Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia starts crying and says it would be the worst if she lost Dani this week.. *Updated*

12:30pm Kalia and Porsche are getting settled in the have not room. Kalia comments on how the kitchen table isn’t smaller, she thinks at this point of the game it should be. Porsche doesn’t know what CBS has planned for Big Brother.. she leaves. Kalia starts to cry under the stress of the house and Shelly walks in. Kalia continues to cry and tells Shelly about her whole conversation with Jeff and how he yelled at her and bullied her. Kalia says that it would be the worst if she lost Dani this week. Kalia says that she knows that Jeff wants Porsche evicted but she can’t deny the fact that all of us are on the other side. Kalia says that she is not a snitch and wouldn’t throw people under the bus …but that she told Jeff about how he can’t trust Rachel. Kalia starts going off about how disgusting Rachel is and how she was very much a part of trying to back door Jeff. Kalia says that she thinks that Jordan giving Shelly the phone call definitely shows they think you are with them. Kalia says that she stands by what she has said and done. Kalia starts crying some more and says that she isn’t sure this is all worth it. They start talking about the POV competition. Shelly asks Kalia if she thinks there will be any more Twists this season. Kalia think there will be.

12:40pm Meanwhile out in the backyard …Dani tells Jeff and he is going to make his birthday the worst. Jeff says oh whatever’re going to get to eat. Jeff tells Dani as far as their deal goes they are still good. Jeff says you are have not but a have if you know what I mean. Jeff asks Dani if she wins the Veto …what would you do? Dani says whatever you want me to do… Jeff says I want you to not use it. Dani says okay, I wont use it. Jeff says that he wants Kalia and Porsche to have to fight for it .. because she …made him fight for it. They talk about how they think the POV competition will be a mental one. Dani says so what if one of them wins the Veto …you wouldn’t put me up would you? Jeff says no … and regardless we would control who goes home. Porsche joins Jeff and Dani out in the backyard. Porsche mentions that she doesn’t think Kalia is going to eat slop at all. Dani asks at all.. Porsche says yeah.

12:45pm – 1pm Dani and Adam are in the candy bedroom. Adam says that he really doesn’t want to have to share a room with Rachel. Dani says shut up you love it! Porsche is busy trying to decorate the havenot room. Meanwhile, Shelly is out by the pool talking to Jordan. Jordan starts telling Jordan about her conversation with Kalia. Shelly says that its just funny that for three weeks they were on top and now they’re not … Jordan says that Jeff told her flat out that if she puts him up …he would put her up. Shelly says that she told Kalia to have her pity party for a few days and to get over it … next time maybe not act so arrogant. Shelly says that everyone goes through it. Shelly asks who their target is this week. Jordan says that he isn’t sure just yet. Shelly asks if he is going to back door Dani. Jordan says yeah maybe. Adam joins them by the pool. Shelly tells Jordan that my key better come out .. then she says he can use her as a pawn if he wants, I don’t care. Shelly says that if she gets to play she would be playing to keep the nominations the same or whatever… or maybe I will get to host ..I haven’t gotten to do that yet. Shelly leaves. Jeff comes over. Jordan tells Jeff what Shelly just told her… about how Kalia is in there crying ..and about how if her and Dani go up and Dani goes home that would be the worst situation ever. Jordan says that she said that Kalia was talking about being on top and now they’re not. Adam says welcome to big brother. Adam says that he appreciates not being made a have not.

1pm – 1:20pm Rachel comes out to lay out in the sun. Jeff tells her to put on sun screen …that Brendon would be mad at him if he didn’t tell her. Kalia, Adam, Posche and Dani are sitting on the backyard couch talking. Kalia says that Jordan hasnt had her humilitard on for like four hours now… she should be wearing it. Kalia says that everyone else who wore a costume had to wear theirs all the time. Jeff, Shelly, Jordan and Rachel are out in the yard sun tanning.

1:20pm – 1:40pm Kalia, Porsche and Dani are on the couches talking. Porsche says to them not to worry ..I dumped out all the muscle milk with the benefiber. They talk about having the eggs and Jalapenos to eat. Porsche says that she already ate three boiled eggs…then says blaaa… Kalia says they’re filling but you will just get tired of them. They talk about making a big container of slop to have in the fridge. Porsche asks Dani if she is you nervous? Dani says No.. she is just quiet. Kalia starts talking about how Rachel was complaining about people talking about her butt cheeks flapping ..and she still wears the tiny bathing suits. Porsche says she’s gonna says thats me this season. Kalia asks did she. Porsche says no ..I said she’s going to say it. Kalia, Porsche and Dani lay down to take a nap. The others are laying out in the sun chatting about random things…

1:45pm – 2pm Big Brother calls an end to the lock down and the houseguests come in to see that they now have a smaller table. Jeff says there is so much more room for activities! They laugh. They all marvel at the small table. Porsche is in the kitchen trying to think up different things they can make with the Jalapenos and eggs. Adam and Kalia are making food in the kitchen. While, Porsche is reads the havenot rules.

2:15pm Porsche is talking to Jeff. She tells him that she wont put him up if he doesn’t put her up. Porsche says that she was close behind winning that HOH last night …and she feels like its getting close to being her time. Jeff says so is this our first minute of game talk. Jeff says that he likes what she has to offer.. but that … Porsche says I don’t know how to do this or butt kiss but … if I am the target I hope that I get to play in the veto …and not be the one that hosts her own funeral … and gets put up as the replacement. Jeff jokes you want to go up. Porsche says no. Jeff says we’ll see… its gonna be a game time decision. Porsche talks about the different things she is planning to make with slop. Jeff says well you had to know you were gonna be a havenot.. and now you can practice your recipes. Jeff says well you never talked game to me .. and if you ever want to talk I am here its day 49 now .. and if you wanna talk day 50 on …I’m here. Porsche says okay well thats all I have to say.. Jeff says thanks Porsche. Porsche goes inside and tells Kalia her conversation with Jeff was awkward. Porsche says that Jeff totally pointed out that it was her first time talking game with him.

