Blame world hunger on JUDD “My eyes are burning red I want JUDD out so badly”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


4:26pm HOH Andy and GM

Talking about being on indoor lockdown because production is building a “elaborate” set out side. Andy says it’s going to be endurance because they will have been working on it for 2 days.
Andy says the vote is going to be 9-0 or 8-1. Ginamarie points out that Candice and Amanda are best friends now.
Aaryn joins them and Andy leaves after a few minutes of Chit Chat
Aaryn feels like something has to happen soon. GM mentions how Julie chen said something 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened yet.
GM: ‘I hope we don’t get wet tomorrow.. it’s going to be cold again.. “
Aaryn: “Amanda needs to relax..”
GM: “I don’t want Howard to go… but i’ll do what everyone else does it sucks” GM is worried this will screw her the following week because Candice will put her up. Aaryn doesn’t think it will happen it’ll be

Aaryn says that apparently Jessie made a deal that she would spend a lot of time up here and report back everything she does and say to Helen
A: ‘I thought we were really close.. Jessie is on the radar for them to” (Helen and Elissa’s radar)

CBS Interactive Inc.


4:40pm Cockpit Amanda and MC

MC is worried he’s not going to be strong enough for the Endurance competition. He wonders if it will be one of those competitions where the last 4 people to drop will be a havenots. Amanda points out how MC did great in the first endurance comp.

Andy joins them.. MC tells them about the final 2 he has with JUDD. He’s had it since day one even before the Moving company. Amanda: ‘I wish JUDD wasn’t part of the Goof Troop.. this is the new goof troop us three.. He’s gotta go real soon”
MC: “Like really soon”
Amanda: “He f**** up”


4:47pm Storage room Helen and Elissa

Helen says the house wants Elissa out because they are worried she will win in the final 2. Helen is working to protect her.

Helen: “JUDD, JEssie, Aaryn, GM are all afraid of you because they think if you get to the end you will lose” Helen adds that she doesn’t have to worry about Aaryn right now Helen thinks Aaryn will take Elissa far.
Elissa :”I cannot stand her.. so never say SHE is going to take ME to the end”

Helen wants to take out JUDD, JEssie and SPencer before Candice.
Elissa: “Candice is way better for our game than Spencer and Aaryn”
Amanda joins them.. “Candice has to stay in this house.. she will continue to be the target week after week.. I want her here.. She will do the dirty work for us”
Helen: “I thought you all wanted Candice out”
Amanda tells them the boot list is Spencer/JUDD, Jessie followed by GM. Amanda wants to make sure they keep this from Aaryn because aaryn is so dead set in getting Candice out she’ll flip out when she finds out we’re targeting other players.


4:56pm Cockpit MC, Amanda and Andy

Andy: “My eyes are burning red I want JUDD out so badly”
Amanda says Helen talks so loud she could hear her talking in the storage room that is why she went into the storage room to talk to them. Amanda tells them Helen and Elissa are 100% on board with keeping Candice.

Amanda: “CAndice will go after JUDD and Jessie.. she wants the people out we want out”
Andy: ‘Candice has got to stay”
Andy tells them if the vote doesn’t go their way this week they have to win HOH put Jessie and GM up and backdoor JUDD.

Amanda leaves. Andy and MC think Elissa will have a really good chance to win HOH if it’s endurance. They believe they can talk her into nominating Spencer and JUDD. Amanda comes back with JUDD so they can have their fake alliance talk.

JUDD leaves
MC: “What the F**** why do you have to push it all the time.. ” MC is pissed that Amanda was interrogating JUDD the one guy they need on their side for now. Andy mentions how it’s funny that JUDD pointed out Andy “Pops up” every time because Andy does do that.
JUDD comes back with a drink

Amanda says Spencer has never apologized for saying he wanted her dead.. Amanda starts talking about Howard saying “I want to f*** the sh!t out of you” Feeds switch to Helen and GM in the kitchen


5:24pm Cockpit Andy, JUDD and MC

talking about Helen going crazy last night thinking JUDD, GM, Jessie and Spencer are flipping their vote to get out Candice. Andy says Helen is the type of person that will listen to whoever talks to her last. Andy had to simply talk her down and explain that the information she’s getting from Candice is false
JUDD isn’t happy with JEssie going to talk to Helen last night and causing such a stir.
JUDD: “I want to win HOH because I have a big move planned”
Andy: “What is it”
JUDD: ‘I can’t say.. it’s a christmas present.. it will rock the boat”
Andy: “are we safe”
JUDD jokes around says it won’t change anything.. he adds if he wins HOH the best thing for him to do was put up Candice and Jessie. JUDD adds if the Veto is used he’ll have Spencer to fall back on. Andy: ‘I don’t want Spencer to go”
JUDD tells them JEssie is sabotaging her game thats the move he has to do.
MC doesn’t think CBS will ever use the coup d’etat again because the last time they did it everyone was pi$$ed off. (I remember the BB11 coup d’etat being a very exciting time in the show)

MC thinks they will either have a Diamond Power of Veto or Two Vetoes like last year.. MC feels the coup d’etat is over powered and CBS will never use it again.

Amanda joins them and they start talking about how sloppy Harold and Spencer are at the game. Amanda points out that Spencer lies really well. They rehash the house meeting with harold. Amanda says people think she is smarter in this game than she really is. Andy thinks he’s much smarter than people give him credit for.

