Amanda says I told Spencer if there are no votes against me I wouldn’t put him up BUT I still will!

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Howard, Candice, Amanda (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie

1:45pm – 2:20pm In the lounge – Judd holds up Amanda’s leg and says your legs are hairier than mine. I am going to call you butch! Judd leaves the room. Andy tells Helen and Amanda that this morning Judd freaked out on him. Andy explains how Judd doesn’t want me to tell Spencer that we aren’t with his plan to vote out Amanda. Amanda says that if it takes any heat off you I will tell Spencer that it was Judd and not you. Andy says he doesn’t understand why Judd doesn’t want to tell him. Amanda says because Judd wants to flip the house and he is scared because it’s not working. Candice joins them and Helen tells her to be careful of Spencer. He was outside throwing your name under the bus saying he wants you to go. Helen and Andy reassure her that she is staying. Candice says I can’t control that and if people cast their votes against me that’s fine. Helen says whatever Howard told him isn’t working because he wants out out. Candice says I am not going to stalk people for votes because people have lied to my face before. Everyone leaves but Helen and Candice and Helen reiterates the entire Spencer/Amanda conversation to her.

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2pm – 2:15pm In the storage room – Amanda tells Elissa about Howard and Spencers plan to flip the house. Amanda says she thinks they plan to blame the votes on you or Helen if it doesn’t work. Amanda says that it doesn’t matter any ways because Howard is going. Elissa says that our plan is working to move the moving company on out. Meanwhile out in the backyard – Andy is talking to McCrae about how Judd flipped out on him. Amanda joins them and tells Andy that if it did happen she would make it clear to Spencer that it was Judd. Amanda says that the whole point of the conversation out here with Spencer was to shut that plan down. Ginamarie joins them and Amanda fills her in on the conversation with Spencer. Ginamarie tells Amanda that Spencer thinks I am voting you out and it is hilarious. Andy says same with me. Ginamarie says I never shook on anything. Amanda says when I stay if Spencer wins HOH I want him to put me up with someone else (Because even if he was HOH she thinks she would still have the majority.) Amanda says I told Spencer if there are no votes against me I wouldn’t put him up BUT I still will. McCrae says I wouldn’t mind Spencer going father in the game. Amanda says he will put you and I up if he wins. McCrae says yeah I know.


2:15pm – 2:20pm Andy, McCrae and Ginamarie talk about whether or not they will get a Pandora’s Box soon. McCrae says that they’ll get it and it will be a bunch of cleaning supplies in it – Telling us to get to cleaning motherf**kers. Ginamarie agrees that the house is really messy. Ginamarie keeps burping. Judd, Amanda and Jessie join them.


2:25pm Amanda asks Jessie alone on the backyard couch if she thinks something is going on with Judd. Jessie says no. Amanda tells Jessie that it all comes down to you again, you are the game changer again. Jessie asks again. Amanda says that she is the most valuable person and people didn’t appreciate her before. McCrae joins them and agrees with Jessie being a valuable part of their side. Amanda says my how plan with the conversation today was to keep the target on me and off of you. Jessie says thank you. Amanda says I will always protect you. Jessie says thank you. Andy joins them.


2:35pm – 2:45pm Helen tells Candice that I know you are going to be sad with Howard leaving. I am going to be one of the reasons why he leaves and I am sorry for that but I think your game will be better with him gone. I know its ironic but I will be here for you when he leaves. Candice says its a consensus and if he goes he goes. I have a great life outside of here and I am not going to campaign to people who will just lie to me. There may be another Candi moment if people are still throwing my name out there but I am a very rational person. Candice says I care for Howard in a friend way ..not in a romantic way. That is how all my relation ships start but I have to see how things are outside the house. I don’t have time to waste however my womb is screaming for babies! helen says that she hopes Candice wins HOH. If it comes down to me and you I will drop.


2:45pm Aaryn comes out and says that BB gave her an underwater camera for her HOH shots. Andy says you can get some crotch shots of Amanda underwater now! Aaryn starts taking photos.

Meanwhile in the kitchen – Candice says she wants to call a house meeting. She goes out side and tells everyone she wants to call everyone over for a house meeting. Candice says this is not to fight with anyone this is just to clear the air. Amanda says house meeting always go really well. Aaryn asks if it is going to be a long meeting. Candice says no its going to be really short. Candice says that she woke up and was bombarded with people telling her that Spencer wants me gone instead of Amanda who you had a plan for her to go. Candice says I wish you would keep my name out of your damn mouth. I wish to god that you were on the block. You said to me just last night that you wished for Amanda to choke on her own saliva and for her boob to fall out. Spencer says this is a really Christian approach. Candice says so help me god I want you to go home next week and I will do whatever it take to take you out. Spencer saying he is not campaigning against her. He says to be honest I would rather Howard be gone than you. Candice says she wants people to vote with their heart. Howard then adds his two cents about how he would rather go home than play with people that are lying and backstabbing people. I would rather Amanda and Candice stay than me. Amanda then says since we are all being honest and bringing up stuff to the whole house. You told us just the other night that Candice was cancer on your game. Howard says that her and I discussed and talked about this already and we decided to play separate games. Amanda says again that he called Candice cancer on his game. Howard says that he didn’t say that. Amanda then brings up how he and Spencer both have a plan to vote me out and yet you are lying to everyone telling us that your would rather leave. Amanda says and that is keeping it with Candi. Candice then says and that is keeping it with Candi. Candice tells Spencer he better keep her name out of his mouth and that he better pray to god that she isn’t still here because she is going to hang on for dear life to win HOH just to get him out. They end the house meeting. Amanda tells Candice that she respects her for doing that. Candice says thank you, if you are with me you are with me and if your not your against me.

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3:10pm – 3:20pm Aaryn talks to Helen over by the pool about how this is a game and your are supposed to lie, backstab and make deals. This isn’t kumbaya were we all came to make friends. Helen agrees. Aaryn says that he thinks I was puppeteered and I wasn’t I did what was best for my game. Aaryn says that this is a game and we are not selling ourselves short for $500,000. Meanwhile over on the backyard couch – Amanda tells Candice that she will make sure Spencer is on the block next week if I stay. Amanda asks Candice if she is okay. Candice says that she is just tired of waking up and hearing that her name is coming out of Spencer’ mouth. Keep my damn name out of your red beard mouth.


In the kitchen – Amanda tells Aaryn, Gina and Jessie that, that was awesome! Amanda says that she doesn’t get why Aaryn doesn’t think that was good for us. Amanda asks Gina what she thought about all that. Gina says I just think that she should have confronted him first before calling a house meeting. Amanda says that it was good for us her doing that. Gina says she gets that, I just wouldn’t call someone out like that without talking to them first. Amanda says it’s because Spencer has been lying to all of us. Amanda repeats what Candice said about her – I hope you choke on your own spit and die. Aaryn says that the only reason he is saying he wants to go home is because he knows he is going home so he is trying to save his pride. Amanda whispers to Andy in the kitchen that this is great because Howard is going and Candice and Spencer might have bonded but now there is not chance of that happening.


