Aaryn wants to flip the house Jessie on board “I’m getting a girl b*ner just thinking about it”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie

8:34pm Cockpit Andy, Amanda and MC
MC is thinking Aaryn might be working with JUDD so if Aaryn comes in here wanting Candice out before Spencer they have to throw her a bone. They shouldn’t give her definate answers. He thinks they need to not be so forceful with Aaryn because it’s scaring her. Amanda isn’t happy with being told what to do. Amanda now says maybe Aaryn wants Candice gone before jury because she doesn’t think she’ll get Candice’s vote and she thinks she’ll get Spencers. MC: ‘Or she could be pushing JUDD’s agenda”
MC: ‘She helped us out so much”
Amanda: ‘We help her out to”
Andy: ‘No way she’s working with JUDD”
Andy now is worried that Aaryn knows they want JUDD out
Amanda storms out mad at MC telling her to not be so pushy with Aaryn “I can’t stand you right now”
(Paranoia with these three big time)

McCrae tells Andy he trusts Aaryn 100% but is worried that Amanda is pushing her agenda too strong and it’s freaking people out getting them to seek out allies in other places.


8:50pm kitchen Amanda and Aaryn
Aaryn is worried she wasted her HOH getting out someone that isn’t targeting her. Aaryn points out that Candice is in good with Elissa and Helen and Helen is giving her dirty looks now. Aaryn knows Candice is targeting her, she also suspects Elissa and Helen would put her up. Amanda say if Aaryn wants Candice gone next week then they can get her out.
Andy joins them says the nominations next week depend on who wins HOH but he’s pretty confident Candice will go up.
Aaryn says with Spencer everyone who wins HOH will put him up but with Candice it’s only a select few. She thinks Spencer and her will be nominated next week unless Amanda, McCrae and andy win HOH
Andy tells them Helen is going to put up Candice 100% Andy knows Helen better than anyone else in the game and she’s a team player.

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:02pm Helen, Amanda, Andy just talking in circles about how much they dislike JUDD. Helen saying “JUDD he’s so selfish he makes me want to punch him.. I can’t wait to f**** blindside his eviction”


8:58pm HOH Aaryn, Spencer and GM
Aaryn crying.. You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds

Aaryn says she cannot believe that Candice can get away with doing what she’s doing she sh!ts on people and now she’s back in the good books.
Aaryn says that apparently she was up here for too long with Spencer that is why Andy came up to see what they were doing. Spencer offers to leave if it’s going to cause Aaryn trouble.
Aaryn: ‘She’s on the block and it’s my HOH she should be going home”
GM: ‘Lets get her out”
Aaryn: “I can’t do that”
GM: ‘We have 2 right here we can get 2 more”
S: “there’s no 2 more to get… guaranteed”
GM: “I don’t want HOward to go home”
S: “He is”
A: “I’m not going to lie after Howard’s speech I don’t care. I just don’t want Candice here”
S: “After his speech today he has no chance.. he would have been in better shape”
Aaryn agrees says there was a chance for Howard to stay but after the speech he’s got no chance. She thinks they may have been able to get 2 votes.
GM: “Maybe he needs another speech” (another speech to correct it)
S: “No no he doesn’t need anymore speeches”
Aaryn points out how Candice is talking around smiling and getting close to everyone.
A: “NOW.. you know Spencer she is not going on the block you and me are”
S: “I know”
A: “Everybody wanted her out.. even Helen.. and now Helen is giving me dirty looks”
S: “Me to”
A: “People are stupid”
S: “I hate her f*** attitude”
A: “How can you do that to someone and not be upset with yourself.. I’ve never been called a racist in my life… IN MY LIFE.. Shouldn’t that have been the icing on the cake that all she does is attack people to make herself look like the victim… she turned the f**** tables how is that possible… That’s more dangerous than Howard that’s more dangerous than you”

Aaryn doesn’t see Howard as big of a threat not after he proved to everyone he can’t save himself. She points out that Candice is now close to the everyone even after she Threatened Helen and Threatened ELISSA “THREATENED”

Aaryn brings up Spencer saying he wanted Amanda to die but he never meant it. She says this is one example of Candice blowing it out of proportion. Spencer says it’s no surprise that he doesn’t like Amanda but that doesn’t mean he wants to see her get assassinated.
Aaryn: ‘We also know that i’m southern and I sometimes make jokes that are unacceptable.. but that doesn’t mean I’m racist and it doesn’t mean you want to kill Amanda”

Aaryn says Candice will pick a person and make them a monster and find something to label them as so they get evicted. She says if it was Ginamarie then Candice would find on thing about her and exploit it. (Wait this sounds like Amanda not Candice)

Aaryn cannot understand why the other side is so threatened by Spencer he all alone. Spencer: “Me and my army”.


9:40pm Jessie crying in the cockpit with Helen
Jessie is feeling down because the game is getting really boring and long. Helen: “OK I never want you to feel alone OK.. OK you have me OK”
Jessie is worried about JUDD she says that sometimes she thinks JUDD likes GM, “She loves to pick on him and he loves to pick on her.. They have more of a connection than me and him have” Jessie adds that her and JUDD really are not that close.
Jessie: “He loves her I think” Jessie points out that JUDD and GM always make plays for each others attention.
Helen says she loves GM to and notices them teasing around she doesn’t think it looks like JUDD is interested in GM. She points out that JUDD talks bad about GM all the time but never says anything bad about Jessie.
Jessie says JUDD just thinks I’m a really beautiful girl that he likes to hang around on TV, “Wouldn’t be the first time.. well on TV it would be” She really plays down their “Showmance” says they are free sprites in the game and just friends. Helen asks her if JUDD told her what he was doing last week during the HOH. Jessie says he told her nothing all she knew was she was going to be safe., “He would come to me when he was worried.. but it was things that everybody knew”
Helen tells her she isn’t alone in this game she has Andy, McCrea, Elissa, Amanda and Helen, “You know all the people that have been close for 4 or 5 weeks.. OK”
Jessie: “I don’t feel alone.. I have JUDD”s back 100% it’s just that we don’t gel”
H: “I always thought you were cute together”
Helen starts telling her nobody deserves to feel bad in this game the only time they should feel bad is when thy lose a competitions and then it’s feeling bad for themselves.
Helen now saying she really feels bad for Spencer and if he wasn’t hiding out in HOH all the time she would tell him that. (She claiming to feel bad because of the house meeting and the things Candice said to him)
Helen: “I wanted to cry for him because he’s my close friend”


