Amanda says Howard wants to “F*** her” because she’s “F**** hot” .. ” Howard is toast” – Spencer

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


4:25pm Backyard Elissa, Amanda and McCrae

McCrae telling her that sometimes making a scene and “Piping Up” is really bad for their game

Amanda: “How can Howard not go home now… there’s no light “ Amanda and McCrae think they should have a fake fight because after this week them being so close will make them a big target. Amanda doesn’t want to do it while they are on the block. She thinks they should wait to see who the HOH is next week then hatch the plan then.

Amanda: ‘Spencer told me to choke on my spit and die.. That’s like Insane.. I’ve never had to deal with someone like that before”
Elissa: “He’s got like 30 different personalities”
McCrea :”Are you a child.. like who speaks like that.. people sure want to ally with you when you talk like that”

CBS Interactive Inc.


4:39pm Andy, JUDD, McCrae and Jessie
Talking about how boring it is around the house. Talk goes to the Pandora’s box how they think one might be coming soon.


4:43pm HOH Amanda and Aaryn
Amanda saying how perfect Candice’s house meeting was.. She thinks it puts her in a much better spot than last night. Amanda thinks the target is now firmly places on Candice and Spencer, She adds that nobody in the house will join up with Spencer and Candice so the next two weeks should be easy getting them out.
Amanda: “It’s not over yet until the votes.. we still have to me on people”
Aaryn: “If you think Howard will stay over you you’re bat sh!t crazy”
Amanda: “I really think JUDD wanted me to go”
Aaryn: “I do to”

Jessie, Andy, GM and JUDD join them.. Chit chatting..


4:48pm Backyard Elissa, McCrae and Helen
Talking about the week one vote and how Spencer was lying to Helen. Helen says it was awesome that Candice called Spencer out today, “Makes Amanda and Candice look great”
McCrae was a bit worried how it was perceived in the house. Helen tells him not to worry.
Helen: “Anyone in this game that votes to keep Howard or Spencer will go home next”
McCrae says Aaryn is ‘Super Solid” with them. He mentions how there will be a time when she comes after them but not right now.
Helen: “Elissa.. she is not coming after us right now”

Helen mentions how Elissa came into this game with the biggest target on her back and now she’s almost made it to jury. Elissa says it will suck if she’s the first person to go to jury, she would rather just quit and go home.
McCrae thinks there may be a 9 person jury this year points out if that is the case then next week is the first jury member


5:10pm HOH Andy, JUDD and Aaryn Talking about what Howard said during the house meeting. Aaryn thinks he said that because of his pride.


5:11pm Kitchen Andy, Amanda and JUDD
Amanda: ‘He said when we’re both out of here i’m going to f*** the sh!t out of you because you are so f**** hot.. “
JUDD: ‘Huh he said that to you”
Amanda: “I swear to god on my life.. that just creeped me out”
(she’s claiming it was Howard that said this. These comments were not heard on the feeds we’re only going by what Amanda is saying. After Amanda told the superfriends this she went to the Diary room where she apparently telling them)


5:16pm Spencer and Andy
Spencer says the plan to keep Howard was f***d. They agree that Howard is toast. Spencer tells him he wants to get to Jury just as bad as everyone else but he’s not going to chase people around kissing a$$ for just a chance to be in jury.

Spencer: “My fear I will be tarnished to the point where you and JUDD will not talk to me”
Andy: “You’re my friend I don’t care”
S: “Candice should not have done that.. if she wins HOH she’ll put me up I don’t give a sh!t”


5:30pm Backyard Andy, JUDD, Aaryn, McCrae and Helen
They’re chatting about what Howard supposedly said to Amanda about f**** her when they get out of the house because she’s so hot. Sound like they are believing Amanda. JUDD tells McCrae not to worry about it because Howard is just trying to start a fight.

Aaryn saying that Candice was going around telling people she was saying racial slurs when she never once said anything racist.


5:38pm Spencer and JUDD JUDD tells Spencer he cannot work with Howard anymore after what has gone on in the house. Sounds like Howard got mad at JUDD and said things during the house meeting highlighting JUDD talking to certain people in the house.
Spencer: “It’s all good I didn’t think Howard handled it correctly” JUDD adds that he’s tried to work with Howard 3 times and every time he finds out Howard is whispering to someone else making side deals.
Spencer: ‘He’s played a f*-** up game.. ”
JUDD: “He didn’t have to though.. every week he’s scrambling more than the people on the block”
Spencer says he’s not sour he knows he needs to win the HOH or POV next week or he’s going home.
5:52pm JUDD and Spencer at the backyard couch. Spencer is worried the other side will throw a vote onto Amanda and blame it on him. JUDD doens’t think that will happen everyone is too scared to play games like that.
5:55pm HOH Andy, McCrae, GM and Aaryn
They are talking about the things Amanda is accusing Howard of saying.
McCrae thinks it’s his way to get him to freak out and put the target on him.
Aaryn doesn’t think it’s game related she says it doesn’t make sense that Howard would say those things to Amanda and it be for game.
McCrae: “He just wants to bang Amanda”
Aaryn: “Ya” FEEDS switch to the backyard


6:00pm Howard’s new look

CBS Interactive Inc.