3:30pm Candice is lying by the pool with Helen and says that I speak my mind and I am not afraid of anyone. If I go home, then I go home. Only one person will win the $500,000. They start talking about the moving company.


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3:30pm – 3:55pm Meanwhile over at the backyard couch – Judd says if I had to tell someone something I wouldn’t need to call a house meeting. Judd says that he is tired of people saying they are scared of people not wanting to say peoples names. Look at me, why are you looking at the ground. Is there someone on the ground that I don’t see. Amanda talks about how Spencer wanted her to choke on her own spit. Elissa joins them and says that Spencer is a liar. Andy jokes that he is going to call a house meeting about Elissa. She says she will call a house meeting about him. Andy says I bet more people will come to my meeting than yours. Amanda talks about how McCrae is mad that I got involved in the house meeting but I just said what everyone is thinking. Andy says that he is annoyed about the secret alliance being called out because now he isn’t going to trust me. Not that it matters. Amanda says I don’t think that he knows who outed it, he has talked to half the house about it. Amanda says that what Candice doesn’t realize is that by calling out Spencer she was also calling out Howard. And I don’t think she realizes that. Amanda says Candice didn’t think through what she just did because this is good for us. Now she will be going after Spencer and He will be going after her. Everyone leaves the couch but McCrae and Andy. McCrae wonders why Judd wasn’t mad that Amanda called out the secret alliance. He thinks its fish. McCrae thinks that Judd already sold Andy out to Spencer. It’s just weird it doeesn’t make sense to me. McCrae says that there is just something I don’t get. Andy says that he will just pull Spencer a side and say I am getting nervous because Candice doesn’t seem as solid with you guys. McCrae says again that he thinks Judd sold Andy out to Spencer. Andy wonders if we are giving Judd too much credit. McCrae says I don’t think so, he thought of the Kaitlin sh*t! That is smarter that something I could think of. Andy says if there is a double eviction I think we should cut Judd. I am serious. I feel like that would be the move I have been waiting to make, until now I have been biting my tongue.


3:55pm In the kitchen – Judd comments that McCrae is drinking out of Elissa coffee cup. McCrae says yeah I’m doing it so I can leave it somewhere and people will blame it on her. The head out to the backyard couch. Gina is joking about accepting applications for a secret alliance. Judd jokes we should start a we’re getting pandora’s box alliance.


4pm – 4:10pm In the kitchen – Howard thanks Candice for being real. He tells her that he is proud of her. Howard and Candice head into the lounge room. Howard tells her that he thinks she is good, get back in peoples good graces. You’ve got Amanda on your side. People appreciate you talking straight. Howard says she did good. This game is helping me seeing you calling this out how they are and being honest. I’m a get mine. I am proud of you. Candice says I don’t know why he kept fu*king with me, he knows I am crazy and that he must have known it was going to come out. Howard says that he thinks she is going to stay. Candice says even if I don’t, I don’t care I have a great life. Howard says she was his reality check. He says it doesn’t matter if he leaves either, maybe I will win the lottery. Now I just want to chill and relax with you. Candice says that she thinks Howard isn’t 100% in his purpose. She won’t marry someone until they know their purpose or they are walking on their path to their purpose.


4:10pm Candice says I don’t want Spencer to say one more thing to me for as long as his white a$$ points towards the ground.

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177 thoughts on “Amanda says I told Spencer if there are no votes against me I wouldn’t put him up BUT I still will!

    1. Thanks BB for giving me more pictures of Aaryn. You haven’t shown her in a swimsuit in a while. Also there is more to Aaryn then just swimsuits, she looks good in evening attire as well. As far as game play, Aayrn is now back in control. Both Helen and Amanda want Aaryn on their team. However, Aaryn will have the last laugh. Helen or Amanda will get evicted in the next few weeks and Aaryn will be there to finish off whichever one remains.

      Did I mention Aaryn looks great in a swimsuit. Plus she is willing to come back next season to coach others. Its amazing how much she does for others.

        1. effing hate candace, she just ruined any chance of amanda going home and screwed over spencer, literally no reason to watch this shitty show after this week

    2. Let me be the first to say this: Join me in voting for Howard to win America’s Favorite ($25,000, I think) to be awarded on finale night to stick it to all the people, specifically Amanda and Helen, who unfairly targeted him to the point of being disgusted enough with their tactics to pretty much self-evict himself on Thursday. If there is any justice in this world, neither of these two will be in final two. I am sick of Amanda’s bullying and Helen telling everyone that she loves them while stabbing them in the back. NO ONE deserves to win this year! Shame on the powers that be at CBS!!

      1. UPDATE: Rumors is Tyler Perry will contact Howard for one of his upcoming movies. When BB door closes another one will open. Talks of Candace for a magazine as well…..Blah ha ha ha ha ………Karma is making her rounds. Howard and Candace may not be good BB players but somebody took notice of them. Candace is a beautiful girl, google her Ms. Louisiana images….BEAUTIFUL My favorite saying, “Be kind when speaking to a stranger, you may be in the presence of an angel” also “Be kinder than necessary because everyone is fighting some kind of a battle”. I don’t like when bad behavior is rewarded, and some of the house guest assumed that is what the public wanted, awake up!!! being mean may get you notice but being nice will get more doors opened.

      2. Howard America’s favorite? No way. What has Howard done to be America’s favorite? He can’t win comps. He can’t read people. He always get caught in his own lies. He doesn’t stand up for himself. Nice guy but no, he doesn’t deserve it.

      3. Howard winning America’s Choice? He’s done nothing. There is nothing about his time in BB that would earn him AC.
        He’s lied, talked like a politician, and generally acted shady. That’s about it.

    3. Wow, after Candice’s little rant seems as if she has a little racism herself against the white race. Hey, I dislike Spencer more than anyone but wow wonder if Candice will get called out for calling using his race in her comments. I doubt it but seems as if Candice has a problem with white people. Some things are starting to make a lot more sense to me now.

        1. Well, if you judge Candice by what she just said she IS RACIST, but maybe she was just angry like the other houseguests at times. I guess it is okay for Candice to call people racist, but hey when it comes out of her mouth and she is labeled racist it isn’t okay anymore. Is that what you claim? Only okay for Candice to point the finger? Wrong!

          1. NOW Candice needs to be FIRED from her job for being a RACIST too I guess! Come on people say stupid ignorant things but what is good for the goose is good for the gander so guess Candice is going to lose her job now that she is racist against the white population.

