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Big Brother Spoilers: Adam tells Shelly all about how Jeff was trying to get him to keep Brendon.. *Updated*

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7:30am – 9:20am Shelly is awake and out in the backyard already cleaning and doing laundry. 8:45am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Adam and Shelly are out in the backyard talking. Adam tells Shelly all about how Jeff was talking to him last night trying to keeping Brendon instead of Shelly Adam says that obviously you’ve got to go through the scenarios. Adam says that he kept telling Jeff …Dude, we’re not going to get many other chances to do this. Shelly says that Jeff already told me they’re voting for me. Adam says yeah, but he was like ..I just hope we’re doing the right thing. Adam says he said we’re doing the right thing. Adam says that he said he know why he’s nervous, cause he’s next on their chopping block. Shelly says that keeping Brendon is not going to keep him in the game, Rachel and Brendon will throw anyone under the bus. Adam says right, right. Shelly says that they have already chucked him ten times. Adam says and he knows that, he’s just afraid that… Shelly says that they’re afraid I’m going to vote Rachel out because they know I don’t want her here. Adam says right. Shelly says that they need her. Adam says right. Shelly says that she understand that but I will not like Rachel. I will… I’m a team player. I’ll look out for the team 100%, but if anybody thinks that this next time I’m going to babysit Rachel…. Adam says no. Shelly says and give her pep talks and outwardly protect her? Shelly says that it isn’t going to happen. Adam says that what he’s afraid of and it makes perfect sense is if.. Shelly says it does me no good if he goes. Adam asks who? Shelly says Jeff. Adam says oh, yeah, that’s why it’s all coming down to one of us has to win HOH this week. Shelly says absolutely, no matter what now there’s no excuse, you have to win or you’re going home… if I don’t win a competition I’m going to be out the door soon.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff tries to convince Adam that now is not the time to get rid of Brendon..

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12am – 1:30am In the backyard Brendon, Adam and Jeff are playing pool. Jordan joins them and tells Jeff that she is going to bed because she need to take off her costume. Jeff gives her a kiss and she heads inside. The guys continue playing pool. Brendon tells Adam that he has beautiful balls down there set up on the end of the table. The guys all laugh. Jeff comments that Adam is all turned on now. Porsche, Shelly, Kalia and Dani head inside from the backyard couches. Shelly starts cleaning. Porsche and Kalia head to the bathroom. Kalia then grabs some food and heads back outside. Kalia and Dani are sitting on the backyard couches talking about how Dani just doesn’t talk with Jordan and how Jordan seems miserable in the house. Porsche joins them. Kalia starts talking about how she thinks Shelly and her husband Tony have a great life. Brendon, Rachel, and Adam join the girls after they finish up their pool game. They all talk about random stuff like Franklin the turtle, and their sleeping patterns in the house. They talk about how everyone sleeps all day. Dani asks how boring is this cast? Dani says that at least we can admit it, we don’t do anything.. we don’t even make up any games. They talk about having a hot dog eating contest tomorrow. Rachel asks Adam if the viewer complained about their season. Adam says no because there was lots of drama but that at the end it was boring because nothing was going on. Rachel asks if it was just the people that get the live feeds that were complaining.

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Big Brother 13: Jeff tells Shelly she has the JJA vote but better play nice with Rachel

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9:30pm JJA Jeff asks Adam who he will put up. Adam says Rachel and either Dani or Kalia. Jordan thinks they should keep Rachel around for another couple weeks. Jordan thinks thanks Dani and KAlia ware best and maybe Porsche if the POV is used. Jordan thinks they need to focus on getting Dani out. Jeff Agres thinks they should keep her around for 2 weeks.

Adam is stressing they need to get Brendon out this week. Jordan: “If Rachel would have won (POV) then Jeff would have been the one to leave this week”

Shelly joins them Adam goes to check for booze.
Jeff tells her they are all going to vote Brendon out so Shelly should just play nice to everyone.
Shelly says her gut tells her that Dani wants JJ to trust her. Jordan is nervous about DK because they put Jeff up last week. Jeff knows Dani has to go he’s sure that once Brendon is gone Dani will come after him not Rachel. Jeff says that everyone in the house will discount Rachel once Brendon leaves the other side might not think of her as a threat which is bad for him. Jeff wants Shelly to know that they need to keep Rachel around for at least 2 weeks. He doesn’t want

Big Brother 13: Health Tips with Straight Shooter, When at Chilis get the black Beans instead of the processed meats **updated**

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6:34pm DP talking about who is eating all the food. They are thinking that Kalia and Jeff are eating more than their share. They joke they need stockpile some select boxes of food. Porsche: “Ohh great and the pita chips are all gone today” Dani: “WHAT.. there was 2 bags yesterday.. ” Porsche: “Yup their all gone”. Porsche says they need to grab 1 of the 2 last boxes of triscuit and put it in the HOH. Dani mentions that they always got in trouble early for taking food but there’s some people in the house that take more.