9:44pm Amanda and McCrae backyard couch
MC tells her they still have a full day left. Amanda does think anything will change after what happened in the house today.
Amanda: ‘What human being is going to go work with Spencer and Howard.. no one”
MC: “Why would GM say she wants to get Candice out”
A: “because she has a personal vendetta against Candice because she f*** hates her.. we all do it’s fine”
A: “Doesn’t matter nobody is flipping against me”
Amanda says she’s tired, dirty hungry and missing her family.. she starts to cry. They head over to the hammock..


10:20pm Backyard couch JUDD, Spencer and Andy JUDD says after that meeting he’ll never want to talk to Howard outside the house.


10:27pm Elissa and Helen Elissa wants Spencer, Ginamarie and Aaryn gone before Candice. Helen wants Candice in the jury. They agree that Aaryn is a liar

Helen tells her once they get to final 5 Andy, Elissa, and Helen will go after Amanda and McCrae but until then they have to stick with the plan and get everyone out. (Superfriends final 5)

Helen whispers Amanda, McCrae and Andy want JUDD to go..


10:30pm Cockpit Aaryn, Jessie and Ginamarie
Aaryn selling the idea to Jessie of getting Candice out. She says they need JUDD and Jessie’s vote. Aaryn points out that Howard and Spencer are not targeting them three but Candice is.
Aaryn: ‘It’s so tempting.. but everyone in the house will be after me”
GM: “I wouldn’t”
Jessie: “I wouldn’t either”
Jessie is worried that Candice will go off on her like she did with Spencer she is very much interested in getting out Candice. Jessie also doesn’t like how Elissa and Helen are now very close to Candice. Aaryn points out that Amanda will be too preoccupied to get Howard out the following week the house will be in chaos.
Jessie thinks Amanda
Aaryn: “They would freak out if they knew we were talking”
GM: ‘Why do they always get what they want”
GM: “They wanted David out they got him.. they wanted Nick out they got him.. they wanted Jeremy out they got him.. they wanted Kaitlin out they got em well F*** that 4 strikes your out”
Jessie: “I’m getting a girl boner just thinking about it”
(WOW looks like Jessie is on board to get out Candice)


10:50pm HOH Aaryn and Jessie
Talking about long term game strategy and going through scenarios using M&Ms
GM comes up. Aaryn tells her Howard is going this week they don’t have the votes but it’s not all bad news..
Aaryn show her the how the game is shaping tells them the real totem pole is 1) Amanda 2) McCrae 3) Helen 4)Andy 5-6) Jessie/JUDD
Aaryn: “Jessie you agree”
Jessie: ‘Totally”
Aaryn adds after JUDD and Jessie it’s Elissa, Aaryn and GM

GM still want to get Candice out tells her to pass the M&Ms over so she can show them her strategy (The cams switch to the storage room)


10:56pm Storage room Candice, Elissa and Helen
Candice says the vote is going to be 4 /4 and Aaryn is going to send her home. Helen doesn’t think that is happening. Candice says yes it is she knows what is going on JUDD, Jessie, GM and Spencer are voting out Candice.
Candice says she’s a smart person and knows that.
Helen wants to assure her it’s not going to happen she’ll make certain of it
Helen says Jessie told her she’s not playing with JUDD which is bullshit

Helen races out says she needs to go talk to Amanda and Andy “I’m going to save you” She marches out to the hammock to get Andy visible to everyone that she’s pissed.

11:06pm Cockpit Helen and Andy Helen is freaking out that the house is flipping and they are going to vote out Candice. Candice just told her this in the storage room that hte vote is going to be 4/4 and Aaryn will break the tie. Andy: ‘It’s a lie.. GM is more solid than that” Andy really thinks it’s just Candice stirring up sh!t

Amanda joins them. Helen wants them all to go up to HOH and confront Aaryn about this. Amanda wants to do it alone. Andy just thinks it’s a bunch of bullsh!t, ‘how would Candice know this”

11:22pm Cockpit Elissa, Helen, Candice, Amanda and Anda Amanda really doesn’t think that Aaryn would publicly vote to keep Howard. Candice thinks she will because she wants to be famous


11:26pm Bedroom JUDD and Jessie aka JEJU
Jessie: “Obvi Howard is leaving this week”
Jessie says that she talked to Helen trying to throw her for a loop.
Jessie says Amanda/McCrae and Helen/McCrea are two strong groups with Andy in the middle. THey are on the bottom of that stack
JUDD says that Helen is pissed right now march around on a rampage she thinks the house is flipping. He wants to know if she is sure she didn’t say anything to Candice. Jessie swears she never said a thing. Jessie says they needs to get Candice out sooner than later. Jessie: ‘I’m so annoyed at Candice right now”
JUDD: “She’s a b!tch”
Jessie says that Helen has just showed her cards to everyone she will bend over backwards to keep Candice in the game.
JUDD tells her they still need to stick with Amanda/McCrae/Helen/Elissa.
Andy joins them.. tells them Candice is starting some crazy conspiracy theory saying she’s going home…
Andy says once Candice leaves Helen we’ll pull her aside and tell her the house isn’t flipping it’s a ll BS.
JUDD: “It all could be orchestrated by Harold to” (FYI Howard’s new name is Harold according to JUDD)

11:49pm HOH Aaryn, GM and Amanda Amanda says that Candice has a conspiracy theory that the vote is going to be 4/4. Aaryn and GM deny it say they would never be that stupid. Aaryn mentions why would they want to side with Howard and Spencer the two biggest liars.
Andy joins them.. “I just talked to JUDD and Jessie and they are 100% solid”
GM goes on a rampage how Candice goes around the house spreading lies and string up sh!t


12:00AM Helen crying to Spencer she feels bad for what Candice did to Spencer earlier today during the house meeting


12:15AM JUDD and Helen Cockpit
JUDD is stressing that he’s voting out Howard isn’t working with Spencer. JUDD is worried about Jessie because because she’s playing her own game and dragging his name into it. Jessie has been throwing scenarios around when chatting with people and she never tells them to JUDD.

