Helen says the hair straightener was on all night. I can’t believe it was on, we could have died!

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Howard, Candice, Amanda (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


10:50am – 11:40am Aaryn is out of the diary room and in the kitchen eating while Helen is cleaning the bathroom. Helen comes out of the bathroom and says to Aaryn that the hair straightener was on all night. (Amanda used it around 10am and didn’t turn it off.) Helen tells Aaryn I can’t believe it was on, we could have died! Aaryn says yeah. Aaryn finishes eating and heads back to bed in the HOH room. Helen cleans the bathroom mirrors and Big Brother says “Helen, thank you!” Howard wakes up and heads to the bathroom. Helen continues to be the only house guest awake and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.


12:20pm Helen finishes cleaning, has a shower and then sits at the kitchen table drinking her coffee and reading the bible.


12:40pm – 1:25pm All four camera views showing the house guests sleeping..



1:50pm Elissa wakes up and joins Helen in the kitchen. Elissa says that she can’t believe its almost 2pm. She says she’s never slept in that late. Helen asks her if she was awake for any of the drama last night. Elissa says no what happened. Helen says that Amanda was up at 10am and went to the diary room. Helen says that no one other than Aaryn has been up since. Elissa asks what do you think it was about? Elissa says that she woke up at 5am and they (Amanda/McCrae) were in the lounge talking. Helen says she doesn’t know but Candice is safe no matter what though. Helen tells Elissa not to tell Jessie anything, she is really questionable. Elissa says that when she talked to her she talked about travelling. Helen tells Elissa to go get ready and she will talk to her after.

2pm – 2:10pmHelen goes to wake up Judd like he had asked her to do. He says thank you. Jessie is also now up and in the shower. Elissa joins her and they talk about how messy the house is and their lives outside the house.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Wow… This truly is the worst season ever!!!

It can get worst

If you think this season is the worst ever, wait till you get a load of next season. They are going to put a group of Jews, Palestinians, Christians, and Hindus all in BB16. It was the race wars this year. Next year we will have the religious wars. BB knows how to keep it fresh. I wonder what type of disclaimer they will use next year? Well it doesn’t matter, Americans will watch anything.



Don't give CBS any new IDEA

To IT CAN GET WORST; Your post is very funny…lol…scary thing is… cbs might consider it….

Don't give CBS any new IDEA

funny post: IT CAN GET WORST…..the scary thing is C.B.S. might consider that idea


Nick should have waited to start the Moving Company ? Who was the rat who told everyone about the moving company anyway ?


Pizza Boy ratted them out followed by Jeremy


Dan would vote out Amanda so fast if he was in that house again .


Dan and Howard could battle it out to see who could take the biggest dump on Christianity.


Did last season cast sleep so late . This cast don’t get up until lunch time every day ?


only thing left for me to watch this season is to see if Spencer can replicate Frank (BB14) POV record. what are the odds of Spencer doing that?…lol.

Shut it

Yea it’s bad. But it shows where America is going with all the political correctness. Americans need thicker skin because something’s are said to be funny even though they may not be. But that doesn’t mean the person is a racist or a bad person it just means that’s why their on Big Brother and not doing comedy.


i stopped watchin in the first week to week this year i get my information here to know what happened and i dont have to be torchered waching for an hour

Teri B

Too bad they didn’t all die….just kidding! Where would we all go to whine, then? LOL


Spencer has the coup de tat .


OMG that would be awesome.
He shouldn’t use it on Howard though, just save it for next week.


You mean the Comb d’pa?


I believe Amanda purchased some of Dans mist before enetering the house

Teri B

DAMN! Was there a sale on it at WalMart? Wish I had known!! I could use a can of that mist in my life!

Say What

Big Brother Canada sucked. The game twists that they injected into the game were not twists at all, but game changers that hurt the play of the participants. The one that was so outlandish was when BB Canada told the HOH that she had 5 minutes to decide whose going on the block and explain why. All at the same time the other house guests were allowed to secretly observe her. What a twist. LOL! She exposed her alliance and targets. She was evicted from the house soon after.The tasks people so fondly remember were stupid as well. The task starts with the red phone ringing and one of the house guests answering it. Now he must complete some task without the other house guests realizing his intentions. Ah! That works the first time, but after the second time, everyone in the house realizes…..phone rings….whoever answers has a task…..everyone else just plays along. I would of enjoyed it more if they just played charade for 2 months. The TV viewers could watch every week and try to guess who is the racist, the sexist, the bigot, the realtor, pageant queen and pizza boy. You know, similar to something like in BB15. Where America then votes on who they hate the most each week and feel part of this abomination of a hate filled TV show in the form of entertainment.

