A flirtmance fight “You are being a a$$hole right now i’m not playing your childish games today”

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


6:25pm Kitchen Helen and Elissa
Cleaning up in the kitchen..

Helen: “I am so mad at him how can he do this to us”
Elisa: ‘I can’t even look at him the same.. what is wrong with him”
H: “I don’t know”

Elissa talks into the microphone tells production to get them some Greek yogurt and non stick cooking spray because some of the house guests are gaining a lot of weight.

6:31pm Storage room Amanda and Candice

Amanda: “I want you to know there people that are targeting you for next week but Helen, Elissa, McCrae, Andy and me are keeping you save.

Amanda says she’s telling Aaryn they are taking Candice out next week out next week but they really want to keep Candice. Amanda says the target for them all is Spencer next week.

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6:42pm Cockpit Andy, JUDD and Candice

Speculating what the HOH is going to be tomorrow. Candice says it’s going to be endurance she’s sure of it. Andy wonders if it’s maybe double eviction and they are setting up two competition in the backyard with a wall separating them.

Andy tell Candice that she’s sitting real pretty. JUDD tells her he is so mad that his name is getting thrown out there as targeting Candice.
Candice: “I don’t know one day Jessie’s my friend and now she’s talking to about voting against me.

Andy: ‘you are talking to two people that never once contemplated getting you out”
JUDD we’re a flirtmance not a gamemance
Candice says she’s just so surprised o0ne minute her and Jessie Are praying together and the next she’s stabbing her in the back.
JUDD asks her if it’s endurance does she thinks she has a chance
Candice plans to hole on until her arms fall off. She knows if she doesn’t win HOH and POV these next two weeks she’ll be going home. JUDD tells her that isn’t true he knows there are more targets out there than Candice.

Andy says Dan Gheesling over played last year and that is why he didn’t win. Adds that he lied and backstabbed everyone those players usually don’t win.

Candice says she’s had so much thrown at her she doesn’t know what is fake and what is real says she very intelligent and very good at reading people but right now is overwhelmed

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6:52pm Bedroom Amanda packing her clothes talking to Elissa about how much they want to keep Candice. Elissa mentions

6:57pm Helen, McCrae and Amanda (Paranoia overload)
Helen is freaking out because JUDD is in the cockpit with Candice she’s worried that nobody else is in there with them. Helen adds that JUDD came out for a minute then when he went back in he closed the door like he didn’t want me to go inside, “Helen don’t come in here kinda thing”.
MC: “I think he’s just trying to make sure he’s not her target if she wins HOH”
Helen starts scrambling around trying to find out where Andy and Spencer are. She thinks they are in the HOH with Aaryn.

Amanda wonders if JUDD is trying to hatch a plan to send her home. She’s not worried because Elissa is going into the Cockpit right now. Amanda: “JUDD really wants Howard to stay because he knows Howard and Spencer will not come after him”
Amanda brings up how JUDD has been saying “Jessie has to go Jessie has to go”
Helen: “he has to go soon”
Amanda: ‘I know he’s shady as f****” Amanda adds that JUDD wouldn’t put up Amanda/Helen or Amanda/McCrae because that would make him too big of a target.
Helen: “He cannot win HOH tomorrow”
Amanda: “We have to get him or Spencer out next week.. we have to make damn sure we have the votes before we put him up”
Amanda says they have to keep tight lipped with Candice until she wins HOH then they will fill her in on the plan.

(Helen and Amanda start working themselves into a frenzy about JUDD you would think he invented cancer.. they did the same thing with Howard last week.)

7:12pm Elissa joins them tells them nothing went on in the cockpit they were just chatting.

7:22pm Have nots Amanda and McCrae
McCrae saying that Jessie is super pi$$ed right now he doens’t know why. They start kissing