12:21AM HOH GM, MC, JUDD, Helen, Aaryn and Amanda
They are talking about Candice’s theory that the vote will be split 4/4 and Aaryn is going to vote her out. Everyone starts to debunk the conspiracy theory. Doesn’t seem like anyone is takign it all that seriously anymore.

12:29AM Backyard Amanda, JUDD and MC
Amanda tells JUDD Jessie is messing up his game right now because she’s in the cockpit with GM and Aaryn talking about how much they hate Candice.
JUDD says If he gets HOH it will be in my best interests to put up Jessie as the pawn. MC thinks that is a goo idea.
JUDD: “She’s sabotaging my game and not even knowing it”
Amanda thinks JUDD should try and get Candice to target Jessie. JUDD: “Ya… ”

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Judd: So Elissa I know you teach that there Yoga but you teach nutrition too?

Elissa: Yes, I do both. You need to take care of your body with exercise and nutrition. Have you ever tried any alternative medicine?

Judd: Not me but a friend of mine is into Voodoo Acupuncture. You don’t have to go. You’ll just be walking down the street, and… Ooooohhhhhh, that’s much better…


So Aaryn is gonna use Howards game plan now to get Amanda out of the house ? So Howard was right all along that they should go after Amanda and Helen ?


New girl alliance. YES, please make it happen! They are the outcasts, they should call themselves that. Lets shake it up. Get Candice out and keep Howard. Amanda will lose her shit!


Yes, yes, yes!
who made Helen The leader? Omg how irritating to read about them. Grrrr I stopped watching
BB after dark because I can’t stand to look at MG and Amanda with the little rat “Andy”
The new HOH group needs to have a serious talk with Judd and make the alliance stronger of
gm, Judd, spencer, jessi,Howard, Aaryn once candice is gone. The only problem is that besides aaryn, Judd is the only one strong enough
To win competitions.


Hi Isalove, go to the . GIrls alliance yes so why vote out Candice. Aryan and Gm was getting better on their nasty comments but if you read the jokers update I can!t help but write off these two. because they are at it again. So mean and nasry with their comments. They do not like Candice because Candice is fighting back. I do like Howard too but if this girl alliances to be a success they need to evict Howard, Spencer made some nasty comments on the women so degrading and if Amanda said that Howard said it I believe her because I do not think she will go that lenght to lie like that. Sometimes it is those quite ones that you have to worry about cause you do not know when they explode and I think that was Howards last resort to get on Amanda!s good graces otherwise he would have not used the phrase with a comment ( because you are so hot ). This is just my opinion and you may have yours, thanks Guys.


Andy is a rat but Gina Marie has never called him a rat ? Why ?


If we want girls alliances why vote out Candice. This is one problem with women. They cannot unite. For me it does not matter as long as they get the men out first and then when they are gone let the game begins, I think Ellissa and Helen trying to keep Candice will be a better strategy than keeping Howard. These girls have a chance to move forward on evicting men as they already have the numbers but as you can see that Aryan and GinaMarie is at it again on Candice. They have stated some really mean and nasty things about Candice. If Aryan amd GinaMarie wants to go forward they should try to mend things with Candice and start campaigning on girls alliances. They already have the numbers.

pot calling kettle

Maybe if Candice was not such a racist biotch they all could work together. Candice throws the racist card up anytime she can, but wow she showed what a racist she is when she went off on Spencer while talking to Howard. She is no different she just has a problem with the white segment of the population. Can’t stand her and hope she goes home this week.


READ THIS: Candice is smart enough to know that those young ladies do not respect her as an equal. She better stand up for herself. She’s not a fool.


Right Candace not equal because Candace is a racist hate filled 30 something year old that bitches and moans but she is a racist who just outed herself and is getting in bed with a guy she knows hardly at all and sex by hand jobs to keep him happy. You are right Candace has no equal because she is nasty and has ZERO self respect apparently for herself.


Guest1, you could not have said it better. Women are always so darn catty and full of drama that they can’t see the big picture. I am a woman and I want to line all of the women in the house up and slap them all one by one. Women hardly ever go far in this game because of it. Strap up and play like the big boys!!! Now that would be something to watch, because right now I am not the least bit interested. BB made horrible choices for this seasons players.


So Amanda is the mastermind behind all the evictions and attacks on everyone in the house . So she is the Osama Bin Laden of the show ? Why don’t they vote her out since she is the puppet master ? Amanda is a big fish she is the one who should be toast ? Dr. Will or EVIL DICK would have been done gone after Amanda weeks ago they would not be fooled by her ?


Why does Jessie belly keep getting bigger ?


It does seem to be getting bigger, doesn’t it? LOL!

Save J U double D really

It would be epic to see Helen as America’s nominee next week.


Right?!? All Amanda does when she got nominated was talk her ass off to the point NO ONE is even CONSIDERING rallying to get her out, (annoying, but admittedly impressive) and just cry all the time. I’m pretty sure if Helen was nominated, shit would fly because she’s got quite a controlling side to her and she’d probably go on a rampage to find out who the MVP is.


Really, I prefer Andy or Judd.


True, but Amanda is more dangerous in this game. Her lies (I read the new lie-about Howard) are outrageous!! She’s “selling off” houseguest like property.


So now you agree Howard was right Amanda and Hellen were the ones they should have been going after ?

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

is Jessie at all open to sending home Amanda???
if they carefully string her along, assuming the bail
is Candice, can they flip her before THURSDAY??
Jessie has more leeway than does Andy, i feel!!!!


If Jessie only knew about how Amanda said Jessie should be gang raped and how Amanda went into detail how all of this should be done ?


