Big Brother 15 Spoilers The new Triangle of THRUST

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


N*de flashback times here

8:28pm Chessboard JUDD and Andy

JUDD: “I’m not mad or anything.. “
Andy: “What the F****.. you don’t trust me I didn’t say anything”
JUDD says the reason he’s irritated right now is he didn’t tell anybody that he heard Andy and Jessie say Howard and Andy decided to talk to him about it in front of everyone which made him look shady.
Andy: ‘you called me liar in the kitchen.. it wasn’t a lie..” Andy swears jessie and him never mentioned Howard’s name
JUDD: ‘you keep bringing up things in front of other people.. you can trust me…” Andy keep interrupting him.
JUDD: “will you please let me talk for a couple minutes”
JUDD doesn’t like how Andy always waits until there is a crowd of people around when he brings stuff up to JUDD. JUDD noticed Andy doing this before and it’s really starting to piss him off.

JUDD says he’ll talk to Andy one on one but doesn’t want to have Andy attack him in front of people making it a spectacle. Andy says it was JUDD making is a spectacle in front of everyone in the bathroom. Andy just wanted everyone to hear that it wasn’t true about him and Jessie mentioning Howard’s name. JUDD says he didn’t tell anyone about that and no one would have heard their conversation in the kitchen.

Andy: ‘You’ve been acting really short with me yesterday and today”
JUDD is surprised by this.
Andy: ‘Until I give you reason not to trust me trust me”
JUDD: ‘Please just stop making everything a group thing come talk to me in private”

Andy claims he’s played a very honest game and doesn’t like people calling him a liar in front of everyone.
They make up and leave

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:30pm bedroom Elissa and Jessie
Jessie saying it’s a combination of things that are overwhelming her.
Elissa: “Did someone do something”
Jessie: “If I tell you you cannot tell anybody”
Elissa: “I swear I won’t”
Jessie says Amanda was interrogating her for a hour and a half in the hammock last night, “That’s what Jeremy would do to people”

Jessie adds it didn’t affect her last night but when she woke up this morning she felt it.
E: “Too aggressive”
J: “Ya.. she broke me down and made me look like a idiot on TV”
Jessie says she asked her a million questions over and over again and Jessie felt like she was at Amanda’s mercy, “It made me look stupid”
Elissa says Amanda has been too aggressive to her to. Jessie adds that her biggest worry now is what happened last night is going to be blown out of proportion by Amanda and she will get the house to turn on her next week and vote her out.
Jessie: “I’ve been trying to hold it in but it’s turning into Anger”
Elissa: “I don’t know if she is making this up and if it’s true”
Jessie: ‘She should be a military integrator..She’s relentless“
Jessie says in the real world she could just walk away but in this house she has to be present for it because if she leaves you have no idea what people will start saying about you.

Jessie says people go and tell Amanda everything she feels like there is no one to talk to.
Jessie says she talked to the people in the Diary room and they said to her if she doesn’t like something in the game then change it. Feeds switch to JUDD and Andy chessboard,

Feeds come back to Elissa and Jessie
E: “You, me, Helen, Spencer would vote her out”
J: “Andy..”
E: “Andy might vote her out.. and JUDD.. ohhhh”
E: ‘We would need six right.. or just 5”
J: “We would have to include the whole house otherwise people would be pissed”
E: “She would flip her lid”
J: “Andy would have to be included.. cause he’s Andy.. he’s on her side it would make him look bad I don’t think it would work this week.. she’s a HUGE target and eventually it will come down to you and Helen, Amanda and McCrae”
E: “what do you mean”
Jessie explains that the two strongest pairs in the house are Elissa and Helen, Amanda and McCrae, “you are all the biggest people.. ones going to take out the ther”
Jessie: ‘She scares me.. “
Elissa says the only reason Amanda wants Howard gone is he’s after her. Elissa is unsure that all the things Amanda says about Howard is true she gets the feeling it’s made up.
Jessie: ‘This wasn’t a house decision it’s basically a few people decision.. they want him out.. ”
Jessie says the insurance is Spencer goes next week then the following week it’s Aaryn or Candice, “We would all make it to Jury” .
E: “Do you want Aaryn out”
jessie says she’s let go all of her sh!t she’s got nothing personal against Aaryn. Elissa says all the guys like Aaryn the most, she thinks JUDD likes Aaryn a lot, “He likes you but he flirts with her to” .
Jessie: ‘I think we should go with the flow.. but next week we should see who wins HOH.. I’m just telling you Amanda upset me”
E: “if you won HOH what would you do”
J: “Either go with the house or do something.. probably go with the house“


9:21pm HOH Aaryn and Gm

Using candy to strategize. Aaryn makes a comment that Candice cannot be the black M&M because or people will call her racist.

JUDD joins them interrupts their game talk .. says he’s Hugh Hefner and hops into bed


JUDD tells them Jessie is acting normal again he say her talking to Helen. JUDD jokes that this is the Triangle of thrust.
JUDD: “So what are you girls doing today”
GM: “Same thing we do every night pinky.. try to take over the world”
J: “Hows it coming for you”
GM: “Not good lately”
J: “We’ll get it tomorrow ladies”

GM jokes asks him if he wants a foot massage. Aaryn says “He wants a butth@ole massage from Howard”
J: ‘Oh my god.. them are killing words”
J to GM “Candice is in your bed asleep” (LOL)
J: “Howard is giving her a massage”
A: ‘the way she gets massages is so appalling.. I can’t even be in there”
J: ‘The massage of thrust”

9:49pm HOH GM and Aaryn
They finish up they’re planning Aaryn wants the following people out
1)Candice 2)Spencer 3)Jessie 4)Elissa
She wants the final 6 to be Amanda, McCrea, Andy, GM, Aaryn and JUDD
She knows Amanda’s side wants JUDD out they are going to have to tell him to win HOH. They both agree if they don’t get Helen out soon she will win the game.


10:05pm HOH Aaryn, Jessie and GM
Aaryn: “I’m just so sick of talking in circles.. ”

They are talking about Amanda and how threatening she is. Jessie mentions she was in the Cockpit today with Howard and Candice and it felt like episode for of the bachelor, “Do you like SUV’s or trucks.. whats you favorite colour.. ” Aaryn says it doesn’t matter he’s going home

GM tells them about breast lift. Her chest is real but she had them lifted up otherwise they are really saggy . They chat about Twitter. Jessie is really excited to to talk to all her fans even if there is just one she’ll be so excited.