Amanda says Jessie told her that Elissa was the person that got Jessie to flip onto their side. MC says maybe Elissa is smart after all.

JUDD: “She’s destroying my game.. she’s too sloppy.. she wants to make a name for herself but it’s too early”
Amanda: “It’s too early”
JUDD: “She’s trying to be a Cassi”
MC: “She needs to be a Porsche”
Amanda: “Jessie up until 2 days agao was in the best position in this house”
MC: ‘know your roll and shut your hole.. she’s Porsche”

Amanda says Jessie has screwed herself over this week. MC thinks she will recover as long as it doesn’t happen again. JUDD really doesn’t want to get to close with Jessie anymore he thinks she’s too much of a liability to his game.

JUDD says he told Jessie the best thing for them is to stick true with McCrae and Amanda.
JUDD: “I’m telling you the best move for me at this point is to put up Jessie and Candice” He adds if the Veto is played he’ll put up Spencer. Amanda: “That is a really good idea”
JUDD: “She can go in a couple weeks that would be fine.. ” He says they are not close but when Jessie talks she makes it sound like they are really close.
JUDD is close to Jessie in terms on their “flirtmance” but isn’t close in terms of a “gamemance”.


5:48pm Aaryn paining her nails (She’s been doing this constantly for the last 3 days)


6:03pm Cockpit JUDD, Amanda and MC JUDD doesn’t think the MVP is Harold last week because why would he have put up GM because she was a vote for him. Amanda doesn’t think it’s America because the 3rd nomination have been so random. They don’t seem to be able to figure it out.

JUDD jokes that Eddie Murphy and Candice are friends and he’s out here getting all the MVP votes for her.

JUDD says if he gets MVP he’ll put up GM because no one will vote her out. MC and Amanda think that is a good idea. JUDD says there must be a rule that the MVP cannot be picked twice in a row..

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Spencer: I really need to make jury. I need the money so bad. Back home there are so many businesses closing down.

Judd: I know what you mean. We are losing businesses left and right. My entire town is employed by a candle factory. The week before BB started the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang Happy Birthday.


Does anyone know the number or how to contact CBS about BB? After tonight, I just need to contact them with my disgust in the show with Amanda and Helen????


you can contact them on CBS site I believe… wrote them already but have yet to check my E-Mail… I am sure they are still laughing … and givng themselves the thumbs up on such a crap ass season ….lol I also agree about tonight show ..


Seriously…if you don’t like the shows don’t watch! Do you think Survivor really shows what really happens out there in the wilderness?? Hell no!!! So BB doesn’t either…it’s not like your world will fall apart if the tv show doesn’t portray an accurate version of the truth…or what YOU want to see. TV shows are produced to make $$$$ not to tell the truth. Write your letter…but I’m just telling you now…they aren’t going to give 2 shits about what you have to say. They care about what the sponsors think. Point blank.

You mad bro?!

You sound pretty pissed that someone doesn’t like the show. You must really love this season to get so worked up about Lola’s comment. She can turn off BB just like you can ignore her comments. Two way street baby.


Vote out AMANDA . Take the red pill and vote out Amanda .


LMAO!!!! Is JUDD really saying these things or are you making them up? Either way, they are so funny.


Lol, I believe it’s made up but it is really funny.

Now, question to all, am I the only one who cannot stand this cast? Not only are they really rude and a bunch of very hateful bigots, but their gameplay sucks, so it’s not like we can hate them on a game level and love them on a personal, but we are forced to dislike all sides of most of them…it’s disgusting. The only person who I like on a personal level right now is Elissa, not so much in a game level. I used to love Judd but then he went on his mad rampage about Candice being a bitch or a cunt or whatever so I was done with him.

Amanda, being a Jew you would think she knows the sensitivity of some of the hateful comments being made, but now all she does is defend Aaryn and her comments and also make comments of her own.

Helen, if Julie is offended by the anti-Asian comments made by aaryn and you are not…shame on you, they were directed at you too. I wonder if she even knows about them.

Candice, Howard, yes, I get it, there were derogatory comments, I’m on your side about that, however, I find them both repulsively annoying. Candice is always on and on about “Howie!” Also, Howard is doing nothing to help his damn self, come on Howard, sitting down and letting them do what they want to get you out is annoying me, at least TRY.

Andy, just go away, always in every effing conversation, can’t be listening with your annoying input everywhere.

McCrae, grow a backbone and stop being a bitch boy.

Jessie/GM are irrelevant.

Spencer, though you are foul mouthed and disgusting and gross, you are the only hope to change this season for me at the moment.


Those JUDD jokes are so funny. Especially if you read them in JUDD’s accent.

But anyway, YES. I pretty much agree with everything you just said. Elissa is the only one I find myself rooting for at this point also. I am on the fence about JUDD. I want to root for him for some reason but he just won’t listen to Jessie or take the opportunity to make a big move. I still have my fingers crossed though. Howard has really disappointed me this week. He really is doing nothing to save himself. I think he is relying too much on prayer to save him this week. Even the Bible says that the Lord will help them who help themselves. He needs to speak up. What does he have to lose if he’s really going home this week? And if he manages to stay the house will be in such a scramble that they will be trying to align with him especially if he’s able to pull this off. I’m hoping he’s just waiting until closer to eviction to try some game play. Maybe he wants the window to be as tight as possible so there’s not much time for the rats to scramble. I wish he would pull Elissa aside and plead his case. I’d be interested to see what she says. I just want him to do something anything before evictions. Show us that you really came to play.


