Judd is a sketchy FU*K! Andy says he is terrifying me right now, he needs to go!!

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Howard, Candice, Amanda (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie

CBS Interactive Inc.


2:10pm -2:15pm Andy and Helen are in the storage room talking. Helen asks Andy what happened last night. Andy says that Judd basically got caught. Andy says that Judd said that Jessie was fu*king up his game. Andy says that Judd said that Howard was lying and made it up but then half an hour later he told me that Jessie told him the plan. Andy says that he questioned why Judd said Howard first and then changed to say Jessie. Andy says and then I called him out on it again later. Andy says that Judd said he got his conversation with Helen mixed up with Jessie. Andy says questioned that and then Judd freaked out and said quit putting things in my mouth!!!! Andy says I said I wasn’t trying to call him out I was just questioning it. Andy says I fear that on Thursday it is going to happen and we are going to be the minority. Helen asks what Aaryn said. Andy says that Aaryn is still on board with voting out Howard even if there is a tie vote. Andy says that he thinks Judd made it all up and says that he needs to go. He is trying to cover his tracks. Andy says that if I get HOH next week I would put up Spencer and Candice. But maybe not we need the numbers. Helen says no put up Jessie and Spencer. They talk about how Judd needs to go. Andy says if one of them gets MVP we are fu*ked. We need to get HOH this week. Helen says I think Judd and Jessie both need to go up. Andy says we can’t let anyone know we are thinking this. Andy worries Ginamarie and Aaryn are working with him. Helen says that Judd was the one that came up with the plan to keep Aaryn by saying Kaitlin was after me. Helen says I knew we should have gotten Aaryn out last week. Andy says that he still thinks Aaryn will vote out Howard if it’s a tie. Helen and Andy leave the storage room. Aaryn says that I am not going to lie I had a 1 second brain fart that it might be good to vote the bit*h out. Aaryn swears that she won’t and that she is voting out Howard if its a tie.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des


2:30pm In the storage room Amanda and Andy are talking. Andy says that he really thinks Judd needs to go. I think that he is working with them. Amanda says that she doesn’t think so. Andy says I hope not because if it is we are fu*ked! We will see at the vote tomorrow. Andy says he doesn’t see how Gina and Aaryn would go against us we she knows she can trust. Amanda doesn’t think they would go with them. Elissa comes in and Amanda leaves. Andy talks to her about how he is worried about the votes tomorrow. Andy says he doesn’t think that Aaryn would turn on us who she can trust to work with Howard and Spencer who she can’t trust. Elissa says yeah that would be nuts! They leave the storage room.

CBS Interactive Inc.

2:35pm Amanda goes up to the HOH room. Amanda says she is coming to her first because Andy/McCrae think you are working with Judd. Aaryn says Judd wants Howard out. He thinks we are working together but he wants Howard out. Amanda says that Judd told me nothing about the secret alliance. It wasn’t until later when Andy told me about it. Aaryn says that she already knew that Judd was being sketchy. That he was trying to conjure up something this week. I didn’t confront him about it because he would be even more sketchy. There is no way he can get the votes anyways. Amanda says that Jessie said that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Judd anymore because he lies and doesn’t fill me in on anything. Amanda talks about the Kaitlin lie that Judd made up. Amanda thinks Judd would talk Andy to the final two. Meanwhile in the lounge room – Andy tells McCrae that Judd needs to go. We will see how the votes go and if the votes aren’t for Howard then I will get HOH and put Jessie and Aaryn up and back door Judd. He is terrifying me right now, he needs to go. McCrae agrees. McCrae thinks Judd is MVP. They are worried about Judd winning HOH and having MVP. McCrae heads up to the HOH room.


3:10pm Amanda continues to talk to Aaryn about how she knows Aaryn wouldn’t work with shaddy a$$ Judd/Howard/Spencer. Aaryn says she wouldn’t work with them. Amanda asks if she made a final two with him or if he asked her to do anything fishy or shaddy. Aaryn says no. If he told me anything fishy I would have told you. Amanda says that I will go get Elissa to solidify that you aren’t working with Judd. Elissa comes up and Amanda fills her in. Aaryn says that she isn’t doing anything sketchy and says that Judd slips up and tells her information sometimes but that’s it. Andy says he is happy to hear it because he was worried say would work with Judd and couldn’t understand why should would. Aaryn says I trust all of you. She says I am not going to lie she freaked me the fu*k out when I put Candice on the block and she was happy. Aaryn says that if she hears anything she will tell the three of you (Amanda, Andy, McCrae). Aaryn comments that Jessie thinks we are close too when we aren’t. Aaryn says that Judd trusts me right now and if he gets wind of this he won’t tell me any more information. Amanda says that Judd wanted you here for his own reasons. Aaryn says that she never thought he wanted her here of purely selfish reasons. They think Judd has MVP.