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When has Howard ever even come close to saying anything like that? When has Amanda come close to telling anything remotely close to the truth? C’mon people. She wants him out so bad that she is now resorting to this? Amanda Grodner.

The REAL name

So Simon, you believe that Howard said that?


Almost positive he said this.


i dont know if i buy this?? I could see him saying he wanted to fuck her outside of the house but perhaps not meant in a literal sense more in a figurative sense? That was my initial thought..i just find it hard to believe he would say that…


sorry, i didnt mean to swear before…

i dont know if i buy this?? I could see him saying he wanted to f*** her outside of the house but perhaps not meant in a literal sense more in a figurative sense? That was my initial thought..i just find it hard to believe he would say that…


It was 5:10 on camera 3. I have no idea what he might have said – but given how he talked about people lying and what not, going up to Amanda after the house meeting outside and /whispering/ something to her the cameras couldn’t pick up was not the brightest move. So regardless of /what/ he actually said, I’m kinda leaning to the side of whatever it was, he did it to stir things up in a different direction.


What Howard is saying is ,”I realize now that I should have let you bl8*w me, when you asked in week 1.”


Well, Simon if you can’t hear what he/she said. Then why speculate or give the appearance that he may have said it?

As if, all black men want to fuck white women with implants and flat asses. Come on really….

This is not the first time Amanda has alluded to Howard wanting to have sex with her.

Judd's granny

that dam Amanda got her hooks in Simon now! Lord help us!

Nickie Cowell

when I was watching this take place on the live feeds ,when Howard was walking away you could he hear him say good luck to Amanda..she in turn said thank you to him.. They were both laughing I for one do not think he said he wanted to F*u*k Amanda ! And anyone who watch the live feeds knows when Amanda is lying she will always say don’t say anything after she tell a major lie.


No one ever believes the woman in this type of situation, the man is always believed. Why is it so hard to believe he was pissed at her for calling him out at the meeting. She was the only one to call him a liar in front of everyone – it’s not so difficult to believe he could lash out and say something aggressive. It’s not a black and white thing, it’s a male ego thing.


If you & Judd’s Granny actually read what Simon typed you would realize your comments are off-base. Simon was defending Howard & making sure to point out that it was not heard (giving him the benefit of the doubt).


“You cannot hear what was said.” Precisely why we shouldn’t assume anything.


Although you cannot not hear, I doubt he said it. Amanda is very outspoken, had he said what she claims her response would have been something like, WTF. Her eyes would have been open and she would have taken a defensive stance. Of all the pretty and available women in the house, Howard choose her to sexually harrass? I don’t think so.

Actions are everything, so I don’t believe it for a second because of her reaction and past reactions to house guests. What a vicous way to play the game. Some may look at this as playing the game, but what a horrible person she is for doing this. I dont think any other contestants in past seasons stupped this low.

If they don’t get her our now, they are all in risk of letting her win this season. To that point, I would rather CBS cancel the show then to see her win.

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

i presume we must assume Amanda never strategically situationally lies or does a spin~doctor routine?
if we all go into divide and conquer and/or divide and rule, is she saying this to really jinx poor candice?
if howard has the “hots” for candice & is basically monogamous, odds are the remark is something else!


What reason would Howard have to whisper something to Amanda? She just called him a liar in front of everyone.


Even if Howard thought it, I don’t believe he would ever say it either. I mean really why. what’s in it for him? It’s the worse game move ever if he’s trying to stay in the house. He already knows whether he accepts it or not he’s the one most likely going home so what does he hope to gain by doing this getting sent home twice when he can only be evicted once? The only POSSIBLE reason is because he knows she would repeat it, and then he would deny it, but even with that again I don’t think he said it. Why else would diary room call her in then she comes out like a child that was just scolded by her teacher and told to go sit in time out?

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

if you look at the game, each time there is a bad bogus rumor out there, Amanda has benefited.
Judd did not win MVP this week, and Elissa did not put herself up, so if Howard said something
totally different, she WANTZ Candice to rethink Howard’s actions!!! Amanda has been known to
give the rumors she didn’t create added “legs” let alone positioning her own opines to an effect.
if Andy’s game is to draw in gossip and sometimes leave rumors behind, he has also played into
Amanda’s game from time to time. Howard is the ‘glue’ that has Spencer and Candice on the same
side. I do think Judd may make it to the JURY but he’s going to be jumped & landed on most totally!