LOL there is not a verse in the Bible that says the Lord helps those who help themselves. It sounds scriptural though right? It is the opposite of what God wants. Here is what the Bible says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 check it out.
Having said that, I don’t believe Howard it only depending on God to play his game for him. I think that Howard has given up. He has chosen not to get into the mad and play as dirty as Amanda and her sheep. Good for him that is not the game for him. I felt bad when he was nominated but now I get his decision. Not everyone is willing to change all their colors for some money.

99 Cent

People make up scriptures like they make up big brother racism: ‘Open your bibles to the Book of Kobe Bryant, Chapter 3 verse 7: Verily I say unto you, the LORD helps the black Shaniqua fish that are on the bottom where they belong, if they help themselves. Amen.’ ‘How doth it profiteth a black man to rape a white girl from Florida and lose his place in the Big Brother house. Amen.’


Shockingly, Spencer is growing on me. Yes he’s misogynistic, but he’s the only hope for turning this season around.


I boycotted BB14 when Russel Hantz’ Bro was kicked off. He was the only good one. I should have told this season to fuck off too.Big Brother hasnt been good since like BB11


Posted this on wrong update so here it is again: Wow, what a surprise once again the racist bigot biotch in the house Amanda gets a great edit. Can someone please explain to me why CBS and BB are editing this horrible human being to look so great. I hope all the people that watch the show call, text, email CBS about this horrible human being on the show. Amanda is worse than Aaryn, GM, Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Helen and Elissa put together. She is just pure hate through and through. Was totally shocked that CBS edited the show and showed that Helen lied about Candice, who I am not a fan of, but wow Candice did not threaten Helen or anyone that they would be her target if Howard went home and Helen blatantly lied to all of the other house guests and said that she did. Helen and Amanda are awful horrid human beings. I do not think that Aaryn wanted to put Howard on the block and was the only one that appreciated what Howard said although you really could not understand it all, but she did stick by her promise although now I wish she had not. That little rat Andy just makes me sick to my stomach and so does McCrae that liar. He is such a disgusting human being. I really wish that at this time CBS would rig it so that Howard would stay and Amanda would go home and that Howard, Spencer (who I do not like, but dislike less than Helen and Amanda at this time), Aaryn, Judd, Jessie, GM, and Candace would team up and get those horrid human beings Amanda and Helen and McCrae and Andy out of the house. They are disgusting! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING THIS GUY SAID


It seems pretty likely that Helen has not heard those comments. I’m actually hoping that we get to see Julie play them back for her when she’s out of the house, so we can see her face as she realizes that this is what she allied herself with…

Annoyingly, I don’t know if Aaryn’s time with Julie will be that entertaining, as it seems like no matter what she’s going to be shown, she will just claim it’s editing and Candice being out to paint her as a racist. That said, I’m still hoping that Julie brings her some rice.


This season is TRASH….. StraightUp!


Can someone give me a reason to keep watching. I’m tired of Helen jumping up in joy,I’m tired of Amanda looking like a milf when she has no kids, I’m tired of Andy gathering info and running it back to people like a little bitxh, I’m tired of Judd not fucking jessie, I’m tired of Mccrae looking like a serial killer and I’m tired of seeing Eliisa…??? I’m not really tired of her, but this SUPERFRIENDS shit I’m done with


At least CBS ‘ s edit revealed Helen as a control freak.

Mississippi Girl

Poor Simon. Bless you sweetie. If it weren’t for you I would have said screw this season already. I toast you for the best endurance. Thanks for keeping us informed. You deserve to get to share HOH with MC and Amanda!


I feel bad for you/dawg!!! IT has to be brutal on you!! I can’t even stomach watching the show anymore right now because the diary rooms aren’t even good, I just check here. I appreciate your blogging and hope for something interesting to happen for you guys so at least it isn’t so dull!!!

Killer K

THAT’S when you know the show is officially sucking when SIMON says that! It’s been brutal lately! I can only imagine blogging all day about it….geez! Great job though Simon and Dawg…you guys rock! And I totally agree…..the show needs a shakeup badly….the MVP thing is failing horribly….the Helen regime is about as bad as its ever been as far as alliances….Im about to do what NAME said a few ago and watch a previous season…..when they actually worried more about winning 500,000 grand as opposed to picking who deserves 13 grand for full stipend….it’s ridiculous! I can’t take much more….HELP BB production! Come up with SOMETHING! The show is on life support!


wait until mvp is over, and we’ll have loads of fun…double evictions, golden pov, coup d’état, pandora’s box, luxary comp, and on and on and on. we’re just barely gettin’ started!


? How. Many people here are watching BB online or TV?
I don’t Lol I just read the spoilers here. Thanks for the site.

I can only read it. It’s just to painful to watch. Lol

Wonder what would happen if all the people who hate BB this season
Not watch it. Think it would it would effect the ratings so they will
Get a better cast next time. ?

I even stop recording the show cause I did not know if they still get ratings. Lol
Lol. Crazy but true. I can’t stand this season. Keep coming to the site
Hoping something will change.