7:39pm Bedroom Jessie, JUDD and Amanda
Amanda: “Why Are you giving me attitude”
Jessie: “I’m not”
Amanda: ‘So this is normal Jessie”
Amanda leaves. Judd asking her what is wrong why isn’t she talking to him. Jessie doesn’t feel like talking to anyone right now she wants to be left alone.
JUDD: ‘You are being silly stop.. what about our conversation last night.. I thought we were going to talk to each other”
Jessie: “Doesn’t matter if we talk”
JUDD: ‘Matters to me”
Jessie says she’s fine he can go do his thing and she will do her thing.
JUDD: “did someone approach you.. or are you just randomly pissed off”
Jessie: “Just randomly pissed off”
JUDD: “You better start talking I’m not going to play these games.. now I have to worry about you”
Jessie: “It really doesn’t matter how I feel JUDD.. it only matter how a couple people feel”
JUDD: “Who does it matter to”
Jessie: “you have a brain JUDD you figure it out”
JUDD: ‘have you been talking to Spencer”
Jessie: ‘How can I say two f**** words and you say I’ve been talking to Spencer.. what the f*** stop putting f*/*** words in my mouth”
JUDD: “You are being a a$$hole right now i’m not playing your childish games today”
JUDD leaves tells Amanda, Elissa and Andy that she’s flipping out and being a big baby he’s not dealing with it anymore.


7:44pm Amanda, McCrae, JUDD and Elissa enter the room
Jessie tells them she doesn’t want to talk. Amanda: ‘This is a intervention.. there’s people that love you here.. why don’t’ you be honest with us and clarify so we can give you some peace”
Aaryn joins them.
Amanda tells her she’s drawing negative attention to her she needs to tell them what is wrong
Amanda: ‘What is her problem..” Amanda looks at Aaryn “she’s freaking out on everyone..“
Jessie tells them to leave her alone. Amanda keeps asking her why is she upset.
Jessie: ‘I don’t want to talk about it right now”
Production tells Jessie to put on her microphone. Amanda asks her if she needs help with it. Jessie says she doesn’t want to wear her microphone she wants them to leave. Amanda comments how it’s in their contract to wear a microphone.
Amanda is mouthing something to McCrae and they start to snicker
Jessie tells them to leave
Amanda: ‘You are acting so odd right now I am so confused.. OK WELL I’M NOT GOING TO BEG” they all leave except for JUDD and Aaryn

Aaryn :’JESS it’s only Judd and Aaryn right now” Aaryn says if anybody did something to her please tell them when she’s ready and she’ll help her out. JUDD and Aaryn leave.

7:49pm Helen comes in to check on Jessie
“Jessie hon are you OK it’s Helen.. can I get you anything”

Jessie says she doesn’t feel like talking right now. Helen give her the space and leaves.

7:52pm GM comes in offers support and leaves.


7:55pm Andy and Jessie
Andy: “I promise you you can talk to me.. I know a lot of sh!t came out last night and it never changed how I thought about you.. I mean it”
Jessie: ‘I am just afraid to talk to anybody” Jessie starts to cry. “I can’t be myself and share my opinion because it will just bite me in the A$$”
Jessie says whatever she says gets twisted around and blown out of proportion She feels like she did when Jeremy was in the house, nobody likes her and nobody wants to be around her. Andy says that everyone has forgotten about last night.


8:10pm Bathroom Andy, GM, MC, Amanda, Elissa and JUDD

Amanda is saying she cannot believe Jessie thought Amanda was threatening her all she wanted was for her to clarify what is wrong. Amanda adds that all she was trying to do was tell Jessie to stop making a spectacle of her self and pull all the negative attention to herself. Andy says she told him that someone let her down and he doesn’t know who that is.
Andy says to JUDD he doesn’t like that JUDD is saying he heard thing that were not said.
Andy: ‘You said you heard Howard’s name and literally his name was never said.. I can get Jessie out here right now and she would verify that.. Like i’m just telling you”
JUDD: “Andy stop snapping at me”
A: “I’m not snapping at you.. you cam to me and said you heard that and it was not said”
JUDD says he’s 90% sure he heard something about Howard
Andy: ‘I’m not snapping at you.. i’m just saying that wasn’t said”
JUDD: “I’m just trying to take a shower dude”
Andy: “You came at me and said.. ”
JUDD: ‘I didn’t come at you.. I said I thought I heard his name”
Andy: “well i’m telling you you didn’t”
JUDD: ‘Have I said anything else about it in here.. NO.. you keep bringing it up”
Andy: ‘I don’t like you are saying it in the first place”

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127 thoughts on “A flirtmance fight “You are being a a$$hole right now i’m not playing your childish games today”

  1. Oh good, another houseguest to dislike. If Jessie really doesn’t want to be a target, throwing a pity party is the last thing she should be doing. This cast is almost entirely dumb as a post with absolutely no game whatsoever.

