Amanda says Howard whispered to me “When I get out of here I am going to f**k the sh*t out of you!”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Howard, Candice, Amanda (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie

12:35am In the bathroom – Judd tells Candice that he heard that Jessie has been saying that she can control me. Judd tells Candice that is not the case, Jessie doesn’t control my vote. She is hurting my game and we haven’t even so much as kissed. Candice says okay, thanks for telling me.


Judd heads out to the hammock and tells Amanda and McCrae what he just told Candice. He then says god Jessie, trying to be a power player all of a sudden. Judd says she is wanting to be the next Janelle. You don’t just decide one night, I want to be the next Janelle. Is that what happened like she just thought I am going to make a big name for myself tonight. McCrae says take away Candice and Howard and you have two easy weeks. Judd says and here is Jessie trying to scramble like a moron. Amanda says why she has no need to. Judd says she came up to him in bed and said all this stuff about Helen. Judd says I will vote out Jessie in a hot second. McCrae says that she is in a perfect position she has to just do nothing. Judd says I need to tell Aaryn that I am down with her more than Jessie. Judd says that this happens every week the people on the block are all quiet and the people not on the block are scrambling. Amanda says that Jessie thinks she more safe with Howard then with Candice so she is trying to go against Candice. You can’t try and make a power move like that when the whole house wants Howard out. Judd leaves and says that he is going to go tell Aaryn he is with her over Jessie. McCrae asks Amanda if Aaryn would have gone alone with it. Amanda says no she wouldn’t go against you and me. Amanda says this secretly makes me want to keep Candice in the house longer. McCrae says exactly. Amanda says Candice will go after Jessie, Aaryn, Spencer, Judd and Ginamarie. Amanda says as long as she is here they will always put Candice up on the block and she will always put her up. McCrae says that he thinks the HOH competition will be the endurance wall. Amanda says I have really strong lets. McCrae says good, you will have to sit out there for ever. Amanda says which means there won’t be a double eviction. McCrae comments that is why he likes Andy he is always on point. Amanda says if I won HOH I would probably put up Jessie and Spencer. McCrae says I won’t Howard gone so bad.


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12:55am In the bathroom – Helen tells Elissa that the more the day progresses she feel more and more bad about how Spencer is continually blamed for the Moving Company. I was mad at Jeremy for bullying people and I don’t think it’s right that Spencer is continually blamed for something that happened so long ago. I as the oldest person in the house feel that I should have stood up and said something. I am not gunning for him anymore, I am done. Elissa says okay I respect that. Helen says I feel like he paid his price today after being be raided in front of everyone in the house. That will be shown on national tv and I feel like I am partially responsible for that. I am done. Elissa says I respect that. Elissa jokes I am going to put him up. Helen says she is going after Judd. I want him out next week or the one after that. Helen says don’t tell anyone, we are going to surprise the house. Helen and Elissa high five.


1:10am Up in the HOH room – Andy, Judd, Aaryn and Gina talking. Aaryn calls Gina out for touching Judd’s penis while laying on the bed. Aaryn says that Gina is just frustrated because she hasn’t had a guy in a while. Gina says I’ve had a guy. Aaryn says but you haven’t hooked up with a guy. Gina says that Nick isn’t going to know what hit him. Aaryn says he probably isn’t going to do anything. Gina says fu*k yeah he will fu*k me. Gina and Aaryn bet on her and Nick having sex. Gina says what you want to bed $500,000?! Aaryn says that she bets $100 dollars that he won’t have sex with Gina. They shake on it. Andy then asks what about me and Nick having sex. Gina says fu*k you! Aaryn says she would bet more money on that happening.

The conversation switches to talking game. Aaryn tells then that it was Jessie’s idea to come up with the plan to evict Candice. Aaryn says that she said no to the idea. Judd says he has to cut ties with Jessie because she includes Judd’s names in ideas without consulting with him first. Judd says that Jessie is trying to make a power move. Aaryn says that she tried to tell Jessie and show her that evicting Candice would be impossible through candy. Judd says that he has to break ties with Jessie because she’s fu*king up his game. Aaryn says that Jessie is outside with Elissa and that when Aaryn went out, it got silent. Judd says that he doesn’t like how Jessie is trying to make big moves all of a sudden. Judd said he flipped Jessie, she doesn’t control my vote. Aaryn talks about how she showed Jessie with m&m’s why it wasn’t a good move. Andy says this isn’t okay because Jessie lied to him when they talked earlier. Andy asks if Jessie was trying to flip the house on him, McCrae, Amanda, Helen, and Elissa. Aaryn says no it was just flipping the house on Candice. Andy says it would still have fu*ked me over if it had worked. Aaryn says it would have worked if Judd and I had been on board. Aaryn wonders how the plan to evict Candice got back to Candice. Aaryn jokes we’ll evict Jessie so that Judd and I can be in a showmance. Judd heads downstairs and Amanda and McCrae join the HOH crew. They speculate on how Candice found out about the plan to evict her. (Candice actually guessed, no one told her.) Aaryn says that she thinks Jessie told Helen. Andy says that can’t be because Helen was freaking out about it.
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1:50am Helen talks to Spencer and wonders how she can get the house to keep him here. Spencer says that he think he has a few people here who he thinks he would be okay if they won HOH. Helen says that she will try and get Amanda and McCrae to like you. Spencer says she can probably get to Amanda through McCrae. Helen says that she will give McCrae her sob story about how she had dragged Spencer through the mud over the moving company and feels bad. Spencer thanks her. Helen says don’t thank me yet until it works.

Meanwhile Elissa and Judd head into the storage room. Elissa jokes that Judd will be the eighth house guest evicted from the big brother house. Judd laughs and says so I have a few more weeks. Judd tells Elissa just so you know I am solid with out seven. Elissa asks are you solid with you and me final two? Judd says of course.


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2am Out in the backyard on the hammock – Amanda, McCrae and Jessie are talking. Amanda says that she was in the kitchen and Howard came up to her a scary way. McCrae heads inside. Amanda says Howard said I like you. Amanda says she said no you don’t you hate me. Amanda says that Howard then whispered in her ear “When I get out of here I am going to fu*k the sh*t out of you.” But in a very creepy, scary kind of way. Amanda says the way he came up to me completely freaked me out and as he is whispering to me.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. (Time Stamp of when Howard whispered to Amanda in the kitchen. Audio isn’t on them for the whispering only at the end when Amanda laughs and says thank you. July 30 , 5:10pm, camera 3 & 4) When the feeds come back on Jessie and Amanda. Jessie tells Amanda that the idea to evict Candice was her idea. Jessie says she doesn’t know how Candice found out. Amanda tells Jessie not to stir up shit. Jessie says it had nothing to do with you though. Amanda says yes it does because we need Howard to go home. Amanda tells Jessie that she isn’t even on Candice’s radar but the more you talk about it you will be. Jessie says she’s bored. Amanda asks her if she wants to get evicted because she’s bored. Amanda asks Jessie if Judd kissed her. Jessie says they haven’t. Jessie says Judd and her aren’t on the same page.

3am Up in the HOH room – Jessie, Judd, Ginamarie, Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda are talking. They wonder how Candice knows about the plan. They are confused how she knows. Amanda says that Candice knew specifics, who was in and who wasn’t. Ginamarie says it is stupid to talk about something that will happen 5 weeks from now. Gina says I don’t care how Candice knows she will be gone in a week. Andy says well I care somebody said something, I don’t think anyone in this room is shady we will see when the votes come out. Gina says I don’t care if you throw out scenario’s. Aaryn says that there was no time for it to get around. Aaryn says Candice must have overheard. They figure that Candice came up with idea before they even talked about it. Aaryn says Spencer and Howard must have come up with it first and planted it. Andy says that it doesn’t make sense. Amanda asks Jessie if she ever said that she could get Judd to vote her way. Jessie says no, I never said that. They continue to talk in circles. Jessie asks Judd why he didn’t tell her all of this was going on. Judd says because he just found out and she was in bed. Jessie says it would have been nice to know. Judd says I am not waking you up to talk about nonsense. Jessie questions Judd. Judd tells her to calm down. Judd wonders if he is he is getting a conversation he had with Helen confused with Jesse confused. Judd says it must have not been you. Andy questions that someone is lying. Judd gets mad and says maybe we are on three different pages and asks are calling me out? Andy asked if he knew. Judd says I want Howard’s a$$ out of here more than anyone. Judd says I am making it clear who I want out. Jessie says I want to get to the bottom of it! She says I don’t want anyone to think I am lying. Andy says if he wins HOH he will put up Candice and Spencer. Andy says that he will vouch for Judd that he didn’t tell her.


4am Up in the HOH room – Amanda, McCrae, Gina, Aaryn, Judd and Andy continue to talk. Aaryn says that she worried this will get down to Helen and Elissa. Andy says that he doesn’t think so. He says that it’s not something they need to worry about. Aaryn says that she just got herself out of a mess and is mad that she has to explain herself. Judd says this is why I got heated because I don’t want to have to explain every single thing I do in this house. Judd tells Andy that he didn’t mean to get mad at him. Aaryn says that she is frustrated with Jessie and can’t call her out on anything. Andy tells Aaryn not to worry about Candice. Judd tells her not to worry about Jessie.