            1. Candice says I don’t want Spencer to say one more thing to me for as long as his white a$$ points towards the ground.

        2. besides… when Spencer is in the hammock or sleeping at night, isn’t the line you can draw from his shoulders
          to his hips suggesting that his derriere is along a parallel line to the ground or floor rather than on a 90 degree
          one? some of the time she isn’t as upset with him, its only when he is on the hustle doin’ a damage control that
          she feels clips rather than helps her game? if she’s missing the actual gameplay, yes… she’s becoming paranoid.

        3. Well, according to what Candice said she is a RACIST against white people, and if Racist lose their jobs then I guess Candice will be losing hers when she gets out of the house for her Racist comment. Or perhaps no one is racist less Amanda who I think is and they just say stupid and ignorant things without thinking. Bet CBS will not air Candice’s comment on the show which makes you wonder how much of the stuff are they manipulating these house guests or editing it to be what they want.

      1. Candice, just go home, its over. I don’t even like you as a player anymore. So in a game that’s involves lying and backstabbing, you go into an outrage that Spencer is talking about you behind your back. Candice, you were talking behind Kait, Gina, and Aaryn’s back every chance you got. So I guess Kait should of had a house meeting and told you to keep her name out your mouth. Candice when you were talking to Aaryn and suggesting she put up Elissa, is that considered talking behind Elissa back?

        Candice, I hope Spencer wins the next HOH and put you on the block. Spencer’s big picture targets were Amanda and Helen, but after your meltdown, I think you go to the top of the list.

        1. What about integrity? Anyone that agrees with playing any game with those characteristics have no morals. It speaks volumes of the type of person they and you are. Selling your soul for money is despicable. As adults, we teach children not to cheat and play a fair game, so when does manipulating, lying, and backstabbing ok?

          1. Name just one player that won BB without lying, backstabbing, scheming and saying things behind people’s backs. I bet you can’t.

      2. After some of the stuff that Spencer has been saying about women, walking around picking his nose, etc. if that the worse that is said about him then so be it. It was accurate description a far as I could tell. Besides now everyone knows what a liar he is.

      3. News flash Candice is half white and half Africn American…..if she hates white people she hates her own mom and family……

      4. Are you serious. Please. I seriously doubt that she is. Many individuals who have never experience any type of bigotry or walk in the shoes of a person of color; especially African American have no clue to their plight.

        1. Oh please women are experiencing discrimination for years and I dislike Spencer more than anyone but that does not allow Candace to make racial slurs against Spencer or for anyone to try and excuse away what she said. Who cares if her mother is white that does not mean Candace does not hate white people maybe that is the reason she does. She lies, talks behind people’s backs, hand jobs to Spencer and now has come to light that she is a racist. No way to explain away what she said!!!

      1. She is the best liar, manipulator and puppet master. But let’s be honest, with this cast it isn’t that difficult.

      2. I don’t like this person but Andy is playing the best game. As of now, nobody would put him up. He gets on my nerves showing up to every conversation. I would votes him out just bc he does too much. He runs his mouth too much but he is “cool” with everyone. Nobody has Andy on there radar and I don’t agree with his game methods but he is playing the best.

      1. Because she’s made them believe she’s protecting them/continually adds that she is owed for keeping certain ppl in the game… these peeps are stupid.. getting played out hasn’t been any easier.

    1. Glad some people will acknowledge that amanda is playing a great game, it might not be cleanest but damn that girl is smart & knows how to flip the script. I know people hate her but give her due, Amanda would not even be on the block if it wasn’t fans involvement. Get rid of the twist and let the players play.

  1. Can’t believe that AMANDA called him out!! How stupid was that? She just threw everyone HE talked to under the bus! When they find out what she did they MAY turn on her and it might all BACK FIRE on her. One can only hope! But she is NOW kissing Spencer’s ass just so she can have another idiot on her side trying to ADD him and WORK with him is ridiculous!! NOW he knows Amanda is AFRAID of him…

    1. I do not think it was.stupid at all! She just told Spencer to watch who is been talking too, obviously there is a mole and It’s not on Amanda’s side. She is so bold, I think he is scared of her now! She basically told him his own secret plan!

    2. Yeah, I think you’re really misreading this…and I can’t stand Amanda.

      Amanda took a calculated risk. When she confronted Spencer, he could have confronted her back and set the battle lines, and theoretically have the chance to offer safe haven for anybody wary of Amanda’s dominance. But Spencer pretended he was not after her and open to working with her, basically the opposite of what he told all the people he’s trying to rally. He said he’d be their cover and take the heat…and when given the chance he backed down.

      Since Spencer did not react, Amanda just showed the house that she has ears everywhere and anybody who moves against her will be exposed and confronted. It was a pure power play in a house Amanda knows is filled with distrust and fear. Amanda showing herself as the house alpha makes the rest cower and seek comfort in their hope that if the just do what Amanda wants, hopefully somebody else will take her down…and they’ll get behind that person providing there is zero risk because deep down they will worry they are being set up and will likely tell Amanda to ensure their safety.

      This cast is beyond sad and in my eyes, clearly chosen to favor Amanda as the eventual winner.

      1. She certainly was unsettled when he did not cower and called her out on he methods. This is the first time during the game that someone stood up to Amanda directly.

  2. I hear a lot of people saying this season is boring but I think it has been pretty good. Two weeks ago we knew Elissa was gone and the house flipped and out goes Nick. Last week Aaryn was toast but Kaitlyn ends up going out the door. It looks now like Howard is going but even if he does these alliances are going to have to turn on each other. Remember we are still early in the game and all the good backstabbing is going to begin soon.

    1. This season gonna be a bit less boring once Howard and Candice are out…..I hope it was a double eviction this week

      1. I can’t wait for Candice to leave now. She didn’t know how to play the game and now she is just jumping in everyone’s face. You start doing that when you know you can’t win anything and intend to bring everyone around you down as well.

    1. It’s not that she’s a great player, it’s just all the other players REALLY SUCK!! The likes of Andy and jessie, gm, mccrae…they’re all just playing supporting roles to amanda, playing it it safe and hiding behind her rather than realizing she’s absolutely has freaking Jedi mind control over them and voting her out…

      Now if amanda had been in last season’s cast with the likes of DAN and others, her ass would’ve been out the door already…sh!t even IAN would’ve caught on by now and voted her out..

      1. What is support4chan? It would be great to call out Allison to show she’s pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    2. Speaking strictly of game and not her personality, she’s done a good job at deflecting and manipulating them to think that someone else is a bigger threat and they should be afraid. It’s like she has people like Helen who things she’s in control and the others working to get the Moving Company out which has actually been defunct for awhile. They are really working to get people out that are a threat to her game and she doesn’t have to directly get her hands dirty by winning and making the decisions directly. It’s like she has employees in there so far.

  3. so just for info. amandas next target is judd. he ll be gone next week. and the sad thing about it…its not because of good gameplay by amanda. its because of bad game by all the others.