2:25pm – 2:45pm Jordan joins Jeff on the couch. Jeff says that he is bored and that he had to give everyone the opportunity to talk. Jordan asks you talked to everyone? Jeff says well Kalia and Porsche. Jordan asks if he talked to Dani… Jeff says well yeah.. Jordan says with Dani you just need to make sure you make her feel as comfortable as possible. Jeff and Jordan go up to the HOH. Jeff says that he talked to Dani. Jeff says that Dani told him that she would just throw the veto if he wanted. Jordan says no. Jeff says that it would be stupid if she threw it… and I don’t think she will. Jordan says that he just has to make sure Dani feels comfortable. Jordan says that you just need to make sure in your speech you tell Kalia that you’re putting her up because she put you up. Jeff says that he told Dani to not tell anyone that we have a deal. Jeff says that she said she wouldn’t so he thinks she feels safe. Jeff says if Dani does win …then one of them (Porsche or Kalia) goes. Jeff talks about how Kalia told him that Rachel has been throwing them under the bus the last few weeks. Jeff says he said yeah I know. Jordan says what if we did get out Dani this week… OMG! Jeff says well I said you cross me one time’re done! Jeff says …say someone else wins the veto …we just have to convince them to use it. Jordan says its good because this week you are showing Dani trust and so then next week she will be going after Rachel. Jeff says hopefully if one of those idiots win next week ..and if they put me up with Rachel …then we still have the votes for me to stay. Jeff talks about how he brought up Shelly’s name when Kalia mentioned someone on their side was throwing them under the bus …and that he doesn’t want Kalia to spin it the wrong way to Shelly. Jordan says that Kalia aggravates her. Jordan says that they are all going to be surprised because I bet they all think Dani and Kalia are going up. Jeff says that Porsche doesn’t think she is going up. Jordan says that’s stupid. Jeff goes into the HOH bathroom and asks if Jordan wants to watch him shave.. Jordan say okay. Jordan tells Jeff that he looks hot when he’s scruffy. Jeff says well this isn’t a movie ..I can’t be scruffy all the time.

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279 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia starts crying and says it would be the worst if she lost Dani this week.. *Updated*

  1. stupid Kalia, you had yer chance to evict rachel, and you chose to evict lawon. She should be evicted just because of that whole debacle.

      1. On his knees:
        “God, please give Rachel the ability to be herself. Give her the strength to annoy the hell out of Brendon. Give her the reason to get cocky with Jordan enough to set her off like….well….you know…..reer!…aaaahh…ruff ruff….reeeeerr!!….I trust that America will see “Super Rachel” this week. Amen!”

  2. Quick Crying Kaila. This what you get for putting Jeff and Rachel on the block and Jeff wins the POV. Just get over it. You suck at competition.

  3. I wonder if Jeff is dumb enough NOT to put Dani on the block?

    If he puts her on the block and she wins POV, she saves only herself.
    If he doesn’t put her on the block and she wins POV, she saves herself AND a teammate, which means Jeff has to put up one of his minions, and whomever he puts up will find out they are on the bottom of Jeff’s (totem) pole.

    Hoping Dani wins POV this week.

      1. yep, jeff really is that dumb, he is just not smart plain and simple — you have all the time in the world in that house to sit and think through your game moves and what would be the range of sceniarios and consequences – and still jeff can’t see that he needs to put dani up from jumb (bc it is too risky otherwise) and dani can’t see that she would be in this exact predicament if she keeps jeff in the house, oh well to each his own…

    1. Yes, he’s dumb! :-) However, from what he said last night with Jordon, he’s trying to cover his bets in the event that D wins POV this week & then HoH next week. I find it humorous that the guy who beats his chest and has hissy fits when he thinks someone isn’t telling him the truth in the game is shooting shit with Dani here (“no D I’m not going to backdoor you”). He and S are the definitive hypocrites, along with BR.

            1. dani lovers ha ha lol go ahead make my day dani dont use the veto throw it ha ha she wont but jeff will win it anyway lol by dani

            1. Y’all are a bunch of babies. everyone in the house plays the game of telling people what they want to hear. Didnt dani tell BR the same thing last week and she covered her basis in case the people on block stayed the same. Its part of the game folks. Team dani has been running it for a few weeks now, you couldnt have been naive enough to think they were going to run the competitions til the end. They had a 3-week run and managed to get out 1 competitor and 1 person on their own side that would have been very helpful this week in the voting category. This was their strategy and they are getting what everyone would expect when the other side finally gains power. If Dani goes, I think she will look back on her decision last week to back door Brendon, who might of actually saved her ass this week by beating Jeff.

      1. This is going to be one tough week to watch BB since I cannot stand J/J. And the only thing worse than J/J with power was B/R. He might take someone out of the DKP Alliance (most likely Kalia) but next week he’s a target since his alliance is clearly made up of lames and imbeciles.

        Listening to Jordan last night telling him not to pick her to play in the POV shows you the idiot shouldn’t even be on this game. I’m tired of Rachel walking around mean mugging everybody too. They need to re-up her meds.

        1. BB4ME – Agree. The fake smiles, pouting, eye rolling, pouting, mindless stares, pouting, snide looks, and yes, pouting that R displays on an unpredictable basis, is typical of someone with her condition: Schizophrenia!

      2. right and Dani, Porsche and Kalia are the picture of sweetness and honesty!! ffs Dani couldn’t wait long enough to throw her entire first alliance under the bus!! Although in her mind it wasn’t betrayal it was simply “backing out” ffs couldn’t believe it when she came up with that piece of fiction!! Nice Dani, justify, justify , justify!! Doesn’t make her any less of a liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        so pfffffffffffffffft to all you who are huffing and puffing at Jeff for not being straight out honest! lol

    2. If Jeff puts up DK then D has 2 shots at staying, D or P win veto and D stays. If he puts up PK, D only has 1 shot at staying, not such a dumb move!

      1. OR if jeff puts up DK and either one come off – then he puts up P and still guarantees one of that alliance goes

        if jeffs puts up KP and D wins veto and takes off either one, then RSA go up (one of them) and jeff risks one of his own alliance going home – and with the way the voting has been going this year……it would make yet another mockery waste of an HOH

      2. Word. Dani is a punk. She ruined her whole game by moving too soon against her alliance. Her plan was genius but her execution of it sucked and the only reason she’s gotten this far is Bc she’s good at comps. She’s way stupider than JJ

    3. I don’t see how this is a dumb move in the least bit. Dani plays POV either way. Why put her up and cross her when they supposedly have a deal? If Dani wins and does pull someone off…Jeff will put up Adam…who cares if they find out they’re low man on the totem pole. Dani pulling someone off will show who’s low man on her side too.

      You HAVE to put P/K up. And then you have the chance of Dani throwing the veto (unlikely) or listening to Jeff and not using it if she wins (unlikely). You roll the dice. Jeff controls the votes this week. It’s a no brainer…if the situation arises, you backdoor Dani and she’s out. Plus you still have Rachel in the house who is a huge target. It’s logical.

  4. Uhhh, duh, Kalia – of course they are going to let Jordan wear a bikini rather than the humilitard.

    I can’t wait for Kalia to go home, she just grates on my nerves. It seems like she is starting to irritate Dani and Porsche too. Whatever happens, I hope Dani doesn’t get evicted – without her on, this season would be a complete snooze fest. She and Rachel really need to get it together, bury the hatchet, and align themselves to take out Jeff and Jordan.