3:20pm Up in the HOH room – Aaryn comments that Helen saying once jury comes it is game on, worries her. Amanda agrees. Helen joins them. Helen says that Judd talked to her about how Jessie is ruining his game. She says that he asked if she would put up Jessie because she says he said he couldn’t do it. Amanda brings up how there were up here for an hour last night trying to figure out where Candice got it in her head. Aaryn says that she thinks Jessie was trying to lure me down a hole because she wants me out. Helen says that Jessie definitely wants you out. She has told me that. Jessie joins them. Andy comes back up to join them. The conversation turns to talking about random things.

CBS Interactive Inc.
3:30pm – 4pm Jessie leaves the HOH room. Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Aaryn and Helen continue to talk about Judd being sketchy. Helen comments that in the end she won’t vote on who her friend is, she will vote on who played the best game. She says that even if you floated through the game, if you were loyal I will happily give you the $500,000. Andy tells Aaryn that she has aligned with the most loyal people in the house. Aaryn brings up how she didn’t like that Howard called us all Indians. He said that he respected Ginamarie and McCrae and that is why Gina got up and shook his hand after the house meeting. Helen tells McCrae that Judd wants to evict McCrae once they get to jury because he thinks you are a vote for Judd to win. Helen says but Judd is’t even going to make it to jury. Elissa joins them. They fill her in on how they think Judd is working with Howard and Spencer. Aaryn says if you guys put Judd up next week I will gladly vote him out. I don’t want to put him up because he worked hard to keep me here. Helen says that’s okay, you have a lot of blood on your hands. I will put him up and if he gets off he can come after me. I will beat him at any numbers game. They talk about how Judd wants to work with them because he thinks they are jury vote for him. Helen says that key to this is we have to keep this a secret from Judd and Jessie to surprise them. Aaryn says if anyone thinks I am going against you guys please ask me because I am not that stupid to go against you guys. Aaryn says how she realized Spencer was manipulative was how he would wait until I drank alcohol to come and get information from me but I would never give him anything. Helen says we need to get out Judd, Jessie, Howard, Spencer. Aaryn says that she doesn’t want Candice in jury because she manipulates people in how to think like how she manipulated you guys to think I was a racist. She screwed me with the racist thing and if when I get out and I have to deal with that… I will have to deal with it forever! I cannot have her in the jury still talking about that. Andy says that’s fine lets get her out next. Helen says welcome to jury Spencer. Helen says if I get HOH I am putting up Candice and Judd. Helen tells Aaryn that Judd is going to be so pissed that you are going to make it so much farther than he will when he worked to save you.

4:05pm – 4:15pm Judd, Amanda and McCrae are in the bathroom. Amanda leaves. Judd asks McCrae what he’s been up to? McCrae says a whole lot of nothing. They talk about tomorrows HOH being the endurance wall. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Candice and Howard are cooking. Amanda joins them to make food as well.



CBS Interactive Inc.

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It’s simply appalling seeing all of these vile housemates going along with the laughable narrative that Judd is super shady and needs to go. Most of these vultures know that Judd is innocent but why go against a fake narrative which ultimately gets a popular housemate out the door. A self-interested feeding frenzy is currently going on in the BB house and poor Judd is being eaten live.

But maybe after last night’s disgusting Amanda inquisition where you had Aaryn forced to watch that control freak bitch Amanda – with her muppet boyfriend by her side – dictating what goes, in Aaryn’s HoH room, on Aaryn’s HoH bed, she might decide to tell Judd about what’s really going on behind his back and help flip the house.

Aaryn, Judd, Jessie, GM and Spencer could unite and vote out that vile bitch Amanda. We could actually end up seeing Aaryn cast the 5th and deciding vote to unbelievably save Howard and Candice. Now that surely would be the most amazing blindside ever in BB history. Lets start Praying.

Hey Ya!

These idiots are too scared to go against their master


I don’t think they’re scared. I think they’re just idiots. These dumbies aren’t even taking about winning all they talk about is making it to jury as if that’s a grand prize. All they talk about is jury. They only get 13 thousand last I checked founded thousand was the prize.