10:29pm Helen and JUDD

Helen going over her conversation with Jessie.
JUDD says he would vote Jessie out if it’s her and Helen on the block. He stresses Jessie is ruining his game and he wants to distance himself from her. Helen says he needs to stop hanging off Jessie if he wants people to not think they are a couple.
Helen: “I would have thought you voted me out before her”
JUDD: “We’re close but I care about you to.. I have loyalty to you Elissa, McCrae, Amanda and Andy”
Helen says she will be loyal to JUDD until the end as long as he stays loyal to her. JUDD brings up that he heard Helen was wanting to flip the vote he didn’t believe it and thought it was just another little thing.
Helen wants to know who said it, “I’m the one that told Aaryn to put up Spencer and Howard”. JUDD doesn’t think it’s important it was in the past and doesn’t matter.
Helen says she doesn’t care “I don’t go after every little thing I hear.. ” (OH MY GOD this is the funniest thing I have heard all week)
JUDD keeps stressing that he is not playing this game with Jessie they are playing separate games.
JUDD tells her he thinks the MVP cannot go to the same person every week, “Elissa may be able to get the MVP next week”

11:00pm Helen and Candice Cockpit Helen says Candice is safe tomorrow. Helen says with Howard going she can work with them and it’s going to be great . Helen: ‘One day you me and Elissa will be going after Amanda”

Helen says everyone wants Candice to make if far in the game. (Everyone is the superfriends)


11:30pm harlem shake
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

11:56pm Bedroom McCrea and Amanda She asks him what would happen on with the live feeds if the final two had sex on the living room couch, will the camera look away or not. MC thinks they camera’s would be one it.
In the cockpit the majority of the house is talking about whether or not they will read about themselves on the internet or watch the life feeds. Doesn’t sound like any of them are interested in what we have to say about them on the internet. Jessie points out it would take 3 months to watch all the feeds. Aaryn thinks the feeds are not available to watch after the show is over.


12:03am Jessie and GM come up with a movie idea Alien Zombie monkeys
Spencer says he called a girlfriends he once had “Monkey t!ts” he stopped because she didn’t like it. couple of the houseguests howl with laughter. Helen says that’s the same as calling Spencer “Beer belly boy”

12:22AM Random chit chat throughout the house. in the bedroom is MC, Amanda, Elissa, Andy and JUDD. JUDD is joking that that he would do anything to see Ginamarie and Candice chained together for 24 hours.
CBS Interactive Inc.

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i keep holding out for hope the idiots will figure out now is the time to flip the house and vote out demanda, but they keep proving how they are sheep


You right even Aaryn has figured out AMANDA is the Osama Bin Laden of the house you vote her out and you have a level playing field . Vote her out Howard and Candace will be easy to get out later ?


As much as I like to evict Amanda, what I like most is to stop Aryan and GM to keep on bashing Candice. These two needs to go and since Amanda wants to keep Candice then I rather Howard goes. Aryan and GM either they are mean girls or racist.


I have no respect for a player like Candice, just like I didn’t have any for Kaitlin. If a girl is going to grab onto a cock and not come out of the bedroom for 2 weeks during a game of BB, then she doesn’t deserve to be there. I want Candice out ASAP.


SO, goofy, does that mean you dislike Amanda also? She grabbed onto Mc Creas cock and has hung on since the beginning of the game! You mentioned Candice and Kaitlin but said nothing of Amanda.


Amanda is playing the game hard and is in on all conversations and decisions in the house so far. She and Helen have all the power, in case you didn’t notice. If anything, it is McCrae who grabbed onto Amanda’s “cock” because she’s clearly in charge. I’m still not sure if it’s good for his own game in the long run or not. I dislike Amanda for other reasons, such as being vulgar and somewhat of a pig.


4chan is supposed to drop little beads with messages on them over the house to get Amanda out and Alison outed. Has anyone herd if and when this is happening?


They have been on indoor lockdown most of the day today and will be until HoH comp. That must be a rumor or they already missed the chance. What season was it that had a plane w a banner fly over? I vaguely remember that.


That was the 1st season. They had planes fly by with banners with info from the outside….Like don’t trust Britney or vote out Chicken George!!! Things like that. America actually voted out who was nominated and they never had the POV then.

The Veto

It happened in season 8, too, when a plane flew over with a banner that read something like “don’t trust Eric. He’s a liar”. (maybe Amber, too. not sure) Then in season 10, I think it was Memphis and a couple others who lied about a plane with a banner flying over. Usually they put the HGs on indoor lock down if something like that happens.

BB15 letdown

That is the one I remember! Season 8. I didn’t watch season 1 because I thought it sounded lame. Clearly I was wrong! Well until this season. Season 8 was awesome. I liked 6, 7/All Starts was the best, then 8, 10, 11 all rocked. 12 was good, 13 so so and it was downhill after that.

Thanks! Gonna try to find that episode now so I can see what the banner said.


gee, never heard that before.


GM: I really hope we can be friends after the game is over and that we keep in touch.

Aaryn: I hope so too

Judd: I can’t call everyone I want…I got a discount on a new phone because it was an irregular and has no five’ on it….so if you have a five in your number I cant call.

GM: How long have you had it?

Judd: I don’t know… my calendar has no seven’s on it.


Stop stealing my jokes.


OMG, plz make it happen, evict Amanda tmrw


Even if you flew over the BB15 house in a AIRPLANE and wrote in the sky AMANDA they still would be like wu uh um why did he write Amanda name in sky . DR . WILL or a Evil Dick type player would no right away no they would no the first week get AMANDA out of there . Vote the biggest target out like they did JEREMY .


I dislike them all but its a matter of degrees. The most? hmmmmm I really hate Amanda but then again I hate Helen. I despise Andy the rat and want to choke Jessie. I hate the racism and ignorance of GM and Aaryn. If Andy is murdered I might be a suspect in the case. Howard is a fool. Candace is a racist crybaby. I’d like to smack Mc with a baseball bat. Spencer is probably a rapist and should be castrated. Elissa is so plastic and fake and I hate people like her. Judd is funny but he isnt the brightest bulb in the world.


So because Candice stood up for herself like Rosa Parks did she is a racist . Candace was picked on from day one by Gina Marie & Aaryn we watch the live feeds . Candace has a white mom how WOULD SHE BE RACIST ?


So now she is a heroin like Rosa Parks? Pleas mo fo. Yes, you can be racist if you are mixed – NEWS FLASH. Candice is no hero – she is a fame whore who is looking for a baby daddy.


So Candice is looking for a “baby daddy” and GM and her undying love for Nick wasn’t… Normally your comments are pretty correct and I usually agree with the things you say… But to say that Candice is looking for a “baby daddy” is as ignorant as anything Aaryn and GM have said in the house…

99 Cent

Don’t worry, they never show her mother’s white ass how she has twisted and embellished her accusations against Aaryn, and her comments toward Spencer. They’ll most likely continue to show things out of context so she’ll continue to be viewed as a victim. It’s a good thing we have the live feeds so we can see what really happens.