Posted this on wrong update so here it is again: Wow, what a surprise once again the racist bigot biotch in the house Amanda gets a great edit. Can someone please explain to me why CBS and BB are editing this horrible human being to look so great. I hope all the people that watch the show call, text, email CBS about this horrible human being on the show. Amanda is worse than Aaryn, GM, Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Helen and Elissa put together. She is just pure hate through and through. Was totally shocked that CBS edited the show and showed that Helen lied about Candice, who I am not a fan of, but wow Candice did not threaten Helen or anyone that they would be her target if Howard went home and Helen blatantly lied to all of the other house guests and said that she did. Helen and Amanda are awful horrid human beings. I do not think that Aaryn wanted to put Howard on the block and was the only one that appreciated what Howard said although you really could not understand it all, but she did stick by her promise although now I wish she had not. That little rat Andy just makes me sick to my stomach and so does McCrae that liar. He is such a disgusting human being. I really wish that at this time CBS would rig it so that Howard would stay and Amanda would go home and that Howard, Spencer (who I do not like, but dislike less than Helen and Amanda at this time), Aaryn, Judd, Jessie, GM, and Candace would team up and get those horrid human beings Amanda and Helen and McCrae and Andy out of the house. They are disgusting!


Supposedly Amanda has known a producer for years and she’s their hand-picked winner. Everyone’s been casted to be the type of succumb to her hyperbole and fear-mongering. She’s gonna win. The editing and the way this entire season has playing out is making this clearer and clearer every week. Unfortunately.


Amanda is Jewish like Allison Grodner and the head of CBS. With that being, said, I like Amanda. But yes, she’s going to get a good edit because of that.


PLEASE explain how you can like Amanda or condone the things she has said? I do not now how anyone can like Amanda! She is a horrible person!


Number for CBS 212 975 4321. Call and complain about RACIST AMANDA. Get her off the show!


plz oh plz let judd find out about them talking like that behind his back


Judd already hears those voices behind him


He’s donning the floaty’s and life vest.


amanDUH is vile……………..


Here’s to hoping Elissa malfunctions again and leaks to Judd that everyone on their sides wants him out. It should light a fire under his ass, get him to rally Jessie, Spencer, GinaMarie, and Aaryn… and there goes Amanda out the door.

But of course, this season, that’s not happening. Elissa or someone else might spill the beans, but Judd is far too stupid to do anything about it.

You So Funny

CBS showed Spencer in his ‘Property of Conway” t-shirt tonight, wonder if Conway is releasing a statement, “NO HE IS NOT!”


I am so over Amanda and Helen after watching tonight’s episode and honestly I am so over this season already.


This season is so pathetic,i cant stand Amanda nor Helen.I wish Howard wins .I wish Howard wins America’s favorite

Guess We're Idiots

Nothing has changed!


Sure, Amanda no surprise once again got a great edit (ugh), Helen got shown for some of the lies that she is telling and did not look good at least to me (made me dislike her more than I already did), Andy got another good edit, Elissa did not show much but what it did was good, Candice um not bad, McCrae showed him as the liar and snake he is, Howard got a confusing edit. The others it did not really show much.


The show itself was pretty vacuous.


Just my opinion but the show seemed to portray Howard as a bumbling fool in the house. Amanda as a straight shooter with great sensibilities. Aaryn as being forced by others to name the 3 currently on the block. Candace as an evil woman out for revenge.


with as much time as he’s been spending in the dr, they had to go through a lot of outtakes for tonight’s show. production will sigh with relief when their work load lightens a little.


I was so annoyed by the dumb music played when all these idiots were trying to decipher what Howard wa saying. I understood it, he speaks from a place of honesty an integrity – of course they’re confused!!!!

Amanda’s edit? I loved her until I really started seeing her true nature (from the synopsis provided by Simon & Dawg – Thank You Two SO Much!!!)

But tonight was interesting because the DRs were focused on McWhipped & Kermit the Rat. They are over the racist hyperbole so they, not once, showed Aaryn mention how bad it would look for her to put up Candice next to Howard. As vile as Spencer is as a person, as a contestant I gotta give him a little credit for infusing himself in the “winning group circle”.


Since you understand it please explain it to me. I must be as dumb as the HG’s because I didn’t understand when I saw it on the feeds. I didn’t understand it when Simon/Dawg reported it and I didn’t understand it when he rambled on the show this evening.


Im Sorry but Howard is a fool, everything he said didn’t make any senses and I’m watching the live feeds, it is not the first time, he always do that.s


I only half watched it tonight, but my favorite DR was during/after the Howie house meeting – Judd basically said that he knows people have a hard time understanding him but that he had no idea what Howie was talking about. LOL!!


Yeah, CBS made him look like something worse than an idiot. Not that they had to work hard at it. The whole house gets confused when he speaks.


Lurker….I like Howard, but that house mtg speech was indecipherable. Am I wrong?


It was a strange edit for Howard tonight on the show. When he was speaking at the house meeting and also in the conversation with Amanda he looked like a psychotic speaking in word salads. But when he was in the DR he was coherent and showed good insight. I think what really counts is that no one in the house understands anything he says and if they do they walk away confused


Yeah that Howard edit….not so much an edit.

I have watched him do these speeches since day one.
They make sense…but then again they don’t!
It is like he is taking the proper words and putting them together incorrectly.

I think the actor in him is trying too hard.

YES, he seems like a nice guy, probably is, but no one seems to remember he
is trying to make it as AN ACTOR.
I think he believes Scorcese will see him doing his speeches and give him a call!


i noticed that too and the reason he sounds coherrant in the DR is because they give him the lines to say and he just repeats them with the inflection they direct him to use.


Now I am worried. I understood Howard when he spoke with Amanda about the MVP. The rationale within his line of thinking made way more sense to me than how the HG’s dominating the game rationalize their thoughts and actions.


