Judd says if you are going to f**k me over, then I will f**k you over a little earlier!

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Howard, Candice, Amanda (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie


10am – 10:35am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Andy, Judd and Candice are out on the backyard couch. They talk about the wakeup music. Andy says he is going to go back to sleep. Judd says nooo.. I have something important to tell you. Andy says it can wait. Candice heads inside to bed. Judd tells Andy to not act nervous around her. Judd says that he wants to get Candice out before Spencer. Andy says he is cool with that. Judd says I wouldn’t mind if Howard went to jury too if he didn’t act a fool. Andy says that he is going to tell Spencer right before the vote. Judd isn’t sure about it. Andy says I am going to and I think you should too. Just in case he gets HOH then we will be on his good side. Judd says if you’re going to do that, then I will do it today. Andy says no! Judd says if you are going to fu*k me over, then I will fu*k you over a little earlier. Andy says no why would you do that!? Judd says then lets tell him after the vote. Judd is worried that there is a Coup d’etat out there and then we would go up. Andy says if anything it keeps us safe. They (Spencer & Howard) will still want to work with us if we tell them. Judd says Howard will be gone! Andy says yeah unless like you say there is a Coup d’etat out there. Judd says I am 70% positive that Howard has a power. Andy says not will all the scrambling they have been doing. Judd says he wasn’t yesterday. Andy says he was with me. (WHY JUDD doesn’t want Andy to tells Spencer before the vote: Judd and Andy lied to Spencer and told them they were down with voting out Amanda to save Howard/Candice. Judd doesn’t want to tell Spencer this before the vote because if Howard has a Coup d’etat he could change the vote before it even happens in which case Spencer/Howard would never know that Andy\Judd were going to vote against them. He is worried if they reveal they aren’t voting with them, then they will be put up if a coup d’etat is played.) Helen joins them. Helen starts putting down the awnings and breaks one of them. Big Brother tells them they are on a lock down (To fix the awning).
CBS Interactive Inc.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


10:37am – 10:40am Judd heads to the bedroom. Elissa says Judd you wear your bear shirt so much people think its the only shirt you own.. ZING! Judd says Elissa you sh*t your pants.. ZING! Judd heads to the kitchen to eat ramen noodles for breakfast.


10:45am – 11:30am Judd, Elissa and Helen are in the kitchen talking about random things. Judd heads outside and lays on the backyard couch swatting flies. Elissa and Helen talk about Andrew Gordon from Big Brother 12. They continue to talk about other past house guests. Judd joins them back in the kitchen and they discuss their work.

11:35am – 12pm Amanda joins Judd out on the backyard couch. Helen comes out and talks to Judd about how she heard that he was upset that she cried with Howard got nominated. Judd says that he wasn’t mad or upset and didn’t bring it up to her but that he was just worried that Howard was pulling on heartstrings. Helen says that she would be upset with anyone being nominated, that is just the way she is. Judd says that he heard Jessie got upset too and was worried that Howard it using the girls weaknesses to stay. Helen tells Judd not to worry she wants Howard and Spencer gone. Judd brings up how he would rather get rid of Candice next week rather than Spencer. Helen says that she is okay either way. Judd brings up how Candice is trying to use the poor card even though she talks about things that show she isn’t poor. Helen says that Candice is my friend but she is bad for my game. I am here to play and am not afraid to take out my friends in the game. Helen says Howard is my friend too but he has been lying to me since day one and we need to get him out. Helen says that she is the most loyal to Judd. Judd tells Amanda and Helen we all need to make at least the final 6 after how hard we’ve worked. Amanda starts talking about how Howard uses and throws Candice under the bus but she will go to the ends of the earth for him. Amanda says I got my hands dirty and risked my game for the better of the house to try and get Howard out. Judd says well hopefully he will go on Thursday. They start talking about how rude Jeremy was and how they have so much more food now that he is gone. The conversation turns to talking about how loud and rude Candice is when people are sleeping. Elissa joins them. Judd says that he wishes they did the goodbye messages closer to the eviction because you never know if someone is going to piss you off and you’ll want to say something mean but can’t.


12:05pm – 12:30pm Amanda tells Judd it’s going to be a good week. Judd says I am going to win HOH. Amanda says no I’m going to win it. Amanda heads inside and Judd and Spencer are alone on the couch. Judd says after Thursday we just have two more. Spencer says no way I make jury if this doesnt work out. Judd says I have been thinking through scenarios and I think you will. Judd says first of all if Howard was to go, which I don’t think he will.. I think he is good but I am just thinking of all the scenarios .. I think Candice would go next. 110% ..well maybe 90% because you never know who might win HOH and what they might do. Judd tells Spencer that the best case scenario would be if he won HOH. Amanda joins them again.


CBS Interactive Inc.

12:22pm Amanda says to Spencer so that final four deal between you, Howard, me and McCrae is all bullsh*t. Spencer says its not all bullsh*t, I don’t think Howard is going to be a part of it. You never trusted Howard and I don’t think you ever trusted me. Amanda says no I don’t. Amanda says the the proof is in the pudding. I know what you are doing and it’s not going to work! You are just making yourself more of a target. Spencer says you can believe what you want to believe but I think the reason I am on the block is because of you so that’s just fine pudding. Amanda says I had nothing to do with that deal. Spencer says I don’t believe that for a second Amanda. Amanda is silent and then says it’s okay it’s just a game. Judd joins them. Amanda says maybe the reason you are up on the block was because you told the HOH you would put her up if you won HOH. Spencer says no I didn’t. Spencer says all the sh*t you talk about me makes me not trust you. Spencer says I know your favourite saying is the proof is in the pudding but every time something comes up you are involved in it. Amanda says that’s not true. Judd asks who’s got pudding! Amanda says that the moving company had me as the number one target. Spencer says that’s not true. Spencer says that its ridiculous to bring up the moving company that hasn’t been around for a long time. Spencer says it makes it bad for me if Howard leaves but it’s bad for me anyways. I would rather Candice leaves. They talk about how no one understands Howard. McCrae joins them. Amanda says the thing is with you McCrae trusts you, but when I have talked to Howard I never felt like I could trust him. I get that we all have people we are trying to protect but not at my expense. Spencer says I want Candice gone this week. Amanda says I was genuinely happy for you when you won that veto. Spencer says he appreciate it. Spencer says that he doesn’t understand why Howard would rather leave than Candice go. Amanda says that two days ago he said that she was cancer on his game. Amanda says we could probably get Candice to go if you worked with me. Spencer says you say you want to work with me but you threaten me and say that I am your target. Amanda says I have a lot of blood on my hands, if I stayed I would be a bigger target to take the target off of you. Amanda says it would be better for you and me if we campaign for Candice to go. Spencer says there is no way Howard is staying. Amanda and McCrae both say that’s not true. Amanda says if there are no votes against me then we will be good and can work together. Spencer says you say that but how can I trust you when you say I am your target and you bring up the moving company which happened a month ago. Spencer says we are talking in circles, you know who I want out. Lets just leave it at that and get to Thursday. Elissa and Helen join them. Spencer says that anything to do with Amanda I am the easy scapegoat.