I think Candace has a right to complain of Aaryn’s racial comments. Her and Howard have been great at holding it in and not blowing up at Aaryn. GM & Amanda are just as bad. Aaryn’s hatred for Candace stems from her denial that she is a racist and someone like Candace sees it is true and Aaryn has no self awareness therefore hates Candace and complains that Candace uses “the race card”.


Agreed black Lion. Aryan and GinaMarie are so mean towards Candice. As much as Amanda and Helen seems to be the ring leader they are working on keeping Candice to weaken the boys alliances. These two are aware of the racial comments being thrown at Candice and Howard and Helen and I think they are just playing the game. Helen nominated Howard because of his poor game play aFter the first week when David was evicted the moving company was formed and he keeps throwing Helen name to be evicted on the second week and still does. Helen was loyal towards Howard in the first week but Howard is not and I could not understand why Howard was doing that. Nick did it throwing Helen under the bus all the time and he is gone. Helen found out Howard was gunning for her. It was too early when Howard and Spencer trying to flip the house and that was their big mistake. They were in a solid allance to get rid of the mean girls but they decided to flip, which was too early. Helen is protecting Candice she will not nominate her next week if she wins HOH. Helen, Elissa and Candice have a secret alliances. Aryan and GinaMarie bashing on Candice do not stop. To take away the target on Candice Howard needs to go.


That’s a crack of shit. Aaryn and Gina barely talk about her, other than an occasional ‘I hate her because she wants to vote me out’ from Aaryn. At this point, Candice is meaner about Aaryn than the other way around. And if you want to talk about who is ‘mean’ to that whackjob Candice, it’s Amanda and Helen, throwing her name around in the mud over and over again and basically using her to throw away later. How many times in the last week have both of them said she’s crazy and that she has to go only (maybe) to change their mind a day ago to keep her until jury to get a vote out of her. They are pretending to be her friends. At least, Aaryn is honest about her feelings and, as I said, she hasn’t been really badmothing her for 2 weeks now.


Rosa Parks on BB? lol

Candice is maybe the second craziest woman on the show behind Gina.

The thing between Aaryn and Candice was a fight. Big fucking whoopie. If Candice had any brains she would make up with Aaryn and join the game because she’s not even playing anymore.


How is Candace a racist?




Luv the name Helmanda


Do you mean today??? Because I can’t stand any of them. I dislike them all except Howard & Elissa but they are not cut out for this game….. at least with these HG’s. They would have fit better with a different season.


That would be a good poll. I’m wagering McCranda would win by a longshot over Aaryn given all that’s happened the past two weeks. Funny how being quiet and laying low (which is pretty good considering she’s laying low WHILE being hoh) can give someone else the opportunity to become the villian.


If it is at the point that I no longer like anyone, does it matter who I like the least?

We'll Be Right Back

For me it is between Helen and Amanda. But I will keep voting Amanda until she gone or I can not vote. Girl got to go!!!!!!!!!!


I think if we(America) vote Amanda again this week it will drive her insane lol her brain will combust. If Candice or Spencer win the should put up Amanda and Helen that will be an interesting week.

Sad about big brother

Since America nominated Amanda, do you think they will let be MVP again? I think it’s a possibility they will take it away from us now.

Any thought?




Andy because he feeds the frenzy.


3 way tie-
GM- obnoxious, clueless
Helen- never shuts her yap, fake lovey dovey


Amanda, Go! I’m so sick of people saying she’s a strong woman. She’s paranoid, manipulative, abrasive and very insecure.These are not qualities of a strong woman. She’s always playing to the camera, like a child trying to get attention. Some also say she’s got good game, but how would we know? No one else in there is having a chance to play. If she’s gone, the dynamics of the house will change and other personalities will come to front.


That is such a difficult question. It has to be Helen. If she continues to say “I love you” and scream and jump for no reason like a lunatic I’m going to lose it.


Simon, I dislike the whole cast. seriously dude, I had it up to here with this cast. personally, the whole cast is disgusting. I know it’s the norm to talk shit about each other on BB, but the highlight of this season is the vile and appalling racial slurs, and personal insults that has nothing to do with the game. strategically, this cast has no concept of game changing decisions or power shift gambles. not evicting Amanda this week is by far the dumbest mover ever on BB. move over Lawon and Marcellus….here come the cast of BB 15.


I agree that BB15 has now become the lamest move in BB history. Everyone think they have game but they are all making moves based on fear. They don’t have to see these people again if they don’t want to so why fear them in the game. They should be thinking about themselves and their family. If they don’t take advantage of getting out Amanda now, they may never get another chance.

Geez Louise

Amanda, with Helen as a close 2nd and McCrae’s hair and pajama pants come in 3rd and 4th. It would be a tie but the fact that Amanda rarely gets out of the bed( when she does she just moves to the hammock and drags that down comforter with her.) puts her in the lead.

Save J U double D really

Helen and Amanda are the worst. Tonight’s edit on Helen sets her up for next week’s MVP nominee (America). If the HGs don’t take advantage of Amanda’s head served on a silver platter by America’s vote, then that’s opportunity wasted. Let’s see what the HG’s do when it’s Helen on the chopping block. (As Julie Chen would say) But first……we have to see who the next HoH is. I hope it’s Spencer just for the entertainment value.


Well I see that Production is tryna sway the views to Helen. I say lets cont to vote Amanda as the 3rd nom (btw 2 weeks in a row she will be CRAZY CRAZY lol then the HOH put up Helen and Pizzaboy now that will be 1 awesome week


Simon for me it’s Amanda, the delusional alpha-female of the bunch of pansies. With Helen, being a close second, since I thought she had some level of intelligence and would see this is the time to gather the troops and evict Amanda.

McCrae is the beta-male to Amanda’s alpha-female persona; so he is basically a mindless drone for know.

Can’t fault Spencer for trying, but he did not clearly point everyone in the right direction of Amanda.

Aaryn and Gina Marie are so obvious in my total disrepect it does not even register to complain about them anymore.

Judd, Jessie and Andy are playing their own game so can’t fault them much. But wish they would step up and lead more.

Candice and Howard really do not have any true alliances, so they are the outliers of the group.


Amanda and Aaryn. Amanda says terrible things and has a horrible personality. Aaryn was my least favorite houseguest of all time in her first HOH, she’s stopped a little bit because it looks like production told her everyone thought she was a racist and she lost her alliance. But we’ve all seen the true her.

I sort of like and dislike Helen. She’s nice usually, but also a liar and way too talkative/overbearing.

GM needs to go back to Grade School.

These are the people I dislike most.