I didn’t think Candice looked bad at all in that edit. It showed Helen flipping out and claiming Candice threatened her when Candice was calm the whole time.


I didnt like the way Helen jumped up and left the room towards the end of that coversation. Candice needed a friend at that moment n it looked like Helen was a bitch to bolt from the lounge before the conversation was really over.


I was getting aggravated at how McCrae was 5000% sure it was Howard who was mvp and put Amanda up. I wish the HG wouldve been called together at that point and production would have revealed to them that America was mvp just to see the look on Amanda and McCrae’s faces. I want them to know that they are not BB’s beloved showmance, but that America put your bitch up, McCrae.

Not Going To Take it....

Amanda is production’s favorite – we get it – soooo we need to make noise – let America know she’s a mean nasty person – we can foil production if we continue to rant and rave about what a racist spoiled unworthy winner she would be – keep telling CBS that we’re not going to take it any more! The blogosphere must speak up! BB is always watching – but we control them more than they know – simple – we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more – Moonves you have played the race card and made money – people lost their jobs – but CBS continues to protect its favorites – America isn’t watching the real BB – how much did CBS pay – since the Family that owns this story had the good sense to file suit when CBS blatantly abused copyright violations. CBS told America they only used the race card because it entered the game – how bloody stupid do they think we are – Moonves and Julie stop thinkIng we’re as stupid as you are! Bring back Dr. Will and other players that understood and understand what the novel was all about!


Oh please, America and all of BB fans around the world watching on YouTube or whatever saw what a racist cast they have, petitions were made and thousands of signatures gather and she is still having fun inside the house. Whatever you do BB will see it as a $$$ money maker $$$ for them. The only sound they hear is money so whatever we do is a waste of time. I just hope Helen and Amanda get kicked out before final 3.

So funny with Andy. I can’t believe I was a fan of him, Amanda, MCG and Helen. Disgusting people. Andy says “people don’t give him credit as a smart player” really
Andy? We can all see you are just a rat following Amanda and McG everywhere. You are a puppy with no game.


That edit is a perfect summary. Can someone tell me how I can watch BB14. I will watch today to see eviction then move on. I have been watching BB every year except one summer but this year it is so difficult to watch. Amanda, Aaryn and Judd I cannot take anymore. This negative input is too unhealthy it is carcinogenic. I usually watch it for fun but this year it is not worth it. I still need my BB fix so where can I find past seasons? Thanks


Hey made Howard out to be a jabbering idiot.


they didn’t make him a jibbering idiot….he is a jibbering idiot.


several zooms of a rubber duck. GM in a pink cat hat.


Amanda got a lot of air time tonight and it was all good. They try to make her likable by portraying her as a funny loving, sincere and honest person. It really is kind of sickening, my wife and daughter sit there and say how much they like Amanda. I tell them she’s a disgusting human being but they don’t believe it because all they watch are the CBS shows.


Amanda is definitely getting the “nice/funny” edit. OK, I do find her funny, but if I had to pick the most vulgar and offensive with her words, it would be Amanda.


They did show Amanda in DR saying Howard has to go because she “can’t manipulate him”. Aaryn seemed to be shown as a victim being controlled by Amanda and Helen.


Well that is the one part of the edit that was true because Aaryn stood by her word. She did exactly as Helen and Amanda told her to do, but do not think she liked putting Howard up. Candice is such an idiot that now she is being controlled by Amanda and Helen. WOW, Candice “so called” friends threw her under the bus and are calling her any name they can think of and she thinks Aaryn is not the nice one. Wow is she in for a shock when she sees the things that Amanda said about her like murdering her. Come on production please send some hints to these house guests to what Amanda and Helen are doing and saying.


Jessie had air time. A touching moment with Howard when she cried about his nomination and a DR session re POV.


I can’t wait until Andy gets nominated one of these days. I hate players that play with such fear. He is such a puss cake ( as is mostly everybody else this year)


Im so Happy they want Judd out..yeah yeah yeah

Helen, Amanda or Andy needs to win HOH so bad and they him out.

Go Aaryn and Helen


im so glad that the target is off of Elissa – i think she will make it far now, i mean she was the target since day 1 and its the 5th week and she is still here, i think she has a high chance of making it to the final 4 or maybe even final 2


Who’s Harold?




Helen was made to look like a liar (which she is) and Amanda was giving the great edit again. There was so much hatred coming from her this week but CBS continue to give her good edits. Wonder why?


Because she is the predetermined winner


‘Preordained’. 😉

Mike B

I honestly don’t care who wins this anymore. I want to see someone other than Amanda or Helen win this now. I find it funny how Helen gets upset because Candice said they were running the house and she denies it like that. Like you call that threatening you? Helen knows damn well it’s her and Amanda running the show.


BB has been the show I always watch since season 1, but if BB does not get rid of Amanda this week by at least putting the bug in Aaryn’s, Spencer’s, GM’s, Judd, Jessie and Andy’s ear and get that biotch out tomorrow night I am not sure I can watch it any longer. Amanda and Helen are just such horrible people along with McCrae tonight that it just makes you want to up chuck, and with the horrid comments Amanda has made it is criminal to let her stay on the show. Write, call, Text CBS before tomorrow nights show!!!!


I suggest call their sponsors, too. That will get CBS where they live. I haven’t seen tonight’s show yet but I am going to contact some of the more family-oriented sponsors and complain that they would advertise on a show that has pimped racism for ratings.