    1. Let us go ladies it is about tme. Getting tired of watching men winning these realities shows all the time. No offense boys just want to see these women houseguest to overpower men in the house sometimes. If you look at past seasons it is mostly men that have won, Survivor is another reality show.

  4. “McCrae says I wouldn’t mind Spencer going father in the game. Amanda says he will put you and I up if he wins. McCrae says yeah I know.”

    You know McCrea hates the fact that Amanda has put them so far out front and he sees how it makes so much more sense not to confront, micromanage and threaten unless you have to. It’s kind of a shame as he would be interesting to watch if he had more confidence and wasn’t so enamored of having a girl actually into him. It’s really his own fault. He could have gathered Amanda with Howard and Spencer (Jeremy was the loose cannon that sank the original) and continued to run the house from both sides, strategically picking people off and protecting each other…but instead he “confessed” to Amanda and just did whatever she said. He knows it’s only a matter of time before Judd and/or Helen make the move against them and they will have to pray the floaters they’ve assembled stay loyal…a really bad bet since Amanda has managed the house to believe that you always take out the biggest threat.

    The house is running out of threats…

    1. I agree. I think mccrae came in to model his game after an underdog like Ian. Like a superfan. And he’s just a guy that doesn’t get many girls. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a girl.

  5. If Spencer was smart he would call out Andy and Judd for running back to Amanda and expose their alliance in front of everyone. Hopefully his nap will give him clarity. GM got some good information too. Amanda said she will put Spencer up even though she told him that she wouldn’t. I can’t figure out why these people showed up to play for $500000 but are willing to just make jury. Idiots!!!!

    1. What purpose would that serve?

      He would all but ensure Howard goes, since why would Andy and Judd flip after he calls them out for being loyal to Amanda…and for all he knows GM or Jessie ratted…and if he shows that the entire house is loyal to Amanda, what would that prove other than he’s royally f***ed? Judd and Andy may not be loyal to Spencer AND Howard, but Spencer need not burn that bridge without a purpose.

      Spencer’s big play was when Amanda confronted him. He needed to stand his ground, call her out, and admit that he was absolutely targeting her. He needed to show his “alliance” that he would be out front and take the heat (and secure Candica’s potential loyalty if Howard goes) and get Amanda and McCrea as paranoid and threatening with the house as possible. Then Spencer can take the tact that Amanda is the real threat. Howard is just a nice guy who can’t win anything. So vote her out and McCrea will be after me and Howard, then the rest of you are free from her threat.

    2. My Dad used to say “There is a barn and a pile of manure. Some people shoot for the barn and if they don’t hit it they at least have they chance of hitting the manure. Others shoot for the manure pile but when they miss get nothing.”

      This season of BB most of them are shooting for the pile of manure (jury) and will go home with nothing. If there were more shooting ink for the barn it would be a lot more interesting!

  6. “Candice joins them and Helen tells her to be careful of Spencer. He was outside throwing your name under the bus saying he wants you to go. Helen and Andy reassure her that she is staying. Candice says I can’t control that and if people cast their votes against me that’s fine. Helen says whatever Howard told him isn’t working because he wants out out. Candice says I am not going to stalk people for votes because people have lied to my face before. Everyone leaves but Helen and Candice and Helen reiterates the entire Spencer/Amanda conversation to her.”

    Okay, maybe just maybe, Candice has awaken from her slop induced funk, and resigned herself to the fact Howard is leaving. Hopefully, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  7. I don’t understand why every house guests says every exact words from every conversation with each other. only twist worth watching this season is double eviction. they can’t get rid of these idiots fast enough. these idiots are in for a reality check when this season is all over and done with. you have Aaryn thinking she’s America’s favorite. Helen thinking Aaryn’s racist remarks were over blown. Elissa is gonna find out production helped her tremendously having this BS MVP. MC would rather go back to his career delivery pizza than spend the rest of his life with Amanda. GM is gonna be shocked that she was on BB and not MOB WIVES. Jessie will be 4 and half months pregnant.

  8. on any other season Amanda would not be running the show she would have been a joke she’s lucky there was an mvp twist season which all of the weaker players were able to use to their advantage

  9. when a HG says to you in like the first month “I can help make that dream come true”(Helen) and its said TO YOU, in a NICE WAY… never would think they are talking about JURY.

    yes Helen, spencer’s life long goal has been to make the big brother 15 jury.

    1. Spencer’s dream is Jury Sequester. He will be with most of these women, with no 24hr cameras. He can Anthony Wiener all day and get paid for i t.

  10. lmaoooo hairy ass amanda. And i still cant believe dumb and smart Helen is at the same time (mostly dumb). She’s flat out stated if Amanda doesnt get voted out now she will make far but is still talking about voting out howard who is not a threat with no allies. pfff what a waste of an eviction

  11. Can we call a timeout to this game and substitute in new players? Spencer and Howard keep making the same mistakes. Mistake number 1: Share plan with Judd, he’s a good guy. Mistake number 2: Get Andy on our side, he’s just a floater. Mistake number 3: Lets cut a deal with Amanda. Mistake 4: If the above doesn’t work, try repeating for mistakes 1 through 3 again.

    Spencer, here is a clue. Helen and Amanda are the two biggest rivals in the game. Win HOH next week and take out one, then hope you survive the following week.

  12. The more Demanda talks, the deeper the shit gets, huh? I’m sure her eyes ARE brown, aren’t they? CAN’T. STAND. HER. And I really don’t get why people are just following her blindly, except that the whole fucking cast this year ARE IDIOTS!! Oh, and Production wants her to win, almost forgot the most important part. It’s getting harder and harder to watch…..oh well.

    Thanks for the rant.

  13. None of these people are smart. Amanda has done a good job – but instead of targeting Spencer next, she should be targeting Helen. Aaryn, Spencer and Candice are not allied with each other and have no other allies. Why keep going after them?

    Helen is the pits. She claims responsibility for every eviction (how was she involved with David at all?). She told Spencer that she would like to help him accomplish his dream of getting to jury. She always has to throw herself into things – like the convo with Candice – how shes sorry shes having a hand in Howard going home.

    I also dont understand why no one can “lie” to other people in this game without others losing their shit. This season is boring and predictable thanks to the MVP twist. With 3 nominations, its unlikely all 3 people will ever be from the same alliance, allowing the majority to continue to be the majority. Would love it if Judd or Spencer won HOH and actually had the balls to split up/backdoor Helen/Amanda/McCrae.

  14. Ah no big shift yet. I like to to check periodically through out the day, between working hoping to see some marginally exciting headline that Judd may be flipping or something like that. Wishful thinking and a long shot since there are so many town criers in there. It just feels like they are on the possible of some sort of possible drama in there. I sort of wish Howard was saying since the game is sort of getting at a tipping point now. I will say that the ladies have done a good job of getting the men out of there so far. I think Jeremy and Nick would have made it a real problem and the dynamics would be more contentious. But some of the progress of getting threats out is diluted since they do have a large group of people who are playing for the jury not even for first, second, or for dignity. But so they can relax in the jury house, get paid, and show up live to vote.