1pm – 1:40pm Helen says lets hear it out. Spencer tells Helen that he heard she and Elissa had a lot to do with the nominations. Helen says I did. Helen brings up how she thinks Howard was MVP. Spencer says no way in hell was Howard MVP. The conversation turns to talking about the moving company and how Spencer says he came out smelling like sh*t but McCrae came out smelling like a rose. Spencer says that he tried to convince the moving company to vote out Nick instead of Elissa. If McCrae had not flipped we would have had the votes to vote out Elissa. Amanda says so whos the target for you. Spencer says Candice, my vote is going to vote out Candice. Amanda says so if there are votes against me, then it wont be from you? Spencer says if that did happen, it wouldn’t be me. Helen says I always felt that your dream was to make jury and I think Howard leaving will help your game. Spencer says it will also hurt my game because he is an ally. Helen says were not the target when we made this deal it was always Howard. Spencer understands that. Amanda says there are people that want you here because you would be a vote for them in jury. If you go along with us then I won’t go against them. Helen says I would love to help make that dream come true to make it to jury. Amanda says if there are no votes for me on Thursday, there are other targets for me other than you. You will not go up if I win HOH if that happens. Spencer says okay I appreciate that, I don’t see any vote against you any ways. Elissa asks who Spencer thinks is MVP? Spencer says you or America. Elissa says I can tell you 185% I did not put up Amanda. Elissa says I have to say it’s weird that Howard avoids me. Spencer says that is Howards awkwardness. Amanda asks why are you protecting him? Spencer says he is trying to get into his head to figure out why he would rather go home than Candice. Amanda says he isn’t sacrificing himself for Candice he has two girls at home. Spencer says I am trying to change his mind. Spencer talks about how Howard is just tired of the game and the politics. Spencer says that he isn’t doing anything but sitting back and letting Thursday come. Amanda says so if I walk out the door then these 5 people know that you lied to my face. Spencer says that’s fine because that won’t happen. Spencer and Amanda both say they are the scapegoats for a lot of sh*t in here. Spencer says we can work together but you need to get off the one foot in, one foot out. Amanda says I know you have been campaigning to get me out. Spencer says no I haven’t. Amanda tells Spencer the best he can hope for is a tie and Aaryn wont send me home. Spencer says he knows that. Amanda tells him I know about your plan and it’s not going to work. Spencer says I want Candice out. Amanda says just be honest with me, if you help me I will help you. Spencer says I have no plan against you and you will see on Thursday. Amanda says I know your entire plan and everyone involved and I even know what your plan is if there is a tie. Spencer says there is no plan to get you out. Amanda says so there are a bunch of people making this up. Spencer says yes. Just drop it and you will see on Thursday. Amanda says I am just asking you to change your tune from me to her.


1:25pm – 1:30pm In the bathroom – McCrae tells Jessie and Andy about how Amanda and Spencer are getting into it in the backyard. McCrae doesn’t like how Amanda is tell him in front of other people that if there are any votes against her then they will become her targets next week. Andy and Helen head up to the HOH and Helen tells her that there was a big conversation out in the backyard. Andy asks about it and Helen says I will let Amanda tell you but then gives a quick run down. Meanwhile in the downstairs bathroom – McCrae and Judd comment on how Amanda and Spencer are just talking in circles. Judd talks about how Howard doesn’t even want to been here but I used up all my vacation days just to be here. McCrae says it bothers him too.


1:45pm Andy, Judd, Helen and Jessie are in the lounge talking about wanting Candice out before Spencer. Judd says that if Candice wins HOH I will jump in the pool and not get out. Helen thinks even if Candice won HOH she would put up Ginamarie and Aaryn. Helen and Judd talk about how Spencer just needs to be quiet and not campaign for Howard any more. Amanda joins them and says that was an interesting conversation. I just wanted to instil fear in him. Amanda starts reiterating her conversation with Spencer.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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from the previous update, Kyle said in the comments…
“I’m a huge BB fan, have been for years. I’m a live feeder and I follow on here daily, as well. But I’m not sure how much longer I can hang on this year. I can’t stand ANY of these people. I dislike them all. I don’t want any of them to win 500k”
that gave me an idea. i had already been thinking of new twists for next year regarding the game to try and prevent crap like BB15 from happening again. but i felt it lacked something until kyle gave me an idea.

obviously, the way the current mvp nomination thing is going can’t be used again because BB16 will know about America getting involved. however, i think America getting more involved in some way is a great idea, and about the only thing that gives BB15 any appeal and therefore is needed more next year to help wash the bad taste of BB15 out of our mouths.

my proposal, go back to only 2 HOH nominations (though can have twist weeks here and there to where a 3rd goes up) and America gets a vote every week, just like a HG. but the HGs go into the house knowing this, so maybe they won’t act like the people from this disgusting cast. that would add a new kind of strategy to try and plan around what the HG think America may do. but dont stop there. give America one of the last HOHs right before jury. would have to be one where the votes in the house add up to an odd number. that would be plenty of time for us to find out who the worst of the bunch is, as well as maybe throw a monkey wrench into the idea (that many of BB15 losers had) of just playing to make it to jury. finally, even allow America one vote in the end for the winner, as if we were in the jury. no one knows who played a better game than us, not to mention, we’d know if whoever was a hate spreading loser (like many of the BB15 HGs) who didnt deserve the money regardless of how far they went as finalists. finally, and this is where Kyle gave me inspiration. if all of those things did not work and we still got a cast full of disgusting, hateful weasals like this year, then figure out a provision to where no one wins the money and the 500K would be given to charity based off of a 90% (or a more appropriate number) vote by America.

after such a horrible season, CBS should make it up to us in some manner such as that.


I love that idea, LURKER007…good one!!!


The problem with America being such a part of this is 4chan controlling Americas vote. Subposibly 4chan got Amanda put up and are now working on dropping flyers over the house to get her sent home. I don’t understand how this holds Alison accountable but to each their own. I don’t really mind production tinkering with things to make the show more interesting but I don’t like 4chan messing with America’s vote.


i think you misunderstood my proposal little. in my proposal, we only nominate whoever 1 time, that time America is given HOH. every other time, all we are is one vote for whatever. but its done in a way to maybe keep the HGs in check to where they won’t be hateful douche bags like they are in BB15.

normally, giving America a nomination like they do now would be too much power, but this cast is pathetically horrible with all their hate that our being able to do something with nominations is *THE ONLY THING* that gives BB15 any appeal whatsoever.