Amanda and Jessie head into the backyard to sit by the hot tub. Jessie says I see how stupid it was to even talk to them and that is what I told Judd that you have a stupid alliance and didn’t tell me. Jessie tells Amanda that this might be a good thing. She says that Judd might be a shady fu*k we are not together. Jessie says maybe Spencer needs to go next week. McCrae joins them. Amanda says that is why it is scaring me, why did they have that conversation. Jessie says I know Candice has made Aaryn look bad, like a racist. Amanda says she was a target until she won HOH and then she will be in the rainbow room with us. Jessie says from this point on I am shutting up. Amanda tells Jessie that it is too early in the game to flip. Jessie asks Amanda if she should be concerned she doesn’t have a final two deal with anyone. Amanda says no.

4:35am – 5am Judd and Jessie have a quick conversation on the backyard couch. Judd asks Jessie why she is mad. Jessie tells Judd that she needs to be prepared for things. Judd says that he doesn’t want to throw that stress on her. He tells her that he is looking out for her when she doesn’t know it. Judd says that he feels like Andy was interrogating him up in the HOH room. Judd asks if he was being snappy to him. Jessie tells Judd to apologize tomorrow. Judd says that he doesn’t have to explain every little thing to Andy but says that everybody was listening and I didn’t want to look shady. Jessie grabs her pack of smokes and puts it on Judd’s lips and then she kissed the pack of smokes.

7:15am All the house guests are still sleeping..

9:30am – 10:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds return, Amanda and Judd are in the bathroom. She is washing her hair in the sink. Judd leaves and says he is going to go back to bed.. then says Na, I’m going to eat. Helen is doing her morning run from the living room to the bathroom. Judd then tells Helen he is going back to bed and asks her to wake him up if he isn’t up by 2pm. Amanda also heads back to bed. Up in the HOH room – Aaryn is called to the diary room. She wakes up and gets ready in the bathroom. Aaryn then heads downstairs to the diary room. All the house guests are sleeping except for Helen and Aaryn.


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234 thoughts on “Amanda says Howard whispered to me “When I get out of here I am going to f**k the sh*t out of you!”

  1. And to think that I thought last year was filled with the dumbest, most sheep-like cast, that was humanly possible….I stand corrected. Nobody is ever going to stand up and oppose Amanda, just like nobody would stand up and oppose Dan. This is like a rerun of a horrible TV show…except with a super-sized serving of racism.

    1. Howard leaving is not because of the color of his skin or Aaryn or Candice or anything else but BAD GAMEPLAY on his part. It got really bad for hin from week 2 when he voted out Elissa for no reason but to stir sh*t up and then lied to Helen about the MC when she gave him a chance to come clean. Now, Amanda had all of that as back up when convincing people that Howard needs to go ’cause he’s shady and lies a lot which is his OWN fault. He should’ve known it was too early to turn on the majority! It’s like none of these people have ever watched past BB seasons!

      1. Everybody lies in this game….but Howard and Candice are the only one to get persecuted…Candice confides in Helen and Elissa and Howard confides with Spencer. They don’t talk game with anybody..especially Howard…..Because these two hardly talk game they are seen as the biggest liars…

      2. If you don’t see how the combination of Howard being black, the overt racism of some HG’s, and productions response to the audience outrage killed Howard’s game, then you’re either ignorant or naive. Take the racist jokes and attacks of Aaryn, GM and the others out of the game and:

        1) Howard never has cause to counsel and comfort Candice and if they did start a showmance, she would not be preoccupied with how she’d been attacked, putting race at the forefront and mistakenly assuming everybody else is as disgusted with racism as she is.

        2) Production never features it as a storyline, asking questions about it in the diary room, thereby tipping the house to the issue during week 2. And after Amanda and the others covered their ass that the comments were wrong, the issue then morphed to anger that Howard made them look bad.

        3) Amanda is never able to use the house’s fear that they too made jokes or laughed or sat silently and channel that fear into anger at Howard for whining about it and creating it as an issue, potentially painting them all as racists. Except Howard did everything he could to ignore and bury the racism because he knew that the white backlash would bury him, which only made everybody else distrust him more since they were convinced he created the race story in the DR.

        4) If not for production, Amanda, and Helen making race an issue against Howard, Aaryn would not be so angry that she’s being painted as a racist, which made it very easy to scapegoat Howard. And if race isn’t an issue then Amanda isn’t thinking about all her “edgy” jokes, Andy isn’t thinking about how him and Nick laughed at GM’s “n****r insurance” line, Jessie and Judd aren’t thinking about how they heard and laughed at all the racial jokes. Without race, all Helen and Amanda have to sell Howard as a threat is that he’s a nice, quiet, big, athletic guy who can’t win a comp to save his life…which was Howard’s game. He wanted to be as non-threatening as possible and build alliances based on the other HG’s self-interest rather than his own, but the racism and productions response, made him the aggressive black man in the house’s eyes, negating everything Howard was trying to build and leaving him blind as he has done everything to take race out of the game, so he has no clue the house blames him.

        5) The entire house would not think Howard created the race issue for his own cause, which was the impetus for why everybody has decided he’s evil and
        manipulative. McCrea and Spencer have been forgiven for the MC…but Howard hasn’t. Do you think the house really believes quiet Howard was the MC leader, while Spencer and McCrae -two heavily active schemers- were just silent partners?

        6) Amanda would not have the cherry on the sundae of painting Howard as the the race baiting troublemaker and the sexually aggressive, prey on white women, fake holy-roller, in order to ensure his eviction and her entire campaign against Howard would appear more racist than anything Aaryn said…but since the house resents Howard for “playing the race card” Amanda and Helen have made Howard a racist stereotype…which 50% of white people fear and/or resent.

        Big Brother and CBS sheltered and protected racists in the game, then covered their ass by showing selected cuts of the offensive material to isolate the mean girls as villains and making sure to have DR soundbytes of everybody claiming Aaryn is a bad person (which they’ve all since renounced, blaming Howard and Candice instead), which tipped off the entire house that somebody had made race an issue. Since nobody wished to believe the audience could have missed that it was just some off-color humor, they decided (with the help of Amanda and then Helen) that Howard had made up the issue in order to make them all look bad and curry favor with the audience…and it made Howard untrustworthy (why are his lies unforgivable…but everybody else can lie and be forgiven?) and created an environment that nobody had any interest in working with him. Again, if you don’t see how the racism storyline completely took over and shaped Howard’s game, then you’re not paying attention.

        1. Howard had a target on day 1 because of his skin color . Howard should walk out with Candace if she is evicted and tell Julie live what has gone on in the house ? Howard could easily file a law suite against CBS to show they allowed the racism to continue and it destroyed him in the house cause the house guest all labeled him a race baiter ? When he wanted race to play no part from the beginning . Amanda still will get away for all her hate and details of how she would murder or rape Candace , Ellisa and Jessie . AMANDA should be voted out this Thursday . Howard and Candace can easily be voted out later .

          1. “Howard had a target on day 1 because of his skin color .”

            smh. This is why I can’t take shit like this seriously. From his screen name, to his comment, to his off the wall accusations, it’s obvious this guy is a racist.
            After Candice said racist stuff about Spencer, and the fact that all her targets are white, proves she’s just as racist as Aaryn.

            1. I dont know who you are, but you dont seem really bright for saying Candace votes for all white people so she is racist. News flash they are only two black people, one asian and everyone else is white. Do you see the problem with your statement? and she made no racist comment to Spencer, stop fishing. And make sensible arguments

          1. AMANDA stuck her fingers in her private lady parts and wiped it on H O H bedsheets and laughed after she did that ?

        2. Stephanie you are so spot on. I am so incensed by this that I phoned CBS to complain (212-975-4321, if anyone is interested. You just tell the operator that you want to complain about a show and you leave a message). I also wrote them because I know people say it all the time, but I am done with this show and it just made me feel better:

          Dear CBS: I have just phoned you to complain about this season. The racism that you are propagating to boost your initial sad ratings, is despicable. What you allow to go on in that house is pretty much unprecedented. We already know that most of the house guests are prone to quite vile comments and course behavior. But a new low has been reached with the casting of Amanda Zimmerman. Her direct targeting of Howard Spencer all these weeks is nothing short of harassment and abuse. I hope when he is evicted Thursday, he marches out of that house and straight to an attorney. Amanda has constantly spoken of this man as “scary”; “creepy”, “spooky” and on and on and on and on. It has been relentless. However she went too far last night and stated to the rest of the cast that “Howard whispered to me, when I get out of here, I am going to fuck the shit out of you.” This cannot be heard on any of the feeds but we do hear her say, “Thank you.” She proceeded to tell what appears to be slander to the rest of her housemates, continuing to destroy this man’s reputation by pushing the big Black man as “scary”; the boogeyman who will get you. There is an underlying evil to this insinuation and you know what it is. As you may have noticed, I am a diehard (former) BB fan, but this season in unpalatable. You should not allow this woman to remain in the house. Yes, you clean her up in the editing room, but she nothing short of a thug. A bully. What she has done is perhaps irreparable to Howard Spencer’s reputation. I hope he sues you and Amanda Zimmerman. I cannot continue to watch the lynch mob mentality of this ignorant cast, the racist, homophobic, misogamist comments and the venomous attacks on Howard Spencer. Entertainment is not watching the orchestration of one horrific (and perhaps mentally unstable) woman, setting up the lynching of a Black man. I thought those days were over. You may have gained temporary ratings, but your old die-hard fans are dropping like flies. I should know, having been one.