CBS is making a lot of money in advertisements on this show and they only get 13k if they make it to jury. It just goes to show you how pathetic most of them are as far as making money and careers go. I couldn’t afford to ever take the time to be on BB. I would never drive 10 miles just to use a $10 coupon and I pay a landscaping company to take care of my lawn because it just makes sense when you think of what things cost you per hour compared to the income you can earn. If a BB house guest ever got a job mowing my lawn they would think they hit the lottery.

Goodie for You

So you think you have more money then any of these house guests. Well goodie for you. Sounds like you have money but no personality and compassion. Yep 13K might not be enough for you…but it gave them an opportunity to win 500K. You take a shot…life is about risks. Now if you are saying that 13k is not enough for all the national humiliation that they receive, then I am with you there. If you want to say that to many of these house guests are mean spirited, I am with you there as well. But you sound like because you have been blessed and have some money, that gives you are right to look down on them. Well, I hope you never experience misfortune, because you might have to depend on some of these very same people that you hold in disdain.


thats 250000 pizzas


Yeah, right. I’m such a money making machine and my time is oh so valuable that I’m sitting around on a BB blogsite. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Next.


I don’t think Judd would be scared if he had any clue what was going on – & he’d probably be successful.


Calm down with the “vile” and all the “bitch” lol, hope you realize that your saying that about a bunch of people stuck in a house playing a game doesn’t make you better in any ways?!

Yes it Does

So they are stuck in a house that they volunteered to be in. They chose to let us into their lives and what we see, most of us don’t like. So sorry, I am judging. I am judging based on what I have seen and I don’t like it. So house or no house, take game play out it and you are left with people I wouldn’t want to be associated with.


Judd is a drug addict it’s clear as day. GO AMANDA FUK THE HATERS


Wow, what a surprise once again the racist bigot biotch in the house Amanda gets a great edit. Can someone please explain to me why CBS and BB are editing this horrible human being to look so great. I hope all the people that watch the show call, text, email CBS about this horrible human being on the show. Amanda is worse than Aaryn, GM, Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Helen and Elissa put together. She is just pure hate through and through. Was totally shocked that CBS edited the show and showed that Helen lied about Candice, who I am not a fan of, but wow Candice did not threaten Helen or anyone that they would be her target if Howard went home and Helen blatantly lied to all of the other house guests and said that she did. Helen and Amanda are awful horrid human beings. I do not think that Aaryn wanted to put Howard on the block and was the only one that appreciated what Howard said although you really could not understand it all, but she did stick by her promise although now I wish she had not. That little rat Andy just makes me sick to my stomach and so does McCrae that liar. He is such a disgusting human being. I really wish that at this time CBS would rig it so that Howard would stay and Amanda would go home and that Howard, Spencer (who I do not like, but dislike less than Helen and Amanda at this time), Aaryn, Judd, Jessie, GM, and Candace would team up and get those horrid human beings Amanda and Helen and McCrae and Andy out of the house. They are disgusting!


If there were actually strategy going on, yes. It works when you pretend you’re mad at someone and are actually with them. Aaryn unfortunately doesn’t know how to play like that. She just hates Candice because she got caught being a condescending racist and Helen has her nostrils flaring because she got caught being the power house and she knows it.


Yeah Helen,you should got Aaryn last week. Here your chance to evict Aaryn next week.

give me a break

the most disgusting situation would be if Aryan Nation and Jabba the Hut (amanda) make it to final two….


I totally disagree the most disgusting would be if either Helen or Amanda make it to final or two or Elissa just because she is BB’s pet. Helen hates Howard almost as much as Amanda and for what reason. He isn’t a threat because he has won nothing. Helen was a hateful bigot on tonight’s show and showed just hateful and mean she is. Hope her children are proud, and Amanda is just horrid!


So I have no clue who is telling the truth? Who is looking like there going home Candice or Howard?


My theory is this: if the Helen/Elissa/Candice and Amanda/McRae/Andy alliance holds, the rest are going to be picked off one by one. It’s a matter of who wins HOH next. If its HEC, Aaryn goes. If its AMA, it is Spencer. Spencer sides with HEC, making it HECS. Then Judd and Jessie get all nervous and decide to hook up with HECS, making it HECSJJ. At this point, I think TEAM HEC coast. If AMA wins, then Spencer goes. Judd and Jessie then its AMAJJ against HEC. If Gina wins HOH, then we’re stuck in this clusterf** for another week. Aaryn and Gina will go with the House…they don’t want to be on the bottom of the TOTEM pole.


