties. “I’m nervous about him for sure.. I feel like he’s playing a selfish game and will cut anyone to get further and I don’t like that.. he’s on my high alert right now.. even if he was trying to he’s back on board with us because he knows it won’t work” 
Helen: ‘What if he tried to backdoor one of us.. doesn’t matter we have the votes to stay” 
Helen says at first she thought they needed to go after Amanda and MC but now she feels they need to get rid of JUDD
Andy: “If we get double eviction I will try and get rid of JUDD”
Helen agrees and says she will do the same. 
Andy says he’s getting the same feeling about JUDD as he did with Nick, “Redflags” 
Andy adds that he was worried Helen was going to freak out when she found out JUDD was talking about getting her out. Helen isn’t worried she claims to see everything that happens. 
Helen: “I don’t think Elissa will make it too far.. she’s going home early once we get to jury” Helen wants to work closely with Andy. They agree to have each others back. 

HELEN: “He will put up Me, Elissa and Amanda all on the block”
Andy agree they need to take out JUDD 100%. Helen mentions to him that JUDD has been scheming to her to get Amanda and McCrae out. She says he came to her this morning and said he was onboard to getting them out first when they hit jury. Helen: “What he doesn’t know is I am going to flip it on him and get him out”


6:45pm HOH McCrea, GM, Spencer and Aaryn

McCrae is talking about this dip called “gook” he really likes it but hates the name. The dip is a family recipe of his friends it’s made of sour cream, cream cheese and garlic salt.
GM says isn’t a gook what you call a chinese person. McCrea says it’s a slur against Vietnamese people.
Spencer: ‘You’re not supposed to say that”
GM says “ya.. I’m just saying that is what it means”
McCrae: ‘A bad racial term”


7:10pm HOH Spencer and Aaryn
Spencer saying he thinks his game is f*** Aaryn tells him that she was thinking the same thing as him just a week ago but now she’s in a much better spot.

Aaryn tells him that a lot of other names are being thrown out there other than Spencers. Aaryn says as soon as she’s not HOH she’ll be back on the outs. She wouldn’t be surprised if she was nominated next week. Aaryn thinks the nominations will be any two of Spencer/Candice/Aaryn

Aaryn: “Now I want Howard to go but before I wanted Candice to go”
Spencer: “He’s toast.. my only hope is I can lay low long enough and skip through another eviction and maybe be kept around as a vote”
Aaryn has already heard people mention that they want to keep Spencer until jury.

Aaryn says Jessie and Helen have been distancing themselves from her. It started yesterday. Aaryn thinks Jessie is mad because Aaryn is higher up on the totem pole than her and she’s trying to claw her way back up.

Spencer: “I wish Howard came to play Big Brother Instead of whatever he came to play.. He’s made several speeches these past week that don’t make any sense and make him look terrible”
Aaryn: “He’s just going to call people out and saws some stupid sh!t” Spencer expects on more big speech on Thursday.

Aaryn: “I hate Candice so much”
Spencer is pissed that Howard allowed Candice to do what she did. He wishes Howard would stick up for him. He wished Howard would have pulled Candice aside and told her to stop because Spencer has been really good to Howard this entire game. Aaryn isn’t surprised by what Howard did she says Howard wanted to put a bit of the target on Spencer in case he was staying.

Aaryn says that right after the veto ceremony everyone changes in how they interact with the HOH. The only reason why she wasn’t the target this week was because she won HOH. Spencer says he doesn’t have very many places to drift to without getting a dirty look. He doesn’t want her to think she has to stay up here and talk to him he will leave her alone to mingle with the other players. Aaryn doesn’t mind their chat says she can’t stand to look at Howard and Candice right now and wants to stay up in the HOH.

Gm joins them says Candice is buddy buddy with Helen, Elissa and Amanda now. GM mentions how the other side always say they are going to take out Candice next but she thinks it’ll be them going up.