    1. It will be great to watch Kalia get on everybody’s nerves. Let’s see Porsche defend Kalia to Rachel.

      And let’s see these girls campaign against each other. I’m sure they will all be so classy like they claim.

    2. How can Shelley & Rachel bury the hatchet when S undermines R non-stop. She is a hateful, lying thief. I am definitely not a Rachel fan, but S is the biggest bully this season.

      1. I don’t think you read it right – “she” (Dani) and Rachel need to bury the hatchet. Shelly is useless in competitions and has terrible strategy/game. Shelly will be lost without Jeff and Jordan, Rachel aligning with Shelly wouldn’t accomplish anything. Rachel and Dani, on the other hand, would be a force to be reckoned with.

        1. How is Rachel a force to be reckoned with? As far as this season goes, she has technically won one HOH. The first one was handed to her by the Donatos. She hasn’t won any POVs on her own. We don’t even know how she would fare in an endurance competition. As an ally, she is quite questionable. You just do not know what to expect from her.

          1. Rachoe was a good competitor last year but this year she is average at best. The problem is no one is a great competitor this year so Rachoe, Dani and even Brendumb look good this year.

      2. I was saying the same thing….It seems at EVERY opportunity she gets, S throws R under a bus……It’s bad enough KTH does it all the time too…..It really makes you want to pull for R, just to shut the other biatches up. S really is a lying snake, even her own daughter admitted the fact….Pretty sad….

      3. so true, so true! Shelly is by far the worst back biting lying thief they have had on BB for a while. Everyone is picking on Rachel because Shelly keeps the rips coming. I can’t wait until jj relize what a lier she really is.

      4. I totally agree with you, however, I’m a Rachel fan.

        Shelly is a hunter, and that seems to say enough: Heartless, Pusillanimous, and Disturbed are just a few words to describe this unbelievable intolerable women. She’s out of control, and I swear, every time she opens her mouth, it’s a lie. It’s always a lie. I mean, what is her daughter supposed to learn what her? Josie telling Rachel to shut up? Wow, that’s disrespectful.. If I were Shelly (and thank god I’m not) I would have aborted that child.. she’s ugly anyways.. and I wouldn’t EVER let that ugly, skinny, mutant-looking TONY even insert his stick in me.. NO WAY. That’s Satan’s child, I’m telling you!

        1. I believe you are a Rachoe fan! Only a fan of hers could talk so disrespectfully about Shelly’s husband and daughter!
          Shelly’s husband seems sweet and supportive and her daughter is a little angel!
          Shelly is a BIG liar in the game but at least she is playing the game!
          And FYI for all you Shelly haters, this whole game is about lying!
          GO SHELLY!!!

        1. Did she steal it away from her? Really?

          That karma, she’s setting herself up for, isn’t going to be a good one.. and I seriously hope that 5 year old kid stuck in SHELLY’s wrinkly body, get’s a taught a lesson. She’s a terrible human being.. WHAT DOES SHE NEED THE MONEY FOR ANYWAYS? A SEX -CHANGE for herself (she looks like man) and you know what.. her husband seems gay!

          I’ll support that decision.. it seems shelly may be having some internal heartache!


          1. Yes, Shelly stole Rachel’s stuffed dog. I do not know when. But Rachel spent a few good hours looking for it, asking the house guests if they have seen it.

            Straight shooter looked at it her like she had no idea what was going on. At one point, Adam tried to reason with her saying that maybe she should return it. It clearly bothered Rachel because she might have spent a good 3-4 hours looking and asking.

      5. S is a snake, which I think most would agree however, the biggest bully is Jeff, Brendum & Rachel (and in that order). I’m hoping S & R come to blows again this week, and that this starts a series if explosions in the JJSAR alliance, which isn’t as solid as as they all think. One can can only hope.

            1. Pretty much any combination of:

              Brendon, Jeff, Dani, Porsche with Kalia watching and touching herself.

              I actually think that will be the next group in jury anyways.

              Final 4 will really probably be Rachel, Jordo, Shelly, Adam.

      1. honestly…it really wouldnt be.

        they dont hate each other. his speech was really a joke, she took it that way, and he intended it to be a joke. there is no animosity in that regard, he knows she did what she had to do. brenden seemed to get that this time around.

        the REAL drama would be kalia, who shat all over him in TWO different exit interviews like a moron. Dani took the high road and didnt taunt him in this last one…aka, if dani is eliminated, it wont be awkward, brenden would just be happy a competitor is out of the house who would be going after rachel. then he would change it to “I wish she was in the house to take out the floaters”

        1. I agree. I didn’t see much animosity between B and D even if they were on different sides. In fact, I saw some player respect between the two.

          And you’re right about Kalia. She laughed right in his face twice when he was evicted. Not needed, not classy. It’s a game. It should not get so personal. That certainly put a special light on Kalia’s personality in my eyes.

          1. How naive you are! The whole game of BB is personal, no matter how often the HGs claim their actions are strategic. If Brendum couldn’t handle what Kalia said, he should have stayed home. God help any children born from this union before they get the psychiatric help Brendum himself even acknowledges they need. And lastly, why shouldn’t Kalia say how happy she was to see him leave. She was never going to get his vote for final 2 because we all know about his pathological hatred of floaters! Drink!

              1. What’s to like about them? Absolutely nothing. I dislike them for the same reasons that have been espoused on this site hundreds of times. I was willing to give them a chance when they returned, but they were just as bad–no, even worse–this year.The only redeeming factor for them would be if Brendum actually found the cure for cancer. Let’s not hold our breath on that one.

  5. Kalia just wants to stare at Jordan in her costume. Kalia has the hots for Jordo. Well Jeff knows that nobody comes between him and his gal.

        1. Jeff has made comments about his one night stands in Europe and
          throughout his travels.
          He probably took his Around the World show to literally mean his World One
          Night Stand Show.

          IF he loved Jordan then at the very least, they would be engaged by now.
          Engagements don’t mean having to marry within 3 – 6 months.

          I’m sure they are friends, business friends, but, IMO, nothing more than that.
          They just don’t look, act or sound like a young couple in love, especially a couple
          usually separated from each other for weeks at a time.

          1. Midwest – I think the Jeff lover super fans refuse to even acknowledge he said he was out sexin’ women all over Europe.. He’s got STD’s in different area codes

  6. What’s Kalia been smoking? Rachel and Brendon exposed Dani’s play to backdoor Jeff. That’s why Jeff got pissed at Dani and called the house meeting.

    This is going to be funny watching Kalia all stressed out this week. I think she’ll cry some more.