Teri B

It did truly suck. I watched it last week on YouTube. The worst part of all was the end, where Gary Glitter should’ve won and didn’t because of a stupid mistake by Topaz. I also noticed there were so many similar tasks to BB15…..remember those famous pics with HG’s faces in them….BBCA did it first. There were a couple more that I can’t remember, but the biggest rip off was the robbery at the end. I hope Gary went on to find fame and fortune somewhere, though. I really was a fan.


I am Canadian, and I also thought BBCAN sucked.
The best thing about it was Gary Glitter

Teri B

Thanks for the back up BLKG…..always nice when someone agrees with you! LOLOL


I certainly hope season 2 is better. Hopefully they realize the mistakes that were made during season 1. While I agree there were a lot of missteps, I believe the biggest one was letting Garry or anyone into jury and then back into the house. If they planned to put someone back in then they should have all been sequestered. He had valuable information when he returned to the house. He probably would have taken someone else to final 2 had he not been in jury house first. There were a lot of unfair things done during season 1.


i disagree with all of these comments. i personally thought bbcan was great. the drama was good, there were people to love and people to hate, and people you love to hate. yes, there were a lot of twists, and some of them were annoying, but it sure does seem like no one is ever happy with anything on here, there’s always SOMETHING SOMEONE needs to complain about. you can’t please everybody. and it looks as though bbus has taken some ideas from our season, so obviously there are people who liked it. otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. clearly the twists are one of them. whether there are twists or not, people will complain. either there’s too many twists or not enough. and in my personal opinion, i liked gary, but i’m so happy he didn’t win. he had a blatent advantage over every other houseguest, and did not deserve to win. nothing against him as a person, as he was very entertaining, and to answer your question about receiving fame, yes he has. he’s on E! Canada. jillian deserved to win.

Teri B

YAY…I’m so glad to hear that. Thanks for posting it.


BB Canada was awesome! Such likable schemers. Alec, Peter, Emmett, Jillian, Gary…they were nice yet strategic. AND MADE MOVES!!! Sorry BB15, but the HG’s dont have appreciation for strategy. Boogie was GRATEFUL when Ian took him out. Dan was devious but LOVED the chess aspects of the game. It was tasteful and graceful. BB15 is just too impulsive and personal. Not enough objectivity

Teri B

I haven’t watched the Australia version yet. I may have to give it a shot. My fave is BBUK, never miss it. Sounds like the Australia version is similar with REAL tasks and REAL punishments.

This US version this year is just embarrassingly terrible. And yes, I’m whining, and yes I can stop watching, but I won’t, because…..HI my name is Teri and I’m an addict!

LOL I crack myself up!


I agree. I much prefer BBUK and BBAU. I like that you get to hear BB talking to the contestants and that they have more to do during the week. There are shopping tasks and random tasks assigned to the houseguests that make watching it more entertaining!


How come they don’t do a Arm Wrestling competition for HOH ?


the worst thing about bbcan, was bringing gary back in the final four. if that isnt blatant production rigging i dont know what is.


Seems like it’s always the SAME house guests who do all the cleaning and cooking. I wonder why?


Well to be fair Helen always does it whenever everyone (or at least most other people) is asleep, and never asks for help.


Why do they all sleep til Lunch time if they had jobs they would be late every day ? Dr Will use to be the first one to wake up . And Evil Dick use to be the first one to wake up also . Helen is the first one to wake up every day ?


As a mom, I would always be cleaning that house because those kids are nasty gross!! Plus I clear my head when I clean and it would give me something to do!!!


What is about Helen today she looks so sexy ? She let her hair down its not tied up . She very pretty when she don’t keep her hair tied up .