Andy is really useless in the game, except for gossip!!

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

bail = bait


Finally…the sheep are moving. If only they had this plan about Amanda instead. I hate Aaryn but I would root for her for making a move (you know if she wasn’t a racist mean girl).


I am a black man, and I approve that message.

white woman

And if Candice wasn’t such a racist mean girl, then maybe they could work together. Just like Aaryn said you cannot talk to Candice, Candice only talks at you.


FYI- Candice is not a racist. This young lady has tolerated racist comments and insults about her from Aaryn and the other houseguest. This should not be a part of the game from any player. Candice has a right to voice her opinion, stand up for herself, & not be beneath anyone in the house. As a black woman, I am offended by the lack of respect-it crosses the line. Aaryn & GM’s former employers agrees with America. Read the comments from the viewers of the Live Feed check out their comments on youtube. Candice & Howard should not have to demonstrate behaviors that are controlled and approved by the house. They are adults in the game. They can go home knowing that they stood with character and the courage to withstand more than what is accepted in public. I hope that the viewers learn a lesson on tolerance and respect for those who are not like you/them-by skin color, by socio-economic status, religion, or language. Too many people pass judgment on others. I’m not mad with your comments, your have an opinion. Just read more comments to learn what has really happened against this young lady. PEACE BE WITH THEM AS THEY LEAVE THIS BB HOUSE & VIEW WHAT WAS SAID BEHIND THEIR BACKS, AND PEACE BE WITH YOU.


Candace has done what Rosa Parks tried to do . Stand up for herself ?


Wow, so it is apparently ok in your opinion that Candace calls Spencer his white ass which is just as RACIST for you information to anyone that happens to be white. It is not okay just because Candace is black to make racist comments about someone that is white. I wonder if Candace said that what else BB has not aired that Candace has said? Candace outed how she really feels but do agree that BB is not going to air what she said because they don’t want all of America to see that wow Candace is just as racist against white people. TMZ should air it though and hope they do!!!!!

give me a break


Big Sister

Isn’t his a** white?? What is racist about that? It is a fact. Some of the people on here need to get their heads out of theirs. You are grasping at straws.

Howard's hand job

Well wonder how well Candace would fare in keeping her job if her employers were sent an edit of Howard getting a hand job from Candace on the show or about her little racist tirade about Spencer’s white ass on the show. Bet her employers would be pretty upset also and she might also be shown the door. Matter of fact I would not be surprised if all of these house guests get pink slips from their employers when the show is done. Open your eyes and stop painting Candace as a saint because hate to break it to you but none of these house guests are saints and are all probably in for a lot of eye opening when the show is off. Peace to you also.

Big Sister

Date and time for this alleged handjob, please. Simon, did you see this happen on the feeds??


You’re delusional. Candice made statements which were racist against Spencer.

super floater

what did howard say i hope it wasnt the amanda lie they are talking about

super floater

what did howard say i hope it wasnt the amanda lie


Is it a lie that Amanda has talked about gang raping Jessie and about murdering Candace ?


yep, getting good now. just wish it was amanda they were going after and not candice.


Even Evil Dick has said on his twitter that Amanda is the puppet master that she is the Osama Bin Laden of the show who is using Andy and Helen to lay her path to the $500,000 dollars ? Amanda and Helen are the ones they should be going after ?


Please flip Jessie and Judd I hate Amanda but I rather Candice go home because the Amanda freak out will be epic and super friends finally don’t have the numbers advantage. I don’t see a Jessie Judd Spence Howard Aaryn Gm alliance lasting long but it would definitely be entertaining for a couple weeks and watching super friends scramble would be epic.


What show are you watching? Amanda, will not care if Candace goes home as long as its not her. She entertained the idea earlier in the week.


Are you serious Amandas only goal for the last 3 weeks is to get out Howard she will freak out if aaryn betrays her and because she will no longer have control

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

she will care alright as her target howard will still be there gunning after amanda

all of amandas recent efforts to have him evicted will have been wasted and it will be a mind f-ck for her

just imagine howard stays then wins hoh and puts up amanda and mccrae then helen or andy is 3rd nom

i loved jessies girl boner quote


Imagine Howard winning HOH. While you’re at it, imagine World Peace.


Its like everyone on here has forgotten Amanda said she wanted to get Candace upset . She mapped out Candace and Howards eviction on day one . They both had a target on them when they walked in the house because of there brown skin ?


The panic on Helen’s face when she realized that Candice is going home was priceless !! She just realized that she isn’t in control of everything like she thought she was. Candice says “I’m intimidating to women” oh Candy you do know how to crack me up with your silly commentary..

give me a break

i would rather candice stay and howard go home. Howard is cool but he has no game…atleast candice has good insight onto what’s going on…and howard is always tallking about helen and elissa…and not about amanda and pizza boy. Howard staying he will just be a statue by the pool table…it’s better with candice. it will be candice and elissa vs aryn nation and gm…helen vs amanda and pizza boy…andy floating through walls to see what everybody is talking about…judd mumbling,,,and jessie eating.


100% Agreed with you. The bashing of Candice Is really mean and nasty. I hope Helen and Elissa pull it off to keep Candice. This is very good on all girls alliances. It will be more entertaining I think.


Ugh. This was actually a good episode of BBAD. Pissed to see it end.


EDouble I totally agree with you BBAD felt like it was on for 20 minutes. It went by too fast! Has anyone noticed lately that these BBAD conversations seem to start getting a lot better towards the very end of the episode? It was getting so good then BAM theres Julie Chen telling my a$$ to go to bed lol!

BBnn Fan

BBAD really needs to be 3 hours every night!

The New Danger

Getting Candice out sounds like GOOD NEWS, the chaos it would cause… I can’t wait to read the OBB title , “HUGE BLOW UP IN THE HOUSE”, There’s at least one every season….. c’mon FLIP THE HOUSE. DO IT.


Okay I get why people Hate Spencer and Aaryn but give them credit for being the only ones who are doing something that is actually entertaining. I still think Howard only has 3 as Judd still hates him for some reason, but at least we are getting a little hope for something big to happen. And it will be Good to see queen Amanda dig herself an even deeper hole if Howard stays.