Okay, in order of really hate to dislike intensely: Amanda&Aaryn&GM (pkg deal) ,Helen&Andy,& the rest bug me in different ways.

all but given up hope for season15

“The House” aka Amanda

Karen S

ugh! It’s such a toss up! I find new things to dislike about them all every day.
The only saving grace is your and Dawg’s comments.
Thanks Guys!


AMANDA for her comments about Gang r*p!ng Jessie ,her comments about wanting Candace to have a accident and hurt herself , and for her comments about disabled children with Autism .


What did she say about disabled autistic children?

Dawn Boone

When did Amanda say something about kids with Autism I missed that! !!


Amanda apparently said Elissa talks like someone who has autism and then went on to make fun of her….have to find the blog and feed time stamp for it. And everyone continues to love Amanda….smh…


You can watch it here


I dislike Aaryn and Amanda the most. I really don’t like any of them too much. Helen and McCrae are a big disappointment to me. Elissa. Howard, Jessie, and Candace are the ones that I prefer to win, I doubt very seriously in any of them will win though




Production gets my vote.


Based on personality Amanda, Arryn, Ginamarie. I don’t despise Helen but she is really annoying. As for gameplay, I really hate Howard. Bad at challenges and is a fish out of water. Once again his plan to save himself is terrible, do not trust Andy! Also he is painting a target on Helen and Elissa’s back for Candice but they are the only two who could possibly further her game. And unless people are stupid enough to be on the outside, they would vote Amanda out.

This Season Blows

Rachelissa, followed closely by Helen and Spencer.


I dislike Amanda the most.

She’s borderline abusive at times. It can easily be made to fit the mold of Bully. The BB fan in me is perfectly fine with that; however, me the person is like “Wow” this woman is completely blasting that person.

It’s either a singular message being relentlessly drilled into that person or a sadistic barrage of questions that are meant to intimidate and break down (mentally and emotionally) the person at which they are directed. It’s everything over and over and over and over and over…. I have to switch off of Amanda-vision at times so I don’t throw something. She’s not all bad though.

In terms of gameplay, she’s by far the best player in the game right now–in my opinion. That ain’t saying much though. That aggression is going to catch up to her though–again, imo.

Andy is a close second and so is GinaMarie. I think GM has softened a bit lately though. Truth be told, GM and Aaryn switch seats in my mind about twice per day though, lol.


Amanda! I can’t until these people grow a pair and boot her a$$ out!

She Said What

Well, the most annoying is Andy. You all know the game What a Mole…. I wish that was a POV challenge with Andy naturally playing the mole!

She Said What

Geez, I meant Whac a Mole….

weighing in

Candice, Spencer, Howard

I actually really like Amanda. What annoys people about her is that she’s controlling the house. Um…this is Big Brother?! If the others are allowing it, how is that her fault.

Aaryn and GM don’t bother me.

I like McCrae a lot. I like Judd. I like Andy. I like Jessie.

I thought Helen was great until she got so power hungry with her HOH. And she has proven she can’t keep her mouth shut. It hurts her game. But I still like her.

I like Elissa, I just think she’s really bad at this game. I don’t think she gets it.

I liked Howard in the beginning.

I think Candice is smart, but takes things too personally, blows things out of proportion and ends up driving me crazy.

Spencer can be likable at times, but is most offensive to me.

I hope they stick with the plan of getting out Howard, Spencer and Candice first, then fighting it out amongst themselves.


apparently that is the misconception you demanda fans want to keep about everyone hating on your girl, because she is playing the game.

total bullshit.

we hate her for her hateful attitude towards so many people in the house and how she glorifies violence. and all the other nasty shit she does and says. because of all those things, we then decide to look at he bullying, manipulating and lying how we do.

we wish 3 more things:
1) production would quit masking that horrible personality on the tv edits
2) you demanda fans would quit hating on us saying we only hate her for her gameplay (its like she brainwashed you all like she did all the sheep in the house)
3) someone gets a clue in the house. they are so close but just can’t piece it together


I dislike that everyone is afraid to make a bold move.


now they think the mvp can’t go to the same person every week?!?!?!? Hello????? Elissa got it 2 weeks in a row, YOU BIG DUMMY!!! And Jessie is upset at AMANDA and the Dr tells her to do something about it and she doesn’t get the hint. Still too scared. Elissa could be a vote, she doesn’t really want Howard to go. She complains about them running the house, then Elissa asks her if you win HOH, will you do something different or go with the house? And thee Jesse the genius says Probably just go with the house!!?!?!?!?!? HHUH??????????? These scary a$$ cowards!!! The damn DR has clued you into the fact that there may be a move for you to make. OMG!!!


You said what I was thinking. DR gave a clue. I think Elissa
Want Amanda out too. But she smart she feeling her out and she
Ust know she can’t work with her. She not strong enough.
Yes I now think Elissa is the one to beat. It’s just something about
The way the conversation was going and the questions she ask. Her mind
Is turning but. She smart not to say nothing.


You said what I was thinking. DR gave a clue. I think Elissa
Want Amanda out too. But she smart she feeling her out and she
Ust know she can’t work with her. She not strong enough.
Yes I now think Elissa is the one to beat. It’s just something about
The way the conversation was going and the questions she ask. Her mind
Is turning but. She smart not to say nothing.


Helen’s gotta go. I can’t stand watching her tell everyone lies anymore with her ‘dead eyes’. She should be on everyone’s hit list (if they were smart). : (


the dumbest players in history of BB -_-
such cowards!!!!!!


I’m watching the feeds, those MFers have finally got into some good sh**! yup, plane finally dropped that baggie…i’m goin to bed, someone wake me when Amanda is outta there…i’m still JUDD FTW…i hope he finds out he’s fixin to get the boot & can get a plan together…now Howard has on the “mad scientist wig”…Oh Lord…

Geez Louise

If Helen talked to me like I was a 4 years old like she does to all these people, I would go insane! Goodness, they are all grown adults yet she feels the need to explain how and why everything is done, and she does it like she is talking to a toddler. Her conversations with Elissa are the worst because all I her is Helene:”blah blah blah OK??Blah blah, OK?OK?OK?OK”Elissa: ummmm hmmm, ummmm hmmm, yeah??? ummmm” Somebody’s gotta do something to make this more interesting. I waited a whole year for BB15, and I wanna see big brother, not Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.


To make up for this crappy season they should do a vote from America about who from past seasons we would want back and battling. My favorites, Dr. Will, Jannelle, Boogie, Dan, Danielle&Evil Dick, Jeff, … they could do a rapid fire, mid-season BB, Whole game played 3 HOH’s a week, daily comps for have-havenot,POV,evictions every 3rd day. Then the celebrities don’t have to leave their McMansions for very long and they could make it worth their while with a Million Dollar Prize. A girl can dream… I’m just barely hanging in here this season. A first for me, every other season was okay compared to this!