State The Obvious

Helen does all the cleaning? Ah! To be honest, Helen is Asian. This BB15 is turning into a stereotype depicting and race baiting show. So everyone must play their roles. Amanda is playing the virgin white woman that is strongly desired by her Black House mate in Howard. How she is allowed to keep repeating this very harmful lie about Howard wanting to sexually dominate her, I don’t understand. Then you have the angry black woman in Candice. Candice has my vote for best actress. That house meeting of hers accomplished nothing but it was great theatre. Howard is supposed to play the big threatening black man, but he must of lost his script. He has yet to go postal on Judd or Amanda. Howard has kept his composure for the most part and tried to play the game. He’s just not very good at the game, but I give him high marks for being able to withstand the emotional abuse he’s taken and being a loyal. He was loyal to MC to the end and that was also his downfall. Judd is supposed to be the good old boy from the small town that is overwhelmed by the big city life. Kind of hard to get behind Judd, depends if he is on or off his meds. If on his meds, he wants to flip the house. If off his meds, he wants to smash everyone in the face, but mostly Howard. Andy of course is the gay guy, but I doubt if Andy is really gay. If Andy is really gay, then where is the bright clothing? I know I am stereotyping gays, but that’s what CBS did when they assembled this cast. Andy is a very good player. Andy has watched every season of BB and studied every great player. Historically the gay house guest have been non threatening and bad players. Everyone trusts Andy in the house. Oh well, they will learn otherwise soon. I will not address Aaryn’s role. She has been beaten up enough and she is trying for a new role, the victim or underdog, or hero. Aaryn is the one person in the house that can win comps, knows a lie when she hears a lie, and has a social game (Candice may say differently) that could challenge Amanda/Helen/Judd.


That shows helen is not lazy not because she is asian.


died? yea cbs wouldnt have done whatever to stop the fire. they would have just sat back and let the house burn down and kill everyone. helen, drama queen much?


Eh with the way this season’s going CBS might figure it’s better just to cut their losses.


Or they might’ve just decided to turn it into another ‘twist’


you posted my thoughts. andy is nowhere near the biggest drama queen in the house this year, not by a mile! 😉


You need to let everyone know you got a crush on Helen ?


I got a crush on Helen


where did i say i had a crush on her? check your reading comprehension skills plz. i said she was blowing the hair straightener thing out of proportion.

not only do i not have a crush on her, i dont particularly like any of the HGs.


Judd: Do you ever take vacations with all your kids.

Elissa: All the time. But its easy for us because our children are older. It would be so hard to take 4 babies on vacation.

Judd: Babies don’t need a vacation, but I still see them at the beach… It pisses me off! I’ll go over to a little baby and say, “What are you doing here? You haven’t worked a day in your life!”




LOL!!! Thank you for posting these. JUDD is hilarious. Between JUDD’s jokes and every time I read “Andy joins them” I start crying laughing so hard. I’m loving this site more than watching the actual show. I’d much rather come here to get the updates and read everyone’s comments. It’s much more entertaining.


I wish i had known about this site when it first started i just found it a week ago ?


it’s been here for years…..


Welcome BLACKLION…you’ll never leave this site. Its the best. better than the actual show some times.




Simon/Dawg, I keep noticing Howard in the screenshots of the camera feeds that you are posting, but there is no mention of him in any of the recaps talking to anyone. What the hell is Howard doing? Is he even talking to Spencer at this point?

He’s been silent for like 12 hours now. Is he not speaking to anyone about game? I guess he’s just going to lay down and take whatever outcome they give him. I like Howard but the way he’s playing this game he was never going to win it anyway. If they somehow keep him this week, he’ll only make it to jury at best. He’s just to laid back for this bunch of people.


I wish Howard could make jury for the money and down time.


If you were in the house and you were Howard would you be talking to these hate filled people ?


I get that, but at some point he has to put the personal aside and get his head back in the game. At least go out with a bang. Start stirring some crap up. I think Howard is just too classy for this game. I would like to think that everyone came into it to win it but with this group that doesn’t seem likely.


Did Elissa audition for the show or was she recruited by BB producers? So far I like Elissa better than her sister.


hey judd the mumbler is funny wish could understand more of his garble need captions did howard really say that to Amanda not his character curious


Who knows but Amanda said she wanted to Gang rape Jessie . Amanda said she wanted to murder Ellisa and set up a plot to murder Candace .


Amanda says all kinds of weird stuff, she is a creep! I went back to that thing about her saying to Candice “if i had a d!&k the things I’d do to you” was more like she actually wanted to father her kids or something. It seemed like a joke, but joke or not, I don’t want some creep like her fathering MY kids O_O I would’ve ran off…


Where John Cena? Aaryn thinking that there is John Cena is in the cereal.


JOHN CENA SUCKS . He has ruined WWE and you all know it . AMANDA is the John Cena of BB15 she acts like the HOH ? HOH means nothing with Amanda in the house ?


Since Amanda is John Cena of bb15, the McCrae is Nikki Bella of big brother.




Its 1 o’clock in the day and most of them are still sleep WTF .