It’s not about who’s telling the truth and who isn’t, it’s about gossip and the ability to paint people as monsters that aren’t. All they do is gossip about each other until they’re dizzy. That’s not strategy. It’s also about who’s the best manipulator as far as Helen and Amanda are concerned and I’m appalled Amanda wants Howard out because she can’t manipulate him.


Everyone needs to stop blaming these HG’s.
Put it all on CBS, and to a degree, their house pet Elissa, because
MVP was created for her, and MVP is trashing the game.

Every year people are paranoid, but this season it is to the extreme.
They act like a bunch of coke dealers trying to ferret out a narc.
And what does it all boil down to? MVP.

Judd, who as far as I can tell is pretty loyal to AM/MC/Andy (Goof Troop?) is
going to be brought down by a friggin MVP suspicion.
All because of the “MVP twist”.

It seemed like it could be fun at the beginning, but it truly has fucked this
game into a twisted mess.


This is why i’ve been saying since week 1 that Elissa needs to go-the MVP twist was an obvious ploy to protect her during the initial weeks of the game. Do away with Elissa, do away with the twist, and a LOT of this added paranoia goes away.


I think you and I are on the same page often Nick, if I remember correctly.
I find myself appreciating your posts a lot (I think last season also, if you are
the same “Nick”).
So…Thanks! =)


Seeing McCrea’s slouchy, shaggy self mopping around that house, living his dream and being gloaful about it , enamored by a girl he would never get outside this situation, riding the wave of fear mongering directed at three people who have proved themselves awful BB players (Howard, Spencer, and Candice), is probably the worst part of this entire snoozefest of a season. Pick yourself up, dude.

Here’s my totem pole for blindside reactions I most want to see:

1. Amanda
3. McCrea
3. Andy. Seeing him paranoid him is brilliant. Imagine the look on his face if his worst fears come true!

So throw a wrench in there CBS! Plant seeds in the heads of Aaryn, Judd, and Jessie in the DR. Have the camera locked on Amanda’s skank face as Julie Chen reads the results! We’re all begging for it.

Teri B


Pandora, that would be SO perfect! I can’t stand Demanda’s lapdog doing those exact things you mentioned. We can dream, right? Right!!


People are so over-paranoid this season. If a person doesn’t suck up to the majority, then suddenly he is considered the secret “MVP” and thus, a liar. To be fair to the them, however, I think this level of paranoia is exactly what Big Brother wanted from this season’s twist. I think Elissa has the best strategy in the house: whenever there is confrontation, drama, or arguments, immediately break into an awkward yoga pose. haha


This is what happens when you take the gadgets away. These HG’s are more paranoid than any other season that I can remember.


True, but lots of them are on some kinda drug too, I know for a fact that it doesn’t help.


if you read my post in the previous thread about andy not being the biggest drama queen in the house, please disregard – he’s now tied with helen, amanda, and candice.


Amanda is vile! She says she hates Spencer because of things he said but she is the most disgusting person along with Aaryn!


Sarah, I am sorry but Aaryn does not come close to Amanda. Amanda is the absolute worst, and I cannot call her a human being. She is just so hate filled with bigotry and racism that it literally makes me sick! Her comments are just so horrid. I mean she is talking about women being gang raped, women being murdered and how she would like to do it and has literally by her comments probably affected the rest of Howard’s life if they are not true. Aaryn, yes made pc incorrect mean ignorant horrid comments, but no way did she come close to the things Amanda has said. Amanda’s comments are criminal and go way beyond being racist. No comparison between the two.


Just copy and paste this every week:

(Insert name) is shady as f*** and needs to go. (Insert name) says (Insert name) lied and he/she doesn’t trust him/her anymore. BB15 is the worst season ever!


LOL! I see what you did there.

give me a break



Easiest the most gullible, most easily manipulated SHEEP I’ve ever seen on this show. If Amanda hates someone (because of whatever stupid reasons i.e. Howard is a scary black man and he lied…EVERYONE LIED YA DUMBA**), then everyone jumps on her bandwagon. Do these people not realize they are actually playing Amanda’s game for her? In effect, she’s been HOH every week, without actually winning anything. Spencer looks like the only one capable of having an independent thought, but he’s in no position to influence anyone. Our only hope is if CBS gives us MVP again, America will try to give the house guests another hint: get Amanda out.


“In effect, she’s been HOH every week, without actually winning anything”

You don’t find that to be pretty amazing gameplay?
Didn’t Dan essentially do the same in the last month and a half of last year?
Only difference is Amanda is direct about it, she doesn’t do it in a MIST-y way.