  2. more like she figured out she’s getting played by demanda and her sheep. go jessie. now if she can just find out the info about demanda and helen planning to target judd.

    1. Helen consoling Jessie and giving her a tutorial about BB–now I drink every time she tells someone, “We all love you!” Also, this is what happens when you have people on who haven’t watched earlier seasons and don’t know how to play the game. What a wasted season. Not sure how much longer I can last. Now here comes Honey Boo Boo’s brother to apologize. I am running out of patience. And now Andy pops in…

      1. And would CBS PLEASE make them chew with their d*** mouths closed. Andy is a professor (?) and is the worst. They are sooooo gross!

    2. Shut up with that demanda bs for the love of God. Amanda is WORLDS above these players and she is the puppet master. Stupid fucks like you cheering for floaters like jessie lol classic

      1. Dude, is there 2 people that post under the name “Name?” I could swear I saw a post from you the other day wanting amanda out. I could be wrong though.

  3. Fracture please, fracture now, pull in Elissa, get Judd, Elissa, Jessie, GM and Spencer to vote out Amanda. Bye goes the witch.




    1. FLIP IT FLIP IT . Flip the dam boat over you cant let Amanda be the Captain of your ship . Wake up everyone in there they need to Vote the PUPPETE MASTER out . 3 or 4 votes all it will take .

  5. So Judd has them all paranoid Because…? It seems like the power is starting to go to Helen and Amandas head. And when someones gets to much power they begin to think everyone is out to get them.

  6. Next week when Judd is on the block they’ll start targeting someone else with the same fake bullshit.

    1. I wonder why Amanda hasn’t been caught at all her manipulations, Helen too! Why haven’t the dummies figured out how this is going down and they are next! They are so involved in their own paranoia and drama they can’t see the bedbugs for the bed!

  7. Go Judd!
    I really hope Judd finds out everybodys been talking
    Behind his back.

    That pizza boy is gong to get it when he is out of that

  8. I’m loving this latest melt down, lol. Jessie’s speech to Howard tonight was kind of touching. I believe she was sincere. Clearly she’s starting to see the big picture now and is upset that the house wants Howard out and she can’t do anything to stop it because no one will listen. I hope she slides to the end. She may be a floater but she’s nowhere near as bad as some of these other people in the house. if she hadn’t been such a blabber mouth her, Candice, Howard, and Spencer could have teamed up and turned the house upside down.

    1. I could bet behind Jessie if she would grab some balls and try to win something. It’s getting late for some of these folks to start playing. She was one of the last women in the first comp and I thought she would be a Jannelle like competitor. This game has kicked her ass emotionally and she can’t get up! But I need someone to root for and there’s slim pickings left. Liked her scene with Howard too! They would have been a sweet showmance.’would have stabilized her to have a boy in the house.

      1. That would not look good on a reality show like BIG BROTHER if a Black man like Howard was all over Jessie on live feeds and TV . BLUE STATES that watch would not watch anymore .

  9. My understanding is that if you make to Jury you get $13K. I’m assuming the tax rate is somewhere like 50%, if this is correct, are these people really playing for $6,500? SAD.

    1. Yep, Uncle Sam the ultimate pimp. Maybe there are some other incentives that we don’t know about. I mean I would hope so..yikes.

    2. Divide that amount by 3 months and you get a better paycheck than pizzza boy and unemployed Jessie have seen in awhile… plus no groceries to buy,gas,entertainment. I still wouldn’t give up my dogs for even a month.

    3. There are many people who go to the house with specific side-hopes in mind. Like they want an acting career and hope this will give them one. That kind of stuff does happen. I saw Jesse on TNA Impact Wrestling just last month lol :)

  10. nothing…absolutely nothing surprising tomorrow will happen. Howard will be evicted. I’m so tired of the unnecessary drama going on in the house about the votes. BLAH BLAH BB SHEEP!

  11. Go Jessie. I think she finally figured out she is being played and is trying to figure out how to get the beast out. Why would so many people want to play for jury and just hand the prize to Amanda? Sorry, Andy just popped in. LOL

    1. “Why would so many people want to play for jury and just hand the prize to Amanda?”

      Because they’re ambitionless idiots and they know they’re getting paid in the jury house so that’s good enough for them.