  15. These Amanda haters my my dick hurt sooooo bad. Anything she does is viewed as “everyone else having bad game play” give me a damn break u could make the same case for every other previous winner. Amanda knows why she is on bb (to play the game) everyone else is jus unable to play it as good as her, it’s really that simple. She’s the best player in the house. All these dbags shouting demanda this demanda that are simply letting their hate for her cloud their judgment for what a good game player she really is. GO AMANDA

    1. you spelled her name wrong.

      its demanda.

      and if you root for such a hateful bitch, then i wonder if you are as insensitive as she is. i could maybe take her bullying and manipulating people for good gameplay if she was so hateful behind peoples backs. talking about how she hopes violent things happen to whoever, wanting elissa gang raped, the racial stuff, autism, and everything else. i dont care how good she may or may not play the game, i can’t support someone that spreads so much hate. and because she spreads so much hate, i’ll look at her demanding ways, lying, manipulation and bullying however i want…and it will be in a negative way and hope she is gone asap.

      in fact, i dont give a crap about any of the people in the house. worst cast ever. but there is 1 thing i can get behind to root for, and that is to root against demanda.

      1. no its “demandumb”

        the only reason why she is in a good position is because she used her flower power on the whipped boy. if mcpu$$y would have never flipped the mc would be sitting pretty and she would be on the outs.

        If howard or spencer would have won hoh she would be gone. she has been lucky. thats why i hope we can get spencer to win hoh

      2. The demanda line is a played out one, please stop. Stop reaching for something everyone of these cast members have said something stupid. BB is all about lying so get the fuk over it. I love how she is playing this game, and I love how she is the puppet master and everyone else are mere peasants in her town. Go watch biggest loser because this show is obviously to cut throat for you.

        1. did you not read a word i said? i told you i said i choose to look at her gameplay how i do due to how horrible a person is. anyone that wishes violence on others the way she does (slitting elissa’s throat and then having her gang raped was the worst) isn’t gameplay at all. all it is, is more proof she is disgusting. anyone that glorifies someone that glorfies violence the way she does makes me question if you are the one that shouldnt watch the show.

          1. Wow, okay I know that GM, Aaryn, Helen, Elissa and a lot of others had said a lot of awful things, but WOW if AMANDA said that she hoped Elissa was gang raped and she wanted to slit her throat nothing any of the others said comes close to that type of hatred, racism and pure sickness. AMANDA IS BEYOND HATE. THE WAY SHE SPEAKS OF PEOPLE Makes her demonic. BB and CBS needs to show Amanda’s true colors. I may be able to forget the others comments as stupid, ignorance or filterless mouths but WOW AMANDA IS BEYOND HATE. SHE IS JUST AN UGLY, UGLY Racist human being and WOW that is who Candice supports. WOW!!! TMZ really needs to be alerted to who the true racist and bigot is in this house and that is Amanda. Would you want to buy a house from that racist bigot. I would be terrified that she may slit my throat in the night. She is mentally sick and so full of hate it is scarey!!!! CBS and BB should be alerted to what we all think of her and perhaps they will stop with her great edits because she is not worthy of anything nice.

            1. Another thing that makes my dick hurt.. constant BITCHING about CBS edits n such. Why do you watch it then? If you constantly bitch, and hate the show then move on.

  16. Amanda’s been playing her game too long for Howard and Spencer to flip it. Wonder what would have happened if both Howard and Spencer stuck to their original plan the first time. Nick may still be there…and I suspect GM knows that.

  17. Did Howie and Candace even ever watch the GAME? Like Ayron said, it’s a game and like other games (poker) you don’t show your hand or share everthing. Howie keeps threatening to self evict, then why doesn’t he? Big baby. He sure did dance around Amanda’s questions of what he said about Candace (being a cancer to his game, etc.) If he’s so high and mighty, walk out the damn door and quit wasting real players time. Same with Spencer, just tryiong to make it to jury? I thought folks were picked to WIN not just get a paid vacation in jury house.

  18. Candice is responsible for fuckin’ up Howard’s and Spencer’s game. if there was any chance of Amanda getting voted off this week Candice just closed the fuckin’ door on that idea. what a stupid thing to do to have a house meeting after Spencer went off on Amanda.

    1. Howard and Spencer fucked up their own game from the get go.. by associating with “business partners” who were light weights and couldn’t move the merchandise if their lives depended on it. Also, you only get ONE chance at a first impression.. and the stench of the Moving Company is still on them.

    2. it was so dumb from candace

      spencer has been trying to save her and howard and get amanda evicted

      how did she not see that?

  19. Jury house makes this season most boring, everybody trying to make jury, the f**? are you not playing for the big prize? If you’re not in it for 500k GTFO.

    You got Amanda running the house from a bed jacking a nerd off every night, who’s more excited he’s actually getting some pussy, then playing for the 500k These people need to be evicted.

    She isn’t really playing a great game she’s just playing with a bunch of retards, put any person from past seasons in there and she’ll be in a corner crying.

    One of the laziest players in the history of BB is going to win it all.

    Hopefully CBS grows some balls and cast better people.

  20. it’s kind of sad to see howard really withdrawing from the game bc he does have a lot of supporters. but i am really enjoying spencer’s downfall.

    1. also, you guys missed the part of howard’s speech when he called all the houseguests “indians” and alluded to helen as their “chief”. wtf.

  21. I am stunned that Amanda is upset that Spencer said he hoped she choked on her spit and dies. What an f’ing hypocrite after all the things she has said about Elissa and Candice. If we get MVP again I hope Amanda goes back on the block so maybe they will realize it is time to get her out. If someone doesn’t step up soon this season is a lost cause. It sucks when you know everything that is going to happen. The blindsides the first 2 weeks were good but this is ridiculous.

    1. If she goes on the block again, they’ll get her out, if Helen wasn’t BSing about what she said if they had the chance again.

      I highly doubt, production will let her be on the block again, too risky, they don’t wanna kill an already terrible season by eliminating the only person trying to win it all.

  22. Why is that hairy legged beast think she is going to put people up? MANda hasn’t won crap yet. Why are people afraid of her???