    1. Shelly doesn’t. She only has an alliance with Kalia, Rachel’s stuffed animal, the cleaning supplies, and her cigs.

  7. I say put up Rachel and Dani and if one comes off put Kalia (backdoor) up, that way you split up Dani – Kalia and make Porsche choose friends sides
    He has the votes to keep Rachel Rachel and Dani battle would be exciting

    1. LOL. That’s a good one.

      She’s a terrible person. She puts other people throw torture and hell, but when it comes to her receiving the same treatment, she’s a complete baby about it and points fingers. Rachel has done nothing to her, yet.. not even said a single word, yet that ugly fat hungry ogre is going above and beyond her power to put rachel down.

      Why don’t loser accept their fate? She’s going to go home if Dani doesn’t go home. Why waste a HOH on Porsche? Kalia’s an idiot.. especially with what a waste her HOH was – I don’t think anyone should trust her or have such an idiot in their alliance.


      1. do you know that bullying behaviors include “criticizing socially-significant markers” (such as size, race, looks, sexual preference, etc.) and name calling?
        kalia and rachel irritate the hell out of me, but i’m sure i’d be a mess in this pressure-cooker situation, too.

        today i’m thinking it might be S and A as final 2…..oh, hang in there dani!!!

  8. Kalia the unitard police.
    Shelly should give her buddy Rachel her stuffed animal back. Shelly needs to win a half a million to recoup the equity she lost when the housing market took a shit.

      1. If kalia speech was mean then people must really be sensitive. She says bad stuff about Rachel but I’ve heard Rachel brendon Jordan Jeff and shelly say nasty things about her then wen someone says something about them it’s the end of the freaking world. And people keep saying she was arrogant her hog week but Jeff and Jordan have been arrogant since day one. This is just my opinion so no need for people to get worked up over it

    1. Agreed. Jeff and Brendon were the only bullies in the house and only because all the other players were too weak to stand up to them. Kalia couldn’t be a bully if her life depended on it. Clearly she couldn’t even bully the house to vote the way she wanted when she was HOH.

  9. Jeff needs to get dani out bc of the double eviction if he doesnt get her out then dani could win the next hoh and she would put jeff and jordan up without a doubt.

  10. I can’t believe Kaila’s attitude. After watching her goodbye speech to Brendon (with all the attitude), I think she should know by now PAYBACK IS A BITCH. Same for Dani and Porsche they should all be eating humble pie.

  11. Jeff and Shelly are just the same hypocrites as others in the house.

    Jeff – always getting pissed whenever he thinks or finds out someone isn’t telling him the truth, and adding that he just wishes people would be straight shooters ……..Jeff to Dani: “NO” ‘I’m not putting going to backdoor you.’ WTF!! Can you spell “hypocrite” Jeff?!!!

    Shelly – Telling Jordan that she told K to “have her pity party for a few days and to get over it … next time maybe not act so arrogant.” LOL! These words could very well have been said to S given her behaviour these past few weeks: crying like a baby after R (& others) called her out for all the lies she’s told from day 1, holding her own pity party and acting arrogant on many occasions, even though she’s done jack shit and been the ultimate coat tail rider and JJ ass kisser. The Snake is the definitive hypocrite.

    1. Neither Jeff or Shelly know the meaning of shooting straight. Talking to people in a gruff manner is not the same as shooting straight. I’m tired of Shelly though she’s just hoping all over the house lying out of both sides of her collagen injected lopsided lips.

      1. Jeff, the PINK Hoodie Leader, knows he has all of his votes
        under control.
        Remember he threatened “to massacre” those voting against his wishes.

        1. I’m sure that thought made Adams nipples ‘bleed’ all over again. He apparently wants to be ‘massacred’ by Jeff

      2. The whacky thing is, I think S (& J for that matter) actually believes all of her moral superiority bullshit. A truely pathological liar.

    2. Are you serious? Typically when the plan is to ‘backdoor ‘ someone, you don’t tell the person you are planning on backdooring

      1. BB Fan 5 – you missed the point. The issue with Jeff isn’t that he’s lying to D and telling her that he isn’t going to backdoor her when in fact he will try if he gets the chance. The issue is that he goes off the deep end when he thinks or finds out someone is doing it to him. Hypocrite!

      1. Yes, S is the queen of advice. It’s still hypocritical, especially the “next time don’t act so arrogant part.” I find the hypocrisy more hilarious than anything else.

  12. I for one won’t shed a tear if kalia goes home. I don’t think she’s a bad person and won’t make nasty keyboard warrior comments about any of her personal habits. I just think she’s a very very bad player and simply needs to go. From week 1 when she sided with the vets even though the newbies would have had the numbers to work against the absolute biggest threats in the game, from showing unwavering loyalty to Jordan where it wasn’t earned and certainly wasn’t reciprocated, from putting up the one member of her alliance she knew she could count on for a vote just so she wouldn’t make anyone mad, and now having a breakdown out of the gate as soon as the path gets a little rough. I don’t know her as a person, but I don’t respect her as a player.

    1. Totally agree. That’s why Dani would have taken her to final two. Dani’s cutting Kalia from the herd. Porshe is way more advantageous to Dani’s game right now.

  13. When you are on slop, is lesbo carpet munching allowed?

    Kalia is going to be hungry and thirsty. No way Dani and Porsche will be able to escape. Kalia will get so hungry and thirsty, she won’t know what to do!

    1. What do you think of the comments she makes about Rachel?

      Words of wisdom? Like calm on! ITS BULLYING.. and it’s really hard to defend her actions..

  14. You cant save two people with a POV just like Brendon, he saved Rachel but not himself. If Dani saves someone she can’t save herself.

    1. that’s if she’s on the block and saves someone else, but if she’s not on the block and decides to use the POV she can’t be nominated.

    2. If Dani isnt on theblock and wins the POV, she can take someone off and Jeff cannot put her up as a replacement! That is how she can save herself and kalia!

  15. I think it would be funny for Dani to go and be with Brendon since she got him out and then she would be right after him on the jury too. I love the jury house already. Go Shelly and Adam…I want a newbie to win!

  16. I find it funny that Dani was talking about how she wanted jalapenos last night, and that’s exactly what she got LOL.

    But on another note, am I the only one tired of Adam? He is annoying as hell to me. He talks mad shit about other HG’s competitiveness and he’s won what…a veto the was thrown to him! He is a pathetic floater who I wish would shut up. Does he not know that he is at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly.

    And I’m tired of Jordan saying “people are sitting back and doing nothing.” Did Jordan forget how she won her season? What has she done this season? Absolutely nothing! She’s let Jeff bully her around, and Rachel and Brendon do all the thinking for her. JJ are so overrated!