Hey where were you last week when gm Kaitlin and Aaryn were overtly saying horrible racist stuff? I think this calling into bb shit is Silly. If you don’t like it, don’t watch the show. I certainly don’t agree with what’s going on , but not watching and the plummet in ratings is what will be the straw that breaks the camels back.

I feel like the overt racism displayed by gm Kaitlin and Aaryn have caused everyone, including the viewers, to speculate and over emphasize all of the little things This is all being blown way put of proportion. Someone said that Amanda said Howard was creepy and somehow it was misconstrued into “creepy black man”. Come on people that’s ridiculous. She didnt say that and I’m sure she didn’t mean it in that way either. And yeah she might be just saying that Howard made that comment to get him out, but it was not meant to be a racist attack on him. This has gotten wayyyy out of hand. Some of you need to calm down.

what show are you watching

Seriously what show are you watching because Amanda is the biggest racist on the show and NOTHING that GM, Kaitlyn, Aaryn or anyone did made her that way; that is the way that bigot Amanda just is. Nothing anyone has said comes close to the hate that oozes from Amanda’s disgusting mouth. Sorry but the comment she made about Howard could be career ending for him and she knew exactly what she was doing. Amanda oozes filth and disgust out of her mouth and she is one sorry excuse for a human being.


I did not say Kaitlin gm and Aaryn made her say that. I am saying the initial comments made by those girls are making everyone bat shit crazy about everything everyone is saying. If, and I don’t think he did, Howard or anyone for that matter, said something like that to me I would be saying the same thing, that he was acting creepy. It’s just a game move on her part. I highly doubt it was meant as a racist comment. And people are now saying Helen is racist? Come on that’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. It’s so silly to get this worked up over a television show. I come on here to discuss what’s going on in the house. I enjoy reading the posts to see what viewers are thinking. Not to come on here and every post is “Amanda’s a b!tch” etc. some of you people are just as bad as the houseguests. I read that someone said “I guess McRae likes fake flat ass b!tches then” and “Amanda’s ugly” etc. how is that any different than what’s going on In the show? Bullying. Where are the people who would like to discuss the strategies etc.? Im just saying that calling CBS is a waste of your breath. Don’t get your panties in a knot.


So when the rnen going to realize Amanda just wants all men out of the house?


amanda and helen agreed to that wayback. it’s not been difficult. the guys still don’t see it. dumber’n dirt.


They do see it. As do the woman. Some are for it, some against it.


Go Amanda win this thing, she is the only one really playing this game!


Amanda gets all cutesy, looks straight into the camera and says, “Was it you?”
You bet your big ass it was me, ten times over, you self-serving, delusional bitch!


You So Funny

If MC is evicted before Amanduh, who will she sleep with next?


they’ll bring back Howard, Imean Harold.


Why? Why bring back Howard, he’s a zero. He looks like the Hulk, but he’s really a dork. His speeches leave everyone dazed and confused. His strategy is lame, he’s lame, he can’t win anything. The people he’s aligned with are lame. Spencer, Candice, Ginamarie, can’t win anything. They’re all losers, losers go home in this game. Winners nominate, losers go home. If you want to change your fate, just win baby.


She’ll shack up with the other guy in the house who’s probably not getting any in his real life, Andy. I’m sure he’ll be into the aggressiveness and manipulation.


How come nothing bad has happened to amanda involving her work outside the show? Honestly im black and i didnt even flinch at anything Aryn said cus i could tell she wasn’t fully racist, its just that she’s stupid as fuck. Amanda on the other hand is 5x worse than she is especially with the crap she’s accusing howard with. Like don’t you know you could effect the mans life? She’s acting like he cornered her and said “yo that ass is mine whether you like it or not” and speaking of rape comments wasn’t SHE the one talking about raping someone? was she even reprimanded? I literally get angry (even though i know i shouldn’t) every time i watch the edit


Mr 94 I know that is what I mean. As a black woman I agree she is just ignorant but wow Amanda is seriously mentally unstable racist and her hate is out of control. Hope CBS and BB and Zuckerman are sued because Amanda should not be allowed to stay. Maybe production will put a bug in AARYN’s, GM’s, Spencer’s, Judd, Jessie and maybe Andy’s brain and get them out, and if they don’t I hope CBS gets hit with a lawsuit of all lawsuits!


Mr94 – agree with you 100% – Amanda will never have an employment problem because she’s supposedly is a third generation Realtor, and is listed as a “business partner” with her mother in Florida. I’m hoping any of the Jewish community in Florida (or anyone of the Jewish faith that wants to relocate to Florida) steer clear of Amanda as a Realtor. Maybe it will hurt her home sales somewhat, and she’ll lose commissions, as well as her reputation.


Poor Harold.


Simon or Dawg:

what was the name of the website that you could watch BB real time online. I had it saved last yr but my laptop was in the shop and all my favorites have been erased.


spencer for hoh

I hope judd figures this out and flips, so howard (even though dude is clueless) stays and one of them get hoh!

please BB gods aka production

You So Funny

Is Amanda the most beautiful player in the history of Big Brother U.S.A.?


You’re jokin, right? Didn’t you see GM in that pink cat hat? Now that’s what’s cute! C’mon… you know I’m right! GO GM!!!GO GM!!!