The worst game move ever? Even for Howard? Don’t forget that Howard has done nothing but stupid moves in this game. And he’s a liar. Why is everyone so convinced he wouldn’t say that?


lol bitter dipshit fans. WHO GIVES A ****IF IT IS A LIE. ITS BIG BROTHER! I would be doing the same exact shit. Get real everyone Amanda is beast this season and is completely controling this house. So tired of all these baby back bitches crying demanda this demanda that.. she is a good game player. Period.


True it’s a game, but some things you don’t say about people that you no are a lie. Could it be she’s that insecure in herself that she has to always be the center of attention? IF he did say it she must have consented, because she could be heard saying thank you to him, but then again, if he did say that, what does a response like thank you have to do with it? She’s nuts, not a beast. Her lies are all about her insecurities. She needs to get over herself.


For 500,000 I will say just about anything in that house.. Get real

Ted Marie

So you’re saying for $500,000.00 you would just about say anything? Just curious if you would actually say what Amanda is accusing Howard of saying to her?


I find it a lot more acceptable to lie for game play than for someone to come in with their high and mighty religious beliefs and then lie.

Also the comments about not wanting to presume because it wasn’t heard is so ,much BS. I don’t know if he said it or not but if we are going to insist that something must be heard, then most of the comments on the site are invalid. Lets not make silly rules to fit your situation.


since you are gonna call me a baby back bitch, i’m gonna call you a hate filled pathetic loser who apparently likes to glorify someone just like himself, regardless of all the violence the real bitch (demanda) wishes on people.


She’s a gamer. Call her what you want but Amanda is playing the GAME. Something I come to see. I want to see people EARN that $.


You’re right, gamer. Amanda is playing the game better than anyone else. She’s very funny, and sometimes vulgar – which apparently causes many people to dislike her. Whatever – she’s playing a game. She knows she is going to have to lie to stay in the game and she admits to it. She’s stirring things up in a way that will benefit her and her alliance. SMART.

Howard, on the other hand, is a liar. He brought a bible in to swear on, and then lied. He’s ducks and dodges truth in conversations and won’t look people in the eye. When he’s finished talking, no one really knows precisely what he said. Then he hides behind Candice. THAT is why the others want to vote him out. He’s had one of the worst game plays that I’ve seen on BB.


Agreeing with qk – not sure where gamer came from ….


Yes, correct, Amanda’s a beast this season! She does not compete like a beast, but if you consider a bedbug a beast ,than your are correct, she’s a BEAST!,


What you have to remember is IT IS JUST A GAME… Making up lies that can potentially ruin someones life is unacceptable and Amanda should have been kicked off the show once production called her in, she’s crazy who makes up lies about someone who’s done nothing to you…I hope just by the act of god something happens and Amanda walks through that door tomorrow night big brother has been rewarding the wrong people Amanda is just as ignorant as Aaryn and even worse to make a claim that could ruin Howard’s reputation not only in the house but outside of it as well…I’m sickened that she would do such a thing… I thought Amanda was a good player…but she’s just an arrogant sick bitch who needs to be EXPELLED not evicted


Wow, Candice outed as a racist and now Howard. I do not think Howard would say that especially since it is coming out of the racist Amanda’s mouth, but do think Candice is racist after what she said about Spencer. Cannot stand Spencer but wow if Spencer had said Candice’s black a** all of America would of been on the racist wagon so why is Candice saying it about the white population any different. Candice outed herself by that comment for the racist that she is and wonder if Chen will air that on the Talk or CBS air it on BB. Hey if you are going to call all the white house guests racists then what is good for one is good for the other label Candice a Racist too!!!!


Racism doesn’t only belong to some. Those types of remarks shouldn’t be made by anyone. It doesn’t excuse the fact that some people have made racist remarks about Candice, and it’s equally wrong for Candice to say that considering she knows how it feels to be on the receiving end of such attacks. Julie didn’t call Aaryn out for saying anything, they did however show the comments Aaryn said. And they probably had no choice but to show them after their Blogs blew up from people complaining to CBS about the remarks before the show even aired. They complained based on the live feeds they saw. Now whether they show Candice’s remarks that remains to be seen. Maybe people should complain on their Blogs about Candice and they will.


The fact that you got 78 downvotes shows there are a lot of racists here as well.


Candice is Biracial being racist would mean she hates her mother


Amanda is fuckin’ stupid for even trying to make up a story about Howard like that. this season has officially gone to the garbage. there’s way to use lies on people to socially get a game advantage, but this right here is appalling and flat out disgusting. anyone who thinks this is entertaining needs to get their head examined.