Why do I feel like if Amanda was a man (yeah make the joke, it’s not getting old at all *rolling eyes*)
everyone would love her?


if amanda wasnt making these horrible comments about race, people poking theyre eye out with her tweezers , making fun of howard’s religion for no reason and a whoooole lot of other things that makes her more horrible , then yes this is great game play but its not in her situation. these people are dumb and afraid to turn on amanda…for whatttt??? get her ass out and flip and shake up the house ….there is nothing to lose and by keeping her they’re all just waiting to be plucked off ..McCrea included ..he’s so blinded in a fake love (that won’t last) he doesn’t see that once she doesn’t need him she will pluck him off to…BB did baaaad with these HG picks smh after howard candice n spencer are out im done watching…the rest of them have no brain of their own …who would rlly settle for 16k instead of 500k….dummmmbb smh


No Amanda is no Dan. Dan never talked about murdering other house guests or accusing them of wanting to have sex with him and creeping him out. It was shocking to watch Dan lead them like sheep but watching Amanda it is not just shocking, it is disgusting, nauseating, scary, annoying and depressing …. urgh!


Sure it is impressive how much control of the game Amanda has but that does not erase all of the vile, insensitive, abhorrent things she has said. Words that reflect her thoughts… unless she did not say all those things that have been written here…


GM: The pizza in NY is the best. People say its because of the water.

Aaryn: I love pizza but I hate buying a whole pie. I wish they would just sell slices

GM: In NY you can get slices everywhere:

Judd: There’s a pizza place near where I live that sells only slices. In the back you can see a guy tossing a triangle in the air.

GM: Really?




Lmao I think everytime Tellen and the conversation breaker up says “____ needs to go” everyone should take a drink.

Mississippi Girl

Shiza, Drama. I already started getting drunk or that would have been a hella fun drinkin game. lol

give me a break

I feel sorry for Judd now….Dinosaur face, the Mosquito, and Pizza boy are after him now. I also fee sorry for Judd when Howard and Spencer leaves, because he’s going to be the only guy in the house surrounded by so much Estrogen. Andy and Pizza boy are basically women now…. they get invited to all girls nail party. Judd you will basically be the only guy guy left. Pizza boy is a doormat, who just lay in bed, lay in the cockpit room, lay in the hammock, and lay across Amanda’s back…….time too feel the pain of Dinosaur face fury….


Almost certainly Judd is out next. Unless …..


Yeah, and having America vote seemed like fun to me.
Now I realize it really screws the game.

No one votes based on game, it is all about who they
think is mean, or ugly, or a rat, etc.

LOL, We can all be Monday morning quarterbacks all we want, but inserting
people into the game (outside voters) is doing more harm than good.


agreed. Though, I think in retrospect we can all agree now that Elissa is not, nor has she ever, been playing the best game in that house. She didn’t deserve MVP once, let alone three times.

week 1-I guess you can argue Elissa had a good strategy, but so did Nick, and Jeremy (who would have thought. Too bad he executed it so poorly!) Regardless, no one voted Elissa because they appreciated her strategy-I guarantee no one even remembers what it was now without going back to the cbs site to read it.

week 2-belonged to Helen

week 3-Amanda, McCrae, Judd, all playing a more solid game than Elissa, yet she still wins MVP.

I agree, the MVP twist was a horrible idea-too many people that watch this show have no clue what’s going on…just adding that the fact that Elissa won three times in a row clearly demonstrates this.


It’s a clusterfuck of confusion – unless you happen to be following very closely. Too many variables leading to a paranoid shambolic mess.


They should’ve given the MVP the hoh stipulation where if you become MVP, you can’t be MVP next week.


completely disagree.

america voting is the only thing worth a damn at all this season. without it, it’d be even more boring than it is now with demanda bullying the sheep to do whatever she says.

Mississippi Girl

I swear for the life of me I can’t figure out who is aligned with who. I know Amanda/MC, but after that I am so lost. Is there a breakdown of actual loyalties or is everyone just talking in circles? Simon, Dawg, Anyone…please help.


I only know of two alliances: Helen/Elissa/Candice and Amanda/McCrae/Andy…the rest are floaters and decide their loyalties based on whose a$$ they feel they need to kiss that day.