That’s stupid. 4chan is barely watching this year. We only watched last year because of Ian. Posting about Big Brother these days gets you banned, so you may want to rethink your theory.

Besides, this season sucks, so no one is watching.


Besides, what’s the difference between Brenchel fans controlling the vote and another group controlling the vote?


What is 4chan?


Sounds like that way it used to be when BB started. Let America vote on HG’s ouster, or at least have a vote in the ouster process. Also, they should go back to weekly HG challenges where the HG’s had a week-long project to complete in order to get food for the week. If the HG’s didn’t complete the challenges, the whole house (except HOH) would be on slop. Thus eliminating all of this boring day-to-day nothingness of sitting around the house all day.



That format works great on the UK version of Big Brother. Over there, BB makes a killing on the text charges. I think that failed in the US. The demographic here is younger and broker.


one thing i forgot to add in the proposal. if this was to happen, none of the chosen HGs could have a connection to previous seasons or anything else to where they’d have an established fanbase ahead of time. they would all be general whoever people that would have to build up a fanbase from how they played the game.

in short, just as if we the collective vote of America wouldn’t know whoever and we’d get to know them through the game like current HGs do in game already.


And how about a few house guests over the age of 40? For some of us, it’s not all about watching the girls in the bikini. It might be nice to see someone on here with a little life experience and general overall common sense!


Shelly was – look where that got her.

Death threats … all because Jeff got evicted. Fuck him. I liked Shelly, straight shooting snake and all!


Unfortunately, the racism and homophobic remarks are probably the closest to their “true” selves than anything else about this game. I’m not condoning the comments by any means but that’s probably the only real part of these people that we are seeing. The concept of the game (as seen in Season 1) was what happens when you lock total strangers in a house for 3 months with no contact from the outside world. It was a social experiment that WE chose to watch and that includes the good, the bad, the ugly. Every season has had homophobic people, racist people, etc. That’s what’s supposed to make the experiment entertaining to those watching. How do these people interact with each other when they are all complete opposites from around the US and have nothing in common.
This cast (I call them cast because I feel they are no longer contestants but hand chosen as is a cast on a TV show and not a game show) has been following productions cues so much that there is very little left of the social experiment. No longer are they restricted on hot water, food competitions, weekly house meetings, hand washing their clothes, etc. Now, it’s a cast on a TV program with the premise of a Reality game show. I thought Season 1 was slow (especially with the Dr Drew comments, etc) but Season 2 was a step up. I feel that as each year passes and the house gets fancier and fancier, the important part of the show… the social experiment part… gets lost. They are allowed to sleep whenever, bathe whenever, eat whatever. The “slop” part is a joke. They’ve devised ways of making even it look good. Geez… it’s all GM will eat for Pete’s sake! Go back to weekly food competitions either for the whole house or boys vs girls. Go back to PB & J with water or milk for the rest. Maybe make them have a garden or chickens to raise for their food. Surely, CBS could pick some of the better parts from the beginning of the series and put them back in place. It would definitely make the show closer to what it was originally supposed to be and perhaps just a little more entertaining. Dr Will and Mike Boogie were WAY back in Season 2 and the season was much more enjoyable. Remember Kent’s homophobic comments to Bunky before he found out he was gay? Or Shannon getting back at Hardy by scrubbing the toilet with his toothbrush? People will always do and say evil things…. that’s part of the experiment (and the entertainment)!


This is exactly why 4chan has become involved. Ill admit I didn’t get it at first but now I do. I even donated a few dollors to the cause. Alison knows Amanda and production helps keep her around for the drama/ratings. The racism is wanted by CBS because it gets more viewers. Support 4chan and hold Alison accountable.


I like to see a cast where none of them were in the business, or related to a former player. They should all have to go through the process, no one gets “invited” by the producers.


only if the voting was posted online, in real time, and security was put in place to prevent padding of the votes.

i’m sick of brenchel fans and non-viewing aaryn haters influencing the mvp voting. cbs has done nothing to fix it, just in case they decide to fix the vote to their advantage. none of this is good for the show the way it is now.


I think this a great idea. On big brother Italia, all the nominees are chosen by the audience and ultimately the winner.


I don’t think your idea is bad at all…but if you put me in charge of casting, I think I can fix it during this process, then just return the game to it’s roots. For me adding bells and whistles is just masking the real problem which is the players.

I would have some firm guidelines:

I want an extensive psychological profile and only those who are shown to be self-motivated, ambitious, more likely to lead or strike out on their own, rather than follow, those who hate losing more than they love winning, and those who see no difference between 2nd place and last place need apply

No superfans or former players (an exception would be somebody I thought had promise but was evicted before they had a real chance). Former players have histories and these histories pre-shape the game for them both good and bad. Superfans use their knowledge of history to shape the game often for the worse, following models often based on bad analysis of what they think “worked” for their favorite, and their knowledge more often than not leads to paralysis or the desire to follow somebody else so “the target” is on their back. These people know all the BB jargon…and continually misapply the terms and rarely strike out with any original ideas on the game.

I would do everything in my power to create a huge cross-section (and I would not cast 3 from Texas and 2 from Minnesota) of players. I want men and women from 21-50. I want a wide swath of geography and would toss in some international players whenever possible. I would never cast two people who I believe seem like logical partners. I want a house going in where I’m convinced everybody will feel on their own and any alliance will be built on the basis of need. I would also likely discriminate against those who are married or attached and would NEVER consider anybody who is hoping to be famous or looking for love. I want people who love to win and don’t care what scoreboard is used…although I will favor the most money hungry applicants.

And the money paid will be $500K to the winner and $10K to everybody else. No reward for “making jury” and no reward for 2nd place.


Just to make it interesting, I would add to your proposal that everyone that gets on jury also gets a 100 lashes. It might make them play with a little more gusto. I would also like a weekly HG vote, by the HGs, on who is the worst floater. That person then get fed to the alligator that will be kept in the pool.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

everyone you know it MUST be done – amanda has got to go

we have to be relentless in continually voting her as 3rd nom until evicted

bb fan

I don’t want this to become BB UK. That entire show while interesting and fun to watch is just people trying to look good. This BB is better because we can have villains and they can say they are villains.


I think the way to make next season better is to cast better people. Stop casting people because they’re attractive and young, cast them because of their diversity and ability to play a thoughtful dynamic game.