Oh my gosh, did anyone hear what Gina Marie just called asians? She called them gooks, sorry about spelling, and wonder if Julie Chen which she should gets upset about that or lets it go like Candice making her racist little comment. It will be interesting and if she will comment on the Howard “so called” comments?


She’s so ignorant it’s almost sad.

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

GM is like an aging fossil from
a time out of mind forgettable
and forgotten era. painfully so!


GM is the future of America. Get used to it.

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

admittedly there could be a post-apocalyptic Sci~Fi movie in the works where
some mob group puts society back together after a total collapse of the economy
that has GinaMarie being like an earthy “R” rated rewrite of Judy Holliday’s cute
character from THE SOLID GOLD CADILLAC(1956) where the past is the future!


As a veteran teacher of almost 20 years, I will agree – based upon what I’ve encountered in my classroom over the years – that Gina Marie IS indeed a representative of the future of America. The ignorance, the intolerance of diverse racial/ethnic/religious groups and sexual orientations, combined with the inability to grasp the English language, are “symptoms” of the “Gina Marie-itis” we’re seeing on BB this season. Most of the contestants suffer from “Gina Marie-itis”. It is NOT a syndrome that should be attributed to the failure of the American education system (although our schools do leave a lot to be desired nowadays). Rather, these people think, act, and speak in ways that reflect their upbringings! Who are the first “teachers” that children experience? From whom do toddlers learn their first words? From whom do kids learn proper manners (or not)? Who shows kids how to behave at the dinner table, in the supermarket, on the playground or at church? AT HOME, kids learn social skills and how to relate properly (or improperly) to others. Children learn about hate and bigotry AT HOME first. In their homes, kids hear their first racial slurs or blanket statements about certain groups of people. Children acquire language skills and learn to speak correctly (or not) by first listening to and repeating their parent(s). The schools cannot “undo” what children learn at home. These BB contestants ARE simply a representative sample of the young adults who will be running our country soon. Their skewed ways of thinking and speaking simply mirror the way that they were raised. How sad.


That should be a haiku.


Hitler called from the firey depths of HELL and wants his bitches back…BB needs to step in and pull these women off of live t.v Why do they give these losers a platform to spit out their racial hatred? I am so tired of feeling sick and hurt over this crazy shit. I am a white girl with blond hair and they do not speak for me. I want to vomit after reading the comments from GM,Amanda, and Aaryn. Wish they would pull them and replace them with David,Nick and Jeremy.


As much as I am usually annoyed by the constant “naggers” of BB seasons, I am afraid I have to join in on the giant *sigh* this year. As I have declared on other threads, I was actually an Amanda fan for many weeks…but after I became a “live feeder” I have found complete disdain for her. I, like many others, am finding it hard-pressed to find a favorite this season. I have never enjoyed “floaters” but I have realized this season Id rather root for a sorry game player than an aggressive bigot. Amanda has shown her a$$, she is as ignorant as anyone in the house. I believe she is a more cognizant, less naive racist than Aaryn. After weeks of watching the live feeds (first time live feed subscriber) I wonder how many other previous HG, I rooted for due to haphazard CBS edits?

I truly believe Aaryn doesn’t believe she is a racist, her continued “jokes” about herself being a racist really show that. Amanda on the other hand, knows shes hate-filled, but seems to have a better grasp of reality TV production and how to curb her image for the intended audience. This latest “Howard wants to $%*@ me, is just……..I have no words. And I am a supporter of lying in the BB house. Given all of the context of this season however, it makes me feel as if we are back in era of “hang the black man because he will rape our white women”. Certain “lies” are too-much, when they affect someones life, job or character outside the CBS studio, I think it’s too much. And as good of a grasp as Amanda has on Reality TV, I think she knows exactly what she is doing to Howard & “Greasy Nappy Haired Candice”….and no I am not just an Amanda “hater”..I truly dislike most of the entire cast this season and the few that haven’t disgust me still may be some of the worse BB players in the history of the game.

I know it will not happen, but I think the greatest thing CBS could do would be to gather the HG, put Julie’s face on that TV and literally embarrass the hell out of them all. I couldn’t think of a more life-changing moment for these people than Julie saying “You know what House Guests, this show is about expecting the unexpected and…well… most of you have been already or will be fired from your real jobs and you have all been such a disgrace that America just evicted every last one of have just minutes to gather all of your belongings and walk out that door”….And have every last one of them walk out to a completely silent room, no audience, no Julie…


Omg that would be brilliant. Get rid of all the bigots (Amanda, Aaron, GM and in some cases Spencer). Get rid of all the floaters (Judd, Jessie, Andy, Elissa). Get rid of people who should know better but have terrible social game (Candace). Guess that leaves Helen and McCrae…. Eh, get rid of them for being annoying by association.