    1. I’m tired of Adam. I don’t find him funny or amusing. His jokes are stupid and so is his dancing. He’s very akward. I have a problem with how he appears when he talks to people – as if he was afraid to make eye contact. As a fellow metalhead, I find him embarrassing, especially when he does his growls and faces.

  17. I never have seen Brendon as a bully. He was just playing the game. i do think Dani and Jeff can be bullies. Kalia she is a cry baby and a brat. She did nothing but ride Dan’s coat tails and long to be Jordan’s bff. Porsche she has done nothing at all in the game. Rachel at least has won some things and tried. Yes, she is a very emotional player and can be immature, but so what. Shelly gets on my nerves.

  18. Kalia says that Jordan hasn’t had her humilitard on for like four hours now… she should be wearing it. Kalia says that everyone else who wore a costume had to wear theirs all the time.

    I agree, but all those people who had to where costumes weren’t Production’s Pets, sorry kiddies but facts are FACTS

    1. Give Jordan a penalty vote..yeah right, that’ll never happen. She’s probably practicing signing her name to her next $500K check now.

    2. I had thought they were allowed to have the costumes off to swim, shower, suntan, etc.? Jordon may just being smart with her activities :) Yes, I said Jordon and smart in the same sentence.

    3. She was done wearing it as of 1030 this morning. She wore it for a week. When she woke up to go to the bathroom she had to put it on. Learn the facts before you call someone a pet you idiot.

    4. @ ILLWILL…I call bullshit on you and your dumb comments!!! Is Jordan supposed to go into the pool with it on? Maybe she was told if she’s in the pool,she doesn’t have to wear it. All week while in the pool she hasn’t wore it,now that one of Dani’s minions are crying about it,Dani fans start crying about it to.I bet if they said shit sandwhiches tasted good,you guys would agree also!!!!!!!!

    1. Exactly. Kalia was just storing up for this week. She’s the smartest one in the house. With her liberal arts logic and all.

    1. They do everything, HOH then nominations then POV then POV ceremony then eviction…. Then another HOH for the new week.

  19. I hate whoever wins hoh they all go up to talk and everybody is like if you dont put me up i wont put you up next. WTH that’s so lame come up with something better

  20. Adam had to wear his costume all day long, Rachel and Brendon had to wear their costumes all day long…. michellel BB10 had to wear her s all day long, Enzo had to wear his all day long, but Jordan Production’s Princess gets to take hers off when she’s outside…. I CALL BULLSHIT RIG

        1. When bb guests complain they don’t make enough money, it is reasons like this I don’t feel too sorry for them.

          But who buys someone’s sweaty unitard? I don’t think it makes for a funny souvenir or halloween costume. Just give some bb reject a donation if you are a super fan in love like Shelly wanting to give Jordo a check.

    1. Let’s not forget the Production Princess was given more than one costume because they didn’t want her to get sweat stains in it apparently. That even pissed Adam off since he had to wear the same ONE all week.

  21. I’m hoping it goes like this:

    Porsche/Kalia up….
    Dani gets veto, takes Porsche down….
    Kalia goes home….
    Fast forward HOH is Porsche….
    Jeff and Shelly go up…
    No veto used….
    Jeff goes home….
    New HOH Dani :)

    Now I know it’s wishful thinking that she saves Porsche over Kalia…. But if she’s smart she has realized that Porsche is on the edge of winning competitions and is a hundred times less annoying… And has some BALLS.
    We shall see! This week can’t go fast enough…..

          1. Do you watch the show?

            I think Adam will be afraid to lose Jeff’s jury vote and his c*ck. If he evicted Jeff, he for sure lost Jeff + Jordan’s votes. As it is, Brendon, Dani, and Rachel would vote for anybody over Adam except for maybe Kalia.

            1. Why don’t you go back and look at my posts every day since BB13 started and figure out if I watch the show. That was a sarcastic and stupidass question when I was just legitimately asking if you’ve SEEN ALL OF ADAMS CONVERSATIONS THAT INCLUDE HIM AMD SHELLY’S SUPPOSED FINAL 2 OR FINAL 3 ALLIANCE THAT HE THINKS IS SOLID.

              1. I’m sorry you’re computer is going wild. I was just asking you the same question you asked me. Why not? I watch the show. It’s a rude question to ask.

            2. Why don’t you go look through my daily posts for the past couple months and figure out if I watch the show. That was a sarcastic and stupidass question when I was just legitimately asking if you’ve SEEN ALL OF ADAMS CONVERSATIONS THAT INCLUDE HIM AND SHELLY’S SUPPOSED FINAL 2/3 DEAL THAT HE THINKS IS SOLID. HE HAS TALKED ABOUT WHEN TO OUT JEFF OR JORDAN SEVERAL TIMES. BUT I’M SURE YOUR ASSUMPTIONS OF ADAM’S MAN LOVE FOR JEFF OVERRIDE ANYTHING THAT ADAM ACTUALLY THINKS OR SAYS.

              1. Simon will you pretty please delete one of these? I had to go to my PC to re-submit it, and I guess the mobile comment went through late. By the way…response from the other post… I guess it’s the mobile connection because I’m having no problem with the submissions here. thank you!

      1. Based upon the recent dialog, the following is what will be happening: Jeff puts up the Dump Truck and K-fat,

        1. Dani wins POV and pulls K-fat off (even if it is Dump Truck, the same will apply),
        Jeff puts up Jordan and has Adam, Shelly, Dani, K-fat and Ratchel vote out the Dump Truck. They won’t have the votes to get rid of Jordan.
        Dani will have shown she cannot be trusted by using the POV and she or K-fat must win HOH or they are up next with Dani for sure leaving.

        2. If either Dump Truck or K-fat wins then Dani gets back-doored (she likes it like that). And Dani will be going home and the Medusa’s head will have been removed.

        Either way it goes, this will work. If Jeff puts up Adam, Shelly, or Ratchel as a pawn, which would be stupid, then there may be hope for your “Team Dani” skanks. Otherwise ITS OVER!

          1. I agree. Dani really has to win ever pov and hoh to win. It is a slight possibility with Jordan, Shelly, and Adam in the house, but not a likely one. Or, Dani has to make some real secret alliances, which she fails to do time and time again.

            She needs to make one with Rachel. Desparately. Like if it is down to Dani, Rachel, Adam, Shelly, and Jordan, Rachel and Dani will have to work together.

            I predict a Jun + Allison type Final 2 with them if they are smart enough to pull it off.

        1. jeff asked dani not to use the pov if she won and she agreed. he will put up one of his own as a pawn because he has the numbers

    1. Dani would be smart to keep Kalia over Porsche. Kalia’s good at mental challenges. Porsche? Not so great at mental challenges. Porsche would be better at endurance comps, but that’s what Dani’s good at. Kalia’s more valuable to Dani than Porsche is.