Could it be that Judd is finally hip to Andy? Stay tuned for this!!

amanda sux

this is the worst season ever..i think thats one of the biggest insults you can give to some of these “superfan” players..you were part of one of the worst seasons ever! yay! they need to stop casting these brainless model wanabe’s, and bring in some people with intellect..Id take 16 ian terry’s over these jabroni’s/..no one has the guts to make a big move..Andy is asuch a weasel, I cant wait till someon in his alliance backdoors him

Lets Not go Overboard

You want to get rid of the bimbos and bring in people with intellect? Wait one minute. I agree changes have to be made, but you are going to far. I think they should bring in professional strippers that don’t mind walking around in the nude. Think of increase number of people subscribing to the live feeds. Also they should have more geeks like Ian who make vain attempts to get with these strippers….I mean models. Most of the strippers I meet refer to themselves as either a dancer or model, but never stripper. That being said, I wonder if Aaryn is a stripper, after all, she says she is a model.

How else can they improve the show next year. If CBS got great ratings this year with all the racial tension, then I have a great idea for them next year. You get 1 male and 1 female from a white supremacist group and 1 male and 1 female from a black activist group and throw them together. Think of the fireworks, great TV. Also you get a down on his luck minister and throw him into the mix. Let the minister try to save the souls of these two different parties.

Another idea is put a wife beater in BB that was acquitted with a female woman rights advocate. Yep CBS, you have latched on to something. Hatred sells! I just wonder Mr Moonves, your wife is Asian and happens to be Julie Chen. As you describe it, what we are seeing in this BB house is just a microcosm of society and CBS has nothing to do with it. That’s an interesting take! So with this rational, your kids with Julie, who can be considered Asian, will it be ok for them to be targeted because of their race and the school not step in? After all, our schools are just a microcosm of society, so the school should not be expected to protect the ……how should I say this…..protect a minority.

Yep CBS, all you have do is put a disclaimer up and say you take no responsibility, let the fireworks continue and hatred reign.


They had an “activist” one year. Guy was so annoying that he got booted first. He hit on all the girls but was fast draw on playing the card. He came off as a clown.


all this cloud of trust between Judd and Andy is just another gimmick from production so they can edit some made up drama for Thursday when Howard gets evicted. the house is not gonna flip, the house is gonna vote like sheep. the whole house except Spencer will be voting for Howard’s eviction. don’t get me wrong, out of everyone in the house who could make it flip right now, it’s Judd. if Judd wants to be the one in charge like MC/Amanda and Helen, he needs to think fast before Thursday. he should be the one going to Spencer and Howard and make a “real deal” telling them that he wants Amanda gone this week and his target of Helen or Andy next week. if Amanda is not evicted this week, there is nothing else left to save this season. this season sucks and at this point in the game even if production shake things up, it will be to late.


I think Judd may be too lazy to be so pro-active…he just wants to be a paper tiger and growl once in a while so people know he’s not dead. I don’t think Judd exhibits many leadership qualities, if any at all. No one there has given Amanda a run for her money, except what Spencer just did in their recent face-off. I’m now waiting for McCrae to say “…yeah, I was gonna say something, I was ready to tell Spencer…”, but of course, he too is too afraid to say or do anything.


Really starting to loathe this season!


I bet Judd wearing a bear t-shirt makes him a good luck.


Simon, Dawg, with all the conspiracy talk this year has there been any talk about the picture in Aaryn’s hoh room with the girl that Amanda knew, they gave each other that evil lil smirk when she figured it out and they have become besties since. maybe nothing just strikes me as odd with Aaryn’s sudden return from the darkside and the way they support each other now. and FYI Thank you both for the amazing job you do here, this is how I get all my 411 now, gave up on the cbs fiction hour. yaw ROCK !!!


Totally agree, we get the real scoop here, the deal with the pic was on after dark when they first went into her hoh room, and a couple nights later again on after dark they zoomed in on the pic for a hot second. no biggie was just curious if there had been any chatter about it, guess not, lol. Thanks again keep up the work !!!


good work


Turned out is was a picture of Honey Boo-Boo’s mom (the human thumb).


I noticed that too, evo8080… I thought it was strange Aaryn and Amanda would have a mutual friend randomly selected to be in one of Aaryn’s HOH photos.
After all, considering the age difference, living in separate states etc.. what are the odds? It may not be coincidental like you say. hmmm, interesting.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

from memory from thursday after dark in aaryns hoh room reveal aaryns friend in the pic that amanda also knows…the girls name was kaitlyn(not the one from bb) and possibly surname of moore?


Attn Home Buyers

Amanda Zuckerman (of Prudential Florida Realty) is more than just a real estate agent. (Yeah, a bigot and tramp.) To attain the designation of REALTOR®, Amanda Zuckerman has proven they are more knowledgeable and experienced (in taking your money), above and beyond the legal (we have no moral) requirements. Amanda Zuckerman, as part of the network of REALTORS®, will cater to all of your real estate (and other) needs with the top-notch professional (as can be easily seen by subscribing to BB15 live feeds) practices.

Are you ready to trust (this is joke, right?) someone who is committed (to making vicious statements about you behind your back) to you? Learn more about Amanda Zuckerman and you may just find (if you are really stupid) a REALTOR® you can trust (decide for yourself) with your real estate investment (and to help support her modest lifestyle). (Caution: You’d better sell or buy from her, or else.)


gave you thumbs up for the demanda bashing 🙂

however, when i first began reading the post, i was hoping it was about how demanda’s realtor firm had fired her. that would be awesome.


I think her mother owns the business

Another one

Let me guess – this is from the founder of Nick’s-BB-T-Shirt-Now-Half-Off-Today-Moving-CLub-Going-Out-of-Business-XOXO Gina Marie-T-shirt-Fan-Club. Dude this hatin won’t sell u more t-shirts.. Change the channel and move on.


Nice burn!


Judd says if you are going to fu*k me over, then I will fu*k you over a little earlier.

That’s too ironic to me lol, while his alliance is planning on screwing him. He has a chance to screw them over first, but he’s passing up on it. Although he deserves this, he made an alliance with Howard and Spencer twice now and then told everyone about it.

Aaryn told GM “rats win the game sometimes, Ian was a rat”…. out of 14 seasons a rat won once vs the rest who were strong competitors who went after big targets. And the ONLY reason Ian won…. he had the luck of Dan pissing EVERYONE off to get to the finals. Not to mention he had the very stupid Danielle who believed him to put Shane up in his spot, the very stupid Shane for saying “ok I’ll be the pawn since you’re not comfortable with it and I’ll throw the veto to you”. All this in the final four, usually people want the power in their OWN hands. This would never happen again. So Ian did win some things but he should thank Dan for making it so he would win. I would take stupid players in the house with me, over being a good game player any day.

I was suppose to say something else can’t remember what. oh yes I’ve seen every season of BB, and I believe there will be a big twist either this week or next week. There hasn’t been any twists so far and we’re almost into jury. Usually from my count there is at least 2-3 twists so far not including the “initial season twist the mvp”… so one twist is making america the mvp… I also remember seeing a moose in the house, like they had in the Canadian BB house. So at some point someone will be sent on a mission, I think probably when it gets to 10 or less people to keep things “exciting”. That leaves for 1 more big twist at least!!