Big Brother 12: Jordan feels like a Floater (drink) will win this season and not even have to eat Cookie Dough to do it **updated**

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4:10pm Backyard JJBR BR are saying that they think prosche is their best chance. They know if Shelly wins HOH she will put up Prosche and Dani. rachel points out to JJ that if they can safe brendon this week the 4 of them will make it far in the game they will have the votes for the rest of the season. Jeff has no clue what Prosche is doing. Brendon: “I think trying to understand her at this point is beyond out ability”. Rachel asks them what will Adam do. Jeff is pretty sure adam will do whatever is good for his game. (ahh Jeff is shooting straight)
Rachel agrees she thinks if adam won rachel would be in danger. they all agress if Adam wins the HOH he wo’t have the balls to put dani up, he has a thing going with POrsche and Shelly. They all decide that Adam will target Kalia and Rachel.. their not sure who Adam would put up if the POV was used.

Jeff tells them they need to slow down and focus on thi week, they first need to win HOH becuase if they don’t one of them will be going home. brendon agress says he wants to think of how they need to keep him in the house.. Says he’s going to campiagn hard with Prosche. rachel is going to tell Porsche tongiht that Shelly is targeting her and POrsche.

Big Brother Spoilers: Dani and Kalia talk about how Jeff will be next weeks target.. *Updated*

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11:50am Brendon continues to give Rachel a pep talk in the HaveNot room. Brendon says that she can’t have two day of craziness and that you need to suck it up and do it. Brendon says that he doesnt think its that farfetched that Porsche wouldn’t vote for me again. Brendon says get out of this depression and slump and stop acting like I am already gone… Rachel says that she is just sad when she thinks about him leaving. Brendon tells her that she is more sad than he is. Brendon tells her that she is one of the strongest players in this game and you need to start acting like it. Brendon says that you are playing this for the both of us and you need to do this. Brendon says that Shelly was grinning the whole time …knowing that he is going up on the block. ..he says why would you relish in someone else’s misery. Brendon says that he doesn’t want to see her cry again. Brendon gets really mad when she starts to cry and hugs him and says STOP ACTING LIKE I AM ALREADY GONE! Rachel and Brendon head into the kitchen to eat. Jeff, Porsche, Shelly, Brendon and Rachel are now in the kitchen eating.

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Big Brother Spoilers: POV Ceremony is happening right now.. *Updated* Brendon is on the BLOCK!

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10:35am Porsche, Dani, Shelly and Adam are in the backyard talking on the couch. Porsche tells Dani that she is going to move into the metal bedroom so that there is less of a chance that she will get stabbed. Dani laughs. Rachel and Brendon come out. Dani compliments Rachel on her top. Rachel says that its supposed to be a dress. Dani says yeah for your vagina to hangout! The conversation changes to talking about Dominic and asking about his girlfriend outside the house. Dani tells a story about how these big tattooed guys came up to her and said that they watched her while they were in prison. Brendon tells a similar story about people recognizing Rachel and him from watching them in prison. Dani asks is that all they get to watch in prison ..big brother and Jerry Springer? Big Brother then cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen … looks like the Power of Veto Ceremony is happening…
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Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says he is going to demand a fu*king bed tonight.. there is no way I am sleeping in there & going home.

Big Brother Spoilers: Dani and Kalia fill a condom and place it on Adam’s bed to make him think its from Brendon and Rachel..

Big Brother 13 – BR the deal, Dani about putting Jeff up: “It’s definitely something I would consider” **updated**

Big Brother 13: Dani is avoiding BR and Adam makes a HUGE Game move decides to use the POV on himself

Big Brother 13 – Porsche says She wishes Keith was back, Dani: “For What S$X”

Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly out of Isolation goes right back to shooting straight and s*ck!ng JJ A$$

Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon says that Rachel acts crazy and needs to stop it. Rachel says she didn’t act crazy while he was gone.. *Updated*

Big Brother Spoiler: Rachel talks about how she likes to buy colour coordinated clothes for her and Brendon to wear.. *Updated*

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