I hope the house comes to their senses and votes Amanda out. She is one evil spirited person. I don’t like how CBS is editing her to look like a really good person. And the rest of the HGs who follow her are mindless idiots. Can someone please do something to wake them up? And why does she hate Howard so much? Oh, I know….Amanda can’t control Howard like she controls everyone else. Amanda need to go, then Helen (she is quite the liar), then Andy (the floater).


I’ve never seen Amanda hate him….she has had a singular focus in getting him out since week 1, and people are misconstruing that as hate. Aaryn is definitely full of hate…she should have been the one gone.


Aaryn is not in anyway close to the hate that Amanda spews. Amanda apparently has talked about murdering who was it Candace and Jessie and talked about Jessie getting gang raped and described it in words from what I read, and Amanda has admitted to being a Racist and wow was she telling the truth. Ignorance like Aaryn’s can be corrected, but corrupt hatred and bigotry and racism like Amanda spews comes from somewhere really deep and hate filled. There are no words bad enough to describe Amanda. Had thought I had seen hatred and racism but wow AMANDA is beyond anything I had witnessed. The woman talks about commiting horrid crimes against women and yet CBS edits her wonderfully, and my only question is WHY and hope CBS is hit with a major lawsuit from her comments about Howard!


Why was Spencer fired from his job?

I feel kind of bad for these people but then again I don’t. It seems that before you go into that house you leave your brain outside. They’re all fans of the show and have watched previous seasons. Surely they know the impact this could have on their lives. They’re aware that cameras and mics are capturing everything they do, yet they still say the most awful crap knowing that America will see it and that it will be on the internet forever. It has to cross their minds at some point that they will face some backlash. Is $500k enough to really compromise all of your morals and values? Only one person can win. I just don’t get these people.

This Season Blows

“Only one person can win.”

Amanda and maybe Helen are the only ones who WANT to win. Everyone else is content with ruining their reputations in order to get the $13,000 jury prize. This cast is a joke.

amanda sux

ive never seen so many hg’s just be happy to make so disgusted with Amanda, im sick of the good edits, the people that only watch the show, not feeds prob. thinks she so great..i am soo disappointed how bad this season sucks..the people are hottible, no one to like,and the gameplay is terrible, its soo boring..i actually turned tonights episode off, I was so sick of and I spend less and less time on the feeds..this is the worst season ever

give me a break

Spencer still has his job….I heard he’ll be reprimanded and place on probation. I think he has a union job.


Bye Howard!!!!

This Season Blows

As useless of a floater he’s been, I hope Howard stays just to piss you off.


Oh, I hope Julie tells them America voted for MVP tomorrow night!!! I think Holy Hell will break out.

Amanda and Helen have to go up next week. I felt CBS was starting to show the real Amanda… And Helen too. With Amanda starting her accusations against Howard they may just want to cut her loose. With all the racial stuff and now liable she may have just backed them into a corner. Lets hope so anyway!!


So…. let me get this straight….these folks have gotten so paranoid that they are turning on each other, believe each others lies (except for Amanda and McCrae who are just the power couple that folks in this house just seem to admire so much of or possibly want to be). Then, we have Andy…who possibly is the best mole in the house where no one sees him as a threat and just tell him all their secrets (FOOLS)….then we have Helen who just keeps hopping around from team to team with Elissa on her back, who really has no choice because of who she is in the house. Then, we have this Judd and Jessie situation, which gives me a headache because their storyline confuses me….all over the place. Now, Candice and Howard…smh….because they just losing it in the house and can’t seem to win ANYTHING (along with Andy and Jessie and GM). Now, we have Spencer, GM and Aaryn who are just watching to see if they can make it to jury. I’m still trying to figure out why are they all EXCITED about making it to JURY?! Really? Oh, and let’s not forget how they get EXCITED to get wine at night!



I know this is gonna sound prejudiced but on BB I can hardly think of a genuinely nice gay housemate. Is that the fault of the BB producers for casting nasty gay people. I was genuinely thinking that Andy was finally a gay BB housemate I really liked, and then he also turns out to be an utter foul individual. Similar to Dustin on BB8 who started off being nice and turned out seriously horrible.

At this moment I absolutely hate and despise Andy.

Sad about big brother

Thank you Simon and Dawg for your constant updates. By reading your posts, I get to skip watching the CBS edits, which saves me from unnecessary anger fits 🙂

How do you keep up with the feeds when nothing exciting happens? I feel for you.

I am now giving a desperate plea to the big brother gods to SHAKE THINGS UP. No more super friends BS. I would love to see an internal meltdown and serious chaos ensue.

McCrae's only shirt says.....

is it me or did McCrae only bring one shirt to wear this entire season- he’s got the same taste in women– used and worn frequently

Sad about big brother



Who’s Harold? “Amanda joins them and they start talking about how sloppy Harold and Spencer are at the game. “


he’s Kumar’s buddy

give me a break

Harold is what Judd calls himself

give me a break

Helen needs to start listening to Elissa and Candice on who to send home…all she is doing is stacking the jury to vote for Leather Face and Pizza. Kaitlin would of been better than Aaryn…..Kaitlin would of been cool with Candice and Elissa and a strenghth to their all girl alliance. Aaryn keeps blaming Candice for what came out of her own mouth….Like JUDD said (mumbling)…..”Doesn’t she know we live in house full of camera, while the country is watching us”….at least when Aaryn finally leaves she would see..that she wasn’t the only one saying racial comments…and I can’t wait for Helen reaction..when she finds out G.M and Aaryn also said racial comments toward her……


sick of the house? sick of this season? sick of CBS? here’s what I’m sick of: people saying this over and over and over and over. WE GOT IT. you hate everything. what else you got?


ps to candace: you suck at this game. if you need something from someone who has you by the nuts, do not go and accuse and threaten them. DER. you can tell she’s used to having her own way and manipulating people who care, like her parents. these people are not your parents. you have no leverage over them. spoiled people do really badly at social games. they have zero diplomatic ability.