Good idea lurker, I mean really what is going on with these Hg’s do they not realize they are on camera 24/7 ?? Why is this year so full of hatred,and anger and just trashy people in general. It sickens me that to think Spencer who is a vulgar piece of crap, actually deserves some kudos for playing the game and see’s that even though he’s safe this week he is looking into the future and is trying to break up an alliance that will completely dominate the game if it is not taken care of NOW not later. I just threw up in my moth a little just giving him a positive remark, it just show’s how bad the choices have become to root for !! All I can say is there will be consequences for their actions, hopefully once they see what they looked like they will hate thereslves for it, they can’t stay in there forever, and Amerca(former bosses, friends, outsiders and family) will def hold them accountable.


And just to clarify, I am not rooting for Spencer to win,at all !!


All this PC police crap is ridiculous. These are real people and they will say some stupid things. No one has a problem with similiar themes in movies, TV, and especially Rap music. People need to get over all the sensitivity. These people didn’t kill anyone, why do you PC police want to see them punished so much? Really, is there no sense of proportion?


“Judd says if you are going to fu*k me over, then I will fu*k you over a little earlier. Andy says no why would you do that!? Judd says then lets tell him after the vote. Judd is worried that there is a Coup d’etat out there and then we would go up. Andy says if anything it keeps us safe.”

I’m out of the loop, why is Judd is so adamant about not talking to Spencer until AFTER the voting… why wouldn’t it keep them safe like Andy said?
If there was a Coup d’etat, why would Judd think he and Andy would be the ones going up next?
In other words, what was Judd’s point in having this conversation and how is Judd finally hip to Andy? can someone please explain.

pretty trickster

wow Judd thats actually really smart! I hope he can hang in there and win HOH again


Thanks for the explanation, I was pretty confused by what was going on with that. I’m not sure I agree with Judd’s tactic though. I don’t know why they are so convinced that the coup d’etat power is coming into the house, and why they think it’ll happen this week.


People on these sights need to get a fucking life.

Constantly bashing people that they are sitting on their asses and watching on their computers is pathetic. Who the fuck are all you guys to constantly bash these people.

Fucking humanity. No hope in this world


almost as sad as someone who goes on feed sites, to watch people reply to posts…. and then replies to those replies in hopes to bash them.
See we’re on here because Big Brother is an interest of ours, while you’re on here because you have no other interest sites to go comment on so you think ok I will try and bash the people who have something to do while they’re at work/home/vacation. Whatever it may be


Your logic impedes you argument. The poster is entitled to his opinion. There is no need to add the crazy stick to your reply.


By being such incredible trash and ruining the show, they gave us the right. Your foul mouth is equal to them. I guess you are better cause you stand at your computer and don’t watch the screen?

Another one

Moving company is gone. Jeremy is bye bye. Just move on dude. Better luck next year.


So what finds you here… Since you must have a life and all?

She Said What

Clearly you’re new to the game – Just take your marbles and go home – we don’t want you in our sandbox anymore!


right on WOW…. Well said, 80% of the commenters on this site are worse than the house guests on bb for crying out loud….


Listen Arryn’s PR firm get your racist lazy a$$ off of OBB if you can’t handle free thought and free speech. PS tell her mom you brought Arryn up with great value…. to be part of the “in crowd”… before the civil rights era and the abolishing of “jim crow”! Take your 5 dollar a$$ to the back of the bus!!


Your comments have been noted. Your seem like the type that replies to a “hmmf” with a grenade when someone disagrees with you. I’ll wait to see how you integrate the Holocaust and Obamacare into your future posts.


Spencer and Howard need to put their observations to use tactically if they really want to have a shot. They know the house responds to fear and that their appeals to self-interest fall on deaf ears. They suspect Judd was the rat on the “fake” alliance from last week. They know Andy flutters through the house collecting information. They know Jessie is a floater. They know Aaryn is following orders and thinks doing so will advance her in the game. Now they need to take what they know and apply it to position McCrea as the one to fear.

The first move is to talk about the MC and recount the day of Nick’s eviction, making sure that McCrae looks like the ringleader he actually was. Let them know his plan of eviction order. How he wanted Judd gone because he was a snoop, who lurked around late at night. He wanted Andy gone because he was a snitch who traded info for status. He wanted GM and Aaryn gone for the same reason the other MC wanted Amanda out. He wanted to remove the handcuffs to the girls and when the MC split he decided to take the guys from the girls and position Amanda to be his bulldog to co-opt the girls through her. McCrae and Amanda were the first to talk about the MC and made a deal with Helen and Elissa and the four of them have co-opted the rest of the house to serve their purpose, until they are dispatched into the jury. They need to ask each one the question “Amanda/McCrea and Helen have initiated “secret” deals with Howard and Spencer, if those deals are fake, then why do you think yours are real?”

Then once you do that, you need to be willing to lie or exaggerate to get Amanda in bulldog mode (and McCrea will follow because they panic at the slightest threat). Howard needs to share his theory on how they target pick/lie campaign with Judd and ask him who he thinks will be the next guy who is targeted because they are systematically eliminating the guys. Does he think those four will go after Judd, then put him on the spot and say they were told he was the one who ratted out the “fake” alliance last week? Tell him Helen and Amanda will be after a guy and McCrea is all for it because his comp threats are all vanishing. Spencer needs to share that McCrea/Amanda and Elissa have both told him separately that Andy is a rat and be careful what you tell him and put him on the spot. Make Andy think he is being set up as a fall guy if Amanda and McCrea face a threat from Spencer or should Howard have a special power. Then they need to get Aaryn to think the four are manipulating her to fight for the last spot with Jessie in the group. Tell her how Elissa said that the plan was to pretend Aaryn, so she told Spencer he as long as he eliminated Aaryn or Jessie, he will buy entry into the group and safety, so he needs to win the next HOH. He has to tell Aaryn what Amanda and Helen have told him he has to target and nominate Aaryn if he wants to get in the good graces of the house Then pull Jessie into the conversation and show her how after Howard leaves, the four want to let Spencer, Aaryn, and Jessie all fight for the last spot in jury.

They can’t be afraid of letting Amanda respond, in fact they should talk with the expectation that Amanda will hear everything they say. Which means they need to include nuggets that Will get Amanda and McCrea to overreact, which means rather than trying to build a new team, they need to destroy the current one and make Amanda play referee between Helen and Judd, Aaryn and Jessie, Andy and Elissa etc. Positioning McCrea as the scary power will freak McCrea out and Amanda will be aggressive. If Howard and Spencer can make them see Amanda is a threat because she does McCrea’s bidding, not only will the house fear Amanda, but they will fear McCrea having her do his bidding. Tell them once Amanda is gone, McCrea will be exposed and panic, looking for friends…just like we’ve all had to do. And Helen and Elissa will retreat and try to pretend there was never a four and will likely target McCrea in order to silence any revelation of their secret alliance, just like he ratted out the MC to find new favor.