These people are literally to stupid to insult. They have Amanda right where they want her, and they’re still voting out Howard. They worry about Howard when all he is is a walking metaphor, no one ever knows what he’s talking about and no one wants to align with him. Meanwhile Amanda has her army ready to take down everyone standing in Amanda’s way. Helen is making a terrible decision this week and it will end up costing her the game.


“to stupid”! PRECIOUS


that whole 3some in the bed really, i mean REALLY freaked me out.


They were having a Klan meeting. Aaryn brings up ass sex alot… hmnmm,she’s definitely a strange flavor of the month. Her parents must be sooooooo proud!


Lol love the Helen edit!


These people make my head hurt


Riddle me this batman. If Elissa and Jessie, Gina Marie and Aaryn, Helen and Candice, along with Spencer see what a threat Amanda is and she is on the block, they can these morons not figure out this is the opportune time to evict her now. I do not understand these people’s logic or lack thereof. They are more concerned with Howard, why? Because of a perceived threat of him being some sort of phyiscal super power. This whole cast is truly stuck on stupid. They have created within their minds, that Amanda is some sort of alpha-female and they are all her beta-drones.


Because Howard staying is also a threat to their game. He already has two people on his side and could rally the house to get them. Getting Amanda out is not an option yet for Jessie/Helen and Elissa because of Howard’s sketchy gameplay.


Duh, now you sound like an Amanda drone. Howard would have bigger fish to go after than Elissa, Jessie and maybe Helen. For starters he would target McCrae for selling out the Moving Company, then he would target Aaryn and Gina Marie for all the racist crap directed at Candice and Helen.


And you sounded like a Howard fanatic, ignoring the facts that he played bad. For the past two weeks, Spencer and Howard have been openly throwing Helen and Elissa under the bus. They keep talking that Helen/Elissa and MC Crae/Amanda are controlling the house, trying to gain allies to Andy and Judd. They were convinced that this foursome has a final four deal and should be severed. Sadly for them, Andy and Judd are more loyal to Mcmanda. They also continue to talk game with MCmanda and not to Helen and Elissa. Have Howard been upfront with Helen during her HOH reign of terror and did not throw their name out after, they could turn the votes and be their allies. They call people without balls because they do not want to turn against Amanda yet their past actions showed that they are willing to kiss her ass.


howard has played bad yes it’s true but be that as it may. In this game it’s weird, a lot of people don’t win POVs or HOHs until they have to. Howard and Spencer didn’t need to win anything until today… and only one of them could win and one of them did win. You can look back on this season for more evidence sure there has only been 3-4 weeks of it but Jeremy as well, he needed to win it the week before he left and he did. Then kaitlyn needed to win it and she did. We can take this all the way back to the very first big brother episode not always but I’d say 7-8 out of 10 times, when they need to win they do.

My point is when someone needs to win they find a way, it’s human nature. This is why a lot of people actually excel under procrastination. So that all being said.

Amanda has literally put a target on – Judd, Jessie, Spencer, Candice, GM all this week… You’ve got 1 hoh and 1 pov between those 5 people and one of them will be winning it tomorrow.

ohhh yeah so my original point, howard played a bad game yes, but I wouldn’t have targeted someone who hasn’t won a challenge. I hate Amanda but just on game play, if you can’t take out someone who has won something, you take out someone who is aligned to people who win something. Candice, Howard haven’t won a thing… my target would be Amanda check out my mind map below, haha you will love it!

/ \
McCrae Helen
/ \
Andy Elissa

Extras (Judd, Jessie, Aaryn, GM) and the others Spencer, Candice, Howard

So Amanda controls the house, she controls McCrae, McCrae doesn’t control anyone, take out Amanda, and McCrae falls, take out McCrae and Amanda will self destruct as she did this week, funny thing is had Howard won the POV, I think Amanda would be going… who’s the threat Amanda or Spencer.

The Extras are people who will blindly follow the majority, now the way these trees work is, Somebody below the head wants the power. or wants to move up the chain… it can be one of the extras or the others IF they don’t obviously 4 of those 5 would go to the final 4. I know McCrae won’t rise up over Amanda, and Andy can’t do it he’s got no game. Helen doesn’t have anyone else in the game she’s pissed off the extras and the others too much now. So the “Tree” alliance is stuck together… the only thing they can do is try to control the extras and others.

Judd, Jessie, GM, Aaryn all complained this week about “being low on the totem pole” but let’s be honest Aaryn is just going after “friends of howard”.

I also find it funny how Aaryn keeps making jokes about being racist now. The thing is she had to have had the thought process in her mind “make candice the brown m&m” in the first place to say…… “we can’t make her the brown one or this would be racist”. This is where the whole “a little bit of truth to every joke” came from. Logic dictates you have to think of the primary situation, before you can turn it into something else.

I just want to see the awkward moment Aaryn gets evicted andddddd
– will anyone clap ?
– the awkward moment she has to talk to julie

I also want someone to correct me, maybe I can’t remember but I cannot recall howard swearing once in the house – live tv or live feeds or on after dark…. I’ve heard him say shit I think but that’s it… kinda proves even more that he wouldn’t have said those words to amanda.


I thought Jeremy sold out The Moving Company


Looks like Aaryn isn’t even considering the plan I was hoping for to get rid of Amanda. I’ve been desperately hoping to see Elissa. Jessie and Aaryn in the same room together alone but with Elissa not being keen on Aaryn, I think that seems unlikely.


Unfortunately I don’t have just one person. It would be Amanda, Aaryn, McCrea & Helen. Elissa is coming pretty close. I haven’t figured out if she’s just going with the flow becuz she knows she has always been a target and she’s relieved it’s off of her for now. I never have seen so many ppl in this house afraid to make a big move. They all are aware who’s running the house but yet for some unknown reason they think by justifying going to jury is ok and not being the 1st place winner. Why would you take a leave of absence from work to be on the show and settle for a being in jury. smh

Fire Alison Grodner

Let’s do a quick head count of people who have said something along the lines of “Howard is not a threat to me and Amanda is going to have to be taken down”

Spencer, Judd, Aaryn, GM, Jessie, and Elissa…that’s 6 votes this week with Amanda a sitting duck.

But they are all terrified to do anything more than acknowledge Amanda is running the house with an iron fist. Spencer blew his shot when he pussed out when Amanda confronted him. Judd should have the brain to see a golden opportunity, but even he’s oblivious to the obvious signs that the Superfriends are turning on him and seems to like the idea and talk of being a big player, minus the stones necessary to actually be one. Jessie reveals her issues with Amanda and when Elissa suggests they could get her out, she’s says no we have to wait…which means Elissa will tell Helen and Helen (who we should call the Uncle Junior to Amanda’s Tony Soprano, when Tony let him think he was boss) will tell Amanda. Aaryn flirts with playing but then becomes driven be vendetta, first it was Elissa and now Candice. Meanwhile Ellisa and GM have the stones to play, just not the brain or savvy, and are almost begging for somebody to show them the way to stir s**t up.