Everyone vote amanda as mvp nomination until she is evicted!!!!


pps: cracked me up when howard said he was gonna do whatever it takes to put the focus on amanda. right, because you’re so good with words…..then candace said she’s coming after elissa and helen….uh….with what? you can’t win anything. these people are legends in their own minds….


Howard calls a last minute house mtg . “I know you all been focusing on me. I’m being open and honest here. So hear me out. The thing is if you focus on one person too long, you lose your focus. Just being honest now. So what I think you should do is stop focussing on me and rest your eyes for a minute. c’mon .try it. now, don’t that feel good. so thlnk…well,you probably want to focus on someone right? Imean you’re used to focussing. So what i’d like to suggest, is that you focus on someone else, righr? ,for instance, Amanda. That’s lt. I love you guys!


@ C that is just too funny I fell off my chair


Worst season in BB history. Almost too boring to watch.


then dont watch. just shut up. jesus.

This Season Blows

CBS’ edit gets more and more boring by the episode. Way too much pointless filler, totally detached from reality, and they’ve completely ignored a lot of the rare interesting parts of the season. They didn’t even show a nanosecond of Helen’s bullying and paranoia when she was HOH, for example.

Oh well, just another shit aspect of the worst season in BB history. Guess there really is no polishing this turd.

high noon looms

spencer is correct. in order to break up the “dixiecrat” alliance aaryn may soon
have, helen wants to zap judd bad. so… is he to be the first goof troup evictee?
spencer at best will pull off a 3-3-2 vote because a fast 4 vote slam on amanda
is looking less and less likely. its now or never. spencer needs a miracle a.s.a.p!


I think it is time to let CBS know that we will boycott their BB 15 sponsors if the racism and hatred continues. I contacted them this evening.


I contacted them about Amanda because she is the absolute worst in the house and some of the comments she has made border on criminal and what she said about poor Howard should not of been allowed. If it is untrue she may of destroyed this man!!


I don’t think they showed Amanda in a bad light at all and wow they should of shown the true Amanda, but guess if she is the already predetermined winner by Grodner that will not happen unless maybe TMZ picks up the story and reports on the true Amanda the racist and bigot that she is, but wow they are starting to show Helen for the snake that she is Wow Helen’s children must be really proud to be her kids. I would be ashamed to be her children or her husband.


im a good person but i dont like how amanda get away with alot of suff she say something bad in we dont see it aryan say something bad in we do its not wright at all they think we dont know but we do america amanda need to go on the block every week to she gone


I’m confused. Why do they all hate Judd now and what did Jessie do to mess up her game?


All of them with their personalities annoy me to major extent, but I must admit, Helen’s game play is awesome. I’m very surprised the way she handles people. I think throwing in the super sweet comments and using the emotional factor helps her out as well. She’s definitely not dumb.

I cannot stand Andy’s face anymore. I wish he would sprain an ankle so he would stop running around. Lol

CANNOT WAIT FOR HOH! Please for the love of entertainment, let Spencer win it!

This Season Blows

I don’t get what people see in Helen’s gameplay. She’s been trying to have side deals with everyone, made all sorts of promises she couldn’t keep when she was HOH, and delusionally thinks she controls the house when she doesn’t. That spells disaster for her.

spencer for hoh

please production!


I wonder why BB keeps cutting the feeds every time Amanda brings up Howard/Harold saying he wanted to have sex with her? It’s too late BB, America already heard her say it numerous times. BB needs to pull her ass in that diary room and tell her to stop it. It seems that no one in the house really believes it since none of them are really indulging her. Even McCrae keeps brushing it off. I think McCrae is scared of her. Especially after seeing how hard she’s playing. Why isn’t anyone concerned that Amanda will take MC to the end with her? Why are they all believing they could have some kind of deal with her? These people are stupid!

give me a break

Elissa needs to take over the group…Helen makes choice to suit Amanda’s interest and not there’s…Candice is loyal to only them…Helen being so smart why can’t she see that….Elissa step up..Helen is making bad choices…


The only way CBS will listen is if the sponsors get mad. The only way to do that is to either stop buying the sponsors products and/or write them about Big Brother. That will make CBS listen so fast So the question here is who is CBS big sponsors?


My daughter works at NBC as a research analyst and she tells me that each NBC network show is watched and scrutinized the day after it airs by a team dedicated to compiling all the data they get from various sources about the show. They gather info from blogs such as this one and they chart various points for each character and have meetings upon meetings to discuss it all with people from market research, etc. So CBS must be doing similar things. I wonder what they have to say about what they read on this site and how it impacts the direction the handlers steer each player in the DR? Are they picking up the hatred for Amanda and what are they planning to do about her?


good lord STILL with the i hate this season this season sucks everything sucks…..guys….WE GOT IT. broken ass records…..


Lol…I’m probably jumping to conclusions…but with this group of classy contestants I can’t help but think that Howard’s new name is an allusion to a certain restaurant (i.e. Harold’s chicken shack)……any one have any other reason why they would be calling him Harold? Because I am at a loss…