Spencer has the right idea of going big and bold…now they just need to be willing to make up some juicy lies based on all the speculation they’ve already shared with each other.


Sounds pretty strategic. I don’t know if they have it in them. Spencer might. We just don’t know where Candice’s head is at. She could unwittingly foil this type of scenario. Elissa gave Candice important information that needs to be passed on to Spencer…that she (Elissa) is not in the decision loop, and that those in power have been running her MVP. They don’t need to do anything with the info, they just need to get off the ‘Elissa is one of the ones controlling things’ line. This is one of the perspectives that let’s Amanda and Helen aware that they don’t really have true information. This would get them (Amanda/Helen) trying to figure out who is leaking info to Spencer/Howard. (This path may throw more heat on Judd, he will pick up on it and maybe reconsider his Goof Troop alliance)

Geez Louise

Like most, I was disgusted with the hateful comments that were said about homosexuals and the racist remarks said and I got angry right alongside everyone else but I can totally understand where Candace was coming from when she was saying until you have been on the receiving end you will not understand. Being blessed to be the mother of an autistic child, I find myself enraged at Amanda’s comments. It goes beyond just anger when it affects you personally, it turns me into something I don’t wnat to be! I feel so sorry for her that she is so ignorant on something that effects so many of us Americans. I will pray for her!

Geez Louise

And I wuld like to add that the winner of BB14 Ian , has professed to having a form of autism. I’d say, it worked out well for him…


Yah, it’s called being a twitchy little f**k….


Seriously? You have to make a comment like that? Too bad you were missed in the casting process for BB this season, you would’ve fit in perfectly.

Teri B

No jerk, it is called Autism Spectrum Disorder.

She Said What

Come on Ian, write an open letter to CBS – Ragan Fox did and it brought much needed attention to the mean-spirited comments…. A letter from Ian would go along way!


Ragan Fox said so many nasty comments that people were emailing the school he taught at hoping to get him fired. I remember one “joke” of his about “Aids babies in Africa”. Bad actor and a horrible hypocrite at that.


His letter must have been really effective, as I never heard about it. I like how when they get a little fame they think there opinion carries some sway. They guy wore a giant “F” all through his season. the “F” stood for FLOATER.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

Geez Louise i appreciate your comments regarding amandas poor behaviour

i hope you can vote all ten votes for her as the 3rd nomination each week until she is evicted

you can help have an influence on her big brother game by doing this, and hopefully her big brother experience is as short a time as possible…if america keep voting her onto the block to be nominated, she will eventually be voted out by the house

Helen Smith

This group of are like they are just out of high school….worst ever. We need more mature and older BB contestants
next time around…. Think about all of the fun most of the people have been in the past….These are immature


I agree, was that what CBS was looking for a season of immature kids just wanting to hook up,I have a feeling they got more than they bargained for!! Pretty sure who ever did the screening for contestants will be filing unemployment along with Aaryn, Amanda, and Spencer


It works well on The Real World.

McCrae's Unfortunate Foreskin

It burns when I pee.

kickkin Chicken

That was so funny, I laughed so loud I scared my dogs!!!! This is a great site with some great edits!!


LOL. It would have been funnier if you posted as Amanada’s Foreskin. I bet her’s is bigger that McCrae’s.



I had to take a aleve after reading your shitty post …We the viewers are here to judge these players flaws and short commings , we can critque them we can analyze them and judge their character thats our job along with finding that one person less damage less evil that we can say played a flawless game, but these players are 2 flavours of the same kooolaid (sos)…..I just wish these players think for themseleves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too … I’d rather see a elderly at a pitbull concert clapping out of rhythm than choosing one of these players for all STARS


Spicy..as an Elderly (70) who goes to concerts ( 2 most recent: Nas and Katat onia ) and probably claps out of rhythm, I want to thank you (sincerely) for your message of tolerance.


why do you ppl keep saying howard is throwing candice under the bus. he tells her to dont do anything and lay low and then she does the complete opposite. thats not his fault


He pull that low grade manipulative passive-aggressive thing on her. Also, he never talks to her like an equal. He’s always pulling that left handed superiority thing on her and lecturing her. It’s pretty funny, since she’s obviously more educated and life experienced. Personally, he aims low so as not to be disappointed.


Can they please press the reset button on the entire cast?!

Teri B

We WISH!!!

the showoff

Amanda got her “hands dirty” trying to get rid of Howard?!?! What has she done besides be a borderline racist who forces people not in her gigantic alliance to vote how her and he little boytoy want? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!


Funniest statement I’ve read so far:

Amanda to McCrae; “Do you think we are a power couple? Why do people think that we control this game?”



Just being observant of your surroundings is vital in this game we all love called Big Brother. With that being said, Candice hasn’t noticed how Andy never stays long in the room with her. She comes in he leaves or he walks in and then does the dip once he see her.

That's the wrong thing to do

Looks like Amanda is the new mean girl

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

for those paying close attention amanda has been a mean girl the entire season

in my opinion she has been the worst of the mean girls in terms of overall bullying behaviour and offensive comments – racist, homophobic, verbal violent threats to other house guests etc, and now the autism comment(plus continually calling people retarded)

her comments towards jess, elissa and candace have been particularly mean spirited…
told jess she has no self worth…and told andy about wanting to shit on jessies face as a way to say she didnt respect her
talked about slitting elissas throat and stringing her up and raping her (its on youtube)
says she wants to kill candace…and another comment where she wants candace to trip and fall so she stabs her eye

oh yeah and to top it off she is cheating on her boyfriend on national tv giving a dude she just met handjobs…and having sex in other peoples beds and not even having the decency to change the sheets…complete and utter disrespect for others

get this scumbag amanda off the show – she is ruining the integrity and reputation of big brother, and cbs is letting her get away with it, with cbs insulting fans intelligence by hiding it with the good edits they give her


I would have to say Elvira (Ellissa) is the worst. She has such a nasty side to her, and she grinds on it forever. She’s a special kind of crazy.

The REAL name

Simon, does it look like anyone in the house is even remotely thinking about changing their vote?

The REAL name

or Dawg???


Last night I had the feeling that it was a remote possibility but haven’t watched the feeds yet today.