I know. But if you look at the time stamps of the updates that are being posted, you’ll notice that they stay up until early morning hours scheming and gaming. They’ll be up until like 7am still talking game. I was beginning to wonder if they ever slept at all.


get off their back Mom !!!!


it’s 4:20 here. I’m still asleep


Howard probably have DPOV in his pocket.

derick alaska

Woah! Me and Aaryn have something in common! WE BOTH LIKE FRUITY PEBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That picture makes me crack up for some reason. “Family Size, Fruity Pebbles”. Mean, bad, Aaryn. Some probably think she eats babies for breakfast.


hmmmmm – the words “family” and “fruity” are on the box, the cereal is the colors of a rainbow…aaryn is eating gay cereal!!!

production rigged it

I read an earlier post that said Aaryy was trying to sell Jessie on the idea of getting Candice out. then later on she was saying it was Jessie’s idea and then Jessie told Amanda it was her idea. What am I missing? I thought it was Aaryn’s idea.

99 Cent

I can’t wait til the poon hound gets voted out tomorrow.


Cant tell from comments is howard still going? hope so what the hell is up with jesse she acts like aaron is bbf I was off couple days no bb addiction this year just curious what stew is brewing with house Too bad Helen got all we can all be friends on show she must of forgot it was a game not real life

Amanda has a secret penis

Someone, please make a move. Stop being pu$$ies.


What sucks about this big brother is you can pretty much predict who is voted out next three weeks … Howard, spencer, Candice, Jessie … So why watch until that gets sorted. I say Jesse because she no longer has Judd and aaryn is getting tight with Elissa and Helen.

give me a break

At this point… i hope Elissa or Jessie win…….Elissa because she is not afraid to stand up for herself and also criticize Arayan nation and the reptile know as Amanda. I also think Elissa would be smart with the money. I think Jessie to win because she doesn’t offend anybody, out of all the girls she’s the sweetest one. I don’t think Jessie would know what to with the money, but from this awful group in the house, i rather see her win. Plus she’s unemployed.


there’s a hg named jessie? what does he look like?


Just keep an eye out for the needy broad with a beer belly…

production rigged it

Name says:
July 31, 2013 at 2:04 pm
Just keep an eye out for the needy broad with a beer belly…

You seem to have a serious obsession with Jessie making ugly comments about her all the time, it’s almost as creepy as all the stuff Spencer has said about her. Maybe you and him can meet up in therapy after he is evicted.


“Just keep an eye out for the needy broad with a beer belly…” posted on July 31, 2013 at 2:04 pm

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahah !!!!!


Maybe I just missed the discussion on this but did anyone else see the Aaryn/Judd HOH bed conversation last night at like 4:20am?


An update for anyone interested it was at 4:24AM BBT 7/31 on Cameras 1/2


What was the gist of it?


Next season needs to be all stars to ensure a good season….


Helen is one of the most annoying houseguests ever. She ranks up there with Adam and Ronnie. Absolutely amazes me how she thinks its her house and not BB. If she is as much a dictator to her own family I feel sorry for them. Why is she even on the show, shes not sexy cute or hot at all and I LOVE Asian women.


Right, cause women have to be sexy and cute to get on the show. People like you are the reasons why we have players like Aaryn and Gina Marie on the show …


Gina is cute and sexy?

I’d rather make out with a vacuum cleaner.


Helen cowgirl all night long


lol! I forgot all about Ronnie. I couldn’t STAND him! -_-


Howard / Candice make me very sad – it seems as though they both feel as though that they just have to deal with the racism. I wish that the majority of HG’s would have stated that they would collectively walk out together and make BB History if BB did not remove the source of the racism.

I do wish that BB would intervene to help Howard and Candice – BB Production, I wish, would work until everyone agreed to vote out Amanda this week.

99 Cent

What racism, the Asian nail technician skit from a month ago or yesterday when Candice was talking about Spencer’s white ass? Candice’s racism wasn’t funny but that nail tech skit was hilarious. I saw it on Def Comedy Jam back in 1996 and I was rolling on the floor just like all of the people in the audience.


99 cent that is all you are worth the asian technicuan is beter educated than you. You are only 99 cent at least she is 20.00 and higher. You are prejudice to other races.

Shut it

Oh yes poor black players should just be given the money. Give me a break. Instead of wanting the producers to do something maybe you should do something and stop watching the show. Cause your comment is horrible

Shut it

Evil Dick needs to come back and lay the smack down on all these people.


Jessie didn’t come up with the idea it was Aaryn because she is jealous of Candice. Aaryn apparently doesn’t hear what comes out of her own mouth since she blames everyone else for her comments except herself. It is way past time for Amanda’s lying butt to go home. Please vote her out.