        3. Very well said Stephanie. Everyone who comes to this site or watches the feeds can see clearly that race is a HUGE issue and made it impossible for Howard and Candice to just play the game on a level like that of everyone else. The ONLY WAY anyone can deny that race did not only affect but dictate Howard and Candice’s game is because they are reasoning on the same wavelength as Amanda and Aaryn. That is the only way.

        4. sorry, but unfortunately if you watched the live feeds it is really obvious that only howards poor gameplay killed his game.

        5. That is why it’s so shocking! In the UK BB, any racism or prejudice is met with the HG being ejected from the house; in the US, a storyline is created! Surely this can’t be right – what are the rules here?

        6. Omgosh Stephanie, what is happening to Howard is so sad I feel like I could cry. Unfortunately this is so much bigger than Big Brother. Guilty consciences within the house are why people are behaving in such an ugly, scary way… It hurts my heart that in 2013 this is even an issue. Haven’t people evolved? Isn’t it low brow and embarrassing for people to be so ignorant? I guess that’s why the majority of those who hold such ridiculous ideals hide it in public. Because they know that it makes no sense, it’s out-dated, unrefined and just plain stupid. I feel disgust for anyone on this board or in life who would hold such values. I consider you detestable, smelly, wallowing in the mud, possessed swine.!!

      3. They all have lied . Why do you keep saying Howard lies when they all have lied . Judd lies , Andy lies ? How come you never call the others out on there lies and hate .

        1. True. They all lie, and for Helen, Andy, Judd, Amanda, McCray etc…to act so outrage that Howard or Candice have lied is crazy and hypocritical. I think it has to do with superiority. Those that perceive themselves better, would consider someone of a lesser entity “shady”. For those of you that don’t believe race plays a big part in this game must be part of the same group that believes they are superior and their lies are acceptable because it game play. I think it was wrong what Candice said about spencer, however, if you are living in a house that has dismissed all the prior racial slurs then maybe Candice got fed up. You can’t compare what Candice has sd to all the hateful things that hv come out of some of these people mouths. And it amazes me how Howard and Candice can live in a house were the other houseguest seem to not care about the racial slurs or the tone in which it has created in the house. It hs totally victimizes the targeted people which may be the reason why Candice cant let it go. Every time Aaryn tells a houseguest she’s never sd anything racist and the houseguests don’t speak up and tell her in a nice way, you actually have. They are just as bad as the person spitting out the hate.

      4. I don’t what game you are watching, but most of the housemates are shady. They lie and lie and falsify stories to turn on and bully the minority voters. If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything. This case are weak minded with the exception of Candice

        1. Bull, Candace is as racist as any as she clearly showed last night. Do not act like Candace is any better; she is worse because she acts offended but wow does she not mind acting like the racist she is last night when she said Spencer’s white ass. Seriously, if Spencer would of said Candace’s black ass the racist police would of been all on that but guess it is alright for Candace to say something racist. It is not she is RACIST AGAINST ALL WHITES!!!!

          1. Bull, I think your brain is broken. Candace is bi-racial. I don’t know your race (nor do I care to know it), but if you said the same thing using your own race I’m sure no one (including yourself) would mistaken you for a racist. So please don’t pretend to be a doofus!

            1. So when Candice is the victim of racism, she’s black….but when she is the racist then she’s “half white.”
              Some of you “fans” are more racist than the HG’s will ever be.

              1. bbk, I never implied that Candace was black some of the times and white at others. You said that. I explained that shes bi-racial. So I guess you’d be the racist you speak of.

          2. only one question is Spencers ass white? would you have felt better if she said his black ass? Racism isnt about identifying someones skin colour its about hating them because of it. She was simply pointing out the obvious even though I think it is more pink than white.

        1. His brown skin tells Aaryn he will not get in to heaven like the black fish that died she wondered if he would go to heaven ?

    2. I really wish BB would do an episode called After BB where the houseguest all got together again a week or two after the show and everyone has watched the season and come back to confront each other on those lies. Aaryn comments were racist and offensive, but Amanda is just as bad because the comment she’s saying about Howard the way she keeps saying it makes it come off as she’s being sexually harassed, which is a crime. I really wish this would get back to Howard before he leaves so he can clear his name and the air. No one should have to go back home and faced with those accusations. This man is a youth counselor and job could be endangered because of comments like this. I hope he sues the heck out of Amanda not for just saying but for constantly repeating it. She’s like a little school kid that always need attention.

      1. They head targets on the backs of Howard and Candace on day one . Howard and Candace need to just walk out of the house together .

        1. They had targets on the backs of Candace and Howard on day one ? Why does Aaryn keep saying she hates Howard also when Howard has never done anything at all to her . She keeps saying she hates both of them why Howard ? We know her and Candace will never be friends . But why does she have the hate for Howard ?

          1. guilty by association … have you even watched this season?

            she hates him but doesn’t want him to go, because he can ultimately protect her for her game.
            if it was her choice, howard wouldn’t have even been on the block!

            1. Then why has she sais 8 times in last 2 days . That she hates them both that she hates Candace and Howard ? Also she said she wanted to TWEET White Power ?

          2. So the fact that Howard was caught in lies, was in a secret alliance that she wasn’t in, targeted her, was protected by production week 3, etc. That’s “skin color?” You’re delusional…

            Aaryn’s comments exposed herself as well as a lot of racist “fans..”

      2. its funny how he said those awful things to her yet in her good bye speach she made no mention of something so offensive

  2. Well, even though I do not like Aaryn at all, I will give it to the 3 girls for trying to revolt against McCranda. I wish they would stick to their guns and go through with it. Candice is very intuitive to have realized the plan. Unfortunately now they are probably too scared to go through with it. Andy and Helen are WAY too naive–they never think anyone is going against Amanda. UGH!

    1. Why does Amanda act like the H O H every week ? Why would they not vote her out this week ? She is the Osama Bin Laden out of the house she has masterminded the attacks on everyone ? She has been behind every eviction .

    2. So take Howards plan and use it . One problem Howard has been saying for weeks Amanda and Helen are the ones they need to go after .

    3. Candice always figures things out before anyone else does. Either she’s super intuitive or the others are just clueless.

    1. was for her to put on some clothes, now that would get her mad..why would she say thank you after the remark she is a scheme liar she wants him out the house so bad she made this up..she probadly and others never been in close space with other races and is uncomfortable with him there.

    2. If he said it, I do not think he was talking about sex, but about f%$king her over. See you on Al Sharpton’s show, Howie.

    3. Of course he didn’t – she’s just saying this to take away from the ugly mean-spirited venom that has spewed from her mouth the last couple of days. You know that she was given the heads-up by production to do something that would take the heat off of her autism remark/imitation. It’s a shame that she isn’t at least likable or funny considering she’s been given such a large role this season.

          1. So what powers do you possess that absolutely can prove he said anything of that nature to that thing? Her lies have been so outrageous up to this point and she is being true to form. She wishes in the deepest part of her heart that he did say this to her, but he shut her down early on in the game. Eat your heart out, Amanda. You are stuck with a pizza boy that you will dump if he doesn’t win $500,000. Too bad he is too dumb to recognize all the signs that she wouldn’t have ever been with him if he hadn’t won the first HOH. She has floated from HOH to HOH and hijacked their game and nominations because this is the stupidest bunch of HGs in the history of the show.

    4. Howard did say something, but probably was more along the lines of: “You can’t fool me, I know you’re the devil.”

    5. I found the whole Howard speech transcription on Joker’s twitter. He’s beating around the bush, talking in circles, rambling, pretty much calling people out without appearing to calling people out. If you read the whole transcription (it’s right after Candice’s speech), I believe Howard did say that to Amanda (to F- with her). Howard said something to the effect of: use your commn sense; if it doesn’t ring true than it’s not. You would not expect Howard to whisper that to Amanda, would you? Howard’s giving a bit of Amanda’s medicine, IMO. People want to believe Amanda but then question that doesn’t seem like Howard at all.

      Some people here are saying Howard didn’t say it because then the feeds would pick it up. Well, since there’s evidence of Howard whispering something to Amanda, what was said? Why didn’t feed pick that up? If it was something innocuous as saying: well done, Amanda, good luck. Why did the feed not pick that up? Something was said. As trashy as Amanda is, I don’t think she would make that up, IMO.

      1. If they muted the comment then called Amanda to the DR right after I am thinking it will be on the show Wed or Thurs.

    6. Amanda has said worse she has talked about gang raping Jessie in detail . And about murdering Elissa and Candice in detail . AMANDA has hairy body maybe she is a man .