      1. This is what happens when you cast models and actors half of them don’t care about winning they just want to get on tv further their career this is why they should cast more superfans I understand people want to see beautiful people on tv but there has to be some attractive fans who actually know the game and want to win and make big moves

  12. I can’t believe these asses can’t figure out that Amanda and Helen run the house. Amanda is on the block and there has been no serious effort to get out a major player by making a big move. These people deserve each other.

    1. it’s not like they can’t figure it out….they exactly know that Amanda and Helen are dictating everything to them, and they follow every order that Amanda and Helen give to them. they accepted and openly coward themselves being bullied by Amanda and Helen. the simplest eviction this week, and they’re evicting Howard, the one guy who’s not in any position of threat to them compared to Amanda.

    2. Candice knows Amanda and Helen run the house. She told Helen to her face. Spencer also knows and tried to rally them but for some reason they would not boot Amanda.

      1. Helen theory is because she knows they do not have the numbers. She is protecting Candice. Helen knows that she does not have the numbers.. Howard and Spencer kept trying and keep on failing. Spencer is trying again but the way I see it he will fail again. Howard will be evicted. Helen, Elissa and Candice have alliances. This is the reason that is why Helen is hard at work to keep Candice. Aryan and GM have been saying nasty comments to Candice and it needs to stop. I really hope that Candice wins HOH and put ARyan and GM up and hoping Judd or Andy America!s nominee especially Andy as much as I like him but I think if Andy will be on the block it will be hilarious. He will expose everyone as well as himself.

  13. poor jessie? seriously. it’s too late to do anything, and she’s just realized what might be goin’ down next week. maybe if she’s paid attention instead of begging for attention she could have made a few moves. just cry it out, it’ll be ok.

  14. Yes! Let Jessie be the fracture in the house’s status quo that draws the line this week. And if Judd finds out what’s going on, all bets are off and Amanda might actually be evicted tomorrow. Good lord, make this happen!

  15. Even if Judd figures out they are plotting against him like they did Howard, for the exact same reason (Amanda/Helen can not manipulate/control him) who will he rally? only GM and possibly Aaryn, but the others are so far up Amanda’s butt it will never happen, unfortunately

    1. Daka, If Judd figured it out. he could get GM, Jessie, Candace, & Spencer. The only wrinkle would be Aaryn, she STUPID!! Maybe they could get her if GM was on board bt her hatred for Candace might make her tell or worse break off too early.. If that happened they probably could replace Aaryn with elissa next week. She does not like how Amanda & Helen using her but she hasn’t been in a posistion to do anything about it.

  16. Simon..Ithought we established that Howard invented cancer. now you say Judd invented cancer. I’m not sure I can trust you..WTF

    1. My sister is dying from StageIV Ovarian cancer… daily reality in my life. Not fun to watch,sad most days. So….. if anyone invented Cancer please let it be Aaryn! I can live with that reference.

  17. I hope there is a double eviction this week. I could care less who went home. I just want more of these annoying, unintelligent and in some cases, dispicable people off of my television.

    1. Agreed – a double eviction where Candice and Rachelissa are sent packing would go a long way toward making this season watchable again, especially if it’s followed up by Helen getting evicted next week.

      1. You want to leave mean girls? Helen and Elissa do not throw nasty and mean comments. Agreed Helen seems to be talkative but she speaks about her game play which I do not know if it is real. Mean girls game play plus bashing the other houseguest. I started to like Aryan and GM but they do not seem to stop their mean and racial comments.

  18. Is it just me, or do almost all of these HGs start a ridiculous amount of sentences with, “I feel like…” I’m so over their narcissism and overall weakness. Its easy pickings for a someone as ruthless and conniving as Amanda. The slightest glimpse of weakness or aggression, even amongst her own allies sends her into attack mode. And her targets are ever shifting, so they should all be scared. I really hope someone attempts to flip the house if they ate lucky enough to get her on the block again.

  19. Someone please slap Amanda and Helen with a ‘get humble’ stick. Helen is the worst and lies so much and annoys the crap out of me. She’s almost on par w Nat-a-lie to me. She’s so gross!