IAN Rules

This might happen so pumped howard may have ruined his game but aaryn and gm are trying to save him. Now all they need is judd, i am starting to like aaryn more and more now and hating candice more. AND I’m BLACK!!!


I would like to see Howard play this game without the burden of having to quiet down Candices overactive conspiracy theories, weeping and throwing him to the wolves. I am all for Candice leaving and then Howard and Aaryn can go after the SF’s! Still, Amanda leaving would be great.


Same here. I was ok with Candice until she completely ruined Howard’s game by calling out Spencer. If had been a personal attack, I would understand Candice getting mad. But she was only thrown under the bus by Spencer so he could save Howard. It was not a personal attack. She could have comfronted Spencer but instaed she called a house meeting and was out of control. Howard should have stayed quiet. By commenting, he lost Spencer who was his only real ally. I think with Candice out, Howard won’t be dragged down by her emotional game play. Hope the do it this week and not after Howard is gone.


I agree you are black but not a woman. Can you not see how bad they are bashing Candice what if she is your mother, sister or any of your women relative?


If Aaryn legit thinks that if she gets out Candace she will be in the clear? Hell no! Howard and Spencer would still go after her and GM rather than Judd and Jessie. It would be smarter to get rid of Howard so that she could skate by to jury and not risk getting voted out beforehand and let’s face it, if Howard stays then he can easily go forward with Spencer and take down those who got in his way (Elissa, Helen, McCrae and Amanda)

production rigged it

Why exactly would Spencer and Howard go after Aaryn is Candice went home? Spencer wants to flip the house and if Aaryn did it then he’s not going to go after her and why would Howard go after her when she just saved him, makes no sense? They would go after Amanda or McCrae or maybe Helen instead.

production rigged it

They might go after her later on but not until like final 5 or something and why not let him stay and go after the others and do her dirty work for her.


Yeah…Judd’s not going to flip to make a move on Candice. It makes no sense for him to risk what he has (and he doesn’t know he might be losing it) in order to keep BOTH Howard and Amanda in order to evict a girl who is largely unhinged and will be after Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda, McCrea, and GM.

I must admit I’m enjoying Aaryn’s pity party. Forget the fact that she’s a racist in denial, now that POV is over and she’s a lame duck HOH, she’s realizing she did other’s bidding and is in the same spot she was a week ago with all her greatest threats completely safe…and the love fest was just the Superfriends working her

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

it appears judd is the deciding vote

jess will have to persuade him…and aaryn will tell him they want gim gone next

4-4 aaryn sends candace home and amanda goes apesh!t

then judd, jess, aaryn, howard. spencer, gina versus mccrae, andy, amanda, elissa, helen

6 on 5

then if hoh is female endurance as aaryn cant play it could well come down to jess versus elissa

or it may be mental…or even a double

voting out amanda would be even better but i would settle for candace going then amanda going on the block again either via hoh or mvp noms


So as far as Judd knows, he is rock solid with Amanda, McCrea, Helen, and Andy…and he’s going to defy them and split of as the leader of a new group…but take out Candice and leave one of the leaders of the opposing group in the game?

Why? Why is evicting Candice worth Judd blowing up everything he has in order to work with Jessie (who he does not confide in), Aaryn (who he considered evicting), GM (who he has talked mad s**t about), and Howard and Spencer (who have tried to work with him only for him to betray)?

And even if Judd has a feeling he’s the next Superfriend target, why would he want to evict Candice and not Amanda?


they can evict candace or amanda, whatever they decide

judd will have more control on the other side plus more numbers if he flips with jess away from mccraes side

its in his best interests to stay with jess as she is a locked jury vote for him if he is in the final 2 finale


Anybody that thinks Jessie is anything more than a floater, needs to grab their own life vest! All it would take is for McRae to wink at her, and she’d flip back!


Well that is the definition of a floater, floating back and forth from whoever has the power that week.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

which is what she hasnt done

week 1 she was on the block(pawn)
week 2 flipped on her own alliance taking major heat for it and helping vote out nick…then the side she joined, helen won hoh
week 3 she helped her side vote out jeremy
week 4 she was already good friends with judd – he got hoh and judd and jess had mutual target kaitlyn who they evicted(ignoring amandas target requests howard and spencer)
week 5 aaryn wins hoh after joining jessies side

jess has not floated to the power…almost every week she had already been on the side first before it got hoh power


Except your drawn out analysis misses the fact that the MVP has been the source of power this season, not the HOH. Jessie floated to the MVP power in week 2 and now that it has become scary and unpredictable the last two weeks, she’s been floating in many different directions and while not a tattle-tale like Andy, Jessie will go wherever the majority lies.


no she wanted to get away from her alliance week 2 as they werent treating her well…had nothing to do with mvp power


That’s why it makes more sense for Jessie and judd to vote out candace leaving Howard and Amanda to keep battling and aaryn and elissa while they do what they do best float to who ever is hoh and promise their vote it would make sense for andy to but hes to loyal


It may make sense for Jessie, but not Judd. Judd is in too deep and if he breaks from the Superfriends, then it’s in his interest to only do so in a dramatic way, which would be evicting Amanda. Pissing off Helen, McCrea, Andy, and Elissa…and leaving Amanda in the game to be pissed as well, means if anybody on that side wins, he will be sitting on the block with Howard and not Spencer, since Judd knows they don’t fear Spencer at all. Any selling of Judd flipping without the Superfriends this week has to be a pitch built on evicting Amanda.

production rigged it

Well first of all if McRae winked at her it wouldn’t matter because they’re is nobody by that name in the house they’re is a McCrae though and after him being with that nast b*tch Amanda even Jessie wouldn’t be that desperate. Second of all last time I checked Jessie has been on the same side since week 2 so exactly how does that make her a floater. A floater is someone who floats to the power every week and the same side has been in power every week so your floater reference has just been sunk.

production rigged it

Unless she flips this week and goes along with Aaryn’s plan to get Candice out or even better if Aaryn told Judd that Amanda and them want him out and he gets them to vote out Amanda instead. Then you might have an argument but not until and it would still be a weak one because she has switched every week.

production rigged it

“has not”


Good idea, but wrong person. Aaryn is asking why do we have to do everything they want us to do? Exactly! You see them back with Candace. Spencer tried to tell you that you were expendable but you wouldn’t listen. You all just said that Howard & Candace sucked at comps but yet you are still trying to get Candace out?!?!!? She has no power, she is at the bottom of her alliance.. if you can call it that. Get Amanda out and watch the house fall apart! Aaryn is still thinking so personal. Play this damn game strategically. You can even go to Candace and make a deal for 1 to 3 weeks. She will be all for getting out Amanda and going after McCrea & Helen. Then you girls can fight it out!!!!! THINK!!! THINK!!!!! THINK!!!!!!