These people suck


Why would they trade their false sense of security to advance someone with no guarantees to keep their safety (in the minds of the player) in the game. With Howard in the game, there is a trio of players who protects each other, as opposed to Andy, Amanda and Mc Crae. The latter made the first strike which is actually smart for them. Arryn would be stupid if she flipped now because there is no guarantee that Candice will not go after her, and she has a final four deal with Andy, Amanda and Mc Crae. This position grants her a better position in the game. Gm will also be stupid for flipping because as of the moment she can make it at least on the top 5 with Arryn and her group. Judd also has goof troop who will have his back (or so he thinks). Jessie actually doesn’t matter if she flipped or not, she will still be in the bottom of whatever alliance she is, but I think she will be better if she stays with Helen and Elissa. Helen and Elissa will not flip this week because they (think that) are in a better position with Andy, Amanda and Mc Crae. Howard, Spencer and Candice is just too devoted of the idea that there is a foursome with Mcmanda and Helissa, not knowing that they are just two pairs who will also want to cut each other’s throat. Continuously trusting Andy will be their downfall and hopefully with Howard gone (who barrages Candice with “we can trust Andy” last night) this week, Candice will be able to see the rat that he is.

I’m hoping Elissa wins the next HOH, the probability of Amanda going home is higher is she wins this next HOH. If Elissa wins, I think Helen can rally the troops to vote her out, unless she’s wants to be voted early in the jury.


Why the party??


please Lord, anything but this lame harlem shake. didn’t these fools know the harlem shake died way before they walked in the BB House? all we need now is Spencer planking on the BB kitchen table. if there was anytime to ask for a BB live feeds refund, the time is now.


Too funny! We can all pray for an earthquake to hit L.A., and most of these jerks would self-evict!


I know! So played out. Add that to the list of things these idiots should know by now.


BB, call that twat Andy to the Diary Room so the others can talk.

Charlie Hustle

Dear Aaryn,

This is a clue. You probably won’t get it. MARs does not make a “black” M&Ms. The color of their M&M candies are Brown, Yellow, Red, Orange and Blue. I know your fixation on the racial make up of everything from humans to animal and plant life will make it difficult, but know that M&Ms are not Blacks, Indians, Asian and whatever race you’d ascribe the blue and orange varieties. Your pathalogical fixation on race, combined with some of the racially and culturally insensatiive things you’ve said and done might lead some to believe you are racist. What doesn’t help is that you racialize every and anything without context. You’re not the victim. You’re the perpetrator.


VERY well said!! If Aaryn would shut up about it the rest of America might start to move on from it too. If she was smart she’d try to save Howard this week seeing how it could earn her some favor in America’s eyes. His game play isn’t good enough for him to make it to the end, but I would love to see Amanda go before Howard.


Sorry, but all the high hopes of Howard staying, it isn’t going to happen. OMG it seems like some people are getting all upset over the obvious, he played a bad game. Rooting for others to flip, or to take out some else out, isn’t going to make it happen. Howards is gone.


Yea I am upset he is leaving he was treated very wrong in that house they all had like a mob mentality, I hope Candice knows none of them are her friends. Helen said to her face that she is more loyal to Mcanda Candice is gonna have to put her anger towards Spencer aside and team up and shake up that house.


Hey lame house guests do we the viewers have to put a arrow directly pointed at Amanda to get you to see she is the biggest threat to most of u or wait a min we already did putting her on the block as MVP your just too dumb to see it! Just give her or Helen the check now because at this rate I don’t see the idiots ever not voting against the house aka Amanda! They might say the know that Amanda is dangerous but no ones doing anything about it and it’s so lame!


I think CBS should use Vanna White to go in there and point to Amanda, maybe they will get the hint that way…lol


@Nicole: “… do we the viewers have to put a arrow directly pointed at Amanda to get you to see she is the biggest threat…”

We did give them that arrow. We (America) nominated Amanda. They are just too ignorant to get the message I suppose.


I’m starting to not hate Elissa as much.

Amanda and Andy are just scum though. I can’t stand either of them. McCrae isn’t worth hating.


I really wouldn’t be surprised if Big Brother wasn’t picked up for next season, because of this horrible cast! It truly is the worst season ever!!!


If Jedd and his bear shirt are sent home next week, can we have him back for a second season. Next time housemates will know that he’s not super shady or some kind of genius master strategist.


I don’t think Jessie was making a spectacle I think she’s just realizing now FINALLY, that she’s being played by McCranda, Helen, and Elissa. Amanda is the cause again, I mean I hate to beat a dead horse but, Amanda is the cause of all the drama… the last 3-4 weeks the way she has been controlling the house and threatening people, pressing them for information. She’s build a house of cards. I’ve also come to the realization that Aaryn no matter who she agrees with or aligns with, she’s too stupid and too much of a pathetic person to win this game. She had a chance this week to make a big move, and decided against it… and now she’s planning on getting Candice out. What a waste of a goal. i can count a few people who would never vote for her in jury (elissa, jessie, andy, helen) 1000% these are all people who HATED her for her racist ways, but “forgave” her for the sake of trying to win 500K.

This season is just sort of reminding me of game of thrones lol. Everyone hates someone different. And then in the end Amanda/Helen are like Tywin and King Geoffrey. Whoever the actual threat is doesn’t matter…… it’s whatever they put their attention on that gets done… and all the little clowns want to help them do their work to get their approval.

Notice Amanda/Helen get someone out, then they blame the hoh for what happened and try to make peace with whoevers left over from the pair.

They got Nick out… blamed it on “the house” …. got GM to join them… although amanda was blowing kisses at his picture when he was gone… wants the credit none of the blame. Then they got Jeremy out, and tried to make peace with Kaitlyn, then they got her out and tried to make peace with Aaryn… Now they know they got howard out and they’re making peace with Candice… like Amanda telling Candice to go after Aaryn now… Amanda thinks Judd is trying to flip the house on her now, so who becomes the new target………….. Judd

I already have my theory on tmrws HOH, it’ll be an endurance, and a girl will win it, possibly Andy. I’m leaning towards either GM, Candice, Elissa, or Jessie though one of those 4, and if I was really pressed to pick hmmm I’d say either GM or Candice… they need it the most or they’re done…… and from there I’ll tell you who’s going up – Aaryn Helen Amanda, if one of them wins POV I’d assume McCrae.


Great post, JonSnow.