    1. I am not condoning violence, but slap with a ‘get humble’ stick should be more like beaten with a ‘humble yourself’ brick. HGs only get away with what the others will allow them to. If no one is smart to see the opportunity in front of them… The good thing is that the house has gone against the conventional thinking of the week to get out the most dangerous person, HOH be damned, every Thursday. Here’s to hoping they get tired of ‘only two opinions matter’ atmosphere.

  20. did you guys catch how randomly candace was piling her puzzle pieces? hey dummy-thery’re supposed to FIT TOGETHER. she truly is dumb. parents-dont spoil your kids-they’ll grow up dumb if you make everything easy for them. guys-dont buy drinks for women like this. they consider you SUCKERS.

    1. What I didn’t understand was why didn’t Candace and Harold team up and work together. Their objective was to save Howard so only one of them needed to win. They both should have gathered the pieces for one of then worked together for the win. Instead they worked separately and lost. idiots

    2. you can be smart & not good at puzzles. You can not be able to count money or complete a coherent thought but be a wiz at puzzles. Think autism. That requires a different skill. Spoiled makes you a brat like Aaryn. There are a lot of Smart spoiled people out there. They do tend to go to the best schools. Also there are a lot of dumb people that aren’t spoiled. Howard may fit that bill. AND I LIKE HOWARD. Candace was the first to figure the mens alliance and was able to put together what Aaryn was planning on pulling off. She has also been onto Amanda for awhile. She does seem to have the best read on people. It’s unfortunate that the singled her out from day one. Judd’s whole reason for hating her is because she knows Eddie Murphy? Aaryn…. because she was in Ms. USA pageant and on Oprah for meeting her birth mother??? oh and she’s black. Sounds like jealousy to me.

  21. GM: We need some good wake up music.

    Andy walks in

    Andy: What are you talking about?

    GM: I was telling Judd and Aaryn that we need better wake up music. What they are playing now doesn’t cut it.

    Judd: I wrote a song, but I can’t read music. Every time I hear a new song on the radio, I think “Hey, maybe I wrote that.”

    Andy leaves

    Andy walks in on Helen and Elissa

    Andy: Judd has to go

    Helen: Ok Ok Ok Candace, Judd, then Spencer

    1. LMAO!! I’m sorry to keep commenting and this will be my last time, but these jokes are killing me. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. I just keep hearing JUDD’s voice when I read them. That country bumpkin southern drawl he has just adds to the funniness. Please keep them coming!

  22. Amanda imo is an average player at best. Without Helen and Andy’s constant updates, she wouldn’t have the chance
    To formulate so many counter-strikes. Once the whispering stops, you’ll see the crying resume

  23. I really think if these fools would wake up and split up mcranda by sending Amanda home, the house would get exciting. I hope GinaMarie gets HOH next and decides to make another big move and get Helen out. If I see Helen jump and scream one more time, I’m going to jump and scream. They are all shady. Only Mcmanda are truly loyal. SPLIT them up!!!

  24. I wish it was possible for America to be able to nominate 4 people because I honestly can’t decide who I dislike more… Amanda, MC, Helen, or Aaryn

  25. CBS/Big Brother/PRODUCTION don’t care what WE (Public) think! You can call; email; blog and/or vote and it WILL NOT count! CBS doesn’t care how we feel if they did PRODUCTION would have EVICTED the houseguests that have said or commented on any racial issues!! (Aaryn; Amanda; Spencer; GM; Candice and even Judd). WE all know that the votes are NOT counted!! PRODUCTION figures out how they want the story to be told by their MANIPULATIONS and how they EDIT the show. Unless they watch the LIVE feeds the general public has no clue what really goes on in the house. PRODUCTION picks their favorites and edits the show accordingly!! Unless CBS starts losing their sponsors they will never change the format of the show and/or discipline the houseguests. The bottom dollar is ALL CBS cares about are RATINGS! if they lose them they will be forced to change their ways or they will lose money; viewership and Big brother will be CANCELLED!!

  26. Helen is like mother hen. Giving advice that sounds trustworthy. And gm and aaryn juuuuust about to talk votes with damn m&ms and trail mix. Then judd comes in to mackdaddy it. This season can go ARGO fuck itself. The flipping of votes will happen real soon. When? Who knows with this crew of schmucks. Spencer needs to leave first, then let the good times roll.

  27. If Helen says ‘you know, you know’ one more time im going to to stab my eardrums out. Such awful speech for a Political whatever it is she does..