Teri B

Totally agree. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!


I agree now is the time to make that big move and break up that alliance while they have the chance. Amanda is sitting pretty no worries because she’s queen of the castle and believes she can’t be touched. I so want her gone Thursday the game would change completely .

production rigged it

Exactly Candice has no power, she might be intimidating but she can’t win anything so it doesn’t matter. All they would have to do to get Amanda out is for Aaryn to tell Judd that Amanda and McCrae offered her a final 4 deal with them and Andy because they don’t trust Judd anymore and they want him out. Then he will want to get them out first and him, Jessie, GinaMarie and Spencer could vote Amanda out and Aaryn would be the tiebreaker.

give me a break

The biggest move is to blindside Amanda….Amanda doesn’t really care now… Candice speech..made it a Candice vs Spencer feud…so now Aryan nation is listening…. now that Amanda is not the target…..If Candice get pass this week…no more outburst..Howard told you to take a chill pill. Now Amanda and Pizza boy are sitting lovely now….

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

aaryn remembers her first hoh – instead of her target elissa going home it was nick

she doesnt want it to happen again

probably why she really wants her target candace or perhaps amanda (not others target howard) gone


Aaryn, Jessie, GM and Spencer need Judd to complete the mission. even though I can’t stand Aaryn, she 100% right in how her, Spencer and GM will be the 3 next targets. saving Howard splits the house back to trying to get rid of Howard and Amanda next week. will this happen? I highly doubt it. they are all drinking the Amanda/Helen kool-aid in the house and we’ll probably see Howard evicted on Thursday.


Judd has to be the funniest person in the house.

Judd: Have you ever hitchhiked anywhere?

MC: I once hitchhiked back to town when my car broke down. How about you?

Judd: I’ve never done it but I like to pick up hitchhikers. When they get in the car I say, “Put on your seat belt. I want to try something. I saw it once in a cartoon, but I think I can do it.”

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

ha ha


If being addicted to crystal meth and killing brain cells doing it is funny, then yes Judd is a riot. Dude is a complete moron


hey Simon, these house guests were practically sleep walking tired tonight not giving a fuck til Candice talked to Helen and Elissa. to take a term from GM these “COCKROACHES” are scattering right now. where the hell is Howard? lol.


Made another donation hope it helps.


Where the hell is Howard? It’s one thing to play a low-key game, quite another to play a low-key game when you are the target for eviction. Is he praying? He better pray he didn’t ask Amanda for a F*$@ fest when they get out of the house. Pretty sure that did not happen but McCrae was quiet tonight.

give me a break

Candice has great insight….she knew about the boys alliance…she knew Jessie is not feeling her..she know there is going to be a 4 to 4 vote and Aryan nation will vote her out….she knew all of this without anybody telling her. I believe if she stay she would know about goof troupe…Candice see things that Helen don’t because Helen she talks to much…Helen and Elissa need Candice because Andy the mosquito is not there ally……I believe if Howard stays…Amanda can trick him too…Howard heard the things Aryan said and he’s cool with her., i believe he could be cool with Amanda..if he so easy overlook Aryan racist remarks..Elissa is more upset with Aryan remarks than Howard….which is sad……..I would hate to see Howard working with Aryan, G.M. Zimmerman, and Amanda… because when Howard goes home and see on youtube what these women said about him, candice, and helen….He’s going to feel like a dick…


simon, does it look like anyone is going to pull the trigger? if so, who do you think the tagert will be?


I knew this was gonna happen. once Amanda goes to HOH room, Aaryn and GM spill the beans on their “meaningless” M&M scenarios. the sheep are back to their normal selves.


A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. Go Amanda keep running the house I love it


Does anyone know exactly what the house meeting about with Howie. It seems to be stirring everyone up. I know about him allegedly saying he would bone Amanda outside the house but what else was said?


I watched a commercial tonight for BB… Now they have the nerve to say there is a new mean girl in town and its Elissa. they even said now she shows her true colours .. WTF … does production thinks if is funny screwing around with these people.. that in my opinion was down right low of BB ..saying she is mean and showing her true colours … I am so ticked off with these people… I am glad people have the live feeds and we have the site like yours Simon and Dawg . because of you guys viewers are more educated on what is really going on in the house .. not just what production wants to portray .. thanks guys


Funny that they’ll portray Elissa as a mean girl but not Amanda when she’s actually the meanest, nastiest girl there!


Simon/Dawg??? What happens when u r a havenot and you drink something you shouldnt. ?


OK I know “NoName” is not that unique but dang….every year about halfway through someone else uses it!
Back to “OriginalNoName” for me I guess.

Funny though, I was going to ask that question also, I saw somewhere that GM drank some sprite in the early morning (around
5 am I think). Does BB not give a shit anymore about cheating on have nots?

Also, GM is the biggest weasel in this house. She sat on her ass and ate for 4 weeks, NOW she thinks she can be a player?
I wish SHE was on the block, she is the type of player I despise the most.

Roisin Dubh

She’s this year’s Jenn City.