Interesting photo with Amanda doing the outdated “Harlem Shake”. She is between McCrae and Howard with her shake more directed towards Howard. Now who was alleged to have been so upset by some perceived sexual threat directed her way and by whom? The look on Howard face is priceless in this photo; to bad I don’t subscribe to the live feeds (not really, because I couldn’t take watching these idiots on a regular basis).


She wants Howard bad and that’s why she wants him out of the house… He should f#*% her senseless all night, take one for the team, so-to-speak, and see if she doesn’t try to save him and flip the house on McCrae! Stranger things have happened.


she’s obviously a skank… HJ the first hoh, going topless on the live feeds, saying howard said something, now this little dance infront of him… she wants to be the only girl in the house guys want… You know I hate Rachel, and I don’t like Elissa but ummm if I had to pick the best looking woman in the house is definitely Elissa by far.

I remember the first week Amanda wanted Jessie out her exact words “she’s too desperate and skanky, and she’s got a bit of a better ass than I do” anddd Remember a few weeks ago they were playing the game trying to get the bandana ball in the basket in the middle. Howard and Jessie were playing Andy was in the middle with Judd… Aaryn KAitlyn and GM were sitting on the hamock and Jessie did a booty shake to try and distract howard. and the mean girls go “amanda is rright she is desperate”

compare what poor jessie did there to what Amanda has done in the whole house, Jessie maybe immature but she’s not a bitch or a mean girl at all. Desperate nahhh Id say more a romantic – what girl doesn’t want the “once in a life time chance AND meet a good guy”. Guys might not get this but to women it means a lot


I’m sorry but Howard fanatics are really rather pathetic. Look I like Howard but man this dude’s gameplay is about as good as Jodi’s from last season, and she was only good for a few hours in the house. If the cards were reversed everyone would be prasing Howard on how brilliant he is & swear he is the secong coming of Dan, give me a break. So all his fans realize how Amanda has basically mentally destroyed their dream guy in this game and now they conjure up how Amanda wants him sexually. Ask yourself a question if Amanda really wanted Howard dont you think she would be w/ him in the game b/c he obviously does not want to be w/ Candace. Now Howards fans are like Howard should sue Amanda for slander & get money. Howard would get destroyed in court & look like a fool b/c there would be no case. Why does people feel like Howard should be given money w/out earning it. Howard plays the pitful role w/ these immature girls like Jessie, Candace etc. talking about how he has no money, didn’t this dude graduate from college. He must have gotten a degree in thumbwrestling & tic tac toe. Why doesn’t he get a better paying job or a second job if he has no money. Face it Amanda has played a better game & the only reason why she’ll go home in this game is b/c America has became a handout country where if they dont get what they want they bitch & moan because well they are to sorry believe in earning it themselves. Spare me the racist crap about Amanda b/c Howard isn’t any better either if he’ll stand beside or fake stand w/ Candace who said racists remarks about Spencer the other day, howard is no different than Amanda siding w/ aaryn, there shouldn’t be a double standard.


I can’t wait for them to all get out of the house after this atrocity is over and realize that they are being called the worst season of BB ever! These people need a reality check. And not one for $13k. A REAL one. I start reading the updates and get my hopes up because it seems like they finally get it and are planning a big move, only to make it to the end of the paragraph and all hope is gone. I might be done with BB after this season. They have a lot of redeeming to do after this hot mess.


Stfu Aryan your a puppet. Superfriends more
Like super f****** stupid, super paranoid. Why is it every season
I think big BB can’t get any worse. Then this happens
I can’t stand a lot if these asses. Hope Candice wins hoh just so the house
Starts turning on each other. Hope goof troop aka fruit loop what ever
Group of cowards that are out there freaks out. I can’t stand Candice @ least she’ll be less likely
to do what Amanda, Helen want her to do. Then again we are
talking about Candice here, she could be dumb enough to try and get rid of
Spencer. I just need some one to put up pizza boy, Aryan, Amanda the butch.
To further screw with them keep the noms the same. Spencer less annoying then most
Starting to be okay with Ell again. What I want to happen probably wont happen. Candice should
pull Spencer somewhere and apologize then, make
a deal to get Amanda out but act like they hate
each others guts. Flip it around house flip it around will ya.


It really makes me sick to see some people who haven’t read all of Aaryns racism call her “misunderstood ” and a “sweet girl” . How is she misunderstood on more than several occasions?? My view of her has changed soo much. Am I the only one who pictured her as Jordan 2.0? A sweet country girl….wow that’s all I can say about that. Hopefully Jessie has gotten a wake up call. The house is in desperate need of it. Maybe with god’s grace (and productions interference ) we can get a full blow flip for tomorrow night.


you people crack me up. you whine that there’s not much strategy and the game is boring. then you whine that you hate amanda and helen, the two most strategic players on the show. If you were at a bbq you’d say ‘i hate bbq’ then when they switched to a turkey dinner it’s be ‘why cant we have bbq? You keep saying the same things over and over like its a new brilliant insight. that this season sucks. that its rigged. that its rigged for amanda. these comments have now been made 4,345 times-I counted. wanna know who the sheep are, guys???? THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP BA BA BAAAAING THE SAME FREAKIN THING OVER AND OVER. and, it’ll keep on being said over n over, no matter how many times I point it out.


its not even that. i personally think that amanda’s game play would be perfect if she fell back a little. instead of being calm and cool about she’s up your ass just to try and get her way and if she can’t manipulate someone they’re a target. If you try to reason with her its no no no this is the way we’re doing it dont even think like that, this is how I want it. Even mccrae has acknowledged that she pushes waay to hard and what happened? she got angry with him. If she just had lay low and wouldnt blow a fuse every time something doesn’t work out in his favor then i would have no problems with her


These horrible disgusting people are going to

Team Spencer

Is it me…or does Amanda want Howard’s dick?


SIMON, I have made several comments and they don’t show up. They temporarily say comment waiting for moderation and then they disappear


If Howard goes (which he 99% will) I hope Amanda wins. Oh don’t get me wrong, I despise her…but all these moronic houseguests that SWEAR they are playing a smart game will go home one by one week after week thinking to themselves “What did I do wrong?” I’ll tell you what you did wrong…you let a HORRIBLE manipulative person brainwash you into her own personal game play!! I also hope the audience gives Helen, Aaryn & Andy a chorous of BOOOOO’s when they get evicted from the house. They will be likely in shock about how they are being perceived…But serves them Buffoons right!! Ygh…this season is hard to watch.


All of these idiots are going to be SALTY when they get home and watch themselves. I only wish Candice wouldn’t have come off so b*tchy, then maybe she could get people to rally behind her and Howie…ugh this season is so dumb, but being a BB faithful I’ll have to stick it out….obviously they did not do mental health screenings on half of this cast since they all seem to suffer from one paranoid delusional disorder or another, at this point I think I have to set aside Spencer’s nasty comments and root for him, he’s the only one even remotely trying to play, does anyone else wish BB would give us a “Whack A Mole” hammer that we can hit the TV everytime Andy appears? Wow is he ever annoying!!