      1. I do not like Amanda but wow if she talked about murdering and gang raping then why is she still on the show? Can someone let me know when she said this because if she did I cannot watch BB any longer. I know that Aaryn has said mean things and others also including Candace and Spencer and Howard I guess, but wow if Amanda said that and BB does not air it does that mean they are condoning it. If they are do not air that then what else that she has said has BB not aired. Sorry, but I can get beyond what Candace said and what Aaaryn said and maybe what Spencer and Elissa and possibly Gina Marie, but what Amanda has said regarding gays, blacks, asians combined with this just makes her an unacceptable human being. Why do the other people on the show not stand up to Amanda? Who was in the room when she said these things? This woman is sick!

  3. I can’t help but compare BB15 to BBCanada’s first season. Canada’s houseguests did so many activities that were fun and entertaining…gave me lots of laughs…think of Marsha Moose. I know the Canadian houseguests also had their bad patches too with lots of negativity. But BB15 has been pretty much been full of gloom, doom, and overwhelmed by hurtful/hateful? remarks…not much to make viewers laugh. Guess it started off on a bad note with the mean girls + Jeremy. It is evident that the personalities of the houseguests has a huge impact on how the game proceeds. Even production with all their bag of tricks has a difficult time managing that.

    1. They really do need to make them do tasks like they did in bbca. It was fun on the feeds. We need someone like Andrew, AJ and Talla in there to entertain us. One of my favorite feed seasons was BB8 because Dick made it a point to engage the feedsters. This season is just boring, they lie around whispering and then all scatter and go blab about what was just said in whispers to everyone else. None of them can keep their pie holes shut! Amanda is running the house and letting Helen think that Helen runs it. Everyone else is just going along with it. I can’t even like the underdogs Candace, Howard and Spencer. There is really nobody to root for this year. I want to root for McCrae, but he needs to stop being Amanda’s play toy and play the game. There will be lots of titties for him when he leaves the house. The dream come true of being in the BB house only lasts a few months. I don’t get why they didn’t all come to play for the top prize. I don’t even think they will behave any differently if Amanda goes on thursday. They will just bow down to Helen and Elissa and go along with whatever they want. I would much rather watch Amanda in the house than Helen pontificating and droning on about friends and loyalty. Casting needs to be fired and replaced. I’ve been saying that for years. Every year keeps getting worse instead of better. Casting can’t put together a group of interesting people if their lives depended on it, and they just can’t keep from putting in somebody’s sister or brother and hasbeens that we’ve seen before. If there was a cast of interesting people like seasons 2 and 3 they wouldn’t need to interfere in the game. I mean, they have 9 months every year to select next year’s HG, and it always ends up that half the people in there either know someone or were recruited without even knowing the show. Meanwhile thousands of fans try out every year and don’t make the show. That’s why we get houseguests like Elissa, Jenn City, Wil, Candace, Gina, Shane, Danielle (bb14) and Howard. Most of that type of HG are there to further their careers after the game. They don’t really care if they win or not. After season 9 I didn’t think a cast could be worse until season 13 which was even worse. This season is a serious contender for worst season ever.

  4. is there even any proof at all that howard said that? you mean to tell me that they can hear GM talking about “insurance” but we can’t hear what Howard with his deep ass voice is saying?

    1. There’s your proof that it was a lie, if it was true the mic would’ve caught it, same with everything else Howard whispers.

    2. None of them in that house has proof of anything, I they can go by is word of mouth. It’s funny to me how everyone will believe what others are saying but when it comes to howard… its that they don’t believe him. Just as we are about to see with Amanda spreading another lie about Howard.. I swear if America had the choice to vote this week. Amanda’s tail would be outta there.

      1. Maybe america has the coup de tat the elimination vote maybe they will let america overthrow the vote ? Maybe this will be the double elimination week ?

    3. seriously, did anybody catch what he said? i was watching the feeds when it supposedly happened. howard definitely approached amanda in the kitchen and whispered something to her and then amanda nervously laughed and said “thank you” and howard walked away with a huge smile/laughing. he definitely gave her some kind of “compliment”, i just have no idea about what. he had just finished thanking candace for her house meeting speech (which i thought was odd), so i think he was in a weird mood…
      no matter what anyone says, amanda and howard were attracted to each other the first week, if you go back to the feeds, they interact a lot more together and kind of flirt… and then she hooked up with mccrae. howard was never into candace and said this consistently the first 2 weeks. he’s also talked about 2 girls outside the house, one that he might propose to.. i feel bad for candace, he might like her now, but she has no idea the BS he’s said. i do think it’s plausible howard said something to amanda. to all the ppl who believe he didn’t say anything, go back and watch the feeds, he clearly said SOMETHING.

        1. How come no one says anything about Amanda wanting to murder Candice and Ellisa she has made these comments and gone into detail how she would murder or rape them ?

          1. Because there’s a difference between just talking crap (even if it’s stupid crap) behind people’s backs, and a guy going up to a girl, trapping her against a counter (look at Howard’s arm, they way he pins her in) and saying to her what she supposedly said. That’s why.

          2. i strongly dislike spencer, he has said awful things. howard has also said some explicit things, check back week 1 of feeds. spencer and howard joked about tag teaming jessie as an example. to me the difference lies in that when spencer (or howard) say something explicit, they are the ones doing the threat so it makes it more threatening. its not completely hypothetical sort of.

      1. I agree too. Howard was very interested in Amanda the first week of the game prior to her becoming involved with McCrae. It’s possible he may not have used the exact words Amanda said but I completely believe the context of the message was as described by Amanda. Clearly, he is some kind of “Ladies Man” outside the house and I seem to remember him commenting to Candice how a woman should be subservient to a man. It all adds up.

        1. I agree. It’s funny how so many have decided to adopt Howard as their pet example of racism. Howard has acted shady the entire time in the house. He doesn’t socialize well and he lied when he should have come clean (about the moving company). This really hurt his credibility and Helen took his lying to heart – he’ll never recover from that in this house.

          Furthermore, he has girls back home, is a player (but not a very good one!), and hides behind his bible. Yuck!

          Howard needs to go and it has nothing to do with his race.

        2. I have read in the another feeds that while Amanda was doing dishes Howard approached Amanda and whispered something into Amanda!s and Amanda laugh.
          Then after Amanda said ( Omg Howard said when we get out of the house I would like to blank your shit out cause you are fucking so hot ). The message here on what was said is not complete as compares to the other feeds. Amanda said that she swears on her life that Howard said that. I do not think that Amanda will be that cruel to make it up however I think That was Howards desperate effort so as either to be voted out or try to get on Amandas good graces ( because he added the phrase cause you are blanking so hot ) Howard is so quite and do not say much always thinking sometimes those quite ones can surprise you.
          I am not sure but this is just my own thought and I might be wrong.

      2. Who’s saying he didn’t say anything? You can clearly see he whispered something in her ear, but the only thing that was audible to live-feeders was something like “you’re attractive.” Everything else is our own speculation, based on the HEARSAY we have from Amanda. And consider the source; she HATES Howard, and this could be a desperate attempt to make sure all the nails are in for his coffin, come Thursday. No one heard all he said, except Amanda. It’s weird, because she told him “thank you” and giggles afterwards.

      3. Everyone in the house has said bull shit . You mutherfuckers single Howard out always really fast . But you never say anything about Andy or Spencer ? Helen is walking around saying she loves Gina Marie when Gina Marie has said some hateful stuff about Asians that will be hard to take back .

      4. My whole problem with this situation is everyone saying “There is NO WAY Howard said that… “. Guys….let’s look at this logically. Even though most of us hate Amanda for her bitchy controlling ways, we can safely say that she is not stupid and SOMEWHAT cares about the way she is being perceived by the viewers. With that being said, there was no way for Amanda to know that the microphone didn’t pick up with Howard said…. Remember “BB records everything”. Also, for her to make up a lie about something so irrelevant like that would be completely pointless. If Howard didn’t say that, then why would she turn around and blatantly lie in front of a whole country about something that would only classify her as a compulsive liar. ALSO, the fact that the feeds cut off every time she brings it up is shady as eff.

        1. Really? They just recorded what Candice said to Helen in the lounge but she lied like a dog about what she said……you think Amanda wouldnt lie…..yes she would….what show are you watching??

        2. Pew I totally understand where you’re coming from. Amanda is a very smart woman who definitely cares about the way she is being perceived in the house. I do not like her as a HG any longer because I feel like she’s too paranoid, she’s a hypocrite and she’s way too controlling. But because Amanda is such a strong person, and she had directly confronted people about things that they have said, why wouldn’t she take the opportunity to call Howard out on this in front of everyone? Amanda has wanted Howard out for the last few weeks, she lets in be known, so if he really said it what would stop her from getting everyone in the room and telling them all what she said? Why would she tell Andy and Judd not to tell anyone when the fact remaines that she’s still on the block and exposing Howard would easily seal his fate? I don’t think he said that at all he said something obviously and she took it as an opportunity to flip it and try to spin a story out of it.

      5. I think production knows that Amanda is lying. I believe something was sd however, I would bet it wasn’t that. Production cuts to fish every time she begins to talk about it. If it was true no way in hell would that bi&$ch let it go. She would be threatening a lawsuit against CBS. And if its so true and you are such a bad azz bitch that gets in people face. Why wouldn’t you call him out abt it instead of going around telling everyone. I hope Howard sues CBS and Amanda for slander.