Aaryn: ‘This is my HOH don’t I get to decide who goes home.. it only takes four”
GM: “I want Candice gone.. You, me, Jess and JUDD”
Spencer says they don’t have the votes it’s not going to happen. He adds next week it only takes 4 people to evict whoever and those four will keep evicting people week after week. (Amanda, MC, Helen, Elissa)
GM: “We have to do something or we’re all f**”
Spencer: ‘They are all in bed together there isn’t anything realistically we can do.. the only thing we can do is hold on long enough until there is a fracture and they need us for a vote”
GM: ‘We’re f***ed nobody is going against Amanda there’s nothing we can do”
Aaryn: ‘Thats not true”
GM: “She’s (Candice) a trained rat she was like that from the beginning.. “ She adds that Cadnice was the one that ran to Elissa right after they were talkin about her in the bathroom the night of Amanda was a dominatrix.
Spencer tells them again they just need to hang on there is nothing they can do because everyone downstairs is working with each other to some degree.
Aaryn: “Spencer don’t write me off too soon I have a plan.. i’m not working with anybody.. I make it seem like I am but i’m not”
Aaryn says she’s been sitting next to people and letting them talk.. she’s piecing together what is going on. “You’ll be amazed how much they tell you” (two nights ago Amanda, MC and Andy spilled their entire game to her when they were offering her final 4 because they were scared JUDD was flipping the house)

Aaryn tells them to not be discouraged about the other side’s final 4 deal because 3 of them could be on the block next week. She adds they need 7 people to have the numbers to control the game.
Spencer: ‘It seems like they have 7, JUDD, Jessie, Andy, Helen, Elissa, Amanda and MCCrae”
Aaryn: ‘There’s smart people in the game.. “ she thinks someone out of that 7 will figure out they need to flip the house.
Andy joins them..

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:04pm HOH Spencer and Andy Andy tells him everything is not lost look at Aaryn she thought her game was in ruin less than a week ago.


8:11pm Cockpit Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda They are grilling her what went on in the HOH. She really doesn’t tell them much jsut says Spencer is feeling like his game is ruined and he’s going home next week. Aaryn says the weird thing was that GM came up into the HOH and said “I want Candice out I want Candice out” Spencer right away shut it down but Aaryn feels like it was down in a way to make her think he knows it’s a possibility. Aaryn is worried that Spencer is coming after her next week. Amanda gives her a funny look (See image above) “Spencer is going home”

Aaryn hates Candice says that the entire house meeting was her plan, Aaryn points out how Candice got dressed up had her earrings on and makeup. Amanda disagrees thinks it was all Spencer’s idea and it backfired on him.
MC plans on staying close to Spencer. Amanda: “Andy is close to Spencer” MC: “No Andy is close to Candice now”
Andy joins them..

Aaryn tells them the problem she has with their plans is Howard and Spencer are not targeting her but Candice is. Amanda mentions how Spencer said the moving company was targeting Aaryn next.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Did the MC ever target Aaryn or is Amanda still lying?


And McCrae told the moving company he would slice Amanda in an instant. I was wishing Spencer had spilled that to Amanda during their confrontation but for some reason Spencer still has some loyalty to McCrae.


holy crap, why are they even talking about the moving company. it was done after week 2. anything for demanda to spin to others to make other people look worse than her when they should be thinking, “why do i keep following that hateful bitch around like a sheep?”


amanda was public enemy #1


Helen is so pretty when she takes her hair down ?


I know this has nothing to do with this post but whats this i hear about howard turning down amanda at the beginning of the show? is that true?


At the very beginning of this season I remember thinking that Amanda had a raging case of “Jungle Fever” (referencing the movie w/Wesley Snipes/Anabella Sciora)…she was literally salivating when he was in a room with her. It was super uncomfortable to watch because he was not tuning into that at all.


i heard she wanted to give him a bl*w j*b but he refused


Was that on a live feed? Missed that little interaction, no wonder she wants him gone. Good for Howard slapping that sh$t down!

The New Danger

Aaryn,Spencer, GM, and Judd, is going to try something?? I hope the next few weeks are good…. This Amanda,McCrae,Elissa, Helen predictable wipe out of everyone else is boring as fuck. Someone has to wake the fuck up and make a move.

Yeah Right

Yep, they are going to try something. Try to see who can get evicted first. Aaryn can’t play for HOH this week and Spencer/ Gina / Candice don’t know how to win an HOH. Spencer is trying to flip a house with Judd and Andy, both of whom want to evict the guy. Nope….nice dream…but dreams don’t always come true.


it would be nice to see Helen Amanda and Andy on the block together. All of their scheming would be exposed. Then maybe the house would wake up. Especially Aaryn, Jessie, and Elisa, because they’re the most clueless set of people.


Nikki I agree. Andy will be exposed and it would be interesting to see Andy squirm. I don’t see it happening though. At the moment Andy is the most trusted by all the HG’s (which is why I don’t understand him sabotaging Judd…Andy is so insecure) and Aaryn is the only one that seems to have a sniff about it…but they have a connection.