Zingbot Fan

A little advice for Howard. If this rumor about Amanda is true…WRAP IT UP…TWICE.


I forgot to enter my name in my above comment. Thanks for all the ‘logical thinkers.’ 🙂 Peace


Whatever Howard said to Amanda she responded positively to him by laughing and thanking him.


How else do you reply to that? She’s trying to be nice after a pervert sexually harassed her.


It makes perfect sense he would say that. It’s a new tactic to try to get on Amanda’s good side to try to save himself.


Both Allison Grodner and Amanda are Jewish. What are you trying to say?


I don’t know what to believe! Would Howard actually say that ?


more major zzzzzzz. nothing changes. too many sheep.

but thank you dawg and simon for making a website to where we dont have to watch the show or the feeds due to disgust, but can still root for the demise of demanda.


There was talk in the house about investing and what they would do with the 500k if they won.

GM says I will fix my teeth, buy a car and send my family on vacation and invest the rest. Aaryn asks her what she would invest in because she wants to learn.
GM says that to make the really big money you need to invest in new companies and ideas. For instance she once invested 5K with a friend that invented powdered water. She still has a sample at home but isnt sure what she needs to add to it.


Candice is keeping it real – real stupid. She keeps ‘threatening’ to win. Ok Candi – we’ll be over here waiting for that to happen ’cause Lord knows your fat a$$ is in great shape.


Well Howards screwed. So does anyone have a favorite houseguest by now or are yall just waiting for BBCanada or next season?


We gone with that stealth candidate . GM!..GO GM!..GO GM!

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

nick im going for jess and judd or anyone not named amanda

also enjoying bb uk and bb australia right now

bb canada should be awesome


I called this season done as soon as I saw the cast. Waiting for God to strike these racist bitches dead on the spot…and waiting for next season. Never watched a Canadian BB, but that could be fun! When? Where?


I think Amanda has been in the house too long…..she’s suffering from “delusions of grandure” or whatever ! LOL


I have a really hard time believing Howard said this. If Amanda is lieing about this it is truly time for her to go. This is getting too ridiculous.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

of course she made it up

she is jealous that howard likes candace and rejected amanda

and wants to destroy the howard/candace relationship to make the rest of candaces time in the house even more difficult


Now i REALLY believe that Amanda wanted Howard and this is why she has been so fixated on him, because he didn’t want to have anything to do with her. I don’t believe he said that for 1 minute. She is making it up. The mics heard GM whisper n*gg*r Insurance but that can’t get Howard, who has a deeper voice whispering? C’mon now? this goes back to slavery day. White women make advances at the black man and when he turns her down, she screams rape! I know i will get the thumbs down, but it’s true. Look it up! Amanda is the one that said in front of a room full, including MCrea, that she could have his BIG BLACK D*CK if she wanted and thats whyCandace was made at her. First she described it as “BIG BLACK D*CK… very telling. Then she has so little respect for her keychain , she says in in front of him and and several other hg’s.. WHY? But she loves McCREA?? PLEASE!!!!


My sentiments exactly …

The New Danger

I always knew she secretly wished it was Howard who won HOH 1st, she saw the trouser snake, but she didn’t want to hurt McCrae’s feelings, in the same way she did when she told everyone how much she lives on “$200k”…

Hm, I wonder have any “showmance” ever cheated in the BB house? That would be some great TV.


I have a special and little known talent where I can undress men with my eyes…Howard is packing! So Amanda may have peeped over or under a shower stall for her confirmation, but I know he’s hung. Also, when he wears his grey sweatpants you can basically see what his daddy gave him. Anyhow, Amanda’s disgusting and I do think Howard was meaning “figuratively f-ing” her


Name, I felt the exact same way when I read this. I think you are spot-on.

The New Danger

Amanda is CLEARLY lying, Howard wouldn’t say anything remotely like that, if he was that type of person he would grilled the mean girls hardcore for what they did week 2. The man is already heading out the door get over him already Amanda, GODDAMN.

The New Danger

* would’ve


Alot of folks are very incredulous that he said those words, simply due to Amanda’s long rap sheet of rape and murder comments, usually in some obscene detail.

Aaryns negative personality

Omg stfu Aaryn Every day you are trying to defend your racist comments. you said it there is video evidence please shut up thanks have a nice day. Maybe when you get out the house I can date you then break your heart for fun bye bye.


AMANDA is the puppet master behind all of this . She told them to keep telling Candace stuff early the night before on the feed she clearly says get Candace upset more .

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

adderal and grodner are puppetmastering amanda


to be honest it seems highly unlikely Howard would have said that to Amanda and that she would have kept it to herself for so long and that it was not caught on tape. plus Howard never curses that much, not like that.