        1. If you think you’re going to find better entertainment lawyers than Big Brother, I’d like a whiff of what you’re smoking. I’m pretty sure beyond administration, the only legal fees they’ve ever paid is the lawyer who wrote the two lines that you can’t sue them.

          Every single person in BB has been disillusioned, learned the true nature of humanity, been back stabbed, been lied to, appeared how they didn’t want to be seen on television, and most importantly learned the true value of money.

          If Big Brother is the little kid you push around at school yes? that you think it is, I’d love to hear your explanation for why it’s reaching 15 seasons and seeing international audience.

    4. A MAN DUH, is making this Howard wants to screw her up, and in her mind the best way to make sure the house doesn’t flip is to make them feel uncomfortable with him in the house…..Be careful little girl you are now playing with fire!!!!!!!! Trust me you will be dealt with when lying about a person character. You are not the first female to lie about something so serious and that is why in real life when females are approached in that manner or raped folks don’t believe them, because of lying skanks like you. Shame on you, don’t play such life changing games like that. She is also hoping it will cause Candace to turn on Howard. I don’t which is worse, a woman using racial slurs or a woman lying on a man about sex? Many innocent men are jailed and dead because of lying b i t c h e s like amanda……..Get her out of the house CBS. She set this up when she said she had a dream about being raped….watch what she will say next, because she knows the public will believe her over a black man……Bitch

      1. I find her kind of repulsive. I think if Jessie said that he made that remark to her, I might lend it a little credence, but that worn out hag Amanda?-nope. I think with this season BB is petty much done for me. I watch for light hearted entertainment, not to see a bunch of oversexed, Adderall fools. These people should be ashamed of themselves-all of them. I can’t find a redeeming value in any of them.

    1. I know right? I got all excited, that for ONCE this season we would see a big move that wasn’t at all predictable.

      One change in 2nd week, and the entire summer goes their way, that isn’t entertaining at all from a viewer’s perspective.

      I like to see frequent changes, like just when you think everything is going a HGs way, boom a wrench is thrown in the plans, that shit is the best part of Big Brother. Superfriends is nothing more than a non entertaining Brigade with females running the show, and a tiny bit more scheming with the added MVP twist.

  5. If they don’t flip the vote and take Candice out this week, FINALLY making it interesting and not predictable, I give up on this season.

    1. Me too. I really don’t see why they all want Howard out so much???/ He’s hardly ever included in these recaps, seems to only ever talk to spencer and candice, and we never really see him doing more than working out and shooting pool on the live feeds. He hasn’t won anything. He and spencer were in the moving company – but so was mccae. Why does his punk ass get a pass? I’ll probably quit watching it – rather go down to the stockyards if i were just wanting to see lambs be led to the chopping block..

  6. glad howie is leaving with his “values” in tact. i would hate to think that all his talk was just game, and he isn’t the moral haven he portrayed himself to be – that would be travesty.

  7. I am totally disgusted with Amanda. I do not believe, for one instant, that Howard said that to her. I think she is trying to use a racial stereotype on Jessie to ensure she votes out the “scary black man”. Amanda has had it in for Howard from the beginning…why is that? What happened between these two that made her so psycho about him? Did she try to make a move on him and get rebuffed? Does she have a problem with his religion? Or, is she just a racist? I soooo wish enough HGs had the cojones to vote her out this week.

    1. She has a problem with him because he and Spencer and that entire MC alliance have been gunning for Amanda since the beginning of the season, even wanting to separate McCrae from her. I don’t know why this is even up to debate, since this has been made clear weeks ago. It has nothing to do with race or anything like that.

  8. here’s hoping there is a last minute twist tomorrow night, “no voting tonight, everyone on the block is now evicted”

    1. That would be more entertaining than another 3-4 weeks of predictable outcomes. The only partially entertaining part of the season is watching the Superfriends and Company turn on each other when all the minor threats are gone. and the big threats McCrae and Amanda are FINALLY recognized.

  9. There’s no way Howard said that. He would of got called into the DR and reprimanded. As of gameplay, these are some big time idiots. How in the world do you play this game by talking to someone then going around the whole house repeating every word. There’s no stability at all. Mcranda is def sitting pretty. They have the strongest connection and yet the house as a whole isn’t targeting them. It’s mind boggling how these people got cast this year. This is by far the best season to be a floater!

  10. Aaryn needs to spill the beans on Helen about Amanda, McG and Andy final deal. I can’t stand
    These people entitlement anymore.

    1. Isalove lay off Helen you are always attacking her. There are mean girls there who saysb nasty things and a male who makes degrading comments to women. why do you not call them out. You are not being fair to this particular player . They all make secret alliances each player whoever they are speaking too make fake alliances. Right now they are all trying to be in the jury house. Stop being Helen Hater will you.

  11. This alleged comment Howard made is getting a lot of attention.
    A) Whatever he said to her wasn’t clear enough to hear on the feeds I personally played back when it was supposed to have happened and there’s nothing I can make of it.
    B) Amanda may be just saying this or it could be the truth.. There is no way we can confirm this is the only people that know are the ones at CBS that produce the feeds.

    My personal opinion is the same as it as last night I do not believe Howard said those things..
    here is the post with the time stamp etc

    1. simon, we may never know what howie said, but here’s the thing – everyone who wears their religion on their sleeve set themselves up for this type of rumor. it’s almost like he weaponized his beliefs.

      by publicly expressing his beliefs and inviting others to share them without this behavior being solicited (elissa was welcoming), you come across as holier than the others, so some will just sit and wait for an opportunity to prove that you aren’t. that’s probably why the christian bible teaches followers to pray in private.

      1. @northalabama The Bible teaches Christians to share the “almost too good to be true news” of Jesus Christ. Being Christian is not supposed to be a secret. As far as praying in private goes, you may not be aware of this but in the big brother house, “privacy” does not exist because you see the cameras roll 24/7 with millions of people watching LOL.

        I also think Howard was just practicing his freedom of worship. I don’t think it was to show off. Christ promised His followers that they would be persecuted and evidently, some on the cast are doing that and some in the audience (you) are joining in by saying he set himself up. I salute Howard for not denying his faith under public scrutiny. It is not easy. Whenever a Christian lets it be known that that is their identity, the world erects IMPOSSIBLE standards for them and the persecutors sit in wait for an opportunity to prove you are not perfect. If a gotcha moment takes too long to present itself, they make something up and with mob mentality, they pounce.

        God help Howard, he is a youth counselor and it is too bad that fake stuff like this will be all over the internet about him. It is really sad. I am proud of Howard because if he was arrested and accused for being a Christian, there would be evidence to convict him. He did not deny his religion under pressure.

        1. a belief is something you make up not a fact….I asked you the question to get you to think not to give me an automatic response…our world is a mess because of what society “decides they believe”….it was meant to be thought provoking.

    2. Since you said the people at CBS who produce the feeds know the truth, are you saying the mics probably picked up what was said? Or that BB people probably questioned Amanda and Howard for the truth of what was said?

    3. Simon, first off-thanks for this blog. You guys are awesome. Secondly, I just posted a comment about this situation. I truly believe she is lying. It is no where to be found. Amanda knows they were scurrying to get Candace out, so she wants to remind them that there is a big Black scary man in the house that will come and “get” them (it’s almost subliminal). Amanda also knows that Howard is gunning for her, so she is playing as dirty as it gets. I find this allegation pretty serious. I wish they would kick her out. Thanks again for a safe place to come and vent! I hate this season!

      1. She is blatantly lying and even big brother knows it as when ever she says it they switch the cameras off of her. Anyone that has listened to Howard for 5 minutes knows that would never come out of his mouth. The fact that Amanda thinks others would believe he said that is just insane.

        1. Dawg, I’m glad you mentioned the feed cut it every time she brought this up, which was A LOT late last night. I was wondering why they cut and I figured they didn’t want to give it any validity. I wonder if they can pick up on the whispering?

        2. That’s terrible anybody can make up a blatant lie like that. How could production not leak this to Howard so he can stand up for himself and put an end to this. Show everyone in the house what kind of snake Amanda is. Good grief.

        3. Wow.
          I am kind of shocked, Simon and Dawg you 2 really don’t take sides very often, you are usually so neutral.

          You are really that convinced he said nothing like what she claims?
          I mean I agree she could be making it up, but I also do not doubt Howard could have said something either.
          I think a lot of people forget he is an actor. Hell, I am not even positive he is as much a bible thumper as he claims.
          Then again even if he is, not like a bible thumper can’t be a perv, we all know they can sometimes shock ya!

          I think a lot are forgetting some of the things he said about Jess early on, not like he has no libido.

          I am gonna go look at the flashback.
          Did Amanda blush at all?
          I know that seems silly but if he DID say something sexual that could be a tip off (or not, Amanda probably
          does not blush easily).

          Go ahead and thumb me down now everyone, but I am going to keep an open mind because we will
          probably never know the truth unless they BOTH tell the story and it meshes.

          1. Forgot to add….

            Does no one think it is possible Howard might have said something hoping she would rile MC up and
            have him come at Howard, possibly doing something to cause MC’s being expelled from the house?