    2. Funny thing is, Dani has probably worked out a possible contingency plan for anything that may go down. That’s another reason why things arent looking too dire for her IMO.

      1. If Dani doesn’t win pov, it does not look good for her. She will get backdoored.

        Votes to evict Dani: Jordan, Rachel, and Adam
        Votes to evict pawn (Kalia): Kalia/Porsche (probably Porsche gets taken down), and maybe but unlikely Shelly

        Likely 4-1 or 3-2 vote to evict Dani.

        1. totally agreed. If Dani does not win the POV. She totally screw. However, there more. Here is the votes for eviction: Evicted Dani: Jordan, Rachel, Adam, Shelly Evicted Kaila/Porsche: Kaila/Porsche or Porsche will flipped. 5-0 Dani goes home. After Dani is Kaila and then Porsche.

          1. I totally agree! I cannot wait to see Dani gone. Kalia and Porsche don’t really like each other. The two won’t know what to do.

  22. ohmygosh, i hope jeff isnt dumb enough to not nominate kalia and daniele. daniele is the biggest threat! once the other side gets hoh, he is going home.

    1. Jeff is screwed no matter what for Double eviction. His alliance is not going to be able to save him. JAS have won nothing (Jordon was handed her HOH, Adam was given his POV by Dani and Jeff).
      Roach would be smart to get rid of Jeff and anyone remaining from DKP would also get Jeff out.

      Brendon + DKP or R + Jeff are the first three members of Jury in that order.

      1. Thank you, someone gets it.

        Jeff is in serious jeopardy with his alliance members that are worthless at comps. Double eviction could bite him in the ass.

  23. Why does everybody hate Kalia so much? Honsetly, after Dom left, Kalia’s been my favorite newbie (Shelly would be first if she could remember half of her lies) and she’s probably my second favorite overall (behind Daniele). And I think everybody throws her eating out of proportion. Her eating to me is like rain in Seattle, it doesn’t rain A LOT, it just rains a little bit every hour or so. She’s the only newbie to outright win HOH and one of two newbies to outright win any competition (I’m not counting Adam’s). And honestly, it wasn’t completey Kalia’s fault that Lawon went home instead of Rachel, Kalia didn’t have a vote. Sure, she put him up, but she didn’t need any more enemies and Lawon practically begged to go up. I just don’t think some of the criticism she gets is fair.

      1. Ditto,
        When Kahlia kept being so concerned with what Jeff would think, I was threw. The reason she and Dani are in this situation is MAINLY due to her HOH decisions.

        Although some of the reason (they are in this situation) has to do with Dani’s decision to backdoor Jeff. …that was too soon.

        1. IMO, Dani’s plan was a good one. B/R now regret not working with Dani
          and getting rid of Jeff.
          Getting rid of J/J, the two Vet Floaters, could have made this BB an interesting one.

    1. I didn’t like Kalia initially because she talked so damn much. At one point I disliked her as much as Rachel but for different reasons. But after watching her the last few weeks I don’t completely dislike her as a person but I do dislike her game play during her HOH. Even though she really gets my nerves, I find her a little more pathetic and almost naive, in a way.

      The way she let Jeff talk to her was pathetic and then she went and kissed his obnoxious ass in the Veto comp during her HOH week. Also, not wanting to put up Jordan was Dumbass 101. She just kind of reminds me of a girl who thinks she’s well-cultured , well-rounded , and well-traveled to a point. But who can’t see that she’s also sheltered in a way and doesn’t have great “street wit” or intuition about people like maybe someone like Dani, and even a little bit of Porshe at this point. She also reminds me of Rachel in the sense of being their own worst enemy. Like that message Kailia left Brendon was really immature considering he is going to the jury. So I personally hate her game play more than I dislike her. I think she needs to go this week. She’s just as tenacious enough. But she did have potential. And I definitely don’t agree with comments like saying she’s obese.But I feel the same way people thinking Porsha is anywhere near fat because she’s not.

    2. i didn’t like he an at first because she was a sellout to the newbies and telling JJ everything that was going on with the other side of the house.

  24. I think most of us called it last week, the other side was going to win. We were hoping Porche would pull it out and deny BB production thier planned “wish”. So now Kalia will be going home and Jeff should be right behind her. Thats the only way this season will have a chance of become exciting again. With Jeff gone, the rest will have to realign, because Jordan is not a leader. Shelly will stay with Jordan for 1/2 a second before she goes back to playing both sides. Adam will continue to straddle the fence. Rachel will just be crazy as usual. If they dont get Jeff out with the fast forward, it will be a snooze fest.

    1. I know it has been said over and over; but far more suds were falling on Portia. Far more than Jeff.
      Since Portia was in 2nd place, she probably would have won if the playing fieldwas fair.

      CBS cheated.

      All I can say is that if CBS did this so that JJ can win again, then I’ll stop watching after Dani leaves.

      Because Dani is a true competitor…the show will be really boring without her.

      As much as people hate on Rachael. The show will be really boring without Jeff, Rachael, and Dani…yea sort of Shelly too….but without Dani and Rachael in the house….Shelly has no reason to lie.

    1. jeff nom gets evicted first. then they have a quick competition for HOH (jeff not allowed to play). new HOH and new noms. quick pov, then voting and eviction all in one show.

  25. PLEASE Jeff do not trust DANI!!! You know what a liar she is so at least put her up even if you just want to send Kalia home just to ensure that if she wins POV she cannot take Kaiia off of the block and have herself protected. Come ON JEFF use your brain and put them both up so at least either Dani or Kalia go home this week preferably Dani who would have to go to the Jury House with Brendon. What fun that would be to watch!!! Can you imagine Brendon’s face if Dani walked in. It would be a priceless BB moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Im not a fan of Kalia but some of yalls comments are just rude…yes she is a horrible BB player but it doesnt make her that horrible of a person and so what if she eats a lot y’all are acting like she weighs 300lbs and yea she’s going to look even bigger next to the girls in the house cuz they are all skinny

  27. I think it’s amazing how many people resort to using “fat” insults when it comes to Kalia. Is this the elementary school playground? I agree Kalia might stuff her face more than most, but still aren’t we all a little more mature than using THAT as our argument against her? The fact that she is not a size 6 has nothing to do with the way she is playing this game. Talk about how she is a bad game player, how she has made stupid decisions which will haunt her alliance throughout the game, talk about how she is always talking, talk about how her stories or stupid, or how she acts entitled and overly confident for no justifiable reason… Talk about those things… her personality flaws, her poor sportsmanship… things which are relevant to this game. To insult someone by calling them “fat” is something that children do, not grown adults.