    1. She doesn’t have to win anything, this isnt survivor where comp. Wins are imperative. This game is 95% mental. she’s a puppet master. The uncontested greatest player of all time ( dr will) never won a single competition in 2 seasons. It was his charisma, charm, persuasion, and freakish ability to lie and get EVERYONE to do his bidding that made him the greatest. Had nothing to do with these goofy little competitions that are often tailored for certain people. Amanda isn’t in the same league as he was, but her ability to control people is reminescent of to some things he did he did. That’s why everyone is scared of her

      1. anyone going after her is at a distinct disadvantage as she has submissive blindly loyal andy and mccrae that bizarrely have this obsession for wanting to keep her safe and tell her everything rather than focus on their own game – its almost like they would rather be evicted themselves rather than her being evicted – these 2 guys are just SO submissive its scary, and that is a very lucky scenario for amanda

        add to that so many weak and/or submissive players, and its almost a cake walk

        thank god for mvp vote – its the only way she has a chance of being evicted

        america voted her 3rd nom this week, it likely wont result in her eviction, but no worries, we try again next week

  23. just when i thought candice couldnt get any dumber, she calls that lame ass house meeting? all she did was help out demanda. she might be nice and be great outside the house, but when it comes to BB gameplay, i have no idea what the heck goes on in her brain.

    1. Candice disappeared into a character from her childhood,that she created to escape into when traumas occurred. I call that character Poor Poor Candice. Please don’t judge her. Candice is not there. she’s gone.

  24. I’ve been reading your blog and find it very amusing considering the cast of this season. It’s really hard to watch them, so reading about them is much more fun (along with all the comments). It seems that no matter what happens, Howard will leave this week. That, I believe, leaves 2 more evictions before jury.

    This would put such an outragious twist to the game that it would bring life back into the season:
    Next week, HOH puts up 2 for eviction. America is again MVP and they also put up 2 for eviction. That would absolutely drive everyone in the house crazy to think that there were 2 MVPs for the week. They will also think that it’s a double eviction (which it will be) and will scramble to figure out which 2 to be evicted. However, Wednesday night after the show we will know which 4 are on the block and it will be up to America to vote out one of the 4. Thursday, during the the live show, in the beginning, Julie will anounce that America was MVP and put up the 2 nominees and that they have also voted to evict one of the 4 on the block who is….Once that person is out the door, they will then have to sit down and one by one vote out one of the remaining 3 still on the block.

  25. One player playing the game, one player in it protecting another player who’s only on the show because of who they’re related to, and the rest just failing miserably. I can’t enjoy that being a Big Brother fan. This season will go down in history as the most boring. The only reason it;s getting headlines is the “bigotry”, take that away, and it;s nothing.

    I can respect game, but I also enjoy to see it change every once in a while, it going one way is utterly boring whether it’s a man or a women.

    Not hating at all, I just expect to see more out of the season.


  27. Much like Jen City, Candice has some entertainment value for her ability to appear to be living in an entirely different house than everybody else….

  28. Sponges grow in the ocean. That just kills me. I wonder how much deeper the
    ocean would be if that didn’t happen. –GM

  29. Candi’s game is already stepping up with Howard gone. Let’s face it, he’s as good as gone. I don’t think anyone would question voting against Spencer. After that, it’s basically the good vs the evil. Amanda’s probably number four, but the evil of axis goes like this: Aaryn, Gina, Spencer. I don’t think Amanda has a shot after these three are out.

  30. sad to see howard leave. but…Judd and GM, and (maybe) Aryn and Jess might go with Spencer after this. Judd will find out thats he’s bottom on the pole. and GM might take along Aryn. Super hope Helen, Andy, or MC or Amanda leaves next week.

  31. I think that Amanda is getting ripped for the wrong thing. I can understand her comments, along with half of the other players being extremely racist, insensitive or just plain stupid. HOWEVER her game play is brilliant if she would just keep from not making personal comments.

    If it were a man playing the way she is he would be glorified as a BB hero, but since it’s a female, Lord forbid she behave and scheme the was she is. Double standard. Evil Dick is one of the biggest bullies in BB history and he is a legend on these sites. Amanda is a bully and is female so she is just a horrible, horrible person.

    1. If you look like a man, act like a man, talk like a man, sit like a man and like skinny boys, you’re a trans.

      1. If McCrae moves to Florida, A man da will have him wearing fishnets and heels,and a curly perm.When she strap on her dildo and says “What’s my name?” He will say “Howard” and she will say “You got that right!”

      2. @ lola, now that’s funny lol….in years past this site was full of witty repartee and cutting humor. Sadly that’s missing this year & it’s full of a bunch of whiny ass pussies with no sense of humor or any ability to enjoy the show & site for what they are and in fact used to be. Thanks for the laugh lola

    2. nope anyone man or woman who says and does the kind of things amanda has done is no bb hero and never will be – just an overall disgusting human being

    3. i agree. everyone LOVES dr. will for manipulating and controlling the house and LOVES evel for taunting all the houseguests, but how dare a woman do it. guys get called “evil geniuses” while women get called “crazy bitches” for the same behaviour.

  32. Does Howard think if he self-evicts that it will change anything? You’re going home anyways fool, that won’t change shit.

  33. Could Candice be any more of an idiot?! She is really terrible. Game play is non-existent this season. The casting dept should be fired, all of these people are miserable, spineless, disgusting people. I am gonna watch Amanda get out on the block on Wed and Howard get voted out on Thurs. Then I am deleting Big Brother from the recording list on my dvr. Peace out BB15, you were a major disappointment. Looking forward to fall programming of Survivor, Amazing Race and football.

    1. Oh, and Simon and Dawg you guys rock. I can’t believe that you are able to sit and watch these people long enough to give us a recap. I am sure we all appreciate the dedication. This is my favorite BB site. Keep up the good work and hopefully there will be a season 16 to blog about!

  34. Big Brother just hand the check to Amanda now because I can’t see any of these other lame HG’s even being a challenge for her, she’s literally the only one going after the $500,000!! The rest of these people just want to be in jury and hookup! These HG’s make me angry, there’s actually people in the world that would love to play this game not just follow the leader Amanda and be on Big Brother! Lame lame Lame.

    1. That’s what I’m saying, we already know who the winner is, they can end the season now and cut Amanda the check.

      That would be some shit if Elissa ended up winning. That would SUCK, because we all know she didn’t do shit all season by follow orders.

  35. Honestly…what threat is Howard??? Come on people…wake up….there are much bigger threats in the house…everyone is talking bs just to stay…that’s the game….now all they need to do is play it right…

    1. I’ve been thinking that as well. People have suggested double evictions but I don’t remember them ever happening until they were down to 7 or 8 house guests left. Also if they added anyone already evicted back into the house it wouldnt change the dynamics and they would just get evicted again. I think CBS is looking at this season as a failure and will just let it proceed on course with the normal amount of surprises thrown in. If anything they are going to want to have this season fade away along with all the racism and start fresh for season 16

    2. I dont know but I bet they are scrambling right now to figure something out. Personally I would like them to do something completely new as opposed to just doing another pandoras box. Maybe start offering small prizes to people for doing things, like aaryn will get 5 grand if she doesnt say something racist for 24 hours, spencer cant say anything derogatory towards women, and elissa cant do yoga, etc. etc. that would entertain us atleast.