            Just a theory….(It is game play, look at Joe & Janelle last year, hiding the nicotine patches during indoor lock
            down, pushing Willie until he himself snapped….just sayin’)

            1. Well that was futile.

              Flashed back, you get about 4 seconds of it.
              I put in earbuds and blasted it, you can hear Howards last 2 words but STILL not clearly enough to determine.
              AND you can not see her face to see if there is any “blushing”.

              Instead it goes right back to Helen yapping endlessly as per usual *sigh*

              Thanks Camera Peeps!

          2. i agree with you completely……I addressed this with Simon this morning but he just gave a defensive reflex answer. The truth is we don’t know…we just do not know…Simon just didn’t get it so I suggest to not even address him about it…I learned early in my career to not try to teach the unteachable….it’s like giving pearls to swine….they are committed to their current low state of consciousness….which just doesn’t allow for any decent conversation. Thanks for you post!

      1. In any “He said”, “She said” situation, the man will always be believed over the woman. mcCrae commented later that Amanda had brought it up with production but they said they couldn’t do anything about it, it was only a comment, not a threat, and people in the house say all kinds of inappropriate things to one and other.

    4. The Time Stamp of when Howard whispered to Amanda in the kitchen. Audio isn’t on them for the whispering only at the end when Amanda laughs and says thank you. – July 30 , 5:10pm, camera 3 & 4

      1. That’s a weird clip. Why would Howard get so close and ‘friendly’ to her if he’s battling with her and was that ‘thank you’ a nervous reaction from Amanda? I guess we’ll never know for sure.

  12. so this is what it has come to to try and evict someone???? amanduh is gross nothing sexy about her, just because you have huge fake boobs doesnt mean men want you, go play with pizza boy

    1. Amanda is the type of women that only looks good when she has a cake of makeup on her face, and can only get attention from men when acting slutty(the way she acted in the 1st 3 weeks). That isn’t sexy, it’s called being desperate. McCrae is a nerd he wouldn’t know any better, he’s just happy he’s getting some female attention, something he’s clearly not used to at home.

    1. Don’t do it, then they’ll become your best friend and take over the bed and then you’ll never get rid of them.

    2. Their always laying down…if not in HoH bed, then its the lounge or even backyard couch…those two lazy asses never seem to be in the sitting position!!

  13. I am confused as to how everyone is saying Candace is MAKING Aaryn look like a racist when the statements were
    Coming out of Aaryn’s mouth. They have selective memory. Is this a way for CBS to cover their assets. ????
    This season has to get better soon or I am done.

    1. Seems like it to me, I know Aaryn is delusional about what she’s done, but the idea that EVERYONE that she proclaims her delusions to just agrees with it without question, is making me think it’s all an act.

    2. I don’t know why they are defending Aaryn and her racist comments. She clearly made them, we all heard them. I cannot figure out why everyone agrees with her unless they are just playing her, but it doesn’t explain Helen telling Elissa that she doesn’t think Aaryn is really racist and comments taken out of context.

      Aaryn truly does not see herself as a racist and this is a serious problem because she this racism is so deeply ingrained that she has no clue how derogatory and hurtful her comments have been. The whole victim act is sickening too. She is southern and blames that on her comments. I live in the south and people say and think very different things, but if someone is spouting hate and racism, they are thinking it too. In this day an age we are hyper sensitive to what is and isn’t socially acceptable.

      She isn’t the only racist, Amanda, Judd, GM, Kaitlyn and even Candice made racist and derogatory comments (Candice about Spencer’s white a$$).

      1. Candice mother is WHITE!!!…Candice also told Howard to get his black a$$ in bed….When Amanda made a Nazi joke the other day, nobody said anything because she’s Jewish. When Andy makes gay comments he can get away because he’s gay.

    3. The simple explanation is that Aaryn and Gina said some things they shouldn’t have (and I don’t care about the mattress throwing thing because if Candice was white, this wouldn’t even be an issue – it was a fight, plain and simple), whether due to a pack mentality type thing or just bad judgment — and I honestly think a lot of it was dude to Jeremy causing that kind of environment around the house — and she has now realized she stepped over the line and has been the sweetest person in the house the last 2 weeks and Candice somehow can’t let go and is keeping all those garbage feelings inside and keeps talking about how bad Aaryn is. She should do what Elissa did, which is to hit the reset button and start over. Aaryn did, Elissa did, and if Candice won’t, then I say it is her own personal problem she will keep inside until it eats her from the inside out.

  14. Howard ending up staying would cause so much CHAOS in the house, we would be drooling at the entertainment that drama would cause.

  15. If Gina, Aaryn and Jessie really want Candice out, one of them needs to make a move on Judd. Pronto. Otherwise, it ain’t gonna happen. Use Bear shirt the same way Amanda is using McCrae, sans special deliveries from McPizza Boy.

    1. She always was one of the mean girls, if it wasn’t for CBS pathetic obsession with showmances, she wouldn’t be be getting that cbs edit to make her look good, and would rightfully be lumped with Aaryn,GM,Kaitlin.

  16. Naïve (maybe) question: How did Candice’s ‘house meeting’ destroy Howard’s game? Can someone help explain how that put the proverbial nail in his coffin?
    BTW: Two things Amanda definitely did say and were heard ‘If I had a d*&k, the things I would do to you”, and “If I had a pen^s, I would shove it down your throat right now”. The second one is a little more disturbing than the first IMO.
    Eerily similar to what she’s asserting Howard ‘whispered’ in her ear.

    1. howard got called into the argument and made a speech which made no sense and basically made the houseguests trust him even less. he was trying to clear his name and say that this game was not worth him ruining his image/morality at home, but the twisted way he said it just made a lot of the other houseguests feel like he was just trying to be “holier than thou” or using reverse psychology, and he specifically said that people were running the house (the “chiefs”) and they were all “indians”. and that it’s boring if certain ppl keep running the house (i think he specifically meant helen, but could be talking about elissa, amanda and mccrae) and others are scared of them. then he literally pointed to 4 ppl (i think gina marie, amanda, mccrae, andy?) and said they he respected them, but didn’t point to anyone else. he also thanked candace for sticking up for him the last couple of days.

      right after the meeting, helen said she felt howard didn’t respect her, judd said he felt howard was saying he is scared and has no respect, aaryn was pissed saying howard called her an indian.. basically no ones knows what he was talking about but they definitely don’t trust him and feel disrespected. i think he was trying to say that he doesn’t want to participate in all the BS, lying, he said-she said so he’d rather just get evicted and not play big brother anymore if the house is the way it is. he also said he’d self-evict…

    1. That would screw up the CBS Edit, because we’d be voting out the HGs that CBS is trying to make look good.

    1. Jessie? Oh please.

      There will never be another Janelle. Even Rachel didn’t come close. Sure she had the competitions, but she didn’t have the swagger. :)

    1. Well hopefully they wake up(find their balls) by tomorrow and think ……wow Amanda is the biggest Threat- lets get rid of her……I presume Aaryn wants candace out because she is a reminder that she has said some non PC statements.

      1. No, I think Aaryn wants Candace out because Candace cannot just let anything go. cANDACE JUst needs to do like Elissa and just push reset and start the game again since the number 1 problem maker in the house is gone that caused most of the problems and that was Jeremy. Really do wish that Candace, Aaryn, Jessie, GM, Howard, Judd would team up and get rid of Helen, Amanda, Elissa. Only problem is that Candace just won’t let it go and start fresh.

    1. Howard has never used vulgar profanity this entire game…and now Manda is telling the house Howard said this..please….if candice finds this today ..expect for amanda to be call out on it…Amanda is disgusting …she claims Howard is married and has to women at home waiting for him..attack his religion and race, and now that Howard want’s her…If Pizza boy win’s this…he better run…because Amanda will dictate what he should do with that money..She’s a vulture!!

  17. BTW: Two things Amanda definitely did say and were heard ‘If I had a d*&k, the things I would do to you”, and “If I had a pen^s, I would shove it down your throat right now”. The second one is a little more disturbing than the first IMO.
    Eerily similar to what she’s asserting Howard ‘whispered’ in her ear.

    1. Why has every one forgotten about how Amanda went into detail how she would rape & murder Ellisa ? Also she talked in detail how she would murder Candace or want for Candace to die ?

  18. Howard def said something. It was a compliment though. She laughed and leaned in. I think it’s hilarious that Amanda was so shocked by spencer saying she should choke on her spit because Amanda has said much worse. She talks about stabbing Candice and slitting Jessie throat and something about Jessie getting gang raped.

  19. Apologies for back-to-back posts gentlemen:
    Can anyone tell me when (as someone commented in an earlier post), Candice said women are intimidated by her. I did not read it on your OBB updates anywhere – did she actually say it/to whom was she talking?
    Thank you for the answer :)

  20. If Amanda has been up in arms being the 3rd nominee this week…lol.wait until next week when America puts her up…again!!! She will really go ape shit crazy then!!

  21. If Howard really said what Amanda claims, why did she say “Thank You”???

    “When I get out of here I am going to f**k the sh*t out of you!” Is rightful grounds for a smack in the face/ accusing of sexual harassment, oh wait that would mean she had dignity and self respect, OK never mind.