Andy is also F2 with Helen


well Goof Troop had a couple week run. GT- Andy Judd Amanda and McCrae This was clearly the real power base in the house and Amanda running the show. Judd was in a great spot talking to almost everyone and offending no one. Andy the rat popping in on all convos and McManda running the HOH. Then Judd made a HUGE mistake. He admitted he orchestrated the Kaitlyn backstabbing that she was targeting Helen. Everyone bought in and Arryn stayed. If he hadn’t opened his big fat mumbling mouth1

Imediately he’s smart became Amanda’s saying. Andy went from buddy to Judd has to go. Judd is distancing himself from Jessie who was like the 5th wheel in GT without knowing it. GT has decided Judd will go and Arryn is in. Now on to the interesting bit.

Helen concocted Friends during her HOH which is basically GT plus Helen and Ellisa. Helen has been thinking she’s running the house not Amanda. When it comes time to knock heads Helen and Ellisa will be alone. Jessie is a floater, GM just tries to stay out of harms way. The rest are being evicted systematically.


tried to reply, but goofed – look 7 or 8 posts down for what info i could find…


Judd sez I thought Iwas talking about Helen but I was talking about Jessie. that’s because I thought I was talking TO Aaryn, but I was talking to Amanda.


its kind of funny. elisa was the target for so long. now she is back behind about 4-5 other people Amanda and company want out. Watch her somehow never get voted out then final 5 comes and she still has done absolutely nothing.

elisa is the complete opposite of Rachel. Rachel had to win every comp and the house hated her. Elisa never wins any comps, doesn’t seem to have any drive to do so, and still the house hates her.

they need to have HG’s in sequester for this reason. keep a few extra’s, if the game is awful, drop them in there.


Yoga reduces ambient negativity by inducing an intense WTF response.


she won veto


LOL this season sucks . A bunch of “spineless jellyfish”

New World Order

Zingbot: You guys are all f*cking sheeps, boring and made this season the worst one ever.

Amanda: Zing!

Zingbot: I haven’t started yet.


Judd has become my favorite player again if only because it seems like he is the only one having fun in the house. He is hard to understand sometimes but when you listen closely his sense of humor is hilarious. My favorite Judd line is from a week ago when he was talking to Andy about things they collect and he said; I have the world’s largest collection of seashells. I keep it on all the beaches of the world… Perhaps you’ve seen it.


I just watched that argument between Amanda and Spencer UGGGHHH. I cant stand her, she is to damn comfortable even on the block she is a bully and thinks she can threaten and talked to grown men like she does. She has to remember they are men not young pizza boys, I loved he gave her a piece of his mind. To bad Howard”s not going to fight how come? people dont realize that this is the best time to break up Mcanda (I see production put money into her as with sending a crew to interview Amanda and pizza boy familiy and we all know when they do that they are invested in that cast members and they will not be going home anytime soon. I have never see such a stupid group of people I even though Judd was smarter then to keep Amanda here. Candice and Howard even though are a somewhat couple they have no power at all and for some reason always targeted (Amanda) And I can not believe Howard would talk to Amanda they way she said that he want to F the S$IT out her her that does not even seem like his personality.


WHYYYYYYYYYY doesn’t someone just grow a brain?

Someone, anyone could simply approach Helen (only leader in the house besides Amanda) and say that “This next week’s comp is most likely going to be endurance. Remember in the first HoH competition, David, Jeremy, McCrae, and Nick were the last guys hanging on. Every single one of those guys is gone with the exception of McCrae. He’s an endurance champ and if by chance he wins this upcoming HoH, Amanda will be safe and then at the very least will be going to to jury. If either McCrae or Amanda makes it to jury that’s 1 vote against you in the final 2.”

And then go on to rub her idiotic nose in the fact that she should’ve got Aaryn out last week as that’s now TWO jury votes against her.

I mean I don’t know.
That’s all that needs to be said. Just to get these fools to start thinking. But the sheep mentality in the house will forever prevent that. We’re literally going to have to rely on production interference to spice things up. It’s a sad day when the viewers are BEGGING for production to create a twist. Smh.


compliments of @89razorskate20:

>majority of the house – mccrae, amanda, judd, jessie, helen, andy, aaryn & gm
>goof troop – mccrae, amanda, judd, & andy
>fake guys – spence, howie, judd, & andy
>still moving co – spence & howie

final 2 deals
>juddmarie – judd & gm (fake)
>juddsie – judd & jessie
>mom squad – elissa & helen
>chi-town 2some – andy & helen
>mccranda – mccrae & amanda
>mccrudd – mccrae & judd


So, I’m outta the loop.. Does Aaryn tell Judd that his group is plotting against him? So GM, spencer, Jess and Judd could vote out Candice and the other four vote out Howard and force a tie?