My question is…. who the hell casted this season. it seems they got a bunch of people whose main goal is to get to jury. very few of them seem interested in winning half a million….that’s so weird. Plus its like watching a really bad movie. there’s no one to like, there’s no one to root for, and in a funny way you don’t care how it ends, you just want it to end.

Plus how come Amanda is in charge. she hasn’t won anything. and seems unlikely that she will.


How do you know Howard wouldn’t say that? He’s a liar and he’s a player. And he’s a phony hiding behind a bible and a woman with a ready womb.

Amanda’s in charge because she’s GOOD AT THIS GAME. Deal with it!

Bb fan

Are you serious. Amanda needs to get over herself. She is not attractive at all. A 5/10 is what I would rate her. Every girl in the house is more attractive except maybe Gina Marie. Howard would not touch her, this is an attempt by her to make Howard look like a freak and she needs to get over her obsession with him.


I am so sick of amanda and her little minions everything she says its believeable .. She trying to pull a judd trying to put a lie on howard like how judd lied on katlin she’s a carbon copy


that sucks because we will never really know. if Amanda is telling the truth, then we don’t know howard at all. but its reaaaally hard to believe her. maybe she misheard what he said.


maybe howard was talking in circles and metaphors and she got confused…


Here’s what Howard said: ” Amanda IF you are so f-ing hot, just wait til I get out of here and really F u! Your not gonna know what happened to your ass when I’m done with you…and I look forward to it” … by the way he said the same exact thing to Aaryn and GM.


Hey Aaryn we all heard you and GM making racial comments about Candice and Helen, so don’t try to play the innocent now. I wonder if BB staff told her to cool the racist stuff or she would be going home?


Well Candice just made racial comments too and bet money she would deny that she did too!!! Label a Candice too along with Aaryn, but wow got say that the label fits GM who used the N word and Amanda just because she is!


No sweetie you wished he said that to you!!!!!!!!!!! Such a desperate woman, you should be ashamed of yourself.


funny how ppl are actually believing Amanda — why would Howard, after all this time, and during this specific time..say this to Amanda of all people — she’s shaped like sponge bob and is very butch.. If I was a guy she’d be the last on my totem pole to consider fucking in that house LOL

but these sheep believe it because he’s the big scary black guy — unreal — these racists really take the cake

i wish they’d use their God given brains and not sit here being spoon fed what to think and feel by this Spongebob shaped demon named Amanda


Don’t forget to add that we didnt hear exactly what Howard said, but we heard Amanda say “Thank you” after whatever was whispered — now if she was so threatened that she had to run to the DR because “she didnt’ feel safe” why in the HELL would you say ‘thank you?’

Amanda makes shit up in her head — she really wants to fuck Howard but he doesn’t give her the time of day…she reminds me of Jodi Arias — that crazy murderer ..everything she said was the exact opposite of what really went on in her life — she was obsessed is amanda


I think you watch too much Nancy Grace.


Using their god given brains would require having a brain in the first place


honestly I thought it was possible because howard is a man, not because howard is a black man….sigh.


……..this is effing boring……..


Dear fans:

Listen and listen carefully or else! Your are no longer allowed to submit or suggest any opinions that may be damaging to my game.


The New Danger

Not to mention Amanda would be crying her eyes out of a man say some shit like that to her, in a similar matter to what Elissa *truthfully* said about her looking like a “stripper” on McCrae’s B-day. She’s just making sure the house doesn’t flip.

Butters Mom

If Howard did say that to Amanda than all the praying and Christian talk and trying to maintain an image that would make his church and community proud was for not….

If Howard didnt say that, then Amanda is a SICK individual to say he did. Lets see if Candice calls him out for it and if he admits it or not. lol


Amanda your not hot get over yourself


what did amanda do shit andy out of her ass i tired of these people doing what she say in spencer you go boy tell her the fuck off if i was there i tell her off too you dont run me im incharge of my game im not going to hand it to you you have to take it from me dont get me wrong i like women but im not kissing your ass like everybody else is in when i win hoh i dont need you to tell me to put up cause i will put you up amanda an your shit andy you know simon


LOL – punctuation is a good thing.


You don;t read much poetry, do you?


lol why is Amanda even saying this now? If it in fact it was said, which I doubt. And what would be the point of Howard even saying that to her?! lol such a joke

i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

its aimed at Candice. Howard lied to Helen about Nick’s MC.
if everything Howard has said to Candice now goes under
a total jealousy microscope, she won’t be open to Howard’s
cues when Spencer getz his ducks in a row. It jinxes Candice.