  28. Boy oh boy…Judd is eating up the flirting from Aaryn. He has had a crush on her for weeks and now she’s turning on the charm and he is eating it up in big spoonfuls. Very interesting…..hmmm.

  29. This is what happens when you practice to deceive. They all can not keep their own lies and shit straight. I strongly believe that is why Howard wants out of this insane asylum, in which the inmates are running it. Howard, man go back to your life fast and forget that this FUBAR ever happened. If Candice had any sense she should leave too (self evict baby girl) before you go all ballistic and knock someone (or a couple of someones) on their asses.

  30. I am guessing Jessie is pulling a Candace so she gets the attention Candace got and then everyone will pretend to love her .. and coddle her ego and make her centre of attention ect ect ect….. come on Jessie be original .. don’t pull a Candice .. geesh

  31. Simon or Dawg, what’s the argument about Howard’s name being said between Andy & Judd? Did judd make up something about Howard? Or did he actually hear something about Howard that Andy is trying to deny? What was it that he supposedly heard?

    1. JUDD us claiming he heard Andy and Jessie mention Howards name.. I never heard it so either JUDD is lying or he really thought it was said.

  32. Helen just told Jessie that nothing good ever happens after 1a.m…. sorry Helen but most of my life happens after 1am and it’s all good! Aaryn still wants Candice out, she’s a woman on the warpath. Wait until Candice comes after her sorry ass next week! She will regret wasting this HOH doing the bidding of Amanda and Helen.

  33. Andy is getting on my nerves. It’s one thing to gather info but another to be going around (and being super paranoid) of what is going on, who is talking to who, etc, etc…He is everywhere!! Oh, here’s Andy again. And he is saying Judd is super sketchy?? What about his billion alliances. If he would just not make it so obvious and just chill while gathering info, he wouldn’t be on Judd’s radar. But i’m glad he is…..I hope Judd can get the focus off of him next week and maybe someone can let him know that he is on the target list. I think only Judd, Spencer, Jessie (she said she is bored and wants to spice up the house) and GM have the cahoonas (and maybe Candice) to turn things around….I hope one of them win HOH tomorrow.

  34. Clearly this season is so boring for even the house guests that they have already put this week behind them…. Howards already gone as far as they are concerned and they are planning on who they are evicting for the rest of the season without even knowing who is going to win HOH….

    Let me clarify it for you… . Amanda is going to win… and Helen will get 2nd… and Andy will get 3rd!

    Now… you can eat your M&M’s and quit playing with them.

  35. Well Aaryn just proved again what a dumb blonde she is, oops i guess i shouldn’t have said that she will think i’m racist now. But anyway she got the candy out again and was telling GinaMarie this is how it will go. She concluded that Amanda/McCrae, Helen/Elissa/Andy were the final 5 then that left Judd/Jessie and her and GinaMarie. Now instead of saying they needed to team up with Judd/Jessie and take them out she says then we will need to get Jessie out. Yeah that makes alot of sense take out somebody that could be on your side. What does she think that her, Judd and GinaMarie are gonna take out the other 5 lol, maybe when hell freezes over.

    1. That just confirms how stupid these people are. Aaryn was right on target with that scenario but then decides to target Jessie? I’m so sick of these bimbos. They’re all sharing a brain cell in that house.

  36. Just starting watching the Australian version of BB today. Far more entertaining!!! Of course, it has just started but it will be my new guilty pleasure

  37. Gm and aaryn talking about boob size and alignment. . ….someone please go ” temple of doom” on me and rip my heart out. And bbad decides to cut away when gm flashes aaryn about a lift…. Thank you much for not tainting my nightmares with that sight.

  38. Howard and Judd talking in Pantry… I am trying to figure out what drugs Judd’s on to mumble like that. I’m thinking lithium, heroin, methadone,barbituates… these people are going to lose it soon if the lockdown lasts til HOH tomorrow night. The smokers are already on edge.