Ms. Demented

I think Andy is the this season’s weasel. He sits in on everyone’s conversations. Participates by saying, “oh yeah” “I agree”… Then literally runs to the person being talked about and clues them in on it… He has a lot of derogatory comments to make about each and every one of the house guests…..as long as he/she is NOT in the room… What a weasel, liar, band wagoner… Doesn’t he know that snitches get stitches???


But Gina Marie Zimmerman never calls Andy out as a rat . Why ? Why is it so easy for her to label the black players rats ?


Elissa just said that she read on spoilers that there was going to have a 70 year old man in the house.

Any ideas what she is talking about?


She said it at 1031 BBT


Anytime HG’s are plotting strategy with M&M’s, you know s**t just got real…The only question I have is if Aaryn made sure each color represented a specific race.


not trying to start a rumor, and if I’m wrong someone can correct me. I think I heard when GM walk in the HOH when Aaryn and Jessie was going through the M&M scenarios, GM said who’s the black one and Aaryn said Candice. again, I’m not trying to be funny but someone verify if that’s what Aaryn said.

production rigged it

You’re right she did say it I heard it too.


no doubt. I knew I heard it. the ignorant shit these people say in the house, it’s not even shocking anymore.


That comment is not bad. I wouldn’t mind being the brown m &m.


I am really tired of the “Andy joins them.” Must he pop up in every conversation. Is no one tired of him showing up if he sees someone is talking too long. That would drive me crazy and out of the room.


Big Deal – NOT!


I hope Candice goes. And of course Amanda. Two of the most annoying Houseguests.


Aaryn is going to get a rude awakening when she leaves the house, because she honestly in her heart doesn’t believe she has said anything wrong. Any apology or statement she gives will not be heartfelt, it will be what the PR person tells her is appropriate to say. Now that Amanda is on the block her true self is coming out as well, and she’s said some pretty despicable things. Most of these houseguests have for that matter. The ugly truth is that racism/anti-Semitism/homophobic views are still a big issue around the globe. Those of us who are surrounded by educated, open minded, good people don’t see or hear it in our daily lives so it’s easy to forget that those ignorant (and by that I mean both definitions of the word) thoughts and people still very much exist. I think that’s one of the reasons we are all shocked and outraged by the behavior of these houseguests. Not to mention the self-indulgent attitudes, and overall disgusting way they live in that house. In my opinion this season is an epic fail.
On a side note, Helen saying we’ll keep Amanda and McCrae until final 5 then get them out…has she watched BB? That plan never works. The one mistake the houseguests ALWAYS make is waiting too long to do something. Mind you we, as viewers have the benefit of seeing and hearing every conversation (thanks of course to the great work of Simon and DAWG) but they all see what’s happening and think they’ll just handle it later. That would be like saying ‘what…there’s a train coming? It’s okay, I don’t have to get off the tracks until I can see the conductor’s face’
I personally can’t wait for this season to either drastically change…or be over.


Very well said!!! And on point too!!! Thank you for the keen insight.

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

candice had poor howard explaining spencer’s amanda plan to her.
it did not sink in. the way she set off helen shows how close helen
is to andy and why i think andy is extremely loyal to helen in return!!!


Blame Judd, blame Judd! BLAME JUDD BLAME JUDD!!



Simon/Dawg??? What happens when u r a havenot and you drink something you shouldnt. ?

This comment hasnt shown yet. So… GM was in SR drinking (something that looked like sprite)
directly out of the bottle while standing infront of open fridge door this morning
Or early early in morning. What is the punishment for this??

Butters Mom

Enzo did that all the time and nothing happened to him… it just depends on how much production likes you!


Hey simon/dawg
Do we know anything else about the alleged comment howard made to amanda? Seems like that would have been a bigger deal. Im hopong for a major blow up tonight.


Even though Aaryn decided not to do the whole evict Candice, my question is ‘How in the world did Candice figure this out?’


Candace is smart. She was the first to figure the all boys alliance. No one ever listens to her though. If she can keep he head in the game and actually had some people that would really be down with her, so would do well. She is one of the smarter girls in the house. However, she is very emotional and lost sight of the fact that she was in a game when her and Howard got close. She was trying to play in the beginning but….. THEY ALL HATED HER FROM THE JUMP. That was when aaryn was on her racist rampage.


It sucks that it’s not amanda they’re gunning for, but in the same token if Candice is gone then amanda will have to focus on Howard again. Either way I hope GM, Spencer, or Jessie win HoH and place Amanda and Helen on block with McCrea as the third nomination. With both Amanda and McCrea on the block let’s see if Amanda will ‘engage’ in campaigning against her fiancé, and let’s hope McCrea see’s his fiancé for what she is an helps ‘deliver’ her out of the house. See what I did there?! But on a serious note Big Brother houseguests need to make bigger/better moves, because it’s too predictable and boring.


I hate that everyone is blaming Judd for everything


I love it…for once it’s not Howard



Did you hate it when it was Howard they blamed for everything?


I don’t think it’s gonna happen…Jessie and gm are too dumb to be able to hide that they’re flipping…one of em will raise suspicion somehow and blow the whole plan…It’s just not gonna happen.

Hoping I’m proven wrong though…


Yeah, no doubt!. But for now it’s wishful thinking.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

have faith

gina is dumb yes so she may struggle, but it should be ok

jess is a smart girl who will be fine

just need judd on board

Roisin Dubh

Boy that Helen is one big dummy. If she even made it to the final 5 which will never happen if Ahandjob stays this week, Keychain, Ahandjob and the red headed kid that can wish people into the cornfield will be the first ones to target her. Anyone that buddies up with a girl that is so nasty leaving period stains on a community couch deserves to get taken out by her. Boy she really wanted Howard bad now didn’t she? Had to go and make up that vicious lie about him because she’s still hurt from him turning her down back at the beginning. One day left, I hope Spencer can flip the house. He needs to tell Aarn that once her HOH is done, that her “alliance” is pretty much done with her. But then again, she let her “alliance” set her up by putting the two black people up and she even knew it would ding her rep. They need to change the Expect the unexpected to Watch what these stupid people do now.


Is it not ridiculous that Jessies whole flip is based on jealousy over Candace hanging
around with Jessies “friends”?
This bitch has no clue about this game, it is unreal.