The time to stop the bedbugs and cockroaches from one more week of infestation is now. Call the exterminator and let’s try to get a season worth watching. This is not like other reality shows where we get two or three a year… Spencer and Aaryn and GM are starting to figure out Amanda’s lies and manipulations of the truth. Is Howard playing this game? shouldn’t he be in the HOH room plotting and scheming?


I wish you were right, but if they can’t pull a move now that would net them Howard (as a vote and potential sacrificial lamb to make peace in the future) and take Amanda from the other side right now then I just don’t see it. It’s the same in every game, when you see the chance to take a shot, you take it. Doing so now would put Judd (and Jessie) and Aaryn (and GM) in the drivers seat, with Spencer and Howard in the spots they are now for Amanda and Helen.

The thing about fear gripping you in this game is that you procrastinate. You tell yourself it’s “too early” to make a move and decide you need to lay low and wait, then suddenly you find all your votes (and protection) have been eliminated while you wait. If late Thursday afternoon, Aaryn, Judd, Jesse, and GM pull Andy, Helen and Elissa aside and tell them Amanda is going home, as soon as they see the vote is lost, they will want to be on the winning side. Then just before the vote, Judd (representing Jessie) and Aaryn (representing GM) tells McCrea what is happening…and they do so with as sad a face as they can muster. They tell them this is pure game and Amanda being aggressive and revealing secrets and whatever just scares them. They promise that they are still on board to get Howard, then Spencer, then Candace…but Amanda scares them much more than a disjointed group of 3 who can’t win anything. Beg for forgiveness.

Even if McCrea, Helen, Andy, and Elissa unite and close rank, then win HOH, they will not be able to evict their choice with 3 votes. So if one of them win, Arryn, Judd, GM, and Jessie (4 votes evict next week…and you comfort the HOH that everything can go back to normal) go up to HOH and say if you put Howard and Spencer up, we will send Howard home, reminding them last week was about Amanda and nothing else changed. And if Howard or Spencer win, they put up Helen and McCrea and Aaryn and Judd control the vote. Basically Aaryn and Judd are afraid and procrastinating and even if they unite, next week could already be too late for one of them.


Aaryn is really obsessed with Candice. That’s all she talks about is how much she hates Candice. I can’t wait for her to get out of the house and sees how she’s being portrayed on tv. I hope that this a learning experience or her, because she’s coming off as not only as someone that made racial comments, but a spoiled brat, I don’t understand why she’s fixated on Candice. She believes she’s in an alliance and they have her back so what if Candice comes after her which I don’t think Candice would even waste an HOH on Aaryn after this week. If Aaryn had any sense she would get over it and team up with Candice, GM, Spencer, and try to get Jessie to go over with them, because that’s the only chance Aaryn has of staying in the house.


I think the obsession is mutual.


I have more respect for GM now. I wish the house could flip and evict Handjob or even Candice. She was a beyach for screwing over Spencer and Howard with that house meeting. She’s worse than Topaz IMO.


I hope they have a twist to help out Howard or if Amanda goes on a crazy spree with threats, then a penalty vote against her will help seal the deal.


yes Pandora’s box….aaryn opens, gets something good (not that I want her to get anything good). Then something bad, like her noms have to come down and needs to replace with new ones. LIKE HELEN AND MCRAE!!!!


“I’m nervous about him for sure.. I feel like he’s playing a selfish game and will cut anyone to get further and I don’t like that.. he’s on my high alert right now.”

Does Andy realize what game he is playing? This is Big Brother. Everyone there is playing for selfishly and for themselves.


Arrgh to the article title!!! before i read it, i thought it meant four votes to evict demanda and that aaryn would then kick her out with the HOH vote 🙁

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Ayan is dumb AF… the “As of now Superfriends” are the ones keeping her safe and she says she just gathers all info and tells Spencer?

It is stupid because unless Spencer wins HOH he is gone… and Aryan might not want it reveal she has a plan to take out the rest of them…

I am sorry but for some reason the Goof Troop puts her in a solid final four and she spills it…

Its not just her but this whole cast over thinks everything… PRIME Example: Oh JU DD is a genius … OKKK


If Aaryn is as big a fan as she says then she knows that she doesn’t want to be battling Jessie and judd for number 6 in super friends. If Spencer or Gina win HOH Aaryn is going to flip and try to get them to go after Elissa or Candace She knows Helen and Amanda have their little minions and knows if she doesn’t get some minions of her own to and Spencer and Gina have no one else to work with so they’ll be easy to get. I hate all 3 of them but Helen Aaryn and Amanda are the only ones trying to win I may respect their game if they didn’t have such horrible personalities.