  28. I think it’s amazing how many people resort to using “fat” insults when it comes to Kalia. Is this the elementary school playground? I agree Kalia might stuff her face more than most, but still aren’t we all a little more mature than using THAT as our argument against her? The fact that she is not a size 6 has nothing to do with the way she is playing this game. Talk about how she is a bad game player, how she has made stupid decisions which will haunt her alliance throughout the game, talk about how she is always talking, talk about how her stories are stupid, or how she acts entitled and overly confident for no justifiable reason… Talk about those things… her personality flaws, her poor sportsmanship… things which are relevant to this game. To insult someone by calling them “fat” is something that children do, not grown adults.

    1. Yea. Kahlia made me upset because of her decisions in HOH…but I’m not sure why people have these fat jokes like she is 400 lbs. Some of the things I read on this spoiler are so crazy until I share them with friends….so then I asked someone if they felt Kalia was as fat as this other person we know. They looked at me and said….”what? I didn’t know she was fat….so then I can’t answer that question.”

      The ladies on the show are about a size 0-4. Rachael might be a size 6 or 8. Kalia is probably 10 or 12; and I’m not sure in which world that is considered fat….and probalby when she came in the house she was a size 8.

      There is nothing to do in that house but eat or smoke cigarettes (if you smoke). Portia has put on the lbs too, but because she is so small already you don’t notice it.

    1. Not putting Dani up gets her more chances to stay. If she goes straight up on the block, Dani HAS to win pov.

  29. SIMON~~~~ I access OBB from my mobile….. Can you tell me why like half of the time I post it says “publish communication fail” or whatever that damn message is, LOL, and I have to push it like a hundred times to go through? Am I doing something wrong or is that a known issue?

      1. I sometimes get a message not to comment so quickly, erasing what I wrote. Pisses me off. Now if I write something large, I will copy it to clipboard in case this happens and I lose it all. Thing is it sometimes occurs even if I haven’t posted in a while. Happens on 2 computers.

      2. It happens at all times of the day…. so maybe it’s my connection. I’ll try from the PC tonight and see if that fixes it. If not then I guess it’s just overload
        Thx :)

  30. what another waste of an hoh if their plan is to get kalia out…my gosh. porsche is a bigger threat. and really, get dani out now or you are stupid. so so stupid

  31. I think these words exchanged between JJ define their relationship, in a nut shell: “Jeff goes into the HOH bathroom and asks if Jordan wants to watch him shave.. Jordan say okay.” Nuff said!

  32. Jordon is a big fat floater. She rides Jeff’s bootstraps 100%. If she were alone in this game, she’d be screwed.
    At this point, it doesn’t matter who wins. They all suck.

    1. You mean like she was in BB11 when Jeff was gone, she battled by herself as she at through rolls of cookie dough and won? Some of you clowns on here are boderline delusional.

    2. Jordan is worse than a floater. At least ‘floaters’ consciously have a game plan,even if it means jumping from HOH to HOH winner or not trying to compete in a competition. Jordan does none of those things. She gets irritated if she has to carry her weight. She waits for instructions from her overseer Jeff and she holds grudges against anybody who doesn’t alter their game play to support her winning. I really hope next week we see her out there chewing on her hair talking to Julie Chen in her exit interview.

  33. Dani is not so awesome. She wouldn’t win nearly as much in better competitions. You know when a hooters waitress seems like a top mental player in a game something’s wrong.

    They need to add a physical element to these competitions. The endurance comp Dani won was more of a balancing competition that catered to people with small feet, we saw this one before during Dan’s season, and didn’t Ragan win one like that as well? Anyway, it’s pretty obvious the smaller person is getting a freebee when that one comes around. They need to make these competitions more like MTV’s The Challenge. As ridiculously idiotic as the people act on it, the social aspect of that game is terrible BUT, the show has really great competitions, certainly better than the “I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 10, guess which one it is” competitions. Usually they involve a mental/puzzle aspect as well as a physical aspect although sometimes they are more physical than mental. Every BB competition should have at least a little strength and speed competition within it.

    1. Wouldn’t that make all the competitions biased towards male players? As for the ‘balancing competition’ if it’s rigged for smaller people how is it that kalia lasted the second longest and even then only dropped because she knew she was safe with dani winning?

  34. Well team Dani. You all love to say how stupid Jordan is, and you love to dis Jeff. Well this week your going to see who the real fool is. If Dani hasnt proven it enough already after trying to backdoor Jeff and teaming with Kalia and evicting Lawon!! Shes going to prove it once again this week when she throws the Veto. And this will be the final stupid nail in Dani’s dumb dumb coffin.

    See what you dont understand is, just because someone says there good at this game, doesnt mean they are.

    R.I.P Ms.Overrated, Danielle.

    1. There arent as many Dani fans as you think, there are about 10 to 15 Dani fanboys on this site and they just comment all the time. If there is another Americas vote and Dani and Jeff are involved Jeff will win by a landslide garunteed…but the dani fanboys will all say that the vote was rigged, thats their only arguement when things arent going Dani’s way…

      1. you have it wrong, it’s the Jeff fan boys that rule this site who comment 24/7. Jeff is always the hero and Jordon is innocent and sweet, same shit, different season of BB.

      1. I do not want to suck Jeff’s dick. He would probably want to suck mine with those Adam Lambert eye brows of his. I don’t roll that way

  35. Do not see Jeff as a bully at all. He told Kalia straight u that if she put him up; she would be his number 1 target when he won HOH!!! I mean how much more honest can you get. I personally think that Dani is the biggest bully and liar in the entire house and she needs to go this week. Want to see the fireworks in Jury House with her and Brendon by themselves in there. Too FUNNY!!!!

  36. Team Dani here; Kalua n Pinto on blk, Pinto wins POV, Rachel gets BD’d, Kalua goes JH. The sly Rachel slithers over to the Dani Team (even though I find Rachel difficult to stomach). Rachel wins first Thurs HOH, puts up Jeff and SS, SS goes JH. Dani wins 2nd HOH, puts up JJ, Jeff goes home. New team Dani, Rach & Pinto vs. Jordo, Adam====F5

  37. I heard a rumor that the next pov will be rigged for Kalia to win. Allison Groddner wants to string Kalia along to the end.

    1. you heard wrong unless you made that up and then you probably heard correctly but discussions in ones mind do not count as BB rumors.

    1. The whole thing with “blackies” was bizarre. If I were there, I’d ask her if it was OK to call them the African-American slippers.

      1. that was weird. i think kalia felt like it was her obligation as a black woman to make a big deal of it… she didn’t seem very bothered it just gave her something more to spew out of her motormouth

    2. I think Kalia is racist. I’m tired of the bullshit about you can’t say blackie because I’m offended or you could offend someone else. huh? Blackie is a whole heck of a lot nicer then the N word and no one is calling you that only your ownself..