    1. Helen owes Amanda for what she and McCrae did to Nick. Spencer is correct, he has
      roughly six to ten hours to pull off a minor miracle by securing three or four solid votes
      against Amanda, or he’s going to be on the block until he goes home, especially if he does
      not win competitions! California has yet to wake up in more ways than one. I agree, as gross
      as Spencer has been, I keep thinking of vintage HUSTLER magazines and wondering if his
      pappy had quite a collection that he discovered as a teen, as sexist and lacking in social
      graces, his sense of team~play and loyalty (which has to be noted) tends to focus his
      game. his ploy opens Aaryn up to a kingmaker position that cuts into Helen’s groundlings.
      To be fair, I’ve mentally labeled Helen a control freak quite often these past weeks, but i
      do not fault her decision calls. She has not played a stupid game, even so, the odds are
      that she will try to put Spencer and Judd up next if the “fickle finger of fate” spares poor
      Candice. I’m hoping poor Howard stays and Amanda goes, given that this would create
      chaos for Helen, but i think if Howard goes we will see Spencer in overdrive before he is
      in “crash and burn” mode, he is putting his all into the powe rplay. I think Andy + Helen are
      more solid than Amanda + McCrae are, i think the southern “Dixiecrat” alliance that is forming
      around the remnants of the Moving Company has hopes of recruiting McCrae back into their
      ranks after Amanda goes out the door. Jessie is the only floater that does not seem to have
      a firm loyalty. I think Andy functions like a roaming, roving spy, given that he gathers in the
      intelligence for his side, and leaves behind gossip deliberately. I think he has played himself
      well, but he is starting to be too prominently underfoot and/or evesdropping when there is
      something being said of importance. We’ve got hours to see if Spencer can resurrect the
      game Howard has been playing, i feel MVP USA could toss up Amanda and Aaryn again but
      that Elissa will most likely be in 3rd if there is no deepset change to things as we go to the wire!

        1. Andy has this thing about Judd, i’m assuming Spencer or Judd could follow
          Howard out the door either tonite or next week. A coup d’estat or a double
          eviction opens up a more rapid game, this is a given! the cast is trying to guess
          at the twist, even as they are assuming AMERICA is not being handed a big
          and direct responsibility each week. i think that when Helen assumed the MVP
          was in Howard or Judd’s hands, her paranoia spilled out unglamorously. i
          see that McCrae remembers the backlash Jeremy triggered, hense his remark!

          1. this is the lull B4 the big storm!!!!
            we fans may see a total BB zoo
            happen B4 midnite indeedy yes!
            they should be starting to slowly
            wake up out in California soon!!!!

  39. Well Andy did say he needed to get into a real fight tonight on the edit show so maybe he is picking Judd to be the target? I dunno these people are really nuts. I hope someone does something quick……oh and btw Simon/Dawg the best part of this show this season are your headlines on the posts….some actually had me laughing out loud in front of my IPad with my family looking at me all crazy……Thanks guys……guys you gotta find ways to keep it entertaining since the house guests can’t seem to.

    1. *guess you gotta find way to keep it entertaining since the house guests can’t seem to. Damn auto correct……hate it.

  40. Hey!!! I know why Aaryn and GM hates Candice so much!! Candice is really cute, hot, and smart! AA and GM are ugly as F••• and they’re just jealous! No other reason I can come up with, they’ve hated her from day 1. Actually Candice is the smartest one in the house she picks up and figures out everything. She’s just in the game alone! I hope she wins HOH and VETO!

    1. If she’s in the game alone then I guess she’s not the smartest person in the game. She’s cute but not cute enough for other girls to hate on.

    2. smart? are we watching the same show? did you see her trying to put the puzzle together? they werent even fitting she was just stacking them like a child. smart? did you see her go threaten helen, who’s in power? smart? how many comps has she won again?

    3. Have you all seen the picture of Gina Marie without make up she looks way way way different and that nasty tongue ring may be infected .

  41. This MVP thing has got to go. America is voting to put out the best player in the game right now and letting people like Jessie stay in the game and crave attention by acting like a brat. You same people would have wanted people like Evil Dick out the house even though he’s the best player ever.

  42. What I wish would happen is Elissa, Jude, Jessie, Gina Marie and Candace would team up and take out Amanda, get spencer in on this vote and then cut him. Next week get out Aaryn, spencer, McCrae, Andy, Helen then Howard in that order. Then Elissa, Gina Marie and Jessie take out Judd then Candace and Elissa win final hoh and take either one with her to final two. That is my wish it won’t happen because first if Howard stayed Candace would be worthless and Elissa wants to make a move but is worried about the backlash, Jessie is kind of worthless, Gina Marie is also worthless and Judd wouldn’t turn unless he knew they were going to target him which Elissa could tell him but all are afraid to make demand a and her lapdog along with Helen mad. Unfortunately those three will be your final three. If that happens I will be angry because it will send a message that bullying will get to far. Please get those three out ASAP.