These people don’t seem to ever have any fun. They are total buzz kills. From now on I’m gonna make sure I’m completely sober when I get on this site. These people are a waste of good vodka!

On a side note, I’m about ready to pull the stick out of Helen’s ass and hit Amanda with it.

Meat Lovers Pizza

Gigiandthensome, your comment made my night! I wish I could give it more than one thumbs up!


Aaryn has seen the light. come on aaryn!!!!! Vote Demanda out. im done with seeing the same people run the house.

Aaryn's Ex

I don’t believe Howard said that to Amanda, but I do think he would want to say that to Aaryn. I mean married guys are thinking the same thing. Single guys are thinking about it every time they see her, and even females want to get with her. Aaryn you are definitely a lock for America’s favorite player.

Please give us more Aaryn.


You have interesting taste in women… how do you think she’s gonna look in her KKK outfit at the next bonfire?She nauseates me, so this girl is out! I would like to tie her up and whip her senseless though…. ; )

give me a break

If Aaryn was obese…more people would be saying to get her out…because she’s a good looking racists it’s cool..

Helen's Alliance Member

This is what Candice said earlier today “I don’t want Spencer to say one more thing to me for as long as his white a$$ points towards the ground”. Call me crazy but this is pretty racist. Why does Candice have to bring race into everything, there are other examples where she said to Howard that it would look bad if he was going after 3 white girls (after the bed-flipping saga). Why couldn’t it just be 3 girls, why include the “white”? It seems like the only person who sees Candice as Black is herself so she keeps having to remind all of us about colours. I feel like I am watching a racist episode of the sesame street from the 1950s.


she is biracial and was raised by a white family..i dont think she meant anything by it and racist means thinking your better than a race and what Aaryn said about the fish and asian eyes with Gina Marie and Amanda nappy hair comments are negative jabs against the races as a whole Candice jab is directed to Spencer

give me a break

Candice mother is WHITE….


Yes- Candice is racist. That’s all she talks about. Soooo annoying !


No! Candice was adopted and raised by a black family.


Aaryn definitely has it in the back of her mind. Sad thing is, if it ever were to come down to it to break a tie, she’d back out like a little wuss.


What’s most sad is that if Arryn approached Judd with the idea and asked him to feel Jessie out about Amanda (remind her how Amanda threatened her before veto and her adamant anti-Amanda stance last week), then you have Spencer, Judd, GM, and Jessie to create a tie and Aaryn breaks it. They go to Spencer and Howard and say they are all together as long as they understand Candica is NOT part of the group…and maybe this is a real alliance depending on who wins HOH.

Then Aaryn and Judd then go to Helen and Elissa and tell them that Howard is not a threat to any of them, just Amanda and McCrea, while Amanda bullies, threatens, reveals confidences, etc. and remind them that they might not get another shot. They don’t need to say explicitly that it’s a done deal regardless as that can remain unsaid. What they need to do is include Helen and Elissa. Knowing Helen she will try to take ownership as she is determined to have all the “blood” on her hands and pretend she’s running everything. Elissa barely knows everybody’s name. She will follow the pack. Then Aaryn goes with Helen to let Andy know and chances are he’s not going to fall on his sword as Amanda’s 2nd vote. Then Aaryn and Judd can go hat in hand to McCrea and be apologetic, saying it’s just about Amanda being Amanda, and nothing else changes. They still want Howard next, then Spencer, then Candice…but Amanda is just to threatening to everybody except McCrea. They can tell him he can vote for Howard and none of The Superfriends 2.0 will hold it against him.

The point being if Aaryn (and Judd) wanted to play to win, she could work it so she wouldn’t be put on the spot as the tie-breaker.


They need to work it with Helen that Amanda is systematically taking out Helen’s votes and solidifying Amanda’s for the latter battle Helen is prepping for.


This really could get interesting if they did flip and get Amanda out…

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

When Nick had the five guy loyal brainfreeze, the dudes went out and did showmances that had their degrees of success.
McCrae’s backfired, but in the initial strategy, each “girlfriend” had an exit number and a job function. weindeedy presume this
voting block of ten would empty at least 80% of the other contestants before turning on each other. Amanda had a number…


The irony is that McKeychain was only included in the MC because he was HoH at the time. He royally screwed them and essentially dismantled the MC. Good choice guys….should have gone with Judd.