    1. When someone says a comment to you that is unexpected, you don’t always react the way you would once you have the chance to think it over more. I’m sure many women have had something said to them that they might just smile at or ignore, only to think about it later and feel grossed out by it

        1. Maybe he said it maybe he didn’t but if he were to say it he would make sure no one can hear but her. If on camera at the time she says it happened he’s seen whispering something to her than he most likely said it. If not she’s a liar. But don’t say he didn’t only because you hate her.

        2. Im kinda tired of people throwing the word “whore” around on this site. im not quite sure what amanda did beside piss you off that makes her a whore. If its because she had a boyfriend outside the house and now she is with McCrae im still confused why that makes her a whore. 1) you dont know what her relationship outside the house was like, it might not have been serious, even if it was she has every right to choose to be with someone else. Im sure if she were out of the house and she met someone else she would have dumped her boyfriend first, but shes secluded inside the BB house, she doesnt really have many options. Sure a lot of people might have just not started a new relationship but just because she chose to doesnt make her a whore. As far as I can tell and by all accounts she has genuine feelings for MaCrae and you dont know any different. You are just as disgusting as Spencer spewing hatred about a woman just because she upset you. Amanda might be playing this game too aggressively and you have every reason to dislike her and her gameplay, but you and everyone else calling her a “whore” have no basis to do so. Calling her names just makes you look as bad as everyone else in this game that are doing the same, including amanda.

  22. i wish julie can say howard u have been evicted from the big brother house but this week is not a elimnation week and next week is double eviction with howard winning HOH

  23. I don’t think the feeds picked up on Howard’s supposed comment to Amanda. I think it is plain and simple…Amanda wants Howard voted out in the worst way and she will say anything to insure that happens. Oh how I wish the peeps would open their eyes and take this golden opportunity to get Amanda out of the house this week. The longer they wait, Amanda wins.

  24. All you people here talking about racism have no idea what racism really is. You keep calling people racist and its like the boy that cried wolf. You need to shut your mouth and realize you are watching a bunch of fake people trying to act and win money. If these people are racist for making jokes then we are in great shape as a country. A racist used to be a person that ties someone of a different race to a truck and drags them. Now it’s a person that doesn’t like a black person. I don’t have to like everyone I meet no matter what color. Ignoran people typing ignorant things. I bet if big brother put all black folks in the house you wouldn’t watch. So does that make you a racist? I say no.

      1. I think America as a whole has become too sensitive in recent years, probably due to the constant media bashing to look for anything that ever remotely resembles racism. It’s at a point where one can’t mention one negative thing about a member of another race or group, or they’re called a bigot.

      2. That was a very entertaining last night with the paranoia setting in and all the conversations they had. I can see why Aaryn would feel hurt. She finally made peace with Elissa and found her place in Helen and Amanda’s group, for Candice to wake up after 2 weeks of doing nothing but snuggling in bed with Howard and all of a sudden she starts turning things again Aaryn again. I’m glad things were explained and that Helen understands how things really stand. I assume they will try getting Candice out next after Howard.

        On a side note, I am really tired of listening to Spencer call women names… whore, bitch, cunt. He seems like a very hateful person. Not sure if Helen was serious about not going after Spencer anymore, but I want to see him out.

    1. People love to point fingers. It’s fun to pick a target and hate on someone. I’m tired of it. I don’t think anyone in that house is a racist. Stupid comments were made, whether in bad jokes or during heated fights, but people need to realize that sometimes good people say things they later regret and it’s time to let go.

    2. Racism is a doctrine or a feeling…..of racial superiority, prejudice, hatred or discrimination.
      Mocking someone’s speech and or dragging someone is all racism…the dragging of a human being gets to that point by the little words, digs, and actions that you say are meaningless.

  25. Amanda said, “spooning with McCrea is like spooning with a child.”
    This woman is twisted and she never shuts up she is always yapping away, she has no filter.
    God only knows the comments she had whispered to Howard.

  26. Why does everyone here jump to the conclusion that Amanda is lying? because some individuals here personally do not find her attractive? how ridiculous. We don’t know what was said, so stop jumping to conclusions just because you may not like Amanda.

    1. Why? Because what she said can be damaging to Howard. So you evaluate their individual personalities displayed on the feeds, then determine a probability. I come up with Amanda being a liar, 100%. Doubt Howard has ever had trouble getting women and would never want a woman who was vicious to him and that spent weeks in bed with pathetic McCrea. I believe he has strong moral values and restraint, whereas Amanda has neither.

      1. so by your logic, that would mean that rapists are all ugly disgusting guys, right?
        And yes, I know this is a huge leap from rape, but I’m using your flawed logic against you to illustrate a point.

      1. And Howard is? He lied, then lied on the bible, talked about his problems keeping his temper, then lied again. Just because he has his bible does not mean he is a good guy.

  27. Amanda is disgusting….walking around the house with period stain pants…Howard didn’t say that her…..she is just vile…I bet the reason you hear nothing from her because they are probably scared of her too. She is the type of person that would claim sexual harassment….she’s disgusting….

  28. Amanda has been living off adderal, coffee and other people’s cigarettes (I would evict her for that alone)…no wonder she is so paranoid and her head is exploding. I suspect today will be even worse.

  29. the season of the sheep continues, and I just don’t know if I will continue with the rest of the season.

  30. Amanda is lying. Didn’t you read MC got up and left when she started to talk about it. He left because she was lying and he didn’t want to be a part of it. If you really watch MC you can see he is often fed-up with Amanda but hangs in there because she is THE POWER. (He also may actually like her). Had that really happened, Amanda and MC would have talked about it together when they were alone last night and they didn’t! It’s kind of a big deal. They were very lighthearted and it never came up. She is just lying to scare everyone again of the big Black man, get him out of here, he’s scary- to assure they don’t flip and send Candace packing. She is truly psychotic. On top of that, it is NO WHERE on the feeds. I hope Howard can find some way to sue CBS and/or Amanda for her mistreatment and blatant abuse of Howard. Howard needs to leave that house and go straight to a lawyer.

    1. Yea and Aaryn can sue too for falsely being called a racist. And that is on tape. Maybe Howard said it maybe he didn’t. It’s a game though. Remember a game. Some people here act like they know these people personally and love them or hate them. But it’s a game all these people care about winning more than anyone in the house.

      1. Amanda was the person who put the racism card in Aaryn ear during the bed flipping incident. I believe if Amanda never told her how she is being portrayed..Aaryn would of continue with more racial comments. Aaryn think she did nothing wrong because her family and friends talk the same way,,,and this is the first time somebody brought it to her attention. Also when she had a conversation with Judd….she said she wish she could of brought her Confederate Flag to house…but she said it’s racists or something,,,and Judd reply i though is was a southern thing. To me i believe Aaryn will learn nothing and think it’s okay to make racial comments, because her family and friends would say it’s okay what you said about howard, candice, helen, and andy. I hope she grows from this..but from what i see from her now..i don’t think is going to happen…which is sad..

  31. If you people really believe there are racist people on the show then maybe you should stop watching. Is Candice a Racist after the way she talked to Spencer? Or can blacks not be racist? Or do you just call people racist because it seems like the cool thing to do while sitting behind a computer? If you really care about blacks then maybe you should know 11 blacks were killed by other blacks in one weekend in Chicago. Oh wait this is a big brother site where you just like calling people racist but in reality you yourself don’t care if blacks kill each other.

    1. Yes, there is black on black war here in Chicago. It is horrid that our government doesn’t address these types of things and the media doesn’t splatter it everywhere. And it isn’t just black on black, Hispanic on Hispanic, and I’m sure there are other murders/wars. Drive bys happen all the time.

      I haven’t heard any racism focused on the white HG, have you? I’d be interested to have it pointed out.


    2. i agree 100% that candance is a racist.she is worse than dare she use the w- word in reference to spencer! really,candance…really ?you called him white?disgusting. i mean, IF candance were half white and was seen proudly talking about her black and white heritage all over the bb house,your accusation wud be ridiculous.luckily we have live feeds and we know you speak the absolute truth.furthermore,just because aaryn mentioned white power,confederate flags and is so craz- i mean so concerned she cant even look at fish without mentioning race,does NOT mean she is a racist.

  32. Judd and Elissa have a final 2 deal? When the hell did that happen? Didn’t she just throw him under the bus last week And how does that fair well when her bestie Helen’s next target is Judd? This cast is nuts.

  33. I literally just cannot watch this season anymore. I’ll come on here and read the recaps and the comments, and that’s because everyone commenting is 1000% more entertaining than the actual HGs on the show.

    There’s no scheming, no true “backdooring”. I don’t know if I just don’t remember correctly, but I can’t recall any other season where every week it was ‘okay-lets-all-vote-for-the-same-person’ sort of deal?
    The only person that even kind of got backdoored was David, and that was many weeks ago now. Since then, it’s all just been downhill.

    And the MVP Twist was a huge flop. Maybe it would’ve had a chance had production not invented it solely for Elissa’s sake, and it had been introduced when all the HGs had no prior relation to a contestant.

  34. Why doesn’t anyone believe it is America’s vote for 3rd position and WHY Amanda was selected? Can’t believe no one in the house is thinking about this. It is simple and right in front of their faces.