    3. You’re the expert Simon. You tell us. It looks like nothing is happening this week. I thought they would stretch to keep Howard & Candace but I guess they are ok with how it will look. Maybe BB isn’t rigged. Oh well, that story about Amanda already being choosen to win is starting to sound more & more realistic.

    4. Do you remember Aaryn talking yesterday about Frank’s first eviction? How he walked to the door to leave, and it was locked? I just wish that CBS had sequestered 3 former good, solid players in the jury house since the season started, and all they can watch are the live feeds (maybe include the CBS shows and BB After Dark in that package). When Howard leaves on Thursday, the door is locked, and then Julie sends in the Coaches for this season. Honestly, this group needs some help in how to play the game! Use the button bag for POV to determine teams, so everything is random. The coaches won’t be eligible to actually enter the game (been done before), but they could potentially earn money and/or luxury prizes as incentive to bring as many of their team members as far as possible. That might break up some of the monotony of the last few weeks. I can think of many ways coaches could impact the game — they choose the MVP or who goes on the block in that 3rd spot, each is given one veto he/she can use until maybe the last 4 or 5 left in the game (don’t tell the HGs; Julie could just announce that person is now longer on the block by a secret power — they’re all panicked about someone/anyone having a secret power). I see lots of possibilities… Again, wishing aloud…

    5. Kill the MVP twist and exchange it with a twist to force players to stop playing follow the leader and play the damn game or instant-eviction and no pay.

    6. after aaryn opens pandoras box amanda is told she cant talk not even a word until her speech on eviction night

      aaryn is handcuffed to rachel for 24 hours

      zingbot will be given a diamond pov and a vote

      zingbot selects howard to come off the block, and puts mccrae up

      amanda voted out after zingbot calls a house meeting and rallies the votes

      zingbot, judd, spencer, howard, jess vote out amanda in a 5-4 vote with zingbot the deciding vote

    1. Let me help you understand why nobody is using the “names” you made up. It’s because they’re lame & so are you…. Get lost !!

  36. sad reality. the only thing that can make it interesting now for at least the next 3 weeks is spencer winning HOH and MVP and putting up amanda, mcrea and helen.

    so, that never will happen i guess. i can call the next 3 eviction now: after howie, judd, candice and spencer will follow. the good thing is, you can stop watching for 3 weeks and you ll miss nothing.

  37. Funny how Candice is constantly harping about the racism in the house (rightfully so, for the most part), yet when referring to Spencer chooses to include “his white ass”.

    1. Seeing as that wasn’t racist, what exactly are you saying, his “ass” isn’t white anymore?? Maybe he should go see a doctor about that.

      Black ass, White ass, Indian ass, Hispanic ass,Asian ass,Jew ass, you get where I’m going? it’s the ethnic color of an Ass, a Derriere, a Booty, a Backside, a Bottom, Butt-cheeks.

      Matter of fact google “(ethnic color goes here)_____ ass”

      If anything “racist” comes up, then I will apologize.

      1. It becomes racist because adding the word “white” wasnt necessary. If Spencer had referred to Candice’s ass as her “black” ass… everyone of the race baiters would have been all over it… if Aaryn would have said “black” ass… Julie Chen would be talking about it on “The Talk”…. so yes…. IT GOES BOTH WAYS !

      2. So you’re saying that if Amanda/Aaryn/Spencer referred to Candace in the same manner, they wouldn’t be painted with the KKK brush again? Regardless of the source, that was still a negative comment in reference to a person’s skin color.

    2. IF CBS and BB do not air Candice’s racial comment then it almost seems as if CBS is discriminating against some of the other house guests because of their race. Will be interesting to CBS airs it or not?

  38. who’s the racist??? 4:10pm Candice says I don’t want Spencer to say one more thing to me for as long as his white a$$ points towards the ground.

    1. Seems to me as if Candice just outed herself as the racist she is during her little talk. Wow, wonder if BB will air Candice’s racist comments???

      1. Write CBS and ask them if they are going to air Candice’s racist comment or write Chen on Twitter and ask her if she will bother speaking up for the racist comment in regard to the white population of if her sensibilities only get upset when it is about the asian population or black population? Blow up Chen’s Twitter feed on the Talk and see what happens????

    2. Good lord people, saying white ass is not racist…….Stop trying to turn it back on her. His ass is white or should she say nude color? Maybe she saw his ass and it is white compared to rest of him since he doesn’t lay out nude. If she would have said honky or cracker ass then that is racist…..good grief people

  39. Helen drives me nuts with the “I love you’s”, “you’re my friend”, “I care about you” blah blah blah. Most of all, she always says, “I’m a mom”…mmmm hmmmmmmm….so was Joan Crawford and look at what the bitch did to Christina and Christopher!! After Amanda’s and Aaryn’s demise, get rid of Helen too!!

  40. Anyone thinks its funny how Helen tuned on Howard for lying but then says she will do what it takes to win?
    These houseguest are so boring and dumb. I kind of hope Amanda wins now because their to stupid to vote her out

  41. Judd being talked about after Howard or Candice go suggests that Spencer is 100% correct. Helen wants to “move out” the remnants of the MC!
    if GM lies adroitly and switches to Spencer, if Judd wises up, Spencer has a chance of pulling this all off, despite the way Candice almost fragged
    everything royally. we are on a 48 hour countdown, and a double eviction, although early, is likely if the head honcho of CBS is devouring a bottle
    of tums every five hours. As sexist and as gross as Spencer has been, in terms of gameplay, if he can get Amanda evicted as he reels in McCrae,
    he will at least set this up for a series of colorful confrontations. I think his gameplay hinges on what Judd and GinaMarie do. He is so damn close!!!!

    1. You still think he is close. I feel like the cowards just ran back into their holes after that meeting. Andy is finally keeping his mouth shut. No one is telling Judd that they have turned on him. So it doesn’t look like it will happen.

      1. i may be 99.9% wet and drowning in my own stupidity but i feel that GM’s neighborhood philosophy of life utterances
        gives her a quiet potentiality to be an exception to her own rules if the BB House is in total flux mode. I also think that
        Judd has 24 to 48 hours to wise up and be less trusting, he could try for the gold rather than the silver or bronze. I also
        feel Spencer’s pitches have been brilliant to the degree his laid back sloth routine has been gross and uncalled for, i just
        looked at the BB “supercuts” Bigotry YouTube reel that has footage of David joining in with the Moving Company’s locker
        room remarks, it hit me the dude was talking up a politically incorrect storm like the rest of ’em & felt totally at home, indeed!
        Helen wants ALL of them gone, even poor Howard who has not been known to character assassinate people, and yes, he
        has had his ill-timed moments of gameplay because his lies have come back to haunt him! Spencer has a 50/50 chance!

  42. Deep down underneath all the floating Andy has done, i feel his strongest bond is with Helen
    and that he has deliberately been her eyes and ears, almost as if they divided up tasks initially.
    Spencer has been playing this to the hundred percentile, he already has a connection to Judd.
    I think GinaMarie might switch and that she possibly could pull HoH Aaryn along with her in time!