Actually, same deal with Aryan, jealous that people are talking to Candace.

It really IS surreal, they just don’t understand how to play the game.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

the reasons are that candace got pissed off at jess this week

and for her overall game it makes much more sense to keep howard as he will help jess and judd and co and will target amanda, helen, mccrae, andy, elissa

on a personal level jess is good friends with howard, they hang out, share laughs, joke around, read the bible etc


That makes absolutely no since. If they want to target Amanda… SHE IS ON THE BLOCK! Vote her a$$ out!! It’s jealously more than anything. Jesse always wanted to be accepted by………..anyone. She forget that Candace came in the bedroom and had her back that night with the means girls.


That is your opinion.

However, I just watched Jess cry to Helen on the live feeds about how Candice was stealing
her friends (Elissa, Hellen), and then an hour later she is making plans with Aryan to flip the
vote. BTW, Aryan also was crying because people were being nice to Candice right before this
“flip the vote” meeting happened.

You can believe it is great game play, I see some jealous school girls at work.
Wait….NOT great game play because the dumb B’s immediately changed their minds
and got nabbed anyway….LOL, so no worries!


they may want to vote out amanda or candace, wait and see…it will also depend on judd and spencer

jess isnt jealous of candace, has been friends with her, and candace for whatever reason wont get over the fact jess didnt appreciate candace bullying her about her vote the other day thats all

aaryn and ginas beef with candace is seperate and different to jessies issue with candace, and jess is targeting candace to possibly vote out as she seems like she would target jess after the way candace has acted towards her this week


jess crying to helen…

trying to get helen to clear her name with candace

and trying to make helen think she wasnt that strong with judd

the 4-4 vote plan will lie in waiting to be used even last minute if they can get judd to flip and hopefully get out amanda or candace

at least they are thinking about shaking the game up which is better than what others are doing

if it doesnt happen this week, it will soon, as amanda should keep being put as 3rd nom until evicted


I would rather see Amanda go but I will settle for Candace because Amanda and Helen will flip out that they are not controlling people anymore. Amanda is a huge threat in this game. She lies and pits people against each other like no other. Is the statement about Howard even true about hitting on Amanda? I can’t believe people in the house can’t see what she’s doing in there every week she picks a target then acts like there a huge threat and then everyone is focused on them instead of Amanda. First she became irrationally paranoid about Howard now shes doing the same thing to Judd. On a positive note I am happy to see a girl be so good at this game shes not as good as them but she reminds me of Dr. Will and Dan’s(who in my book are the best players ever in Big Brother) craftiness.


Hmmm, wonder if Spencer gave Howard and Candice the heads up about then trying to evict Candice. Someone definitely had to put a bug in her ear as to what was transpiring, which is interesting, in that Candice may have one true alliance in the house we are not privy too. Any thoughts, Simon or Dawg?


Given Candice’s rant at Spencer earlier I think it’s highly doubtful he would even talk with her let alone give her any information.

Butters Mom

I think Candice has now shown her true “colors”…. no pun intended. She went from weeping in the have not room with no hope… no love… no make up… can’t even take a shower….to an hour later… full make up on and ear rings… big LOUD mean spirited speech … and into the arms of Helen and Elissa announcing how she is intimidating to other women….and right back to spreading lies and trying to start crap in the house. Makes you wonder if production told her what was going on in the HOH with Spencer.

SHE IS SO FULL OF HERSELF SHE STINKS! This is the REAL Candice. I love how all of these people have been so sorry for her… the girl is in pageants… she thinks she’s the SHIT! Maybe her actions outside of the house before she came in caused the KARMA she received once she got there. Maybe she needed to be taken down a notch because she had treated others poorly outside of the house… ya think?!


Judd: They say we’re 98% water. We’re that close to drowning…Judd picks up his glass of water and takes a big gulp. I like to live on the edge…


Is it me or does Amanda look like a duck in that picture above?



Something is up with whatever Howard did say to Amanda.
I find it odd that they go to fish every time it is brought up.


I agree


I think because its not true. ANd what she is accusing him of could really be damaging to him outside the house. Why put it out there if it’s not true?


Judd being blamed for everything was extremely disappointing a day or so ago.

Now it’s bordering on insane funny.

My favorite player is now FU@KED!

OH! I just realized I hate all the rest – well actually Elissa is OK.

!!!SUPPORT ELISSA!!! – who would have thought.


Oh my god, 12:30-1:00 ish in the HOH room-it’s like a drinking game right now.

Drink every time Helen says, “I’m done” (in reference to going after Spencer)

Andy says, “my gut says” (in reference to telling him Howard needs to go)

Man these people talk in circles…I don’t like Aaryn, but I can’t believe she can’t see right through this. I feel like even GM is so over it.


Amanda & Helen are going around bullying people for votes, and these idiots are letting them dictate everything. somebody needs to stand up and give out a few FUCK YOU’S to Amanda & Helen and tell them to play their own game. voting off Howard only benefits Amanda & Helen and their not even HOH. it’s sad seeing these puppets not standing up for themselves. how anyone hasn’t cornered Andy for his shady shit is fuckin’ unbelievable too. Andy has told Amanda & Helen everything and they keep talking game this Opie looking snitch.


from all the turn of events that happening right now, it’s clear as day who these idiots should be voting out. Thursday….AMANDA.. I can’t believe how they don’t stand up to this bitch. Amanda’s on the fuckin’ block and she has everyone in the house feeling like they are on the block. they need to tell Amanda to go fuck herself or go give MC another hand job.


So let me get this straight: Candice decides to have a house meeting and verbally attacks Spencer and says to keep her name out of his mouth. Yes, ma’am. So why did the rest of the house have to be present? She needed an audience? What did I miss? Could she not have done that one-on-one? Anyone got an answer?

pot calling kettle

How about because she is a nasty hate filled racist mean human being that is Candace. Can’t stand her and hope she goes and Howard stays!!!!


Why has Andy’s name ever been brought up as a possible nominee, ever? Everyone else’s has. His – not once.