Is that not in the cards?


The issue at hand with this cast is that it is one where things honestly need to be hashed out in public. If you are revealing something someone said, it must be done with an audience. No whispering, secret deals, etc. because with this cast, everything WILL get back to the “leaders” Amanda and Helen. If you are planning to turn the house on someone, it has to be done in front of everyone (unless you are Amanda and have purchased a bottle of Dan’s Mist for $19.99). Successfully calling out someone in public and getting them to trip on their words and in turn put the target on themselves right before everyone is literally the only way to go about it. Why? Because in this season, if you have a plan to turn the house on one of these “leaders”, there has to be no secrecy about it. Andy the rat or one of Amanda’s other steeple will immediately run back and get the info to their master. I feel like the ONLY way Amanda is ever leaving this house is if people literally pull a Ronnie on her and out her and her antics in front of everybody causing everyone to lose trust in her. The “I saved me so you owe me your entire game” BS. To me, no way in the world is this woman (and it hurts me to call her that) leaving this house by a blindside. These people couldn’t stfu if their own lives depended on it.

my opinion

After taking a close look at whose left, it seems that McRae (McNoBalls) is really playing the best game. He’s one of the only players that hasn’t been personally mean to anyone else (Trashed talked them, yes, but not personal)…I think. Anyways, he’s hiding behind Amanda, smart move and not ruffling any feathers with anyone. I think he’s using Amanda for this reason. I liked the conversation they had where he told her that he didn’t have the money for a plane ticket to Florida (Wasn’t that after he won the $5k?) She’s always bringing up him coming to FLorida with her & he just kind of agrees. Amanda probably has his balls hidden in a jar someplace and only allows him to wear them when she jerks him off so he can get it up. Once he wins the money, he will grab Nick so they can both go into hiding together to get away from the 2 most disgusting phychos in the house.


At this point one can only hope that Nick didn’t scheme as much as he did so early so he would still be here playing Amanda’s game better than her.


somehow someway someone!! please please please let JUDD find out whats going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WISH there was a way to flip and get Amanda OUT! but Jessie is too WEAK to make that smart of a move……boo


No more CBS I have had it with this cast shame on you!


Oh my god – Helen & Andy – the shadiest of them all! Helen’s lies especially are bugging me to death. Poor Judd – never liked Elyssa, but I wish she would rat them all out to Judd & they turn on them!!

give me a break

The thing these dufus don’t understand besides Candice and Elissa is….that Aaryn hates all of them. Now Helen regrets keeping her…… Eyebrows(Aaryn) is just waiting to take them down with her Confederacy flag alliance………….( Aaryn, g.m.,spencer, judd)


Helen in the hammoc k. Andy walks in. A: Judd didn’t brush his teeth. H: That’s it. he’s gotta go. Judd walks in . J: Has anybody seen my ass? H: I want you in my final 3. Andy leaves. Andy walks in. A: Gina said good morning to Howard. H: that’s it. She’s gotta go. Judd: Ithought I left it out here.

This season sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wi should all start a campaign to get the ones evicted by the MVP a second chance to win this game. This has all been one sided and so unfair. I just can’t watch this show any more, it makes me physically sick.


I really hope Judd catches wind of this and someone how finds a way to turn the tables and evict Amanda.


Does anyone know if there has been a conversation in the house that did not include Andy? I think there are 3 of him running around. He is in everything.


I keep reading over and over how most of you think this is the worst season of BB ever yet you all continue to watch. If you continue to watch, the ratings stay up and essentially that’s what it’s all about, If you stop watching, the ratings will go down and CBS will be forced to look into what went wrong this season. Let’s face it, as long as we’re talking about it (whether it’s good or bad), means we’re watching it and that’s all that matters to CBS.

BB15 letdown

Someone tell me why Aaryn doesn’t tell Judd that Amanda/Keychain/Rat don’t trust him and want him out next? Would that not be the first thing you would tell someone who is pledging their loyalty but you want on your side? Or all they all afraid Amanda will crush them with her giant boobs?


It’s too bad that Judd and Jessie can’t see the light. I think Jessie considered flipping, but after Judd shot her down, they’re convinced that Howard is the one that needs to leave. So sad.


“Andy tells Aaryn that she has aligned with the most loyal people in the house.”