  43. Candice says that she doesn’t want Spencer to say one thing to her as long as his White ass points towards the ground!?! Someone start an “expel Candice petition”.

  44. Making fun of Amanda and her gender is a cop out like no other. She is a woman. A pretty woman. No penis. None of that. She is playing the house like a fiddle, and she will go eventually, but lets enjoy it. These comments about Amanda being a bully and running the house and being a whorish bitch with a manboy by her side and everyone screaming hatred towards her and such is total crap. People in the house haven’t gotten rid of her because they all think that they probably can get far in the game with her there. This site is awesome, Simon and dawg, but the posts on the site by haters are annoying as hell. Everyone plays a great game until they screw the pooch, and you never know who and when it happens.

    1. wrong once again kev !! Amanda has bigger tits than your girl & a longer penis then you according to your girl….. Evict that bitch !!

      1. you didn’t have enough money for ur transgender surgery coz’ u put all that money on the Moving Company. Waaaaaaah!…u can stop all the tranny hate and maybe some1 might paypal u dollar….or not…

  45. Why why why is it that so many re down on Amanda…or those down on anyone for lying, backstabbing and so on….this is what the game does to people and the purpose of the game to begin with. Throw 16 people in a house and see who can out lie…conive, back stab, etc., etc to outlast the other 15. Its purpose is to show what money does to you when closed up with no outside contact and how you change from your normal behavior to get to the end. Amanda seems to be top of the list but everybody hates her according to the comments. Howard…his story now is telling everyone he is ready to go home that he can’t play a game with people backstabbing one another….duh, he was just doing that with Spencer…the bearded wonder, today!!! Who would watch a show if none of this was going on?? Nobody would. No fan would want to see the whole house of 16 peoplesitting around holding hands and making flower necklaces. How does one win the prize…by scoring on competitions or something…like the lowest score goes home? That would be entertaining….NOT. Howard is his own worst enemy as his nature is not to behave like what is required of a house guest to win this game and maybe its hard for him to lie, back stab and throw others under the bus…..I somehow doubt he has that much difficulty as he seemed to be plotting pretty good all along the way. May the best one win, no matter how much lying, and backstabbing takes place. I enjoy it all!!

  46. Did you guys hear what Howard whispered to Amanda?
    Are you kidding me he is such a creeper.
    He deserves to go home. Or better yet kicked off the show for saying that crap!

    1. As a girl, that is not what I consider ‘creepy’. Spencer saying Jessie’s vagina tastes like butterscotch and playing with his d**k all the time – that is SUPER-CREEPY.

  47. Spencer is very correct, Nick and Helen had bold master plans both, initially.
    Helen wants all the MC gone, so McCrae is an odd & curious political animal.
    His betrayal of Nick led to Helen having a command of the game through her
    groundlings Elissa and Amanda, so if Amanda goes, what does her “boytoy”
    do as an encore? Elissa can be a total flake, but has a degree of control over
    the Brachel Army of the great apolitical unwash’d. The last POTUS election had
    brought home to the GOPonce again the importance of each and every voteer
    and vote. Helen has a workable real world skill set but her paranoia inside the
    BB house brings to mind Richard Nixon’s embattled presidency as her sense of
    fielty and loyalty reminds me of Bobby Kennedy at his best and worst. Spencer
    is totally correct about the handwriting on the wall. He has become the newest
    fixation for Amanda, once Howard has gone. If Candice goes, Howard is next,
    if Howard goes first, i feel its Spencer then Candice, who will be very isolated.
    Spencer knows how to talk “southern” to Judd, and he can talk turkey with GM!

  48. i hope they read this site when they get out, so that they can see just how dumb they are. Amanda deserves to win since nobody has any nuts but her!!

  49. McCray is the biggest pu$$y male cast member I’ve seen on BB, riding the Alpha Female’s coattails

  50. So it’s OK for Candice to say someone’s ‘white ass’ but if someone says Candice’s ‘black ass’ it’s not OK. Neither one is OK. Candice is doing nothing to help her victim portrayal by saying this. She is trash just like the rest of them.

  51. So it’s okay for Candace to say his white a$$ but if someone said her black a$$ it would be called racist! Well I sure hope they show Candace saying that cause she is no better then the rest of then just saying

    1. I agree with you, but would like to add; why is it ok for some posters here to call players (Helen, Elissa) the C word but not the players in the game. I really do not like hearing or even reading that word and see no reason for folks here to use it.

    2. Exactly!! I do not think any of them except perhaps Amanda are racist in the true word although BB and CBS are portraying it differently. Think it is a bunch of people in the house that do not like each other and speak without thinking just like Candice did which is no different at all than what Aaryn or the others did. I do think that the use of the N word like GM did is horribly racist and awful, and Amanda is just an ugly racist bigot human being and in her case I use the word “HUMAN BEING” lightly.

  52. howard praised candice for her house meeting? good grief. she just put a serious dent in the ‘send demanda home’ plan and he praised her? neither one of them have any concept of the game. i have no idea how or why they were cast.

    1. you never know

      it now appears the get amanda out plan(for this week) is dead, but that may result in the other side just assuming howard is gone now

      that could give opportunity for spencer and co to revive the plan again on the sly

      if it doesnt happen this week, and america gets another 3rd nom vote, we put her ass up again next week, and the week after etc until amanda is gone

  53. Wrong? OK name…… you are a petty nut whose got none. Amanda is playing that house real good. Shut your mouth when it comes my posts, cuz you are a bigger bitch than the entire series worth of BB. I am right, partner, so grow the fuck up.

  54. I hope America continues to vote for Amanda.She’s on the hot seat and she still trying to call the shots.Let’s see how she does against someone in her clan.She’s threatening everyone that might vote against her. When she gets put up against more likeable people and everything she said about everyone starts coming out she’ll have a lot of explaining to do.Let’s see how she talks her way ouyb of that. Mcrae make sure you get a good lawyer so you can get everything you can get out of that controlling bitch. Everyone knows that marriage won’t last 6 months.

  55. All I have to say for THIS week is I don’t even care who goes home this time. I voted for Amanda for the MVP nom so I am glad for THAT. But this Candice crap — quite frankly, I’m tired of looking at you and you are the most irritating one in the house right now. I’m over the whole Candice/Howard thing. Who cares anymore. Pffft.

  56. Amanda bullies people to get who she wants out of the house.
    She is like a Dictator or a cult leader. Her minions follow her words
    And do as she says, like they are brainwashed.

  57. Candice is BIRACIAL…half African American AND half white! She is not a racist. Hypothetically speaking, if she referred to Howard using the phrase “…Black a$$,” then she wouldn’t be called a racist. IT IS RARE THAT PEOPLE ARE RACIST AGAINST THEIR OWN RACE(S)!!! C’mon people…

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