The biggest mistake they made was adding to their tight alliance, almost as an afterthought. But Jeremy was whipped by Kaitlyn’s TLP and he ruined things too! Loved their name though!…unfortunately they are the only ones moving!


I wonder how many times in the last month you’ve typed “Andy joins them……”?


Good thing it is not a drinking game….

And I don’t care, rat or no, I love Andy, he makes shit fun sometimes.

A while ago, he pulled Elissa into the SR and told her “We have to get Helen out” (As a joke).
He cracks me up!

*UGH* Aryan is crying because she hates Candice…. maybe she will self evict


????… okay, care to expand on that thought?He’s definitely playing way under the radar like McCrae. But I think he’s a tattletail who’s going to get stopped in his tracks sooner or later. He will make it to jury. Off topic, Helen must bore herself to death with her non-stop gaming.


I would love for them to prank Andy buy just excluding him from any game talk for a day. They all noticeably change topic when he enters, or they all get up and leave when he does join them. He would unravel.


More like “Andy joins them.”


Love it! So true.


I am literally rofl. I tht the same thing. That dude pop up everywhere. I hate him


I am literally rofl. I tht the same thing. That dude pop up everywhere. I hate him

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

instead, after successfully exiting David, McCrae pulls an IAN TERRY even though Aaryn is very vulnerable
given that her beau thought he had the respect of the guys in the game. in the very beginning, from the initial
eviction, Aaryn has been open and vulnerable. the HoH deal with Helen is a logical shocker but if Aaryn just
sounded out Spencer for an equivalency, it looks like she’s resurrecting the MC to move out Amanda a.s.a.p!


poor judd. now we see how mcmanda, ellen, and andy pay him back for his hoh – by planning to stab him in the back. the wasted opportunity to get rid of aaryn was his fault, too, but now she’s planning her comeback?!?

they might want to keep judd around, if they want to keep the votes, and their control. aaryn looks like she might be just as big of a player and manipulator as they are.


This is why it is so difficult to flip the house. You have to get people on your side to do it. But any conversation is leaked to the power people. Judd had the conversation with Helen and she tells the group. Now they don’t trust him and want him out. And yet Helen acted like she agreed with him. They can’t even trust their own alliance. And whensomeone doesn’t like what is going on and talked about doing something else, they get snitched on. I don’t know why no one can see that Andy is the common denominater. He is in every conversation. When people are wondering where the leak is, they should start looking at who is always there.


Thank goodness these people are finally starting to get their heads in the game. I think they could get through to Judd and Jessie and get them to flip. Especially if Aaryn tells Judd he’s next on their list. But they need to leave Andy out of it. Andy will just go blab it back to the other HG’s. I’d be cool with them voting Candice out this week. I think it would make for much better TV if the HG’s had to contend with Spencer and Howard still in the game for another week at least.


Lord Helen mak e up your mind. Judd holds no power he has no allies. He’s not a threat Amanda needs to go. That does it, I’m voting Amanda every week as the third nominee. Maybe that would wake Helen up and give her a f***ing clue that she needs to get that lying tramp out the house.
Aryan just give it up nobody cares about your “I hate Candace speech”. You sound like Elyssa from a week ago. Shut the hell up go cry about it with Gina.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

good choice olivia

thanks for voting, every vote makes a difference


One could hope Aaryn will grow the pair GM says she has and really flip the house and get Amanda out. Sorry, Andy just joined me so I can’t continue my post. LOL


Ha, ha, ha too funny! Andy should steal the lurker title though.


LOL!!!!!!! Best comment ever. I really am cracking up. Andy has to have a twin who’s in the house playing the game unbeknownst to the other HG’s because he’s everywhere. That man never misses a conversation. (Just kidding).

give me a break

the only people that have the balls to stand up to amanda (dinosaur face)….is Coward…Brawny man look alike..Nick stalker..and candyland..


AMANDA has more hair on her body than you and has bigger balls . She will win the $500,000 dollars .

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

Nick’s brainfreeze was too ambitious, but its ruins dominate the gameplay even now…
if somehow Amanda exits on Thursday, it will be through the MC in comeback mode!!!!