  35. These people talk about being bullied. Haha do they know their 25 years old? They need to put Evil Dick in this house so he can put some entertainment in this boring house. Flush everyone in the house out and replace all of these cry babies.

  36. What would these political correct don’t bully anyone thin skinned Big Brother fans think of Evil Dick. He was the best player ever and these people would hate on him and want him out.

  37. The rating for this lame season must be going into a dive because even a longtime watch like myself doesn’t want to watch this season anymore. The house is fully of very weak people and it’s all about the girls. It’s completely lopsided. Almost ALL of the players are not likeable.

    Amanda: clearly, the worst person every to play this game. Bossy, mean, and entitled.
    Jessie: an insecure slut
    Aaryn: immature rascist
    Judd: not a bad guy, but why would BB pick a guy that murmurs…i can’t understand this guy!
    Elissa: i liked this girl, but she’s kind-of a douche with her elitist comments… her 80s California girl voice is really annoying too…i like like her sister Rachel, though. :)
    Candice: i liked this girl a lot ..she was smart and even outed the Moving company, but this girl is a whiner
    Andy: the worst kind of person…a wishy washy guy that plays every side…
    Spencer: not a bad guy, but he does respect Hitler? geez!
    Helen: not a bad person…she’s a passive aggressive bully…
    MC: a poor excuse of a submissive man wallowing the the demands of a self absorbed wench (ps. amanada is just using him ..she’s gonna dump his pizza ass once the show is over)
    GM: she actually VERY funny…kinda likeable…but don’t like how she got into the mean girls gang

    it sure looks like the fix is in for Amanda..that his is what upsets me the most! especially seeing her good edits EVEN after America put her on the block….
    clearly, the worst BB show in history

    1. I complained to CBS last night. Know it’s meaningless, but did make me feel better. Search Contact CBS and fill out a Feedback Form and tell em what you think.
      Except for checking out Howard whispering to Amanda myself, it’s my fifth day not watching the feeds and I refused to watch Sunday’s episode (actually no TV at all since then). When I watch TV, it’s to relax, not to get upset.

  38. See I’m thinking more he probably said something like he knows he’s going home but he’s going to expose her, maybe “fuck her life up in the house after he’s out”… He’ll probably call her out when he is giving his speech on “why keep him” before the eviction. Which makes the most sense, since Amanda knows Spencer is already planning something like that. And it would be stupid to start something about Spencer when he’s not on the block and could possibly flip people.

    I’m 95% sure it’s just a fib, Amanda trying to make SURE the target is directly on Howard for the eviction. Perception is reality remember… and the perception is she’s obsessed with getting him out no matter what it takes.

    She’s only buddy buddy with Candice now because she knows candice would come after her next week. And now Aaryn is trash to her, Hopefully as much as (I hate Aaaryn, GM) they pull a flip off. I’ll tell you what the difference between Aaryn and Amanda is. Aaryn appears to be racial but more then anything she appears to just be plain stupid…. lol, Amanda on the other hand appears racial, evil, malicious and very shady. Out of the two I’d want to play with Aaryn because at least you know the scope of her stupidity, where as Amanda is off the charts.

  39. I’m not sure I can’t put my finger on it but I think McStrange don’t know. I don’t know what it is that he don’t know but whatever it is he seems pretty sure that he don’t know. I feel like I should know but I don’t know what he don’t know. I keep hoping Xmanda will tell him what he don’t know but I don’t know if she knows what he don’t know but I know I don’t know.

    Go Poopie Go

    Poopie FTW

  40. This season is very boring can’t watch any more, shame I love BB but I fall asleep every time I watch. The casting director should be sent home lol

  41. if we get to vote third nom again i voting for amanda agian i want her to have a fit this could be good for the game america i know arayn wrong but why we voting for her when we know she not wining lets put amanda up there in make her go nuts on people so they can see the way she is

  42. america if we get to vote third nom agian lets vote amanda in some of us vote mcrea 2nd so if she comes down he go up make sure elissa is not the second choice so every body an america please vote for amanda an mcrea 1or 2nd to go up for mvp nom so elissa can say safe let do this america turn this house upside down

  43. i want candice spencer judd in elissa to be allince that whould be great america what all these people went through in the house they desivre a good week or two elispeacialy candice an spencer

  44. I know Howard is an innocent downtrodden victim of life, but can anyone prove he didn’t say what Amanda says he said?

  45. when you have people who are easy to control the game is easy. My first non Amanda bashing post… Candice, Judd, Jessie, GM, Aaryn – how easy are these people to manipulate. They’re all really very stupid.

    The whole MVP thing is a joke. I can’t be 100% but I think I’m 99% that it was designed to keep Elissa… “Rachel’s sister” in the game. To try and get ratings. Usually when you’re being targeted it’s like 4-5 people want me out, but with the ability to put one of them on the block, and one of them as hoh, that leaves like 2-3 people to actually vote against you.

    CBS just made that up to help her get going in the game. And thennn I noticed before they made America the MVP, a lot of people on social media were saying “who keeps voting for Elissa” she’s not even playing the best game and keeps winning MVP how fixed is this….

    week 1 – ok elissa can have it because she’s the “star” in the house
    week 2 – it should’ve been Helen, and I hate helen… but she saved elissa and got nick out
    week 3 – I think it should;ve been Kaitlyn, she worked a lottt this week, won pov, played awesome social game as well
    week 4 – we pick
    week 5 – we pick
    week 6 – I bet it’s going to be us voting for mvp again… when elissa is back in danger

    They’re even marketing her as Elissa Rielly so everyone know’s its Rachel Rielly’s sister for sure, like WTF…. her last name is Slater. Elissa Slater.

  46. Isn’t that hairy legged Amanda one of the 3 mons?? She is still calling the shots?
    What is wrong with these idiots?

  47. I really hope Amanda wins HOH this Thursday so all of you whiny-ass, “Lets vote to put Amanda up again!” cat people will cry and throw a huge hissy fit and… AND…Wait for it…STOP WATCHING THIS SEASON COMPLETELY! Waaaahh Waaahhhhh!!!!

    Dear God, please let that happen so that they can all follow through with those threats and also stop coming onto this site and clogging it up with the incessant, Amanda’s-got-to-go posts.

    1. agreed! I don’t always like Amanda’s gameplay, but she is a PLAYER. If you came to watch someone like Elissa win the money, you are a lost cause. The girl would be on the outs with everyone were it not for Helen. She has no game. Most people in this house don’t, and are BORING. I’m convinced all these people on the boards who keep wanting to see competitors get evicted are actually wanting the show to fail-because that is exactly what will happen if our 2nd half of the season is absent of schemers, liars, and manipulators.

  48. I don’t like Amanda, but if Howard did threaten her, I would hope BB would put him out of the house. It is a little funny to me that they cut the feeds when she was Amanda was talking about this. Yeah I think he may have said it.

    1. No, I think they know he didnt say it and told Amanda to knock it off. Because if she doesn’t they will be forced to remove her from the house so that’s why they are cutting her off, to save her not Howard. It a liability issue. I am totally done with BB, I hv removed them from my DVR list. I can’t stomach it anymore.

    2. yes i think they know that if amanda keeps saying that howard made that comment and he didn’t not only is howard able to sue amanda he can also sue cbs for allowing her to lie.

  49. I’m afraid Amanda is setting precedence for CBS to cast next years houseguests that are like Amanda. People enjoy hating assholes.

  50. Amanda fans, Howard fans, whoever… Any HG fan is a loser. They need to all lose. Put them all in a ring with various weapons and have them fight until none are left standing.

  51. I watch the feeds and I heard Howard whisper in Amanda’s ear “I am attracted to you”. The first time I listened, I didn’t hear it, once I put my head phones on I heard it pretty clearly. I listened to it again several times to be sure. Do I think amanda is exageratting, yes, but he definitely said “I am attracted to you. Is this sexual harrasment, I personally do not think so. Is this an uncomfortable situation, I would have to say yes. No one knows what was said before the camera went to the 2 of them, I thought it was strange that Howard would whisper anything in Amanda’s ear. For some reason CBS keeps switching the feeds to fish whenever Amanda discusses the situation which I find very strange. Let us see what really happened, it will either show Amanda is lying or Howard said it.

  52. Nobody ask questions in this game. A lot of assuming and following, nobody in this house has a mind of their own except for a selected few! Also they are way more worried about the jury than actually WINNING the game.

  53. They don’t just talk about candace and howard being black they talk about every body…They talk about helens eyes her rice,how fat jessie is…etc

  54. There is no chance in hell a black person will ever win Big Brother, unless one is looking for publicity i don’t see the point of auditioning, even if you make it to final two unless you are both black.

  55. To the people that say Candice is a racist that stupid. She is half black/ half white, you can not be racist against your own race.
    I complete agree with all who favor BB Canada, UK and Australia. The casting from BB US is horrible, it seems it was intentional to bring controversy. It is very comfortable when people talk about race, racism, and political correctness, because no one really once to change it, that’s why there is still racism. The Americas are found on racism and casteism, it simple will not change. And if people believe that after generation of interracial relations it will change you are wrong. I am a Afro- Peruvian, there is so much colorism it Latin America, it actually worst then America because people deny it. I just can bear to watch another episode it so depressing and not entertaining.

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