The REAL name

Ok. Thanks. I’m trying to hang in there with the show and OBB. I don’t know how much longer I can go especially if Amanda stays. These HG’s are just horrible people. Just when i think it might calm down, it doesn’t. Not sure what the point is anyone. I don’t watch t.v. to feel bad. Thank you both for the job you do. I don’t know how you guys are able to pull it off. Thanks,


Dawg or Simon, does it seem like Andy & Amanda have known each other before this show? It seems like they’re in this together as much as her & McCrae… As soon as the comments started coming, ( I forget who said it first ) about Andy being a floater it’s like that’s when she looked for a reason to get everybodys attention on someone else & landed on JUDD… She done the same thing a few weeks ago when someone said something about Andy, I think it was about him popping up in peoples conversations & I watched her change the conversation real quick to someone else in a panicky kinda way. She has bashed every person in that house, including McCrae, for one reason or another except Andy. I would expect her to be the first one to say something about the way he walks through walls into every conversation in that house but if she’s said anything I haven’t heard it on the feeds or saw anything wrote about it. She is very protective of him. They seem to be too close for people that didn’t know each other til a month ago & she has never questioned his loyalty to her like she has McCrae & every one else.


Does CBS have a comment section on their website? IF so, let’s all go comment that we’d like them to look a little harder next year in regards to contestants. Maybe a few “regular joes” and not models, ex beauty pageant contestants or wannabe actors. How about a clause that says… “Have you or any member of your family ever been employed by CBS?” IF anyone answers yes, they can not try out. Considering what these cast members make per week, sounds a lot like a paycheck to me. And the twist for next year? Back to Basics.. weekly food comps, luxury comps, weekly house meetings to “air” it all out, etc. No repeat players, no family of previous players…. entirely new contestants.


This is my first year watching BB. Got hooked watching the Canadian version earlier this year so thought I would try the US version but I am so disgusted by the behaviour of these individuals that I’ve decided to quit wasting my time on this trash. I would however like to thank the owners of this site for all their hard work on keeping us up-to-date.


Honestly thought that BBCAN had too many twists but after this underwhelming season of BB15 (not too mention the bigotry and bashing of others) I CANNOT wait for BBCAN 2.


This BB15 social experiment on racism, bigotry, homophobia and misogyny has turned into a pretty emotional and disturbing one. While some people are unaffected by the discrimination they observe, others are completely offended on behalf of the victims. Some who object to this treatment can relate because of their own experiences, but other people seem completely offended by the idea that anyone would be treated in such a way.

Consider what is it about some people that makes them step forward on behalf of a stranger? Some people are content to witness something in their surroundings but are somewhat unaffected by it, while others are compelled to act. What is the motivating factor? Could it have anything to do with each person’s place in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, maybe? The stronger ones who are higher in the chart, closer to self-actualization, may feel more comfortable stepping forward while others, less secure in themselves and their level of needs, stand back? If the basis for Maslow’s needs is that people act to remove deficiencies or continually move up in the levels, what’s the motivating factor when the person themselves are not in danger? Ie: If you want to move to step three (social needs) and therefore have attained safety / security, would you feel threatened personally if someone near you were in (a type of ) danger like these victims? Or maybe they’re at the fourth level (esteem needs) and taking responsibility of their surroundings.

You may notice, as well, the three things necessary in Motivation: 1) Arousal (something triggers your attention), 2) Direction (a goal-oriented movement to act) and 3) Persistence (affecting the intensity and duraction of your action).

Maybe some people are just especially emotional – is it by their hormones (biological), their mental and emotional empathy for others (Cognitive), or maybe they are just weaker and more insecure than others and threatened by things they see (again… cognitive). What do you think?

The REAL name

Some people lead and some follow. Some people are cowards and some are not. Some people care and some don’t. It’s that simple. Unfortunately we live in a world were there are more Coward followers who simply do not care!


Helen says that Candice is my friend but she is bad for my game. I am here to play and am not afraid to take out my friends in the game.

— I’m sorry this is hilarious. I wanted to call Helen the Straight Shooter of the season, but she just sucks. Sometimes I feel like Helen is good and then most other times she is starstruck by Amanda and forgets she is playing Big Brother. They have the best to chance to get out her strongest ally, and she almost seems blind. Yes Helen, you are blind to think that Howard is a bigger threat to your game than Amanda – the same person who will sell you out next week if her or McCrae win HoH. Nobody is bad for your game but you when start flip flopping all over the fucking place. Get your shit together Helen! (bridesmaids quote)


Spencer and Amanda going at it a few mins ago on the feeds.


YAY! Go Spenser!!! Get Amanda out! (Even though I think you are vile, you are IMHO far less vile than Amanda and I will thank you if you can accomplish this!!!)


thinking amanda is more vile than spencer is fucked up.


The proof is in the pudding.

derick alaska

I just “love” how Amanda is so headstrong, and has the nerve to be bully when she has won nothing but..free pizzas maybe? I’m sorry but, this season is dreadful and I’m about ready for some good twists in this game. I’m ready for an epic moment like when Shelley betrayed Jordan and Jeff!!! That stuff just got me at the edge of my seat dude!!!

Amanda Sucks

Amanda is such a bitch. What a idiot. I can’t stand her. She’s the bully. Someone have some balls to evict her.


The only thing to save this season is Nick or Howard to be voted back into the house my America or something and win it all. Just my opinion, if not this season is lost………


“Helen cried when Howard was nominated” Whaaat now wait a minute isn’t she the one that made the deal with Aaryn to put Howard up, I know Amanda had a part in it too but Helen made the deal so is that guilt, regret or good acting ??


people become delusional in the house. Helen cries, lies, cons, backstabs does it all… and the end of the day she wants howard and spencer gone because they lied to her “once”.

I really don’t like how Andy plays the game he uses his flamboyant personality to get his way. Ever notice how people will be talking in a room that he’s not even included in, he’ll walk in get all hyper, act excited and literally say ‘so you guys are talking about game huh” stand for a minute walk out… I think that’s a dick move.

It’s like the equivalent of X & Y talking game and Z keeps following them not letting them talk, that’s not game that’s called annoying.. as I’m typing this Andy just walked in again *watching last nights after dark I recorded*. It’s funny they’re all talking about every single person being bored. Even with taking 5 hour naps. I think this gives more power to my there will be a twist this week or next week idea.


I think they should have an all gay house guest season. do you think any one would watch?


Amanda and Spencer go off on one another on the couch this morning. He told her to SHUT UP and that he wasn’t kissing her ass! Then when McCrae shows up she starts backing down and talking about working with him.. She is so two faced and now she has met her match and she feels like she may be able to trust him. WOW!!! Can’t wait until she leaves, hopefully very soon.


MC the other day was talking to Judd about confronting people if they step to Amanda. this happens and MC didn’t say one word to Spencer while this shit went down.

vote amanda as 3rd nom every week until evicted

but mcvag was “about to say something”



Did I miss something??? Where did the idea of a coup d’état come from??? I don’t miss an episode and now I am lost… Please let me know


Past seasons. They think there is a twist of it for them as well, but there isn’t. They are a house full of paranoid egomaniacs.