Simon, First, thanks for all the updates, I appreciate the hard work you and Dawg put into this site. Second, Just wanted you to know that I’ve loved your site for years now because of the updates and not showing preference for any house guest. I usually don’t comment on the show, but this season…wow! I’ve never been so ashamed of people in my life nor have I ever wanted BB to get to the finale so much! But third, do you think there’s much of a chance they (Production) might throw some kind of competition tomorrow, be it luxury, etc., that might give someone like Howard, a chance to turn the house upside down? I’m so sick of Amanda, and the latest thing she said about Howard, totally uncalled for! And Helen…Ugh! Something needs to happen in that house bad! I’ve never seen a season like this! And I’ve watched since season 1! The floaters and haters and the lack of a back bone, not to mention how everyone acts like lemmings and does what Amanda dictates! I’m really starting to think that rumor about AG and Amanda is true because the b*tch Amanda thinks she owns that house and she’s running it like she does. Any thoughts?


Now if Aaryn could get over her hate of Candace they can make a move. They could tell Judd whets going on and get Amanda out. But that would take Aaryn being smart enough to call a truce with Candace & Howard to move her game forward. They see what’s up. That whole Candace house meeting can swing in their favor. No one will expect it! But of course they are too stupid and I don’t think Spencer can bring it back up anymore. He should tell Howard to approach Aaryn & GM again……. but will they just report it to Amanda?

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

Judd is definately restless & unhappy. Spencer has all day Wednesday to reach out to GM + Judd.
If they join him, it will be quite evident Thursday morning. This season’s group has not managed to
be low profile, they tend to telegraph punches. All the HGs gossip & fight & boast too much as it is!
If Spencer has made no headway by Noon on Thursday, lets think crash & burn and not flying high.

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

Despite the sweet tantrum Candice just pulled, Spencer has $ucked in his gameplayer gut
and is playing this out like as if it’s a double or nothing bet and not simply by half measures.
I hope Howard stays but an eruption by Candice or Judd could collapse Spencer’s BB game.


This is the week for somebody to make a move.PLEASE!!!! However, on Thursday the houseguests will do the predictable thing and vote Howard out. Amanda is going to march through these fools, subject us to a bogus wedding ceremony, tell lots more lies, lay down alot and eventually put 500K in her bank account.


If only to thwart the wedding ceremony they should vote her out.


I absolutely HATE this season! Worst season to date.

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

i’m semi-addicted to BB anyway… even though reading the threads here at OBB
has me forgetting to tune into the “on air” broadcasts locally. when i miss an episode
i go to cbs and then look at it in the wee hours of the morning and/ or the next day.


Does anyone think the previously evicted houseguests are at home watching this crap and HAPPY that they are no longer in the game? They all got to return to their lives and enjoy the rest of the summer while these jerks are in the house playing Amanda’s game. And I can’t believe a “superfan” like McKeychain would allow himself to be led around the game by his d***. You wait your whole life to play Big Brother and THIS is your game? Pathetic


Question: Why aren’t they rTying to do more 3-way vote split? Instead of trying to get a majority, get some of the household to vote for the pawn (and let some vote for the original target) and then less votes are needed for their target. Thoughts?

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

there had been talk of a surprise 4, 3, 1 final vote tally in a previous thread if some
of Helen’s groundlings could be tricked or confused as to WHO was 2 B the evictee!


It makes since but… they talk too much. No one can keep a secret. So as soon as they say to one person we are voting this person out and they would run and tell the other person. They would figure it out.


you are forgetting how demanda tells everyone what to do and that they are all too gutless to do anything but what she says


This season is just soooo frustrating/disappointing – I almost feel like reach out to the monitor and screaming at the HGs to play their own games. At a certain point it sounds like a majority of the HGs had realized that they will just be picked off but they psych themselves out of making a move. Have to hand it to Amanda though even through her lies she has managed to amplify all of their individual fears to make them focus on someone else.

Aaryn could easily relay to Judd and Jessie that Amanda/Helen want them out and create an alliance to get Amanda out. All they need is four votes and Aaryn to switch up the whole game. Worst case they take out Amanda and the house gets split on focusing on multiple targets. Even if Howard goes (which I would not like) – I think everyone just wants to see someone do something.

If all they want is to be in jury I would prefer CBS just fast forwards everything, give them all 13k and have Helen and Amanda face off. The quote that the name of the game is do whatever Helen (as well as Amanda – my addition) is just a slap to all of the other potential HGs that would love to be in the game.