Come Wednesday or Thursday, Amanda is going to get the good edit and make Howard a master that deserves to get evicted. PLUUUUEASSSEEE
BB makes me sick with the how witty and likeable Amanda is.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

when i see amanda in the diary room i want to smash my tv with a baseball bat


Lets get Amanda out let’s get Amanda out! !!!! It’s worth repeating 🙂


if she was so threatened by Howie’s comment — why would she say “thank you” afterwards

This lady is bat shit who self medicates with adderall – she needs to fall off into the ocean when she goes back to florida — in fact taket he entire state of Florida with her — they are so fucked up down there …must be the water


Almost as fucked up as Texas (Jeremy, Aaryn & Jessie).


Almost as fucked up as Texas (Jeremy, Aaryn & Jessie).

Judd's granny

could you repeat that?

Butters Mom

I dont know where you are from but narrow mindedness must be your “state theme” if you are going to lump an entire state together with the representation of 3 people.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

i understand jeremy and aaryn were poorly behaved but dont include jess in that, she is perhaps the nicest most respectful person in the house and representing texas well


I guess Howard couldn’t resist…perhaps all the period stains she left around the house made her irresistible to any straight man


McCrae: “He just wants to bang Amanda”

MC, please stop it already. nobody wants that hairy beast of yours.

Sad about big brother

Amanda is a disgusting person. Yes she is playing the game, but I think you can do that without being disgusting like she is. She thinks she is hot s*** but she is not.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

i think she is going to be SHOCKED when she sees what people think of her…even moreso than aaryn

Sad about big brother

I think she will too. She thinks she is on top of the fan list for America. I am with you, let’s vote for every week till she goes. However I think CBS might not let America vote now since we picked the golden child to go up on the block.

I know she is playing the most game in the house, but her unnecessary personal attacks are stupid. Bb has clued Aaryn in on people thinking she is racist. Wonder if they have clued Amanda in on how much a lot of fans dislike her.


Just because dude packs a bible around doesn’t mean he can’t be a nasty dog.


“Aaryn saying that Candice was going around telling people she was saying racial slurs when she never once said anything racist.”
Aaryn is a joke LOL


BET MONEY Candice would deny, deny, deny that she just made a racial comment but hey SHE DID!!! If going to call one of them out call them both out.


RO your getting thumbs down on the truth. Looks like Aaryn has denied saying anything racist so much that now the people on OBB are starting to believe her. How soon we forget. The tape is the tape though.


Amanda, Howard is leaving. However, that’s not good enough for you. I don’t believe for a second that Howard said something like that to you. When would he have supposedly said something like that? Maybe it was in Week 2 when he was advocating that MC get rid of you. Even the wording used don’t feel like something Howard would say. Now you bring it up, but you tell McCrae that’s Howard way of trying to pick a fight with him. Howard who has walked away from every possible confrontation, is trying to start a fight over Amanda. Wow!


If Amanda made that up, she has taken it way too far! I really don’t like the sleazy bunch in this house. Not enjoyable to watch anymore. The racists comments and the vicious lies.


She’s definitely twisting the fuck out of his words

Team Elissa

Team Ellissa Yo, even though she has had her moments also, but out of mcrae,amanda,helen and ellissa I would root for ellissa and maybe mccrae

VA Vet

I hope Judd and Jesse are still there to mop the floor with all four of them.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

yeah judd and jess



i admire Hunter Thompson's duende, moxie and gonzo

thahhh pizza boy becuz he NEEDz the jury money bread!!!
i do feel Amanda’s departure will shatter any civility inside
Helen’s many alliances, becuz Amanda is brilliant at spinZ.
Helen has my sympathy too… and then finally Elissa becuz
Big Sis is a HUGE positive & negative for her eventual game.
i hope Spencer gets Amanda out Thursday, somehow, even
if 2 evictionZ happen lightening fast on them. mcCrae = wus!

Dog Days

Sadly it will be Helen/Elissa. Can’t get over my hate for Amanda. Need that Brenchal army to start gathering the troops.

Mississippi Girl

Can we pick Elissa without Helen. I guess if I had to take the couple it’d be them. Amanda is so nasty. I can’t watch After Dark live cause I can’t fast forward through her ‘scenes’.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

its interesting to me as most here have only recently not liked amanda the last 2 weeks or so but i have not liked her from the outset, from her very first diary room trying way too hard to be funny and failing and bitching about and bullying jess in the first week and ever since…her first racist moment i saw of her was her racist asian song in week one

now i see that many many people cannot stand her to the point she may be the most disliked house guest of all time, and she just keeps digging a hole for herself deeper and deeper, way, way down

Sad about big brother

Why does Amanda cry when people comment on her appearance? If you want people to judge you, STOP walking around practically naked!!!!!! I am petty insecure about my body, so I would NEVER do some of the things she does. She needs to get over herself.

Please someone tell Judd about Amanda’s plan so he can flip the house. Please male this Thursday interesting.