  38. its funny to see people upset at jeff for planning to do the same thing to dani this week that dani did to brendan last week…I hope he does just say f it and puts dani up with kalia because whether he does or not dani is coming after him if she stays anyway… GO TEAM JJ

  39. I wonder if anyone realizes how incredibly boring this season will get if Dani does go home? Once she’s gone Porsche and Kalia won’t stand a chance. Then JJS will dump Rachel and Adam, then JJ will dump shelly. Dani’s early blunder put her in a position with her entire alliance against her and what looked to be a quick trip out the door. Patching a makeshift alliance with the leftovers of the house, holding power for the last three weeks and challenging what appeared to be an unbreakable alliance and (for now) surviving is what’s made this season worth watching. Like her or hate her, you can’t deny that she’s the driving force behind any entertainment this season has.

    1. I think majority of America wants JJ to win, even BB. They might as well just hand over the money ($500k) to JJ and stop wasting everybody’s time.

    2. No, Rachel is due to go wild soon. Between Kalia, Shelly, and Rachel, there is bound to be some screaming match. Estrogen crazy house.

    1. Double eviction, is just 2 evictions in one day, the person who’s voted out goes, then a quick HOH, then quick nominations, then a quick POV and then a 2nd person is voted out… I’d like to see a Triple Eviction, but that’s too much in 1 hour LOL

  40. porsche and kalia are going up we already know that. Jeff is so stupid dani is the strongest person in that alliance and she already tried to backdoor you wtf nominate her and kalia and then porsche is replacement. what is dani wins veto she will use it on kalia for sure because she knows if she doesnt then kalia is going home. if he nominates kalia and dani he assures one will go home otherwise he is risking of sending porsche(weakest person in DKP alliance home) A lot still rides on this veto thou if Porsche or kalia win DANI IS DONEEEEEEEEEEEE

  41. I actually think that there’s a pretty good chance of Adam going home this week. It looks like Porsche and Kalia are going up on the block, and if Daniele wins the Veto, she can take one of them off. Adam is the prime candidate for a pawn, since Jeff would never put Jordan up and he probably wouldn’t put Shelly up because she was up last week. Rachel would also probably convince JJ to put Adam up instead of her by saying that Shelly would vote to keep Adam but not Rachel and it would work. This means that the votes are from Dani, Kalia/Porsche, Rachel, Jordan, and Shelly. All Dani would have to do is convince Rachel to evict Adam and we would be saying goodbye to the worst player in the game right now.

    But then again, I may just be being a little too optimistic.

  42. Honestly, I’m not really interested in BB anymore….this season has sucked sooo bad!
    I’m tired of looking at Rachel’s Parrot face…and seems like a pimple appears on her face by the HOUR! Lol

    Jeff is SUPER HOT! (Can someone, put Jeff in a box, wrap him up really nice, and give him to me as a Christmas gift?)
    Pwweese? That “Chicago Accent” makes him even more hot…lol even tho he can be a “prick” at times I dnt understand why everyone flies off the hinges when he gets aggressive…I mean who doesn’t? But I must admit Jeff has changed a whole lot since BB11

    My only reason for tuning in to BB After Dark is to watch the only “Eye Candy” on the show

  43. All the Dani haters need to put up pics of their fat asses, if they think Dani isn’t hot. Just a bunch of jealous fat hippos.

  44. I love Jeff. I think he is a total hottie! His gray hair is sexy.

    Kalia needs to get out of here! I can’t stand the sight of her. She is runner up from Lawon in the Dumbest House Guest Ever award!
    I don’t know why everyone always comments on her weight though. She isn’t that big. I’d guess she is probably a size 12. Did you all know that the average woman’s size in America is a 14. So, I’m sure half of the male haters in here bashing on Kalia probably have a pudgy wife sitting next them when they watch BB.

    Rach is going to win the game!

  45. I’m with you barbie. These Jeff lovers drive me nuts and having to see this douchebag on my screen the whole summer has ruined it once again

  46. Look at that skank, Rachel and her scantily clad ass and va jj…sitting there playing cards with legs spread somewhat….doubt if she has any panties on, as usual……..few minutes ago , Adam laid down opposite her and am sure he saw it all……..he sat right back up so he didn’t have that view any more, like he was embarrassed

  47. I’m confused about the veto. I thought the veto could only save one person. If someone NOT nomimated wins the veto and use it to save someone on the block, essentially giving them their veto power, then that non-nominated person no longer had that power of veto immunitiy and they could end up on the block if the HOH decided to pick them. It doesn’t seem fair that the veto power could be used to save 2 people if you’re not on the block but only one when u are. Someone who knows for SURE, explain it to me

  48. Once again I’m confused…if dani won pov, pulls one of her alliance off, couldnt jeff just put dani on the block? It would be dumb to use it if she isn’t up already

  49. I know i was shocked that snake shelly stole rachells stuff dog, for what reason OMG and this women is suppose to be the oldest when she act’s like a kid, lying and talking so much and i mean so much shit about rachell,matter of fact all these house guest do is talk shit about rachel, “rachel this, rachel that”, even adam “i don’t want to share a room with rachel”, who said she wants to share a room with ur bacon ass. Omg ppl i want to see game not shit talking, if shelly and kalia actually played the game instead of talking shit, who knows what would have happened. And kalia stop worrying about dani b/c dani is covering her ass, not urs plain stupid…

  50. Who cares about who is bullying who? you cant play BB and be a weak person. The game is about lying and you also have to be a great social player. I like Dani and I like Jeff.

  51. Why are there so many pictures of Jordan naked all over the internet while she was in the Big Brother House? Is it because she is so dumb she forgot there were cameras all over or is she really the true skank pretending to be such a sweet southern girl?

  52. Am I missing something here?

    If Dani wins the veto and uses it on K or P; then Jeff can put Dani as the replacement

    The veto only protects the one that has it….and if you give it away then you can be put up…unless you are HOH of course.

    Dani’s best bet is to use the veto on herself.

    If JJARS win veto, then they could take K o P off (probably take P off) and then Jeff can still put up Dani.

    either way, Dani MUST win the veto or she might go home.

      1. really?
        I watched one season and someone changed the noms by using the power of veto and the HOH got mad and said since you took them off and changed my noms…now I’m putting you up.

        I thought I remember that happening….but hopefully what you are saying is true……..I want Dani to stay in the game.

  53. I’m predicting

    House evicts Porsche this week.
    Dani wins HOH live Thursday
    Nominates Jeff and Rachel
    Rachel wins POV
    Shelley goes up as a replacement; Shelley goes.
    As a result Dani won’t get a power player out, but she will set up for Adam to swing to her side after he sees Shelley get the boot by team veterans.

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