Simon will def be donating – trying to listen to the replays or live feeds is just too stressful for me… Even if Helen/Amanda won, I would not mind if others put some level of effort. To be honest if the rest of the HGs are buying what they are being told then 100% either Amanda/Helen should win even though I m not a fan of theirs… SOMEONE PLEASE WAKE UP. CBS maybe needs to pull a BB Canada and have someone like Dan come in for a few days to interview the HGs and maybe that will light a fire on someone

Hand Aaryn a Kleenex

Oh woah it’s me Aaryn is at it again “Spencer I have been in the same situation as you and I cried” Shut up watch the tapes lady,Production please show her the tapes of her comments


I’m so confused about GinaMarie. Either she really is frustrated with Amanda’s grip or she’s just pretending to I front of Howard (for no benefit whatsoever). It’s also frustrating how Candicd is planning to target Spence… LOOK AT THE HOUSE YOU FOOL. Only because Helen, Elissa, and sometimes Amanda play nice with you and rub your back and chit chat, it dosen’t mean they don’t see you as another body to take out befor Judy. AIM FOR THE JUGULAR WOMAN.


For Candice, Spencer was the other woman.


Judd says to Jessie, I’d like to sing you a song now about my old girlfriend. It’s called, “They’ll Find Her When the Leaves Blow Away ‘Cause I’m Not Raking ‘Til Spring.”

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

judd please stop singing


They do have the votes! GM, Jessie, Spencer and Judd. Aayrn a tie-breaker. Get Amanda or Candice out. Either one of them would be great!! Then they would have Howard in their group. Make a move already!!



That is exactly what I was thinking. Why is Aaryn getting Howard out when he’s not coming after her, she’s only doing Amanda’s dirty work.


But they don’t have Judd or Jessie. They need to get Judd first. He at least at this point still thinks he is in a final four with Andy, Amanda, and McCrea. Aaryn needs to let him know that his group is targeting him because they don’t trust him. It’s a gamble considering everyone still goes and tell Amanda, but they need to try something. If he would believ them, then they would have the votes because Jessie would follow.


Helen doing more mom therapy session. If McCrea yawns again on TV I’m poking mine and his eyes out.


Just an observation but it seems like the woman in the house are constantly painting their nails over and over the entire day long. The main ingredient in nail polish remover is acetone which in high doses can cause the following symptoms lethargy, headaches and slurred speech. Has anyone seen anyone in the house with these symptoms?


Also I forgot to mention that if anyone here can contact the producers of BB they should tell the house guests to use the nail polish remover (acetone) to help take care of the stains in the couch from Amanda’s period. Just trying to help.

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

poor JUDD
when HoH!!!
i think he’s
a tad sensitive
to all the fumes…


Jesse wont turn without Judd and they haven’t decided to tell Judd that he is being targeted. I personally think they need to keep Candace just for a vote. If a plan is brought to her to keep her and Howard she will do it and stick to it as longs as her. Aaryn & spencer can refrain from talking about each other for a few weeks it would work. The problem is the people have loose lips and haven’t been able to stick to an alliance for more than a few days. They are immature an can’t get out of their own way. Suck it up and play nice for a few weeks. In all fairness, Candace did try that with Aaryn earlier in the week but Aaryn tuned her out. It’s the best plan. That meeting that Candace threw has got the superfriends guard down. They trust her now and are comfortable. This is the perfect time to strike, when they least expect it!! Im not holding my breathe though.

Kelli Jo

I actually like Andy quite a bit. Amanda makes me laugh but she’s so aggressive with everyone, it can rub me the wrong way, though I do like McCrae all right. Elissa is dumb to me, and Helen, like Amanda is controlling. Glad they play the game and make moves, but it can get annoying. Never had real feeling for Candice and Spencer is so gross and crass. Howard is a good guy but doesn’t really know how to play the game. GM is funny but kind of a non entity at this point. Many things Aaryn has said and done have been horrible, but I can admit the girl knows how to play the game. I like both Judd and Jessie a lot. I thought I would hate Jessie watching the first episode, but she’s actually a very sweet girl. Will she win? Highly doubt it, but at least she doesn’t annoy the crap out of me. Judd is very smart and a good player, but I’m afraid his shady image will get the best of him at some point. Really at this point my favorite is Andy. He’s funny, and kind of walks the line between a floater and a gamer. He has aligned with the people in power but could easily switch. And Judd has done the same, but unfortunately for him, others have taken notice and it makes him a target. Everyone seems to lIke Andy and he’s not a threat which could get him far. Even to the end if he sticks with the right alliances and more worthy targets come up.