VA Vet

Amanda basically just told Spencer that there is a rat fink in his group. Hope he picks up on it.


I don’t think I can watch for much longer. These people are a bunch of cowards allowing Amanda to control all of them and they are too stupid to realize this. The only person I can tolerate is Howard and he’s going home. I’m ready for this season to b over.


Who does Amanda think she is? Now if NO one votes for her to be evicted then she won’t put up Spencer if she wins HOH! She can’t win ANYTHING!! lol She is trying to be ALL MIGHTY!! lol Amanda is so AFRAID of Spencer and she showed it this morning and then to have Helen and Ellisa to back her by saying they want to work with him is just crazy!!!


If there was even a 5% chance of Spencer pulling off Amanda’s eviction, it died on the patio today. Everybody will know that Spencer backed down from Amanda and tried to pretend he wasn’t coming after her…even though he was telling everybody he’d be the heat magnet for it. Had Spencer stayed cool and said it just a game and since she is lying and campaigning against him and Howard and since everybody said Aaryn made a deal with you and we were nominated by you, then he has to get her poison out of the house so you don’t get to do the same thing to everybody else.

He needed to show everybody he was not afraid, not setting traps, and was dead set ready to face Amanda to have any shot to save Howard, but instead he lied and looked just as scared as everybody else, which means they have no reason to rely, depend, trust or help him or Howard.


You nailed it! He was only ready to be the big man when he knew she was leaving and not when he was confronted. I don’t even know why Amanda bothered.


These people have no brains at all they are letting Amanda rule over them get her out now!! I agree with Spencer and am surprized he actually seems to know whats going on Amanda is controlling this game. Do these people actually think she will take them to the end the only person shes taking to the end is McCrae. Why wait get her out now. Guess they like being told to “vote with the house”!


**** Helen says “I would love to help make that dream come true to make it to jury” ****

Helen has become unbearable. she says the most dumbest shit like she’s the savior of those who would be allowed to be in the jury. none of these idiots deserve the $500,000. they are playing to just be in the jury. even having Spencer go at Amanda, these idiots standing by can’t think for themselves. this isn’t saying much for this season, but kudos to Spencer to show these cowards to stand up and at least try and power shift the game.


That quote stuck out for me too. I think she’s is on some type of real power trip in there since she helped keep Elissa and than won that HOH. I’ve tried to be objective and just consider her game play but she’s so asinine. She can’t seem to make moves let them play out she has to go around running her mouth like she’s some sort of puppet master. It’s like she think she has it figured out who’s going and when. I would maybe respect her game more if she it didn’t seem like she was so in awe of Amanda on some level. I really think she may be trying hard to be some sort of Boogie type character or something.


It was the show down of who has the biggest pen!$ between Spencer and Amanda on the lounge outside. What a tedious conversation. I don’t see why Amanda even bothered to get Spencer to admit he was campaigning to get her out, he wasn’t gonna tell. She even tried to make a deal with him. Saying if you campaign against Candice and I have no votes I won’t it you up is I win HOH, really? You know your safe Amanda at this point, so shut the F up. They both came out of that conversation looking like a$$holes they are.


Gotta disagree. Spencer showed all his talk of being the heat magnet and taking on Amanda was shown to be not true. Meanwhile Amanda made an example of Spencer. She has ears everywhere and anybody who moves against her will be discovered and confronted. Amanda made a power move. It was risky and gave Spencer an opening to go public and rally anybody who is wary of her…but he didn’t take it and the house will move back to the standby do whatever Amanda wants and hope after Howard, Spencer, and Candice are gone, then somebody – not them of course- but somebody else will finally move against Amanda.


So, will Spencer spend time wondering who told Amanda about his plan to send her home? Come on DR, do what you do best….


I’m not sure he picked it up because he had shut her off a long while before that and was just responding as needed. It’s possible he missed it because he wasn’t really engaged in the conversation.


Darn! My hopes are dashed.


Can’t believe that AMANDA called him out!! How stupid was that? She just threw everyone HE talked to under the bus! When they find out what she did they MAY turn on her and it might all BACK FIRE on her. One can only hope! But she is NOW kissing Spencer’s ass just so she can have another idiot on her side trying to ADD him and WORK with him is ridiculous!! NOW he knows Amanda is AFRAID of him…


I’m totally over Amanda. Are the HGs blind or afraid to get blood on their hands?
America put her up as a nominee for a reason yet no one has been able to pick up on that.


The only saving grace this week, if production doesn’t step in with a twist (e.g. Pandora’s box), is that at least Spencer, Candice or Howard (two of these three) have a remote chance at winning HOH. Hopefully, one of them can. Then you would most likely see Amanda, McCrae and Helen on the block; assuming America is the MVP again. Then the fireworks would really begin.

But if neither one of them wins HOH then they definitely would be back on the block.

P.S. I don’t understand why production has not implemented Pandora’s box; they already know that Aaryn is set to open it.


I have watched every season and I have to say this group of people are all playing to hard and following only what Amanda an Helen have to say. This would be the week to make a big move and flop the house. Send Amanda home, send Helen back to the political trail, make Andy pee his pants and watch Jessica scramble to see who can protect her the most. I am not saying I could play better…. Well yes I am.


Simon and Dawg…If you guys had anything to do with the disappearance of the Toe Nail Fungus ad, ..thanks.

BBfan from Florida

Andy seemed to have been on track believing America was the MVP, he talk about that anymore. If he still believes that, he should give thought as to why America voted for Amanda to go on the block. He is smart enough to figure out there is something they all don’t see inside the house and America does see it. I read that Elissa thinks it could be America but again, no thoughts about why America would put Amanda up. Everyone is missing this simple hint right in front of them. I really thought one of the houseguests would figure this out this week and I’m not seeing it happen.

Not sure any of you are old enough to remember Pee Wee Herman but Andy is a dead ringer for the mannerisms and facial expressions.

I also wish Spencer would start offering some deals to the proposed new alliance. I don’t hear any deal making and the other side makes deals daily. Perhaps of just telling people we should do this, he should be saying here is what we can offer each other.


I can’t believe Amanda’s arrogance; really and truly, she’s a psychiatric study. She’s on the block (Spencer is no longer) and yet she has the unmitigated gall to offer him a “I’ll make sure you make it to jury deal” IF there are no votes against her….meaning she’s not even going to “allow” Spencer to vote to keep his best bud, Howard. Her ego is so beyond screwed up, she wants it a landslide eviction. And this after she swore up and down she had nothing to do with these nominations, she’s showing how much sway she has by offering this “loser” deal. She’s making me crazy, that one!