As long as you’re not Kaitlin, Judd, Jessie, Elissa, or Candice, Andy added under his breath…

give me a break

When Helen is after somebody…it’s; oh we have to get this person out, i don’t trust them, they i lied to me…..When Amanda is after somebody she attacks race, religion, call people s1uts, wishes the worst thing to happen to that person…she’s disgusting


Sorry. Judd’s the only amusement there is – if he goes I’m off to watch BB Australia which at looks funny!


everytime i watch the CBS show i get disgusted when i see Amanda’s face


The program tonight showed Howard two different ways. When he talks in the DR he is coherent and very intelligent. But in the house he cant say anything intelligent, talks in circles, mumbles and is a complete moron. Very strange behavior and it makes you wonder why he has such a split personality.


Maybe he is extremely nervous talking to groups? I get that way sometimes.

Different Opinion

I didn’t see it that way. I saw him as a straight shooter and Amanda getting frustrated because she wasn’t getting the answers she wanted. Howard said he wasn’t the MVP at least 6 different times and she refused to believe him. Amanda then tells him you are talking in circles. Howard replies, maybe you think I am talking in circles because I am shooting straight. Enough side…because its not the answer you want, doesn’t mean someone is talking in circles, it just might mean the receiver of the message has other intentions. Look at that, me talking in circles, where were we again?…..LOL!


I just think he’s better at one- on-one communication and doesn’t really seem that extroverted verbally in a group where he knows how to speak directly and with confidence. Unlike someone like Dan who is very skilled in communication in both ways and does it confidence. The group conversation was almost like a sermon that no one got but I didn’t think he sounded like a moron, just confusing.


DAMMIT. Well, I did have hope for a good 2 seconds today. I just want the next 3 weeks to go fast and THEN we will start seeing the good stuff. Hang in there guys!

Oh yeah, and FYI: Aaryn is still a racist. Lol

Just wondering?

Don’t these idiots see that this is a great chance to get rid of Dumanda. Howard or Candace can not win anything. Get rid of Dumanda and you only have to worry about MC. Year of the FLOATER!!


I thought CBS was stating to show Helen and Amanda’s true colors tonight… Anybody else think that?

Guess We're Idiots

Aaryn has been portrayed (and rightfully so) as a young idiot! BUT, CBS has portrayed itself as the number 1 network in terms of racism, Wake up people, Moonves and Chen care nothing about reality – even though that’s what they claim, I wonder why so much attention was put on Aaryn and GM when, in reality , the one house guest that should be portrayed to America as a fool is Amanda. Once again, good job CBS – AG runs the show (I’m guessing she’s related to Frank).

Eric CA

the MVP is only screwed up because Elissa is Rachael’s sister.
She got the MVP the first two weeks because the Brenchael fans voted her MVP, not based on Game Play but because she was Rachael’s.
Week three they had no idea what to do, so they scattered and the people who can not stand Rachael made her the nominee.
Now a solution was to organizing the troops was found by Brenchael #TeamElissa, that is how Amanda was made the MVP Nominee this

I think the MVP twist would have been better if the producers could just have NOT put Elissa in that house and kept any past player influence out of the house.
If they had they would never have had to change that unfair twist into an Americas Choice and we would still have nominees put up by an MVP in the house.

The twist does make the Houseguests more paranoid just like past twists made House guests paranoid (ie Coute de taut , Diamond Power of Veto or any of the other Mr Wizard Powers).. the only difference is MVP is every week not just once or twice a Season. That is what causes the Paranoia.

Other that that I think that this Season has been more Game Orientated with it’s Evictions than any other Season. The evictions have been strategic getting threats out first instead of past Seasons (Luck of the Draw First Eviction, The Annoying Person Eviction, The OMG She looked at my Showmance Eviction and the I Hate Him/ Her AKA Peace in the House Eviction.) This Season has been all game evictions no matter what other crap the House Guests say about each other.. Otherwise the first three evictions would have been..
Week One: Elissa (she looks and sounds just like Rachael) or Candice.. maybe even Jessie
Week Two: Helen or Elissa
Week Three: Aaryn
Week Four:Amanda or Jessie

Instead it was all of the people I would have yelled at the screen and called them Morons, because they did not seize the opportunity to evict them because they were either too petty or scared to. this is actually the week actual strategy and game play starts. So I say kudos to them, they are doing what they need to do to win.


Omg… Helen gets THAT excited over getting to host the pov comp? I’m beginning to wonder where she places her battery pack ; )


Maybe Howard gets evicted on Thursday. Amanda wins HOH(not that I want her to) and gets Pandoras Box that allows Howard to come back into the game. He wins HOH next week and puts Amanda and Mcrae on the block and MVP picks Andy. One can wish, right?