It won’t get to that point, every idiot in the house are being manipulated by Amanda. She will get helen out soon because she’s doesn’t like competition.


I’m hoping for the pinky swear alliance.


Judd says I miss my dog. His name is Stay. It’s fun to call him…
“Come here, Stay! Come here, Stay!” He went insane. Now he just ignores me

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

ha ha judd is a pretty funny dude at times

Johnny (the european one!)

IF Howard said anything remotely like that, it must have been his way to MAKE SURE they’d vote him out like he promised to Candice.
I really believe now that he has no interest in remaining in this house: he doesn’t see a possibility to win, and after the fight with Candice where she accused him of plotting to get her evicted, he might have thought that just politely asking the others to vote him out wouldn’t be enough…
Still, IF he said something along those lines, it was a very clumsy move… But then again, his BB game so far has been exactly that. clumsy.
– OR Amanda thought if JUDD can make up stuff about Kaitlyn to get her out, so does she… 😉


He assured it during the town meeting by thanking certain people and saying others were scared. This cast does not like town meetings.


Amandas ass is as equally disgusting as Spencer shirtless


After Judd and Elissa leave I’m done with this season. Everyone sucks and I can’t stand the four people running the house Amanda/McCrae/Helen/Andy.


What up with Howard new look?


Amanda just wants the D from Howard it’s clearly obvious lol


Ooohhh How I wish Aaryn would be Amanda’s downfall!!!!


Amanda ” Spencer told me to choke on my spit and die.. That’s like Insane.. I’ve never had to deal with someone like that before”
Really Amanda? Didn’t she said she hopes candice falls with her tweezer in hand a puck an eye out. Whatever. I’m so over this fake and BB for editing her
To be the next Jeff and Jordan. Pleaseeeee

No No No

Jeff and Jordan was horrible also but no big brother had to shove them down your throat every week. I was very happy when mr technotronics lost a clown shoe and was sent home


So Helen hears of how Judd made up a fake rumor of Kait going after Helen..and she makes the same mistake..tells Andy that Judd came to her today to reconfirm taking out Amanda sometime soon (which is a complete lie)..Very smart Helen..very smart telling Andy about this..of course he will keep it to himself for five minutes (that’s a loong time for him)
Judd WHY WHY WHY did you have to call yourself out!!! Aaarrrgggghhhh!!!!

And actually people think its karma on Judd’s part..well Judd did panic because Helen felt so sorry for Howard and that comes off as shady..and how she approached Judd about taking out she just loaded the whole lie on his back..Geezz..poor boy won’t BREATHE


instead of jumping to conclusions and calling people names maybe we should just wait and see who said what. howard could be playing the game if he did say that to her, because she would probably go around telling people he said it and then if he denys it people might start looking at amanda differently. He’s got nothing to lose. On the other hand Amanda would have a ton to lose by just out right lying and making that comment up. if she did, shes gone too far overboard in this game. either way attacking amanda isnt making you look good just like her attacking people doesnt make her look good.


Now it’s just getting crazy …. 16 people 2 blacks 1 Asian rest white what do you expect … You think they were ever gonna get a fair shake at winning really .. The racism and people saying it was taken out of context ??? I mean really … Big brother is AMERICA for all to see …. Even the ones who see it going on are too scared to speak up to fix this situation …. Boy if these to black “tokens” where sayin honkey, clan , Jew , redneck or slut … Bill O’rielly would be going nuts … Quite fitting the Blonde Hitler send the “big threat” black man home…

My big brother experience this year correct me when I’m wrong
16 people 13(privileged) 3(minorities) …. I guess that’s fair representation
Little white blonde says some of the most racist shhhh on reality history (Amanda a close second)
Pizza guy wins … Well gifted 1st HOH …. Amandwhore pounces and blinds the pizza guy with her whorish acts hence breaking up MC
They (McRae , and amandslut then lay claim to HOH bed and bark orders out and everyone listens
Andy, and Judd still can’t figure out what there part in game is so they just report everything there hear even if it was better for their game
Jesse (arguably hottest in house) wants showmance can’t find one … Settles for below average red neck Judd( name self explanatory )… Want to be like whore aMANdughh…
GM just sucks
… Just to add insult to injury Amanda says Howard wants to f@$k her … Yeah f@@king right !!!!

Make it more fair next time … Really and do a better job not casting 10 nazis

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

nobody wants to be like amanda

trust me


Sorry Amanda. Wishful thinking. Men are not attracted to you. Pizza boys, however-apparently a different story.


they are the new milkman. Always question why your pizza is late.


idc what anyone says i think she definitely wants Howard. What a scumbag she is. they probably wont show this on CBS. Wouldn’t want to hurt their little angel Amanda’s image