It was Jessie’s idea because they all cannot stand Candace now since she showed her true racist colors. Hope they work on it between now and tomorrow and do get rid of Candace. She is such a hypoctritical human whining about racism and talking about each other backs when she is just as racist and talks behind their backs too. What a hypocrite and sick of seeing her and Howard and the hand jobs. YUCK!


Come on CBS!! Shake up this season! Please make these HG’s get their butts outta bed and DO SOMETHING!! How about taking all their food and clothes and then making them complete some task (cleaning the house) before they are allowed any of it back. Assign Aaryn the toilets, Amanda the laundry, etc….
I am SO glad I did not purchase the live feeds… what a complete waste of money. For those of you who did… sorry… call / email CBS and demand a refund for lack of entertainment.


I’m starting to think the racists here are the producers of BB. Howard and Candice don’t seem to have any concept of how to play this game. They are terrible at it and it seems to be the same every year. Think of who are considered the worst players in BB history, Marcellus and Lawon. I know there are lots of AA folks out there who could and would be good at this game. How come the producers of BB never seem to find any of them.


I do not like Helen or Amanda and wish they would both go home. Helen things she is controlling everyone, and Amanda is a liar.




Helen’s got some major paranoia going on. She keeps changing mind on everything.


I still think BB Australia is the best. BB is always calling them out and punishing them. And he berats them if they don’t have a good reason for nominating a fellow houseguest. It is frickin hilarious. Last year they made them all do like manual labor but really it was an large joke on just one houseguest. That houseguest worked everyday for a week doing stuff like peeling potatoes and everyone else partied everyday. His reaction when he found was priceless. I hope I can catch it again on you tube this year.


Okay, so I finally watched the Howard/Amanda episode… (my opinion) Whatever it is Howard said, even if it was sexual, doesn’t appear, at all threatening.
Amanda relaying the story, she actually gets sort of pissed at McRae for not reacting and then decides to tell the DR because she is suddenly “freaked out” and “feels unsafe.”
Apparently, Amanda doesn’t realize that being on the block makes everyone feel “unsafe” … did she want the DR to evict Howard? if so, sheer connivery on her part.
Just the other day she was telling everyone she imagined Howard’s p*nis tasting like cocoa butter and watermelon… Really? she’s the epitome of raunchy sex talk who can dish it, but not take it (at all)


If we don’t hearAmanda campaigning (with Helen) that Howard and Candice created the racism and victimized Aaryn, while saying Howard tastes like watermelon and cocoa butter and referring to Candice’s greasy, nappy hair, tonight then we know production has their idea of a simulated game which crowns Amanda the winner…and I will be done.

If you want to protect racists and their supporters and create a game where black players must endure racial hostility, so be it…but if you’re going to only call out a few of the racists, while protecting the others, showing some in a light that in no way reflects their behavior, then this show is fake and if I wanted to watch fake competition, then I’d watch pro wrestling.

The New Danger

I’m sure she’s still mad that he wasn’t the 1st HOH, she wanted to taste it.


Hey Dawg. We got 70 comments on Aaryn eating cereal and Helen cleaning a mirror. All hell is getting to break loose. Are you ready?


How does Judd know if he is awake or not?


Tell this lame ass cast to get the hell up and play big brother!!!


Judd: Everyone reads the bible in this house. I love to read the bible but I don’t get answers I just get more questions.

Helen: Reading the bible gives me insights.

Elissa: You get questions? Like what?

Judd: If God dropped acid, would he see people?

Judd leaves.

Helen: He scares me. He has to go.


that seals it.


Greg 3.0

I’m only watching BBAU (through YouTube uploaded episodes) as of now. It’s certainly “different” than BBUS.

I’ve given up on this season. Amanda is the pre-determined winner (by way of AG) and it won’t even be slightly entertaining watching the process.

FUNNY SIDE NOTE: We should have a game that involves taking a drink anytime the phrase “Andy joins them” shows up in the updates. All kidding aside, you guys do a great job with this website; however, I have to leave this behind.


Don’t worry Elissa – Andy will pop up and fill you in on what you missed last night.


howard is a tortured, conflicted soul!


first post on the blog to not have, “Andy joins them.”

probably due to demanda not being awake to say to him, “hey my little gossipy rat, go and check on whatever for me”


Ok…. now I want Candice or GM to win HOH! Hell even Ellissa or Jessie might be intertaining as HOH.
I hope they tell them America was MVP, would hate for Judd to get evicted because Amanda has pinned it on him. I would like to see Amanda’s face when she realizes America put her up. I was rooting for her, but she has flipped a switch and I just don’t get her hate and death talk.


Missing Willie Hantz!