One good thing after tomorrow – Candass’s voice will go back to it’s normal octave. No more ‘Baby Talk with Candice’ and I am nauseated hearing her moan and groan under the blankets with Howie (Jessie was in the room).


I am not going to be a fan unexpected year and am avoiding watching CBS too.Apparently money and power are more viable than human decency and respect for others

A Light at the End of the Tunnel???

Insomnia strikes again, so I turned on the live feeds, and at around 2:15 a.m., GM and Aaryn were complaining to each other about, we’ll, yes, Candice, but then, shocker! Aaryn said she’s tired of people telling her that THEY saved her. She won the HOH. Then GM tries to rally her friend to stand up for herself. Aaryn told GM about how they want Judd gone next week, but she’s not going to vote him out. She doesn’t care. Then, words of wisdom from GM’s mouth — why does Amanda think she runs this place? Oh, please, inspiration has struck!!! They talk a bit about how forceful Amanda is and could she possibly go. They both kind of set aside the idea, and turn on the video feed and see Jessie with Candice and Howard in the kitchen. Neither like that. “Oh, it’s sketchy.” If only they knew Candice, Howard, and Jessie were talking about the same thing!!! At 3:15-3:30 a.m. Candice, Jessie, and Howard move to the cockpit (shocker that Amanda and McCrae weren’t in there…) and begin to devise a plan to flip the house on Amanda. Oh, if only these HG can have a meeting of the minds!!! Plus, Howard thinks he can talk Andy into it! No, Howard, don’t do it!!!! Andy’s a rat! Go to Judd! Aaryn, tell Judd they’re coming after him next week! Tell Jessie she’s on the docket, too! That might set a fire under her! Could this seriously be the turning of the tide, and Hurricane Amanda will disperse before she destroys all that’s before her??? Can they really send her packing??? MAKE THAT MOVE!!! That’ll be must-see TV!!!


God, the amount of dead horses lying around this comment board is staggering. WE ALL GET IT, YALL HATE AMANDA, THIS CAST IS DUMB, BB SUCKS, WORST SEASON EVER! not gon watch no more!!!! WAAAHHHH!!!!

What I find ironically funny is, everyone is all up in arms over the hatred and vitriol that these hgs are spewing on the live feeds, but I gotta say, I TRULY DONT KNOW WHATS WORSE, THAT OR the VILE SH!T COMING OFF THE KEYBOARDS OF 90% OF THE PEOPLE THAT POST HERE!

As bad or boring as the 60 to 80 of you that post all the Amanda hate think these past two weeks have been, I promise you, It will be 10 times worse when she leaves. Every season MUST HAVE an antagonist/villain. Someone to root against. Said it before, I will say it again regarding Amanda leaving. *PUTS HANDS AROUND MOUTH TO YELL* IIIIIITTTTTTSSSSS TOOOOOOO EEEEEAAARRRLLLYYYYYY!!!!!!! Trust me, the producers see/know this too. Amanda will be dealt with when its time for the jury house. Hell, her and Mccrae will probably be the first two jurors there, so that CBS can keep playing up the showmance in solitude angle.

I mean, cmon people, build a bridge and get over it. If you honestly think that CBS is NOT going to keep Amanda around for the most important segment of the season (final 9) then you are either foolin yourself or haven’t watched many of the past seasons. So, call her crude, disgusting, mean, bossy, blah blah blah wahhh wahhh wahhh. WTF EVER BUT, you cannot say she isn’t playing the best game. She absolutely is.


boogie was able to flip an entire house on freaking Janelle

and we can’t get elisa and the group to realize howard could be on their side and they need to remove Amanda now.

sigh. this is where I sort of want an all stars season next year. do that or superfans only. this is ridiculous. young cast of wannabe actors


How come everyone is type lipped about next week putting Judd up and voting him out. Normally no one in that house and hold water they yap and run back and tell it would be awesome if Judd found out he could totally flip this game and really run shit (I thought he was a great player but since have determine ahh not so much) Why would anyone want to keep Amanda around 1 she controls Pizza Boy second he bullies everyone into voting her way 3rd she just pretty damn annoying. I cant see why these people would want to keep these 2 together and when are they gonna get another chance at her NONE!!!. Plus if she is in jury she gonna bully votes there to I am really over these cast why haven’t Production shaken it up more in the DR. If Amanda says I might as well stop watching because they just wrote her a 500,000 check lol

Just my thought

Amanda needs to be nominated again if Howard can’t wake up the sheep that are just lining up waiting to be eliminated. If they do wake up and get rid of Amanda like they need to, then go after Helen or Andy for the nomination . If Amanda is still there and nominated again she will go crazy trying to figure out who is doing it. It could be entertaining and they might get rid of her then so they could get some peace and quiet.


I think Elissa will end up telling everything to Judd. When that happens, Amanda will be alone with McGrae and Andy for the Amanda vs. Judd showdown. Helen won’t want to get caught in the middle of it all and I doubt she will be openly against Elissa. Jessie, GM, Aaryn, Spencer, Candice and Elissa would all side with Judd. C’mon Elissa


And BTW I think its as S$it that Helen is given Candice the same speech that she gave Katlyn the week before about having a better game and I will have your back lol yeah she will have your back why she stabbing it

We Fix Flats

I wish Jessie would grow some teats and make the tide wave push for Amanda’s exit. Now is not the time for her to be timid. She and Elissa should push for MANda’s eviction.


Aaryn is a true KKK Barbie. She wants Howard’s (or any black man’s) d@!k in her a%s.Until that happens, she will continue to say provocative crap. Afterward, she will become a Kumbaya poledancer. So obvious.

Gator girl

Watching last nights show, it was more of the same……Amanda’s diary room sessions. I truly believe the poster that said she is Alison Grodner’s
Friend. We get Howard for 30 seconds and lots of Hiltmanda.
I have watched since season 1 and I have never seen someone who cannot win a comp, just lays in bed all day playing with Pizza Boy’s member,
Controlling the house. CBS you need to change your plan, do not let the dictator Amanda win. It is sickening! The people that the dictatorship thinks are so dumb have figured it out. I wish Aaryn old have some guts to make a move. Helen is not very smart or she would break up the power couple now. She wants to wait until number 5. Crazy. Andy gets on my last nerve. I think he is trying to be like Ian Terry going to everyone and telling every thing he hears.
W hen Big Brother first started, everyone voted what was best for their game, now they vote for what is best for McCrea and Amanda’s game


Can’t wait till Howard is walking out the door.