  43. It’s pretty clear that production wants a girlie ending to this season. The way this is going I can easily see most of the guys gone before jury and a jury house stacked with girls to give the prize to Amanda, Helen or Elissa. This season sucks. I appreciate Simon and Dawg for enduring it and reporting what goes. Let’s show Simon and Dawg some love and donate to the BB15 hard liquor fund. If I had to watch all the time, I know I would need some.

    Hopefully it’s double eviction. Supposing Amanda survives the first eviction, we could see Helen, Amanda or Judd leave if the right person gets HOH and there is no time to talk before nomination and vote. They haven’t really talked about it, and the general plan seems to be that they will deal with it when it happens. It would be the perfect time for Spencer, Gina or Candace to win, and if they had to think quick for themselves, anything could happen. I hope the MVP ends this week.

    1. here’s the logic of the people that think production is rigging. we know they monitor these boards, and the majority are saying they are rigging it for amanda, and that they hate amanda and hate the show. so, they are purposely rigging it so the show is as unpopular as possible. YEAH THAT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE.

  44. I am just so tired my head is spinning….. I don’t know who is with who cause it changes minute to minute…. I just see Spencer the only person staying loyal to Howard… So whatever horrible stuff he has said about the girls in the house in my opinion, he is on point!!!! I bunch of jealous B******, that act like C**** and one who is definitely acts like a w**** always talking about D*** …. Yes, I said it and I am a woman…

  45. If Howard goes (which he 99% will) I hope Amanda wins. Oh don’t get me wrong, I despise her…but all these moronic house guests that SWEAR they are playing a smart game will go home one by one week after week thinking to themselves “What did I do wrong?” I’ll tell you what you did wrong…you let a HORRIBLE manipulative person brainwash you into her own personal game play!! I also hope the audience gives Helen, Aaryn & Andy a chorus of BOOOOO’s when they get evicted from the house. They will be likely in shock about how they are being perceived…But serves them Buffoons right!!

    1. When they all start going out of the house and look up what happened they will see Amanda was behind every eviction .

  46. I just don’t understand how the guests are laying back and letting Helen and Amanda run all over them. They want Howard, Spencer, Judd and Candace out because they aren’t mindless idiots. When Howard, Judd and Spencer go home, it’s time for me to stop watching. The rest of them are brainwashed and hypnotized and will be picked off one by one until Helen and Amanda are the final two. What a bunch of losers!

  47. I don’t understand how true bb fans can think that someone that is only in this house to find “cute boys” is more deserving of winning than two women that have controlled this house from day one…if you really love this game, why don’t you respect the way it should be played… winners should not win because they are cute, or floaters, or because their sister is famous…it should be won by someone that either wins a lot of competitions or someone that is smart enough to control the votes on a weekly basis

  48. I agree that someone playing the game deserves to win over people who are there just to get famous, or find a showmance, however you said the key word which is SMART enough. I don’t think anyone in that house is smart. Amanda and Helen are bullies who were just lucky enough to land in a house full of cowards and fools.

  49. Anyone else as confused as I am as to what is wrong with these houseguests?!?!? I swear they don’t know that people lie on BigBrother. They get so offended it is INSANE. lol It is ruining the game. Amanda & Helen will be final two if this keeps up. Everyone is for some reason afraid of them? Get some guts and do what you went there for and at least try to win!!!!! It is pure pathetic. I have never seen so many “house meetings” where one person trys to call out or threaten the entire house LOL. When Aaryn freaked when David got evicted and demanded to know who voted what why did nobody tell her to get over it you barely know him anyway! lol Didn’t you come to play this game? (not to mention you are racist against anyone not white and think it is ok but that is a whole other story) Everyone seems to believe Helen and Amanda will take them to the end when…only one person wins..not like 9 LOL. OMG.There has to be a power switch because these people are pure annoying. Helen may as well have won every HOH as she decides who goes up! What puppets we are watching. SOMEONE MAKE A MOVE FOR THEIR OWN GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON PLEASE BEFORE I CAN’T WATCH ANYMORE!!!! – Rant over LOL

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