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

lets say a double eviction looms on thursday…i think there are three ways it may go down!!!!
(1.) the extended “superfriends” alliance splinters the dissenters & dominates both phases!!!
(2.) howard or candice goes, but spencer sways the BB house on the next round belatedly…
(3.) amanda exits first and in the wake of the shockwave spencer’s “moving company” moves!!!!
helen either keeps total control, or looses a degree of control, or sees her game go out the window

Kelli Jo

To clarify about Andy, it’s unlikely he’d win unless he stats making moves eventually, since most people won’t vote 500k to a floater over a gamer in the end, but I think he’s playing one of the smartest games with his alliances and attitude. Even when he spills things or acts shady, no one sees him as a threat to their game. Plus he’s just a funny guy and I enjoy watching him.

Kelli Jo

I’m actually one of the few who don’t find this season to be boring. Even if the next few weeks they get out Howard, Spencer, and Candice, after that, all bets are off.


Come on Aaryn if you can just switch this and get Amanda out you will be like the best!! But I have a feeling they all are so stupid they are going to just keep Amanda and let her and McCrae just strut to the final two…


Dear CBS,

Many of my friends, loved ones and co workers would like to express our sadness over this season.
What do we have left to look forward to?

We feel like we can’t connect with most of the BB players in the house.
Most players left in the house have little to no impact on the game.

Personally I am most disappointed in Howard.
I have never witnessed a player in the history of the show who only has 2 friends within
the house this early in the game and 12 people remain in the house.

Looking back on the hype of Big Brother Canada and the lack luster season of Big Brother 14 I believed season 15 would be the best one yet.

I am disappointed. I feel like I have no reason to tune it.
I only stay updated because I am a fan. I no longer say BB is the best reality show on TV. CBS you lost my vote.

As fans we all have our fav seasons. I loved BB 8 and 11 and as fans we can even accept a boring season but when you combine a boring season with players who have little to no gameplay, 1 player who can’t play at all, and the rest who just want to make it to jury what’s left? What excitement can we build with this?


While I definitely do not respect Aaryn as a person in this game or outside of it. If she could somehow see her way clear to flip this house and evict Amanda. Then I would definitely have a new found respect for her game play at this time.

P.S. Gina Marie and Aaryn time to get off your “I hate Candice” pedestal, because your fates outside of the house have been determined. Now get your heads in the game; same goes for Candice as for game play.


Does anyone notice GM has little troll legs? She reminds me of a garden gnome.


Sorry…I’m new to this…what do the ratings on the bottom of the comments mean?


Since I’ve been wrong each and every time I’ve made a prediction this year, I’ll go ahead and put the death-nail into this scenario.



Aaryn is still too weak to make any big move, let alone make one this week. She’ll not even ‘seriously’ try.

Spencer screwed the pooch yesterday, so his chance at a big move has significantly lessened.

Candace ensured, with her two full days of crazyland (read: Candyland), that she has no chance of doing anything big.

Who else would? Could?

Thus, Howard goes home and most likely a member of the Superfriends will become the new HoH.


Here’s to hoping my predictions are wrong… as usual… and Amanda’s trashy arse hits the bricks. 🙂 🙂 🙂


I’m just confused as to why everyone hates Candice. Really. What has she done that makes her so bad, and has everyone calling her the b word, like Judd and Amanda? And the people she continues to stand up for, and were there for when they were on the outs, continue to throw her under the bus, i.e. Elissa and Helen (well mainly Helen). Candice was the one who figured out the guys alliance, and hung out with both of the girls when they were on slop and on the block. I admire how Candice conducts herself morally, she doens’t stoop too low like how the other girls have.
I also don’t see how Howard is such a big threat, as Amanda keeps implying. Hel iterally has done NOTHING, no offense, while MC one competitions, and Amanda is manipulating everyone. Amanda, if you really want Howard to be gone, get him out yourself. Why is no one thinking to get out Amanda? I think that GM, Aaryan, Spencer, Howard, should team up. Howard is not even thinking to get rid of GM and Aaryan, so why wouldn’t GM and Aaryan take advantage of that?
And why are they still keeping Aaryan? What happened to getting her out? Everyone seems to be buddy buddy with her, even last week when she was on the block. It’s funny how everyone now is saying that Candice and Howard are the true racists, and they actually believe it. They didn’t make those words come out of Aaryan’s mouth. It’s ridiculous how everyone believes these lies when they know the truth.